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AIN’T AFRAID OF A LITTLE DIRT - The Duchess of Cambridge played the ‘5 Second Rule’ when an offered cherry tomato had fallen on the floor - she simply plucked it up and popped it in her mouth. She mentioned that the cherry tomato was ‘delicious and sweet’ and that taking fruits and vegetables from the ground, and naturally, makes a difference in how she, and her children, eat. 

post-chunin exams

Slowly but surely, Sakura was becoming a bit of a formidable opponent. Her punches started to actually make contact and by god did they start to hurt more. Naruto and Sasuke had no clue how she was doing it, but the bruises she left them with were, more often than not, positively livid. She trained more seriously and actively sought out Kakashi to make him help her.

She was different.

Another thing that changed was her hair. Since their attempt at the Chuunin Exams and the unplanned bob she began to sport, Sakura usually maintained the length. However, with all the recent distractions of training and missions and repairing the village, Sakura seemed to forget to cut her hair. At the moment, it was already past her shoulders.

“Sakura-chan needs a haircut,” Naruto said bluntly.

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Presenter Chris Evans offered Kate a cherry tomato from his Radio Two ‘taste garden’ at Chelsea Flower Show. Despite dropping it on the decking, the royal was happy to pop it in her mouth and munch away. After the snack, she told the Radio 2 DJ: 'It’s delicious and sweet.’ And on the show itself, she added: 'I loved it. I’m just getting into gardening with the children. Describing her own growing efforts, she said: 'It makes such a difference when you take it from the ground.’
—  The Mail

I finally have some time to watch dramas between exams, so today I’ve been watching Mystery Queen. It’s honestly such a delight! Seol Ok is a precious character, and I really hope she’ll be able to finish her studies. Pull a Twenty Again on us, drama.

It’s as if she’s living in two different worlds, like a superheroine. I don’t feel like Seol Ok absolutely despises being a housewife, as her relationships with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law feel more like friendships, but it’s obvious she needs her other life; The life consisting of her passion for solving crime cases and helping people who are wrongly accused. Her intention to not only solving cases, but solving them right and without fault, is what I like the most about her. She doesn’t want to find a culprit, she wants to find the culprit.

I also love her house and the interior!! Oh, and her friend :’) The guys are okay, too, but I’m enjoying how many ladies we have, and her mother-in-law’s friends need to appear more often.

PS: I’m only finishing up episode 5, so I haven’t properly been introduced to the Trash Husband. That will, of course, change the dynamics between Seol Ok and her in-laws (which I’m dreading because her mother-in-law really isn’t that bad *cries*).

   HEADCANON  :  while  it’s  implied  futaba  doesn’t  have  friends  prior  to  meeting  the  phantom  thieves  ,  i  strongly  believed  that  fact  to  be  heavily  exaggerated  .  i  headcanon  that  futaba  did  have  friends  ,  mostly  found  in  the  online  world  .  she  makes  friends  through  online  games  ,  forum  ,  and  etc  .  HOWEVER  ,  when  she  finds  herself  getting  close  to  them  ,  when  they  want  to  meet  her  or  exchange  personal  information  ,  she  literally  starts  shutting  herself  out  .  she  disappears  ,  and  doesn’t  come  back  to  that  account  .  needless  to  say  ,  she  might  make  a  new  account  and  an  entirely  different  personality  ,  but  the  ending  is  always  the  same  .  luckily  when  epilogue  hits  ,  futaba  finds  courage  in  facing the  people  she  virtually  abandoned  online  .  she  is  able  to  genuinely  befriend  most  of  them  ,  and  even  made  plans  to  meet some  of  them  in  the  future  .  (  this  is  a  big  step  up  on  that  promise  list  .  so  be  proud  of  her :)  )

That said, here are some Hamilton facts for y’all that are all true to life (picked from Chernow’s biography, which I read far too often) 

  • Hamilton’s ship caught on fire on the way to America 
  • Burr was the lawyer for Maria Reynolds in her divorce from James Reynolds
  • At a ball prior to Hamilton and Eliza’s marriage, of which Angelica, Hamilton, and Peggy were attending together, Angelica dropped a garter and Hamilton, like a chivalrous hoe, swoops in to pick it up and Angelica teased him, “haha you’re not a knight of the garter” and peggy goes “nah but he’d be a knight of the bedroom if he could”
  • I am deadass not making this up. she said that in real life (albeit with different wording) 
  • One time at a debate, Burr was so pissed off at how Hamilton would never shut the fuck up, so he successfully tried to predict all the points he would make and countered them all, making it the only time Hamilton was ever left embarrassed and speechless 

  • maria reynolds was a blonde

  • hamilton was a ginger. dude had BRIGHT red hair and total mary-sue eyes because people described them as “violet-blue.” WHO HAS VIOLET BLUE EYES

  • Hamilton BLASTED Eacker in the press after he killed Philip & roasted the shit out of him. dude was ANGRY 
  • After his duel, when Hamilton was rowed across the Hudson, he was the one and only person to be calm, not panicked & not grief-stricken at the prospect of his death  
  • Burr deadass wrote to the doctor tending Hamilton AS HE WAS DYING and said “yo i hope he’s okay” (again, different wording of course) 
  • Prior to his death, one of Hamilton’s sons lawyered for Burr’s second wife, coincidentally named Eliza Jumel, in her divorce from him 
  • Madison was pretty guilt-ridden after Hamilton died (he spread a lot of rumors about his treasury funds) and he went to visit Eliza & try to compensate her for Hamilton’s nonexistent money, as she was in a financial hole, & she goes “nah fuck off” (WORDING DIFFERENTLY OFC) and told him off for being a dick 
  • Theodosia Burr died overseas a few years after Philip & Hamilton’s deaths
  • When James Monroe came to apologize to Eliza later on in life, after Hamilton’s death, for how shitty he treated him, Eliza - a seventy year old woman at the time - basically said the 18th century version of “fuck you” and roasted his soul out of his body 

  • what im trying to say is that lin portrayed everyone in the musical fuckin amazingly like Got Damn . there was A Lot of irl drama with these eighteenth century ninnies 

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Sadie has been trained for two years, and working actively for almost 2 years now (her second year being marked when she turns 5 this summer officially)
and in all this time, never once had someone off the bat assumed sadie was for me. (despite some very obvious hints)

Typically I don’t mind though, I use the opportunity to educate those willing to listen, along side the importance of understanding not all disabilities are visible.

TODAY HOWEVER, i walked into dunkin donuts, and instantly the employee said, “what a beautiful service dog.” Praising her for sitting neatly besides me. Taking the time to speak to me, not her.
“I’m sure you’re very happy to have her in your life, they can make outstanding differences”.

I thought it was easily the sweetest thing that could be said to me this morning. Not, “you’re so lucky i wish i could have a dog with me all the time”, not “so isn’t it hard to give them away”, and not the invasive question: “so what does it do?” 

I am very happy to have Sadie in my life, she’s changed my world entirely. He wasn’t glorifying the dog as a pal or pet, but respecting her as a working dog. He wasn’t glorifying the idea of NEEDING a dog, or the idea how “cool” and “lucky” I must be to take my dog everywhere with me.
He respected her job for the difference she makes in my life.
Some kind soul could see she was for me by taking the time to observe her vest, patches, and actions. His careful use of words meant a lot to me to hear.

I really do appreciate people like this, because as many horror stories as there are in the SD community there are glittering people like this who respect and understand a working dog as more than a fluffy “friend” to lug around, and not every dog you see with someone appearing able bodied means they are being trained to be given away. 

Okay but Trini and the other Rangers all having an unspoken agreement to not talk about her scars from Rita’s attack.

They all want to ask Trini about it but they’re scared that she’ll just shrug it off and say it’s not a big deal, that it doesn’t bother her and that if they’re going to be Power Rangers, there’s going to be things that hurt them.

Until one day, they’re all just chilling at school during lunch and one of Trini’s teachers sees her and for some reason makes a big deal about her doing well on some sort of test and patting her shoulder before she walks away and Trini shifts uncomfortably. None of them say anything, they all just watch Trini carefully.

She’s still not used to the attention, so the stares she gets from them confuse her until she realizes that they’ve been waiting for her reaction.

Trini doesn’t feel pressured to talk about it, but as all five of them are leaving school that day she just blurts, “Some nights I can’t sleep. It’s gotten to the point where my mom got me some pills to help, but I don’t take them.”

Billy is quiet and nods, because after his dad died, there were some nights when he couldn’t sleep, too. Zack, Jason, and Kim, however don’t really know what to do with the new information. They’re not sure if they should mention that they’re okay with Trini needing help to fall asleep, or if they should ask if she has nightmares or if they should assure her that everything is going to be okay.

Trini goes on and says something along the lines of, “Sometimes I’m scared she’s going to come back, you know? Like, we got rid of her once and I don’t have nightmares or anything but it’s scary thinking one of you guys could get hurt, too. I think it would be worse for me if I didn’t have you guys. It helps knowing that you’d be here if I needed anything.”

They’re all just so taken aback by how honest Trini sounds and Billy tells her that since they’re Power Rangers, they’ll always there for her and that they’re like a family.


the olicity q: [16/?]

She wants them to see the real her.
She wants the lilac sky and little books,
She wants to go far away from here.
She wants to escape.
Her mind is pearls and her face is the ocean.
He makes her blue.
She wishes everything were different.
She wishes she can forget everything.
Lord knows she tried.
Saying goodbye to him will always be the hardest goodbye.
But hey, it felt so true.
It felt like love.
—  c.p.s, chanel-over-boys 

tbh one big reason i think it’d be cool if carrot joined the straw hats is that’d it’d do something to alleviate the dichotomy between the guys and the ladies on the crew??

like, nami and robin are completely different people from each other, and i appreciate and recognize that.  but it’s easy for ppl to lump them together as just ~the girls~ because of things like how they both almost never participate in crew gags, they’ll just be in the background eyerolling or looking bemused by most of the boys getting excited about things.  there’s this undercurrent of “oh you’re girls, you wouldn’t understand” when usopp, luffy, franky, brook etc get excited about robot stuff or whatever.

and that’s something you see from female characters so much: this misconception that the girls always have to be the voice of reason to the annoying, excitable boys who care about things “girls don’t care about” like NINJAS or ROBOTS.  

it doesn’t bother me thaaaat much because like i said, robin and nami are great characters and very unique from each other nonetheless, but still can you imagine how refreshing it would be to have a female crewmember who totally destroys that???

carrot participates in the gags.  she’s aggressive, she’s passionate, she’s reckless, she’s excitable.  she’d sure as hell start freaking out over a robot.  she’d be HAPPY to participate in something like pirates docking 6.

if she joined the crew, it’d force oda to stop separating the crew into “the boys who love cool stuff and are reckless!!!” and “the girls who just don’t get it” for gags, and idk, i think that’d be really nice.  the concept of girls being the rational ones and the voice of reason to the “”funny, stupid”” boys is a lot less grating and trope-y if one of the girls isn’t that way at all.  


favorite looks: katya zamolodchikova 2/?


Jemma + Words of Validation to Fitz

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Complete this conservation: "Wait.. you gave him a mixtape? Dude, you’re a dinosaur.”

“Wait.. you gave him a mixtape? Dude, you’re a dinosaur!” Dean grimaces as Claire’s laughter titters through the phone. Every time he thinks he and her might be on the same level, she says or does something to make the age difference between them 100 times more evident.

“Where did you even find cassettes?” Claire asks incredulously. “Did someone leave a Delorean around or something?”

“Shut up.” Dean grumbles, no heat in his voice. He wedges the phone between his shoulder and his ear as he attempts to remove the Impala’s serpentine belt. “Amazon sells ‘em. They’re not antiques.

“Close enough,” Claire snorts. “I bet you had to hold the tape recorder up to the radio too.” Dean’s frown deepens because, yes, that is exactly what he did. He huffs into the phone as he slips the belt over the alternator and tightens the bolt. 

“Enough about me,” Dean sighs. “How’s school?”

“Doesn’t start for four months. Don’t change the subject,” she says. “I think it’s sweet actually.”

“Sweet?” Dean’s hand freezes mid-turn of the screwdriver. 

“Yeah, it’s really sweet for you to make Castiel a mixtape and put all that effort,” she says. “Romantic, too.” Dean feels his ears heat at the word. 

“It’s… It’s not… We’re…”

“Riiight,” Claire drawls out sarcastically. “You should totally make him another one and play it while holding a boombox over your head.”


“Like in ‘Say Anything.’“

“Claire, it’s not-”

“’Cause, y’know… you’re in loooove with him.” Dean can’t stop the shy smile from crossing his face.

“Goodbye, Claire,” he mumbles.

“… and he loves you, too!” Claire shouts as Dean hits the end call button. 


anyone ask for roughly one million sketches of my squadmate reyes design (here)? no? whoops