she minecrafts


There!!! I drew all the girls that showed up in episode one of PDH season 2. I know I said in the past I’m not as into it, nor really plan on watching it but!! Girls!!! I love drawing girls!!!

also I like to credit the Ivy design to @crybabytime

one of my favorite memories of RTX is that my friends went to go meet Joel and he saw that she was wearing a minecraft diamond necklace and went “oh minecraft! i love minecraft!” and she was like “yeah yeah minecraft’s cool! i love your how to videos!” and he was just like “minecraft is the best i love minecraft!” and she got him to sign her strangerhood dvd and he was stILL TALKING ABOUT HOW HE LOVED MINECRAFT and wouldn’t stop talking about minecraft even as the picture was being taken and in the picture he’s mid “i love minecraft!” oh my god KAITLYN sswishswishstab PLEASE REBLOG WITH THE PICTURE BECAUSE THE PICTURE MAKES IT