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What are you thinking about? (Pt 3)
  • What she says: Nothing.
  • What she means: I mean, I get how Ratatoullie had some equality undertones to it, but I'm not sure I want a rat touching my food. I mean, did they get those animals vaccinated because it didn't look like it. How did that even pass restaurant requirements? Isn't it, like, illegal to have rodents in your establishment, let alone work there? And how were these animals getting paid? They don't use human currency, which leads us to believe they weren't getting paid at all. Isn't that animal labor? Does animal labor count as animal abuse? I love how everyone's just like, "Yeah, okay, thousands of rats are working in the kitchen," and no one ever questions it. In fact, this actually boosts their business. It also shows how lazy restaurants are getting because they'd rather have rats cook the food than do it themselves. Like, was this movie really about a rat following his dreams, or was it just Disney boycotting how horrible food-service is?

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Harry in ny the same time Kendall is there... it's like they follow each other. While he was in London she was in Paris, but kept going back to London.

I mean……….NYC is a pretty big place, so is London.  It’s unlikely that they’ll bump into each other.  Unless of course they want to?  Celebs are in the same cities all the time, it doesn’t mean they’re following each other, necessarily.  The most important thing about Harry being in NYC is the fact that it most likely has something to do with his album being close to finished.

Chat Noir Describing Ladybug in Interviews

Chat Noir: I love Ladybug. She’s so beautiful and cute and I love it when she laughs. Ladybug is really…

Alya: Really what?

Chat Noir: really fucking strong holy shit did you see her throw me halfway across paris like damn what the actual fuck


Ladybug: *groans and walks away*

Chat Noir: I mean I’m not complaining, she could throw me halfway across Paris anytime she wants. *winks to the camera*

Ladybug: *groans more*

I know all of those posts about Helen leaving Menelaus for Troy are for jokes but she was legitimately HAPPY with him. I mean she HATED Paris and frequently told him of how her husband was to kill him and take her home so why the fuck do people think those jokes are funny cause they don’t make sense

what I love about this time jump is that we see how life actually takes a toll on relationships, even the best ones. I see a lot of people talking about how spoby is still so in love and how could they have broken up it’s unrealistic… but like that’s what makes it so sad to see them reunite and see that love they share. because u know that. they are so in love, but that wasn’t enough to stop life from getting in the way. Spencer wanted a career in Washington, and Toby already had a career in rosewood. it’s like Toby said, everywhere Spencer looked there was something she was trying to forget, and no matter how much they love each other they just couldn’t make it work. same goes with Hanna and Caleb, I mean she pursued fashion and had to stay in Paris and things like that aren’t easy to get through as a couple. that’s why I think for once the writers have actually set up a very believable way for everyone to reconnect, because since there are still all of these unanswered feelings of love, being together in the same place again will only make those stronger.