she needs her mom too


the 4 stages of listening to someone who’s bullshitting you

J: See, this is what happens when you leave me in the cave by myself all night
B: But why are they on our bed, where will we sleep?


favorite heartbreaking / angsty moment

  • Me: Okay. Pride month. I'm actually going to post asexuality stuff on Facebook just to broaden friends' knowledge and be open and proud about a part of myself.
  • Brain: okay but remember how Mom keeps mentioning you should tone down the asexuality stuff and that you'll only scare people away even though you've only ever mentioned it to your parents and like two offline friends in passing?
  • Me: .. oh right yeah. Need to tone that shit down. Right. Shit.

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I have to be honest, Blake kinda pissed me off last volume. Ok before you throw this ask into the void I want to explain why. Volume three, she left Yang because she didn't want to see anyone she loves get hurt. And what is it she does right after? Go to her parents. HER PARENTS. I get that she was scared and wanted to see them for comfort, but goddamn couldn't she wait until the psycho Ex boyfriend is dead? (and you can bring your blonde to meet their further daughter in law?)

I loved that she went home and I think it’s because I didn’t expect it and it was a very 17 year old thing to do. She’s still a kid, and she’s scared and instead of running off on her own and becoming some broody, angsty loner (I mean she kind of is, but not that extreme), she went home. She went to find comfort and safety and support from her parents. 

Not to mention that Blake got her ass kicked by Adam when they met. What was she going to do? She can’t fight him on her own, she needs help and looking at her dad (and maybe her mom too you never know) he’s probably tough as hell. 

Blake going home, in my opinion, was smart. She’s not going to beat Adam or retake the White Fang on her own and she knows it. She might emotionally distance herself from her team or Sun or even her parents, but Blake still wants to change the world and she knows that’s not something she can do alone. 

Hi hello I’m angry about fictional characters again.

I have caught up with Shingeki no Bahamut where my favorite characters were Mugaro and Jeanne and my least favorite was Nina. I’m very very angry.

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peri- hYPE!!! (who let this child loose in the building)

My OTP? Gregory x wife

Somebody needs to talk to me about them please

Marvel's 'America': Go inside America Chavez and Kate Bishop's reunion

It’s been a long time coming, but both America Chavez and Kate Bishop are finally reunited!

The Marvel characters will once again share the page in the latest issue of Marvel’s America (the titular character’s first-ever solo series), which sees the former Young Avenger reunite with her best friend (and current lead of her own solo series) when Kate — who’s currently working as a private detective — hits a snag in the case she’s working. But as it turns out, America has a few emotional issues she needs to work out, too.

“America lost her moms when she was a little kid. They sacrificed their lives to save the whole dang Utopian Parallel,” writer Gabby Rivera told EW earlier this year. (The Utopian Parellel, for the uninitiated, is a dimension outside of time and the Marvel multiverse.) “That type of grief doesn’t just go away, you know? So we’re dealing with that. She is also taking on the notion of putting herself first. Many women are expected to put everything else before themselves and some women choose that for themselves. Either way, it’s worth investigating what it’s like for a young queer Latina to choose herself and invest in what’s going to make her great and more powerful.”

Kate isn’t the first Marvel character to make a cameo in America’s series. Thanks to her multi-dimensional college, the queer Latina has met the likes of Peggy Carter (a.k.a. Agent Carter), X-Men’s Storm, and even Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. But this is the first time the young hero will have a chance to hang out with her closest friend — and go on what appears to be a long, sing-along-filled drive.

Since the pair’s shared appearance in Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers series, they’ve become a fan-favorite romantic pairing, with some fans hoping a crossover might offer a few opportunities for love. Rivera has previously told EW: “I know some fans ship the heck out America and Kate. Maybe dreams do come true.”

Below, you can read exclusive pages from the upcoming issue written by Gabby River, with Hawkeye writer Kelly Thompson consulting, art by Ramon Villalobos, and a cover by Jen Bartel.

America #5 hits comic book stores on July 19.

where the fuck are the posts? where is the outrage? i know tumblr is slow and east-coast biased but come the fuck ON, i can’t remember seeing this little about a major disaster in all my wasted years on this hellsite and ive been here since 2010! forgive me for being bitter while my childhood home burns down and my mom lives directly in the line of fire!

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Oh my Sun, Stars, Moon and Hedgehog! A post about attack on pregnant S/O was amazing, glorious and sad(〒︿〒)But you've mentioned you can do version for 10 years old(happy, I assume?)future? Can I kindly request that? It would be a honour to read such!

Okay, this one is tricky because you said happy but like… I can’t. I’m sorry, Nonny, this one is going to be sad by nature of the request. Maybe a little less angsty because they aren’t young anymore, but still sad.

Under the cut!

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my experience with a scorpio female: ok she’s honestly so sincere! everyone likes her the best out of my friend group- she’s always invited to things, always hosts the sleepovers, always gives the most thoughtful birthday gifts, such a good personality that anyone can get along with! she’s a good mom figure, but sometimes she needs help with her emotions too and u gotta watch how she’s doing, if her spark were to fade, you would definitely notice a change. she saves her money well, does the best she can in school and does amazing, has major talent in the performing arts(singing, theatre), will drive u anywhere as needed. honestly a best friends everyone needs.

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Lucaya + Break Me


break me //  an angsty drabble

Riley is staring at them with tears in her eyes. Her lower lip wobbles and her breath catches. “What?” 

“It just happened. I…” Lucas shook his head. “We wanted to talk to you first.” 

Talk to me?” She looks between them, her brow furrowed. They’re not touching, but they’re close. Maya just a few inches behind Lucas, wringing her hands, and him, standing so tall and serious, his chin tilted, like he expects a fight. And part of her wants to give him one. “But we decided… Years ago, we figured this out.” 

“That was before…” Maya’s voice is uncharacteristically weak and quiet, like a whisper she’s not sure she wants to be heard. 

“Before what?” Riley blinks back her tears and glares at them. “Before you went behind my back?” 

“You and me, we aren’t together. We haven’t been for a long time,” Lucas says. 

And yes, okay, that’s true, but… It’s temporary. They break up sometimes but they figure it out, because that’s what people do when they love someone. They fight but it’s okay, because as long as they have each other, they can make it work. 

“We always get back together.” Riley’s staring at him now, willing him to understand, to take this back. To rewind to a few minutes ago, before the love of her life and her best friend announced that they wanted to be together, that they cared about each other. 

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yall my mom is BRUTAL. my mom runs a big brother group on facebook where she posts updates and shit. she’s been running it for about two years now. so like, lately, some other middle aged mother (we’ll call her susan) has been trying to take over my mom’s group by rushing to post updates before my mom. my mom has been putting up with it, but she’s gotten super annoyed and has been trying to post stuff as quickly as possible. so TONIGHT my mom was waiting for the noms to be official on the feeds, ipad in one hand, laptop in the other, and posted that info real quick. guess what? susan fucking posted it TWO SECONDS before my mom. you know what my mom did? she deleted susan’s post. my mom straight up SNATCHED her wig. afterwards, susan messaged my mom in Pure Anger, like “are you upset with me? i thought the purpose of this group was to get information out the fastest! i was only trying to help you! do you want me to LEAVE THE GROUP?” another lady in the group who I’ll call Debra messaged my mom too and added “she needs to get her ass out!” so my mom knocked on my door, explained the story to me, and straight up said “she needs to go.” SKSKKSJKDF I CAN’T my mom is about to DRAG a bitch in her facebook big brother group full of middle aged white moms. this discourse is unbelievable and 100x better than the bb18 tag goodbyee

FanFic: Broken

Lucas is standing outside in the hallway waiting for Riley to come out of her Math class. His class is in the room next door and they both have lunch next so they usually walk together. His waiting is in vain because Riley doesn’t appear. He knows she is in school today because they had History together and she was there. He heads off to the cafeteria on his own, a little worried because it is not like Riley to not tell him if her plans have changed. Things have been strained between him and Riley for the last few months but any time he tries to get her to talk to him, she makes an excuse and changes the subject. He knows that she hasn’t been herself in a while but what he doesn’t know is that Smiley Riley has finally cracked.

  Riley Matthews, Miss Straight A’s, Miss Rule follower has cut class and headed home. She has decided that she just can’t keep up the pretense any longer. She has been feeling the pressure of being “Smiley Riley” for a while now. It’s been gradually getting harder to not break in front of her family and friends. She knows that if she did, they wouldn’t understand or even worse, not care that she broke.

It’s hard to think of your family and friends not caring about something like that but that’s honestly how she feels. Somewhere along the way, they have somehow forgotten that at the heart of it all she is an insecure, confused, scared and fragile 14-year-old girl. They don’t realize that their cracks about her clumsiness or naïve nature feed into the beast that is her insecurity.  Her parents don’t realize that they push her aside to help Maya. How do you tell your parents that you feel like they prefer your best friend to you? You want them to help her but you also want to yell and scream that she has a mom of her own and there are times where SHE needs her MOM to hold her and tell her SHE is a warrior too. She’s tired of everyone bringing her down to build Maya up and this is what scares her the most. She has never begrudged Maya anything and now, there is a part of her that resents her. She knows that this is not who she is and it is certainly not who she wants to be but at this moment she just feels so damn alone.

She smirks to herself…. alone. How can someone who is considered to be the center of her group of friends be alone? It’s easy. She can’t really talk to them about feeling like this. She doesn’t want to seem ungrateful for her life. She knows that there are people who would gladly trade places with her and a part of her feels guilty for feeling like she does. She’s not quite sure when it got harder to keep the mask in place but now it’s not just hard, it’s impossible.

She wants to stomp her feet, yell, scream and rail at the unfairness of it all but it’s always mattered what others think and this would just be one more thing that wouldn’t get the attention it deserves. So she sits on her bed, in the middle of the school day, all alone, tears streaking down her cheeks and wonders what happens next.

How does she explain any of this without sounding like a petulant child? How does she explain that she feels like an outsider in her own family? How does she explain to her “sister” that somewhere along the way she has lost herself?  How does she explain, to the people who matter most to her, that she feels like she doesn’t matter at all?

How does she explain that she, the one who is always fixing things, is now what needs to be fixed?

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Ok!! AHHH!! I’m imagining and I’m crying ahhh

  • Phil making really bad jokes and Dan just dropping the candies in the little kids bags telling them “to run away while they still can.” The little kids running to their parents and telling them about the funny giants handing out candy.
  • Phil convincing Dan to dress up as Patrick while Phil dresses as Spongebob, and Dan complaining that hes “so much more like Squidward than Patrick, Phil. I don’t even like Spongebob.” 
  • Phil threatening to force Dan to dress as Sandy if he doesn’t stop complaining about being Patrick and Dan shuts up.
  • One year, Dan and Phil buy like 10 halloween boxes of candy to give out to the kids because last year they ran out and they felt horrible making the kids leave empty-handed. But then that year there was a huge thunder storm, and basically no one came to their house for trick-or-treating. At like 8 pm when Phil’s complaining about the fact that he hasn’t seen any costumes and given out any treats, a six year old kid knocks on their door. Dan and Phil go a little over enthusiastic, and give the kid too much candy that she needs her mom to help her carry her bag.
  • The first year Dan and Phil got their house together, they went all out in halloween decorations, and bought those robotic zombies that popped out and limped after whoever was standing on the sensors. They never used that decoration again, after a little kid peed in their front yard and got scarred for life. Now they have very kid friendly decorations outside of their house, but use the really scary decorations on each other the weeks before halloween, seeing how can scare the other more. 

Lmao, this wasn’t even handing out candy related but i LOVE HALLOWEEN

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He Saw Her

He could see her.  He didn’t think she would be here. He thought that their fight the day before was the end. He thought she would never forgive him. He thought she would never return to him. But she had.

Because she loved him.

She loved him with all of her heart. With every fiber of her being. She loved him with every part of her body, every part of her soul. She could never lose him over something so stupid. She loved him, she believed in him, and she supported him as much as she possibly could.

Their fight had been stupid, pointless. It had been almost too much for her. The distance, the constant public eye, her worry for him every second he wasn’t with her, his worry for her every second she wasn’t with him. They had yelled and screamed and thrown things and then she turned and walked out the door. He though it was forever, that she had walked out of his life and that it was all over for him.

But it wasn’t. She was here to stay. As painful as it was, as exhausting and frustrating as his life is, she was here for him. Nothing else mattered but him, her Luke.

When he looked up and saw her, his heart stopped, his breath sucked in and for a second, she was all he saw. He missed the second verse of Wherever You Are because he saw her.  His chest began to ache and his eyes began to tear, a lump forming in his throat. And for a second, he didn’t think he could continue. He wanted to hold her. He wanted to have her in his arms and he was never going to let her go.

But she smiled to him, and she waved. Then she mouthed an “I love you”. And he knew it wasn’t over. So he kept strumming, and continued singing. He tried to address the rest of his audience, his fans, but he just couldn’t. She was his biggest fan, and at that moment, nothing mattered to him except her.

As her finished the song and the other boys came back onto the stage he leaned down to a security guard and asked him to go get her. To bring her backstage as soon as possible. He needed to hold her, to feel her. Even if just for a moment, he needed her, more than anything. He needed the girl he loved. He needed the girl that loved him. And she needed him.

He looked to the side a little while later, and saw her standing in the wings, his mom holding onto her. His heart stopped again for a second time that night. His mom loved her too. His mom needed her too. And she loved his mom. She needed his mom. And for the second time that night his heart soared.

As soon as he sang the last line of Green Light he moved towards her. He turned and began to run towards her. His mom let go of her and stepped back, everyone took a few steps back. Giving them much needed space. Neither of them said a word as he pushed his guitar to his back and wrapped her up in his arms.

She sighed into his chest and he closed his eyes, nuzzling into her neck, holding back his tears. He pulled his head up and brought an arm down to her lower back, pulling her even closer to him. He put his other hand on her check, stroking her face and staring into her crying eyes. She reached up and swiped a tear off his cheek. He laughed a little at his intense emotion before looking back into her eyes, “I love you. So so much, I love you.” And he kissed her.

He kissed her hard, passionately, it was a kiss filled with love and hope and happiness. And she kissed him back. She matched his strong emotion and held tight to him. He tangled his hand in her hair, her smell filling his nose, filling his heart. “I love you,” she mumbled against his mouth before kissing him again.

“Luke,” Calum spoke into the microphone, Luke pulled his head up and turned, keeping her tight to him, not wanting to let her go. Calum did a “come on” nod with his head and Luke sighed, turning back to her.

“I have to go,” he mumbled.

“I know,” she smiled placing another kiss on his lips. She took a deep breath and took a step back from him, instinctively his arms tightened on her. She chuckled, “Go do me proud rock star.”

He smiled kissing her deeply, “Be right here when I come back?”

She smiled, kissing him, “Always.”