she makes him whole


#in which Kara likes to use her secret weapon now and poor Mon-El couldn’t stand a chance


You know why.

No, I don’t know why.

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

okay but i was reading the codex for how translators work in mass effect and it says most species know how to speak some alien tongue for the sake of sounding more natural and accepting of other races so imagine the translators get disabled on the normandy while edi is updating them and garrus approaches shepard, and she responds “hey garrus” loudly and slowly in plain english- and he goes to open his mouth and out comes fucking spanish.


Jemma + Words of Validation to Fitz


Why are you standing here? Go in.

I literally can’t believe Stiles and Lydia are going to be canon tomorrow. 

They’re just… exceptional.

They’re so well written, so beautifully crafted.

They make each other the best versions of themselves. There’s something incredible about this ship that I don’t even understand. It’s like watching this perfect storm of support and care and respect and love

They’re so complex, and they mean so fucking much to each other. They are these two people who have had every single thing in this world taken away from them and they’re finally going to get the thing they want more than ever.

Lydia was his anchor when his mom died. And he has spent every day of his life loving her since he was eight. She doesn’t need to be a supernatural tether to anchor him. She just grounds him, she makes him whole.

And Lydia is already whole, but she’s also scared, and Stiles knows. She doesn’t have to say anything because Stiles knows that she’s scared. It’s incredible. He reads her with such complete ease and he doesn’t want to be her other half, he wants to be the person holding her hand, and there’s such a big difference there. 

He sees her as the most complete person in his world, I think.

He sees every facet, every dimension. Not even her own parents see that. She pretends around everyone, but she doesn’t have to pretend around Stiles. Because Stiles sees everything and he loves her more for it. Oh my god, he loves her so much. She’s the light in his day, she’s his best friend, she’s the thing he thinks about before he falls asleep at night.

Sometimes he feels so attached to her, so irrevocably hers, that he’s scared. That’s how big it is. It shakes him to his core, how completely he loves her.

But god… she loves him too. She loves a boy who is missing, whose smile vanished from the world so long ago, whose sense of humor is gone but sometimes pokes through when she presses lightly enough. She sees these peeks of happiness from him and they’re everything to her. They’re everything to Lydia, they mean the whole to world to her, when she sees the boy she fell in love with.

She lives with this knowledge every day that he could make her happy. And she could make him happy. And when they aren’t together, when he’s with someone else, it’s awful to know how right this is, and he doesn’t even want her anymore.

But all of that is going to go away.

They’re each other’s now

This isn’t just high school, this is the most adult love they’ve ever experienced, and it’s so powerful, and it’s forever. They’re going to spend their lives together.

When she’s looking for him, down there? When she’s trying to get him back? Lydia isn’t just seeking out a boy. She’s seeking out her future.

She’s getting back staying up all night and talking because they’re too into each other to go to sleep. She’s getting back Christmases with his dad, watching Stiles swear loudly as he sets up the tree. She’s getting back a lifetime of small, easy touches that she never thought she’d have, never thought she would get used to. She’s getting back someone who can teach her how to love like she has never understood before, because Lydia Martin is so fucking cynical and she doesn’t understand love the way Stiles sees love. But Stiles Stilinski, through all of his cynicism and darkness, has never become dark about falling in love.

He sees it through rose colored glasses, all these years, after all this time. And that’s because he knows, he fucking knows, that what he had with Malia wasn’t love. It was like, it was sex. But what he feels for Lydia is encompassing and he believes in it. He believes in how he feels about her, he believes that it is the most real thing he’s ever experienced. Even when it hurt, he believed in it.

He believes in Lydia Martin, and he’s going to make her realize that his childlike, maybe even slightly unrealistic view of falling in love, is warm, glowing sunshine kissing her skin. It’s the softness she needs after a lifetime of sandpaper.

She’s going to sink into the way he cares about her because he believes, so strongly, in showing her how much she matters, and after she finally learns how safe she is, there’s no way she’s ever walking away from that.

He’s the kind of love that makes her want to be better, because she wants to show him how much he opens up her chest.

A few years ago she wouldn’t give him the time of day, and now he’s her entire future. And she’s going to do anything she can to get him back, because this isn’t the end of their story

It didn’t get to even start yet.

And she’s not letting the supernatural world take away the best smile she’s ever seen.

She’s getting it back. She’s getting him back.


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cyber granny just put up a picture on instagram about 'her favourite boys' including her 3 grandsons and 1 great grandson, yet she lists Freddie before her 2 other grandsons and Freddie is in a photo on his own when the rest of her 'grandsons' are in pictures together (the one with Austin is a picture of Austin and Freddie) and if that doesn't show how much attention this family craves that they'll put this fake kid before their own grandkids just because of its famous dad like ???? come on

Everytime cybegranny goes extra with Freddie I get more convinced Tammi has access to her acc and is the one posting

my #1 favorite thing about lardo duan is that when she meets a very famous nhl player at a party she doesn’t ask for his autograph or gets excited. oh no. she makes him play beer pong with her. she thrashes him at beer pong. she makes him write on a piece of paper that she beat him at beer pong. and then she makes him take a selfie with her. and she gets the whole thing on video.  

& she can’t even be bothered to properly brag to shitty about it ten minutes later. 

it’s lardo’s world & we’re all just living in it


oh If I’d only seen
that the joke was on me

she didn’t want to let him down. he had spent so much time picking her up and making sure she was okay, how could she tell him that she’s falling apart? how could she stand in front of him and tell him that there are days she doesn’t want to get out of bed, days when she doesn’t want to be alive? he worked so hard on making her better, making her whole, she just didn’t want to let him down.

John looked more nervous shaving his mustache and thinking about seeing Sherlock again, than he did asking Mary to be his wife.

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Selena said she'd never wanna hurt Justin or never want something to hurt him badly and here she is making a whole album of shady songs to hurt him , like grow tf up sel

She hasn’t been sel since she came out of rehab