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One fateful day in 2009, Andrew Hussie was waking down the streets of New York City, when a crying little girl came up to him and said “I want to make a webcomic like you!” And he told her to be true to herself and she could accomplish anything. But before he could finish speaking, the little girl had stolen his wallet, phone, and character designs right out of his purse and ran away. That girl, as u may have already guessed, grew up to be Michelle Czjakowski, the author and illustrator of Ava’s Demon


Clearly that website is mistaken. She always was and always will be number 1.

People Are Really Pissed Bonnie Chose Enzo?

Seriously, to me, her choosing Enzo meant she finally chose to put herself first and chose who she wanted to spend her life with. Bonnie has always put everyone’s needs before her own. It’s about time she did what she felt benefited her and not everyone else. What was a humanity-less Damon going to do for her? Not a damn thing. At least Enzo was fighting. Bonnie said it. “What has Damon done besides give up?” Nothing.

Oh! It’s an episode about positive reinforcement.  Nice!

This means either Amethyst is going to take this way more seriously and competitively than she’s meant to and get in a fight with Steven over the points system, or it’s going to be a fun happy episode where they have a fight at the end because training.  Honestly, I hope it’s the latter, because that’s a kick in the dick to every stereotypical portrayal of this situation ever.


Whatever he read in her expression made his shoulders sag. he smiled ruefully.
“Thank you for warning me. You could have opted to say nothing.
“You were the only one who bothered to take me seriously,” she said, smiling with the warmth she meant. “I’m surprised you even believe me.”
“Do me a favor, Celaena,” Nox said. The sound of her name startled her. He brought his mouth close to her ear. “Rip cain’s head off,” he whispered with a wicked grin.
Nox left early that night, slipping out of the castle without a single word to anyone.

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(So my friend and I joined the bandwagon of “fallout 4 companions reacting to _”)

The Sole Survivor finds a bunch of consoles and games (despite them having not been invented; it’s an AU). What are each of the companions’ favorite games?

Curie - Surgeon Simulator. She almost cried when the SS played it because they broke open someone’s chest with their bare hands. She doesn’t realize it’s not meant to be played seriously but somehow masters the controls. Everyone freaks when she does the brain surgery in the moving ambulance with minimal issues.

Deacon - Assassin’s Creed. He loves the improbability of it all, especially the leap of faith. Not that he’d ever try that, but if it were possible…if IT WERE POSSIBLE. (He broke an arm and twisted his ankle jumping from a guard post into a haystack, and Sole considered that lucky.)

Valentine - LA Noire. No one knows how he gets through each case with a near impeccable record as far as collateral damage goes. His record is brutally shattered when he lets the SS do one car chase sequence, and they almost didn’t even catch the guy.

Strong - Mortal Kombat. He can’t hold the controller so Sole plays it while he watches and cheers them on. They’re restricted to playing only Mileena.

Hancock - Saint’s Row: the Third. He doesn’t even finish the campaign, just goes around wreaking havoc with a naked and horribly ugly character (he was REALLY high during the character creation) wielding a giant purple dildo.

Danse - Call of Duty: Black Ops, particularly the zombie mode. Sometimes Maccready and Hancock hover over his shoulder, the former pointing at every other zombie and going “Is that Hancock?” Hancock is even less amused when Danse shoots each Hancock-zombie square in the dick.

Cait - League of Legends. Despite it being team-based, she ignores her team and just wrecks her lane opponent all game. Will dodge the match if she doesn’t get to play Vi or if she’s backed into a support role because she’s not about to piss around while her lane partner gets to rack up all those kills.

Preston - The Sims. He loves building homes for his sims, it reminds him so much of what the Minutemen and their General have accomplished with Sanctuary and the other settlements. He quits when someone loads his sims into a pool and removes the ladder.

Maccready - Skyrim. The story doesn’t really interest him as much as the hilarity of shooting a bandit in the head with an arrow, hiding, and hearing him go “must’ve been my imagination.” Every time Sole asks him for help he responds with that fucking sweet roll comment.

X6-88 - He isn’t too interested in video games, because why settle for killing pixels when there are real people out there in the world who need it? Rarely, he and Danse play against each other in CS:GO and then Sole has to stop them before it becomes a huge argument about whether the terrorist/counter-terrorist system in the game is a parallel for the Institute and the BoS.

Piper - Heavy Rain. She gets really invested in the characters and story, cheering and booing and crying when there’s a tough choice to make. Reloads a save whenever she does something wrong as Madison. Calls out the plot twist really early on.

Codsworth - doesn’t really care for video games. He likes watching the SS play nonviolent games as opposed to the carnage fest of the other companions. Occasionally he’ll play some solitaire when there’s nothing to do.

Dogmeat - can’t play video games but hates Nintendogs. He’s the only dog you need, Sole.

Bonus: family game night. The SS and co. gather round to watch them play Until Dawn. Each time the character changes the controller is passed along, so everyone is making arbitrary choices while the spectators argue about morality, etc. Hancock is controlling when Ashley investigates the noise–they don’t let him make the choices anymore.

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Fluffy Emercury Headcanons please?

No matter who they are friends with as well, there are some topics they will only discuss with each other. 

They insult each other all the time. Especially she will sometimes do it just because she’s tired or bored or needs to distract herself from a headache. The cutest thing is that he doesn’t even mind. They both trust their relationship so much, so deeply, that she can insult him all day if she wants and he knows exactly it’s not meant that seriously at all.

They never tell each other how much they love each other, but they know anyway. Because they trust each other ridiculously much. For a long time their relationship was the only stability they had in their lifes. It still is. And they know that even if they’d stop dating at some point, they’d still be best friends. 

He thinks her semblance is creepy as fuck. She promised to never ever use it on him. 

They never talk about his legs, or his nightmares, but they also never talk about him pulling her closer at night, shoving his hands under her shirt because her warm skin comforts him. She has zero issues with rejecting him or pushing him away and does it all the time as he’s the more affectionate one, but she’ll never do it when he needs her. 

*sarcastic voice* Oh yeah In Age of Ultron when Black Widow says she’s a monster OF COURSE she’s referring to the not-in-any-way-monstrous fact that she infertile she is DEFINITELY not talking about how she was forced to become a lethal assassin with no compassion or emotions IT WOULD BE RIDICULOUS to even SUGGEST that that’s what she meant. Didn’t you know? Infertile women are monsters, not assassins … yes we really interpreted this correctly how dare you Joss Whedon bad man bad man.

yo im so excited about this rp lemme tell u bUT hi im dana & i wanna plot w every single one of u honestly ! so i’ll tell u a bit about the mess that is elliot aka sunshine ( the important stuff is at the bottom tho bc i added some cute wanted plots that u should check out !

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I heard Eliza's comments about Bellamy. Could she be referring to needing him for the mission? As in they need each other more than ever because the world is ending and they need a way to survive? I never really take her comments seriously.

i think that she meant it as an emotional need. i mean clarke has been saying that she needs bellamy literally since s1 but. And we see that more now than ever in just the first few episodes of s4 especially with the list scene. Yeah, when they work together everything seems to work out better than normal but i think most of that is due to just how emotionally tethered they are in each other and i think that eliza has started to recognize that as well.  


Until Dawn Challenge - Favourite Female: Ashley

Bismuth represents righteous anger leading to stagnation.

Ok. Let’s put aside the idea of whether or not it’s okay to kill your oppressors (Which I still really don’t think that’s what the show was trying to say). Let’s put aside the grey area of when one should kill or not kill for their own people or beliefs. Let’s put aside how we feel about the episode’s writing or pacing at all. Let’s only talk about how Bismuth was going to kill Rose and Steven.

Bismuth initiated the assault. She was so angry with Rose and Steven’s belief that she was going to kill them to further her own ideas. Yes, you can argue Rose was absolutely in the wrong for lying and keeping secrets. Hell, you can even argue that her Ideology is unproductive to the cause and agree more with Bismuth (though I genuinely do not). However, Rose did so much and meant so much to the people she led, and you guys seriously think one disagreement of ideology is worthy of death? Of being KILLED by a supposed friend or comrade?

I understand people feel strongly about Ideologies, but Rose made Bismuth and SO many others believe they could be more and they were more. Just because they are on the right side doesn’t make them exempt of bullshit, and they shouldn’t be treated like snowflakes. Bismuth tried to KILL Rose and tried to kill her AGAIN in Steven. All for a difference of Ideology. We know for a fact that Steven and the rest would have tried and talked to Bismuth, maybe even compromise, but Bismuth went straight to violence and murder and that’s where her problem lies.

Even if you agree with Bismuth in that the only way to win a war is to fight back in the same way, and that it’s okay because you’re on the right side, it is NOT okay to kill innocent people and let alone your friends. If you argue that they aren’t in any way innocent, think about what you are saying. The beloved, legendary Rose Quartz and kind, fun soul Steven are to completely blame? People are not perfect, but you are being cruel. To me, this is a huge message on the extremities of not getting your way. Or… to put it bluntly…. extremist SJW’s on the internet. 

Yes, I have thought about this and I believe that Bismuth’s behavior is a reflection on the behavior to mark anyone who is ignorant or uneducated as monsters or wrong who “need to go away” or “are trash” and “ to go die”. This is not creating a discussion or change, it’s creating hostility and is stagnating. 

The same can be said for Steven. you can argue his friendliness and naivety to Bismuth’s experience left him unknowing and selfish to her point of view, in that he was too passive or didn’t consider why she wanted to do what she would do. Steven said no. He didn’t explain why calmly or in detail, just that it would make them just like the enemy. Frankly, as inclined as I am to believe that ideology, I can understand Bismuth seeing that as offensive since they were oppressed first. They didn’t have a conversation, but Bismuth still INSTIGATED it. I’m not saying Steven was JUST as wrong (because he wasn’t Bismuth attacked him) but he wasn’t helping either.

And this lead to the fight, and the stabbing, and the pain. Nothing was resolved because they didn’t SPEAK to each other, or bother to explain each other’s thoughts calmly and/or rationally. In that moment, neither respected each other (especially Bismuth). I think that was the message of this episode. That no matter how seemingly racist and horrible a person can be, we do not create a safe space to learn and teach, only to scream foul and cause more hatred. We stay in our own little world and don’t try to help or understand them. Then THEY shut down and stay in their own little world. 

And isn’t that just like being trapped in a bubble?

Fatal Attraction|01


“Where the fuck are you going?” Trey barked as he followed her down the stairs.

“Don’t worry about me Tremaine. I’m a grown ass woman. I’m good.” Kelly’s voice was cold as she continued heading to the front door.

She was using his first name, which meant one of the two things: she was pissed, or he was seriously laying it down. Clearly, it was the former because not even Trey’s skilled tongue, or slow sensual strokes could make her anger subside.

“You’re not leaving, Kelendria.” If she wanted to play the name game, he would gladly oblige. Grabbing her wrist, he turned her around, stopping her in her tracks so she could face him. If looks could kill, Trey would be six feet under from the glare she was sending his way. Attitude radiated from her as her jaw clenched and she placed her free hand on her hip. Darting her eyes down to her wrist Trey stared at Kelly for a few seconds before releasing his grip on her.

Silence engulfed the two as they stood in the foyer of Trey’s home. He knew why she was mad, but he didn’t quite understand why. They had been having a good time together and in the blink of an eye everything changed and they were arguing about marriage. Kelly was dead set on getting married, which wasn’t a problem for Trey. There was no doubt in his mind that he wanted to change Kelly’s last name to Neverson he just wanted to wait a little longer. However, Kelly was on a completely different page in another book.

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  • What they said: omg Ishida's recent drawing... nooo Hinami will die noooo ;-;
  • What others said: No, look it's Ayato who is going to die...
  • What she said: guys...
  • What she meant: BUT YOMO-BAE, okay? Like I seriously died 375 times when he was fighting Arima in the previous chapters. Then he had this internal monologue about hope and slashed all our hearts... I couldn't believe he stayed alive after all of that. I literally thanked God or whatever power exists out there. I am so happy he is fine. BUT NOW I HAVE TO WORRY AGAIN ABOUT HIM BECAUSE HE WILL SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR TOUKA AND AYATO, HIS EVERYTHING. HIS DISCOURSE ON HOPE WAS RIGHT BECAUSE 5 MIN AFTER HE MADE IT OUT ALIVE HE RUNS INTO A NEW CHALLENGE.
Not to sugarcoat it but

Since the chapter came out I’d been waiting for the raw to see if Juvia really said that she doesn’t want to see Lyon, though it seems Cruncyroll gives pretty much the same translation. So, I know that this wasn’t the kindest remark Juvia could make but personally I’m not taking it that seriously nor do I think that she meant it in a hateful way. 

Lyon is one of my most favorite characters in FT and I adore him to pieces but to be fair, he’s made Juvia uncomfortable on several occasions in the past and he’s even treated her like a price (which I found hilarious, but apparently Juvia didn’t find it as funny). Besides, she probably also doesn’t like the fact that there’s this tense atmosphere between him and Gray because of her, and Gray’s comment that he’ll get to see Lyon’s ugly face did seem like he might be in for a challenge. So it’s not that weird for Juvia to say that she’d rather not see Lyon, which was probably to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Mind you, Lyon is the only person aside Gray for whom Juvia uses the -sama honorific, which shows that she has in fact a lot of respect for him, be it because he basically is a brother to Gray or whatever. And I just can’t imagine Juvia hating the person that shared one of Gray’s sorrowful secrets with her.

Things I’ve learned this Season of Orange is the new Black

I’m gonna try and give my opinion without explicit spoilers!

- Ruby Rose is faaaarrrr too model-esque/cleaned up to be believable as an inmate. Seriously, we’re meant to believe she’s some penniless drifter? Git outta here. I get it, she’s hot, sure, but there’s little to no substance behind her. Part of what I love about the show is that there are so many super attractive people who wouldn’t fall under the convention of “hollywood attractive” and they’re all fantastic actors. Ruby’s not an actor and you can tell, and for me it makes all her scenes a tad cringey. 

- This season has some grim fuckin’ scenes and I’ma let you know there’s triggers for transphobia and rape, so… just be wary.

- Piper is the new Larry.

- I LOVE Boo and Dogget’s friendship <3

- I am still not over episode 3. My baby! </3

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I am a HUGE Fitzgerald Grant fan. I didn't like season 4 at all until the last few minutes of the season finale mostly because of how the olitz relationship was being written. Rewatching the episodes from No More Blood forward I'm so uncomfortable with the fact that Olivia was going to let Fitz be brought down by the exposure of B613. I kept hoping she wouldn't but it seems like she really was going to let it happen. Do you think she would have? What do you think will be repercussions with Fitz?

The fact that she was willing to let him ‘burn’ (her father’s analogy) meant she had grown. Seriously. She stopped, as she said in 413 ‘riding and dying’ for him. The war for her life was the latest in the cycle of ruination they had been going through for years. Though she showed apprehension over allowing Remington to be exposed in pursuit of greater justice,

Helping Fitz is not the same as saving him, nor was Olivia deliberately trying to hurt him. They work together as a team on plenty of things, directly or indirectly (most recently argued here). Saving him, however, has caused her–both of them really–a lot of pain in the past (Defiance & its repercussions, the indignities of the reelection campaign, etc.). 

Fitz has shown himself to be a man willing to face the consequences of his actions, and take responsibility. Whether it’s for leaving Olivia ‘all alone’ (219); how shitty he was acting after Defiance (217); the messy state of his family life (405); his reputation as a philanderer (305, 307); the war he started for the woman he loved (415), and other things, you can’t say this guy tries to pass things off on other people. Instead of letting several people (chief among them, Olivia) suffer for their rigging of an election behind his back, he took the responsibility to fix it (via oxygen denial, lol, but still!). 

So, I honestly don’t think Fitz would have hated Olivia, if she had let Remington go public. Because guess what? Fitz didn’t elect to shoot down that passenger plane. He didn’t even know. He was in the military and his duty was to take orders. The question would have been: who gave the order and why? We know who that leads back to. And so did Olivia.