she marries this man

nancy’s afraid of becoming her mom BECAUSE her mom is also a lesbian who got married young to a terrible older husband because of compulsory heterosexuality and when jo points out to her that she too is on track to get married young to an older man (steve) she literally threatens to shoot steve three episodes later

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My daughter brought home a pagan a few days ago and said she loves and intends to marry him. I met the man and he seems nice enough, he didn't purposely try to offend or persecute us for our beliefs. Should I allow her to follow her heart or is the probability of his sinful behavior influencing her just too great a risk -A Concerned Parent

This is obviously something that concerns your family, but my advice is to let her marry him if she loves him that much. Who knows, maybe he’ll see her purity and faith and find himself drawn into the light of the Lord himself!

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I think I was in love with my best friend. She was my soul sister, we always knew when the other needed help or wanted to talk. Now she won't speak to me because I hates the abusive man that she decided to marry. I always supported her, but because I didn't agree with her choice she cut me out of her life. That was over a year ago, almost two, and I still haven't recovered. My heart still feels empty and I bawl when I think of her. It wasn't until recently that I released that I *loved* her.

You did what you thought best and you spoke your mind when you saw her in a situation that wasn’t good for her. You did your best and I’m so sorry she cut you out of her life. I really hope you’ll be able to get past your feelings for her and find someone who you’ll be happy with. And who knows, maybe in time you’ll be able to mend your relationship with her as well. Loads of hugs <3

“you don’t get to call yourself gay, you’re bi” but it’s the gay community, gay rights, gay pride parade. when they hit me, it was for being gay. when i look at myself i try to measure the parts of me that fit into the slot; i’m 80% gay even on a straight day. when i kneeled to pray it was begging away the gay part. when i do something wrong, it’s gay. 

when she was dating me, she was terrified of me leaving. “you’ll marry a man,” she said, “you’re bi, none of you are really gay.” when i left her for a man i felt those words like red nails inside me. when another of us commits suicide, a gay boy and i stand outside the funeral and he spits before going inside. “this is because y’all can’t make up your goddamn mind. he couldn’t even decide if he wanted to stay alive”. when i stand and hold hands with a trans boy at a pride rally, someone throws dirt at me. “go home, hetero,” and i feel like it’s better just to leave. “i just feel like shelters shouldn’t let bi people in. they can go to the straight ones. leave the shelter space for a real gay person.” my friend is out on the street at sixteen because she’s bi. in four years, she is dead. “bi people are untrustworthy” “bi people are slutty” “bi people don’t exist” “being bi is a sign of mental illness.”

too gay, i guess, for straight people. but not gay enough to call myself one. not gay enough, even when any other word i use to define myself comes with “slur connotations.” even when they beat me for it. even when i know people who died for it. even when. 

“i don’t know why bi people get upset we don’t make gay rights about them” a sigh, long-suffering, “you guys have no idea what kind of trouble we’re in.”

I just got back from a BBQ with a lesbian social group and let me just say

never ever think that it’s too late. 17 or 21 or 25 may feel old, but today I met a lady that realized she was a lesbian at 45 – after marrying a man and having three kids. now she has a girlfriend, and she manages a brunch group with other lesbians.

it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost so much time to self doubt or fear, and it’s okay to mourn that lost time. but it’s never too late to find happiness in who you are.


Bisexual Visibility Day [September 23rd]

Callie Torres is the longest running bisexual character in the history of television and she is played by real life bisexual Latina superhero Sara Ramirez. Over the course of her eleven seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, she was married to a man and a woman, both of whom she loved deeply. She never shied away from calling herself bisexual, whether as confrontation or as comfort. There’s really no way to overstate her impact. But she’s more than just what she accomplished. Callie was a joy to watch on TV. Smart and savvy and silly and relentlessly loyal to the people she loved. 

I saw this awesome lesbian movie the other day!!

It’s about a lesbian couple that just got married, and they’ve just gotten back from celebrating their honeymoon. They’re so cute there’s a femme girl and a butch girl and they’re just all over each other and it’s adorable. Anyways the femme girl gets an email from her parents (who she hasn’t talked to in ages ‘cause they’re hyper conservative and she ran away from home) and they’ve invited her to come visit home since they heard she’s recently gotten married and wanna give their blessing (they saw their daughter’s relationship status change on fb, but since the butch girl doesn’t have a facebook it’s possible they don’t know she married a girl). The butch girl really doesn’t wanna go, but the femme girl insists her parents will get over it since they love her.

Anyways there’s a road trip where they travel to the parents house, and the butch girl’s quirky best friend tags along. When they arrive, the parents are shocked but the mom quickly accepts it, since she just wants her daughter to be happy. The dad is really pissed though and has a big argument with his daughter’s wife over dinner. The daughter storms off to her room. Her godmother shows up late, and goes to the daughter’s room to comfort her. Then she kinda starts suggesting she change her image to appeal to dudes, implying that getting married was a mistake and she should find a man. The daughter gets pissed and kicks her out. Her wife walks into the room and it turns out the femme girl’s kinda mad at her too, saying she could’ve tried harder to get along with the dad. They have an argument, and the butch girl storms off, saying that coming here was a mistake.

Meanwhile, the parents are arguing about accepting their daughter’s wife, when the godmother comes in and pulls the dad to the side. They start plotting to hook the daughter up with a straight dude the godmother knows, and they agree to not tell the mom about this. The godmother suggests that the dad should do something about the wife so she doesn’t catch onto what’s happening.

This is when the plot gets kinda crazy?? The dad hires somebody to beat up the wife and I’m sorry I can’t do this I’m just describing Shrek 2

Me Asking A Man, “What Is A Ho?”

Aysha Bee : What is a ho?

Man : Any woman who. .

Aysha Bee : Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Slow down. Why gender specific?

Man : What?

Aysha Bee : A ho. Why be gender specific?

Man : Because only a woman can be a ho.

Aysha Bee : Explain why.

Man : I mean, I don’t know. That’s just how it is.

Aysha Bee : Can a man be a ho?

Man : No.

Aysha Bee : Why not?

Man : Because he is not a woman.

Aysha Bee : Right but let’s try to get me to understand this. Why can’t a man be a ho but a woman can?

Man : Because there are certain things that a man can do sexually that a woman just can’t do.

Aysha Bee : Is it that she “can’t” do it as you so put it? Or is it that she shouldn’t do it, in your opinion?

Man : I mean, she can do it…but she shouldn’t.

Aysha Bee : Okay so what is the difference? Please be clear.

Man : Well, damn. Isn’t it obvious?

Aysha Bee : No it’s not for me. Please help me understand. I want to learn from you.

Man : Okay. Well only a woman can be a ho because there is a certain way a woman should carry herself. Men are sexual beings and women are not. It’s just who we are.

Aysha Bee : Interesting. Who do you usually have sex with?

Man : What?

Aysha Bee : I mean, gender wise.

Man : The fuck? I have sex with women.

Aysha Bee : Right. I got you. So are those women sexual?

Man : What do you mean?

Aysha Bee : Are those women sexual? You know, when they’re having sex with you.

Man : …Yeah, obviously.

Aysha Bee : I’m really learning from you. So your earlier statement was

that women aren’t sexual. I mean, not like men are. Correct?

Man : Correct.

Aysha Bee : But you also said that the women who have sex with you are sexual. Correct?

Man : What is the point of all these questions?

Aysha Bee : You’re right. I don’t want to stress you out because I’m really learning from you so let’s move on. We have established that only women can be hoes. Good. So what about a woman will make her a ho?

Man : That’s easy. If she has sex with too many men.

Aysha Bee : Sex with too many men. Got it. You’re really insightful. Thank you. Do you have a quantity?

Man : A quantity of what?

Aysha Bee : A quantity of how many men is too many men for a woman to have had sex with.

Man : Why?

Aysha Bee : Because you are really educated on this topic so I figured you would know. How many?

Man : I mean …I guess I’ll just say twenty.

Aysha Bee : Twenty men?

Man : Yeah.

Aysha Bee : Any woman who has had sex with at least twenty men is a ho. Noted. What about a woman who has had sex with nineteen men? Gosh, that’s pretty close but she just missed the mark huh? I would say she isn’t a ho. Not yet. What would you say?

Man : *Shrugs*

Aysha Bee : But one more man and she is an awwwwwffulll hoe, would you agree?

Man : Yeah.

Aysha Bee : I’ll make sure that I never have sex with more than nineteen men. I respect myself.

Man : I mean…I don’t know if that makes sense.

Aysha Bee : What doesn’t make sense?

Man : A ho is a ho.

Aysha Bee : Now you just wait one minute because now you’re being unfair. You said that a ho is a woman who has had sex with twenty men.

Man : Yeah.

Aysha Bee : Now just why can’t I have my nineteen men like the wholesome woman that I am?

Man : Because that doesn’t make sense. That’s still a lot of men. Okay just forget the number. A ho is a woman who will fuck a lot. Fucks everyday. Just always fucking.

Aysha Bee : Interesting. I’ll take that. I’m really learning a lot from you. So if a woman has sex everyday, she is a ho.

Man : Yeah because she is always fucking. Like a man.

Aysha Bee : I never want to be a ho. So I’ll make sure that if I ever get married, I will rarely have sex with my husband.

Man : Why would you not have sex with your husband? You are supposed to.

Aysha Bee : Yeah but not everyday! I mean, I’m not a ho.

Man : If I had a wife, I would want her to fuck me everyday.

Aysha Bee : So you plan on marrying a ho?

Man : What?

Aysha Bee : A ho. A woman who fucks everyday. A ho.

Man : Awww stop playing. There are exceptions to the rule obviously.

Aysha Bee : What are the exceptions? You’re a very bright guy. I’m learning a lot from you.

Man : If she is having sex with a man who she is married to, it’s cool.

Aysha Bee : Are you married?

Man : No.

Aysha Bee : Do you have a girlfriend?

Man : Yeah, why?

Aysha Bee : Does she have sex with you?

Man : Yeah.

Aysha Bee : Wow, what a ho.

Man : What? Aye, chill on my girl. Another exception. If a woman has sex with a man she is dating, that’s cool too.

Aysha Bee : Is your girlfriend sexual?

Man : She gotta be sexual to be with me. I only date sexual women. I’m a freak.

Aysha Bee : Only men can be sexual.

Man : What?

Aysha Bee : I’m really learning a lot from you.

Man : Okay look …

Aysha Bee : How many women have you had sex with?

Man : I don’t know. I lost count.

Aysha Bee : This has been really helpful. But I feel that a lot of information has been debunked throughout this conversation. So if I can ask you one last time, what is a ho?

Man : I don’t know, yo. Ain’t no ho. Shit.



The lesson to be learned here is that women should not be judged for our sexual decisions with our bodies. Nobody should. Everyone should be free to exercise their sexuality as they see fit.


I wouldn’t have it any other way

Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?


Still can’t figure out colors to save my damn life.
I headcanon that the reason Erina never re-married is because she could never find another man who could reach the impossibly high standards of both personality & physique set by Jonathan Joestar.

a lot of the friends i have who are straight have such an old way of thinking. it’s ‘so you’re just gay, right?’ [they] don’t understand it. [if] i’m like, ‘oh, i really like this guy,’ [they’re like], ‘but you’re gay.’ i’m like, ‘no, you’re so annoying!’… someone is in a relationship with a girl one minute, or a boy is in a relationship with a boy, i don’t want them to be pigeonholed. imagine if i got married to a man. would people be like—‘she lied to us!’ it’s like, no.

SEPTEMBER 4: Xena: Warrior Princess premieres (1995)

On this day in 1995, the very first episode of Xena: Warrior Princess aired on NBC. Although the series had no explicit LGBT characters, the lesbian-coding of its titular character and her gal pal Gabrielle made the show a cult lesbian classic throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

Although dated to today’s audience, Xena: Warrior Princess was a progressive show of storytelling and special effects for its time (x).

Set in a fantasy-eqsue Ancient Greece, Xena: Warrior Princess follows the story of Xena, an Amazon warrior played by Lucy Lawless, as she travels the globe and defends the innocent along with her right-hand woman and farm girl turned fighter, Gabrielle, played by Renee O’Connor. Although the show was a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journey in which the character of Xena was depicted as a villain, Xena: Warrior Princess flipped the script and portrayed Xena as a hero on her path of redemption and eventually surpassed its predecessor in both ratings and popularity. During its second season, it was the top rated syndicated drama series on American television and remained in the top 5 for the rest of the show’s lifespan.

In what would now be deemed as “queerbaiting” of the highest order, lesbian viewers of Xena: Warrior Princess were continually teased by jokes and innuendos in the show about the true nature of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship. In the media landscape of 2017 where LGBT audiences have somewhat of an array of media to choose from, such obvious disregard for lesbian viewers might have tanked the series, but in 1995, it what was catapulted it to cult classic status. Xena became a culturally significant moment in lesbian history. In a hilarious attempt to slyly target lesbian customers, the car company Subaru even released advertisements in the mid-1990s that showed cars with license plates that read “XENA LVR,” and an LGBT rights group was formed that called themselves The Marching Xenas. 

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Although the promised reboot of Xena: Warrior Princess in which Xena and Gabrielle were to be canonically a couple was recently cancelled by NBC, nothing can erase the original show’s cultural impact and the lesbian audience that propelled it forward. In 2006, the Xena costume was donated to the National Museum of American History, and perhaps even more satisfying, in 2003, Lucy Lawless herself gave an interview in which she answered speculation about Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship by saying, “They’re married, man.”


Forbidden (harry styles au)

ahi hi hi, i know it’s been so long. sorry. i’m trying to enjoy my last few days of break before hell breaks loose. this is a smutty writing piece because it was that kind of mood and i haven’t posted any writing in a while so i apologize. hope you enjoy! xx M 

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warning: contains mature content (mostly smut) 

“Mother, I will not get married to a man I hardly know!” Princess Y/N shouts at her mother with an angry and frustrated tone. 

“Y/N! You do not have a choice. We need our allies and if that means giving you away to another kingdom, then we shall do it.” The Queen speaks in a firm, condescending tone as she glares at her daughter with cold eyes.

Y/N feels the tears well up in her eyes, “But I do not even know who this man is. I haven’t even seen him and you’re already discussing a wedding date when I haven’t even met the man!”

The Queen lets out an exasperated sigh, sitting down next her daughter on the cushioned bench in the palace library. It was a place Y/N came whenever she was upset because no one ever came in here except her. 

“Look sweetheart,” she puts a hand on her shoulder as if she’s trying to comfort her but it doesn’t help at all. “We need an alliance and the Kingdom of Saphina want an alliance too. This is why we need to have a political marriage otherwise if there is a rebellion, we won’t have anyone to fight with us. We will lose our men.”

Y/N closes her eyes, clenching her dress in her hand tightly because she knows it’s a lie or at least, there’s some things that her mother is leaving out. Like how her selfish Father wants more land and giving away his daughter to a large and powerful kingdom such as Saphina will cause him to gain more power. Is her mother even aware of that? Of how selfish that is?

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Lucien and Jean in Season 5
5.08 - “Hear The Angels Sing”


“You’ve had some pretty bloody stupid ideas before, Remus Lupin, but this has got to be up there.”

Tonks buried her short nails into the palms of her hands, for fear of them shaking. A baby’s cry echoed from upstairs.

“This is it, Tonks. They need all the help they can get.”

“Then we both go.”


Tonks silently cursed the day she married a man as stubborn as she was. It did not bode well for arguments.

“We’re partners, Remus. We fight together. That’s how it’s always been.”

“Not this time.”

She unclenched her fists, but there was nothing to hold on to, so she clenched them again.

“So you’re just going to leave? After last time?”

When Remus had returned and looked at her with broken eyes and held on to her as though he were falling, she had forgiven him. But she knew better than to trust in the promises he made. She had lost enough people to know those who leave don’t always have a choice.

“Dora, I don’t have a choice.”

“You do. This time, you do.” She closed her eyes and willed her voice not to waver. “I’m not asking you to stay behind. But we’re too out of practice… neither of us can fight like we used to. This won’t be a fair fight.”

Her voice remained steady but the tears in her eyes betrayed her, and Remus threaded his fingers through her own.

“You’ll die if you go there alone.”

Remus held her to his chest and she felt the rise and fall of it, his steady heartbeat. A hungry wail cut through the silent hallway, and she knew.

“Look after Teddy for me,” he whispered into her hair. Lilac shifted to a soft, pale blue. “I love you.”

After the door had clicked shut behind him, Tonks climbed the stairs to their son’s room. She picked him up and cradled him gently, ignoring how her stomach twisted as she smiled at their matching hair. She told him that Daddy had something important to do, but he couldn’t do it alone, so she was going to help him and make sure they both came home.

She hummed softly to drown out her thoughts whilst she wrote a letter to her mother.

Tonks ran through the dust and the chaos towards the Great Hall, knowing there wasn’t enough time but praying for it anyway. She felt the air crackle and her ears rang as she tore through the doors and she saw him, she saw his face and the way Dolohov drew back his wand and she didn’t hesitate before drawing back her own and screaming a curse.

Her aim was off – it hit the pillar by Dolohov’s head and showered him with rubble as he stumbled backwards. But she was by Remus’s side and he was filthy and bleeding from the head and alive, looking at her like she was the last thing left on earth.

Tonks knew there wasn’t enough time but prayed for it anyway as Dolohov found his footing and turned on them. Remus raised his wand and his free hand brushed hers.


Tonks looked past Dolohov into the eyes of her aunt.