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a dragon’s alternative to kidnapping princesses

There comes a time in every dragon’s life when they have the urge to become a legend. The most fearsome and famous of dragons have been stitched onto tapestries for snatching themselves the richest of princesses to barter ransom, besting battalions over a spit, and becoming legends remembered in hushed voices and candlelight. Said most fearsome and famous of dragons are emblazoned on rich threads of gold and scarlet because they have been skewered by a thousand knights’ arrows. There is no great gain from kidnapping royalty other than the attention.

But mountain caves can only fit one dragon at a time, and the woodland critters flee when you stretch out your wings in the sunlight for a breath of warm air. Your mother and her mother before her have gushed about the thrill of kidnapping princesses but it has been a long time since either of them have graced the earth. There comes a time in every dragon’s life when they realise that they are desperately lonely.

As there are a limited number of monarchies within close distance of your mountain range, it is plausible that another dragon has staked a claim on the royal daughter. There are several alternatives to princesses that a dragon can consider.

THE JESTER: It will not be as enjoyable as you think. Within ten minutes he will sweat the paint off of his face, and even you will cringe at how thick a mask he wears in court. You will not hear him laugh once, but then again, neither do anyone else. You best swallow him whole, as nothing terrorizes a town more than hearing the clown cry.

THE BEGGAR: The town will suddenly think of you less as a nuisance and more of a convenience. You can be rest assured that no one will come with pitchforks into your cave. But there is little thrill when no one puts up a fight, and the beggar–once he realizes that there is no one who will pray for him–will stop giving you one. One night you may find him crawling between your teeth himself, and he will not even scream when you snap your jaws in surprise.

THE BLACKSMITH: The danger is not what scraps of sharp metal he may have down his boot once you snatch him from his anvil. The danger is when he notices how your scales glimmer, and how the edges nick his skin. Your scales are your comfort and pride, but to the blacksmith they are bags of gold. Be warned–you may suddenly wake up to find your hide raw and bleeding, stripped bare of what protects you. And if you weep from the pain, humans and dragons alike will scoff. You have teeth, don’t you, they would say. Why didn’t you just guard yourself?

THE PRINCE: An unrecommended substitute. Princesses could charm you as they outwitted you, or share stories of their home life, could talk with you for hours and hours because no one in the castle would lend an ear to collectibles that are expected to be seen and saved and never heard. Princes, on the other hand, are accustomed to hold out their hand to demand what they want. They have never needed to bargain before, so they would drive swords up your snout before you could even introduce yourself.

THE KNIGHT: You may have kidnapped him, but your skin will crawl when you feel his eyes follow you around the cave, how he will lick his lips at the thought of you and press deeply against your leathery belly to picture how deeply his knife will sink in. Yes, he may have dropped his sword along the way, or left his spear in the armory, but the hunger never leaves the hunter. Knights depend on valor to become legends, and you are nothing but a trophy to be hung on the wall. You will be too afraid to fall asleep in your own cave.

THE MIDWIFE: You expect her to cry and faint in fear of you, but the midwife hollers at howling women and screaming babies to settle her stomach. You expect her to tremble at death, but she knows above all else how stalwart a life can be when it wriggles through the impossible. She is accustomed to clawing through blood and pain to seek even the smallest morsel of life. Do not resist; she will find that warm glow of life behind your iron scales and bellowing fire and see you for the frightened, needy creature that you are.

I really love Carey Fangbattle so just a little hc dump about team sweet flips and her best bro/student Magnus. 

  • Carey being the first to learn about Julia and going home and just holding onto a very confused Killian saying how much she loves her over and over again. 
  • Carey+Killian switch on who decides dates but they’re the couple who turns everything into a little date. Trips to storage? Date. Chilling in the laundry room eating bad BOB food? Date. Killian kicking Magnus’ ass in a wrestling match? Date. 
  • Carey will just stare at Killian’s muscles and thank god. She’s just…thankful. 
  • “Babe I love your thighs.” “I know Carey.” “Like babe you could kill me with these.” “I know Carey.” “Babe….I would totally be ok with you killing me with your thighs.” “I know Carey. You tell me every night.” “BUT IT’S TRUE.” 
  • She keeps training Mags and wastes no chances on teasing him and playing keep away with his personal items (Angus personal request) 
  • Carey talking to Magnus about a wedding plans and then backtracking because dead wife zone but Magnus just waving it off and helping her get stuff together. 
  • Magnus making a gazebo for them and walking Carey down the aisle (The director marries them, Merle is KIllian’s best man, and Taako makes some food for the guests. They leave a seat open in the front row for Boyland.) 
  • Magnus is letting out the LOUDEST sobs the entire time like just wailing and muttering “They’re just…so in love…and im so happy for them…” and Taako patting his back while Merle cries much quieter into a hankey. 
  • Kravitz being Taako’s plus one and it is awkward for everyone but Taako who doesn’t notice  why bringing ur boyfriend who tried to kill your friends and is also literally death to a wedding could be awkward. 
  • Carey throws the flowers at kravitz by the way and Taako doesn’t understand.
  • Cary and Killian actually go off base (In a wedding themed canon blast off) for their honeymoon and just have a week off. 
  • Magnus sitting in the Killian+Carey home talking about his crush on (whoever you ship w/ Mags if you ship him here)and Killian tries to give advice while Carey just keeps singing the kissing in a tree song. 
  • She rarely does it but when Killian starts laughing she snorts and gasps for air and Carey has a quiet giggle that steadily gets louder the longer you keep them going. Some nights they’re just rag on every member of BOB and just howl with laughter.
  • Carey and Killian having code words and little thing they do before missions to keep each other safe. Like a “If I say this you absolutely have to trust me no matter what” and they usually kiss and say “I’ll see you when I get home” instead of goodbye because its bad luck. 
  • I’m still not over the idea of Carey casually bringing up “Whose Julia” after she hears Mags ask Kravitz about her and Magnus getting really quiet before telling her, and by the end of it she’s sobbing and tells him to talk to her if she needs anything. Carey just going home red eyed and asking KIllian if they could stay in and just cuddle and watch a movie and it’s one of the first times Carey EVER worries about what would happen if one of them got hurt during a mission. 
  • Killian and Carey have a long talk and breaking it down about how they need to trust each other and how they’re too good at their job for something bad to happen. 
  • I just really love team sweet flips and Magnus+Carey sister brother duo. 

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I asked a woman today if she would like to try any of our magazines. She politely said no, and then told me that she felt bad for us that we had to try to sell mags. She knew we didn't like having to sell them, and she wished we didn't have to. God bless her.

So I learned yesterday that Ginny’s wand wood is Yew, the same as Voldemort’s. I thought that was cool, so I doodled a 5th year Ginny, not focusing on her OWL studies at all.

(I did actually paint in detail most of the background stuff, but I genuinely thought it looked bad, so I resorted to my usual of just laying down colors everywhere. At least it feels more unified and less monochrome.)

More Tina Goldstein Headcannon

·         Tina is fascinated with no-mag areoplanes.  During the war she followed all the flying aces, and thought long and hard about learning to fly a no-mag plane.  She followed Amelia Earhart’s career with great interest, and did earn a no-mag pilot’s license in the 30’s.  (The first time Newt took her dragon flying Tina felt free in a way she never knew was possible.  Newt fell a little more in love that day.)

·         Tina is particularly skilled in charms and hexes, and occulemency, of course.  Still it is her deep understanding of the MCUSA’s labyrinthine legal system that first piqued Madam Picquery’s interest. Picquery had started to put paperwork  in motion to have Goldstein attached to her persona lauror detail, but after Tina’s fall from grace she let the matter drop.

·         Tina didn’t get all of her memories back from the failed execution.  The recent thoughts, memories of Credence and Queenie and her time at the Ministry, that all came back within a few hours.  But the older memories, memories of her mother, her childhood, the soft weight of the quilt Bubbe had sewn by candlelight- that had all become very dim and far away.  She kept this to herself, no need to grumble when she’d walked (lept) out alive. But it did make her patronus very weak. Not that it had been very strong to begin with, but now, even summoning a mist was difficult.  All of this is to say, after an attack from a rouge band of dementors left her up-chucking in an alley like an absolute greenhorn Newt felt the need to needle her about the need to strengthen the charm.  Tina nodded, her head pounding, too tired and sweaty to argue or explain.  After forcing Tina to down a cup of coca and being tucking her into bed Queenie had to have her first argument with Newt -You’re an insensitive lout Mr. Scamander.  I expected better of you-  It’s weeks before Newt feels that he’s properly apologized

·         Newt has overheard several things about the Goldstein sisters.  Mostly because a lot of people don’t always notice him.  There have been a few things that have left him blushing- That doll’s a bearcat, the vamps a looker, those gams- on Queenie’s behalf.  It’s when he hears these men speaking of Tina- the cold fish? Mrs. Grundy, the milquetoast- that Newt doesn’t understand.  Do they not see how brave and smart and kind she is? Do they not see her pale, soft skin and her thick, dark hair? Do they have eyes?

·         At fifteen Tina worked for Soothsayer’s Times, a New York daily.  Dipping the typeset in potion was time consuming, but she followed the crime stories closely.  Graves was impressed with her knowledge of New York’s magical underground when she had her first interview.

·         Before her demotion Tina had a wide web of contacts.  When she moved to the wand department Auror Almonte offered to take over her informants.  Once Almonte referred to them as her “snitches” Tina vowed to keep their names secret. (Once it became clear that Gnarlack double crossed Goldstein he found himself shut out of a lot deals.  There was honor amongst thieves after all, a Goldstein had never turned on anyone that had earned her protection.)

The Picnic

Summary: Belle bakes to ease her loneliness. One day, several months into her time at the Dark Castle, she plans a picnic to celebrate Rumple’s return from a trip.
Rating: G  Word Count: 2,400
A/N: Dark Castle fluff for my 1,000 follower promptathon, @magnoliatattoo prompted: A few months after arriving at the Dark Castle, Belle plans a picnic. Kudos to Mag–she even betas her own prompts because I am trash.

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Belle pushed a sweaty tendril of hair out of her eyes and opened the oven to remove a tray of apple cinnamon sweet rolls.

Flour had settled into the pleats of her skirt and she swatted it away with a sigh. She wished she could beat loneliness out of her soul as easily as she could flour dust from her dress. Oh, she missed her father, her friends, and her home, but those feelings were more the desire for familiarity than true fondness. Right now there was only one person she was truly missing: Rumplestiltskin. She missed him so much that her chest ached and her shoulders sagged; even her hair seemed limp when he was away. He’d been gone for several days on a deal-making expedition and to celebrate his return, she had prepared a picnic and baked some of his favorite sweets.

By all accounts, she was a pitiful cook, but when she’d come to the Dark Castle as Rumplestiltskin’s price for saving her village, Belle discovered a hidden talent for creating delicious, oven-baked delights. One day soon after her arrival, she remembered a recipe for peach cobbler that her mother used to adore. Guessing at ingredients and quantities, she baked and served it to Rumplestiltskin with his tea. He’d pronounced it “halfway decent” and devoured the entire pan in one sitting.

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Katniss: Finnick you have to eat…
Finnick: She’s gone.
Haymitch: You can’t keep doing this to yourself. Y/N wouldn’t want you to be like this.
Finnick: Be like what? The love of my life, the only woman I ever wanted or saw myself having a family with is dead. She died in my arms.
Katniss: Finnick…
Finnick: I held her in my arms and I saw the light leave her eyes. I..I don’t know what to do anymore. What do I do without her?
Katniss: You fight. Snow has done this and he will pay.
Finnick: She volunteered for Mags. Did you know that? She never thought twice about it. I remember being with her at the Capitol and promising to protect her. But when it came to the game. I couldn’t save her.
Haymitch: Katniss come on. We need to let him grieve.

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imagine Julia meeting some Regulators and being inducted into the BoB and Magnus only realizing when hes invited to attend a new inductee’s trial
obviously he vaults in, unarmed, just to reunite with her, and almost gets his ass flattened by an ogre before Julia kills it and then kisses him hard enough to make up for every kiss they missed when they were apart

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The first time Magnus kissed Alex, Alex was a boy, Magnus had always thought he was straight in a distracted kinda way, after all when you're a street kid dating isn't first thing on your mind, he told Alex that and she worried that Mag only liked HER not HIM, one day Alex is having a male-male day he's so boy that day, and Magnus reaches over and kisses him for first time and Alex knows he can spend till the end of the world kissing this fool (happy v day)

‘thought he was straight in a distracted kinda way’ OMG SO ACCURATE- SO RELATABLE!



THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!! *hugs you tight and twirls you around*

This headcanon makes me so happy, since I’m genderfluid. <3333 Thank you!!!

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Halflings + marriage

oh boy!! oh boy. i imagine the weddings as less “here’s a ceremony” and more “here’s a three-day-long party” the first day is sort of the day where they mostly get familial matters out of the way, sorting out the names, property, it’s sorta the day for Legal Matters, etc. the parents of both parties will often get together and this is the day for like, the first most formal dinner. the second day is more for extended family, an announcement and everything, there’s a party thrown by the couple (most halfling couples are couples, polyam marriage isn’t So Common) for friends and family and that gets a lil rowdy, often goin off into the late hours. and then the third day is everyone they know, essentially, in this sorta potluck-style shindig with so much booze. so much booze. there’s? there’s so much drinking. the couple often is carried out after the third party to their home or one of their parent’s homes cause there’ s just so much drinking. and then for a few weeks they’re allowed this honeymoon period where they take time off from work to just appreciate each other. 

proposals are often done without jewelry and not announced until you’re invited to the actual wedding. you sorta just say hey, marriage, here’s a bouquet, lets talk to your mom. 

   Then the music stopped, and the counting started.
   And it was good that Mags was out here, because it would hurt too much to be in there. It always hurt too much, and this year, it might kill her.

   “Mags?” someone called.
   It was Noel. She recognized his voice.
   “Here,” Mags said. Then a little louder, “Here!” Because she was his best friend, and avoiding him was one thing, but hiding from him was another.
   She could see Noel then, in a shaft of moonlight breaking through the slats of the deck above her. His eyes had gone all soft, and he was raising his eyebrows.
   Mags nodded, and pushed with her shoulders away from the house, then Noel pushed her right back - pinning her as much as he was hugging her as much as he was crowding her against the wall.
   He kissed her hard.

I loved Mags - but unfortunately she wasn’t in this one. I’ll be honest, I don’t know where this one was going at all. It just sort of… happened. And it ended up really fluffy. Meh, you guys will let me know what you think! This second part was requested by @the-satanic-nebula. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Have you plan a sequel for A soldier, a ghost? It was a really good one, loved the OC Mags too. She sounds like a fun girl :)

“A Soldier, A Ghost” (Part 2)

Part 1

When Bucky Barnes wasn’t messing up his words, he could be a real sweetheart. Smooth, charming, and funny. The whole package.

After dinner, you’d been left completely frazzled by the information he had relayed to you. Sensing your bewilderment, he’d kept his arm linked with yours as he walked you home.

He asked to see you again as he leaned against your doorframe. Completely calm. Cool. Collected. It seemed to be Bucky Barnes in a nutshell, though no history textbook would tell you that. You handed him your phone and told him to put his number in though immediately after doing so, it struck you that he might not have a mobile phone. However, your fears were extinguished when he handed the phone back to you with a contact saved under “Hot Guy”. You rolled your eyes, smiled, and shut your door.

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