she might be like iron on the outside but she has a caring heart :'))

Chaos is a Ladder

I need another ship like the ocean needs salt, but these two … I can’t help myself. Thank you for being wonderful enablers encouragement, @alchemistc @seethelovelyintheworld @kliomuse & @nfbagelperson . Not beta’d because I haven’t written in forever, so it’s post or delete this whole dumpster fire. 


She isn’t exactly surprised to find Jon Snow outside her door, his firm knock a poorly veiled cover for the uncertainty gracing his finely wrought features bathed in the warm glow of candlelight. But that’s been the puzzle of him all along, hasn’t it? This King of the North, with all of his father’s loyalty and honor, softness in his eyes that belies his often harsh words.

He is not a politician. He speaks plainly. Oh, how she wanted to laugh sitting on the hard stone of Dragonstone’s throne when he hadn’t given a damn about any of her titles or the imposing gloom of the place – when he hadn’t paused to consider all the terrible things she might visit upon him for speaking to her as he had.

Demanding things. Refusing, respectfully, your Grace, to bend the knee.

Except he had, eventually. First after nearly dying, after making her watch as he nearly died being brave and idiotic, and then again in King’s Landing, his bloody stupid honor nearly ruining everything. She’d wanted to murder him as much as she’d wanted things she really had no business wanting.

After all, when has a romantic entanglement ever done her any good? Her husband died. Jorah fell in love with her and nearly died trying to prove himself. Daario had been more trouble than he was worth, and in the end she’d felt nothing as she’d sailed away from him.

Daenerys Stormborn doesn’t have time for Jon Snow – doesn’t have time for the distraction, the political complication, the potential of him burrowing into her already fractured and clumsily patched heart.

She is the dragon. She doesn’t concern herself with wolves.

She opens the door wider to allow him to pass.

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Rhaegar x Stark!Reader...

Word Count: 1,864

Warning: None

((I hope you like it anon!))

You knew the moment the crowned prince offered you the crown and gave you the title as “Queen of Love and Beauty” over his wife that this wasn’t just a harmless action. The way his purple indigo eyes watched you as you took the crown from the tip of his lance and placed it on your head…it scared you. The way he watched you even as everyone in attendance remained seated, all watching with eyes wide and full of shock, confusion, and a few of outrage. This wasn’t something you and your twin sister, Lyanna, would be gushing about later in your tent.

At least it wasn’t Lyanna. You couldn’t help but think as your brothers, Brandon and Ned, pulled you from the stands and back toward where the tents of the North had been set up among those of the Stormlands and the Vale.

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bringing the war home (a series for the women of the mcu)

depends on where you’re standing
(a sharon carter story)

Some aunts take you to mass, but Sharon’s took her to the shooting range. 

Sharon Carter grew up knowing the feel of bullets in her fingers, not rosaries. She learned Mandarin, German and Japanese, not Latin, because Latin was a dead language and Sharon, even at eight, knew her work would be for the living. 

all things to all people all of the time
(a natasha romanoff story)

The Winter Soldier did not leave witnesses, but he had left her by that cliff outside of Odessa. Was Natasha an exception? Or did she not count as a witness? Had he looked at her and seen the same black button eyes reflected back at him, the on/off switch, the tick of clockwork?

Years later, Natasha watched the Soldier slam into the freeway concrete. The bullet holes in her abdomen had healed, and she knew this thing did not consider itself a person.

They were animate objects, both of them, useless in the witness stand. He hadn’t pulled the car transmission out, after all, hadn’t stripped the cell phone in the victim’s pocket, or shot up the rocks at the side of that road outside Odessa. He hadn’t shot her. He had left her there, breathing, and the Winter Soldier didn’t leave witnesses.

On cold nights, Natasha dreamed of ballerinas: porcelain, exquisite, their ribs jutting out stark under their skin.

that’s my official statement
(a maria hill story) (podfic here!)

The helicarrier rumbled under her feet and Fury ran a fond hand along one metal wall, like Coulson did with that car of his, the way Sharon stood in the Triskelion and nearly glowed. 

Fury called it cancer once, after Loki’s attack was over, once Barton was back in the fold and New York saved. Maria kept in step behind him as Fury walked the helicarrier halls, reviewed the damage, as he mourned.

“No, sir,” she said. “Just war.”

on the verge of understanding something extraordinary
(a jane foster story)

“Jane, you’re an astrophysicist, not a storm chaser,” said Erik Selvig, and he was wrong. She was just an astrophysicist too.

my heart has no place in this
(a lady sif story)

Sif put on her armor in cold mornings and thought, “Once I wished for this.” What did she wish for now?

No matter. She was tired. She was mourning. But she could imagine no life but this. Any other life would make her pale and fade. This one made her burn, iron at the heart of a flame, the heart of a star, and she could imagine no other way worth living.

i am not dying for six college credits
(a darcy lewis story)

On a stormy desert night, a roaring giant of a man turned to Darcy Lewis and she tasered him in the chest.

She didn’t hesitate, wince, or apologize.

If you don’t want to get electrocuted by a civilian Midgardian, don’t charge at her on a dark and stormy night. Dangerous things come in small packages.

You’d think Loki’s brother would know that—but, ah, yes, back then Thor still had a lot to learn.

let the girl go
(a melinda may story)

The Cavalry once killed twenty men with a single pistol, they say.

Or maybe it was fifty.

The Cavalry once killed a hundred men, they say, on other days, around other campfires, these future agents of SHIELD, these gossipy children. On horseback, they tell the freshmen, and snicker. A hundred men.

The number trips off the tongue. The methods vary, the numbers, and they all trip off the tongue easily—what is twenty dead villains? A hundred? A good day’s work. We’re the heroes, after all.

Fifty, twenty, a hundred—they’re all just syllables. All just sizes of victories, not a careful count of gasping faces.

The Cavalry killed twenty—fifty—a hundred men, and Melinda May saw the light go out of each of them.

As a child, Melinda used to steal the plastic lid off the kitchen trash can, mount it on one arm, and charge out into the backyard to save the world with her plastic shield.

i made a name for myself
(another natasha romanoff story)
(incorporates age of ultron)

Clint taught his kids handstands and cartwheels from his circus days. They play-wrestled in the grass until Cooper decided he was done with this whole physical contact thing, or until they knocked Clint’s hearing aids out.

Natasha taught the kids to throw knives into fence posts, and pretended those skills were from a circus or lazy country summer days, too.

about damn time
(a story for hope van dyne)

Hope van Dyne was scared of heights from age seven onwards. The first time she had to get on a plane (age ten), she sat stony-faced, staring out the window, not looking at her father, the half-moons of her nails biting deep into her chubby palms. When she was thirteen years old, she asked her father for flying lessons.

That should have been her first hint, that when she asked for flying lessons for her birthday, he did not automatically realize this was about her mother. 

But perhaps– perhaps even if it had been true, the airplane crash, perhaps her father still would not have understood. He was not the kind of man who found the things he feared most, tracked them down, and then slew them with their own poison.

i can tell the difference
(a story for laura barton)

Laura hadn’t fallen for Clint first; she had been struck first, though. And, yes, she had heard all the possible jokes about Cupid and his arrows, thank you very much for your contribution.

But it was still true: she hadn’t fallen first. Laura had been struck, first, curious about this boy—distracted, rumpled, so very human—and his perfect, perfect aim. You don’t get perfect marksmanship by being born with it.

Laura sat forward the first time she saw him, this circus kid who gulped from a stained coffee cup before stumbling onstage and proceeding to take eighteen perfect shots, with three different bows, four of them without even looking.

Laura leaned forward. These things were not gifts.

everybody is afraid of something
(a story for wanda maximoff)

In an open-air cafe in Lagos, Nigeria, Wanda had close-bitten, black-painted nails. She put real sugar in her coffee. When she said we, these days, she did not always mean Pietro. But, sometimes, she did. 

Another reading between the lines... This time 7x07, the season finale

So the season finale is through, and we learned that we shouldn’t believe in everything the creators want to make us believe. Arya and Sansa weren’t fighting, but like I was predicting, they were plotting against Littlefinger to make him pay for his crimes.

So for everyone who called bullshit on the showmakers trying to make us believe that the Starks will start to kill one another, here are some hints for why I am calling bullshit on the Daenerys/Jon romance as well.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I think the narrative changed quite a bit. Where we’ve seen the Stark family pretty much straight forward in a narrative way before, they are now the unreliable narratives. We have to start questioning their motives because they finally all join the game.

So I predict that Sansas: “I am a slow learner, but I learn” is also a foreshadowing regarding Jon. We all know very well what happens to characters in GOT that won’t join the game out of good heart and honor. To Jon the best example is the fate of his “father” Ned Stark. He holds him still dear and tries to be honorable like he was, but what we also learned in the finale episode was, that even Ned was able to lie for years on end, to protect the ones he loved.

So it’s unrealistic to expect that a character like Jon won’t ever learn from the experiences he lived through. He witnessed more than once that betrayal also comes through honor. Of course we all love him for being an honorable, honest person, who values the things his father represented dearly, but that is what also got Jon killed by the Nightswatch, and I think he knows that by now.

So let’s break down “the dragon and the wolf”, to find a bit of proof that dear Jon is actually playing the game quite for real. I will address the Jonsa part later on.

First of all don’t forget what is on stake for him. He just learned that Bran and Arya are also alive and he was not happy about it. Why ? Because it means he has even more family to protect, than just Sansa who he’s literally sworn to protect and fought a war for, to win Winterfell back. It’s additional weight on his shoulders.

Secondly don’t forget what he just witnessed. A dragon that was easily killed off by the Night King. That means additional to the family he thought partly dead to protect, he is cut short of time and resources to win the war against the Night King.

Obviously he wasn’t thinking about that the Night King might resurrect the dead dragon, otherwhise Eastwatch would have been not that surprised about the Wight Dragons appearance at the episodes end. But Jon still knows that he is running out of time because Bran told him so in the Raven Jon got from Winterfell.

So Jon has to make sure that the alliance with Dany will hold, and that she won’t go fighting for the Iron Throne instead. But he has obviously a hard time playing the game though, unless that he is playing it.

That shows because he told Cersei that he is already pledged to Dany. Still too much of Ned Starks son to break oaths.

But here in the conversation is also an interesting hint. Tyrion asked him if he didn’t learn to lie, even a bit, but Jon doesn’t answer the question directly. He could have said that he was never a liar, that his father didn’t bring him up to be a liar. Instead he talks about keeping his oath and keeping promises. Here he talks about Ned Stark being killed because of keeping oaths, means an oath still has high value for Jon and he will never swear an oath that he can’t uphold. Doesn’t mean that he would never lie.

Next conversation is with Jon and Dany. He seems truly unhappy about his conduct and you might expect him to say to himself, that he’ll never learns. But I think more poignant is what Dany says throughout the conversation. She admits that she doesn’t know how to react if Cersei won’t accept the truce. She can’t forget what she has seen behind the wall, but she also can’t pretend that as soon as she will march her forces north Cersei will take the kingdom back. For her to sit on the iron throne has still the same importance as ever, and what she is saying, actually means, that Jon can’t be sure that Dany will come and fight the war on the wall. Not if she is left with the choice between the North and the iron throne. She could still sacrifice the north, take the throne and then march against the walkers. For her the north is just a part of her future kingdom, for him it’s his home. I think Dany has agreed to fight for the North solely based on the feelings she has for Jon, and he knows that.

Also she talks about her family, comparing them to the dragons. They were terrifying. People looked at them with wonder and awe. But then dragons grew small and we grew small as well until we were just like everybody else. We weren’t extraordinary without them.

Jons greatest goal was always to fit in, to be part of the Starks for real, to be like everybody else, not to be a bastard and been seen as one, as something extraordinary.

Then we see Jon have his first personal talk with Dany, about being not like everybody else, about the future of her house and about her not be able to have children. They havN#t really talked like that before, which made not buy the love story between them from the start. But here we see that he starts caring for her, he has compassion, he likes her, he makes even a joke. That was the first bonding moment apart from the fact that he was sorry for the loss of her dragon.

Next conversation I was having my eye on, was the one Jon had with Theon. Besides of the obvious foreshadowing that Jon will also have to be conflicted in the next season about his two parts of family, Stark and Targaryen, Theon tells him that every step that Jon took was always right and true and in the subtext he wished he could be like him. Mark what Jon replies to that: It may seem so from the outside. I promise you it’s not true. Jon says he has done plenty of things that he regrets. So what would that be dear Jon? Have we seen him doing anything questionable before? No? anything that was not honorable? No. Anything untrue? No. So what is he talking about? Maybe about the things he is doing now? The game he is arranging himself with now?

Next thing that appeared weird to me was when Jon said that Ned was more of a father to Theon than his own father. Theon says yes. And yet you betrayed him. Betrayed his memory. I did. Jon starts off with anger here but then his look softens and he nods his head in understanding to Theon. Followed by a blank look and says, but you never lost him, he’s a part of you, just like he’s a part of me.

It seems like Jon isn’t just angry at Theon but himself here. I think he is dealing with Neds legacy and is conflicted about what his scheme is, which is also an betrayal of Neds memory.

Another important line is also, I am not in the place to forgive all of it, but what I can I do. Seems like Jon hopes for forgiveness, too, at least when the time comes to justify his actions.

Soooo after this the biggest hint what Jon has actually in mind is given us by the late Littlefinger himself. When he tells Sansa that Jon might marry the beautiful dragon queen. The alliance makes sense, together they will be difficult to defeat.

But not only difficult to defeat but more than pledged to each other. A bond that will assure the alliance by marriage. Till now we’ve only seen women being married off because of political benefits in the GOT verse. But what if the same thought also crossed Jons mind? What if he is so desperate to secure an alliance with Dany that he actually came to the same conclusion as Littlefinger ?

Both young and unmarried, both not unattractive and they seem to like each other. It would make sense and it would also explain the lukewarm romance from Jons side. Dany is in head over heels, no denying that, but Jon never seemed much excited at making heart eyes at Dany. Yeah Tyrion mentioned towards Dany that Jon was looking longingly at her, but I think that remark was mostly dropped because Tyrion wanted to see her reaction. No heart eyes so far. And this leads me to the final thing that convinced me that something is really off with Jon romantic feelings.

Boatsex was not what I expected at all. I expected it to crush Jonsa, but it didn’t.

There was no conversation, no builtup, no passion I would say. Jon stood in front of Danys door, like a man on a mission. He hesitates to long, stares at the door for an eternity, is uncertain if he shall go through with it. As soon as he knocks his head jerks aside in a motion that could be also used to shake his head no at himself. He has the composure of someone who is about to seal a deal that goes against his believes. Then he stares her down, like he is afraid, expressionless, no kiss, no touch when she opens the door for him. Then Dany is on top, both naked, assume she took action first, of course he is also enjoying because hey it’s sex with a beautiful woman, flips her over and then comes the most haunted look I’ve ever seen during a sex scene. Dany looks at him in awe and wonder, she is really into him, and he is just… not ? He sighs with an heavy heart, he pants like he wants to back off and tell her that he is sorry for letting it come this far. It appears almost as regret. He looks at her still, uncertain, almost at the brink of breaking the embrace, places his hands on her cheek, a mirrored touch he did to Sansa during the forehead kiss and then…. He shuts his eyes as fast as he can and starts smooching her in earnest with a touch of forced passion and willing himself to go through with it. I mean what was that? I was ready to let my ship sink and accept that Jonaerys is happening, but not like this. This was just the weirdest thing. This is not how you sleep with someone you are madly in love with, this is the way you are sleeping with someone you like but not love. No smiles, no connection besides the obvious parts, too much other stuff in mind, just a performance.

Something is off, I call bullshit.

So all in all in this episode there was a huge amount of talk about truth, oaths, lies. The Winterfell part showed us that we shouldn’t believe in what we see, and I say we also underestimate Jon Snow. He is capable of playing the game and he does, sure he is conflicted about it, but you don’t survive with being just honorable. He bends the truth as far as he can justify it to himself and the ghost of Ned Stark. He is securing an important alliance with the prospect of marriage. Well and would all work out well, if she wouldn’t be his aunt.

Now for Jonsa. Of course they are hinting Jonsa. Littlefinger was onto something after Jon  choked him in the crypt. There was no need to tell Sansa how beautiful the dragon queen is and that Jon is young and unmarried just like Dany, unless he wanted to see her reaction to the idea that Jon could get married someday. Also I read that in the original script that featured the conversation between Theon and Jon, Sansa is also mentioned, but they cut that out. Again. That happens so frequently that I am actually convinced that they cut scenes like that to avoid making it to obvious. Next thing Sansa is always standing in the same spot brooding, she was last seen standing with Jon also brooding after the battle of the bastards. Hard to say what she was thinking about, most likely the imminent kill of Littlefinger, but maybe also about Jon bending the knee, because this spot has a meaning to her. Then Arya saying they have to protect each other in winter, Sansa immediately states “Father”, but is was not just Ned that said that. “We have to trust each other, we can’t fight a war amongst ourselves, We have so many enemies now”, sounds quite similar, spoken by Jon just on the same brooding spot Sansa and Arya stood in while having this conversation about Ned. The face touch, Jon gave Dany during his panic moment in bed, mirrored the face touch he gave Sansa after the forehead kiss.

This all seems a lot like an Jonsa endgame to me.

But to be honest, I would also love to see Tyrion have some happiness. Peter Dinklage killed the episode with his acting. So if Sansa and Tyrion end up together I am happy too. But the signs are there for Jonsa, definitely. But in this world of GOT nothing is really sure ;)

l;newWin.opene)�V �Z

I also think the show and the books are chiefly about character development and learning process. There are lessons to be learned in every aspect of war, love and life. There were lessons in the lovestories of GOT from Rob/Talisa to Brienne/Jamie. It’s a bit odd that Daenerys for example never learned the lesson of rejection so far. She never lost a battle for love, except the death of a lover. But every male she was ever involved with was just enchanted by her from the start. Drogo was, Daario was, and poor Jorah was and always will be. With Daario and Jorah it was one sided or mere sexual. But she never experienced someone not loving her. And since real life teaches all of us this lesson, I believe that Jon will be the lesson for Dany. The betrayal of love. Of love for his family and the north, maybe even Sansa

Plus Tyrion knows. The expression on his face while standing outside of boatbang. He knows the lovestory is fishy and that such an affair would be dangerous.

Taken [Chapter 12]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15
Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Epilogue

Your head feels heavy on your neck. You can barely lift it up. You can no longer feel your hands, but you feel the disgusting red liquid that slides down your arms.

Your back feels numb, but every small movement makes you hiss in extreme pain. Every other day Luhan will come to ask you for information, and if you refuse to answer, you receive a ruthless beating.

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“Family. Familia. Famille” - [Tom Hiddleston - One shot ].

Based on: Imagine: Tom being your ex, the one your family loved and welcomed when the two of you were together, and even wanted you to marry but things never worked between you. A couple of years later, he’s invited to a family event, which makes things super awkward for you because you’re still single but you don’t want him to know, and you’re well aware of how communicative and pushy your relatives can be, not to mention how much they will be praising him all evening long.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Family drama/fluff. 


Mia rolled the end of her side braid around her bun and secured it with a bobby pin while staring at herself in the mirror.

The curtain next to her billowed open and the cool ocean breeze raced through her, reminding her to pay attention to the sound of the crashing waves outside her parents’ beach house; something she hadn’t indulged in, in a long time.

Her bedroom door opened and it took her visitor less than 5 steps to reach her and rest her chin on her shoulder while putting her hands on her arms.

“Isn’t it odd how even when we look the same, I’m still the prettier one?”

Mia rolled her eyes at her identical twin who stared back at her in the mirror.

“Fuck off”.

Ava laughed.

“You look nice. I wonder why”, she said and Mia caught an ironic note in her tone but brushed it off.

“It’s been a while since the whole family’s gathered”, Mia said with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m sure, Aunt Marie will appreciate your effort. Come on”, Ava chuckled.


Ava frowned and studied her sister for a second.

“Oh!” she exclaimed raising an eyebrow, “You don’t know”.

“Ava”, Mia sighed, “You’ve been here for a minute and you’re already getting on my nerves. What is it?”

Ava stood up, walked towards the door and opened it before glancing back at her dumbfounded and two-minute younger twin.

“Mother invited Tom”.

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Thoughts on Strange Magic

Thoughts on Strange Magic

I love Strange Magic so much! It’s so different - a jukebox musical heavily laden with singing and fairy fantasy calendar visuals. The commitment to this artistic vision is breathtaking, and risk taking. There’s just nothing else like it.

I mean, if you actually saw some of the scant promotion for Strange Magic, you might have noticed the fantasy calendar visuals. But nothing could prepare you for the amount of singing in the film because it’s so far outside what you could reasonably expect. Apparently the film makers even considered making it sung through entirely.

(I’m kind of hoping that unnamed Lin-Manuel Miranda Walt Disney Animation Studio feature will do this, but of course with original music/lyrics rather than jukebox remixes.)

The risk of trying something way out there is that people might reject it. That’s pretty much what has happened with Strange Magic and I think that’s a shame. But if you give the movie a chance, it’s a really trippy fairy fantasy that has the whimsical dreamy feeling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and grounds it in compelling characters with solid motivations.

The use of singing produces, at times, a weird surreal effect because it’s sometimes unclear whether the characters are really singing, or if it’s oblivious “musical” singing. Since these characters are fairies rather than humans, it’s entirely plausible for them to actually go around actually singing all the time. But then it’s weird when the Bog King says “At least you’re not singing”, and then a minute later he’s joining in the song he seemed to initially to shun. This confusing ambiguity accentuates the fuzzy transition between sword fighting and dancing together.

The duet/duel itself is something different. It reflects feelings that are similar to things like Esmeralda’s fight with Phoebus, or Megamind’s banter with Metroman (or, I’ll grudgingly admit, Roxanne…Metromind forever!). But in the form of a singing duet? I really can’t think of any precedent.

Later, it gets sublimely surreal when the movie eases into the titular duet of “Strange Magic”. The movie seems to transition into true “musical” singing, where singing is exposing Marianne and Bog’s inner thoughts rather than them actually singing. But it’s ambiguous, in a way that accentuates the surreal change of pacing and visual attitude (it literally shows the previously scary things of the dark forest in a new light).

This second duet is leisurely and dreamy, evoking the ethereal flight of Lois Lane and Superman. Oh, did I mention that there is a lot of singing in Strange Magic? Well, there is. And that’s how we’re able to enjoy three very different feeling romancing duets between the protags.

The third one is at the end, capping the movie off with an unabashedly trippy introduction of a kaleidescope effect. Because of course! I mean, why not just go all out, and go out with a bang?

Fundamentally though, Strange Magic is a movie about a love potion. Crazy hijinks ensue, but by the end of the night everyone lives happily ever after. But George Lucas fills in the big factor that was missing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream - characters that we actually care about. There’s no shortcut to that, so the bulk of the movie builds up the characters and their relationships so we love them and love seeing them bounce off each other. (Even the villain, who we love to see get put in his place.)

Each character has a core motivation that makes it easy to root for (or against) them. Marianne loves her sister Dawn. Dawn is boy crazy. Dawn’s best friend Sunny is hopelessly in love her. Roland wants an army, and is only interested in marrying Marianne so he can get that. Bog hates love and the chaos it causes. Bog’s mother wants him to fall in love. And so on.

Strange Magic is not a movie where tension is driven by a real sense of danger. You know everything’s going to work out in the end. The tension is driven by magic and love - or really, the magic of love. So, building up the characters and showing by their actions what they care about, we get a real connection with them and feel for them. There’s particularly an interesting disconnect between what Bog says about himself and the proof of his every action and instinctive expression. He sings that he’s “evil”, but his actions betray someone who is instinctively caring even to strangers he finds annoying.

The movie has been billed as a “Beauty and the Beast” story where the beast doesn’t change. But honestly, that’s more just a hook and a recurring vibe. Still, it’s fun seeing how Strange Magic deviates from Beauty and the Beast:

1) Learning to love: Strange Magic doesn’t confuse things by making either protag need to learn to love. They’re both had their heart broken, but they’re both basically doing okay single. Ironically, the fact that they both hate love at this point in their lives is one of the things that draws them together.

2) Transformation: There is a transformation, actually, but it takes place well before the protags even meet. Marianne starts off pretty much the sort of princess who is really not Bog’s type. She only unwittingly transforms herself into the sort of person that would catch Bog’s heart after her fiance breaks her heart. This transformation takes place over some time, since she trains herself into a strong sword fighter against a virtual knight to vent her frustrations.

Speaking of that virtual knight, it’s a fun callback to Sleeping Beauty. In Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose dances with a virtual prince that’s made up of her woodland creature friends. Then, she dances with her Phillip while singing a duet. In Strange Love, Marianne learns how to sword fight dueling with a virtual knight made up of her tiny fairy spirit friends. Later, she’ll sword fight with Bog in a fight that becomes more like a dance, singing what becomes a duet.

3) Imprisonment: The “beast” does imprison Marianne’s sister Dawn, but Marianne doesn’t offer to take her place. The real prison is a result of the love potion, not the physical cell Dawn’s held in. Bog and Marianne try to free Dawn together.

4) Beauty: Neither protag is physically hideous nor is either transformed to become “beautiful”. This helps to not confuse the message about how it is to fall in love with someone’s mind or spirit rather than one’s appearances. Bog mistakenly deduced that he was too hideous to love, but that turned out to be a misinterpretation. And while Marianne isn’t physically his ideal type, neither does he consider her ugly.

Ultimately, there are so many deviations for Beauty and the Beast that it’s really more of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with some Beauty and the Beast ideas sprinkled in, than a BatB story.

So how does it compare to A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Well, I feel that A Midsummer Night’s Dream lacks characters that we really care about. Puck’s silly love dusting and magic produces silly pairings for comedic shock value, but little else because I don’t think we’re given much reason to care about what happens to the characters.

In contrast, Strange Magic concentrates almost entirely upon just one usage of the love potion. By devoting so much attention to this one usage, and making it clear how much chaos and stress is produced just from that one love dusting alone, the movie successfully amplifies the impact of the ridiculous love dusting chaos produced by the Imp.

So, the story spends a lot of time building up the relationship of Marianne and her sister Dawn. It takes time to really show us how much they care for each other. It’s essential to the story because it makes it natural for Marianne and Bog to go from fighting to loving. It seems Marianne really did enjoy their fight, but her higher priority is clearly her sister. It’s only as it becomes clear Marianne and Bog are on the same side when it comes to curing her sister that it becomes more than just a spark of natural chemistry.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is framed within a lover’s tiff between a husband and wife, but we don’t have any emotional reason to care about them. The lover’s tiff in Strange Magic takes place near the end, after we have grown to care about the characters and their relationship. As they note in Spinal Tap, such a fine line between stupid and clever.

Oh, and one final random thought - I really appreciate how the central romance in Strange Magic is between two characters who aren’t experiencing their first love. They both have enough life experience feeling the crushing pain of heartbreak that they treat Dawn with tender care, at least. The result is that both characters are jaded and have made mistakes, like Megara from Hercules. But neither is broken out of a funk by the adorkable naivete of a manic pixie dream girl/guy. Rather, they just happen to feel a lot in common because of where they’ve been and where they are in their lives

I really appreciate that defiance of trope, and it’s another thing that makes Strange Magic so different.

Home - Part 2 - Bruce Banner X Daughter!Reader


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Summary: You start settling in with the Avengers and in the Stark Tower as you now live with your dad, Bruce. Your first day turns into more of an adventure than you expected as you and Peter risk getting late for school.

Warnings: None.

Words: 4 343 (Longest thing I’ve ever written!)

A/N: This is part 2 because I loved the request so much and the idea for the story! This is also very long which I don’t personally mind! Hope you like it and please tell me if you want more of this!

Originally posted by mostlycap

“And here is the op-room.” Peter said and opened up the door to show a room filled with a dozen screens, both big and small. In the middle there was a table which also appeared to be a screen, chairs circling it. “Here we plan our missions and a bunch of other stuff. Don’t use the big screen for watching TV though…”

She was about to ask whether he warned her because he had personal experience or not when he shut the door and continued the tour. She was thankful for that he showed her around to say the least. The Tower was massive and she really didn’t want to get lost inside the place where she lived.

“And here we have Bruce’s lab- I mean, your dad’s lab.” Peter corrected himself, calling Bruce someone’s dad being more than strange to him. He shook his head clear and opened up the door.

Y/N stepped inside. Peter tried to stop her from entering from being told not to go inside any of the labs himself without specific permission, but she was out of his reach. She looked around the room which was kept tidy and organized. It reflected her dad perfectly if one knew where to look and what to look for. Peter just saw a room. Y/N could see traces of her dad everywhere.

“You’re quite good with all of this, aren’t you?” Peter asked as she continued further inside the spacious laboratory.

She looked back at him and watched him motion around him to the various screens, tools and machines that spotted the lab.

“I mean obviously you are, considering how you got the scholarship for C.U’s annual Future Scientist recognition.” Peter rolled his eyes as he now found that his question had been rather stupid.

“I’d like to think I am, but you should never grade your own capability. You either think too highly of yourself or you completely misjudge your work.” She said the same thing her biology professor had told her the first week of high school. For some reason, it had stuck with her. Perhaps it had left such a big impact since she had always been judged at home and therefor she had done it herself? She couldn’t put a finger on it.

Peter blinked a few times, taken back by her words of wisdom. “Well, I’m still going to go ahead and guess that you are because of what I just said, and because of what I’ve seen in school.”

As she was about to return the kind words, the door to the lab opened up and Tony stepped inside with a folder in his hand. He stopped in his track as he realized the room wasn’t empty or occupied by Dr. Banner himself.

“What are you two doing snooping around here? Or you, at least?” He nudged his head at Peter who froze, opening and closing his mouth in search of words. “Could you leave for a minute, Spidey?”

Peter was heading for the door before Tony could even finish his sentence. Y/N remained put, swallowing down her worry and anxiousness.

Tony turned towards her as Peter was out of the lab, laying down the file in his hand on the nearby desk. “Banner…” He said seriously before letting out a small chuckle. “It sounds strange to call you that and not your old man.”

“Well, it’s only been nine hours since you first met me, so…” She looked down at the watch around her wrist to count the hours exactly. “Maybe it’s not so strange?”

“Maybe not.” He smiled, walking further into the lab and stopping by one of the screens which was off. “You look an eerily a lot like your father, yet you still manage to be pretty somehow. It takes a real miracle to do something like that.”

“Don’t say that in front of him.” She warned jokingly.

“You’re a lot like him too, personality wise, I mean… Hopefully you don’t mind, but… I might have looked you up.” Tony confessed, glancing back to her. She didn’t know what he could have found, but she liked to believe she had nothing to hide. Of course, it’s always easy to say that when you can’t recall if you have something worth hiding.

Tony suddenly made the screen before him light up and pulled its image to the center of the lab in the shape of a hologram. On the screen there was a picture of Y/N two years prior, smiling widely and holding a chrome statue in her left hand and shaking her right one with a middle aged man.

“That’s you and Preston Lance, chief executive officer of GAST, or Global Association of Science and Technology, as they’re also known as… You received their award for Brightest Mind. That’s one of the most difficult awards they give out, and you’re just a high school student.”

He turned towards her, squinting slightly like he was thinking about doing something. Y/N didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know Tony apart from the little she had managed to catch from the news and local papers. To be honest, she knew a lot more about Iron Man than Tony Stark.

“What does the total mass-energy contain according to the standard model of cosmology?”

“4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy.” She answered before her brain had barely processed what Tony had just asked her.

“How many grams of Astatine-211 can be found in the earth’s crust at a time?” He continued.

“Trick question. Neither Astatine-211 or the most stable isotope, Astatine-210, can be found naturally. Approximately one gram appears in earth’s crust at a time and it consists of the isotopes -215, -217, -218 and -219.” She answered confidently, tilting her head with a faint smile.

“How many watts does the sun produce a second.”

“3.8 times 10 to the power of 33.” She answered again, knowing she was right and never doubting it.

Tony kept watching her, amazed. “How is it that a high school senior know things like that like the back of her hand? And don’t tell me it’s because you’re interested.”

“It is to some degree.” She admitted, glancing up at the picture of her receiving the GAST award. “I’m not that cunning in the field of human anatomy and more specifically in genetics, but I have to believe that I’ve gotten my brains from Bruce… I became interested at an early age, and as I didn’t have any friends to worry about or a mom that supported me, I spent as many hours I possibly could in school or with school work. Before I knew it, I was head deep in science fair projects and math equations, and I loved it.”

Tony looked down at the floor, feeling bad for asking. “I promise you’ll find support here.” He assured her to her surprise. She didn’t think he would be so kind so openly to what essentially was a stranger. “Did Bruce show you your workshop?”

She stuttered at first, still a bit surprised by his words. “Ehm, no. He haven’t gotten around to it.” She answered and watched as Tony removed the projectile screen and began to head out of the lab.

“Then let me.” He held the door open for her and motioned further down the hallway. “When Bruce asked me for a free place to work I though he was going to get an assistant, like he has said he has needed a few times, so I hope you don’t mind working close to your dad.”

Tony stopped outside of the next door in line after her dad’s lab, gesturing her to enter. She could feel her heart begin to accelerate as she reached her hand out for the door handle, opening slowly.

Inside was a lab equal in size to her dad’s. It was free of miscellaneous items and clutter and was a clean slate for her to fill with whatever her heart desired, she imagined. “This is too much.” She said breathlessly, walking inside with eager steps.

Tony shook his head. “I don’t know if you didn’t hear yourself about thirty seconds ago, but a mind as bright as yours deserves somewhere where thoughts can be processed into projects. Plus, have you seen the size of this place? You can have five more workshops and labs if you so wished.”

She didn’t know what to say. The closest thing to a lab she had ever had was her old bedroom, which had been far from suitable to build all the things she wanted to build.

Her eyes roamed over a long desk when she noticed her portable generator laying on top of it. She pointed at it, clueless. “That’s my-”

“Generator.” Tony completed her sentence. He walked up to the desk and picked the mechanism up, taking a closer look at it again. “I brought it here on your dad’s request. I have to say, I’m impressed. How does it work?”

She smiled wider, more than willing to explain. She had never had someone that wasn’t a teacher of hers asking about her projects. Her mom despised them, had even destroyed a few in hatred, and no one else had cared either.

“It’s pretty much self running. All it needs is a spark to ignite the engine and it’s off.”

“How strong of a spark?”

“1.2 usually does the trick, so I use simple AA batteries to power it up, then the magnets begin to accelerate until it reaches a capacity of about 250 volts, so I used to have it for my computer.” She explained and pointed to the areas she spoke about, removing the removable shell on one of the side to show the actual generator within.

“That’s amazing…” Tony looked at the generator and at the unique mechanism she had constructed. “Better magnets, a bigger spark, and this thing could supply a lot more than a computer.”

“Actually, now that you mention it…” She dug out her phone from her pocket and searched for the image of a more sustainable and powerful version of her generator which she had designed. “I made this.”

As she leaned over to Tony to show her the small screen, Tony suddenly reached his hands out before her and somehow managed to make her old phone project into the air. She wasn’t going to ask how he could possibly do that. She would simply accept the fact that he could and that he had.

She cleared her throat. “I’m thinking that two EM’s would replace the regular magnets and that the copper wires should be replaced with tungsten wiring.”

“Copper is easier to work with and a lot cheaper.” Tony argued, scratching his chin as he concentrated.

“True, but since this version would use electromagnets, the wiring needs to be able to take some heat.”

Tony raised his brows, pouting out of approval and impressiveness. “And if something can take the heat…”

“It’s tungsten.” She nodded when the door suddenly opened once again and Bruce walked in.

“Look at you, already working with the big boss.” He smiled, putting his hands in the pockets of his open lab coat and walking through the doorframe.

“She’s a wonder child.” Tony stated, moving the screen around in the air to turn it towards Bruce. “Look at this.”

Bruce fumbled to quickly put on his glasses, examining the detailed prototype Y/N had drawn, his eyes slowly widening. “You did this?” He looked through the screen to his daughter.

“It’s the same concept as my current generator, just with a few upgrades I couldn’t afford when making the one I have.” She smiled nervously, hoping that the smartest man she knew and one on an equally as high level would like her design.

“It’s incredible.” Bruce nodded his head up and down. “You should make this whenever you have the time for it.”

The door opened, again, and Peter was back. He hesitantly peaked his head inside. “I’m sorry, I know I’m not supposed to be in here-”

“This is my workshop.” Y/N cut him off. “You can be here if you like.”

Peter tried not to smile, tried to hide his joy, but it was difficult. His mind was in other places however and he didn’t have time to focus on where he was allowed to be and where he wasn’t. He had to focus on where he needed to be.

“Thanks, but we really need to leave…” He ushered, waving his hands as if asking her to hurry up.

“What? Where- oh god… School.” She realized, eyes snapping down to her watch only to realize that school started in half an hour and the subway from Manhattan to Forest Hills would take forty minutes alone. “I’ve never been late!”

Y/N practically ran for the door, flying by Bruce in pure panic.

“Mr. Stark-”

“For the hundredth time Peter, I’m not giving you a ride to school in the Quinjet.” Tony didn’t even let Peter finish his sentence as he already knew what the teen would say.

“Dad, I can’t be late.” Y/N stopped by the door, hands flying into her hair in frustration.

“Just report in sick?” Tony suggested like it was no big deal. Bruce knew his daughter however and knew she would never want to lie about being sick.

“Come on Y/N, I’ll fix it somehow.” Peter suddenly changed his attitude, becoming calmer. Puzzled and still in panic, she simply left her workshop with Peter. As the door closed, he grabbed a hold of her arm and began to run down the hall, pulling her with him.

“What are you doing?” She protested but still followed behind him.

He smiled, taking two steps at a time as they came to the stairs. “I’m hurrying to get to school.”

“Were not going to make it.” She explained, wondering if Peter simply refused to believe that fact or if he was planning on defying Tony.

He let go as they came to the floor of everyone’s rooms but she kept up with him still. He opened up the door to his own room, running inside whilst she slowed down for a second, even more lost as she watched him open up his wardrobe. He carelessly pulled his shirt off and she quickly cleared her throat, reminding him she was still there.

“Oh- I… Just look away for a second…” He laughed nervously and continued to strip after Y/N had turned the other way. Her heart was racing both from running and from stressing. She had never missed school or been late with the only exception being three days in fourth grade when she had the flu. As school was the only thing that had been truly consistent in her life as well as her major interest, it meant a lot to her, more than most people realized. She didn’t know what she would do if she was late, no matter how dramatic that sounded.

“Okay…” Peter dragged out and Y/N slowly began to turn around. As her eyes landed on him, her mouth dropped.

“Holy…” She gasped, bluntly approaching and placing her hand on Peter’s chest to feel the material of his Spider-Man suit. He had yet to put on the mask that was in his hand, but she didn’t care about seeing the complete look. She was interested in the technical aspect of his attire. “That’s epic.”

Peter smiled again, the right corner of his mouth quirking up. “I’ll let you try it on some time, but as of right now, this is your ride to school.” He motioned up and down his body. She removed her hand and looked up into his eyes but they were covered quickly as he put the mask on. It was loose and baggy, and she was about to comment on its design, when the material suddenly stretched to a perfect fit.

“Okay…” Her smile disappeared. “That’s not even funny. That’s too cool.”

“Alright Y/N! Thank you very much, but like you, I also don’t want to be late for school. Forget going by train. We’re going by rooftops today.” He walked to the large window of his room, grabbing his backpack along the way.

“You’re going to carry me?” She questioned as she saw him hold out his arm, more than against the idea. “You’re going to swing around rooftops… With me? No way… You’re going to drop me!”

“I won’t! Look… I may not look like much, but I swear on my own life that I will not drop you.” His tone was too sincere for her not to believe him. Somehow for some reason, she trusted him. She barely knew him when they were only in school together and hadn’t gotten the chance to get to know him any more in the nine hours she had spent in the Stark Tower, but she trusted him. She had seen footage of what Spider-Man could do. She would be fine, no matter if she believed that herself or not.

“Okay…” She gave in, letting out a shaky breath. “But wait… What about my face?”

Peter pulled his head back. “What about it?”

“It’s rather unmasked, if you can’t tell.” She waved her hand in front of her face as the last piece of the puzzle fell into place for Peter.

“Oh! Right, right… Ehm…” He looked around the room, practically hearing a ticking clock in his head that made it no easier for him to calm down. Finally, his eyes landed on a black beanie on the floor. He snatched it and walked to his desk, cutting out two, rough, holes for her eyes close to the rim. “Here.”

She pulled it on without question. The material reached the bridge of her nose and her eyes aligned with the holes well enough. She looked up at Peter. “Do I look like a superhero now?” She smiled, Peter doing the same even if she couldn’t tell.

“Absolutely.” He nodded before walking back to the window and opening it up. A gush of wind welled inside. Peter walked out on the steep ledge and motioned for her to follow. She was scared, she wouldn’t lie, but she somehow managed to keep that to herself as she grabbed her bag and walked forward.

She stepped out on the ledge and carefully moved to the side so Peter could join her and close the window. The busy streets of New York were small lines a gut-wrenching ninety three floors below them, the cars seeming no larger than ants.

“Are you ready?” Peter asked and without processing the true meaning of what “ready” meant in that moment, she nodded. She didn’t have time to mentally prepare herself. She had algebra in twenty five minutes and 8.6 miles to cross before that. “Okay, I’m going to wrap my arm around you.”

She felt his arm snake around her back underneath her backpack, his hand holding onto her waist strongly. Without hesitation she wrapped both her arms around his chest, locking her hands together so harshly that her knuckles were turning white.

“Alright, just see it as a bandaid. It’s better to just get it over with.” Peter warned her and Y/N couldn’t take the anticipation any longer.

“Just go Peter, damn it!”

He leaned his weight forward and they tipped of the ledge. She held her breath, softly shutting her eyes and letting the breath out as a hollow feeling filled her stomach. As she heard a whistling noise she opened her eyes, seeing a long string shooting out of the small bracelet around Peter’s wrist and striking the corner of a nearby rooftop. They swung down a street with tall buildings on either side of them, Peter constantly shooting and cutting loose the strings that carried them forward.

She was surprised by how effortlessly he carried them both, especially since it became extra heavy in the constant swinging due to the g-force kicking in accordingly. She felt her fear leave her body as she could tell that Peter would keep his promise of not dropping her. She felt herself smile involuntarily as they flew across rooftops and between buildings like something out of a bizarre dream.

She let out a long “woo” of excitement, going through what she guessed would be the closest thing to flying she would ever experience, and loving every second of it. Peter laughed, swinging them up once more as they approached the Queensboro Bridge.

“I’ve got this!” He yelled to make his voice heard as they came closer and closer to the water. As the bridge structure became the only thing for Peter to grip onto, he shot his web at one of the two, closest, pillars. She tightened her grip around him as they began to lower in altitude, Peter clearly aiming to go underneath the bridge and not across it.

They flew only a few feet above the water and as the web got wrapped around the bridge itself, they began to fly up, creating a full circle around the structure. He did the same thing for the next set of pillars until they were across.

She had a hard time believing that she wasn’t dreaming. They were already in Queens. If they had taken the train, they wouldn’t even be halfway off Manhattan. The wind howled around her, her body feeling light whenever Peter would heave he two of them upwards. It was so surreal that she would have pinched herself if she hadn’t clung to Peter so fanatically.

“Forest Hill in sight!” Peter called out and pointed to the distance in between cutting loose the previous string and quickly shooting out a new one.

Y/N could see the green patch which was Flushing Meadows Corona Park for sure, meaning they weren’t far away at all. She stretched her neck forward slightly to try and see her watch which was hiding slightly behind Peter’s chest. She managed to get a glimpse of it, not knowing the exact time by the minute, but guessing their journey had taken about twenty minutes instead of the forty plus it would have taken with normal traveling means.

As they came up to the same block as their school, Peter squeezed his hand at Y/N’s waist to get her attention. “Just hold on!”

She didn’t need to be told twice. She squeezed her arms around Peter as he continued to hold onto the web which was a bit longer than the other ones. They swung close enough to the street below that Y/N could see every pedestrian turning up to look into the sky.

Peter kept holding on as they began to swing further up and all the way until their speed began to decrease. It was all Peter’s plan however. They came up to the side of a building and due to his expert timing, the string of web began to swing them back as if had reached its highest point when they were a few inches above the roof.

Peter landed softly and carefully placed Y/N down. She withdrew her arms from him as he did the same with her. He removed his mask, smiling awkwardly as he realized how close they had been to one another. She thought of it to, but she was too happy to be shy and awkward. To Peter’s surprise, and partially her own, she wrapped her arms around him again but hugged him instead of clinging onto him for her life.

His cheeks flushed red instantly, his body frozen through out the entire hug. She took a step back, removing her own mask and adjusting her hair. “Thank you.”

“Ah- no problem.” He stuttered, watching her as she inspected her makeshift mask.

“I’m gonna keep this.” She waved the ruined beanie in her hand, letting out a small chuckle. “I might need a ride home.”

He huffed, shaking his head with a big smile. He thought she would have been different. She was so quiet in class, dull, seeming so insanely focused on her studies. He would have though she would squeal and squirm during the entire time that he took her to school in his Spider-Man way, but she had loved it. Anyone who could have seen them would have been able to tell that she had. He was pleasantly surprised.

“You should probably change.” She said, looking up and down his body which was still tightly wrapped in his suit.

“Probably.” He agreed, putting down his backpack on the gravel roof and digging out his clothes. He threw on his normal attire on top of his suit, making sure that it was hidden completely underneath before picking his bag up again. “Alright, there’s a fire escape over here.”

He wakes to the edge of the roof to where multiple ladders and platforms on the side of building created a perfect way down.

“You’ve done this before, I take it?” She questioned as he seemed to know exactly where to go. He helped her to get down to the first ladder as he nodded.

A few times…” He confessed, not wanting to even begin to guess how many times it had really been. He wasn’t the best at keeping track of time. More times than not he found himself having too little time to get to school. Since Tony or anyone else refused to dust off the Quinjet, he was left no other choice but to suit up.

He waited until she was on the second ladder until he too began to climb down. They made it down safely, the pedestrians on the street outside of the alley they came down still looking up in hopes to see Spider-Man again.

“Come on, this way.” Peter pulled at her arm slightly and pointed to the back of the building. She followed him around the back to a second alley which they emerged from, their school in front of them.

“Five minutes to go.” She smiled after looking down at her watch, merging with the waves of students that headed for the entrance. They headed inside themselves, blending in with the crowd perfectly. She couldn’t help but be curious as to what everyone around her could be up to without her knowing. She had just gotten a lift to school from Spider-Man, and no one but Peter knew. It made her wonder.

She stopped by her locker and quickly grabbed her algebra book before following Peter to his locker. He grabbed his English book, silently wishing he would have had algebra with Y/N instead of English on his own.

“How about we meet at lunch?” She suggested as they walked by one another’s side down the crowded hallway. She hoped she wasn’t pushing their friendship forward too fast. She had never really had friends, which to some degree had been her own choice, but she had not had them nevertheless. She wasn’t a hundred percent sure how to act or what to say when it came to Peter, but she simply went with the flow and hoped that it would suffice.

Peter didn’t mind at all. He wasn’t exactly the popular guy. Having someone so smart and kind who knew him both as Peter and Spider-Man, who loved to fly along skyscrapers and willingly took extra science lessons, was almost too good to be true.

Part 3? Series? Comment if you’d want it!

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he tian x mo guan shan one-shot

tags: swearing, kissing (you know the game they play), set in the future, he tian and guan shan live together in domestic bliss (ha)

synopsismy train was delayed yesterday and i was bored and don’t know what this is but enjoy?

‘Someone’s been baking,’ He Tian says, pleased, tasting sugar and rosemary on Guan Shan’s lips. The apartment smells warm and sweet, a new version of home that is crafting itself out of sense, though the space is unchanged but for the suitcase at the bottom of He Tian’s wardrobe, the cooking appliances starting to fill the kitchen surface, and Guan Shan, stretched out on the sofa and flicking through a magazine.

‘Get off me,’ Guan Shan says, head turned, the kiss broken, hands a pressure on He Tian’s chest, nails pressing into the white shirt. ‘You stink of cigarettes.’

‘People at work were smoking,’ He Tian says. ‘It’s not from me.’  But he pulls away, slightly stung, unfolding himself from where he’d rested a knee and a hand on the sofa, curved himself around Guan Shan’s repose.

He’d promised he’d give it up for his health, but Guan Shan must know it’s easier said than done; he knows He Tian holds a cigarette bracketed between his fingers like a compact life-line. Something to wrap his lips around in lieu of letting words slip from his mouth.  

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Companions and advisors singing lullabies to child inquisitor please 🎶🎶🎶

Cassandra: The request throws her, at first. The Seeker has never wanted to be a mother, never had the care of a child entrusted to her. Her own parents died when she had grown out of lullabyes, but young enough that the memories had faded. Indeed it would be almost impossible for her, had she not had the very few songs that Anthony had sung her. Even though his voice had been changing he had still done his best, and it’s those old Navarran songs that come to mind when the Inquisitor asks.

And if after they are asleep she drops a kiss on their forehead the way her brother always had, well. No one needs to know.

Varric: He’s better at stories, and tells them so. His parents weren’t the touchy feely type and listening to Bartrand sing would have woken the dead rather than encouraged slumber. But the Herald has lost enough in their young life, and the fact that they are reaching out for such a small thing melts his heart. His voice is a little scratchy when he settles into a long- and highly edited- sailor song from the Hanged Man, but the thought it was counts.

Solas: It is a rare sight, to see the Dread Wolf sing ancient Arlathan songs to a child. And yet the Inquisitor suffers daily with a power that he should never have been so careless with. Solas knows too that the mark pains them, and yet they make decisions and take on duties that most adults would shrug from. If this small thing is what they want from him then the mage would be callous indeed to deny them. And it draws a kind of connection through ages untold, when he whispers the same songs to them that his own father ushered him into the Fade with.

Sera: Lady Emmald and her shitty cookies were stupid and she never liked them, and that is the end of it. But there were nights and memories best left in the past when the woman would slip into the young elf’s room after a nightmare and sing the loveliest songs about castles and princesses and love forever. And noble stuck up nobs can stuff it for all she cares, but…well, those songs are some of the only lullabies she knows. And when she sings them to the Herald who gave her a chance and trusts her with the faith only a child can muster … maybe those songs hurt a little less.

Vivienne: Madame de Fer does not sing lullabies. She is the Grand Enchanter of a powerful circle, the bane of imperial politics and the ardent champion of controlled magic. Her days and nights are too full and too important for such things.

And yet Vivienne, who was once a young child in a strange plae, has no qualms about singing the lilting Orlesian love songs that Bastien once serenaded her with.

Blackwall: When the Inquisitor asks them, tentatively, for a lullabye that first time the would be Warden can’t seem to breathe. Never again had he imagined himself worthy of the trust of a child- of anyone- and yet here was the greatest hope of Thedas staring at him like he hung the moon.

His voice is rusty and a note or three off the melody, but song he sings of  Lady Honorine Chastain holds memories of happier days.

Iron Bull: If an outsider is the one who asks, they will be told that there are no lullabies under the Qun. That Qunari children are taught from a young age what there is and is not to fear, and that even if terror comes in the night they simply repeat the Cantos quietly to themselves until they fall asleep or the fear fades.

In reality, of course, every Tamassran knows how to sing. Soft gentle songs that lull kits back into dreamland, melodies that are designed to combat fear and promote sleep. It is these songs that  Bull reaches for when asked, and if he has left the Qun the memories can be a balm to still healing wounds.

Dorian: It might throw someone off, to hear the son of a Tevinter magister singing  Mir Da'len Somniar to a young Inquisitor, but the simple fact is that all the lullabies Dorian knows are elvish. All of his caretakers were slaves, and until his magic manifested and he’d gone to the circle he’d spent more time with them then with his own parents. More than once he’d had nightmares wake him up, and the only thing that would soothe him would be his au pair stroking his hair and singing in words that he didn’t understand and yet cherished all the same.

Cole: “It hurts to hear the songs, because they aren’t the right songs, but it helps too because you know they care. The ones who sang to you first would want you to be happy, and they would be happy that you have new songs.” When the Inquisitor is ready for them again Cole unerringly sings the songs that absent caretakers used to sing, and always knows when they wake up from a nightmare.

Cullen: The quintessential older brother Cullen knows a song or three for going to bed– but it has been a lifetime since he’s sung them. And yet when the Inquisitor asks him a part of him that misses Honleath desperately melts, and though his rendition of ‘Andraste’s Mabari’ is not perfectly on key it is still a fast favorite.

Josephine: Oh, how many nights did she do this for Yvette? Stroke her younger sister’s hair and sing the Antivan songs that their mother had sung to the older Montiliyet? It brings a kind of comfort to have such a role again, especially in such uncertain times, and it would not be uncommon for the diplomat to fall asleep curled next to the child– both completely content.

Leliana: Late at night, when Skyhold sleeps and the tasks of Spymaster can be set down for a moment, the side of Leliana who once sang for her own pleasure comes out again. Sometimes it’s hyms and sometimes it tavern songs, and one in a great while it is the songs that her mother sung long ago. But each one is gentle and soft, and builds the trust between young inquisitor and Spy Master who has seen too much.

– Mod Fereldone

Iron Man & Mrs. King (7/?)

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Word Count: 1,296
Warnings: Domestic Abuse, fluff, some swearing. JARVIS is still an AI, Bucky is part of the team.
Chapters post on Mondays and Thursdays.

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8pm Friday Night, Stark Tower

Y/N woke with a start. It took her a couple seconds to realize where she was and that it was now dark outside. With a whimper, she leapt from the couch and started to run to the elevator. Wayne was going to be mad at her for being so late. He needed his dinner on time or his blood sugar dropped and he got even angrier than normal. She made it around the couch and halfway to the elevator when Nat stepped front of her.

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january 19th | misdial

byun baekhyun. park chanyeol. reader-insert. voicemail series. 3k words

—it all started with one misdial, and a second, and a third, and…

misdial masterlist + guide | general masterlist 

[2017/01/19] 2.22 p.m.:
“The doctors said that you haven’t made any progress and I broke down in tears. Baekhyun was crying, too. Satansoo— I mean Kyungsoo was there, too. He told us that you’ll be fine. He bought flowers for you; I thought it was very cute. I hope you’ll be better soon.”

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Long Live the Murderous Despot

The Evil Queen on Leadership and Rulership 

The Evil Queen was, without any shadow of a doubt, a terrifying figure.  She came to power in the wake of good King Leopold’s suspicious death, immediately charged his daughter the Princess Snow White with crimes against the throne, and was personally responsible for hundreds and probably thousands of deaths.  Walking away from a personal encounter with the Queen with your life was something to be celebrated.  

But the question remains… what was she like as a ruler?  Because none of the above is tells you either what the people actually thought of her or she was like as a Queen.  Let us first consider her predecessor.  Leopold was a man described by himself and those of his immediate circle as a good man.  The king is only concerned with the happiness of his subjects.  We imagine, in stories, that these are the traits of a fine ruler.  

Except historically speaking it’s not.  

Kings worried about the happiness of their subjects tend to spend extravagantly in order to buy popularity and tax inadequately.  That kind of imperial largess can destabilize by pushing too much gold or silver into circulation and causing a rise in prices as the value of money decreases.  King Midas must have been a nightmare for all the other Enchanted Forest rulers even if he was in fact very stingy.  Rumple as well.  And there is no telling how much gold Cora was spinning to maintain her family’s lifestyle and influence following the apparent fall of Henry’s family from grace. 

The other thing that monarchs like Leopold have historically done is underfunded the army, leaving their homelands vulnerable to attack as they chose to spend their money on extravagances or courting popularity.  It does not seem an unreasonable headcanon given what we saw of both Leopold (a man who wore his crown in his own bed chambers) and the way he treated Snow that Leopold was such a ruler and that Regina discovered a significant mess in the treasury when she came to power.  

We already know that Regina had started filling the ranks of the royal army with her own men before Leopold’s death, and while we know those men weren’t all loyal to her given what we saw in 2.20 The Evil Queen, I do believe we can assume that a significant number were.  She took a personal interest in them.  She knew their names.  She paid them well.  And while she may not have tolerated failure a significant number of them remained loyal to her even after the Charming’s claimed to have deposed her.  I counted at least 25 Black Knights in the force that stormed the Charming’s castle and there were likely more.  Enough to take the castle of a supposedly ruling family easily.

This is the problem of relying on fairy air power to win your wars.  If you don’t actually defeat the enemy on the battlefield they rise again bitter and with a vengeance.

One other important detail about the Black Knights, aside from knowing their names and personally hiring them, we are told that Regina often gave these men second chances in their lives.  The Charmings may have been prepared to dismiss them as thugs and mercenaries, but the fact that second chances were something Regina valued is an incredibly appealing quality in a leader.  As was her tendency to place herself in danger.  Fighting behind a terrifying sorceress with magic and fire in her eyes would have been a very powerful force multiplier in a marshal culture like the Enchanted Forest.

But let’s take a step back from the immediate contact with the Queen.  Her kingdom is apparently stable and peaceful.  The economy strong enough that she could easily withstand cutting off trade with King George while that action virtually crippled him.  We are never shown her kingdom to be plagued by warlords terrorizing the peasantry as we are shown with Bo Peep in George’s kingdom.  Both George and Midas, arrogant men, and shown to be militarily aggressive (at least George was) were deferential to Regina.  She and her knights walked freely and without challenge into their castles.

This deference may have been related to personal fear of her as a murderous sociopath, but it does have the larger effect of meaning that her kingdom was free of external threat.  That certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about dying violently, but Regina’s violence appears to be relatively predictable.  Yes, she will rip out the heart of a bridegroom on his wedding day for violating royal lands, and yes she’ll massacre a village or rip the heart out of every villager in the north woods, but those are actions directly relating to her fight with Snow White.  Don’t aide Snow White and don’t violate the clearly posted law, and you likely would not have a problem with the Queen.  No matter how murderous she was in general.  Believe it or not, lots of monarchs that history has judged as good rulers have a great deal of blood on their hands.  Frederick the Great of Prussia and Catherine the Great of Russia were both very dangerous to their political opposition, and Elizabeth I of England, celebrated selfless ruler ran one of the first modern police states.

Which of course brings us to the topic of Snow White.

The Charmings and their allies will tell you the peasantry loved her, but it’s fairly clear that she went through much of the bandit years without much help.  She might have been robbing royal carriages but she was also breaking into people’s houses and even her presence in an area could attract the attention of the Queen’s forces.  It is highly unlikely that the peasants really cared about a royal dispute.  Historically they rarely do.  And neither David, nor Kathryn or Midas seemed to question Regina’s right to hunt Snow, nor the charges against her.  David aside, that suggests the power dynamics had shifted.  The only people that attached to Snow’s cause were her immediate allies.  The fact that she and David needed magical assistance to defeat King George and then used David’s false claim to his thrown to gain control of his forces to challenge Regina suggests this was not seen as a great crusade outside of the circle of a deposed princess, some rogue dwarfs, and fairies with dubious motives… All one needs to know to show that is how little peasant support there appeared to be to challenge Regina in 3.02 Lost Girl.

Now the political theater of Lost Girl is itself interesting.  Regina’s encounters with Snow are designed to show herself as reasonable, and Snow as only interested in power.  She can have peace and a life away from power with her friends, something the peasant crowd would probably consider a good deal, or she can push for the throne and get other people killed.  The fact that David is publicly pushing for the latter at the same time he’s fighting in the name of Prince James a cruel playboy certainly would not have played into Snow’s case.  We are told that second encounter, where Snow nicks Regina’s cheek with a sword is politically damaging to Regina (especially in front of her knights) because she was seen as invincible.  But I would argue that it was probably a zero sum game for both of them.  Because word of the encounter would have spread and not everyone would have been so impressed with the Prince and Princess bringing a war down on the kingdom.

Wars are good for royals and bad for peasants.  It really doesn’t matter if Regina intended to keep her promise (I’m sure she didn’t), the act of declining the offer damages Snow’s image as the good disinterested royal outside of her inner circle.  And let me point out for the moment, that Snow and Charming’s idea of a court of advisers when they are ruling a kingdom are 7 miners, a cricket, a carpenter, an old widow and a werewolf.  I really can’t see the merchant or noble classes being that thrilled.

So how could a villain be a better leader than a pair of heroes?  Well, the answer to that question is that being a good leader and being a good person are not the same thing.  Leadership is not simply a natural talent, no matter what people might have told you, it’s learned.  The military spends a lot of time teaching leadership and Regina displays a lot of those traits no doubt taught to her in lessons ordered by her mother.  No one can tell me that Cora Mills did not spend her entire life maneuvering her daughter so she cold be a queen without preparing her with the best education possible in how to rule.  Knowing names, being mindful of image, of the conditions of soldiers lives, being willing to risk your own personal safety, and placing the value of the whole over the value of the individual are just some of those commonly taught traits that Regina displays.

The good of an entire town (kingdom) should outweigh the interest of one person.  A hero tries to save everyone, a leader knows that you can’t and that trying to may cost even more lives.  Ironically when Regina says this it would mean that she would argue for her own execution in 2.10 The Cricket Game and against attempting to save her life in 2.22 And Straight on Till Morning, the latter of which she did try to protest on the grounds that they did not know their plan would work.  

Which of course brings us to the topic of Mayor Mills.  Here is a woman who goes from being a tyrannical absolute despot to a small town bureaucrat who describes her work to Snow in a season 4 deleted scene as “public service”.  She is frequently seen in season 1 working late into the evening in the mayor’s office, and doing town paperwork in late season 2 after the majority of the town has dismissed her as an irredeemable villain.  She tells Henry that she traveled to many worlds, and this was the fairest.  She voices repeated concern when first Emma and then the Charmings start treating the sheriff’s department like a family business (a concern only highlighted when Snow is mayor and pardons Will Scarlet simply on the assumption that David let him escape to make her feel better).  I have no doubt that she used her power to torment some people with parking tickets and town ordinance violations, but I also have no doubt that the streets were in good repair and the town budget balanced.  She’s even concerned about property values when monsters show up.  

Regina claims to have designed Storybrooke and many of it’s features, and I think now that we know that Rumple did not in fact write the dark curse, but simply stole it for his own ends, we should take her word for it.  She came from a world and a place where she had no control and no choice and where she saw the harsh realities of the world.  The Enchanted Forest was not, in fact, some idealized version of the middle ages.  It was, as Issac tells us, a place with dysentery and a short life expectancy.  We’ve seen poverty so crushing that parents sold their children, and violence so random be it from an Evil Queen or an ogre attack.  Yet Storybrooke has full employment, no poverty, no homelessness, universal education and a fully staffed and equipped hospital (with yes more doctors than just Whale).

The Evil Queen gifted the people she hated with an idealized society at the same time she was attempting to deny their happiness.  In some ways she was an incredibly inept villain.  She worked hard to maintain that society even after she lost power.  And she verbally protested when the Charmings attempted to run Storybrooke as if it were an extension of an Enchanted Forest kingdom.  All of this speaks to a deep sense of fairness and justice, even in the heart of a woman capable of great cruelty and injustice.

All of this may read like a hit piece against the Charmings, but I actually think it’s not.  Let’s go back to what I said earlier.  Leadership is learned not a natural trait.  David was a shepherd and while a good man has never had any of the training a man of princely station would have had.  He’s behaving how he imagines a leader behaves.  Getting by with bluster, good looks, and confidence, and frankly reacting rashly when he is out of his depth.  Snow was probably given some lessons in leadership as a princess, but they would have come from her Leopold’s school of emphasizing goodness and happiness not security and order.  If Regina had not gone evil she likely could have taught her better when she was her stepmother, but that was not the kind of relationship they had.  One does get the impression though, as Snow looks to Regina as an adviser and a friend, that she is learning those lessons now.  And that alone should tell the audience a lot about what kind of leader Regina was and is.

The Evil Queen was a good leader.  And a good Queen.  And a terrifying monster.  And a vindictive bureaucrat.  And a dedicated public servant.

Because those are not actually incompatible things.

shesthemuscle  asked:

“please don’t leave me alone.” + Tony Stark/James "Bucky" Barnes

Infinity War!AU

Bucky blinks tiredly at the fading sun. His entire form aches from heavy lifting, from being thrown through a wall or three, from being hit by a couple of ray beams, and whatever else he and the others faced in the last three days. He wants to call it a day and sleep for ten years.

He’s sitting on the ground, back leaning against a half crumbled wall, waiting for someone to find him. He lost his ear comm halfway into the final battle when he was blasted from a rooftop by some sort of droid. 

Sometime after that, he gets separated from the others. Bucky knows for a fact that Steve is freaking out about him right now. His gut is telling him so. He wonders if the others - Natasha and Sam, particularly - are worried about him?

A sort of heaviness settles on his shoulders. 

The fight was tense but not nearly as intense as it was to be in the same room as Steve and Stark as they both tried to maintain some sort of civility while discussing Thanos, the invasion, and the possibility of dying. Stark occasionally has a smug look on his face that didn’t help improve anyone’s mood, but Bucky doesn’t care. From what he was told in passing, Stark foreshadowed something like this happening a while back. 

And Stark barely glanced his way since he and Steve called a shaky truce. Bucky knows it has something to do with being in King T’Challa’s palace. Stark is smart enough - Steve has enough common sense - to not do anything that would anger the king (like breaking a meeting room or destroying personal property). 

And so they are civil and Stark keeps them all at a distance. Even Romanoff and Bucky thought they were friends. He has no idea what’s up with Barton and Stark, but the hostility is nearly as bad with them as it is with Steve and Stark at times. And the Maximoff girl? Bucky doesn’t know where to begin with her. She and Stark don’t speak to each other. Don’t even look at each other. Everyone else just stays out of the way.

Bucky groans when he shifts his arm, the metallic one, and feels something pull within. It stings like a motherfucker. He hopes, prays even, that someone will find him soon so he can get his arm looked at and quite possibly sleep for a whole decade. 

He hears something in the distance. Something flying? Maybe? Not giving much thought to it, Bucky closes his eyes and breathes deeply. 

And then something heavy lands in front of him and something that sounds suspiciously familiar follows. Like a mechanical door sliding open and then closing. There are footsteps and then someone is crouching in front of him.

“Barnes, you alive?”

Jesus, Mary, and Joesph!

Bucky’s eyes pop open and he’s sitting up ramrod straight staring into the dark brown eyes of Tony fucking Stark

“Calm down,” Stark says followed by an eye roll. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Bucky doesn’t reply. Realistically speaking, there has been no mention of what happened in Siberia and both Steve and Stark actively avoid discussing what went down. And he, himself, went back into the ice willingly for nearly a year before the Thanos threat became too big.

He’s in no position to be making any means of escape or to defend himself and, judging by the Iron Man suit standing at the ready, all Stark had to do is give the order and he’s done for. 

“Jesus Christ, Barnes. Relax!” Stark snaps.

Bucky didn’t realize he was close to panicking, didn’t realize that his heart started beating fast, that his hands were shaking. 

“You ain’t gonna’ kill me?” Bucky manages.

Stark stares at him with blank eyes. No anger. No remorse. There’s something, maybe pity?, in his eyes and Bucky hates it.

“If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead.” It’s the only thing he gets. “Now sit still so I can look you over.”

Bucky doesn’t bother concealing the flinch when Stark’s fingers start probing along the right side of his temple up to his hairline and then to his neck. He mumbles to himself under his breath but doesn’t move Bucky beyond shifting his metal arm somewhat to check his ribs.

When his down, Stark deliberate gets up slowly and backs away much like one would do to someone who is frightened. If heaviness weren’t settling over his eyes, Bucky might have laughed.  

“Okay, I’m gonna’ go get Rogers and, uh, a medic team. Just sit tight.”

Panic floods Bucky’s mind and he shakes his head. 

“Don’t leave,” he demands. “Don’t leave me here.”

Stark just looks at him, face blank. And the panic that he felt quickly doubles. He doesn’t want to be left alone. Who knows how long it would take for Stark to being Steve or whoever else along? He didn’t want to risk falling unconscious or something worse. 

“I’m not medically trained to help you, Barnes. Nor do I have the supplies to help.” 

“Don’t care,” Bucky replies, feeling his grasp on reality starting to slip. “Just - fuck - just,” he curses when he moves his arm and jolt of pain shoots across his shoulders, “please don’t leave me alone.”

His head drops. It sounds pathetic even to his own ears. Begging someone who clearly doesn’t want to stay. 

If only Steve were - “Okay.”

Bucky’s head snaps up. Did he hear that correctly? Did Stark actually agree to stay with him until help arrives? 

Stark turns to his suit - “FRIDAY, activate protocol 134452″ - and crouches to Bucky’s level as the suit takes off to the sky, probably looking for Steve and the others.

“I know you d-don’t want to stay -,” Bucky begins.

“Just stop talking.”

“ - but thank you, Stark.” He finishes as though Stark didn’t speak.

They sit there in silence for minutes. Bucky is trying - and failing - to not fall asleep and Stark hasn’t moved from his crouched position. It can’t be comfortable, but Bucky isn’t stupid enough to test his luck and ask Stark to take a seat.

He is, however, apparently stupid enough to say something else.

“About that time i-in Siberia…” Bucky coughs. “Nothing can change what I did - “

“Barnes, you really need to stop talking.” It’s a warning, but Bucky knows if he doesn’t get it out now, the chances of them being alone like without outside influence are slim to none. 

“Just let m-me finish, please?” Stark doesn’t reply so Bucky takes that as a sign to continue. “I can’t change what I did, but I n-need you to know that I’ll spend the rest of m-my life wishing I could take it back.” 

Stark sucks in a shaky breath. “You had no control over your actions.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“For fuck’s sake, Barnes!!” Stark snaps. “I know it doesn’t matter to you despite you having no control!” 

Bucky closes his eyes.

“And…” Stark starts again, much calmer, “it didn’t matter to me at the time when I saw the fucking video. But now,” he licks his lips. “It’s not fair to hold it over your head for the rest of your life. I just,” Stark looks pained for a moment. “I just wish I could have said good-bye to my mom. Dad? It’s been rocky for years. But mom? She was…everything to me.”

The telltale signs of tears sting the backs of Bucky’s eyes. Stark looks close to crying himself.

“Stark -,” Bucky wants to say something. 

God, the situation is fucked.

“My mom wouldn’t want me to hold it against you and after some time of being away from everything to do with Siberia and The Accords…I’m much more clear-headed.” He hesitates. “Steve won’t like it, but I want to help you. My mom may have lost her life, but I can help you get your’s back.”

“Why would you want to help me?”

“Consider it an IOU,” Stark replies simply. 

Bucky nods. “Okay.”

It’s going to be a rocky future and Bucky knows that he and Stark have more to discuss, but this is a start. 

Probs wasn’t what you expected…

Still, I hope you liked it. :)

10 Years of SteveTony Fic Rec

As I’m sure you all know by now, today (March 14th) is the 10th anniversary of The Confession and the 10th anniversary of the SteveTony ship!

Since my fic wasn’t done in time to post today (homework and midterms are a bitch), and I wanted to post something today for the anniversary of The Confession, I’ve decided to post a fic rec with my all time favorite stevetony fics of all time! Here we go! Hopefully my anniversary fic will be done by tomorrow lol

It’s long, you’ve been warned. Also, this is in no way an exhaustive list of my favs and when I think of more I might add them lol

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A Mess: Damien Haas Imagine

A/N: Tiny Damien Haas imagine 4 ur health.

Warnings: Angsty-ish, but tbh, ended up being kinda fluffy oops lmao

Pairing: Damien Haas x Reader


Damien Haas could be called many many things, but you would never call him a mess.

Because he simply wasn’t. He was capable, talented, supportive, and intelligent. He had his life in order and he always seemed so happy with it all. You never saw Damien a mess. It was well known and admirable.

And that- is why it was so surprising to everyone when he did breakdown.


Flitz, Lasercorn, and Noah sat on the ground, staring up with wide eyes and dumb grins.

“You’re dumb.” Noah laughed, prompting you to (in your ever so classy fashion) stick your tongue out at him.

You sat on top of the tallest ladder they had in the Smosh Office so you could properly place the other Christmas ornaments on the top of the tree. It looked too empty up there, and you liked everything to be fairly spaced out and neat looking. The top just didn’t look right, and on Flitz’s shoulders you couldn’t have reached it.

Lasercorn took the last few ornaments out of the box and stood, reaching them up to you. You smiled graciously, putting them in the little designated spots.

You planned to put your own tree up tonight, which would no doubt be fun. It was one of your favorite things to do, and Damien was coming over to help, which of course was even better. Being around him was one of the best things in the whole world. You two had been best friends for almost 5 years now, and man had you fallen for the guy.

Noah adjusted his sweater that had the Star of David on it, huffing a laugh as you leaned way over to put the last ornament on. A lot of them had been from Smosh fans, and you loved each of them.

“Be careful.” Flitz glanced up from his phone to look at you, and then looked back down. You hummed a “yes”, looking down at Lasercorn expectantly for a quick second.

“Could you grab the star?” You asked, and he nodded, snatching it from the box and handing it up to you. You reached to put it on, but he hollered for you to stop.

“Wait wait-” Laser fumbled for a second to grab his phone from his desk. You laughed softly as he opened up the camera.

“You’re a ham.” You snickered, but he caught a few photos as you placed it on carefully.

“It’s an important family moment!” He assured you before plopping down in the beanbag beside Noah.

You sighed in relief, looking over the tree once. It looked nice. You felt nice.

You loved your life, your job, this holiday, and the fact that you’d be with Damien, doin it all again in about 8 hours. The anticipation and bliss felt sweet within you.

You were happy.

You placed your hand on the wall, standing up from the top of the ladder, only to accidentally slam your head into the ceiling, which you never noticed was so close.

Your hand flew up to feel your head, but because of this, you lost a needed grasp, tipping from the ladder, falling in the opposite direction of the tree.

It happened so fast.

“Y/n!” Noah yelled, all three of the men trying to jolt from their seats.

But you had pummeled downwards from the extremely tall ladder, head slamming onto the table below and body knocking on the ground in a sudden and awful thump.

You choked out a gasp, whole body trembling as you blinked rapidly.

“Y/n, y/n-” they all rushed around you, but you lost conciousness, the last thing in sight being the paled and terrified expressions of your friends.


Damien Haas had his morning coffee in his hand and Boze at his side.

“You’re really not gonna do anything?” Boze whined, taking a glug of coffee far too large for someone her size.

Damien shrugged softly, clicking the elevator “up” button.

“C'mon mann.”

He looked at her for a long second, trying to think of the right thing to say.

“I don’t know.”

The iron doors opened and they both walked in.

“I don’t think you should keep passing up your chances to ask her out.” Boze simply stated as she patted his shoulder and took another gulp.

“You never know when you won’t have the chance.”

He looked at his shoes, thinking over what she sadi and sighing quietly.

“I should have gotten two coffees, man.” Boze laughed, noticing how light her cup was.

He looked up, amused.

“That’s the last thing this world needs.” Damien chuckled, taking a sip of his own coffee. It was truly a necessity for a good day.

The doors opened and they walked out into the Smosh office, passing a stressed out Tanner on the way.

“Yo Tanner what’s up-” Boze called out from behind her, turning slightly. He kept going, Damien and Boze looked at eachother curiously, making themselves continue. The more they walked, the more obvious it was something was up.

Everyone seemed a little off, a little too quiet.

They entered the silent Smosh games room, though the whole crew was there.

“Yo what’s up?” Boze set down her purse and empty cup, almost everyone turning to look at the pair.

Damien started to feel something dark in his gut as he noticed your absence.

Lasercorn had been madly typing on his phone, and when he looked up at Damien with a look of dismal and already existent empathy, it was as though his fears were confirmed.

Mari frowned.

“No one told you?”


“Damien.” Shayne was going after him, not able to keep up.

It was almost as though Damien couldn’t hear a single thing as he scrolled through his cellphone and dashed through the halls, looking for your phone or your bag or something to bring.


He went into the Smosh squad office, looking in the corner where you usually threw your coat. Nothing.

The sunlight was streaming into the bright room. It looked beautiful outside. How dare everything look so right while, to Damien, nothing about the moment was.

He was panting.

Shayne grabbed onto Damien’s shoulders, yanking him around so he could look him in the eyes.


Courtney and Olivia looked up from their desks, already quite aware of what was happening. The girls glanced at eachother with concern.

Shayne took in how terribly broken Damien looked, and he became aware of the actual trembling he felt from where he held onto the man.

“Damien- you need to slow down.” He focused in on his best friend, eyes hard and serious.

“Wha-I. No, did you see it? Is she, has anyone called is…”

“Flitz is with her, he’s keeping us updated.” Shayne spoke slowly, feeling defeat as he could tell nothing was processing for his friend.

“She’s going to be okay. Damien it’s going to be okay. Listen to me.”

Courtney stood up carefully, slowly, in unison with Olivia. They stood next to each other, a fair enough distance from the two, but standing close enough to see the extreme fear in Damien’s eyes. His mouth was parted and his eyebrows were furrowed and he looked so…crazy.

“Breathe.” Shayne whispered, starting to look desperate.

“I have to-I can’t, I’m sorry.” Damien pulled back, breathing in unevenly. He started to rush out, and Courtney bit her lip.

“You can’t do anything!”

His heart was going crazy, his eyes were fuzzy with what might be tears, and his hands were clammy.

He stopped in the doorway.

Damien felt dizzy and sore, like he was about to fall over. His heart ached and he hated that he hadn’t been there.

He hated the idea that maybe if he had come in sooner he could have done something. He hated the idea that you lived in a world where you could be so easily hurt. He hated the idea that maybe you were actually severely damaged, that the worst had occured, and you never would have known how much you made his World go round.

He almost fell over, but caught himself somehow, and dashed right down the hallway.

Olivia covered her mouth gently.

Shayne didn’t even try to chase after him.


You were achy and tired and shuffling through your apartment with Lasercorn’s Ironman sweater loose around you. It was a comforting and a sweet gesture, you wanted to text him a thank you, but it hurt to look at your screen.

Flitz had set up your medicine, some water, and your blankets on the couch. He was hesitant to leave, but you assured him you’d be okay.

You were so lucky to have the friends you did.

You leaned back on the couch, though only to rise back up as you heard knocking at the door. You were oddly tempted to lay on the couch and pretend you didn’t hear it.

Jesus you just wanted to sleep.

But you walked towards the door without thinking, unlocking all the locks and cracking it open, only to see an antsy Damien, whose locked eyes with you immediately.

“H-hey…” You breathed.

Your hand pushed open the door all the way, and you stood right in front of him, closely studying his expression.

His face had softened fast, and there was a remarkable look of relief in his eyes.

A thankful smile twisted on his face, and you couldn’t identify why he looked so damn relieved. You tilted your head.


He stepped in, pulling his arms around you softly. You were buried into his warm chest, the sudden existence of his rapidly beating heart against your head.

There were butterflies in your stomach at the closeness, and you didn’t want to pull back, but it slowly became obvious he wasnt about to.

Damien was scared if he pulled away you’d be gone. That he’d lose you.

You leaned back, looking up at him in concern.

“Damien what’s wrong?” You spoke in a hush. He looked at you closely, taking it all in.

“Nothing.” He smiled warmly, almost in a melancholy fashion.

“Why’s your heart so fast? Are you okay?”

Damien gulped, breathing in deeply.

He looked like…a mess? You scrunched your brows together.

“I’m fine. I’m fine. Are you? What happened, is everything…??” He looked desperate, and you went to close the door, walking on over to the couch.

“It’s nothing bad.” You assured him, sitting down. The feeling of the cushion against your back felt too nice. You were so sleepy.

He didn’t look convinced.

“What happened?” Damien repeated, standing in the same spot. You motioned for him to sit by you.

“I was trying to put the ornaments on the top of the tree and I accidentally fell of the ladder and hit my head on the coffee table…it was kind of dumb. No one told you?”

He sat right beside you, looking at you closely and taking in every word. You leaned your head back, closing your eyes, which felt dry and sore, like they were begging you to rest.

“No…they did.”

He didn’t sound like himself.

“It was just a closed head injury. I woke up on the way to the hospital. It’s really not a big deal. It could have been, but we figured it all out when Flitz and I got there. I got some over the counter pain killers and now I just need rest.” You mumbled. Damien smiled softly. Thank God.

“Oh well, rest. Do you need anything?”

You slowly leaned down, eyes still closed as you rested your head on his lap. His face flushed pink, and you were half asleep. You didn’t even notice you had done it.

“I'mmmokay.” You breathed.

There was an incredible weight lifted from Damien’s shoulders. He breathed slowly, pulling a blanket over you.

He gently raked his hand through your hair, taking in the way you breathed slowly, in and out. He admired the peaceful look on your face. He took the second to notice how crazy you made him.

Would you ever understand how he felt?

Damien softly leaned his head back, closing his eyes and becoming thankful of how slow his heart became.

You made him a mess.

Trapped - Pietro x Reader - Oneshot

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Since my first Pietro x Reader seemed to be such a hit, I got another request and decided to write it :D I hope you enjoy! ♥

Request - [x]

Words - 2,058

Warnings - language you like to swear don’t you?, panic attack, hyperventilating, hurt!Pietro, FLUFF ♥

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

“Need any more help?”


“Okay, Tony, but be careful with this. Or you might short out the whole tower.” “Don’t worry. F.R.I.D.A.Y. already seperated this and secured the tower’s system”, Tony reassured you, fumbling around in his newest project.

“Okay, I’ll get going then. Take care!” “See you at dinner”, he mumbles mindlessly, his complete concentration on his project.

Before you leave his lab, you add with a smug smile, “I’m guessing candlelight dinner”.

Tony throws you playful smile, shaking his head about your joke. “Cut it, little girl.”

Shortly flashing your tongue in his direction, you’re outside the lab and stroll down the hallway to the elevators. Natasha comes down the hallway to you, a sweet smile on her.

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Never been good at listening

Title: Never been good at listening

Pairing: Sherlock x female!Reader

Word Count: ~1.4k

Warnings: angst, potential character death (open end)

Request: Can you do a Sherlock x reader please? Maybe they have an argument because Sherlock doesn’t want the reader helping on the case because he’s scared she’ll get hurt but she thinks it’s because he doesn’t believe in her. She goes on the case and ends up taking a bullet/getting hurt to protect him? Thanks!

(A/n: Totally forgot about the ‘thinks it’s because he doesn’t believe in her’-part. Sorry, anon. I might make a second part after I finished some other requests, I hate the ending myself. Hope you enjoy it anyway J || Gifs not mine.)

Originally posted by whenisayrunrun

“You will not.” Sherlock sounded exaggerated, annoyed with your stubborn insistence to join him on the case since John was busy. Underneath all the dramatic exaggeration however you sensed anger, which in turn angered you. Who did he think he was for telling you what to do or not to do? Simply because you weren’t John Watson didn’t mean you were a complete useless idiot.

“I’m coming” You crossed your arms staring at Sherlock with determination. You wouldn’t be left behind, actually you would proof to him that you could be as useful as John. To make a stand you even took a step forward still keeping stern eye contact with the taller consulting detective. “I am coming.”


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Anniversary (1/1)

“Because Storybrooke was the size of a New York Deli, everyone knew everyone’s damned business so if Ashley thought it was her anniversary, the whole damn town thought the same. Including, perhaps, the man himself.” In which Emma panics, Killian’s a soccer pro, and David manages to traumatize his grandson.

Rated: T

It started with Ashley.

She was shuffling her feet, waiting to pick up their coffee orders to-go when the young mother approached her at Granny’s.

“Hey Emma,” She greeted her with a wide-toothed smile, toddler propped against her hip and decked out in pink. Ashley is one of the few people in town Emma is truly fond of, regardless of her saviour/sheriff status. Young mom. Fought for her kid. Decent with a gun. The smile Emma returned was genuine.

“Hello. Hey, Alexandria! How are you?”

Alexandria shifted against her mother’s grip mutinously as Ashley continued. “Great, Congrats on the big day, by the way! Any plans?”

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