she manipulates him into

Friendly Reminder

that while you can make jokes about Feyre manipulating Lucien in ACOWAR by using his mating bond with Elain, that will not make him change. It will make him worse. His condition will get worse as the female he saw as a friend, manipulates him again and again. Just as Tamlin did to him.  

mary wasn’t being redeemed to the audience, her speech was way too cliche, even for many casuals. she was redeeming herself to john, manipulating him into loving her (or the idea of her) so her death is a harder blow, thus worsening things between john and sherlock even more.
all the things she said to john- you’re my everything, take care of the rosie, i just wanted what’s best for us, i doesn’t deserve you, it’s all to tap into his denial. he has trust issues and doesn’t want to believe she’s really a fraud. he doesn’t have a hard time letting people in, he has a hard time getting them out i think.
mary repeatedly saying my love, my darling, my everything is making it harder for him to accept her real identity and let go of the life he expected to get with her. in the iran confrontation scene, he’s trying so hard to cut her off. but then she reminds him of the baby and how much she loves their family and it weakens him.

Superflash is so important, though, because Barry’s never met anyone who fits his ideal of what a superhero is supposed to be. Oliver killed and tortured people when Barry first met him, but Kara is kind-hearted and optimistic and selfless, even though she could kill a human with just her pinky finger. So, Barry kind of worships her because holy shit, a good person who’s incredibly powerful just wants to remember everyone’s names and kick alien butt and isn’t out to manipulate him or anyone else. She just wants to help. Poor Barry has had his ideal of his mentors shatter so many times: Oliver is kind of a jerk, Harrison Wells was the Reverse Flash, Jay was Zoom. But, Kara is just Kara. She wears her heart right out on her sleeve and she gets nothing but joy out of fighting crime and saving the world, be it her world or Barry’s. Is it any wonder he’s been bragging about her to all his superhero friends?

Let's just be clear

Oswald 👏🏻 didn’t 👏🏻kill 👏🏻 Isabella 👏🏻 only 👏🏻 cuz 👏🏻 he 👏🏻 was 👏🏻 jealous! 👏🏻 It 👏🏻 was 👏🏻 also 👏🏻cuz 👏🏻she 👏🏻wouldn’t 👏🏻let 👏🏻 Ed 👏🏻 go 👏🏻 after 👏🏻 he 👏🏻 said 👏🏻 he 👏🏻wanted 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 break 👏🏻 up! 👏🏻


you’re telling me newt took the blame for leda endangering the life of another student and got expelled from hogwarts in her place??????? wha???? is that why dumbledore spoke out against it???? i need the second movie now holy shit the drama to come will be hella interesting. newt’s gotta love lestrange a hell of a lot if he was willing to be expelled for her. (he carries around her photo for goodness sake) but then again he’s starting to like tina so love triangle maybe??? also queenie called leda the taker in their friendship and newt the giver, please don’t tell me she manipulates him in the next movie ;-; GAHHH this is so intense i cannot wait for the next movie in 2018!!

The Infamous Geneva Scene of Season Three: If Bonnie were in charge of that episode



[having just entered her] 

Am I hurting you?


No…well…yes…but don’t stop, just—give me a minute.

[Jamie closes his eyes, trying desperately to stay still, but worried he’ll lose himself there on the spot. Manipulative wee bitch though she is, his cock is screaming at him to move, and NOW]


[tentatively, her eyes closed]

Alright…go on, then…

[He moves slowly, keeping himself in check, hardly touching her apart from strictly necessary. After a few strokes, though, he can’t help but groan with the rush of sensation and feeling]


[tenderly, blissfully]


[Jamie’s eyes fly open and he freezes. Yes, it’s CLAIRE beneath him. He can’t believe his eyes, but no matter how many times he opens and closes them, shakes his head, tries to catch his breath, it’s her. It’s HIS CLAIRE]

[Her eyes are wide, too, but with delight, not surprise, and she smiles reaching up to touch his arms, his face, caressing him]


[more urgently]


[Her hips move against him as she says this and Jamie moves with her, clutching her tight. He’s speechless with love, grief, longing, and the miracle of having her suddenly before him. He’s weeping freely, but can’t even say her name. He melts into her, awash with the soul-deep relief of having her with him again after so long. They make love, passionately, tenderly, exquisitely, Jamie unable to tear his eyes away from her achingly beautiful face. She says his name over and over, until–]


[crying out, completely broken with joy as closes his eyes and loses himself, his face against hers]

Mo nighean donn


[loudly, abruptly]

What did you say? What does that mean, Mackenzie? 

[He lurches up and his eyes fly open. He stares down in horror…It’s just the lass…Claire is gone…She’s always been gone…She’s forever gone. Lost.]

[He carefully extricates himself, see’s that Geneva is alright, and while he acquiesces to remain in the lass’s bed until dawn, he lays awake, trying not to wake her with his sobs, trying only to recapture that fleeting touch of Claire.


[a breath of a whisper…completely broken, but now from despair and loss as he lays there, shaking, heartbroken]

Mo nighean donn


I trust you

I really loved the imagery of this scene!!

Headcanon; Guzma’s Reasoning to obey Lusamine

Team Skull was on hire from Lusamine, and only by proxy of Guzma. She approached him with the offer, and manipulated his mind through praise to get him to accept.

Lusamine would give a command to Guzma (ex; catch some Pokemon, make a mess) and Guzma would issue it to Grunts. This way Aether could clean up and be the ‘good guys’ while Team Skull was the Alola gang of thugs.

With the money, he’d buy food, medical needs, and clothing objects for his grunts, along with a small allowance for each.

Gladion was a more external 'arm’ of Team Skull, and Guzma was sure to keep details of the source of money away from everyone, besides Plumeria.
He was aware of Gladion’s connection to Aether and it’s president, so he’d do his best to keep Gladion’s involvement a hush-hush matter.

The Pokemon that Guzma goes off to sell that the Grunts collect are actually being given to Aether, even though he knows that there’s a chance of the Pokemon having a bad time. But it pays and he needs to take care of his little family.

Harley Quinn's dreams

(A/N): I thought of this and yeah

Summary: Harley still deals with the horror of her relationship with the joker

Warnings: mentions of abuse, angst

Originally posted by kingdomofeclipse

   Harley had gotten away from the joker- from that evil Bastard she despised with a fiery passion. She couldn’t believe she had loved him at one point, especially with the way he treated her- as though she were nothing more than some play toy for him to manipulate. But now she had (Y/N); sweet, caring, SANE (Y/N). 

   Harley had met them at a hospital, they had been a nurse there, someone who took care of others, just like she once used to do. Harley didn’t have (Y/N) as a nurse, unfortunately, so she only got to see them during breaks or when they did their daily rounds. 

    “Heya cutie,” Harley had winked at them as they walked by, bound and determined to catch their attention. “Did anyone ever tell ya you’ve got the prettiest eyes?" 

    "Hmm, I think that title goes to you Miss Harleen quinzel," 

    "Please,” Harley stuck her hand out. “Call me Harley,”

    It hadn’t taken long for something to blossom between the two, after all Harley was a helpless romantic and (Y/N) was just so damn empathetic that it was really no surprise when Harley checked out one day (Courtesy of Bruce Wayne) only to come back, then proceed to kiss a certain nurse on the cheek and call them cute pet names. 

    Harley’s state of mind had improved greatly but she still kept a piece if her sassy, psychotic self behind; After all Harley Quinn had been a fun character to play. But for now she was Harleen Quinzel, recovering mental patient. But she was also Harleen Quinzel, an independent woman who just so happened to be living with a certain nurse. But for now she was asleep but that certain nurse was laying beside her, absolutely naked. 

    (Y/N) throws an arm around Harley’s pale waist, bringing her a bit closer to their own body. The woman whimpered in her sleep, stopping (Y/N) dead in their tracks. Perhaps she was in a bit of pain? (Helping Batman wasn’t the easiest task) Or perhaps she was having a different kind of dream? Maybe one that involved (Y/N)’s tongue dragging along her pale neck, stopping just above her- 

    “Please- please no,” she whimpered softly, curling in on herself unconsciously. “Please don’t hurt me,” (Y/N)’s eyebrows furrow in confusion, well- if Harley wasn’t having a sex dream then perhaps she was having a nightmare instead. "I promise I’ll be good- please- no,“ Her voice would slip into a mumble here and there until it would come out in a less than pleasant whimper. And then suddenly she was crying in her sleep, huge tears gliding down those unnaturally milky cheeks. "I’m so sorry Mr. J, I didn’t mean to-” (Y/N)’s brain officially stops functioning at the name Mr. J, one they hasn’t heard in years.

    During Harley’s recovery she opened up about the Joker, about how awful he was to her, the horrible things he made her do, many of the nurses had figured it was part of the reason Harley was so- crazy- to out it lightly. The joker had been horrible to sweet Harley, it had taken her years to finally get away from him and his torture but even now- nearly two years after she left him- he was still haunting her.

    “Harles,” (Y/N) whispers as they gently attempt to wake Harley up. It also turned out that Harley could be violent in her sleep, (Y/N) ha scars to Prove that, so it was always a good idea to stay on the safe side when trying to wake her up. “Harles wake up, please,” (Y/N) gently shakes her shoulder, biting their lip as they do. “Harley, my love, wake up, it’s just a dream,” Harley mumbles incoherently again squirming in (Y/N)’s grasp. “Harleen, wake up.” (Y/N)’s change in tone must have reached Harley subconsciously for suddenly she jolts awake, her eyes widening in fear as she looks around the room she was in. It wasn’t a hospital room, it wasn’t a cage, it wasn’t by…his…side, but it was Harley’s apartment, her apartment with (Y/N). 

   "Harley,“ (Y/N) looks at her with their own wide eyes. "Are you okay?” Harley looks up at their face, at the concern etched into their features. Mr. J had never looked at Harley like that- 

    “N-No,” Harley cries as she turns on her side to bury her face in (Y/N)’s chest. “It was awful (Y/N), h-he had tied me up a-and he was beatin’ me a-and,” (Y/N) pressed a soothing kiss to Harley’s browbone, soothing her nerves somewhat. 

   "It’s okay Harles, it was just a dream, you’re safe and sound with me,“ Harley sighs shakily as she tucks her head under (Y/N)’s chin, willing her tears to go away. "It’s okay,” (Y/N) continues to murmur words of comfort and almost praise. “It’s okay Harles, I got you, I got love,” Even with the nightmare still fresh in her mind, with (Y/N)’s words Harley really did believe them. She was safe and sound, (Y/N) had her, they weren’t going to let anything bad happen to her. For once Harley was safe and loved.


Malia Tate x Werewolf!

Reader Requested by Anon

Warnings: None
Word count: 550

A/N: I had to admit that I really liked this request since Peter’s currently trying to gain Malia’s trust in the series. 8D

Tags: @peacefullytatted01

“I don’t think you should see her!” Peter yelled after Malia as she walked faster through the woods. It was a shortcut towards your house that you’d showed her first time you two went on a date, but she would always find the way to you with the memory of your smell.

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Sweet Dee’s Romantic History: a Depressing Timeline.

I recently realized a pattern with Dee; In every romantic relationship she has had on the show, with the exception of Charlie, she has been completely insensitive and ignorant to the emotions of her partner, one way or another. When it comes to relationships, Dee is completely unintuitive. So i decided to break down all the relationships she’s had on the show.

In the pilot episode of the show, Much of Dee’s arc came from the fact that she was ‘dating’ a gay man. Despite many warning signs, including from the man himself, Dee is completely oblivious until she is explicitly rejected by him. 

The next time Dee is in a romantic relationship, 2 episodes later in Underage Drinking, It’s with a high school boy. This time she’s being manipulated by him, a fact that she once again is completely oblivious to until the last possible moment. Again, his behavior provides many warning signs that he isn’t being sincere, and again, she remains in the dark until she is forced to witness an outright rejection.

The Dee is dating again in Gun Fever, and guess what? She’s being manipulated!!! She’s being used by a man who’s dating bartenders as a part of a scam. Once again, she remains completely oblivious to the manipulation even as we, the audience, can see it clear as day.

Dee’s next relationship in Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person brings the concept to a more literal level: she literally spends the entire episode with no idea what is going on in her boyfriends head. She is easily tricked by Dennis into thinking her boyfriend is developmentally disabled with no evidence, and then, despite spending tons of time with him, spends the rest of the episode COMPLETELY PUZZLED over this. She’s wrong, once again.

The next time we hear about Dee’s romantic life is when we meet Brad Fisher in The Waitress Is Getting Married. Once again, the entire plot consists of Dee being tricked by men and being completely blind to it. 

Then there’s Ben The Soldier! One of the strangest dynamics on this list, Dee seems to have absolutely no emotional investment in the man and drops him in a second because he is in a wheelchair. Then, (once Artemis gets involved) she goes to extreme lengths to get him back. In The DENNIS system, Ben treats her nicely, but one comment from Dennis sends Dee into an unwarranted tailspin. Although the manipulation doesn’t come from Ben in this case, emotional manipulation at the hands of a man, coupled with Dee’s inability to think critically about her or Ben’s motivations and feeling, ultimately leads to the downfall of her relationship.

Next there’s Bill Ponderosa in Dennis Gets Divorced, and Dee’s cluelessness is put on display yet again. Her reasons for initiating the relationship in the first place are nonsensical, and-what a surprise- most of their relationship consists of Dee being tricked and then getting humiliated because she has no idea what’s going on.

And then, in the ANTI-Social Network, we find out that Dee was catfished, completely offhanded. Shocker.

The next time Dee gets a boyfriend, she is ONCE AGAIN being exploited. This time by a rich guy who’s using her for some sort of Dinner For Schmucks scenario. AND AGAIN Dee has nO IDEA until the very last minute. 

The next time we hear about Dee’s dating life is when she sleeps with a talent manager in The Gang Broke Down. And guess what- HE WAS AN ACTOR! and she had NO IDEA. god, this is getting repetitive, huh? 

And then their is the Gang Group Dates. Somehow she gets the idea that she’s ‘going steady’ with a guy that didn’t even realize they were dating. No reasons are given for her having assumed this, but she is utterly baffled when she finds out. 

There’s Charlie- the outlier. I could exploit this for Chardee purposes, but for now i’m gonna skip over it, because the relationship falls apart in record time and if there was ever somebody for her to be emotionally in-tune with, it would be Charlie.

We don’t get any more of Dee’s love life until season 12, PTSDee. Dee has an encounter with a man that she believes to be profound and meaningful, even so far as to weep with joy after sex, only to find out that the man feels the complete opposite, and that she misinterpreted his tears. It’s a total shock to Dee. Wow.

But even after all of this constant rejection; Dee rarely seems bothered. She brushes off every failed relationship, every humiliation, every manipulation. Yes, she’s being exploited, but she doesn’t really care, and she’s got exploiting of her own to do. Men’s emotions really mean shit to Dee, regardless of whether she can understand them or not. There’s no denying that Dee is a very, very gullible person. Maybe it’s sexist and/or lazy writing, but i love this show and Dee and i don’t want to talk about that possibility, so i’m gonna spin it. Dee’s romantic history shows, in my opinion, two important things. One: Dee is completely unsuccessful in all of her relationships with men and is utterly incompetent at dating them. She is unable to sustain any sort of romantic connection with a man. While initiating sex is as easy as pie for Dee, once the relationship even hints at romance, it falls apart. Two: Dee is emotionally incompetent and unobservant. She is unable to intuit feelings from men at all, and every single time she makes assumptions or observations about her relationships with men, she is showed to be completely wrong. She just doesn’t ‘get ‘em.’  She can’t hold on to a boyfriend, and usually she doesn’t want to. Sustaining an emotional or romantic connection with a man, for Dee, is literally impossible. And if you’re wondering whether i specified ‘with a man’ every time on purpose, yes, it was very purposeful.

Now that Maggie knows the baby is okay she still, long term, does want retribution, but is completely encompassed by making a safe-hold for this child.  I think she’s bolstered by the confidence that Sasha has and the sacrifice that Sasha’s making to stay with her and not leave her side.  The funny thing is with this situation is that Gregory may, will, and does do everything in his power to destabilize Maggie and Sasha and potentially oust them.  It doesn’t matter.  She’ll pander to him, and she’ll try to manipulate him to just get him to do the right thing, but if he’s not gonna do the right thing, that’s okay.  They’ll have Hilltop, and he won’t.

Lauren Cohan

DING DONG IT’S THEORY TIME BITCHES!!! So, this is from 2x08 “Love is a Devil”. After obviously freaking out (WTF ARE YOU DOING ISABELLE??) I started thinking of what might be happening between Izzy and Raphael in this scene. It looks like she’s trying to seduce him and he’s rejecting her (I don’t want to say it’s because saphael, but SAPHAEL), until it hit me right in the face. She’s getting addicted to ying fen. Ying fen is vampires venom, the one they put in you when they bite you. Now, Aldertree is obviously using her addiction to control her and she’s too smart not to see it, so, what if she’s trying to get free from him and his manipulations by finding another way to get the venom? Maybe a VAMPIRE BOYFRIEND/LOVER WHO CAN BITE HER (already hinting at Sizzy maybe? Simon is a vampire and Raph would never bite anyone unless it’s necessary). This at least is my theory about what’s happening/what’s going to happen. What do you guys think?


The Vampire Diaries: Damon Salvatore [ENTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Damon is actually good at keeping the big picture in mind at all times, from his attempts to get Stefan to give up his “rabbit diet” (vampires need to be at optimum strength at all times, and animal blood cannot do that for them) to his assessment of Elijah as a threat and his quick method of dealing with the Originals. He’s sometimes too prompt to act, but is also good at reading between the lines, drawing broader conclusions about things, and remaining detached from the sensory environment. Often, Damon sees the fall-out of Stefan’s decisions and tries to circumvent them, in some cases, taking the fall so Elena’s feelings for Stefan won’t change. The first couple of seasons shows a naive idealism toward Katherine Pierce, which turns to hatred once he realizes she manipulated and abandoned him. Damon likes puns and wordplay, seeking ways to insert innuendo and double meaning into things whenever he’s annoyed or playing with people.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He thinks – and acts. There’s no discussion in-between. Damon doesn’t let morality stop him, either. If killing someone saves the people he cares about, he does it. His decisions are often rational but hurtful to others – like when he uses Lexi, Stefan’s oldest friend, as a scapegoat for local vampire murders and kills her. In his eagerness to destroy the Originals, Damon underestimates their healing and regenerative abilities. He enjoys pointing out the irrational flaws in other people’s thinking (“No, no, no, did I mention no?”).

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Even though Damon swears it’s untrue, he really does care how other people see him. He’s impacted by their emotions. His tendency to lose his temper and do things to intentionally provoke hatred in others is part of his self-loathing; he feels that if they hate him, his own hatred is vindicated. Damon will admit to his feelings easily, once he’s under enough stress (“I swear, Elena, I didn’t know Jeremy had the ring on, but I’m glad…”). Even though he has doubts about drinking human blood at first, Damon tries it because Katharine convinces him it’s alright to do so.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Damon spends the entire first season hung up on his ex! He spends over a hundred years determined to reunite himself with her – once he realizes he’s been duped, all the happy memories of Katherine turn to ashes in his mouth. His assessment of people is based on his previous experiences with them – and he expects them to stay true to themselves (”I know you, Stefan!”). He can be sentimental to the extreme in some ways, while hating his former life and wanting to be rid of his memories. His love for Elena is in part because of her true self, and partly because she’s a doppelgänger.

I get really confused whenever I see someone say that they’re romanticizing Archie/Grundy or playing it up as sexy/forbidden when they are really obviously playing up her being the aggressor towards him, that she is manipulating him, and is gaslighting/abusing him into staying silent and that he was being smothered with guilt from her saying they needed to keep quiet, that they (she) could go to jail, and she used their relationship as a bargaining chip and played on his emotions to get him to shut up.

And this was even before Jughead flatout *said* that’s what she was doing to Archie when he confronted Archie about what was going on with Grundy. And not once did Jughead blame Archie or make Archie into anything but Grundy’s victim - he was mad at Archie until he found out the Grundy thing was happening, and then he IMMEDIATELY was like “Dude, no, she’s messing with your head and hurting you and none of this is okay or cool and you need to do what you know is right and be the person I know you are, because she is making you into someone else.” and put the blame entirely on Grundy for manipulating Archie.

And Archie is portrayed as a lost and confused teenage boy with feelings he doesn’t want to let go of and she keeps making it about what could happen to HER and playing on his feelings, so like, that is super realistic?

Like, I do not get how you could actually watch the show and think we’re supposed to root for Archie and Grundy when it makes it clear it is toxic and she is selfish and awful.