she makes me uncomfortable at least

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hey it's me!!!! i'm sorry i've been away but school has been SUPER hard plus i have swim practice every day. i had an idea for a fic? i think i saw one similar but id like to see your take on it. just super angst you saeran in love with mc but she doesn't return his feelings BC she loves saeyoung. pls no saeran x mc x saeyoung BC it makes me super uncomfortable

Thank you for your request sweetie  *v* i hope you like it!

He saw her first

It’s just painful. Painful to see the very first person you ever loved in your whole life in another man’s arm, especially if this man is your brother.
Saeran just wants to hold you in his arms for at least one time and know that you’re his, but you know that this is not going to happen. Of course, he feels bad for loving his brother’s wife, but he just can’t help it, and he doesn’t want to tell that to anyone, he never opens up, imagine in this situation.
Even being cured, even being here with his family, with new friends, and with a life, he can’t help it, he still feels a big hole in his heart, he needs love, a true love, you would be perfect.
He thanks himself for having this grumpy face, nobody even thinks he must be jealous or sad, only grumpy, hating seeing you and Saeyoung being all lovey dovey together.
He wonders if one day you’ll change your mind and see him in from of you…But this another wild dream in his head, oh yes, this all that he can do: Dream.
He always dreams, what would be like if you were his, all those kisses were meant for you, not for Saeyoung, he would do all that you wanted him to do, he thinks a smile would be always in his face…But he’s alone.
He wants to forget you, he really does, but every time you smile at him for anything, or if he listens to you laugh, or look at your eyes...Or even think about you, he has no choice, he can’t help but love you.
He needs help, he can’t do this alone, he wants to pray, Saeyoung always said that helps, but every time he closes his eyes he remembers you.
You’re in control of him.
Your story with Saeran has no ending since it hasn’t even a beginning.
The heaven that is being with you is not meant for him, he accepts that.
His whole life will be like that, he can’t stand on his feet, what is he becoming now?
He cries about this, almost every night, he wipes his tears with his sleeve of his sweater.
This time, he has almost a hundred percent of sure nobody will save him, even one day with you would be the best thing in his life if he could only spend all day with you…If he could only hold tight, but he accepts the defeat.
He wants to let you know all this, this hurts so much, he’s trying to let you go. He’s so grumpy, mad about everything, cold, but with you, it’s not like that at all.
Inside this mask, inside his walls, it has a Saeran that loves you so much.
His life is not going to get brighter.
You’re in his brother’s arms and he has to see this every day…Time is his only ally, only he might take you out of his mind.
He always tries to not kiss you, or even hug you, or he doesn’t let you go. He could even try to confess, but he knows he would get an“I don’t love you.” and it would ruin everybody’s life.
He’s so sick, so tired of all these feelings, he’s crying so much because of that, he took you like his new drug, he lost his mind again.
He fell in love and fell apart.
And every time Luciel asks him if he’s alright Saeran lies and say “Of course i’m fine, idiot brother.”
Saeran just hopes you’ll be happy.
But he’s too tired of listening to the sound of his tears.

my brother straight up asked me if i’m a lesbian i’m Shook™

coming out isn’t as cute as they make it on tv tbh it was the most uncomfortable experience and i just feel double awkward around him now.

but at least he’s ok with it? he kept cracking jokes like how i should tell grandma so that maybe she’ll finally die lmao

presented a paper at American Studies on how white supremacist and imperialist ideologies have shaped the culture of backpacking travel. i knew it would make people uncomfortable because even after trump, white supremacy is still like voldemort, he who shall not be named. so i wasn’t surprised when the q&a started off with one white guy dismissing my “marxist critique of travel” as “nothing new” and “blanket condemnations” (you didn’t get it.) after that, a white woman tried to come for me, and i was expecting it because she had been staring me down with the most hateful expression after i gave my presentation. she was so angry that i would dare even mention white supremacy in relation to travel. i responded, “i knew when i submitted this paper that talking about white supremacy at this conference would make people uncomfortable, but at least post-trump, when white supremacy elected a president, we’re not gonna pretend it doesn’t exist.” then she was like “I’VE GONE BACKPACKING I’VE TAUGHT CRITICAL THEORY FOR 20 YEARS I RUN A STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM I HAVE RUSSIAN HERITAGE. DOES THAT MAKE ME A WHITE SUPREMACIST??? *SNEER*” she was trying to keep going but i decided i would rein it in real quick, and responded, “well i think those are questions you have to unpack for yourself. my paper was not a critique of all white travellers, it was a critique of how white supremacy has shaped the culture of travel. let’s not derail the conversation and i want to give space to other panelists to speak so if anyone has any other questions, that would be great!” in academia, when you cross its lines, they try to dismiss you as if it’s about the quality of your work, but i know my work is fucking great, my professors know my work is great, and i will not be silenced by white fragility baiii

i used to work at a fast food place with those wonderful golden arches and christ, the people i’d get coming through the drive thru were the worst. i had one lady yell at me for not immediately putting a lid on her drink as soon as the machine dispensed the soda into the cup. i had a guy come through every sunday and he’d hit on me and make me generally uncomfortable. the worst was this old man bitching at me for taking too long (it was a morning rush on a sunday; we were next to a church so we got the church crowd) and that they should “just hire mexicans” instead because “at least they’re fast”. like sir you’re a racist piece of shit

i did have a really nice customer who gave me $10 because she said i looked “like i had a rough day” (i had)

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Elain and Cassian

This makes me… a bit uncomfortable to even think about… but I respect all ships friend, so I shall make an attempt! Hey, maybe someone else is super on board with this and can add to it!

-So Cassian isn’t used to slow and sensual sex okay, he is a ROUGH guy, but with Elain he knows he needs to go slow. At least at first.
-The first time they have sex he is MAJORLY restraining himself and she can tell and it takes some convincing for her to get him to just GO FOR IT. Her eyes roll in the back of her head because SEX CAN FEEL LIKE THAT?
-The first time he goes Commander™ voice on her she comes IMMEDIATELY. It kind of freaks him out at first how affected she was but then he’s like hell yes and dirty talks RELENTLESSLY.
-they are notorious for being LOUD AS HELL in the bedroom. Cassian just grins and Elain hums and butters her toast like No Big Deal the next morning even though everyone heard her screaming Cassian’s name the night before.

unnessecarily long-ass post

Okay, I said I was gonna post about B. So here it is…
I’ll start off by saying, I’m super gay. Like, so gay it’s awesome. Like guys make me uncomfortable in every way gay.
So this guy, I’m like, 85% sure he has a crush on me. I’m normally very oblivious in theses situations, at least when they happen to me, so the thing that got me thinking was, I was sitting next to two girls and…

Girl A: So what d'you think about B?
Me: What?
Girl B: Oh… She doesn’t know…
Me: o_0

After that, I paid close attention to B, and to my horror, he does in fact act like he has a crush on me. Now this happened pretty late last school year, before I was sure of my gayness (suspecting tho), and while we were somewhat good friends at the time, I never even for a second felt anything back.
You may notice that I said “at the time.” Well, I don’t know if it’s puberty or something (he did shoot up during the summer), but he’s been one little shit lately. He somehow manages to fit the exact stereotype of a straight, white, Christian, and pretty biased guy, all while being disabled. (We go to a therapeutic day school, there’s no way he’s neurotypical.) It’s kind of hilarious, in a ironic sense. We have a rule that if someone redirects you (a redirection is a friendly correction to the current appropriate behavior), you just accept it, even if it’s incorrect. If the person made you feel uncomfortable, you can talk to a teacher about it, and they’ll judge if the other student should be reprimended, but that’s it. The thing is, he argues EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME. I don’t remember the last time he argued against a redirection that was actually inappropriate. And he’s rude, and loud, and whiny (lol, he’s a whiny white boy!), and biased. He once asked if he could look up a Bible verse to put on his work, and I reminded him that we can’t talk about religion at school, to which he said, “See, that’s not right, because (I forget this part) everybody goes to church.” Which, by the way, they DON’T. I was just about to remind him of a classmate who is a proud Muslim, but the teachers took him out to refocus him (a process that has the student acknowledge what they did wrong and come up with a plan for next time), so I was spared having to verbally spar with him. He also disobeys directions almost immediately after they’ve been given, in a space of time which he could not have possibly forgotten it. I hate him. I don’t want him to burn in lava or anything, I just want to never see his face ever again. I wouldn’t cry if something terrible did happen to him, though.

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So I'm curious, what is your opinion of Nyx and Nyx being shipped with anyone? To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about her. She just reminds me of how uncomfortable I was about Nowi especially when it came down with S-supporting her with anyone.

Yeah Nyx also feels weird to me too and I dislike this “Legal Loli” trend Awakening and Fates had with Nowi and Nyx BUT at least Nyx acts way more like an actual adult than Nowi so that does make me feel less squicked when pairing her up.

I honestly can’t decide how I feel about Corinne as a person, which is maybe a trap to begin with because she’s so clearly playing like, a cartoon character on this show. There have been moments when I genuinely dislike her and am like, “yeah, this woman is just a jerk, this stuff she’s saying makes me uncomfortable, I’m ready to not see her on my television program anymore”, but there are also moments where she seems genuinely goofy and funny and like someone who would be fun to at least have a few drinks with by a pool - which is pretty much all she does on this show - and I mean, those aren’t mutually exclusive feelings, I guess. I enjoy her performance for the most part as Bachelor Villain but I have no clue how I feel about her as a real human being. With the other women on this show I feel like I’ve had at least somewhat of a glimpse of some aspect of their authentic selves, but it’s so hard to tell with Corinne! Especially now that she’s made it this far, so the narrative is trying to take her from over-the-top villain to like, quirky relateable possible future wife. 

conversation with aroace “friend” went as follows:

me: ugh someone with the q word in their name *shows her* just followed me on twitter. i hate seeing that it makes me really uncomfortable
her: what, q***r?
me: don’t say it???
her: i know it’s derogatory but it’s in the name now
me: the acronym is different for everyone. i see the q for questioning.
her: well at least you have a fucking letter
me: well that’s because i’m actually lgbt

i was really proud of myself for standing up to her. i also told her only trans ppl and/or people who experience asg can say the q slur, which she took better than i expected

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don't mind me i'm just gonna smooch ya and i admire ya you know. i love esmeralda so much and your love for her makes me so happy and i'm so glad to see you again

 You sent the message above like about 3 weeks ago. Fast forward 3 weeks,
and I got this message below.

And like, I’m laughing??? We went from sweetness to jibes pretty quickly. At
least for me, because I am an awkward person who is afraid she may offend
others. But you never gave me reason to feel uncomfortable, and have been
extremely kind to me. We might not be in the same fandom any longer, but I
think we actually bonded more now than before. 

I am only slowly learning more about games in the last couple of years, and
though I’m still not familiar with O*verwatch, I don’t need to. I enjoy your blog
in all honesty. You bring Jesse to life vividly and your headcanons are wildly
entertaining and help me understand him more. His dialogue is sharp and to
the point and your descriptive writing is lyrical.

So thank you. <3 But no thanks to you for blocking me just because I like
country and yoghurt, that’s discrimination and I will file a complaint!

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On the heels of your last antisemitism/Trump post, what about Linda Sarsour? She makes me uncomfortable (to say the least) and not in a "check your privilege" sense. There's no denying that the group she's a part of (and I have teamed up with). Is making waves and trying, and things are messy. But trying to "reconcile" for lack of a better word-in my mind (and I'm sure the minds of others) is hard. Help. Love, a Fearful and Disgusted Goy.

Linda Sarsour is more of the same.

Antisemitism is endemic in the progressive left.  It’s endemic in the pro-Palestine movement.  It’s endemic in the Muslim community.

And it’s given a pass in all three.  Or worse, it’s justified and even encouraged.

I’d be surprised if there’s any national progressive movement which does not have antisemites in leadership positions.  

In order to fight it, the progressive left needs to go through a major change.  Among other things, it needs to understand the basics of antisemitism, the differences between racism and antisemitism, the history of antisemitism on the left, the basics of Jewish identity as both a religion and nation, the importance of Israel as the Jewish homeland.  

Frankly, I don’t see it happening.

Parker had given it a few days to see if he was overreacting, but with Hailey’s replies to texts being as off as they were, he couldn’t wait any longer. He’d never been one to be accused of overthinking something, being a fairly notoriously easy going person, so this was an uncomfortable feeling to say the least. But when he arrived at Hailey’s dorm, he still tried to maintain some semblance of cool, knocking and leaning against the door frame until she opened the door. “My being here right now does have an explanation. Once that I’d like to preface with: I am not a stalker.” He said in place of a greeting. “Your texts were making me nervous. Which sounds super stalkery, but see again the preface. I just want to make sure you’re okay. And that things aren’t weird. And if things are weird I promise to keep my hands to myself. Seriously. Scout’s honor.” @haileyvb

Sometimes it bothers me when I see fanart of Luna Lovegood where she is drawn as beautiful or sexy. I understand that this is at least somewhat driven by the fact that Evanna Lynch is very pretty. But Luna is explicitly described in canon as being distinctly odd looking, and certainly odd-acting, in a way that makes other characters slightly uncomfortable. Speaking as someone who was an odd kid and got made fun of for it a lot, it would be nice to see some art that values Luna as a character without feeling the need to turn her into a knockout or erase her oddness.

@gayscreaming I mean it’s not like a regular occurrence or anything but it has happened. it makes me really uncomfortable because inherently by saying that she’s assuming that I’m straight, and it also just makes me question myself and feel like a fetishizing str8 girl which. even though I know logically that that isn’t true it’s a Bad Time

amaineiko chatte-georgiana

it might surprise you both to know that I once planned a NaruSaku/SasuHina AU fic, haha

The basic idea was that, rather than Ino, it was Naruto who helped Sakura with the bullies and to overcome her insecurities (or at least, gain confidence). Because of his influence, she turned out a lot more… uhm, well, a lot more like inner Sakura? Basically she was louder, rougher and more likely to express her true self – and a more motivated ninja, because Naruto’s enthusiasm is catching and she wanted to help him achieve his dream. 

There was a second canon divergence, which was that the Uchiha clan’s coup either never happened or came to a head much later, so Sasuke grew up in Itachi’s shadow, and with his parents still alive. He was arrogant, insecure and standoffish, but also a lot more willing to make friends and, while extremely blunt, a genuinely kind person. Basically, how I imagined Sasuke might’ve turned out if not for the massacre.

Hinata… ah, Hinata. Okay, so, basically, Hinata’s story starts out much the same – but she admires both Naruto and Sakura, and Sakura notices her watching them from afar and invites her to train with them/be their friend. Whcih is, y’know, great, for a while, until Hiashi get wind of it and pulls her out of the academy to keep her away from ~the demon fox~. She’s basically kept in isolation within the Hyuuga compound and becomes quite cold and distant as a coping mechanism. She’s also trained more rigorously than in canon, and while she’s still a disappointment to her father, she’s a bit stronger than she was in canon at that early stage.

Sakura and Naruto are very worried about her, and try to see her, but are always turned away or thrown out pretty harshly, and by the time they do see her again she’s walled up and, a few years having passed, Naruto and Sakura believe that perhaps she never thought of them as friends at all. Basically, they’re hurt and angry and there’s some bad blood there, which hurts Hinata deeply but she’s retreated too far inside herself to express that or reach out to them. 

It was roughly canon compliant, but the budding Uchiha revolt was the main plotline, and NS/SH was endgame because I believed that Sasuke would be best equipped to understand and handle Hinata? Naruto’s blunt, hammer-arm approach would have shattered her, tightly wound as she was, and although Sasuke’s not exactly gentle, he’s warmer and kinder than canon, and has the added benefit of understanding Hinata as someone whose clan had high expectations and a pretty traditional idea of shinobi. NS because, well, it just made sense in that context, for me. Oh, also, Sakura and Sasuke had almost as big a rivalry as Naruto and Sasuke did in this, because Sakura resents Sasuke’s ‘genius’ a little, and his arrogant attitude.

Uhh… what else…

Oh, right. Sasuke’s character arc was about overcoming his resentment towards Itachi and realising he has his own kind of strength – he doesn’t have to be Itachi to be worth something. Hinata’s was, of course, about opening up again and being herself – her own person beyond the Hyuuga and her father. Sakura’s was about, well, overcoming her prejudices and, like Sasuke, learning to see her own strengths. Naruto’s was much the same as canon, tbh.


Forgot to add: Sakura’s arc was also about finding her own path, because she had initially taken a proper interest in her training because she wanted to help Naruto and be able to defend herself against her bullies, and then because she really disliked Sasuke and wanted to show him up, and when they started to become friends she kinda realised she didn’t have her OWN dream to pursue.

Back then, I was going to have Team 7 the same as it was in canon, but now I’m thinking I might have switched Sakura and Hinata around? Sakura, Hinata and Naruto need to sort their issues out, which means Hinata needs to be sort of. forced to deal with them otherwise she… wouldn’t? She feels guilty for abandoning them and is convinced they hate her, plus her father would be furious with her for approaching them but being placed on the same team isn’t her fault, so. Also, I need something to bring Hinata and Sasuke together because neither of them are the type to reach out to others. Plus, Sakura and Naruto have a very, very strong bond from before this all happened (actually, I think part of Sakura’s dislike of Sasuke is her jealousy over his budding friendship with Naruto, haha), and they’d spend plenty of time together outside of missions/etc. They don’t need to be pushed together. Pluuus, this way Sakura gets a sensei who pays attention to her and is, like, a specialist in genjutsu, which was Sakura’s “type” in her academy days (and increased skills aside, her chakra control IS her most notable talent). Perfect for Sakura realising she needs to have goals of her own (pulled away from Naruto and made to stand on her own, being pushed and having her talents appraised and trained, etc).

I think, also, that I would’ve had the Uchiha rebellion replace the Sasuke Retrieval Arc — the Uchiha rebel and Sasuke’s forced to choose between his family and Konoha/his friends, and he ultimately chooses his family, which is an absolutely gutwrenching choice for him but. They’re his family and he loves them and Konoha’s treated them like shit for years, so. Yeah.

A good number of Uchiha are killed in the rebellion, and ultimately the remaining clan members are forced to run and go into hiding because the entire clan’s been declared traitor after the incident. Sasuke disappears, Naruto, Sakura and — particularly — Hinata, are devastated.

Hinata’s still kinda shaky and definitely not “better”, but her exposure to Sasuke, who wasn’t quite patient or gentle, but never pushed her more than was good for her and let her slowly come out of her shell and was generally pretty… non-judgemental of her coldness? Having that kind of unspoken understanding helped her enormously, and they became pretty close pretty quick. Him leaving, seeing his clan ripped apart, really shakes her up and has her looking at her own life and her own clan. She’s forced to consider what she’d do in the same situation and realises she actually doesn’t know if she would have chosen Konoha and her team and her (tentative) friends, or the clan that she loves despite all it’s put her through. And that’s when she decides that she’s going to fucking change her clan, because she never wants to see it come to that — and she can see tensions and a war brewing between the branches, even if Konoha and the Hyuuga are on good terms.

A wife asks her husband if she were to die, would he remarry?...

…and her husband says “yes I would remarry I like living a married life and spending time with someone else. The wife gets uncomfortable and proceeds to ask ” well would you let her live in our house?“ And the husband says "yes I’d let her live here there’s nothing wrong with this house.” That worried the wife more, so then she asks “well would you let her sleep in our bed?” And the husband says “yes I like my bed and I don’t want to get rid of it I’d let her sleep in it.” This only makes the wife more worried so she feels compelled to say “well at least promise me you will never let her use my golf clubs.” The husband say “don’t worry she will never use your clubs, she’s left handed.”

All this talk of Odin as methodical manipulator has served to remind me that Frigg does not get enough credit as a master manipulator.

This is the goddess who tricks Odin at least twice. She runs everything while he’s away. She keeps quiet about stuff she knows but there’s no doubt that she knows stuff. No wonder there are Heathens who act like she’s Odin’s submissive arm candy, it makes them uncomfortable to think that a woman could hold that much power.

unpopular opinion

the more i reflect on it, the more i find that question about how michael fassbender feels about james mcavoy uncomfortable and borderline rude. 

a) he was there to promote tlbo, not x-men or his former castmates.

b) alicia vikander, his girlfriend and actual human being/current co-star, was right there. 

c) cool as she is, that must have been at least a little uncomfortable for her. like, asking a dude to admit he wants to kiss somebody other this his girlfriend IN FRONT OF HER is kind of like cornering him into a sort of gray area infidelity.

d) seriously, man? “yes or i want to kiss him” ???? mf is a real dude. he and james are pals.

e) i’m not a gay man, but if somebody asked this about two women, it would make me cringe so hard.

f) if you’re into rpf for the love of all that’s holy, keep it within fandom!?? we don’t know that mf, who doesn’t use social media (?? i don’t think alicia does either?) isn’t uncomfortable w/it, and it’s super disrespectful to force it on him.

Need someone to make you uncomfortable? Call NI-KO!

Okay, so, I’m having my first year of middle school right now. I’m ¾ through, and I have a lot of friends. Now, there’s one person in particular at my school that I don’t really consider an actual friend? At least, not anymore. She considers me as her friend though, which means I am going to suffer for the rest of this year, and probably next year, too.

Terran - Me!

Ni-ko - Weaboo

Tw: violence, stalking, harassment

Now, Ni-ko looked perfectly fine the first day of school. She looked shy and stuff, so I decide to sit by her when I enter the classroom. I was wearing my FMA lanyard (it’s the only one I actually have), and she points it out.

“Oh heey, you like FMA too? Niice!” I’m happy that she happened to like FMA, so I was hoping she would have some interests similar to mine. So, we talk about normal topics and stuff like “what’s your favorite color/animal/food” until I finally ask, “Okay, what songs do you like?” Right then, I noticed something… off? I figure out she likes death metal like Machigerita-P and One Ok Rock. I DID listen to Machigerita-P a long time ago, but I was growing out of it as the lyrics to the songs were too graphic for me. Now, this meant something. I was really freaked out over a LOT of Machi’s songs, so naturally, Ni-ko begins to go into great detail about his songs. I start to feel uncomfortable, but I brush it off hoping that she had more safe interests for me.

Waiting to see just made it worse.

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