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I can’t get over Shades and Mariah


For Mariah, Shades is like a devil, something that seduces her down to the person she didn’t want to be, that she claimed she wasn’t all along. Cornell tried to force her using ‘Family First’ motto and tried to keep her with him. But Shades just sidled up and promised her what she wanted and complimented her and helped her and then they were entwined. It’s not what she wanted but with Shades (and Alex) she didn’t even just keep her head afloat, she came out stronger, both emotionally and in her place as the boss.

BUT FOR SHADES Mariah is like…the holy grail. The entire time we see Shades he is in a follower position. Even the times he takes charge and pushes to the leadership position he was doing it for someone. And he is so unbelievably loyal to the person he follows. Even when he saw firsthand how out of control Diamondback was, how nothing and no one was more important that Luke Cage’s anguish, even when he was the only one suffering the consequences he remained steadfast (First name Law. Last name Yer). Even when confronted with Diamondback’s betrayal he didn’t choose to see it until it was spelled out for him. By that point he was already loyal to Mariah, saw how strong and brave and perfect she was, and when Diamondback fell out of Shades’ first place spot it was easy for Mariah to slot in. It was more than easy. It was a perfect fit. 


damn rose, back at it again because it’s only been a few hours and I’ve already brought you another bae courtesy of the PROBLEMATIC FAVES CLUB™ but yes, this right here is your manic pixie dream girl okay and she’s just !! under the cut is her tl;dr and don’t forget to like this if you wanna plot with my babe! she doesn’t need the love but she definitely wants it anyway.

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get to know mutuals tag

thank you for tagging me @sweaterisak

  • Name/nickname/whatever you prefer to be called?

  • Pronouns?

  • Age?

  • Fav Skam character?
    isak cause i love his development i mean wow there’s quite a long journey from being a snake to world’s purest angel ok

  • When did you start watching Skam?
    mm probs in the beginning of december i think

  • When did you make your blog?
    um lol i’ve been on this godforsaken website for more than 4 years i think pls help me

  • Who are you cheering for to be s4′s main?

  • Who do you think is most likely to be s4′s main?
    probs vilde or sana, i dont think they’re going s04 will be about even but i can still hope idk

  • What are your main interests?
    music, binge watching tv series, drawing, making gifs and edits, writing, gardening 

  • Something you’re always up to discuss?
    feminism, music, a bit of politics here and there, lgbtq rights, tv series, biology, aliens etc

  • Something you refuse to discuss?
    i feel so awkward talking about religion um cause im a christian but not the kind of fanatic one you know what i mean?? i dont think anyone cares about my beliefs so im not going to continue lmao

  • Other favorite shows aside from Skam?
    the x files, eyewitness, twin peaks, bbc sherlock, htgawm, mr robot, ww 

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Please help a young queer boy escape an abusive home

Some of you guys know me pretty well, and I have become a bit more a presence lately and right now I really need your help my mom has been and is incredibly emotionally abusive. She has gaslit me, purposely instigated me and aggravated my mental illnesses, constantly makes fun of me and calls me names and lies to my friends and family. I am sick of this behvior and have called her out on it. Whenever I stick up for myself my dad physically abuses me, he slaps hits or pushes me down. This situation is really really scary for me, especially because I don’t want to be home. I recently lost my parttime job and I don’t start my new job until tomorrow, but right now I’m absolutely scraping the bottom of the barrel to just eat.  I need to move out by the 31st of this month or else I will be homeless. I have about $1200 saved up, but I can’t touch any of it because it’s for my apartment. I need about $1500 for the security deposit and the first month’s rent. guys, this is a really really bad situation and I’m absolutely terrifed to even leave my room anymore. Please, please help me. I live in DC and my name I John. My paypal is and my venmo is john-winter-6. I don’t have a lot to offer in return other than my safety and gratitude. Even if you can’t donate anything please reblog this post so I can get the help and safety I need and deserve. Please, please. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t a last ditch effort but I’m literally terrified and I have three animals to feed as well as myself. Thank u guys so much.

“Nico still uses your first name when she’s not paying attention.”

And there we go! I needed to draw something for the 6th chapter of OPA by @jstonedd and also got an anon ask. So I ended up doing it with the anon’s suggestion:

just…..kara doesn’t need superman she was doing fine as supergirl by herself but? instead of taking a great oppurtunity to cast a POC superman CW go for the blandest white cishet male ever as clark, then call him a “charismatic leading man” LIKE. IT’S KARA’S SHOW. AND YOU ALREADY HAVE CHARISMATIC LEADING MEN THEIR NAMES ARE JIMMY OLSEN AND J’ONN J’ONZZ. ENOUGH