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Imagine Lexa getting jealous because you’re getting close to Clarke XD - Requested by Anonymous

‘And then,’ continued Clarke, a wide grin on her face as the two of you wandered around the camp, ‘he slipped over his own trap!’

You couldn’t help but laugh, unable to stop yourself looking around the camp for Graham. It had been a long few days, and you were glad that Clarke was there to tell you stupid stories about the Delinquents. You were glad that the Grounders were slowly trying to build up relations with the Sky people, and Clarke’s stories were slowly beginning to be your favourite part about the little ceasefire that was going on.

‘Is that why he’s always scowling?’ you asked, grinning at her once your laughter had finally died down.

She sniggered at that slightly, and you were glad to see that you could return the favour of making her smile.

‘I’d never thought of that before. You might just be onto something,’ she said, gently nudging your arm.

You grinned, just before spotting Lexa. She was storming through the crowd, her eyes narrowed and her jaw clenched. It was a kind of irritation that you’d never seen on her before, and it made a chill run down your spine.

‘Hi, Lexa,’ Clarke greeted, but you could hear the worried edge to her voice.

‘Can I tear (Y/n) away from you for a moment, please?’ asked Lexa, an edge to her voice. She kept her attention on Clarke, as if not wanting to look at you.

Clarke stuttered for a moment, but you shone her a warm smile.

‘Yeah you can talk to me, Lexa,’ you said, shrugging as if it was nothing.

Lexa nodded firmly before gripping your hand and pulling you away. You jogged a little to keep up with her, wondering why she was in such a rush. You couldn’t remember what you might have done wrong. You tried desperately to figure out anything that could have caused this reaction, but your mind was coming up as blank.

You were both silent until you were in Lexa’s tent. She’d finally let go of your hand and was pacing one side of the table. When she finally did speak, however, her voice was low.

‘What do you think you’re doing? Laughing and joking with the Sky people like it’s normal?’

You furrowed your brow. ‘Um, that was what you suggested – you know, getting to know them. Trying to make friends,’ you said, confusion washing over you.

‘Allies,’ she corrected you, pausing in her pacing for a moment to look over at you.

‘But you said…’ you mumbled, trying to remember the phrasing she’d used when the plan was coming together. But then something clicked in the back of your mind, a small smirk slipping onto your face. ‘Lexa?’ you asked in a whisper, moving a little around the table so as to stand in her path. ‘Are you jealous?’

She stopped in front of you, folding her arms across her chest. There was a slight scowl on her face.

You quirked an eyebrow at her and she deflated slightly.

‘Maybe,’ she said in a slightly moody voice. ‘It’s just, it always used to be you and me. Now all you seem to be doing is spending time with Clarke. Laughing at her jokes. Never coming to see me. I thought you were gonna replace me!’

You shook your head slightly, moving a little closer to her. ‘Lexa, don’t you ever worry about me replacing you,’ you assured her.

A small smile slipped onto her face as she took your hands gently in her own.

‘Though,’ you mused, unable to keep a smile off your own face. ‘Jealousy kind of suits you.’

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Pre retcon karkat got swallowed by the lava.
Post retcon karkat is just ko chillin inside a fuckin volcano.


Sooo did anyone catch Sara Harvey’s tattoo? a bird flying out of a cage? TIPPY!! Poor Tippy. The phone number tippy had spelled out Sara Harvey. WHO THE FUCK IS SHE?! SUMMER OF ANSWERS MY ASS! Mona’s evil, Lesli’s evil, I still don’t trust Alison, although idk why…there has to be more to her story…ALSO PHOTOGRAPHY IS SO CREEPY(Dolls, dolls EVERYWHERE)! and this A is definitely obsessed with Aria and her pink hair. I think it’s safe to say Aria is NOT A, unless she’s making creepy tennis ball figures and glueing hair exactly like hers onto them. She might know something, and has just repressed it..or something..idk idk I D K