she maintains her faith in him

Penelope “then during the day she wove the large web, which at night she unravelled” The Odyssey (1852). Thomas Seddon (English, 1821-1856). Oil on canvas.

Penelope looks out after a night spent undoing the previous day’s work on a woven shroud. During the long period during which her husband Odysseus was away, assumed by most to be dead, she remained faithful to him and, when pressed to marry another, always said she could not until the shroud was finished, a subterfuge which she maintained for ten years. 

The Future: Fetal Consciousness, Family, & Faith

I started this thinking I just had little tidbits to add to an array of other metas for this episode that I’ve read and really enjoyed, but it seems to have basically become its own thing (yay, me, writing meta).  Hopefully somebody reads it and cares? Maybe? Eh, maybe not, I’m really not sure what I’m doing here on Tumblr. But look at me making some original content (it’s really a blue moon thing).

To clarify, I’m not disagreeing with really anything I’ve read, but rather these are thoughts inspired by what I’ve read and also some, “Yes, but let’s also think about this,” or “Oh and did you know?” and of course, “Didn’t anybody else notice _____?” Full disclosure, at one point in my life I was seriously considering becoming a Doula.

Fetal Consciousness

I’m a mom. I’m also really, really into natural childbirth and giving babies and kids the best start possible, so I birthed my son on my knees, unmedicated, like the stubborn Taurus that I am. In the months leading up to his birth I practiced hypnobirthing techniques, attended classes, and read a shit ton of books. One of my favorite topics to study during this time was fetal consciousness. Most of their awareness is mediated by the mother’s reaction to her environment via the language of hormones. For example, if the mother tends to get upset, agitated (releasing stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and exhibiting physical changes like racing heartbeat, heavier breathing, shallow breathing, and the like), when speaking to a particular person, the baby associates that person’s voice with negative feelings and can be born with an aversion to that person. Bottom line, fetuses know what’s up, to a certain extent in their own limited way, and especially the closer they get to term. So yeah, it’s totally reasonable to assume that baby “hates” Dagon as much as any fetus can hate someone, because she keeps upsetting his environment and flooding him with very negative, uncomfortable feelings via his mother’s reactions (by the way, how are we sure it’s a male child?).

Obviously, the further along a fetus is, the more consciousness it has (more senses are on line, more cognitive function, etc.). So, according to Sam’s calculations the Nephilim gestation period is about 23 weeks, rather than 38 weeks (the medical community uses 40 weeks, counting from the mother’s last period usually, but she’s not pregnant those first two weeks, unless her cycle is really a mess). Basically conception is LOTUS 12.08 on 12/8/2016 (they’re clearly going with this for simplicity’s sake) and the due date is this season’s finale, 5/18/2017. So, if the baby still has trimesters, the first 8 weeks is first trimester, the next 7.5 weeks is the second trimester, and the last 7.5 weeks is the last trimester (more time is usually given to the first trimester because of the false two weeks at the beginning and just to be cautious; whatever, this is how I’m doing it, my meta, my rules).

So, Kelly is 3 weeks from being due and therefore more than half way through her third trimester (3 weeks to go out of 7.5 weeks). Or the human pregnancy equivalent of about 35 weeks pregnant (in the idiotic 40 week pregnancy schedule, because remember the first 2 weeks aren’t real *sigh* this makes me crazy) or 5 weeks away from being term in a human pregnancy (technically 3-5 weeks from term, because once you hit 38 weeks, they’re like “any day now is fine!). This baby is just about ready to pop, lungs are bit behind, but would probably be fine landside, with proper care (might needs some time in an incubator or other lung support), with no super major risk (definitely not ideal, but not terrible). So when Dagon makes fun of Kelly for believing that baby saved her, I think she’s wrong.  Even before doing all this math, it rang untrue to me. The baby doesn’t really need Kelly anymore, he’s supernatural, he’s almost to term. So why did he save her? I have some ideas, we’ll get to those. Kelly feels it was care or love or something equally benign or positive. But I really don’t think it was to save himself. Though it is nice and comfy and safe in there, so that could be a motivator; again on a very rudimentary level. Like: “ack, home is failing! Bring home back online!” and this child just happens to have the power to make that so.

Infants have no sense of self. Mom and baby are one to baby. Baby is hungry = the whole world is hungry. Mom takes care of baby = Mom is the whole world. It’s really basic. It’s all senses and need and relief when needs are met. And sheer terror when they are not. Babies are wired for survival. They just scream and cry until they get what they need; or burn out and give up when they don’t get what they need in a reasonable amount of time, and that’s horrible and fundamentally changes their brains in really bad ways. They’re cute as fuck, so we care and don’t kill them or leave them to the wolves. They can root around for a nearby nipple and flail, but that’s about it at the beginning. So I don’t think this baby has any diabolical plans. It just wants to feel good and avoid pain. So, think of everything you see it orchestrate through that lens: feel good/avoid pain. Basic. Fundamental.

But what if the baby is supernatural? Or has supernatural powers, but in all other ways is still just like a human infant? This gets tricky. Is this child human+powers or something else entirely? Our good guys seem to think human+powers, but Dagon seemed to think the child would be pure evil, utter destruction, especially with proper support and guidance (“I’ll be there, right by his side, to nurture him, love him, help him to kill … everything.”) Or maybe the suggestion that the baby needs guidance in being evil is actually a crack, maybe it’s not a given.

You, Me, Baby Makes Three (or Family, Family, don’t forget this show is all about Family)

Lucifer mocks Dagon. Apparently they were supposed to be an evil little family once the baby is born, raising up the little hellion together to wreak havoc.

However, the baby seems to be orchestrating an entirely new family unit: Kelly (if she survives or if someone is able to revive her, which seems plausible), Castiel, and baby. This is an obvious parallel. Not sure if Kelly will make it, especially since in the parallel Lucifer is pretty clear he really doesn’t care about Dagon and hadn’t actually intended to come through on his (implied?) promise (surprise, surprise, father of the lie and all that, why does anyone trust him?).

So, getting back to fetal consciousness: How much is the baby really aware of? How is it choosing it’s actions? I personally still default to the basics: feel good/avoid pain, beyond that is all speculation and I’m not seeing a ton of evidence for much more. That baby fucking hated Dagon for upsetting Mommy which upset its peace. 

Baby Power Up #1: Womb brought back to life so baby doesn’t have to leave happy place sooner than necessary, even though baby could probably survive just fine on the outside by now. 

Baby Power Up #2: Kelly has vision of Cas killing Dagon. 

Baby Power Up #3: Cas does indeed kill Dagon; nuisance to baby’s peace managed. AND Cas has mystery vision of the future (So what else needs to happen to keep baby happy/feeling good or help baby avoid pain? I don’t know, maybe wipe out baby-daddy, since he’s part of the “evil family” model that’s upsetting Mommy/womb environment).

Castiel & Kelly

I think Castiel really resonates with Kelly when she tells him about her suicide attempt (or foiled success as the case may be), because it’s something he himself has struggled with. She seems VERY intuitive. Like she is aware of exactly what to do to get his attention. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing (she’s pregnant and motivated to do whatever she needs to). I’m just identifying a gift that she seems to have. I also think she genuinely likes him and feels bad for running out on him in December.

The Pulse: When the baby brought her back it was felt in heaven. This was some major power. I’m assuming it was somewhat like what was felt when the baby was conceived. Like an earthquake rippling through the angelic/heavenly realm and felt by the angels.

Kelly insists that the power that revived her felt, and IS, good. I’m inclined to trust her instincts. Pregnant women are on it. They KNOW things like the true animals that they are. There is nothing more blatantly animal than carrying a child in your womb and it helps you tap into power, intuition, senses, and knowledge you had no idea you had (and then you give birth and it’s like you’re a zombie, going from Radiant Goddess to sluggish wet-nurse with aphasia overnight, but that’s another story). Bottom line, I believe her, whatever brought her back, did it for un-evil reasons (though perhaps selfish/self-involved reasons, because that’s what fetuses and infants are, little balls of need and pure id). Of course I could be wrong, but this is my gut feeling at this time. Castiel, like Dagon, insists that the baby needs Kelly alive, see earlier in this post for why I think this logic is bogus. Kelly responds, “Maybe” to appease him and still maintain her doubt. I’m with her. But then she babbles about some “plan” and no, I don’t think so. This is all chaos. Lucifer is chaos. And God has left the building. There are no plans anymore.

Which brings me to …

Castiel’s Faith: Lost & Found

Cas takes the Plan bait and says Nope. There was a plan, I thought there was a plan, it was all just manipulation, none of it was real, we’re all just winging it, some worse than others (i.e. I suck, I cannot get my shit together, what am I even doing?). And fundamentally I’m on board with his whole little speech here (except his self-deprecation, that guy just really needs a vacation and foot rub, and maybe to do some ayahuasca or get laid or something). But yeah, no big plan, no special roles, she was just there and it just happened. I know this to be so, because this is what the show showed us in the first third of the season. Lucifer was just going crazy and creating chaos to create chaos. Totally off script and rudderless. Then boom: baby; and Lucifer pulls an “I meant to do that!” sort of thing.

Cas has been free floating for a LONG time. Angels are suppose to live in devotion to God and a special purpose and pretty much all of that got blown out of the water for him back in season 4 & 5. Since then he’s tried to make good. Tried to hold shit together. Tried to protect his humans. But often he makes things worse and he’s basically a wreck at this point. Angels need a north star. In Destiel fanfic world, Dean is Castiel’s north star. Like, Cas took his faith and devotion in God and redirected it to Dean. This does help explain some of his behavior over the last few years, but textually I think what we’re seeing in this episode is that that either wasn’t enough, or wasn’t really happening (but something else was, in my opinion, I’m not nuking Destiel here, just the Dean=God/higher-purpose for Cas idea, which is a good thing, bear with me). One last thing: remember he never got his time with God. Lucifer did, but Castiel didn’t. And Cas totally deserved it. You know that trite saying about a “God sized hole” inside of people …

Cas lays out everything the child will need if he is indeed not inherently evil, but rather just a morally neutral, but superpowerful child. Kelly pulls that “feel him kick” move (she’s brilliant, well played); this is pure magic and Cas is beguiled. Kelly gets her vision and now has a clear plan. Cas thinks she’s going along with his plan (which is actually Joshua’s plan, I’m assuming, but whatever). The Winchester’s share their new alternate plan. Meanwhile Kelly’s got her own thing going on and she totally makes it happen. Pregnant women are badass. As I’m writing this I’m realizing my total appreciation for how Kelly was written in this episode. Someone really knows pregnant women.

(When she goes to drive the Impala, I’m thinking “hope she knows she needs to press the gas a bit when she turns the key in the ignition.” Ah, old cars.)

Okay, so in the car they have the talk about faith (her faith in him, him saying don’t have faith in me, broader faith in the plan). Theme:FAITH! In case you missed it. And her “You will,” to his, “I wish I had your faith.” Ack!

Dean is right, “He’s so desperate for a win right now, he can’t see straight.”

Also, it must feel good to have Kelly express such faith in him, even if he thinks she’s totally misguided.

When the power travels from the baby to Kelly to Cas at first his eyes light up blue (normal for him) and then switch to the color of the baby’s power, yellow. This feels significant. Like his Angelness was necessary to activate the level of power needed to take out Dagon. (Later, when asked “What was that?” He replies, “That was me, but it was also *looks at Kelly’s baby belly*” so yeah, it seems both were necessary) Then he calls it a miracle when he halts Dagon, the same word Kelly used to describe being brought to life. The world miracle is inherently religious. This is all part of the “faith” narrative. Then holy fire burns up the bad guy. Very Biblical, yadda yadda yadda.

Remember at the beginning of the episode Dagon calls the baby a God and later makes a reference to Mary/Jesus. Last year God/Chuck took a leave of absence. There’s a God shaped hole in everything now really. So is this baby a new god? The new God? Castiel’s new God? While Cas is also being setup to be that God’s father figure? Wait, is Cas Joseph? This is some weird, convoluted shit. And I like it; because complexity is my jam. As is subversion of all thing Biblical and/or Christian. (Does that make the Impala the donkey? * snort-laugh * ignore me, I’m an idiot)

“I’ve been so lost. Not lost anymore. And I know now that this child must be born with all his power … I have faith.” * insert ominous “dun-dun-duunnn” music here * Cas is calm, clear, has back some of his earlier-in-the-series coolness. This freaked me the fuck out. I came away from this episode really, really, really unsettled and worried out of my mind. Though after doing all this analysis and 3 rewatches, I’m feeling a bit more optimistic. I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m really good at bullshitting and I seem to have bullshitted myself right into optimism. Well done, Rachie.

Initially I was worried that Cas had been totally hijacked and the baby probably really is evil or is at least going to lead to “very bad things.” Now I’m not so sure. But I’m still worried he’s been hijacked and that this means irreparable damage to the his relationship with the Winchesters, and of course in particular to Dean, because whether you ship Destiel or not it’s clear that his primary relationship is with Dean and that Dean is the most effected by Castiel’s various shenanigans (watch the fucking camera and their faces; I really don’t know what else to say … are you blind or willfully ignorant? And again, I’m not insisting Destiel, but just that there is something inherently different and “more” about Dean & Castiel’s relationship, than Sam & Castiel’s. Though maybe that’s just because Dean has become the emotional center of this show and Jensen has skills that go way, way beyond what you expect from an actor on this sort of show).

This season feels like a sneak attack. There have been ups and downs and hints of bad shit to come, but nothing has really felt particularly high stakes. The guys go to secret prison, but they’re the stars, so we know nothing terrible will come of it. They make and then break a bad deal with a reaper, but then there is no clarity about what the repercussions will be, so we don’t worry about that much now. But this. Messing in deep fundamental ways with the second most important relationship within the show (after Sam & Dean), feels really scary to me and I welcome the shock, surprise, worry, because: about time and well done. But please, please, don’t let this be horribly terrible in the end. Don’t shatter this forever. Let this be the deep dark before the bright light.

Okay, last thing, for fellow Destiel shippers, remember earlier when I said it’s a good thing IF Castiel does not in fact make Dean his North Star and finds something else to believe in? Because that’s fucking unhealthy in a real relationship. So, if he can find purpose that isn’t all hyper-focused on one person, while still maintaining a mature, deep, loving relationship with that other person, then THAT’S GOOD. But who am I kidding? These guys be healthy? Destiel be canon? Hahahahaha *laugh hysterically and runs wildly into the night* *whispers: “keep hope alive.”*

Resistances and Dalliances

Chapter 19: Wind Shear

“This is our ship,” Evfra said, approaching an angaran lounging by what appeared to be a small freighter; the pilot, Ryder guessed. He straightened at attention with a sinuous grace that spoke of combat training as soon as he recognized Evfra, just as the slash across one eye spoke of battlefield experience, though he didn’t seem to be the same as other fighters she had seen around. “Veraan,” Evfra nodded to him in greeting.

“Evfra,” the pilot responded with a grave nod of respect, then turned to Ryder with a disarming smile. “Captain Veraan Tavre, at your service. I know, of course, who you are.” He looked back to Evfra. “I understand I am to make a special delivery to Voeld?” By his accent he was native to Aya.

“Yes. You will be taking us,” Evfra said, gesturing at Ryder, himself and the coterie of angara standing behind them.

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“Overall one cannot say that the personalities of the Egyptian gods were defined in other than functional terms. One finds few character traits indicating distinctive, sharply etched personalities. Seth stands out as the sole exception.

It must be said that he was the “excessive” god, and that this len him a profile that his reputedly perfect fellows lacked. Violent, aggressive, given to drink, he was also brave, and a pitiful victim of his own passions.

With other gods too, one discovers, if one examines the texts closely enough, certain personal particularities that are not always apparent at first glance. 

Thoth was wise but boring, or even a wee bit pompous; he was also something of a con artist.

Re, the supreme divinity, was occasionally somewhat weak and indecisive, torn as he sometimes was btwn the different opinions aired by the gods of his entourage. His hand was forced now and again. At other times, in contrast, he could be stubborn and rather unscrupulous, willing to juggle the facts to impose a point of view he knew to be unjust.

Isis, the mother and weeping widow, sometimes overplayed her role, profiting from her situation to monopolize the attention of her peers. In fact, she was rather cold and proud. She was not in the habit of letting her scruples get in teh way of her objectives, but, in this, she was quite like her fellow gods. It was universally acknowledged that she was perfectly faithful to her deceased husband and wholeheartedly loved his child, even if her love was not devoid of tactical considerations.

Osiris could seem colorless and excessively narcissistic, not to say egotistical. His precious self, power, and privileges were his chief preoccupations. His wife was absent from his thoughts, while his son existed for him only insofar as he would ensure his triumph in the hereafter while seeing to it that he also maintained his power everlasting in this world.

Nemty was greedy and perhaps a bit of a simpleton. […]

These gods with virtually unlimited powers fought like adolescents still trying to find their direction in life. Their mistakes and failings left their mark on a creation that went sliding down the slope of a destiny the gods did not really control.”

-Daily Live of the Egyptian Gods, Meeks. pg 107

Homestuck Classes by their Falls and Failures, and How to Succeed: a Series

The Knight wields his aspect as a weapon, but often has difficulty accepting his aspect and becomes reluctant to use it, or uses it wrongly.  He must come to an understanding with his aspect and continue to utilize it to fulfill the duties which his class demands.

The Maid creates her aspect, but she can create too much of her aspect and become overwhelmed by it.  She must learn to make just enough and then work to maintain and protect her aspect.

The Sylph cares for her aspect and cares for others by utilizing her aspect, but she can become too meddling.  She must learn to let go and allow the aspect to maintain itself.

The Prince’s life is dominated by his aspect and can easily overwhelm him.  He must learn to recognize, control, and overcome his aspect before it overcomes him.

The Bard’s life is dominated by a faith or conviction, which is (probably? usually?) related to his aspect.  When challenges to his faith arise, he must be able to accept the new revelations and continue to move forward, rather than becoming disillusioned and destructive.

The Witch starts with and always has incredible power, but may suffer self-esteem problems and relies on others instead of realizing her own potential.  She must become confident in herself and her abilities.

The Page starts with essentially no power, although he tends to be confident in an interpretation of his life that turns out to be actually fake.  He must realize himself in order to realize his powers and abilities, which will be greater than any abilities he thought he had.

The Thief is an aggresively independent player who would rather follow her own plans and ideas than work with others.  Unfortunately her well-intentioned ideas can easily cause more harm than good and usually only profit herself, not others.  If she wants to be a team player and help everyone win, not just herself, she must learn how to trust others and ask for help and advice on her actions.

The Heir inherits his aspect.  With very little effort on his part, the powers and abilities of his aspect are simply given to him and protect him almost of its own accord.  He must take control of his abilities and turn them outward to protect his teammates as well as himself.

The Seer interprets external signs and omens from her aspect and passes on this knowledge to her team, guiding them in their actions.  However, despite being an advisor and a source of wisdom on her team, the Seer tends to suffer emotional hurt through her close relationships.  This can cause her to fall into depression and/or substance abuse; to stagnate when her team may sorely need her.

The Rogue, as Calliope explains, is like a Robin Hood; she is sensitive to the feelings of others and understands what her teammates need.  She must work selflessly to fulfill those needs.  However, while supporting others, she must also remember to support herself and not sacrifice herself for her friends.

The Mage has some intuitive knowledge of his aspect, and he blazes the trail that allows his teammates to progress.  But he must stay focused on the obstacles that need to be removed, rather than any and every problem that he may have the ability to help out.

anonymous asked:

Ok first: "If Newt found her beautiful in the moonlight, he was most radiant in the warm light of fire." Like boi So poetic How Can I use this? I really want to use this. Also: I personally headcanon newt as asexual, but you keep him in character all the same? And I have this respect for that? Thanks so much??

Newt and Tina, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, have this beautiful and poetic sun-and-moon, yin-and-yang thing going for them, and it is fucking beautiful. I love playing around with it whenever I write them, because the contrast between their looks is just…yeah.

(And I may have just given myself an idea, hmm…)

I had to wrestle with myself when it came to Newt and how sexual he is as a being. What clinched it for me was the two instances of bedroom eyes in the movie: the first being in the Death Chamber scene, of all places, and the second being the way he looks at Tina in the alley when she changes into that dress.

In the first scene, it’s easy to miss–but if you’re looking closely, you’ll note that Newt isn’t wide-eyed and relieved when he catches her; instead, he looks like he wants to eat her up, just for a moment. They maintain eye contact as he holds her close, and while Tina’s eyes are quite wide (with good reason–she did just take a leap of faith, after all!), Newt’s are narrow and heavy-lidded–bedroom eyes if I ever say them. Then the relief shows, and he takes her hand to lead her away.

The second scene is much more obvious: it’s when she looks up at him, and he looks down at her, just before he fixes his bow-tie. Again, he’s not clumsy and awkward and a bit daffy like he is throughout much of the rest of the film. Instead, he’s looking at her the way a virile, healthy man looks at a beautiful woman whom he has a certain level of interest in–an interest that is well beyond platonic.

In both those scenes, Newt’s veneer of civility is worn away a bit, allowing his id to shine through. That’s the part of him I like to play with the most: stripping back his layers, getting past the ego to sink my fingers into the raw components of his personality. I’m really, really hoping we see a bit of this in the next four films, because I truly believe Newt Scamander personifies the expression “still waters run deep.”

Whereas Tina wears her heart on her sleeve. She has her depths and secrets, but they all show in her eyes. You just have to know how to decipher them. Newt’s already proven himself fairly adept at reading her, if no one else, and that’s just one of about eleventy-billion reasons why they are my OTP.

Oh look, I wrote another thesis. ::Sigh:: All this to say: thank you! :)

Furiosa and Her War Boys

I just saw Mad Max Fury Road for the fourth time, and I’m always looking for new things, paying attention to different stuff. I wasn’t actually looking for this, but I was particularly struck this time at Furiosa’s initial defiance, which starts with her turning the war rig off its path to Gas Town. The music mimics the beat of a heart, which I took to depict anxiety (her own heart pounding or simply conveying to the audience that tension). There are several close ups of her face where she’s checking her surroundings—gauging her best move. I’ve always attributed this to that ‘point of no return’ anxiety, and I think in large part it is. Once you’ve done something, you  have to go with it, and it affords a certain level of relief once done. That point just before you make that decision is often the most anxiety ridden—you can still turn around. So it’s no surprised that we’re seeing an anxious Furiosa moments before she turns the rig off the road.

What follows is even more interesting. Obviously she’d still be anxious, now from the prospect of anticipating the first blowback to her decision. And then Ace shows up and asks what’s going on. She’s quiet for a long moment, and he waits for her answer. Finally she says, “We’re heading east.” She doesn’t come up with some false explanation; in fact, she’s being completely honest. Ace is clearly still confused, but he accepts it and starts delivering orders to that effect.

Immortan’s troops send up their flares, calling for backup. Ace pounds on the top of the rig, getting Furiosa’s attention, and she slides the sunroof back so he can talk to her. He notifies her of the flares and asks what it means. Furiosa checks her rearview mirror and (again possibly not lying) says, “It’s a detour.” Ace takes her at her word even though this obviously doesn’t shed any more light into what’s going on. Furiosa’s being really freaking vague, but her team clearly trusts her. Ace is the only one to approach her, and he takes her at her word, without questioning her.

The Buzzards then come bearing down on them, and Ace asks at Furiosa’s window if they should turn around and run the buzzards into the backup. This seems very matter of fact to him. Why take them on, on their own, when they have backup? Sure, they could take them, but why bother? But Furiosa says they’ll “fang it,” and blares her horn—what I’m assuming is akin to her imperator war cry. Ace gets back up and starts issuing orders with this plan, and the first action sequence really gets going.

It was at some point, when one of the war boys falls off the rig, that the camera cut to her looking in her rearview mirror, and I noticed her eyes were watery (or at the very least is obviously moist). Having seen the movie three times before, this suddenly seemed weird. Furiosa is tough. She presents a tough exterior. The only other time we see her eyes watering is when she’s been seriously injured: stabbed in the side. This was also before the sandstorm (no inordinate amount of dust to get in the eyes), so I had the thought, ‘what is going on?’ For a movie that’s been explicitly said to have the intent to tell as much of the story without dialogue as possible, I couldn’t help but think this is telling us, as the audience, something important. That thought was followed shortly by another shot of her checking her rearview mirror and then a cut to more fighting. It finally occurred to me: those are her team members out there dying, and it had been her job to lead them. She’s probably been working with all of these men for some time now. This is her crew. She has a practiced maneuver with Ace, so at the very least it’s blatantly clear that she and Ace are used to working with each other. There’s a good chance she knows each and every one of those boys’ names.

And then there’s Ace, hanging off the side of her door, demanding answers. He’s finally accepted that something is wrong, something is off; Furiosa is defecting. There had been evidence before, but he had chosen not to see it; he had turned a blind eye. Now Nux is driving nearby, pointing a gun at him, yelling at him to get out of the way so he can shoot Furiosa, but Ace remains there, between Furiosa and a bullet, demanding answers, and Furiosa is ignoring him. She’s doesn’t react at all to him visually up until he grabs her throat. She hardly looked at him at all during their sequences, and when she does, it’s fleeting. But she does look, does observe, when the war boys are fighting, from a safe distance from being observed doing it. The visual/body language seems to suggest to me that on some level, she can’t help but feel bad about betraying this team of hers, feels shame whenever confronted by Ace. As much as she knows she’s doing a redemptive thing, it’s hard and hurts her.

Also notable is the fact that Furiosa doesn’t raise a weapon to him. Oh she gets tough and aggressive when he strangles her, but she doesn’t grab out any of the myriad weapons we know she has around her and just punches him off the rig. She could have killed him. She’s ready to kill Anyone else that threatens her cause in the movie—even Max and Nux—but even without anyone there to stop her, she does not attempt to kill Ace.

I’m definitely of the belief now that Furiosa did feel some kinship with her crew, and that perhaps the most difficult part, emotionally, up until she returned to the Vuvalini, was turning her back on them. I’m sure it must have been hard not to be able to tell them her intentions. I mean, it’s clear she could not have—they would have stopped her, but this also means she never even got the chance to ask them to come along, to help, to join her. Maybe Ace would have if he’d had the time? She couldn’t afford to find out.

It also adds that much motivation that her mission succeeds. She turned her back on those men who died in her battle for her to get redemption, so it’s all that more imperative that she follows through. When Max gives her the choice to leave Immortant’s prisoners behind, she could have gotten in that rig and ridden off to the green place. If it were vengeance she needed, she could have turned a gun on the women so that Joe could never have them again. Sure, either way he’s pissed, but after the canyon wall was going to be blown, they probably weren’t going to make all that much more of an effort (definitely not the People Eater). Instead, she talks Max into letting them all back in the rig.

It’s definitely something I wouldn’t have noticed during a first, maybe even second, watch through, as it doesn’t seem off to seeing the cuts to Furiosa looking around all the time, intently watching what is behind her instead of in front of her, her eyes watering, and her gaze constantly averted away from those who are obviously going to be her enemies. But these are all things we don’t see much of later. Instead, she looks before her to the Green Place(s), glares down her enemies, and maintains her composure whenever she’s behind the wheel (sans injury). Knowing her better, it’s clearer that something else is going on beneath the surface, and given how much of the story was intended to be done visually, I definitely think this was intentional.

And it’s stuff like this that makes the movie so wonderful. We have Nux to humanize the war boys, but I think this humanizes them as well, more as a whole. Ace is compelling. You feel for him and his misguided faith in Furiosa. You understand his hurt when he realizes what is going on. They may not have had time to depict that with Furiosa’s other crewmembers, but I think her often looking behind her as they fought is their nod to the fact that she was their leader and, on some level, did care for them. They are human, but their serving her oppressor left her little choice in her mission for redemption.

I love this movie so much, and Furiosa has stolen my heart.

hotarurea  asked:

Please talk about ridiculousness of Logan-Christopher comparison! I wrote about it a little but I want to hear your rant! <3


Okay, so. The first thing that makes this comparison ridiculous is the difference between the Lorelai/Christopher relationship and the Rory/Logan relationship. Lorelai and Christopher were teenagers. They were 16-years-old. They were in a very, very different place in their lives when they were dating and when Lorelai got pregnant. They were kids. They had no idea what it takes to be in and sustain an adult relationship, and I think that’s something that carried over n their dynamic throughout the rest of the show. In a way, they were stuck there: Two kids trying to figure it out. Rory and Logan, on the other hand, were adults when they dated. It was Rory’s only real, adult relationship. They dated for at least three years. They lived together. They made it through a long distance relationship. Logan proposed at the end of Season 7. They start this relationship in Season 5, when it’s just this new, exciting thing. It turns into this solid, relationship built on love and respect. They help each other grow. When they’re together, they’re better. 

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Sam hurried to the house. By the large round door at the top of the steps from the wide yard stood Mrs. Cotton and Rosie, and Nibs in front of them grasping a hay-fork.

‘It’s me!’ shouted Sam as he trotted up. ‘Sam Gamgee! So don’t try prodding me, Nibs. Anyway, I’ve a mail-shirt on me.’ He jumped down from his pony and went up the steps. They stared at him in silence. ‘Good evening, Mrs. Cotton!’ he said. ‘Hullo, Rosie!’

‘Hullo, Sam!’ said Rosie. ‘Where’ve you been? They said you were dead; but I’ve been expecting you since the spring. You haven’t hurried, have you?’

‘Perhaps not,’ said Sam abashed. ‘But I’m hurrying now. We’re setting about the ruffians, and I’ve got to get back to Mr. Frodo. But I thought I’d have a look and see how Mrs. Cotton was keeping, and you, Rosie.’

‘We’re keeping nicely, thank you,’ said Mrs. Cotton. ‘Or should be, if it weren’t for these thieving ruffians.’

‘Well, be off with you!’ said Rosie. ‘If you’ve been looking after Mr. Frodo all this while, what d’you want to leave him for, as soon as things look dangerous?’

This was too much for Sam. It needed a week’s answer, or none. He turned away and mounted his pony. But as he started off, Rosie ran down the steps.

‘I think you look fine, Sam,’ she said. ‘Go on now! But take care of yourself, and come straight back as soon as you have settled the ruffians!’


J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King 

I consider this to be one of my absolute favorite passages in the entire LOTR work. In no particular order, we have: 

  • Rosie’s mom’s completely blase statement about the entire Shire being overrun with evil men
  • Sam’s hilarious “Anyway, I’ve a mail-shirt on me” 
  • The fact that these domestic exchanges are happening as the Shire is, at this very second, starting a revolution
  • “It needed a week’s answer, or none.” I have seen my boyfriend make the equivalent facial expression to me many, many times. 

I maintain Rosie is one of the best characters (and obviously one of the best women) in the book. She gets a section to herself: 

  • her patience: “Hullo, Sam, Where’ve you been”? It has been a year, with absolutely no news, with no idea where Sam went, or really why he went. She greets him casually and warmly, as if he went off on a brief camping trip.
  • her faith and feminine wisdom: “They said you were dead; but I’ve been expecting you since the spring.” All of The Scouring of the Shire is a combination of hilarity, sadness, and some bitterness, and this line is a great example of that. How could she possibly know that Sam was alive? Not only did she have faith he was alive, she was quite sure he would return to her and the Shire. (We could draw some Rosie/Arwen parallels too about faith and endurance.)
  • her snark: “You haven’t hurried, have you?” Sam has been to Mordor and back, has met Tom Bombadil, every living Ringbearer, he’s helped destroy the greatest evil Middle Earth has ever known, the entire Shire is is foment, and need I remind you that her father and brothers just ran out the door to join a battle. Unfazed Rosie asks, “Took you long enough, didn’t it?” 
  • her intelligence: “If you’ve been looking after Mr. Frodo all this while, what d’you want to leave him for, as soon as things look dangerous?” Sam has excused himself from one of the most critical moments in the Shire’s history to make sure Rosie and her family are safe. He left Rosie before they had said anything definitive about their relationship (even though they both knew, in their hearts), and he has waited a year to see the woman he has held in his heart. She sanely reminds him that what is the point of the past year if he spends time talking to her instead of doing his job??  
  • her loyalty: “I think you look fine, Sam…Go on now! But take care of yourself, and come straight back as soon as you have settled the ruffians!” She knows that Sam’s job lies elsewhere right now, but when he is done - then they can spend time together. There is a recurring, subtle theme throughout the book that the domestic realm is what everyone strives for. All of the fighting, wars, schemes, long journeys, etc., are all important, but they are not ends in themselves. They are done so that we can go home and start the real work: starting and raising a family.

Can we have a third encounter of Frank with the Frasers in Modern Glasgow? Maybe one with the wee bairns so he’ll see what a happy family they all are!

Modern Glasgow AU

Claire set down the hairbrush and clipped the shiny barrette into Faith’s dark curls.

“There! All done.”

Ten-year-old Faith Fraser turned her head in the mirror, admiring her Mama’s handiwork. And smiled.

“It’s beautiful! Do you think any of the other girls there will have one, too?”

Claire smoothed the shoulders of Faith’s sundress, picking off a few pieces of lint. “Certainly not one like this - Suzette bought it at a special shop in France, remember?”

Faith nodded enthusiastically. “Aye - I ken that. Only…”

Claire sat on the bench in front of her vanity, watching her daughter’s face in the mirror. Patient - as she was with all of her children. From birth she had instilled in all of them the simple fact that Mama and Da would *always* be there, would *always* listen, and *always* love them deeply, no matter what. Simple - and yet, she knew that so many other parents never even hinted as much with their own children.

“Only what, love?”

Faith pursed her lips. “Only - ye ken I dinna much like it when I have to play wi’ children I don’t know, aye?”

Claire smiled and opened her arms. Faith sank into them gladly, settling her face against her Mama’s shoulder.

“I know - and I also know you’re old enough now to understand that sometimes we must do things that make us uncomfortable. Because it’s important to somebody else.”

She sighed, holding her eldest daughter close, relishing their time alone.

“Can I tell you a secret, Faith?”

Faith stood up, straightening her shoulders - proud that Mama was telling her such grown-up things.

“Do you think *I* really want to go to this picnic today? It’s for Da’s job, and I don’t much feel like talking with other ladies that I don’t know. So - you and I are in the same boat, aye?”

Faith nodded, smiling. Good.

“Aye. I understand. I’ll mind Bree and William and Julia, Mama - I dinna want ye to worry.”

Claire’s heart swelled with love for Faith - her miracle child, who had had a rough start in life but who had grown to prove that her heart was more loving and compassionate - and responsible - than any other girl she’d ever known.

“I’ll take care of Julia - but if you could keep an eye on Bree and William, Da and I would be very grateful.” Softly she thumbed her daughter’s cheek, pushing one of Faith’s curls - so much like her own - behind her ear.

“Now - can you help me get everyone else ready?”


Jamie settled a sleepy Julia - clad in a bright blue baby dress - against his shoulder, adjusted her hat to protect her from the afternoon sun, and took a draught from his tumbler of whisky with his other hand, clearly absorbed in conversation with one of his favorite clients.

“And what’s this newest story about then, Ned?”

The elderly man squinted in the sunshine as he looked up at Jamie, cheeks flushed with champagne.

“Ah! Well - you know how my last novel was about an Englishwoman who was captured by Scotland Yard on suspicion of being a spy, even though she said she wasn’t - but she was actually a double agent for the Americans? Well - ”

Claire squeezed Jamie’s shoulder and stepped away, letting the men talk. Jamie and Ned had developed such a lovely relationship over the years - Jamie had always been patient and kind with the brilliant yet scatterbrained retired lawyer turned writer, and in turn Ned had been very loyal to Jamie, insisting he accompany him on his small book tours throughout the UK. Even as Jamie had advanced up the ranks at the publishing company - he was now third in command, and Rupert’s right-hand man - and no longer interacted as much with the authors, there were a few he still insisted on seeing to personally.

The publishing house hosted this summer garden party every year - inviting the employees and their families to attend a lovely afternoon of food, drink, and games for the children. All the authors and their families were also invited to informally mingle with the staff - keeping it casual, but also forging new business relationships.

It was fun to see some of the other spouses - Rupert’s wife Scarlett and their tribe of wee MacKenzies, Willie and Mary - who had scaled back her hours at the hospital once she gave birth to their son Jack - Angus and his latest girlfriend (or at least Claire hoped she was a girlfriend, and not one of those escorts he’d brought to the event last year).

But as it was even at her own work events, it was tiring to make nice and socialize all afternoon, knowing she couldn’t speak as freely as she wanted - mindful of her position as Jamie’s wife, and the need for him to maintain his rock-solid reputation at the company. Which is why she insisted her wee Frasers be on their best behavior - she didn’t want them making a scene, as wee Hamish MacKenzie had last year when he’d pulled down the skirt of one of the author’s wives…

Her eyes scanned the crowd - ah, there was Brianna’s red head, swaying back and forth on the swingset beside Faith and Morag MacKenzie, one of Rupert’s daughters. William was nearby, deep in conversation with one of Morag’s brothers, Jerry.

And to think that Scarlett was pregnant again…quickly she counted up in her head the number of small MacKenzies she’d seen running around this afternoon. Five? Six?

She turned back to the refreshments table - ah. Sangria - perfect.

Claire helped herself and then scanned the table for a napkin -


She almost dropped her glass. That voice - she hadn’t heard it in years, but recognized it instantly.

She swallowed, and turned.

“Hello Frank.”

Her right hand clutched the glass - her left dropped to her side, thumb furiously tracing her wedding ring.

He was dressed informally - a button-down shirt open at the neck, jeans, sunglasses hanging from his shirt pocket. Posh. Polished. Smart.

Memory flashed - Frank had always neatly pressed his shirts before folding them and stacking them in his bureau, usually while dictating ideas into a tape recorder.

And then another flash - Jamie desperately rummaging through his closet this afternoon for a suitable shirt after Julia had spit up all over the one he’d picked out.

“I - I didn’t expect to see you here. I know your - husband - is still employed by the publishing house, but as I don’t have any direct dealings with him…”

She pasted on a thin-lipped smile. “We’re here every year - Jamie co-runs the operations side of the business now, with Rupert MacKenzie. Though he still has a small group of writers he’s worked with for a very long time.”

Frank glanced down at his glass of whine - white, his favorite - and shuffled his feet.

Silence bloomed - and Claire groped around in her mind for something to say.

“I understand you’ve become quite the accomplished author yourself - written a series about the ‘45 and such. Jamie tells me it’s been a popular hit.”

Frank nodded absently. “Yes, well. I’m still teaching at Oxford, and I’ve even been on a few television programmes.”

Claire sipped her sangria. “Yes, I know. My son enjoys watching them - he loves his history. Especially Scottish history.”

Frank blinked. “So you’ve a son, then? I knew you had a daughter or two - ”

Claire straightened. “Two sons, actually - the history buff is eight, and we adopted another boy from France. He’s at uni - studying journalism.”

She watched him nod, taking in the news. “Did you ever see yourself with so many children, Claire? It was never something you brought up when we were together.”

“I never really thought about it - but once I met Jamie, I realized that it’s what I want. A family. A big family.”

“Even with your work? Are you still at that hospital?”

She shifted in her sandals, feeling the tops of her feet burning in the bright summer sun. “I am - but I’m not in the ER anymore. I’m a thoracic surgeon.”

Frank sipped his wine. “Impressive.”

Claire smiled, digging in her purse for her sunglasses. “Indeed. Especially since I have four small children at home.”

“Ah! Darling - there you are.”

Claire turned - and watched a slight blonde woman in a long, flowy dress approach Frank and kiss him on the cheek.

Frank backed away from her a bit and gestured toward Claire. “Cara - this is -”

“Dr. Claire Fraser. Pleasure.” She extended her hand. Cara took it - limply.

“Ah! Are you a professor as well?” Cara slung an arm over Frank’s shoulders.

“No, darling - she’s a medical doctor. A surgeon.”

Cara squinted at Claire in the sunshine. “Oh, how interesting! I’m working on my PhD, actually - French history. Frank’s been such a great help over the past few years.”

“I’m sure,” Claire replied drily - biting her tongue.


Two small forms seized her knees. Her heart immediately lifted.

“There you are!” she exclaimed, hiking up her dress so she could crouch down to be at eye level with Faith and William. “Have you been having fun?”

Faith rolled her eyes - but William nodded enthusiastically.

Claire rested a gentle hand on their shoulders and stood. “Frank - Cara - these are two of my children, Faith and William Fraser.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Faith said softly, wondering who these strange people were - and why Mama’s hand was so tense on her shoulder.

Frank nodded - suddenly stiff. It dawned on Claire that he hadn’t mentioned any children of his own.

“The two of you look just like your mother,” he said, voice tight.

“No’ all of us do!” William exclaimed. “My brother Fergus - well he’s French, so he doesna look like Mama or Da, but -”


Faith called to her sister, who was eyeing the dessert table. She glanced up, and happily scampered over to her mother and siblings.

“And this is my daughter Brianna.” Claire lifted her hand from William to draw Bree close - watching her remove her hat and lift her damp red hair, brilliant in the sunshine, from the nape of her neck.

“Hello,” Brianna said politely. “Who are you?”

“This is Professor Randall and - ”

“My friend Cara,” Frank interrupted. “I write history books.”

William gasped. “I’ve seen you on the TV! Murtagh and I watch all of yer programs!”

Frank smiled politely. “Yes - I’ve done a few programs over the years.”

“I loved the one where ye visited Fort William! My da took me and my brother there last year - I kent all about the history already!”

“Indeed. It’s an interesting place.”

He spoke to William as he would to an adult - rather than to an eight-year-old. And then it became quite clear to Claire that Frank never had - and likely never would - spend much time around children.

“Claire’s husband is an - executive - at Leoch Publishing,” Frank belatedly explained to Cara. “And a bit of a history buff, if I understand correctly.”

And then all the tension in Claire’s body slackened with one touch to her side.

“I am. It’s good to see you again, Professor Randall.”

Jamie extended his left hand to shake Frank’s, as Julia was dead asleep against his right shoulder. The wide silver band of his wedding ring glinted in the bright afternoon sunshine.

Frank took the proffered hand and shook it gracefully. “This is Cara - she’s one of my PhD students.”

Jamie nodded politely, then settled his free hand possessively around Claire’s waist. Her right hand snaked around his back, sinking her fingers into the back pocket of his jeans.

Frank’s gaze turned to the sleeping baby. “And this is - ”

“Ah - Julia. Our youngest, just six months old this week.”

Jamie kissed his tiny daughter’s wee forehead. Claire curled her fingers into his pocket - digging into his arse. Faith, Bree, and William stood - bored, yet patient - before them.

Frank coughed.

“Well then. I won’t take up any more of your time - I’m sure you still have a lot of business to attend to.”

Jamie nodded, politely.

“So nice to meet you and your family,” Cara said softly, eyes already scanning the crowd for the next conversation partner.

“Good to see you, Frank.” Claire smiled, drawing strength from her wee ragtag family.

“And you, Claire. You look happy. It becomes you.”

And with that, he nodded and led Cara away.

Claire waited for twenty seconds - then curled into Jamie’s chest, eyes closed, breathing deeply.

Her mind desperately rooted for something - anything - to anchor her.

Jamie’s solidity. Julia’s softness. Jamie’s scent - and the small patch of hair at the open neck of his shirt.

And his eyes this morning - smiling, half-asleep, and intent on hers as he buried his face between her legs.

“I’m here,” he whispered in her ear. “It’s done now. Do ye want to go home?”

The older children wordlessly hugged their Mama’s middle and knees - not understading, but knowing that she needed support.

She breathed deep, and shook her head. “No. I’m quite alright, actually.” Then she looked up at him, squinting down at her in the sunshine.

“Because I have you. All of you. I’ll always be alright.”

His smile flashed - and then his mouth met hers. Not caring that they were surrounded by so many people.

The wee Frasers, accustomed to the sight, groaned in unison.

Teague Martin’s comments at the party in both chaos states
(I was just curious to see the differences laid out.)

Low Chaos

We took control of the Abbey through blackmail, but perhaps over time we can wield a more legitimate authority.

Campbell’s black book lets me control the Abbey, but only at a price.

The Outsider has failed at destroying Dunwall. The people have been brought to their knees, but they are strong and are beginning to rise again.

Callista is losing her faith, I fear. I must speak to her about that.

Callista is a special case. She has more influence over Emily than anyone else, except maybe you.

High Chaos

The Abbey is corrupt, but as long as it stays that way I can control it. Campbell’s journal was a gift.

I can control the Abbey, I just don’t know if I can heal it.

The Outsider walks among us today. I can almost feel him.

“Righteous and Pure, I do Every Man’s Work.” I can’t hold back now.

We’ll have to keep the Overseers on the street maintaining order. These are faithless days.

Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #29 Rodrik “the Reader” Harlaw

I was very down on the ironborn in my Victarion Greyjoy entry, and it was suggested I talk about Rodrik Harlaw. I had to do some research on him, because I didn’t know all the backstory, but let’s face it anyone who is called “the Reader” is probably awesome. I could probably stop right there. 

I’m thinking about calling myself Emily the Reader.

Rodrik is the Lord of the Ten Towers, a castle on the island of Harlaw which is one of the Iron Islands. He is Asha Greyjoy’s uncle and he supports her cause in the kingsmoot, even though he fears she can’t win. 

As his name suggests, Rodrik reads a lot. He has a library tower that he had septons maintain until the Faith of the Seven was banned on the Iron Islands. He’s skeptical of Euron Greyjoy and seems to oppose most of his plans–which would be enough to convince me he’s on the side of light even if people didn’t call him “the Reader.” 

He also finds, for Asha, the a history that cites a kingsmoot being overturned which would perhaps be a way to remove Euron as king. (In that situation, the previous king’s son had been away and the kingsmoot held without him. When he returned, years later, he was able to become king himself.)

Though I’m not super psyched at the idea of Theon Greyjoy becoming king of anything, you have to admit that anyone would be better than Euron. But it will take all of Asha’s strength and probably all of Rodrik’s knowledge and books to convince the Ironborn to accept him. 

Image of Rodrik Harlaw by Nacho Molina for Fantasy Flight Games.

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters

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i learned that hades was less of a satan or mean guy but more of a strict person, just doing his job, being and artist and starting a flower garden for persephone and i can imagine that so hard with lexa. also, i heard that persephone tended to ask for mercy for some people and he was always like "babe, I can't, the rules, i have a imagine to maintain" and she would shoot him the look™ and so the mortal was free. now imagine that with lexa and clarke. "i can't clarke, titus gonna kill me."

Yeah also Hades was the only greek god who remained faithful to his wife

And YES. Hades!Lexa sighing and granting mercy because Clarke brought up valid points and also shot her The Look lmao I’m here for this

And Hades!Lexa secretly taking up gardening and surprising Persephone!Clarke with a small garden full of her favorite flowers. Lexa taking Clarke to emerald caves and Clarke noticing how Lexa’s eyes sparkle brighter than those stones when she looks at her. Lexa letting Cerberus in at night with an exasperated sigh cause Clarke spent a week apart from him and she missed her “smol puppy” (and it absolutely doesn’t matter to Clarke that this smol puppy has three heads, red glowing eyes, is bigger than her, and his growl can make humans lose their minds. It also doesn’t matter to Cerberus, because as soon as he sees Clarke, his tongues fall out as he pants excitedly and scrambles to get to her, carefully plopping next to her and letting her pet his belly while he whines and grunts in pleasure. Lexa is ashamed of her dog during these moments)


Word Count: 1,849

Summary:  The reader refuses to let Sam leave town until he tells her why.  He opens up about the lifestyle he, Dean, and John lead, and promises to keep her safe even when he’s gone, but can he truly promise that?  (Teenage!Sam and reader)

A/N:  Wow the first one-shot in eighty years claps for me

“My dad thinks I’m asleep, you know,” Sam said.  His hands were shoved into his jacket pockets, and his hair was ruffled in a way that told you he’d been tossing and turning in his bed.  He looked more boyish, a difference from his typically tidy appearance.

You were sitting on one of two swings.  There was a chill to the air that you felt through your sweater, and you regretted not bringing anything thicker, but you needed to see Sam.  You’d heard from a chain of people that he was leaving town that night, and despite the bond you two had created, he hadn’t said a thing to you.  You wanted to know for yourself.

“Loosen up a little.”  You smiled sheepishly, and with every breath you took, you could see a cloud of cold hair puff in front of your face.

Sam sat in the swing beside you, the creak of rusty metal echoing in an otherwise quiet park.  As he sighed, you couldn’t help but notice the tired lines on his face.  They were etched deeply, unlike the laugh wrinkles you typically saw forming on the faces of young teenagers.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he began.  It was obvious that he was going to jump right into the “farewell” speech, and for a reason not entirely known to you, it pissed you off. “We’re leaving tomorrow—hitting the road pretty early, actually—and I really should—“

“Why didn’t you tell my earlier?  Were you just going to go without saying anything?  I thought we were friends, Sam.”  You couldn’t help the sting of hurt that filtered through your words.  It had only been two and a half months—not long enough to truly become close to someone, but you felt connected to Sam.  Before he and his ragtag little family blew through town, you hadn’t a single friend to talk to.  You kept to yourself, and no one made the effort to and affiliate themselves with you.  

Sam was the first person to even try; you weren’t ready to give that up just yet.

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The Hidden Grove

You knew we’d get here eventually. Covers how the scene in Crestwood happens in Isii’s canon. There’s a heavy mixture of in-game and original dialogue in this one.

For maximum feels, listen to this while you read

Seeing the temple once more, walking through those halls – it brought back harsh memories that were difficult to process. Thoughts of the last time he’d been there, the moment that pushed him toward the downfall of everything he held dear. His course had seemed so clear back then.

If only he had known.

Solas withdrew from the others when they returned to Skyhold. He needed time to himself. Time to think. Despite her invitation, he did not visit Isii’s quarters that night. She accepted his explanation that the journey left him feeling drained, that seeing a precious and preserved piece of Elvhen history desecrated in such a way upset him. It was not untrue, not entirely, but it was not the reason he pulled away from her.

Seeing Abelas and the other sentinels, branded and bound, still enslaved all these centuries later, still forced into their never-ending servitude – that was what troubled him the most. The remnants of something he had so despised; the knowledge that others must still be out there, still suffering the same fate, suspended in a mockery of uthenera without the peace an eternity in the Fade could grant them. These thoughts drove him. They reinforced his purpose, reminded him of all those who suffered from his actions on both sides of the conflict. He had failed them once. He could not do so again. He’d allowed himself to become distracted in the recent months, allowed himself to dream of what could be if he abandoned his cause.

There was no other path for him. He had to remember that.

She found him the following day in his study. He was staring at the wall, loosely sketching the next addition to his mural when her arms wrapped around him, her lips lightly caressing his neck. “You’re drawing the temple?”

He nodded solemnly. “The Temple of Mythal was extraordinary,” he said, pausing his work to turn and face her. “In all my journeys, I’d never dreamed of finding anything like it.”

“I know how you feel,” she said, smiling. Her face was bright and full of wonder, her voice hushed with awe. “It was… incredible. And to think there are elves who still live from before the quickening, elves who remember Arlathan, who could give us back our history.” She paused, her smile widening. “It’s more than I ever could have hoped for. If I could get one of them to trust me, to speak to me…. The things I could learn from them…”

The corner of his lips quirked slightly. “Perhaps such a thing is not so far out of your reach.” He paced toward his desk, setting his charcoal down as he dusted off his hands. She watched him curiously as his gaze fell to the floor, his brow lowering.

“You look troubled.”

“I am,” he answered calmly. “The fate of the Vir’abelasan worries me.”

Her head tilted, her face stitched with concern. “Do you think I should have taken it instead?”

“No,” he said quickly. “No, you were right to be wary. Drinking from the Well would have bound you to Mythal – a fate with implications I do not think Morrigan fully grasps. Your instincts have done you a service.”

“Then what is it?”

He paused before fixing his gaze on her, his voice firm as he spoke. “What will you do with the power of the Well once Corypheus is dead?”

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Arrow - Left Behind - Episode Review

More than Oliver Queen being alive, this episode cements what Arrow does best – mixing action and emotions, despair and hope, individuality and team spirit, light and darkness.


Felicity goes through a lot during this episode and her emotions change as she absorbs the reality of Oliver’s death. I want to acknowledge the amazing performance of Emily Bett Rickards tonight who managed to give Felicity a depth, a strength and a fragility that were incredibly touching and spot on. This Felicity woudln’t exist without EBR.

For her first appearance, we understand that Oliver hasn’t been missing for that long (3 days) and that hope is still running through Felicity’s veins. As she always has, she believes in him and this fight hasn’t shaken her convictions. She’s tracking him, trying to find him, believing, sensing that he is still alive and will come back to her. Somehow, we can feel that Felicity’s hope is at the edge of irrational. We can feel her pain behind the surface, feel the tension in her bones.

Quickly, Felicity lets her deepest fear appear. As she talks to Ray, it becomes obvious that the idea of Oliver not coming back is all over her. She projects her fear to lose the love of her life on Ray as this last one is absorbed in his quest to save the city and will eventually put his life in danger.

Her fear of losing Oliver is somehow blinded by her faith in him.

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Whoufflé vid snippets - Latch

If there are boundaries
I will try to knock them down
I’m latching on, babe
Now I know what I have found (x)

Fic: Handed a Miracle (Part 1)

Summary: Felicity has always been certain she doesn’t want children. Until one day, she does. Written for rosietwiggs.


Felicity hadn’t ever really pondered the question of whether or not she would want children. For one thing, she didn’t have the best example of a family unit that stuck around. People around her, of course, grew up and got married and reproduced. She’d been to her share of baby showers and wedding showers, with friends and distant relatives alike.

But then she’d met Oliver Queen. And for a while there – well. She’d loved him, but he didn’t love her. And then he loved her, but he didn’t want to put her in danger, and she dated other people. And then he’d decided he couldn’t live without her, and to be honest, she’d been thinking the same thing but in reverse, and so they’d decided to try the whole…. Together thing.

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