she loves watermelons!


This is my Zoey. I adopted her from the shelter about 2 years ago. She loves to sun bathe outside, roll around in the grass (as well as eat it), play fetch, chase squirrels in the backyard, go on walks and just hang out with me! She loves eating bananas, watermelon, and an occasional bug off the floor. She is such a sweetheart and very friendly (to humans at least 😅). She has a wiggly butt and a super happy tail. She gives me unconditional love and always nudges me when I’m lonely.
Funny story how I got her though! One summer, I decided to go volunteer at my local animal shelter so I went to orientation and everything. After my first day volunteering, I randomly decided to look at all the dogs that were available for adoption and when I saw her, I immediately fell in love. I knew I couldn’t have her because I already had 2 dogs at home, but after seeing that she was a couple days away from being put down, I HAD to have her. I have no idea how I pulled it off because my brother was so set on not letting me get another dog but I wanted her so bad that I literally begged my brother! So she actually ended up being a super early Christmas present 😂 by far the best present I’ve ever gotten was her and she has definitely changed my life for the better.

Ps - I loved her so much and was so consumed in taking care of her and loving her that I never went back to volunteer lol 🤦🏽‍♀️#shameonme

Pss- She’s a pit bull.

First kid down nr1 is Bruce x Violet! Her name is Moonlit and aspire to be just like her dad one day just watermelon themed because gosh darn does she love her watermelons x) @batponybrucemane

Second kid down nr 2 is Pito x Violet! His name is Cody and is just straight out a tsundere gentle soul that loves reading books about plants and of course he loves his mothers to death a mommy boy (secretly cross dresses when the moms dont look) @askpito

Third kid down nr 3 is Fang x Violet! Her name is Loreen and works backstage at any huge rockconcert at night of course making sure all equiptment functions as it should, she is a tall punk @gamer-budders

Fourth kid down nr 4 Reginald x Violet! His name is Hrizzle and he may look a tiny bit sweet from distance but he is truly a rascal, trying to make any item flammable and is overly protective over his work truly a hot headed kid @askstevethepony

Side note for the owners of the original characters, if you wish to keep these oc’s go ahead and do so you can also change their design, name and gender but either way none of them will be related to Violet canonally.

#su spoilers

“just being on a ship with jasper made me tired”

headcanon that jasper is like really clingy and annoying and peridot is like ‘please jasper i’m trying to work go away’ and jasper is like ‘peridot pay attention to me’ and it was just two months of this exchange over and over

MCL 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 6: Draw your Candy with their favorite food!

She loves watermelon and all things flavored like watermelon, especially watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Those things are ama-zing~

I can’t draw foods to save my life. :’)