she means so much to him i'm crying

Amtrak tickets from South Station to Providence:

  • Saver option: $11
  • First class: $65

How much do you wanna bet that Bitty books the saver tickets when he goes to visit, meaning his trips are super early in the morning or late in the evening? And how much you wanna bet that Jack books him tickets to come visit as a surprise, and he books a first class ticket without even thinking twice. Bitty gets an email in class Friday morning with a ticket, followed by a text from Jack telling him that he should come down to visit, but not to feel bad if he already had plans. (But Jack called Lardo to double check, and she said Bitty’s weekend was free). And so Bitty goes to South Station after stopping by the Haus to pack a bag, and he pulls up his ticket and he realizes he’s sitting first class and he’s so out of his element. He gets a meal on his one hour train ride. The seat is huge, and it’s so soft and so much room. And he’s only sitting next to one other person, and it’s a cute old lady. And she sees his hockey shirt, and she mentions the Falconers…..and they spend the entire trip showing each other pictures and telling stories (and most of Bitty’s are of Jack). 

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Glenn Rhee does not deserve this. This poor baby had no choice but to kill other human beings and was crying while doing so. He has been through so much shit and the writers think it's clever to keep foreshadowing his demise by having him hold baseball bats, putting him in near death situations, and have him look at pictures of people who have had their heads bashed in. He also has a family to look after and now Maggie and his unborn child are kidnapped and now they'll never be a happy family and HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DELIVERING PIZZAS, MAN!!

Talk to me about MacCready and Lucy. 

If it is (as we all assume) that it’s the Lucy from Little Lamplight, talk to me about how she saved his life when they were little kids. How she liked him as Mayor, and how they both looked out for the kids in Little Lamplight in their own ways. 

Talk to me about how the other kids joked about them being their “Mom and Dad”. About them getting crushes on each other, which MacCready would fight against because ew that’s a MUNGO thing. 

Talk to me about how (I’m pretty sure) MacCready is a year older than Lucy and must have waited around Big Town for her to arrive a year after him. Talk to me about them finally being able to talk about their feelings, and MacCready realizing it was always more than just a dumb crush he tried to ignore. Talk to me about how Lucy always knew, because maybe MacCready is emotionally repressed but she sure the hell wasn’t. 

Talk to me about MacCready suddenly being ashamed of the things he did out in the Wasteland. The things he was too afraid to tell Lucy about in case she stopped seeing him as the guy who protected her and all the kids in Little Lamplight, and saw him as someone who hurt people. Because she’s too good, and too caring – she’d see him so differently. Everything would change and she was the only good thing in his life, he would have done anything to keep her. 

Talk about them finding out that Lucy is pregnant, and they laughed about actually becoming a mom and dad. 

Talk to me about how MacCready and Lucy hardly got any time together as adults before she passed away. Talk to me about him being heartbroken, and lost, and bitter. About him feeling like the only people who survived in the Wasteland were the bad ones – it’s what they were taught in Little Lamplight afterall. 

Talk to me about how MacCready promised his son he would clean up his act, and become the person Lucy thought he was. Talk to me about how he knew he would do anything to save his son’s life, the only good thing he ever did. Talk to me about MacCready meeting the Sole Survivor and somehow finding himself being the person Lucy once thought he was, someone who helped people, protected people… Talk to me about the Sole Survivor helping MacCready find a cure for his son, and realizing that maybe there still are a few good people left out in the Wasteland after all. 

Tonight Gillian will likely get a standing ovation, which means David Duchovny will be on his feet clapping because Gillian gave such a powerful performance as Blanche, and she will walk the stage and likely see him standing there, clapping for her and proud of how much she’s accomplished as an actress, and if I were in that room I’d be doing the Ugly Cry on so many levels.