she needs to be as strong as robb


Ned and Cat // Jon and Sansa parallels

It’s interesting. Not just in clothing and stature, both leading the North, both strong, and willful. Cat was a fighter; a pistol, that’s her Tully. Ned was honorable; magnetic, that was Stark. They even argue the same. It was shot with the similar frames. She kept Ned in check, he propped her up, which i think is coming for Jon. Allowing her to have the Ramsay kill was proof of that. Sophie said that was a big moment, when he finally gave her agency.

I’m not necessarily suggesting a romance, but I do see the need to hold the North. Cat once told Robb, she didn’t love Ned at first. Their alliance was political, but over time they built that love; that it was stronger. Lasts longer. Sansa’s end game, I have no idea. She’s hitting her peak which worries me, where Jon hasn’t hit his yet. But if GRRM wants to preserve the Stark House, this is the key. Bran can’t and he’s got other things, like the Night’s King. Same as Arya. So, my vote is cousin marriage…once it is relieved Jon is half Targarygen. Might be the only way.