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I saw Moana today, and there was so very much to love about it.  But I think I’m just going to talk about one thing for now.  And that’s the “princess upgrade.”  (Well, that’s what I’m calling it.)

Moana has the usual Disney heroine trope of “I want more than being a princess/royalty/whatever!”  (It’s a good trope for a fairy tale.)  But with a lot of Disney princesses, there’s really nothing for them to DO as princesses.  They exist, and that’s good and right for the kingdom, your prince will come and evil will be defeated, the end.  There’s no actual ruling or governance or anything you have to be trained for, don’t be silly!

Moana is the daughter of a chief, and the main point her father uses to keep her at home and out of trouble is saying, “hey, you’re gonna be chief someday, here are your people, you’ve got to take care of them!”  And the next montage shows her…doing exactly that.  We see her making decisions in day-to-day life, talking to her people, doing her job to keep the island and her people happy and prosperous.  We see her, in short, being trained to be a leader.  Her birth position is both a job and a serious responsibility that has to be performed right to keep things good.  Destiny, of course, has some extra things in mind for her, but those things are also in the best interest of her people.  They’re tasks that need to be done, and she was the person picked for the job.

That was EXTREMELY refreshing to see.  And that alone would have made the movie worth it to me, but again, there was SO MUCH MORE TO LOVE.

the gay is strong with this one

Root watching Shaw take her coat off in the scene where they meet is the single most homosexual thing I have ever seen, and I have seen all the seasons of L Word and Queer as Folk (US and UK), Lip Service, Wentworth, every lesbian B movie ever made (some of which aren’t even available in my language) and ten consecutive NYC Prides … and a lesbian orgy.

The way her eyes widen and she draws in that breath. Her body is having this revelation that her mind will need to catch up on and she’s like. OHHHhhh. THAT IS WHAT BODIES ARE FOR. THIS FEELING. THIS HUMAN she is so pretty and strong and serious and other things. i must touch her and get up in her space and kidnap her a few times because i bet she’s hella hot unconscious But of course, she isn’t aware of having these thoughts bc her word processing bits have short circuited bc SAMEEN SHAW WOW.


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If he had been wearing anything else, Abigail would have kept walking. 

Those scrambling, screaming monsters brought to mind every zombie movie she had ever been forced through and summoned a bone deep terror only held in check by years of training. 

 But he had been wearing power armour. 

Not the same make Abigail and her brothers had worn during the War but so close it made her chest ache. 

She wasn’t, couldn’t, be there for her squad when they needed her but this man and his squad needed her and she could be there. 

So she was.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Determined, Hilarious, and—Above All—Real

Hollywood’s blockbuster blonde comes to town this month with the final Hunger Games and David O. Russell’s Joy. So what’s next for Jennifer Lawrence? Buck the system, set up home, and try to find a date.

It’s sweltering in Los Angeles, the kind of heat that melts the ice cubes in your caramel macchiato faster than you can say Kardashian. I am holed up in my hotel room on Sunset Boulevard watching tennis, drapes drawn against the remorseless sun, when suddenly: Ding! A text. Jennifer Lawrence wants to ditch our plans. Forget meeting at the Italian restaurant on Laurel Canyon; just come to my house now. She sends her driver, Paul, a South African with a mellifluous voice, to pick me up, and before long, we are winding our way up, up into the Hills of Beverly, to the gated community where Lawrence lives in a house she bought last year for about $8 million. As we are waved through by a guard, Paul thoughtfully points out the other houses of note in this wonderland of privacy: There’s Cameron Diaz’s pile, and just over there, Ashton and Mila’s new place.

Lawrence’s assistant, Talley, meets me at the front gate and ushers me through the house to the kitchen, where moments later Lawrence appears in a white crop top and faded boyfriend jeans rolled at the ankle. She is barefoot, tan, and very blonde, her hair cut into a short bob. The house—a convincingly faux-Tuscan villa, with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a theater, and a hair-and-makeup room (“Thank God for Jessica Simpson,” says Lawrence of the previous owner)—is exactly as old as Lawrence herself. She just turned 25 a few weeks ago, with a party here; her friends persuaded Kris Jenner to come and present Jen with a cake in the shape of a pile of poop that read, Happy birthday, you piece of shit! “My knees buckled,” says Lawrence. “And then I got hammered and talked to her like I think I’m part of the family.”

The house had been renovated just before she bought it, so all Lawrence had to do was fill it with furniture. “I hired these decorators from Louisville, where I grew up,” she says. “There’s this place, Bittners, I would walk by when I was a little girl and go, ‘Ooooooh, one day,’ because it was so … fancy.” The result is a kind of luxe-comfy-chic, with some rustic flourishes, like tables made out of old Kentucky-bourbon barrels. “I can’t believe what a difference furniture has made in my overall emotional well-being,” she says.

As she opens a bottle of rosé, her dog, Pippi, comes scampering into the room. Smallish and brown, she is adorably hard to pin down. What kind of dog is that? “Oh, my God, I wish I could ask her.” When did you get her? Here I stumble into a subject that I wouldn’t have dreamed of bringing up so soon: the nude-photo leak. It was exactly a year ago that hackers stole photos from Lawrence’s iCloud account and posted them on the Web, an episode she labeled a “sex crime.” Her mother was visiting with a new puppy when the news broke. “I was outside crying, and Pippi jumped up on my lap and started licking up all my tears, and I couldn’t put her down for hours. And I mean, hours. I was like, ‘Well, obviously, you’re mine.’ ” Looking back, does she have more perspective on the ordeal? “It was all pain and no gain,” she says. “But I don’t dwell on it unless someone brings it up. Have you seen me naked?”

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The Rated-R-ness isn’t that bad, depending on your personal allowances. I promise! The gore is real quick and not dwelled on, and trust me, I’ve seen worse. Same with the nudity–you never see a single penis, though it is made clear that (insert male character here) is buck naked. Now, there are plenty of male butts, but then, if Pixar can get away with a contingent of male asses, than Deadpool can.

As for the sex, there’s only some of it and it’s all in the beginning, in one big montage, then when that’s over you’ll never see anymore. I can’t tell you how graphic it is…because out of respect (and embarrassment), I simply averted my eyes for the sex montage. But I’m pretty sure you see more blatant fucking in Game Of Thrones than this.

Speaking of which, GOT is actually worse than Deadpool in terms of gore and nudity. You see more and worse in GOT than in DP. So if you can watch Game Of Thrones, you can easily watch Deadpool (the latter of which has better writing, imho).

Also, THE ACTION IS BEAUTIFUL. All throughout the movie, it is. Wonderfully choreographed, it was. Watched, it must be.

And the hUMOR IS ENLIGHTENED. There are plenty of non-dick related jokes, and they’re glorious. I promise, the comedy is good. Also, the fourth wall does not exist–and this is comedically taken advantage of multiple times. ;3


The side-characters and extras in this movie are amazing characters in their own rights. The taxi driver gets plenty of screentime, and every bit of it is gold. Colossus and Negasonic are wonderful additions, I couldn’t have chosen the limited X-Men appearances better if I’d had the full roster on hand. T.J. Miller’s character is every bit as hilarious and salty but lovable as you would think. Blind Al could have had more screen time, but she made excellent use of the time she had, hehehehe.

Also, there’s a Stan Lee cameo. ‘Nuff said.

Finally…this movie has the absolute BEST credits clip EVER!!! It was so good, I’m not going to tell you what it is AT ALL, even if we’re mutuals and you ask. …well, unless you’re a mutual who can’t do the Rated-R-ness, then I’ll relent.

But IF YOU CAN WATCH THIS MOVIE, THAN WATCH IT!!! Fox–no, Hollywood needs to know that great writing and loyalty to source material like what is displayed in Deadpool will be rewarded! Show them that we love this! Show them we want more! Box office sales is what gets their attention (just look at Disney and Frozen), so take advantage of the system!

That is all.

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Bechloe watching a scary movie together au prompt

Beca wasn’t even a fan of movies, let alone scary ones. She doesn’t like fear, it’s an emotion and Beca doesn’t do emotions. It’s a kind of vulnerability, really. And she hated the unexpected, which was what these kind of movies are about.

“Chlo, how about 21 Jump Street again? I like that movie.” Beca sighs with only her eyes coming out above the blanket. She already knows Chloe gets her way; she always does, with those damn puppy eyes and that damn Beale smile.

“Becs, it’s not even scary.” The girl explains as she puts the DVD in the player. “It’s just about five people in an elevator, what’s scary about that?”

“Everything, okay!” Beca yells as she brings her knees to her chest and holds onto her own body tight, head bumping against the headboard of the bed. “I mean, the movie’s called Devil, for Christ’s sake.” It comes out as a groan which makes her friend laugh.

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top 5 ginny weasley headcannons & top 5 hp book!scenes

The headcanons aren’t mine, though but I love them.

  1. She holds one secret over each of her brother’s heads to reveal if they mess with her. Luckily for them she’s a decent person and wouldn’t ever tell anyone, but they don’t need to know that. 
  2. She was banned from family Quidditch matches once she became a professional player. The ban lasts about two days before she’s hexed every single one of her brothers.
  3. She makes sure her kids go to Muggle school before Hogwarts.
  4. Ginny was really good at comforting younger kids and making sure they wouldn’t get hurt/helping them when they did
  5. Ginny confronted the Dursleys over their abuse of Harry soon after the Battle of Hogwarts.

I made it into 5 scenes who were in the books but not in the movies. If that’s okay because there is no way I can pick five!

  1. Peeves. Peeves. Peeves. I need to see him.
  2. Rita Skeeter’s unregistered Animagus {beetle}
  3. I wanted nothing more than to see Frank and Alice Longbottom
  4. When Harry yelled at Lupin in Grimmauld Place, but was later named Teddy Lupin’s godfather!!!!!
  5. The house-elves joining in on the Battle of Hogwarts being led out by KREACHER.

Ask me ‘top five’ anything!