she needs to be famous asap

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I never judge lauren or camilas personal life but lauren needs a personal manager asap !!!! She doesn't realise that its not 2014 anymore and she's more famous now and millions of people look up to her. She needs to control her life and image and not let trolls on internet affect her so much. I'm glad Camila found roger as a guide and teammate she got through the tough phase and lauren needs d same also she needs to stay away from sm and hire a better PR manager

Yeah, as much as people question Roger’s character he’s still a damn good manager, he got her that far - plus managing to make Camila look even a little bit straight is a challenge in itself 😂

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He is not even trying anymore.I have seen so many couples like this at HW. Girl or boy dates a celebrity becomes famous or maybe even get engaged,everybody thinks they are perfect on social media but in real life their body language gives it away. They never walk beside each other, always look grumpy or uninterested. Try to hold hands but fail like the video where G held L's hand like she was a 5 year old who didn't want to go home 😂I hope G saves himself asap. It doesn't look good on him.

Tbh it’s pathetic and sad, they need to just be real and go their separate ways.

List of AUs that need to happen:

(Or if they already exist someone needs to link me ASAP)

  • Pokemon AU (because every fandom needs at least one)
  • Character A is secretly a Dragon/other mythical creature AU
  • Tadashi becomes Hiro’s Guardian Angel after he dies and is slowly pulling out all his feathers as he tries to keep Hiro alive in the face of superhero danger AU
  • GoGo is secretly the daughter of someone famous/Royalty, but she hides it from the others because she just wants to live a normal life (Fred knows because his parents run in the same circles as hers, and he helps protect her identity) AU
  • The group all meet at a cooking class instead of at Tech School and decide to open a restaurant together AU
  • Tadashi was actually kidnapped by Hydra and gets rescued by the Avengers AU (psst, I might be working on this) It’s here:
  • How to train your Health Care Companion AU
  • Hiro becomes heir to the kingdom after Tadashi mysteriously disappears after going to fight a dragon, and his Royal advisor Callaghan is trying to take over the Kingdom but Hiro’s loyal knights protect him AU

Today we “graduated” from the maternity clinic Kina was born at! She had her 1 Month appointment and I had my final checkup!
Queen Baby is healthy and all of the nurses couldn’t get over her eyes because of their “foreigner shape”. The midwife that delivered her had a sweet moment with Kina right before we left and I swore she almost wanted to keep her for herself!
As for me, the doctor joked about the fact that I actually lost weight *insert every eye rolling gif* but gave me a clean bill of health and I can finally take a bath now that my episiotomy is all healed up! I NEED TO GO TO LUSH ASAP!
Before we left, we were given this album full of pictures from Kina’s first days and my 5 day stay at the clinic! It included a page from a newspaper from the day has was born, a list of events and famous people born on her birthday, and a special letter that Daisuke wrote to both me and Kina that had me all kinds of in tears!
Although this will be one of the last times we visit the clinic other than getting some test results next week, they do offer baby massages that we can start taking Kina to next month!