she marries this man

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Even Zelena looks taken aback/shocked about the proposal initially. Does she maybe know something?

Like maybe that her sister is in love with Emma and this will devastate her? She didn’t glance at Regina though.

That was also the fakest “Oh, why?” from  Snow I have ever heard. Kind of had a desperate ring to it.

I get the distinct feeling Snow is not at all happy about Emma postponing wedding planning until further notice, like maybe she wants to get her daughter married off as soon as possible. The sooner the better? Maybe before she fully realizes she doesn’t actually want to marry a man, any man? Snow just looks creepily happy throughout this entire thing to be honest. Her smile is almost too wide. That is not usually how she smiles? it worries me.

It looks like she’s crying on the inside. Or maybe I’m projecting?

I also realized it took them a moment after Regina’s initial facial reaction to return to her face and she still didn’t have her emotions under control enough for it to resemble anything close to happiness.

I mean, look at this and tell me this isn’t straight up anguish with a dash of pining. I can’t get over Regina’s face. I can’t.

Henry is pretty much the only one who looks anything close to happy for his mother. 

Fifteen Years Later

She was the girl
who cosplayed as The Crow.

My GODS how she shined
in fake scars
and black leather.
She never smoked, even
when everybody smoked
too many cloves.
She carried a knife
like a butterfly
and sharpened her black
nails to shine like her eyes.

This sometime girl–
this beautiful boi–

She married a man
with a soul like eggshell
paint and now she wears
dresses in burgundy and forest,
with heels–with pearls.
And now she chases
Xanax with wine.
And now her nails are
smooth and even–
pink with white tips,
and her eyes are so dim
behind brown eyeliner.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

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cinderella: redo

so i was watching cinderella while doing my nails and waiting for them to dry which was clearly a Mistake because now i can’t help but think -

the evil stepmother was always evil, okay. say her abuse of her own daughters was different than that of cinderella’s - but it was still abuse. giving them impossible expectations, telling them they were never good enough, never pretty enough, never smart enough. and then she gets married, and anastasia and drizella are ecstatic because this man seems kind and warm and maybe just maybe he can temper their mother, maybe with him around she won’t be so cruel. so they’re on their very best behavior in the beginning, they do just as their mother taught - they trot out their best upper court manners in an attempt to get their new stepfather to like them. but it just comes off as cold and snooty and they’re trying, they are, they’re just bad at it. and they see how he is with cinderella, the smiling girl their own age, and they are jealous. they don’t mean to be, they try not to be, they know it isn’t becoming of young ladies. but she gets hugs and kisses and affection and they get rulers slapped on their hands when they reach for desert and sharp jabs to their sides when they slouch and - soon they hate cinderella, not for anything she’s done, but for what she has and they dont

but then her father dies. and it’s all a tumble of things and cinderella is crying and they’ve lost their only chance at escaping their mother’s clutches and it’s terrible. and everything settles and there’s no reason to be jealous anymore but resentment is hard to let go of and they don’t know what to do. they’re only kids too after all. and they’re so terribly bad at comforting people, they can do flowery words and know all the right bows but cinderella is so sad and they just don’t know what to do with that, because they’re supposed to be sisters but they’re not even friends

and slowly but surely their mother starts abusing cinderella, starts making her a maid in her own home, and she’s their mother, what are anastasia and drizella supposed to do? she rules them with an iron fist, and cinderella doesn’t even like them anyway, it’s none of their business.

except one night anastasia crawls into her sister’s bed in the middle of the night and wakes her up. “i was thirsty,” she explains, eyes wide and shiny, and they’re bad at this with other people but drizella has no problems with pulling anastasia into her arms. the younger girl clutches her sister and continues, “i was thirsty and i went down to the kitchen to get some water and - and cinderella is still up! she’s doing the dishes, and she should be asleep, mom is going to make her make breakfast in the morning and -” she cuts herself off with a hiccup and whispers, “it’s not fair.”

“life isn’t fair,” drizella says, echoing one of their mother’s favorite phrases. but her sister is staring at her with wet eyes, and it’s not like their mother is likely to get up before sunrise anyway, she hates waking up, so she pulls herself and anastasia out of bed and off they go.

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Let me introduce you to two lesbians

Both came out to me this week.

One is in her early fifties. She was once married to a man, and even had a daughter with him. I don’t know when she discovered she is a lesbian, but she started living as a lesbian with a girlfriend almost halfway though her life. She told me she was a lesbian shyly, as if she had to prove herself.

One is thirteen years old. I babysit her, and she came out as lesbian to everyone she knows this week. She is taking a girl to her school dance, and she hopes that they will start dating.

They are both true and real lesbians. They discovered their lesbianism in vastly different times of their lives, and their experiences of coming out are very different. But one is not more “real” than the other because of age differences and the timelines of their lives. 

All lesbians are true and real, no matter when they discover they are lesbians, whether they’ve dated or married men, or when/if they come out.

Why do people obsess over Greek GODS

Artemis: a queen, one who shuns the presence of men. Ruler of the night sky and the hunt, she doesn’t give a flying fuck about your gender roles.
Women can be single. Women can be hunters.

Athena: a scheming, cunning, genius woman, Athena is the mastermind behind every battle. Goddess of both wisdom AND war.
Women can be smart. Women can be warriors.

Aphrodite: a gorgeous woman, beautiful beyond belief, she was married off to a man she did not love. She refused her husband, and is with the chaotic man she truly loves. She loves romance novels and tragic love stories without your permission or stereotypes.
Women can be independent. Women can be beautiful. Women don’t have to love you because you say so.

Persephone: she is Queen of hell and goddess of springtime, drawing the line between death and rebirth. She loves her husband and mother, but refuses to let anyone tell her who to be or where to go.
Women can be sweet. Women can be brutal. Women can be complicated.

Hera: a practical woman, she is the goddess of marriage, her husband is always off fucking mortals. And she always makes sure he pays for it. This doesn’t stop her from being a fair queen, even more of a ruler than her husband.
Women can be powerful. Women make their own choices.

Demeter: a farm girl at heart, she rules the harvest, her mere emotions causing the seasons. Her daughter eloped with the god of death, and she misses her every day. She loves her loyal farmers and the crops they tend.
Women can be nurturing. Women can be depressed.

Hestia: a goddess of small renown, Hesta gave up her spot on the council to Dionsynius to keep order. She is the goddess of the hearth and home, fire and family. She represents the controlled chaos of a fire in the fireplace or a family in their home.
Women can be sacrificing. Women don’t need to be super to be important. Women can be chaotic.

Enough with this patriarchal Greek society. We all know who really ruled Olympus.

Everyone seems to think that Daenerys will marry Jon Snow to unite the North and South once she’s on the Iron Throne but has no one thought that she could marry Sansa to do that? Daenerys can’t have children anyway and I would not at all be surprised if she would be wary of marrying a man should he then try to usurp her due to her gender, plus Jon is her nephew and if he stayed in the North that would be better for her, having a Targaryen in control in both the North and South. 

No Sansa would be the perfect political choice for Daenerys to marry. Sansa is a true Stark, the North is loyal to her, she is knowledgable about Southern politics, and she would not want the crown for herself and betray Daenerys, she’s strong and proud and faced hardships. Sansa supporting Daenerys as they ruled would honestly be the best thing that could happen for both them and the kingdom.

Ah, yes, the most popular Overwatch ships :

Doctor who / Ba-gay-tte,

Captain America / Edgelord,

Mad Max OCs,

Get in the fucking robot Genji,,


little does she know that the man she’s marrying is the one in front of her


context: it’s their wedding day and marinette doesn’t know that chat is adrien because  her life is being threatened or something. she’s really nervous that adrien will change his mind at the alter and chat’s just like “you idiot i’m absolutely in love with you and i’ll never leave you at the altar.”

//i’m trash someone pls help me (also i’m really sorry for the lack of ml recently i’m still trying to finish up my last commission by practicing :>) also–read from left to right!                                                                                                  


‘How can I take you from my mind, my sweet Guinevere, when I see you each day? How must I remove you from my heart? I wish to take a knife and cut the part out so that I pain no more. But if I did this, my beautiful Guinevere, I should have no heart left all all.’
‘You are my soul, Sir Lancelot,’ She whispered to herself ‘I know I have married the wrong man, but he is a good man and forever I shall be his Queen. Your heart is large and pure for you, in truth, love all men. For your gift in healing is visionary and you shall be a legend in your own lifetime. Sir Lancelot, I shall love you forever, for you are my only soul.’  
— Realm Of The Bear, S. R. Sorel

  • Yall: Lydia was so classy for not getting mad when Alec left her at the alter
  • Me, banging pots and pans together: she knew he was gay!!! She was gonna marry a man who she knew was gay and in love with another man!!! She was marrying him so she could be head of the institute!!! She was willing to let him deny who he was even though it was killing him for her dream job!!!! That's not classy bitch
Friendly reminder, that ...

… Rhys dreamt about Feyre, sent her stars, Feyre received it and painted it on her drawer, Rhys risked himself to go out and met Feyre, he saved her from the lower faes, he meant it literally when he said: ‘There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Thank you for finding her for me!’, she thought that he was the most beautiful man she ever saw and he thought that she was the most beautiful woman, he was the one who kept her from falling apart in Under the Mountain and helped her as much as he could, he fell in love with her, when she threw that bone at Amarantha, he fought against Amarantha not caring about his own life, he kept her alive and persuaded every High Lord to make her immortal, he felt the mating bond snap in place and chose to go for her sake, he would have let her live in happiness being married to another man even tho she was his mate, he teached her how to read and write, he took her to Night Court when the tool literally locked her up, he never expected anything from her, he let her heal and helped her, she went into fucking badass mode and saved him, he helped her to control her powers, he let her made her own choices, he loves her, she loves him, chapter 55 exists, she is fucking HIGH LADY OF THE NIGHT COURT AND THEY ALREADY DID THE MATING CEREMONY and that Sarah J. Maas gave us this amazing story and this wonderful couple.

reasons why the princess diaries 2 is actually the best movie ever made

ok so i know that when we were all young fanchildren we all watched this movie and sighed dreamily. but i am here to tell u that this movie is even better than u remember

1. the main conflict in the movie is the arranged marriage. i’m gonna stop right here, because princesses in arranged marriages are a classic fanfiction trope that we are all trash for. don’t lie to yourself. but it gets BETTER. not only is there an arranged marriage… the guy she’s arranged to marry is actually a really chill dude. u like this dude. u know they would be good friends and partners. he would make a good king. but sHE DOESNT LOVE HIM!!! she doesn’t love him. and it would be so easy for the narrative to say ~oh look at this selfish girl she has a handsome titled good man ready to marry her she’s so SELFISH for wanting passion and true love, so naive~ (see fuckboys: i’m so nice and handsome why doesn’t she love me she’s horrible) instead the narrative presents her not marrying him as a perfectly valid choice and one the viewer sides with her on. the narrative supports her choice and makes it clear it was the right decision. ADDITIONALLY, the solution presented to fix the arranged marriage problem is to DESTROY THE PATRIARCHY. like???? don’t fuck with me this movie is perfect

2. literally the other main conflict is the love interest. he’s essentially a conman trying to convince mia to fall passionately in love with him so he can steal the throne. but along the way… he falls in love with her. THIS IS LITERALLY THE PLOT OF THREE THOUSAND FANFICTIONS PEOPLE

3. speaking of fanfiction…this movie is one. like, i’m not even joking. the first princess diaries movie essentially compiled the first 3 books into a movie, but the sequel wasn’t based on the books at all. disney just pulled something out of their asses and was like “this will make the fangirls happy”

4. at the beginning of the movie mia graduates from princeton’s woodrow wilson school of international affairs… literally one of the best international studies programs on the planet.. then she’s flown to a castle…where she’s a princess..and has hot men falling all over her…and wears ballgowns…like…mia is such a mary sue but somehow the movie manages to avoid making her one AT ALL

5. also holy shit??! mia doesn’t just stand around looking pretty as a princess.. she’s clearly really smart and genuinely cares about the people of genovia and does her best to serve them well even to it’s hard work… like damn mia is fucking committed to being a good queen she’s not just a princess because castles make good backdrops for romances

6. the queen/joe YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS u fucking know u shipped that shit


8. chris pine. what a hot piece of ass amiright

9. the number of times something fucking bizarre happens to mia and she theoretically looks into the camera like she’s on the office is comedic gold honestly. the maids?? flirting with her arranged husband?? climbing out a window?? the fAKE LEG!? mia is just trying to live her life but the universe keeps fucking it up. i feel u mia. 

in sum i have n o idea how the fuck this movie got made but goddamn is it not god’s gift to man


I’ve seen a lot of mixed emotions about this scene. Let’s talk about my interpretation of this, shall we? When I look at this, I see two married people who have enjoyed their long and happy life together. They were human and happy and lived the long life that they wanted. 

Their smiles? I see Damon’s as one of uncertainty for what is to come for him. As Elena is explaining during the scene, he is worried he will never know peace. He’s worried he will never see his brother again, (and possibly not Elena either for that matter.) Elena’s smile is one of certainty. She knows the kind of man Damon is and she has no doubt he will find peace. She knows he will see Stefan again, because Elena Gilbert has always seen the best in Damon Salvatore. She sees the good and knows the kind of man she married. 

And then…..his hand disappears from her grasp. Personally, I took this to mean Elena passed on (or found her peace) first. From her outstretched hand towards Damon and slightly confused expression on her face, followed by her reuniting with her loved ones it’s easy to see this is a new experience for her. I saw this as a temporary separation until they got to greet their loved ones in this new sense of peace.

As we see in the next scene, Elena was right about Damon. He did find peace like she always believed he would. He did see Stefan again. Their peace is with their families and with each other. 

X-Files Fic: But Always Together

For @leiascully‘s X-Files Writing Challenge: “List.”  This is basically a big ol’ “FUCK YOU” to The Field Where I Died.

1. 1890 B.C.

He is a shepherd, the youngest of six sons, tending to one of his father’s many herds.  She is the oldest daughter of a priest, and he sees her fetching water at a well one day and loses all power of speech in the face of her beauty.  He knows who she is- his father and hers are known to each other- and even though she smiles warmly at him, he cannot bring himself to speak to her.  As the youngest of six he has nothing to offer her, and he knows she’ll be married off to some oldest son, some fortunate man who stands to inherit much when his father dies.

One day when he’s out with his flock, he sees her approaching in the distance.  She’s carrying a lamb in her arms- one of his that, it transpires, had managed to wander off without his noticing (he’s been spending more time than he should dreaming about her).  He thanks her profusely, stumbling over his words, expecting her to laugh at him at any moment, but she doesn’t.  She’s sweet and kind and sits with him for hours, talking, until the sun in low on the horizon.

After that, they meet nearly every day, at the well or in the fields.  It takes him months to get up the nerve to ask her if she’s promised to anyone, and in response, she quirks an eyebrow at him and says, “I had assumed you would be asking for my hand, but maybe I was wrong.”

So they approach her father, and of course, he’s against the match, because he has nothing to offer her.  He goes to his father to ask him to intervene, but there’s no help to be had there: his father tells him he’ll find someone more suitable to his station.

They leave, together, that very night.

It’s difficult, far more difficult than either of them could have anticipated, and nearly every waking moment is consumed with ensuring their continuing survival- especially when children start to come- but at the end of every day, there are brief, fleeting moments of peace and love together, and it makes the rest of the hardship worth it.

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