she minecrafts

Oh you go to sleep on your own and you wake each day with your thoughts
And it scares you being alone
It’s a last resort

sleepsong - bastille

a quick sketch of travis’s nameless mother who’s dead in mcd and 99% sure she’s gone in mystreet– i wished we gotten to know more of her? or confirm some thoughts/hcs i have of her

like her being younger than expected; definitely younger than zianna, elizabeth, etc.; her being very quiet but strong-headed and stubborn; hermit; and loves/cherishes her son more than anything in this world, even if her getting him and his father are… well… dark parts of her life

for now, I refer to her as Freya (and before anybody go like “wait I thought her name is Enki”– it isn’t lmao; she’s Enki’s last descendant)

(also I actually hc with crazier hair tbqh, to match her special sun-in-her-life)