she must have heard me wrong

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28 alarkling :3

It took me QUITE a long time to figure out how to roll with this prompt, and this is what I came up with! Enjoy~

Pairing: Alarkling

Prompt: 28 “Marry me?”

“Marry me?”

Her hands froze in their feverish wanderings before she forced herself to look up.

She couldn’t have heard correctly.

The sitting room fell silent as the Darkling gazed down at her with eyes the color of molten mercury, his hips still hard against hers. His hand was moving down to her hip before she felt his fingers close on her bare thigh.

She must have heard wrong.

“D- Did you say something?” Alina stuttered, leaning in closer to him so their bodies were flush together.

The ghost of a smile graced his lips before a loud clamor of voices sounded from the hallway. In an instant, the Darkling shoved his shoulder against the door as someone tried the handle. They heard a drunken laugh and the group outside moved on, leaving them in silence once more.

“You heard me, Alina,” he purred into her ear.

Alina blinked once, twice, trying to clear her head. “Will I… marry you?”

He had her trapped between a rock and a hard place, or a door and himself, as she wondered if the little champagne she had had earlier had gotten to her head. The Darkling couldn’t be asking her to marry him. It was far too soon, with no warning except for his hand on her neck, the kiss by the lake, him tugging her here–

“That’s right,” he whispered hotly.

She melted against him once again before she leaned her head back to stare into his eyes. This powerful, wise, influential, compelling man wanted to marry her, of all people. “Why?”

“Because I want you, Alina. No,” he said, his steel eyes softening for her. “I need you.”

Her heart leapt.


50. Dialogue Prompt: “Shit, man, we brought the wrong kid.” “You’re kidding me.” 

They were rough, as expected of the infamous immortal pair. With no fear of death they had forgotten how to be anything but rough, brash, and excessively foul mouthed. 

“Shit, man, we brought the wrong kid.” Of course she would seem to be a child to someone who didn’t die. How old was Hidan anyway?

“You’re kidding me.” She heard his partner intone with a voice that left no room for kidding. Kakuzu was not a person to kid around with, unless you were equally indestructible like Hidan was, and even then, it was messy. 

“Eh, must have missed in all that smoke.”

“You’re not supposed to miss. You were supposed to grab the blond one.” Kakuzu reached into their sake and grabbed Sakura by the hair, yanking roughly upwards. “What about this looks blond to you?”

“Do we want to fucking have the colorblind talk again?”

“They’re not even the same sex you fucking moron!” Kakuzu raged, throwing Sakura down into the dust with a huff or irritation. Something under his skin was stirring and murder glowed in the dark parts of his eyes. 

Hidan didn’t seem phased, rolling his eyes along with the curve of his shoulders. “I don’t like guys, what of it.” A thread of black tore through his chest and blood got everywhere. “Fucking damn it! I just changed!”

Kakuzu was still simmering but he turned away from his partner and looked down at the mess of a woman left on the ground.  Sakura watched them silently, tensed and ready to run once she saw an opening that didn’t end with her skewered or sacrificed. The shorter of the two was muttering under his breath.“This is why Itachi and Kisame were assigned the brat jinjuriki.” 

A black tendril coiled around her chin, lifting her face from the dirt. Kakuzu narrowed his eyes at her, taking in her features. “Oi, do you have a bounty on your head, brat?”  Before she could answer his coil unwound to grab her chin and yank her face sideways for a profile view. He sighed in dejection. “No. Nothing worth cashing in.”

Sakura felt the threads around her legs and wondered if he was consciously controlling them or if they acted on their own. Behind him, Hidan huffed and tore at his ruined cloak, leaving his chest exposed to the sun. 

“Well now what do we do?” Hidan asked, grunting in annoyance when he fingered the hole through his discarded cloak. “I want to go eat. I’m fucking starving.”

Kakuzu grabbed her pack off her hip, tearing the strap, and threw it at Hidan. “Shut up and eat her onigiri. I can smell them from out here.”

Hidan found her lunch box easily enough and popped the lid while his partner went through her med pouch for anything he could pawn. Finding nothing he reached behind him and plucked a plum onigiri to consume while he evaluated the best way the kill their mix up. 

His threads ran up to her neck and sewed a noose to keep it clean. Unlike his partner, Kakuzu couldn’t stand messes. This way was best. The threads tightened around her neck and she cried out, making the last sound to ever fall from those lips, but before he could do anything more Hidan’s weapon tore through Kakuzu’s body and his threads retreated to block another attack. 

Cursing the shorter partner turned to face Hidan, cradling the plum onigiri in his free hand while he extended the other for balance. “What the hell, Hidan?”

“You can’t kill her,” his partner darkly intoned. Hida’s eyes had been downcast but when he looked up his face was lightly flushed and his eyes were hazy. “Absolutely, you can’t kill her.”

“What are you-”

“These onigiri are fucking amazing! Have you tried one?”

It was the oddest thing ever but they had killed over lesser things, so why not spare a second to see what the hell Hidan meant.  

Kakuzu took a bite. He took another. He shoved the rest of it in his mouth and then he licked his fingers. “Where is the rest?”

Hidan’s cheery expression melted into something darker and sinister. Her lunchbox was still in his hand and he folded it against his chest so no one could see inside or take what was left. Hidan looked ready to murder. “No, mine. You can’t take her or the food, both are mine. I’m keeping her to cook for me like a housewife.”

“You wouldn’t know what to do with a housewife, you ape,” Kakuzu bit out, his tendrils rising. 

Hidan righted his weapon. “I think I can learn.” 

The attack came fast and hard, creating craters in the ground and kicking up dust. The earth was a mess in minutes but with neither side dying they fought until the lunch box was knocked from Hidan’s hand and the last onigiri tumbled free. Hidan was fast but Kakuzu’s threads were faster, skewering it through and tossing it back to land in his hand. Hidan roared in rage as the last slice of heaven was consumed by his partner. 

The murder in his eyes softened as Kakuzu felt his spirit cleansed and bathed in light. Ah, this was the meaning of life, or something like that. He wanted this everyday. He’d keep her locked up in a pretty little kitchen and have her wear pretty little aprons and when he got back from missions she would serve him slices of heaven and maybe she’d call him dear and draw his bath and maybe she’d feed him too saying coy things like ‘open wide’ if he scared her enough. She would be wasted on Hidan. He wouldn’t know how to properly appreciate her. He’d-

“Where’d she fucking go?”

With the dust settled Kakuzu blinked and looked around, searching for her pretty body best suited for frilly aprons and maybe nothing else. His chest pinched at the thought and then grew tighter when he saw she wasn’t anywhere close. Hidan was running around too, cursing loudly. A minute later he screamed something unholy and punched a tree. 

“She fucking escaped!”




“So, how did it go?” 

Sakura nodded at her teacher. “Well, it wasn’t the trial run I had planned on, but the new drug seemed to work splendidly. My only regret is I won’t be able to see how long the effects last.” Absently she picked a fleck of crusted mud from her hair. She was a mess but at least she was alive. 

Tsunade laughed. “Ah, maybe next time you can try your ‘love me’ drug on someone a bit less dangerous. What do you think of Kakashi?”

Sakura groaned.  

Exo's reaction when their gf tell them she fell out of love

XIUMIN: “i… i see”

LUHAN: “but why? is it something i did?”

KRIS: “you’re breaking up with me? so?” *don’t trust him, later he is going to cry in a corner*

SUHO: “but i still…”

LAY: “is this.. what you wanted to tell me?”

BAEKHYUN: “i get it, i’m not happy about it but i get it.. i will not give up thought”

CHEN: “after all we’ve been through, how can you just fall out of love?”

CHANYEOL: “why did she break up with me hyuung? wasn’t i a good boyfriend? didn’t i treated her like a princess? why hyuung?”

D.O: “i must have heard wrong.. right jagi?”

TAO: suho-“tao, dear are you okay?”
“no, i’m not okay hyuung”

KAI:  “i’m fine, i’m fine.. just go y/n”

SEHUN: “hahahaha you’re joking… right?”

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

Pairing: Gray Surge / Edo Juvia [Edo Gruvia]

1.“Come over here and make me.”

34.“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

or  And

35.“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

As requested by Anonymous and thegreatgrapist 

“S-Say what?” Gray blinked, a puzzled expression on his face. He must have heard wrong. She certainly didn’t just tell him to

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” Juvia demanded impatiently.

“But I’m cold, Juvia-chan.” He pouted, hugging himself in a most childish fashion that made the blue haired woman roll her eyes with exasperation. 

“You are fucking soaked you dumbass.” She said unapologetically, “I’m not making myself responsible if you die of hypothermia. You ain’t blaming that on me.”

“I’d freeze to death anyway, shirt on or off.” He reasoned. It was no secret that with his poor blood circulation, he’d be cold anyway. So what’s the point of taking his only piece of clothing off if other than become target of public humiliation? He’d rather save himself the embarrassment, really.

“Murdered by me, probably.” She deadpanned, “If you don’t fucking take it off.”

“You seem awfully determined to have me shirtless, Juvia-chan.” He teased, a smug grin widening across his lips, “Come over here and make me.” 

Laughing, he dodged the many improvised weapons she threw at his direction in a whirlwind of flushing cheeks and curses.

“I’m sorry!” He chortled cheerfully, to her utmost chagrin. “it’s off. I’m taking it off… See?” 

Lips pressed together in a thin white line and arms stiffly crossed under her chest, she turned to face her annoying companion, and holy

She was certainly not expecting to see that.

Lord have mercy.

His shirt was nowhere to be seen, though she seriously doubted she’d notice anything but his lack of clothing. All she could see were broad shoulders. Mmhmm… Built arms with firm pectorals and marked veins. Oh, a chiseled chest leading down to a six pack she wouldn’t mind drowning herself into, and lower… Lower she dared not look —her soul could be spared some salvation, after all.

He had one hand running though his disheveled hair, cheeks dusted pink from the cold and teeth sinking into his lower lip as a sheepish look framed his eyes. Just how the fuck did he managed to look so hot and cute at the same time? Shit like that should be fucking illegal, honestly.

“Juvia-chan,” he said shyly, a tentative smile curling the corner or his lips, ““If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

Oh, and now he was teasing her. Blatantly teasing her.

Well, two can play that game.

She took a deep breath, straighten her back and held her chin up defiantly before snapping back, “Who the hell needs a bed?”

Golden-throned undying Aphrodite -
child of Zeus, wile-weaving – I beg of you,
do not tame, with desire and grief,
my heart, o queen,

but come to me, if ever you came before,
having heard my voice from afar
you heard me; you left your father’s house
of gold and came,

yoking your chariot, the swift sparrows
bore you over the black earth,
their thick wings whirring in the middle
of the heavens’ height;

suddenly they were there; and, O blessed lady,
your immortal face smiled, and you asked
what I was suffering and why
I called you there,

and what I wanted to happen most of all
in my maddened heart: “who must I persuade
to come to your embraces? Who, O Sappho,
does you wrong?

For she who flees you, soon she will chase;
she who disdains gifts, will soon give them;
she who does not love, soon she will desire,
even if she is unwilling.”

Come to me now, free me from harsh
cares, let as much as my heart
desires be accomplished; and you –
fight alongside me.
—  Sappho, Hymn to Aphrodite, translation mine