she needs her mom too


     ;;Hatchies from today. There’s Six total in the batch and the male coatl and female pearlcatcher are the two I’m gonna keep.Name your price for them,and i’ll wait a few days before putting them up in the AH and on my hatchery forum. nekosandkeyblades.

im going to my drama club banquet tonight but i showered too soon i got 2 more hours till i can go and i shouldnt eat or work out before so i guess im gonna watch b99 and finish this flower crown

Sometimes being a supportive sister is hard.

And mom’s already calling and cancelling the appointment because she refuses to take a taxi.

I’m going to go crawl back to bed and cry now.

Mom’s face crumples in sorrow. That face is the face I saw when I looked into the mirror of the wardrobe after I gave birth to a dead baby. “My baby,” Mom says, and opens her arms. Mom puts her hands under my armpits as if she’s holding a child who has just died. She takes the blue plastic sandals off my feet and pulls my feet into her lap. Mom doesn’t smile. She doesn’t cry. Did Mom know? That I, too, needed her my entire life?
—  Kyung-sook Shin, Please Look After Mom
Katies mom passed away.

This is hard for me because I was very close to her when Katie and I dated. I was the girlfriend (best friend to her mom) where I would be at her house before she got home from cheer leading practice just to talk to her mom, sister and brother. I know she is no longer in pain though and that means I have another guardian angel up there looking after me. And now Katie has her grandma and her mom looking after her too because she needs it. Michelle, say hi to my dad and Sabrina for me. Fly high! <3