she needs the support

if season 3 doesn’t give us a scene of Allura sitting in the pilot’s seat of the Black Lion in the Black Paladin armour and breaking down and sobbing “please come back Shiro… I need you… I’m trying to be strong but it’s so hard without you” then what even was the point of Voltron

Now I can not tell you how much admiration and respect I have for Taehyung right now.

He was so professional during the promotions,always found the strength to get on that stage and perform flawlessly,not letting his own loss affect his job,his duties.A loss of his grandmother,a person that took care of him for 14 years,who raised him,who was home to him.He was going though so much and yet,he was still able to entertain us and put a smile for us.

He is such a brave,strong,precious boy who always had the aspiration to be a good son to his parents,a good grandson to the most important person.His grandma must have been so proud of the child she raised and I hope Taehyung receives all the support he need right now and finds peace soon.


Seriously though when Zedd and Kesha’s song True Colors drops tomorrow please buy it when you can. The profits will benefit someone who’s struggled with assault and abuse and who’s voice was silenced when she tried to speak up. Who was dismissed her rights even when she said she spoke the truth. Who was told to lie about her assault case in order to gain her freedom. In this situation , Kesha needs all the support she can get and the easiest way to do that is by spending the 1.29 for the song. Illegally downloading doesn’t do shit.

Story time: I love this fandom so much but I still can’t believe this happened

I went into Starbucks today and used the name Danvers because I’m a fangirling nerd. When the barista called “Danvers,” another girl waiting for her drink replied “Sawyer.” So I looked around to see who it was because obviously she got the reference and must be super cool. But I couldn’t find her anywhere until I saw eyes following me as I went up to get my drink. Now, I’m super awkward and shy so I just smiled and looked away. Then I heard “Supergay” being called from the barista and she came up next to me to get her drink and smiled at me. I nearly about lost it because who meets a fangirl like this….like this is only fanfiction stuff, right? I tried to say hi to her and play it cool as if I wasn’t internally freaking out inside but in actuality was really awkward and couldn’t form real english words..oops. She just laughed and asked me if I had some time and wanted to hang out. So I nodded since I was speechless because again when does this happen in real life. Ive only ever read this kind of stuff in fanfics or dreamt of/imagined this (I know, I’m a total dork). We had a fantastic time talking about Supergirl, its fandoms and other shows. Turns out, we go to college near each other (small world, eh?) and have a fair amount of commonalities. Unfortunately, I had to run to a class cutting the fangirling time short but before I could leave, she grabbed a pen out of nowhere ( A+ for girl scout preparedness) and my hand as she wrote her number and told me to text her sometime so we can do this again. I’m legitimately about to faint but hold myself up against the table and do my best to verbalize ok because what else was I going to say. This never happens to me. I had a million questions and thoughts running through my head like what does this mean? Why did this happen? How did this happen? Is this for real? Am I being pranked right now? Did my friends put you up to this? Is this just friendly? Are you being serious? Can you tell I don’t know what I’m doing? When is it approrpiate for me to text you? What do I say next? I say see you around because why not quote Maggie Sawyer and left before I did something utterly embarrasing. I was almost late to class but made sure I added her number to my phone before I did anything else. Now, I’m sitting in my room staring at my phone with an empty text message screen unsure of what to say or when to say it. All I got is hi haha. I am not smooth enough/ too awkward to know how to do this but here goes nothing. 

If you read this, thanks for taking the time to hear about my awkwardness. But note that pleasant surprises are what make life great. However this moment turns out, I’m just glad it happened. I didn’t feel as alone or scared as I have in the last few days for once. She reminded me to always have hope. For that, I am truly thankful and she may never know this. I hope some day she will know the kindness and care she is spreading in the world. If she somehow ends up reading this, you are really one special person that the world could not live without.

I’ve been thinking about how Yang Hyun-suk actively tried to destroy 2NE1. 

He ignored the talents and wishes of one member (Minzy) by refusing to give her a chance as a soloist; she didn’t even get one single to herself like her group members did. Someone who works at a MUSIC COMPANY, A PLACE THAT LITERALLY EXISTS TO MAKE MUSIC, should not have had to try and make demos on her own and upload them to soundcloud just so fans could hear her voice…

He cast aside and alienated one member (Park Bom) by throwing her to the wolves when a ridiculous scandal was resurfaced after years, an issue in which she was cleared of all charges. He did not defend her against public backlash and humiliation, and instead abandoned her when she needed support the most. And while she got two solo singles, she never got to release the solo album that we all know was recorded. 

He put the weight of the world on one member’s shoulders (CL) by putting immense pressure on her to succeed in the US so that, if she did, 2NE1 could join her overseas as well, while at the same time giving her 0 support and no clear plan to achieve this goal. By isolating the group’s leader from the other members this caused an inevitable schism in the group dynamic, something none of the girls could help due to the way her solo preparations were approached. 

And as for the final member, Dara? I’ll let her quote from this past August, do the talking: 

Yang sajangnim also told me, ‘Hey, I think you became brighter after getting close to Yoo Jae-suk.’ That was the first time I ever heard a compliment from him.“

He has picked on these women throughout their whole careers (anyone who has seen 2NE1 tv knows this as fact) and for every compliment or positive thing he has said about them, there are many more slights, insults, and poor management moves to cancel out anything good he’s ever said about them.

This was not a group that wanted to disband. Quite frankly, they were sabotaged and betrayed by the man who was supposed to help them build long and successful careers; the man who, as their boss, should have kept their happiness, wishes, thoughts and concerns a top PRIORITY (especially considering the money they have made him) rather than kicking them to the curb and letting them die after a two year hiatus, one that was full of nothing but false hope and lies. 

YG did not deserve 2NE1, and 2NE1 deserved far better than YG. 

sana literally has the biggest heart and is so so so caring. she’s the type of person who sees people, she notices things, even the smallest details, she knows when something might be wrong. she has that sixth sense because she’s so genuinely caring and loving. she wants the people she cares about to be okay and well. and she’s grown to care about isak. she wants to make sure he’s doing okay because she understood in the past few weeks that some things were going on in his life. she doesn’t know exactly what, she doesn’t know about everything, but still, she understood, felt, that isak might need support. and with her asking him if everything is okay, she’s letting him know she’s here, she’s willing to be here and i am so so so glad isak has someone like sana by his side 

This guy spends a lot of time posting biblical quotes to r/the_donald, which supports the theory that God, if she exists, needs better PR people here on earth.

at this point in time i literally cannot see a better person for lena than kara and vice versa. kara would just provide Unwavering support and affection to lena when she needs it most (and know when lena doesnt need that). and lena would just always ask what kara is comfortable with and make sure she’s always always always comfortable and has everything she needs. like tha relationship would be the most honest and open and affectionate relationship ever ! especially once kara tells lena that she’s supergirl like lena wouldnt have to feel terrible about putting kara’s life in danger for just being associated with her. lena now has someone who would Always protect her.

i’m ggeting so emotional about them pls i would give my soul for supercorp to happen ,

I was convinced they were going to make Cara be awful and do something horrible to further humiliate and embarrass Ginny (cause Pitch just won’t let the girl be happy or have friends) but I love how in the end Cara didn’t post the video of Ginny breaking down and crying. Instead Cara made other people in Ginny’s life aware of what was going on so they know that Ginny needed support. She deleted the video from the cloud, she just wanted to make sure Ginny was okay and taken care of.

Pitch needs more Cara. Ginny needs more Cara

A thing that kills me:

Yona recognizing Hak’s tendency to suppress his serious emotions after chapter 91, and realizing that just because Hak seems okay, doesn’t mean he is okay. And now this time, when the two of them are once again facing a highly painful/stressful situation with Yun and the dragons being held captive and having to see Suwon, Yona offers him the emotional support she now knows he needs deep down. Even Hak seems surprised she could tell, and that she was offering him support even while being a mess herself.

I love how most of the progress in their relationship is simply them learning how to take care of one another. Like Hak learning not to be so overprotective, or to keep his space. And now Yona’s learned Hak’s not actually as put-together as he tries to be for her sake, and is taking steps to prevent him from stewing and stewing his emotions till they explode again. 

I honestly love hakyona so!!! much!!!!!

You know, everyone always dwells on Lusamine’s abusiveness towards Lillie and Gladion, which definitely makes sense, but like there’s one major thing that I’d like to point out. Lillie and Gladion lost BOTH of their parents around the same time. Like, Mohn goes missing (apparently), and then they probably had some issues there because their dad is suddenly gone, and then freaking Lusamine starts getting abusive with them right when they need some support. Heck, right when SHE needs some support. And you know what? Those kids kept trucking right along, albeit painfully, with neither of their parents really present in their lives.

I mean, they kinda had Wicke? But she definitely couldn’t be there enough to give the structure that kids really need to grow up into healthy human beings. And actually, they did a REALLY good job growing up into healthy human beings. Sure, they definitely show the signs of abuse (Lillie not changing her clothes for a while, apologizing profusely for using any of you m/cs time, Gladion being very emotionally reserved, etc), but for the most part they know they were treated badly and didn’t deserve it, and are ready to move on from the past and start new relationships.

In conclusion, Lillie and Gladion are tough as nails and definitely need some hugs. And maybe a visit from their gosh darn dad out in his gosh darn bean field.

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Hey, Jess! Have you seen a gifset of the moment where Alex turns towards Maggie when Kara is saying she agrees with J'onn, like asking Maggie for support, and Maggie stands up, backing her. I loved that moment so much!


okay but really, i love that moment because maggie just knows the look on alex’s face. She needs her. Alex looks at her like, “PLEASE HELP ME” because she is so frustrated that Kara isn’t siding with her. Alex just needs somebody on her side and Maggie sees that. Just like their conversation at the bar. She knows alex needs that emotional support from her gf.

Maggie was perfectly content with this being between alex and kara until alex gave her that look. It could be back up emotional support or backing her in the situation. Either way, her body is naturally drawn to alex out of concern as soon as alex looks at her. But she still tries to close herself out of the situation by crossing her arms, looking at the floor, and keeping her distance. You can tell she wants to respect their conversation while still being that emotional support to alex.

UGH i love maggie sawyer.

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Kara and Lena have been so busy lately with their lives, they haven't seen each other in a few days. Lena really misses Kara and decides it's time for another surprise visit to CatCo. She walks in like a boss, sees Kara across the hallway, and when she reaches her she can't help herself but meet Kara's lips with hers. Right then and there. In front of everyone.

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