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BTS Reaction To You Messing Up An Exam

Request: Hi so I just messed up an exam and possibly put my future career prospects in jeopardy and need some fluff to make me feel better. BTS reaction comforting there S/O when she messes up too? I need hugs :(

A/N: I’m so sorry that you’re going through this and I hope I got this up on time for you. If you need anyone to vent to or talk to my messages are always open <3

Namjoon: He would first ask you for everything that happened so he could understand what was really going on. He’d then show you that it was ok to be upset over it and would do whatever he could to get your mind off of it like cuddling and watching movies or going out and getting dinner. He’d also make sure you knew it wasn’t the end of the world and you messing up was just a little bump in the road. 

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Jin: No doubt he would make you something yummy and he’d be the one to try and make you relax a bit. He’d tell you his bad dad jokes and sing for you passionately just to get you smiling. He would make sure you knew it was ok to mess up and he’d remind you that he was always there to support you.

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Suga: He would let you vent to him about what happened and although he may not say much he would definitely make sure you knew he was listening and cared. Honestly, he would be one to come up to you a few minutes after and tell you he ran a bath for you or something like that to make you feel better.

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Hoseok: HUGS! with this boy you would be receiving a lot of hugs. He’d ask if you wanted to talk about it and if you did then he’d listen and comment on everything you told him but if not he’d focus on making you feel better. He’d do the cutest things and make cute faces just to get your mind off of it. He wouldn’t let up until you were smiling. He’d also stay positive and tell you not to freak out too much and no matter how you did he would still love you. 

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Jimin: He’d straight out tell you that he didn’t like seeing you so down and would ask what he could do to make you better. Whether it’s just cuddling silently or going out and doing something to get your mind off of it, he’ll do it. He’d make sure you ate something warm and you’d be feeling a little better by the end of it. He’d also assure you that no matter what your score was on your exam, he would cheer you on to continue and do better. 

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Taehyung: He honestly wouldn’t be sure of what to do at first but after thinking about it for a minute, he’d get up and gather everything you liked. He’d be the guy to remember everything you liked to do and eat and watch. Gathering all of that he’d find the perfect thing to put even just a little smile on your face. Don’t let him cook though… He’d know to order something… He’d also make sure you knew he supported you no matter what. 

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Jungkook: He seems like a really good listener so like the other boys he’d sit and listen to what happened. After that he’d be a lot like Taehyung and would know everything about everything you liked and everything that made you happy. Not only that but I feel like he would know other things that tend to make people smile and feel happier and he’d suggest that for you and wouldn’t stop until he had you laughing or smiling. 

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Laxus had taken to sleeping facing away from her recently. Not that Mirajane took it personally. He wouldn’t admit it, but she knew that after his last job he’d hurt the ribs on his other side and couldn’t stand laying on them for very long.

It gave her the chance, anyhow, to cuddle up against his back. Mira found that she rather liked that, honestly, for some reason. Not that they’d never done it before. It was just that it became their new norm.

That was how she was sleeping that night when it happened, all curled up against him, one arm thrown gently around his middle, hugging him when she felt the need.

“Why were you crying yesterday?”


“Why,” he repeated slowly, staring off into the darkness, “were you crying yesterday?”

Mira just snuggled closer to his back. “When?”

“Do you cry that much, demon?” Laxus asked. “That you don’t know when I’m talking about? Or are you just trying to avoid the question?”

Shifting slightly, she ran the hand laid across him up so that she could stroke his chest. “Dragon?”

“I just want to know.”

“It’s late. Shhh. Go to-”

“You didn’t know that I was up,” he told her softly. “Yesterday. I had got home from training and you thought that I was asleep. But I heard you. It woke me up, hearing you…sob like that. But I just couldn't… I don’t do tears well.” It was his turn to shift then, uncomfortable even with the memory. “And you stopped so soon and I knew that you didn’t want me to notice, so I just laid back down and eventually you came to wake me up for dinner. I-”

“You shouldn’t spy on people,” she breathed softly against his back. “Dragon.”

“What was wrong?”

She nuzzled against his back. “Nothing.”


“It was nothing. You know me. I cry over silly things.”

“You do,” he agreed, holding back a yawn. “A lot.”


“But not like that. I could tell. You were hurting.”


“You always tell me that we need to be honest with one another,” he pointed out. “So what-”

“I was just…thinking about my mother. That’s all.”

He blinked. Then he shut his eyes. “Oh. Sorry. I didn't…I thought that someone had done something to you or something.”

She kissed his back that time. “What would you have done if they had?”

“Killed them.”


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What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]

Secrets, Songs and Bad Habits part 4

In which the reader has a bad night that just keeps getting worse.

A/N: as requested part 4 is here. Jughead isn’t all that present in this and it’s kinda short but I like it nevertheless. I wanted to show more of the reader and her feelings towards Jug but also her making friends and more platonic relationships with more of the characters from the show so yeah, I hope you enjoy! xoxo

Pairing: Jughead X Reader

Warnings: angst and anxiety with a few swear words. Oh and sort of underage drinking?

You waded your way through the stifling crowds - stopping only to pry Reggie’s hands from gripping around your waist - and grabbed onto Cheryl’s lace-covered arm. She turned and grinned, infamous red lips curling upwards. In her typical tinkling tone, she asked if you were having fun, repeating it louder when she realised that there was no way that you could hear her over the blaring music. You expected that she already knew that your answer would be yes – how could you not be having fun at one of Cheryl Blossoms house parties? You nodded enthusiastically and turned towards Josie. You grabbed her hand and led her through the crowd once more, finally sidling up next to Val and Archie who were playfully dancing together. Val grabbed your hand and twirled you around and your new friend Archie clapped along as you all swung your hips sloppily, too drunk to follow the beat of the music. Mid-twirl was when you caught sight of him. A blur of a beanie and plaid. The room span even though you had stood still and you suddenly found yourself gasping for breath, pulsing bodies preventing the air from reaching your heaving lungs. You turned away from your friends and hurled yourself towards a jock, pushing him out the way and desperately doing the same to everyone else you passed. You focused on the small crack of artificial light that signified your way out. Just when you were almost ready to pass out, you flung yourself against the cold, unforgiving marble kitchen counter that you had reached. You heaved yourself onto it, alcohol induced limbs weighing you down. Now above the crowd you gasped for air, only to find it stagnant and humid. Your eyes stared out into the sea of heads around you, barely focusing on a blur of auburn followed by a bundle of brown curls.

Within seconds you were being lifted and carried away, you only realised that you captor was Archie when he sat you down on Cheryl’s back porch and him and Valerie sat either side of you, an arm around each shoulder. Your shaking hands fumbled around in your pockets, finally feeling the familiar cardboard box under your trembling fingers. You pulled it out and opened it to reveal your beloved cigarettes. You prised one out and dipped into your pockets once more to retrieve your baby pink lighter, flipping it open and holding your cigarette to the flame. With one long drag you felt comfort wash over you and sighed out a smoky cloud of relief.

“What happened back there (Y/N)?” Archie asked, fiery brows furrowed with concern.

“I saw him and…” you trailed off, swallowing down the urge to say Jugheads name as your friends beside you shared confused expressions. Tears stung the rims of your heavily lined eyes and as one fell it left a trail of black on your cheek. “…I just had a panic attack, that’s all.”

“Hey don’t cry,” Valerie leaned over and gently brushed the tear from your cheek, hugging you tightly. You weren’t just crying because of Jughead. You were crying because after performing with him, you had become friends with Archie Andrews and through him, with Val. They were wonderful and you loved being friends with them but they were Jugheads friends first. You would inevitably run into him at some point and thus be constantly reminded of the fact that he did not wish to be associated because you were just a dumb cheerleader and he was a writing extraordinaire. She tuned to Archie, mouthing something and he nodded with a sad smile. “Why don’t you come and crash at Archie’s place with me and you can sober up? We could chill, maybe watch a movie?”

You looked between them and nodded solemnly, thanking profusely and pulling them in for a group hug. With one final drag you let them pull you up. You squashed the sizzling butt beneath the platform of your heel and along with it went your sense of panic. You were getting out of here and you were going to spend the rest of the night with your lovely new friends and not thinking about a certain boy with raven lock that absolutely could not be named. You continued to thank the two lovebirds until you all reached Archie’s truck and when he – being the sober designated driver – drove back to his idyllic house with a white picket fence that was now shrouded in darkness. By the time you had reached his front door you were almost completely sober and the cold was making you dither as you stood in a skimpy black dress and mile-high-heels. Archie knocked lightly on the door and you wondered why he did so. Surely his dad wouldn’t be awake at his point. Did he not have his own house key? You shot him a look of confusion and he just laughed through a lopsided grin.

“He left before us, just after you ran actually… oh, shit I forgot, you don’t know…I gave him my key you see, I live with…” He trailed off as his attention was captured by the front door swinging open. You didn’t need him to finish though, the person stood stone-faced in the doorway did that for you. You swallowed the lump in your throat, bewildered and hoping that the sight before you were just a drunken hallucination. But you were no longer drunk. You were sober and this was real. He was real. He was standing before you. The one person that you had been trying to avoid. The one person that made you feel like you weren’t good enough. The one person that you had let yourself fall so hard for and the one person that had left your heart in a million tiny pieces on the floor of your bedroom that night…” Jughead”

so I’m just saying….don’t imagine how Sana may bump into Yousef and he’ll smile at her and she’ll just show him her sad eyes and then walk past him…don’t think abt how Sana might skip a few days of school and in the meantime will probs email the bus group and tell them that she’s quitting but she won’t give any reason but her reason is bc she doesn’t wanna feel like a burden to them….don’t think abt Sana coming back to school and seeing the girl squad and the bus squad all laughing together and Noora looking back at Sana and waving at her and Sana turning around quickly and walking the other way…don’t think abt how upset Sana is with Elias and the other boys…don’t think about Sana running away for a bit and going to Evak house to stay over and when they ask what’s wrong she goes “I have nobody”…just don’t think abt any of these because I did and boy am I fucked up

relatable jyn things:

-crippling fear of abandonment
-teeny tiny but ready to fight
-Overthrow The Patriarchy
-loves Cassian Andor
-wants to do the right thing
-probably bs’s her way through life but is so good at it no one suspects a thing
-not???? good???? at emotions???? sentiment.exe hasn’t been working for thirteen years
-also not good at comforting people…smiling weakly and going “im sorry” is the best she can do
-“everything happens so much”
-would kill a man for bodhi rook
-needs a hug (she got one but i mean it wasnt under favorable circumstances)

Agent: So, Katie, there’s a role you might be interested in….

Katie:  Is she tragic? Is she suffering? Is she pining? Is she gay? Could she be gayer? Does she need a huge hug? Does she deserve the world but no one seems to be giving it to her? Is she a little shady? Does she have a dark side? Is she too fabulous despite all of that? Does she die? Bitch sign me up. When’s the audition? (x


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