she makes you wanna kill her

okay, here is another list of a character, yes this time i’m talking about lexa, because why not (part 1)

  • you know that time when lexa dresses up as a peasant girl and pretends to be fuckin scared of jaha and kane? ya. girl doesnt fuck around she is truly an actress. watch the way she drags her leg because it must appear injured, or how she plays with a leaf as a sign of nervousness, or when she flinches the moment someone raises their voice.
  • but then, because peasant girl must deliver a message, she also goes all dark when jaha asks what would happen if they refused to kill either of them with the knife and she says ‘then the commander will use it to slit both of your throats’. no offense but no matter how soft you even wanna make peasant girl appear, she is slytherin as hell.
  • when lexa reveals herself to be Commander Lexa with that cold hard stare. so yes, she plays games until she doesn’t anymore. this is how you know that all of her entrances will be To Die For
  • Lexa and Gustus height difference
  • Commander Lexa likes Marcus Kane
  • lexa has a thing for playing with objects, just like raven. her knife is her best friend. and she loves to use it for intimidation, especially by dragging her own fingers over the blade, while staring you down
  • one of lexa’s best war-paint looks is during her first scene with clarke in her tent (2x07)
  • “did she die well”
  • lexa always challenging clarke.
  • for real though, she has a thing for challenging people in general
  • when she stands in front of the dropship and looks like a tiny stormcloud
  • she totally has a thing for grabbing things when she is impressed as well. especially when she witnesses something she has never seen before. this time her best friend is her sword. she absorbs unknown things like air.
  • “you cannot stop this”
  • her wtf faces
  • “It is done” - lexa stops an entire army who is angrily running towards clarke with her voice and a simple hand gesture.
  • when she speaks trigedaslang
  • lexa’s biggest weakness is not love but when blonde girls from space speak trigedaslang
  • when she talks about costia and says that she got over the pain but her voice ends up being extremely shaky, has to swallow down her feelings and clench her jaw harder to keep herself from crying.
  • lexa’s candle obsession has been revealed in 2x09
  • ‘thank you, marcus of the sky people’ ‘you’re welcome… lexa… kom trikru’ best friend status reached
  • lexa likes drinks and loves to share
  • when she has to kill gustus…..
  • “death is not the end” she loves being dramatic
  • see also: the dramatic turn
  • lexa actually wanted to fight the pauna with her tiny ass knife (her best friend knife that she uses for literally everything), honest to god pulling an anya who wanted to fight reapers with a stone back in 2x04. she squares herself, licks her lips and confidently steps up and says ‘i’m ready to fight’
  • anya wasnt lying see? thats how they train them to be warriors.
  • watches over clarke while staying up, with her hand planted on her knife and arm still hurting from the pauna attack. denying herself real rest
  • she teaches lessons like ‘mockery is not the product of a strong mind, clarke’ (2x10) and then breaks her own rules a couple days later ‘clarke of the sky people has honored us with her presence’ (2x12)
  • “clarke…clARKE”
  • ‘love is weakness’ *comes back for clarke after the missile hit tondc*
  • lexa gives the shortest speeches in the history of speeches but always gets her point across.
  • the entire Bodyguard of Lies episode where she also has her 20th breakdown in her tent
  • that one time lexa wants to sleep but clarke decides that its time to not stop talking and bombard lexa with all of her thoughts about mount weather instead. lexa is so tired that she even wears her coat open.
  • that moment when she wants to go on a murder mission and get octavia killed because she doesnt trust a fake grounder
  • the softest kisser you will find on planet earth
  • lexa knows how to flirt. will invite you over to her house after two weeks
  • do we talk about the betrayal??? clexa angst was real For A Moment
One of my favorite Garrus moments

One of my favorite parts in the Citadel DLC is when I fight my way to when Garrus picks up comms and he’s like “lucky for you Arch Angels your boyfriend,” and then Brooks pipes in with “Your putting Shepard in danger,” and Garrus is all like “I’m doing what!?!…” 

He's pretty much like “bitch I have been with Shepard since day one! I RODE SHOTGUN IN THE MAKO WHILE SHEPARD DROVE!! We have had crazy  interspecies sex that neither of us are sure how it works exactly but we are making that shit WORK!! We’ve killed REAPERS together and Shepards waist looked damn fine doing it you squeamish bitch! You wanna know how I know she looked damn fine doing it? Because I was hanging back picking off the fuckers bent on shooting that sweet waist of hers while you were off somewhere with your thumb up your ass! So How dare you!? I will rip off your head and shit down your throat you say that shit to me again.”

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frozen discourse: anna deserved to get the crown bc elsa forfeited the crown by running away like a little bitch movie would've been better with a struggle for power tbh then i would've have had to see a goddamn snowman singing

here’s what they shoulda done done imhno (in my humble negra opinion)

elsa runs away and feels empowered by her powers and vows never to return to the kingdom

anna, because she loves her sister or whatever goes out to find her, and hans goes with her as part of his “i love you” cover

they meet kristoff along the way and anna starts to realize that hans is an asshole on her own and her and kristoff abandon him to the cold

they get to elsa’s ice palace and find that she is perfectly content on her own, she asks anna to join her

hans appears and tries to kill anna and elsa saves her by killing hans

anna is all like “please come back” and elsa is like “lmao no, this is the type of shit that makes me wanna stay in my ice crib, go home”. things escalate and elsa gets angry because her heart is frozen now (drama) and tries to fight anna to get her to leave

kristoff gets hit in the heart by ice during the altercation

seeing her sister’s grief over this boy she loves, elsa calms and realizes what she’s done

anna convinces her that the powers can be used for good if she learns to control them, kristoff survives because disney, they all go home, elsa rules as queen

elsa gets a black girlfriend

idina menzel sings for 90% of the movie

olaf doesn’t exist and hans is super dead, dude. super fucking dead

not even joking tho season 6 of parks and rec is killing me bc the way leslie just doesn’t want ann to leave, even though leslie is happy for her and wants her to have the best life she can possibly have is literally ripping my heart out of my chest. i ship them romantically but good LORD the love they have for each other as also bestfriends just makes me wanna cry tbh

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Who do you thing that is the cruelest villain in the Riordan books? I think Gaia is pretty bad, cuz she spent years planning her revenge and ascension and started to make her moves since always. But I think Loki is the worst till now, bc he has that charming personality and that intrinsic psychological cruelty. What he did with Raldolph was so baaaad. I really think he is a great villain! How about you? Thankssss ❤

OMG HI! *hug* I LOVE being asked opinions on stuffs!!!! 

SO YEAH Gaea is awful. She killed the incredible, pure, badass, awesome Hazel. She called Percy a pawn. Basically she did a lot of bad stuff. But she had a real reason to be vengeful. Imagine how we’re treating her. Wouldn’t you wanna wake up and wipe human kind after dealing with their sh** for thousands of years and just wanting peace? I’m not a Gaea apologist, but she’s not the worse. Besides, even Zeus has wiped all of humanity to bring it back better.

Kronos on the other hand… A orphan basically. Very very… EXTRA. He tortured humans and treated them like hamsters. Not letting them evolve. He could’ve changed, but he wallowed in the fact he was ignored and that just grew and grew. BESIDES. It was his fricken fault he couldn’t just NOT have kids! He was warned. He had his turn.

THEN there’s Aphophis and Set… I’m not really gonna get into that… They don’t really compete. Bad? Sure. They’re awful. Terrifying. But not anymore than the others. Nothing extraordinary there really. *looks around nervously cause I think I might be causing universal disruption and is scared for self*  


OHHHH. Where to start with him… *sigh*

He dare to control people. He’s not even OBVIOUSLY evil when he’s acting OBVIOUSLY evil. His plans are always self centered, he doesn’t care who he brings down or who wins as long as he’s on top. He’s got that villainous charisma that makes you lower your defenses and doubt… He’s so messed up… But charming. I agree with your description. 

So I might be biased… But it could be Loki.

A bit of an update with my living situation

Since people have been reblogging my commission sheet more and more

Just had another scare with my mom threatening to kick me out, except this time it was like “I want you to pack your bags and be ready to leave by tomorrow”

She’s already back to acting like nothing happened, even tried to come into my room and talk about me going to go buy jeans, meanwhile I’m hiding under my covers because so much as looking at her is enough to make me wanna burst into tears and hide. She’s killing me here.

My therapist says I need to make plans now to leave, and not mention it to mom. She thinks I need to hide my valuables and start looking for affordable places to live bc this is a abusive relationship that I need to escape from. It feels like a lot and it feels like something that may never happen to me (leaving, I mean)

It’s only been a year since I moved back in with mom and I wish that I never made that decision.. except at the time when I’d moved back in I was at an even worse mental state, and having someone to take care of me was rly appealing.

I just forgot how mom holds everything over my head and acts like I owe her for raising me.

I start my first day of working at Home Depot on Tuesday, so I’ll start generating a more stable income. I’m TRYING to save the money I have from the commissions I’ve gotten so far but I have bills that most of it goes to those every month.

I’m going to start looking for apartments now that could be within my pay range, and I guess I’ll have to figure it out as I go.

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Preference for Emily realising she's in love with you

Emily realising she’s in love with you would involve :

  • It’s super angsty about it
  • Like she can’t understand why she likes you, she is used to being attracted to men.
  • She constantly checks you out with the excuse that she is trying to understand why she likes you
  • JJ totally figures it out.
  • prentiss then reaches the state of denial where she is like” I am totally not gay go away” and then “I have trust issues and dont wanna open up”
  • She also then reaches the stage of “ I hate that i like you, please make out with me now “
  • But she does not make a move cause she thinks the feeling is one sided
  • But then when she realizes that Doyle is back and out to get her, she probably tells you she loves you via voicemail and rides of into the darkness to kill that motherfucker.

a/n I would love to elborate on this via imagine, one shot or full on fic so let me know if you like this 💜💛💜

maybe for the painter au you could have a thing where Harry’s New Years resolution/goal is to take a photo of y/n everyday of the year and have like a mini portfolio for each day. and it’s just cute candid things like y/n waking up in the morning or washing her face and he’s pestering her from behind saying cute stuff like “just give us a smile love’ or “just wanna see your pretty face and take some pictures splats”

This is so bloody adorable, my lovely! What the hell? Oh my goodness. Are you trying to kill me? Huh? ;))

He’d set himself his own project at the beginning of the year: to take photos of his girlfriend everyday in her natural beauty in candid shots to make them natural. Whether it be in the morning when she’s cooking breakfast or in the daytime when she’s painting a new canvas or at night when they’re cuddled together in bed and she just looks so adorable and sleepy.

And in the new year, he’d take his camera to his studio in London and he’d print them all into a little book that’s labelled “Splats.” and when people see them, they’re confused over the name until he explains that the girl in his photos is his girlfriend and that Splats is her nickname.

And, she’d fall so in love with him after she’d see the gorgeous photos of her that he snapped unexpectedly. xx

I just wanna say, you're mine, you're mine

tagging @blakesdoitnastier bc it’s her fault I’m shipping this so hard.

“One of these days you’re going to get me killed, Princess,” Seth growled into her neck as he thrust into her from below.

“You like it,” Kate replied, as he pulled her nipple into his mouth and she let out a hum of approval, her head falling back. He moved his hands down to his hips to increase his leverage.

“No, you like it,” he chided. “Admit it. You like getting those men to flirt with you just so I can beat them up. It turns you on.”

She let out of scoff, but it was just about the least convincing thing he had ever heard so he continued, “You get those men to try and touch you so I come and punch their lights out, it makes you wet. You were already fucking dripping when I got you back here tonight. I hadn’t even touched you yet. God even now, you’re thinking about it and I can feel your pussy clenching around me.”

He stilled for a moment, savoring the feeling of her, warm, wet and pulsing around his cock, until she gave a whine. Wrapping an arm around her back, he rolled them over, so he was on top and could reach the ground beside the bed. He began moving again, grinding his pubic bone into her clit each time he bottomed out. Within minutes they were both moaning out their release.

He slowly pulled out, disposed of the condom, then flopped back onto the bed beside her. Kate gave a soft sigh then curled up against his side, bringing her hand up to lightly graze against the blooming bruise on his cheekbone, from the one hit the other guy had got in. He let out a low chuckle and she huffed, “Okay fine, maybe I do like it.”


so far i think my favorite thing about dark matter is how its about hardened criminals trying to parent a teenage girl who’s smarter than all of them combined

like you have the concerned parents:

i mean look at them, they just wanna make sure she’s okay :’)

then you have the “we have trouble expressing emotions but we def care about you” parents

also the “here, have a gun” parents

i love how Two went from “no you can’t have a weapon young lady” in the first ep

to “yes, take my gun. take his gun. take all the guns and kill everyone baby” in the last ep

look at this mama bear seriously :’) 

and Six is the “SHE CANT HAVE ALCOHOL SHE’S A KID” dad <3 while Three tries to be cool dad who gives her whiskey and guns and stuff

anyway i love this squad of terrible parents

There will come a day where you’ll be driving down the highway
And you’ll look up and the sky
And you’ll remember nothing but my pale blue eyes
And the hairs on your arms will stick up
Like you’ve seen a ghost
And she’ll ask you what’s wrong
And you’ll say nothing
But it was something
And it’ll happen again in your kitchen
When you’re making tea
And you’ll put too much sugar in it and it’ll taste like me
And you’ll spit it out and start to cry because you don’t wanna remember that night
But you don’t understand that she lives in your house
She lives in your mind
And she’ll be there till the day that you die
Her name is regret
And she’s killing you inside
Just like she killed me
When I found out you lied
—  regret // sept. 5th
3am thoughts

you know u miss her and u know u still love her. u miss that feeling u get whenever you’re with her or whenever you’re talking to her. u miss those late night conversations, hours of talking on the phone, even just those simple texts. u miss those moments where u were so happy and contented u just don’t wanna let her go bc she was so fucking special. u couldn’t. u couldn’t let her go. but she did. she let go. and u were so disappointed in urself bc u couldn’t make her happy. someone else had to do it. you couldn’t make her stay. so she left. and it fucking kills you bc you can’t do anything about it. you just sit there wondering what u did wrong, but u knew you just weren’t enough. you couldn’t give her enough time and attention. and that’s everything she needed. it’s just sad bc she got it from someone else. u knew at some point she was gonna give up bc she couldn’t take it anymore. you were just too afraid to admit it to urself. it kills you inside bc now she’s with someone who should’ve been you. that could’ve been ur place, you could’ve done those things with her, you could’ve made those plans with her, you could’ve made her happy, and most importantly, you could’ve made her stay. and now you’re full of regret and disappointment that u actually became depressed. it’s your fault. you gave ur all, but did she gave hers?


On September 14th 1972, after stopping at a bus stop Edmund Kemper would pick up his third victim, 15 year old Aiko Koo.

He drove her to a remote location outside Santa Cruz, explaining to her that she had just been kidnapped. Koo became hysterical, but Kemper tried to maintain her trust, telling Aiko: I was gonna kill myself and take you with me, but now I just wanna talk.

Surprisingly, Kempers method of manipulation worked and the two would start having a conversation, mainly negotiating.  

When Kemper got out of his car to get something out of the trunk, he accidentely locked himself out.

The mistake Koo would make showed to be deadly. She let Kemper back in the car, unlocking the door for him, at the same time showing how convincing he could be.

As soon as they touch the handle of my car, their life is mine, Kemper once said.

After rendering Aiko unconcious he would rape her and then strangle her with her own scarf. Later dismembering her body at his apartment and scattering Aiko Koos remains in various deserted locations.


“I’m not a miracle worker. Well… Not always.“

Just a little skin idea/redesign of Mercy, from Overwatch! She is one of my 4 mains (Along with Mei, Ana and!)

I mostly like Mercy design, but the boobplate kills me off(And makes me facepalm to the SUN)

At first I was gonna just change the chest area, but if you wanna change something… why not change all? I tried to respect her colours tho.

This redesign features Angela Ziegler with shorter hair, doctor coat, sturdier pants, a more colorful version of the Valkyrie suit and a more ornated version of the Caduceus Staff (based off on the symbol and the mythos).

I may do a concept sheet on this, if I see that a lot of people like it!

Also, I’m thinking of doing more redesigns, or maybe put into motion other skin ideas. But 

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I had a bad day at work surrounded by screaming kids and difficult customers, okay? Not exactly something a demi-god can just punch and make go away... *She turned her head to watch Mini-Maui, and though a sort of half-hearted chuckle indicated appreciation for the attempt, she was still simply too emotionally and physically exhausted to manage a real smile just yet.*

Huffing a sigh, Maui blew his hair out of his face and rolled his shoulders, humming thoughtfully, the sound low in his chest.

“…You know what always makes me feel better? Destruction. You wanna go kill a monster? It’s great stress-relief. And afterwards, we can stop for a nice papaya! Nothin’ soothes the soul like gutting a giant eel and then having a fruit salad.”

Hum, let’s see.
Lost a sibling: Amelia ✔ Meredith ✔
Lost the lover: Amelia ✔ Meredith ✔
Lost a parent: Amelia ✔ Meredith ✔
Lost a friend: Amelia ✔ Meredith ✔
Lost a child: Amelia ✔ Meredith ✔
The diference is Amelia saw her dad dying in front of her. She woke up with her boyfriend dead in her bed. Her long time best friend ask Amelia to kill her, when didn’t work, she killed herself. She had to carry a baby for 9 months knowing that he would never actually live.
I’m not trying to take away Meredith’s lost, which btw, she saw her sister dying in front of her (I’m actually never get over it), I just wanna make clear that they are both in pain.

So don’t tell me Amelia doesn’t know what suffering is. Don’t judge Amelia without knowing her past, don’t judge her addictions if you don’t know how she got there.
Meredith and Amelia are both the most damage characters on Grey’s. They should support each other and be a family. Be sisters.

Dognut? Nutdog? 


I kinda wanna try them just to say I did, altough I don’t know if I’d survive.

Everyone behold Sadie’s completely unfazed look at having a fucking Lion sleeping on her shop.

She’s killed worse things, she doesn’t care.

Yeah I have that problem a lot. Whenever I’m alone to cook I just get the urge to order food but I have to mentally punch myself and actually make something because I know it will be better and tastier, it just takes more work.

Try new things, you know? A couple weeks ago I tried liver milanesas and it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.


“Hey, Noh. Who’s that? She’s cute. Isn’t your ex?… Can I date her?”

“Sure. If you like her and make her smile, then go ahead…”

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"Also," Viola stuck her head back in the bathroom. "If you're gonna try and kill yourself, you might wanna try locking the door. Just a tip." -lcngdcnetlcvecu


Violet looked down at the sink quickly and put her blade down. Her blood dripped from the cut on to the white sink. Tears streamed her face, but she didn’t make any sobbing noises, mainly to keep her dad from hearing anything. She balled her fist and pulled her sleeve down. “I can’t stand it here” she mumbled. “Can’t fucking stand it” she said as she wiped the sink off.