she messed up a few times

Things John thinks about while lying awake at night: 

  • It’s too hot.
  • Too uncomfortable to sleep, her body on top of me is making me sweat.
  • Is there enough shampoo left for the morning? I need to make a trip.
  • I’ll get the one with the mint… I used that kind a few times. When I would run out of wash before… his would always be minty. I like the way it makes my scalp tingle.
  • The flat was empty the other day when I popped over.
  • It was a mess. Worse than usual. 
  • He’s been odd lately, even for him. He’s hardly there, Mrs. Hudson said. She isn't seeing him sleep. Bringing up his morning tea to have him complaining about the chill that night. Even when he is there, she says, it’s like he’s not.  
  • Hardly contacts me…
  • I’ll ask him… I feel like I shouldn’t. Is it not my place? 
  • No, of course it’s fine. I’m his friend. That’s normal.
  • But…
  • I feel like I shouldn’t. Why is that not appropriate- asking what’s going on? Or is it more like I… that’s it.
  • I don’t want to know his answer.
  • It’s guilt, you cock. 
  • Shit, I’m so guilty. 
  • I can’t feel like this- like I did this to him. I’ve done nothing. 
  • His flat is so vacant and quiet… God knows he’ll go his entire life locked up with his own madness, by himself in that flat… 
  • Even Mrs. Hudson will eventually… no no, this is fine
  • He was fine before you came along. 
  • That’s a lie. What a lark
  • He was not ok. You heard. From Mrs. Hudson and Greg and Christ even Mycroft. Before I moved in he was… 
  • Even within the first month of my marriage he self-destructed.
  • God, I’ve done this to him. 
  • Get off it. He’s done this to himself, I can’t feel guilty for getting on with my life! He had died!
  • He left me!
  • Fuck. 
  • Does he even realize with that massive head that my stomach sinks when I see him sometimes?
  • Would he even be awake right now? 
  • Chances are he’s currently scraping petri dishes of bacteria and injecting toxins under fingernails. 
  • Quietly working under the kitchen lamp. 
  • I would come down for the loo and he would be doing things like that, completely immersed. Didn’t know I was there half the time. 
  • Shit, that one night I couldn't stop staring. 
  • The creases of concentration on his nose and his hands adjusting the fine focus. Rocking the ball of his foot on the floor, worrying his bottom lip. His hair was a mess- like he had been pulling and running his fingers through it all night. 
  • The feeling that came over me then. Like nothing else I had ever… I can feel it now. In my neck and my feet and my god-damned chest.  
  • God. Good God. Why do I still have to feel like… 
  • A wife, a child soon- and I can’t wrench Sherlock bloody Holmes from any part of me. 
  • So restless. I look at her and my fingers tremor. 
  • I look at him and… 
  • I’m… 
  • Bloody Christ.


the moment john is talking about

RFA as vampires
  • Zen: The gorgeous vampire who you can't take your eyes off of, before you know it, his fangs are to your neck.
  • Yoosung: The 'new initiate' vampire, grew up as one but is not used to going out in public to suck blood. Might mess if up the first few times.
  • Jaehee: A cool and collected vampire who is very good at getting what she wants because she's dedicated, excels at her craft.
  • Jumin: The sexy aloof vampire who occasionally goes through emo phases however he'll melt your heart while he holds you and bites your neck.
  • 707: The trickster vampire who would rather mess with his prey rather than take their blood. You can imagine him pulling all sorts of tricks with his powers.
  • V: A kind vampire who avoids human blood and human confrontation in general but is one of the strongest.

a humble homage to my favourite painting

like wtf is this painting i bust out laughign every time i look at it

A different approach.

I worked my girl on my own for a bit the other day. The paddocks have been icy so she hadn’t been running and playing much, so she was full of vinegar and excited to be on the good footing of the indoor arena! She bounced, bucked, and hopped her away around the first few circles - never really hauling on me, just… frolicking at the end of the rope =) Then she settled, head low, into a long stretching trot.

The trainer barged into the arena and came down on me. “I just saw that horse rear like three times!!! And you didn’t spin her, smack her, correct her in any way! I try to help you but you just don’t trust my methods. You’re going to go off on your own and keep coddling this horse and get yourself into a mess!”

And on, and on. Then the sentence that summed up our difference in training style:

“You just stand there WAITING for her to calm down. You have to MAKE her be calm!”

Forced calmness? Through snapping a chain on her nose, smacking her with a rope, hitting her in the face? Doesn’t sound calm at all… defeated maybe. Shut down. Broken. Her profession is to break horses. I want to train mine. I want to negotiate, not dominate. I would chose a horse that might rear up on me or throw a little buck now and then over a horse that’s had the personality beat out of it any day. Such a horse might simply do as it’s told as nothing it isn’t told, but if I play my cards right I think my horse will offer me more.

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Would you continue your dinner for two fic Feysand with fluff or another smutty part 😍


Part 1: Tumblr | AO3

This got super comfort/angsty compared to the first fic. For some reason, emotional insecure Rhys just really does it for me.

AO3 Linkage

Dessert for Two

By the time we’d finished eating, a light rain had started falling outside. We listened to the pitter-patter of it hitting the windows in comfortable silence from the mess of sheets atop our shared bed.

I had laid down, my takeout containers of fried rice and orange chicken sitting on the nightstand next to me. My body rested in peaceable contentment, full from the Chinese and the appetizer my wife had treated me to.

Feyre sat cross-legged next to me using her chop sticks to scoop up the last few bites of chow mein. She had this way of always missing the last bit of each bite so that some of the noodles fell against her chin and her mouth would make this adorable slurping sound as her fingers wiped the sauce off. She had ditched the stilettos to climb in bed with me, but had snaked my business shirt off the floor and shrugged it on leaving the rest of her as naked as I was. Only one button was cinched together and every now and then when she’d move to take another bite, I’d see her nipples peak out.

She was so damn adorable, the sexiest being alive and I had no idea how she’d ever wound up in my arms let alone my bed with a ring on her finger that matched the band on my own left hand.

“What’s that face?” Feyre asked, her head quirking on its side while she chewed.

I remembered the day I’d had, how horrible it had been. And then I came home and Feyre was there like an angel of mercy giving me the perfect distraction. It wasn’t just the sex. The sex was great. It always was with her. But there had been a moment up against that door where she had looked at me and I had looked at her and it wasn’t just the fact that she was naked and licking me up and down to give me something good to focus on, but that she was taking care of me. That I mattered to her enough for her to want me to find some kind of comfort, solace, protection.

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New Faces- Part  (1/?)

Joker x Reader

Imagine being in Arkham and making a new friend while being there.

Word count: 836

Warnings: some light language

 “I’ve had some tough patients before but she-she’s the worst of them all. I can’t treat her anymore,” your shrink had left not even five minutes into your session.

  “Where ya goin’ doc?” a big smile was spread across your face as you yelled for her. “Come on! I promise next time I’ll be good!” you loved messing with her, maybe swallowing her pen so she couldn’t write notes was a little too far.

  “There won’t be a next time you-loon!” really? Loon? Was that the best her big bird brain could come up with?

   A few moments later the guards walked in, probably taking you to quarantine until you decided to cough up the pen. The looks they gave you made you want to laugh, so you did the opposite.

  “Please don’t hurt me! I’m innocent I swear!” of course this didn’t phase them in the least, they knew, well, thought they knew your tricks. And this was one of them. ‘  

  To your surprise, they brought you back to your cell. Had she not told them you’d bent over and downed your writing utensil? You weren’t complaining one bit, she just handed over a way t help get you out of this shithole. The guards practically threw you into the cell. “Watch it would ya’?”

  “You’re so funny when you get upset,” one of the guards spat back at you.

  “Why dontcha come in here and I’ll show you somethin’ real funny?” you leaned up against the bars, resting your head in between two of them and intertwining your hands around two others. “Come on. I’m bored, come play with me,” a fake sad face, pouting your bottom lip.

   “Nobody’ going to play with you hunny. You killed three guards in a month,” bunching you eyebrows together, in a confused manner.

  “Only three? Being locked up must’ve got me slackin’,” you replied, showing all your white teeth in a huge smile.

  “Maybe you didn’t know,but you’re not all together upstairs. You sleep on the floor,” both of them laughed.

  “I sleep where I want, when I want, with who I want,” you spat right back at him.

  “Let me know when you’re not a loon, I’ll be glad to take care of that playful itch of yours,” he snickred.

  “Come open this door and say that again,” you were begging practically. You could take him, hell you could take both of them. “Chicken shit,” anger and disappointment filled every fiber in your body as the pair of them walked away.

  Now what would you do for entertainment? You were a needy person, always needing attention of some sort. Always needing somebody to pester. Bored, you laid on your floor bed looking up at the ceiling, counting how many bullets had entered the hard surface. This didn’t hold your interest for more than a minute, so you looked around at your surroundings. And it hit you. You’re in freaking Arkham, and you knew for a fact you weren’t the only one here. Anxiously you sat up, trying your best to look from left to right, hoping to see another face.

  “If you’re looking for a way out, you’re doing a poor job of it doll,” a strange voice came from directly in front of you. There was somebody in that glass boxed cage?

  “How long have ya been there?” you tilted your head to the side, “and  I’m not tryin’ to escape, I’m bored,” the strange man just laughed.

  “You’re bored? This isn’t exactly a day at the fair,” you still couldn’t see who owned the mysterious voice but you giggled. “Something funny doll?”

  “Carnivals,” a bright smile came to show on your face. “Pretty lights,” you paused. “Clowns too,” sitting against the wall you peered upward, imaging it all in front of you. All the while you’ completely forgotten about the conversation you were having.

  “You like those things?” interest peaked in his voice while another giggly reply came from you.

  “Love em’. Life…it’s like a big fancy game at a carnival. Ya play the game and ya win the cool prize,” your eyes searched into the cage in front of you, trying to find a set of eyes. “But why play the game when you can control it…like a God” your Y/E/C eyes lit up.

  “I like the way your mind ticks. You got a name?” now you were the one interested.

  “Y/N,” you crossed your arms, “ya gotta name mistah?”  purr came as part of a response, sending deep chills down your spine and into your arms, leaving goosebumps.

  “J,” as he stepped forward out of the shadows your heart began to throb, everything about him was mesmerising as you crawled on the floor to the front of the bars keeping you caged like an animal. “But most people know me as The Joker,” that famous smile that you’d only heard about was right in front of you as your eyes lit up in amazement and wonder.

Read Part Two Here


I know we are losing our shit over the Bawson thing and we totes should be but can we take a minute to appreciate Evie knowing something wasn’t chill with Will and her going back over the numbers and finally breaking down and going to Amelia for help.

No matter what we think of Amelia, Amelia has always been trying to protect and do right by Ginny even if she fucked up a few times. I’m glad Amelia told Ev that she could go to her and I’m even more happy that she did.

I fucking love Evelyn! I did not want to see her get dragged into Will’s mess because that boy is a train wreck, he cannot ruin my mother like this!

Fluffy headcanons because we all need more nygmobblepositivity

Oswald has sensitive skin and can only wear certain fabrics. Edward takes notice of this and alters his own clothing as to not cause irritation to the other. He informs the staff of this development too and soon enough the irritating material is all but banished from existence, or at least from within their home.

Edward likes to cook for Oswald whenever he can get the chance or at least whenever Olga allows him inside her sanctuary. She kickes him out after the first time commenting on the mess he made, a string of Russian curse words leave her mouth as she flicks her tea towel in his direction. He still sneaks in occasionally as he loves the process of cooking, it’s almost akin to chemistry and other sciences he loves so much. Although Ed can whip up a mean curry and a few stews he fails in the dessert department and has called on Victor Zsasz to teach him the tricks of the trade.

Oswald is ticklish. It may be because of his sensitive skin but whenever Edward’s fingers brush over his ribs as he helps him dress Oswald struggles to hold back his giggles. Ed notices this of course and decides to test his reaction repeating the process until the man is dishevelled and red faced from laughter. 


Remember…..  part 11

You can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 8 here , part 9 here & part 10 here. 

The day past by fast. Your head was a mess. The memories were now frequent. Every time you closed your eyes you saw some new memory making it hard for you to concentrate.

“Y/n it’s time.” Dean says to you.

“I’m coming.” You put a few more weapons in the bag with the arrows and you walk out of the room towards the boys.

They were all waiting for you.

“I’m ready boys.” You said to them nervous.

We all got out of the room towards the car. First we went by Sara’s shop to pick her up. When we arrive she was already waiting outside with a bag full of stuff.

She got in the back seat with me and Bobby. It was a little space for 3 people.

After a few minutes you all arrived just outside the cemetery. We were settled on a hill.

“We all know our part of the plan right?” Dean asks. All of us nod our head towards him. “Okay let’s begin then.”

Dean and Sam walk away from us towards the entry of the cemetery. Bobby walks towards the car getting the stuff Sara will need to make the spell.

“I just have to make a quick call.”Sara says to you.

“Sure..” You say. She walks a few steps from you.

“Come on..” Sara say passing around. She looks towards Y/N.


“Klaus? Were at the hill outside of the cemetery.” She says and quick hangs up the phone. She walks towards Y/N again.

“I’m ready.” She says.

“Okay let’s start then” You say towards her. Both of you walk towards Bobby to help him out.

You sat up everything on the top of the hill. Sara was begin working on the spel. You and Bobby look over the cemetery.  You looked around trying to see Sam and Dean but you couldn’t see any movement.

“Don’t worry they know what their doing.” Bobby says to you.

“Ooh HELLO LOVE” You hear someone say behind you.

You and Bobby look back at the same moment.

“Sara nice to see you again.” Klaus said passing her.

He’s walking towards us when Bobby tries to pull the gun.

“Y/N you look lovely.” Klaus says. “And would you be?” He says looking towards Bobby

“Bobby don’t.” You say to him. “Klaus you should leave.” You say to him.

“I’m here to help you.” He says with a smile on his face.

“Y/N.” Sara screams “I’m ready.”

You took a deep breath and looked over to Klaus. He shouldn’t be here, you thought.  Without saying anything you and Bobby walk towards her. Klaus behind both of you.

“I just need your blood and then we will be ready.” Sara says. She handles you a knife. You make a cut on your hand and you let a few drops fall onto the bowl in front of her. She says a few things and then handles me 6 arrows.

“Okay let’s get those bitches.” Bobby said.

You nod your head towards Bobby. He handles you a gun and a bowl. “Be careful.” He says to you.

“Klaus you wanted to help so come on.” You say and both of you walk towards the cemetery.

“So what’s the plan?” Klaus ask.

“Just keep me safe.” You say to him.

“That always.” You look towards him and he smiled at you, 

You hear some voices around the corner. You look around just to see Klaus take 2 girls down. He looks towards you and gives you a smile. You shook your head and start walking the other way. A few times you got around people but each time Klaus took them down. You looked at you watch and it was time to begin the work.

“Klaus stay here.” You say to him.


“Just wait here for a moment.” You say to him. He nods his head. You make the left corner when you saw Dean and Sam waiting for you.

“How did it go?” Dean asks you.

“Pretty easy.” You say to them.

“Lucky you we just get rounding corners with witches.”Sam says  “Do you have the arrows.”

“Yes I’m ready.” You say to him

“Be carefull y/n!” Sam says giving you a hug.

“Yeah be careful.” Dean says. He looks towards Sam. “Sam can you give us a minute?”

Sam nods his head and takes a few steps back.

“Y/n” Dean says. HE took a step closer and puts his hand on your cheeks. “I love you.”

“DEAN.. I’m not going to die.” You say to him

“I know but I just want you to know. You know that you’re special to me.” You froze inmeditielly. There were no words coming out of your mouth. He gives you a kiss and walks away towards Sam. You just stand there froze. When you saw them round the corner you see Klaus appear in front of you. He rubs your cheek with his thumb.

“I’m a little bit pissed about that.” He says to you.

In the corner of your eye you saw a witch round the corner. You pull your gun and shoot at her. She stops the bullet with her hand. Klaus turn and get’s in front of you.

“I knew I smelled hybrid.” She says walking towards you and Klaus. Klaus tries to move but he can’t. “Like a year ago. The hybrid tries to protect the person he loves but he loses her.” She continues walking. You try to move but you couldn’t you try to concentrate at you arm. Trying to move it just a bit so your bag with arrows can roll down your arm. “Did you know he made you forget your life with him just to protect you?” She continues. Your arm moved a little bit moving the arrows down. You can see Klaus is still trying to move with jaw clenched, his body full of hate for the person in front of us. “He lost you and went on a rampage you know. In a year time he killed so much innocent people. Playing with them little dolls.” She continues. You were now concentrating on your hand trying to get to a arrow. You couldn’t shoot her with it but you could stab her with it. That would have the same effect. You just needed the help of Klaus for that. She continues walking towards us and talking. You were so concentrating on your movements that was impossible to follow her conversation. You got your hand on a arrow. Now you just had to get Klaus attention. “Nik..” You say slowly making every letter hurt your jaw. You see his body react to his voice. “Arrow..” You continues. The woman get’s closer to us and you see Klaus hand reach back to get arrow. You try to help by moving your arm forward. She’s now standing just a few inches from Klaus face.

“Heey..” You hear Dean scream. She lost her attention and at that moment Klaus is free to move. He stabs her with the arrow. Her body energy leaving her body and into yours. Making you fall back. Klaus grabs you just before you felt on the floor. Dean is running towards you with Sam behind him.

“Y/N” Dean says.

“I’m okay.” You say to them. You got back on your feet and go grabbed the bag of arrows and bow that just fell on the floor.

“I’m okay come on. We have to go on.” You say to them.

Dean and Sam looks at you worried.

“Take care of her.” Dean says towards Klaus before living.

“We have to head back they will follow us up the hill.” You say to wards Klaus. HE was looking at you worried.  You wipe your nose and you see blood in your hand. You took a deep breath that was nr. 1 of the 6.  You start walking back. Klaus doesn’t say anything just looks at you.

“Is that your big plan?” Klaus says angry. “You’re killing yourself slowly.”

“We didn’t have another option.” You say to him

“How much more of that energy has to go into your body?” He asks

“That was nr. 1 of the 6.”

He stops in his tracks. “Are they so import that you would die for them?” He asks you.

“There’s a big picture Klaus. But yes I would die for them.” You say to him. He takes a deep breath and walks towards you. He keeps the same pace as you. He bites his wrist and sticks his arms in front of you. You stop walking and you towards him.

“Drink it.” He says to you. “It will keep you alive.” You don’t move you just look at him and his bleeding wrist in front of you. “If you don’t die with the blood in you nothing will happen.” He continues. “Just take it or I will make you drink it.” He says angry. He moves the wound just a few inches for your mouth. You still don’t do anything till you feel his hand behind your head pushing it towards his wrists making you drink it.

He takes his arm back and says. “I’m sorry but I can’t lose you.”

You look at him but you don’t say anything. You clean up  the blood your have on your mouth and you keep walking back.


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are you into full time d/s relationships?

a life half lived is fully wasted.

some people seem to think that how i portray myself on my tumblr is a misrepresentation of how i really am in person… and if anything, on my tumblr i am restrained a bit. in person i am much more amplified… 

sure.. i wear a mask for the vanilla world that i am forced to interact with. I dont go around swining a belt or telling my mechanic to get on their knees when I speak to them, but for the most part who i am here… is who i am out there.

Theres been times in group therapy where ive simply looked at someone in a way that mentally broke them down to the point of tears.. a few weeks ago I recognized one of the new workers at the library was a little, and when my true daddy dom mode kicked in as I spoke to her, I reduced her to a stammering mess and she ended up basically running away from me without even saying goodbye… 

I was a pure Dom before being a daddy. I was formally mentored, trained and educated in the ways of the old guard, formed my styles and methods according to the changing times…  and I’m well versed in every facet of BDSM… this isnt something I have ever taken lightly, and its the reason I am so passionate about what I do on my blog to begin with.

real recognizes real…. ya feel?

This lifestyle isnt a game for me. its not some kind of trinket you place on a shelf and admire now and then… who I am is who i am, and how ive been ever since my true self became awakened. 

I get all these messages from littles frustrated by their boyfriends because they only want to be daddy in the bedroom… or they mock and fake it for the sake of trying to please them, but the fact is… these relationships end horribly because the little is true to who she is, but has to end up suppressing herself to the point of absolute shame, in effect destroying her little side… all so she can appease this person who doesnt deserve her in the first place and can never meet her actual needs.

So.. with that… ask yourself again… am I into full time D/s relationships? 

Thank you!! Though I also just wanna point out that manons hair is the white blonde color to reflect her cold iciness to what’s around her, and aeline is fucking golden just like her cousin and it’s meant to be golden cause she’s warmth and fire in the form of a person! Aaaalso she’s supposed to be the warm counterpart to manons cold iciness. Feyres hair is a golden brunette NOT BLONDE! It is brought up quite a few times so idk why people can’t grasp this. I get it that you wanna take her work and bring it to life in your drawings or whatever. But do your research first. SJM put so much time and thought into her wonderfully written characters! Do not and I repeat for those idiots in the back. DO NOT fucking mess with her art!

Pompeii 18

hey everyone! it’s the winter equinox and @vesperlionheart‘s birthday! wish her well and enjoy the longest evening of the year!

Sakura examined the sample read-out with a frown, still at a loss for most of the chemical composition. The only one she recognized was chlorine. She even pulled out a few of her old textbooks but none covered most of these items.

“Is it code?” Sakura muttered, nibbling thoughtfully at her pen.

The people at the lab had been reticent about procuring the results…they could have changed the names in the computer to mess with the read-out. To go that far…something dangerous was happening at the lake.

Sakura furrowed her brows, glaring down at the innocuous sheet of paper.

“Should I come back another time?” someone asked in an amused tone.

Sakura glanced up, blinking at the expanse of vivid green before her. Then her eyes focused in on the speaker. “Wasn’t your appointment at 9 this morning?”

Kakashi shrugged.

“It’s 2 in the afternoon,” Sakura said, unimpressed.

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Of all the ridiculousness.

Dear nomies….

That isn’t a dress.

It’s lingere. You can see nipples clearly through it. It barely covers her crotch. She put an apron on it to cover her hoooha. But its completely see through. Again she was dressed and had make up on before and hair done. By this hair is a mess, makeup is mostly smudged off.

You can continue to believe she is more than a beard but considering everything between b/en, a/lli, and m/ia snaps, it is clear who the real relationship is.

Being in LA just a few days this time has been a real eye opener. The folks you meet and work with.

Yeah I’m going there. Because this is just absurd, I can’t even imagine how you are convincing yourself otherwise.

Again I understand. You invested in something because you were sold it and it was easier to look at the surface instead of digging a little. But this is just ridiculous. No man would be happy with his gf walking around basically naked with his “good buddy”. So which is it.. she cheat on him? Or is it that she spent time with her real man?? Or we gonna go the open relationships for them route? Cause D was up in a bar in Vancouver and there are several people that posted to prove it (I’ve actually heard some say he flew to la overnight to be there and then flew back to Vancouver. Seriously)

I mean I would think the countless pictures of Ben. With her niece and nephew would say something not to mention the sleeping arraignment but geez man…..

Yeah and I was gonna try and stay out of it. But this was just stupid. And I don’t care what slap on the wrist I get for it, it’s worth it to speak on something so freaking absurd.

Giving your kids all sorts of excessive rules and restrictions is only going to teach them to become great liars. How about raising your kids properly so you don’t have to worry about what they do in their free time?



After getting to know them she wouldn’t be so worried and scared of them. She would talk to them like she talks to everyone hoping that they will end up liking her.


As soon as her girlfriend tell her that she was going to meet her parents she was scared, she didn’t know what to do. She would throw clothes everywhere trying to pick something good, she would fix her hair every 3 seconds, she was a mess. She just wanted to look perfect in front of the parents.


She would be so nervous that she would say anything and everything. She wouldn’t be able to stop talking. She would grab her girlfriend’s hand every few seconds.


Her heart would be racing the whole time. She would look at her girlfriend every few seconds to make sure she wasn’t saying anything crazy or doing anything crazy. She just want her girlfriend’s parents to like her.

So I went to the dentist for a check-up before work this morning. Turns out I had a cavity, but it was tiny and could be taken care of right away. More expensive than the check-up without a cavity involved would have been but hey. I pay for the job and am about to leave when I catch my reflection in the glass. 

Bad, bad hair day, dammit. Not something I feel like putting up with after getting a cavity sorted. I try to somehow fix up the mess with my hands. My fingers get tangled up, takes a few moments to free my hands, and I hear the dentist laugh. 

“I feel your pain, really. My hair does that all the time. Only that no one will ever know,” she says.
And points at her hijab.
Well played.

Things That Made Me Happy Yesterday (Basketball Edition)

My daughter playing really well in a State Championship loss that was an awful mess of a game. She kept her composure, made some huge shots and almost led an enormous comeback that just came up short in the last few minutes. She’s come so far in so little time, she’s been remarkable all season long.

Her AAU friend from far away unexpectedly coming to the game to see her play and shoving a Hershey bar (still in the wrapper) into my daughter’s surprised and agape mouth after the game when they made eye contact, greeting her with, “I bought you some chocolate” and a hug when she really needed both. Very sweet. Literally and figuratively.

A little quiet time at home (not quite enough, however) to unwind after a very disappointing day/weekend.

URI and PC both making the NCAA Tournament, even if PC got fucked by the committee on their placement, relative to the other 3rd place Big East teams.

One of my best friends winning a state championship yesterday after being back stabbed, set up, slandered and screwed over by his town’s board and losing his entire bench at the start of the season because of adult egos being more important than the kid’s development in the sport and in life. A true victory for good over corruption and cronyism.