she loves water as you can see

Kurt Vonnegut’s Creative Writing 101

1. Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.
2. Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for.
3. Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.
4. Every sentence must do one of two things—reveal character or advance the action.
5. Start as close to the end as possible.
6. Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them—in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
7. Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.
8. Give your readers as much information as possible as soon as possible. To heck with suspense. Readers should have such complete understanding of what is going on, where and why, that they could finish the story themselves, should cockroaches eat the last few pages.

date a girl who loves the stars. date a girl who can’t help but get excited every time that the sky begins to darken. date a girl whose favorite date is when you lay on top of your beat-up old car under a blanket and watch the sky and talk about life.

date a girl who loves storms. date a girl who is a storm. date a girl whose eyes light up every time lightning strikes and whose soul calms when the sky is in an uproar. date a girl who loves listening to the thunder rumble and the rain pouring onto the roof more than her favorite songs. 

date a girl who loves clouds. date a girl who will lay at the beach with her eyes open instead of shut just so that she can watch the clouds roll by. date a girl who loves telling you about the shapes she sees within the water vapor floating through the sky. date a girl who loves winter because of the beautiful snow that comes from the flat, grey clouds.

date a girl who loves the moon. date a girl whose life and mood changes like the phases of the moon. date a girl who never stopped seeing the man on the moon. date a girl who stays up late just to watch the moon slowly make its circle around the earth. 

date a girl who loves the sun. date a girl who doesn’t mind having leather for skin and sun spots in old age as long as it means that she was in the sunshine all of the time. date a girl who loves the brightness and optimism that the sun brings more than anything.

date a girl who loves the sky, whether it be blue, black, pink, grey, or a myriad of all of those… date a girl who loves all of this and you’ll be dating a girl who loves the simple details and biggest parts of everything that she loves.

—  date a girl who loves the sky and every piece of it // 7.26.16

I think Even was lying about Sonja and him taking a break. Perhaps he was testing the waters with Isak. Before he put anything he has with Sonja in danger.

It’s just that he said, “I told Sonja about you,” not, “us” which doesn’t necessary mean he told his girlfriend about his hook up with another boy. And she just looks so happy with him and enjoying the kisses. Even if she was the most loving understanding person in the world, I can’t see her being ok with her boyfriend wanting to take a break from their relationship because he has feelings for another person, let alone another boy. And then kissing him so blissfully and playfully a few days later after the other relationship fell through.

I think she knows that Isak is gay, but not about the connection with Even.

Eight rules for writing fiction:

1) Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.

2) Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for.

3) Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.

4) Every sentence must do one of two things — reveal character or advance the action.

5) Start as close to the end as possible.

6) Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.

7) Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.

8) Give your readers as much information as possible as soon as possible. To heck with suspense. Readers should have such complete understanding of what is going on, where and why, that they could finish the story themselves, should cockroaches eat the last few pages.

—  – Kurt Vonnegut
Aaaaaaaand....she blew it!

Breeeeaaathe in, breeeeaaathe out. That’s right, deeeeep breeeeeaaathss. There ya go!

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So folks, the storm has passed. Calm waters ahead! We can all release those breaths you didn’t want to admit you were holding. Because who are we kidding? This place was practically vibrating with anxiety yesterday.

She blew her chance. Swiss Miss, Dollar Store Claire, La Dame Blanche (a modest contribution of my own) had the chance to declare her ginger love to the world for all the IG trolls to see, and for us Tumblrs to cry about. And yet….Radio Silence. 

Don’t give me any of that “She’s keeping the relationship private by not posting on IG” BS because ya’ll know it’s not true. 

To prove that point, we have the ever non-compliant Big&Tall ginger, his friendy friend co-star, their in-the-know crew member, and a rando photog from 2015 tweeting, re-tweeting, and liking things that would make LDB’s ears burn. Right! Graham. Forgot about Graham. Cuz ya know, recounting embarrassing moments and toasting your sister ALL NIGHT is normal.

And, oh, sweet Romann! What a welcome you received…..6 MONTHS LATE. So don’t go posting embarrassing pictures of @caitrionabalfe. Nooooooo, don’t do that.

That’s my rant. 

Have a shippery day! 

Happy birthday to my #1 man... John Muir

Here is a dump of my favorite Muir quotes to commemorate this day:

“This is one of the still, hushed ripe days when we might heat the beating of nature’s heart”

“Of all the paths you walk in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”

“The world is big, and I want to get a good look at it before it gets dark”

“You may be a little cold some nights, on mountain tops about timberline, but you will see the stars, and by and by you can sleep enough in your town bed, or at least in your grave. Keep awake while you can in mountain mansions so rare”

“I’d rather be in the mountains thinking of God, than in church thinking about the mountains”

“Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad, whatever is done and suffered by her creatures, all scars she heals, whether in rocks or water or sky or hearts”

“Few places in this world are more dangerous than home. Fear not, therefore, to try the mountain passes. They will kill care, save you from deadly apathy, set you free, and call forth every faculty into vigorous, enthusiastic action”

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storm’s their energy, care will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn”

“The sun shines not on us, but in us”

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees”

“I am losing the precious days. I am degenerating into a machine for making money. I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news”

“Keep close to nature’s heart…. and break clear away once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean”

“As long as I live, I’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I’ll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I’ll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can.”

“Who wouldn’t want to be a mountaineer! Up here all the world’s prizes seem nothing”

On Glacier National Park: “Give at least a month to this precious reserve. The time will not be taken from the sum of your life. Instead of shortening, it will indefinitely lengthen it and make you truly immortal. Nevermore will time seem short or long, and cares will never again fall heavily on you, but gently and kindly as gifts from Heaven”

On Yellowstone National Park: “…healing, reviving, exhilarating, kept pure by frost and fire, while the scenery is wild enough to awaken the dead”

“The question comes up ‘What are rattlesnakes good for?’ As if nothing that does not obviously make for the benefit of man had any right to exist: as if our ways were God’s ways… Anyway they are all, head and tail, good for themselves, and we need not begrudge them their share of life”

After trying to describe Yosemite: “I can write only to incite good wanderers to come to the feast”

“Even the blind must enjoy these woods, drinking their fragrance, listening to the music of the woods in their groves, and fingering the flowers and plumes and cones in their richly furrowed boles” (I love this because I always forget to use my other senses outside)

Last but not least (for now…), John Muir on ants: “As soon as a vulnerable spot is discovered on man or beast, they stand on their heads and sink their jaws, and though torn limn from limb, they will yet hold on and die biting deeper. When I contemplate this fierce creature so widely distributed and strongly intrenched, I see that much remains to be done ere the world is brought under the rule of universal love and peace”


“He is incapable of love (y/n)! Why can’t you see that?” Jocelyn pleaded.

“Because you’re lying! I know him, he loves me.” (y/n) replied stubbornly.

“(y/n)…” Jocelyn hesitated, “Some people can’t be fixed. No matter how much he claims to love you, it’s all a lie. He is incapable of loving anyone, even you.”

Your eyes started to water at the seriousness of her words, you had always thought that she just said these things because she was trying to protect you. But now, looking at her, you could see how sincere she was being. You ran out of the room to go to yours, only to find that Jonathan was sitting on your bed when you got there.

“Jonathan?” you asked, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks.

“(y/n)? (y/n) what’s wrong? What happened?” Jonathan came over to you to comfort you, but you backed away. He stopped and stared at you, his confusion turning to a mixture of sadness and understanding as he figured out what had happened without you saying a word. “You’ve been talking to Jocelyn… haven’t you?”

You nod your head, not trusting your voice to be steady.

“What… what did she say?” he asked.

You swallowed and managed to choke out, “She… she said that you don’t love me-can’t love me. She said you’re incapable of love.” Now you look him in the eyes, tears flowing freely.

He looks back at you, and you’re surprised to see that there are tears in his eyes too. “And you believe her?” he asks.

You throw your hands up in exasperation and say, “I don’t know what to believe Jonathan! After all this time all I ever wanted was for you to love me. All I ever wanted was you.

He starts walking towards you and says, “(y/n), I would never hurt you. Ever.” He stops a few inches from your face and lifts his hand to cup your cheek. “I. Love. You.”

You search his face, trying to detect any sort of lie there, but all you can see is how much he loves you and how desperately he needs you to believe that.

You smile and whisper, “I love you too.”

He smiles and closes the remaining distance between you, showing his love with a kiss.

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(Candice Accola as Jocelyn, Joseph Morgan as Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern)

More Than Song Joong Ki?

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“Descendants of the Sun is so good. I don’t know how I’ve lived without it for this long.”

Your friend nodded her agreement and grabbed a handful of popcorn. “It’s my favorite drama. I don’t think anything will ever beat this,” she sighed as the episode ended.

“Right? There’s nothing that will fill this void when it ends,” you pouted as you stood from the couch to grab another bottle of water.

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Me: My Lapras is EV’d to survive a Dragon Ascent from a Choice Banded Mega Rayquaza or two Thunders from a Primal Kyogre with Assault Vest. With a Sassy nature and a 0 IV in speed she can underspeed Primals in Trick Room and surprise some slow, non-optimised Trick Room users while providing a safe switch in to water attacks thanks to Water Absorb.
Also Me: Have you seen my Lapras? She is very cute and I love her!

Zodiac signs as you could stop at 5 or 6 stores quotes

Aries: Honey, you’ve got a big storm coming
Taurus: Can I ask you kind of a weird question?
Gemini: You could stop at five or six stores… or just one
Cancer: Hi, my name is Carla Shaw
Leo: People say that time heals all wounds
Virgo: I am the queen of the universe.
Libra: I don’t need friends, they disappoint me
Scorpio: I can’t stand it when she touches me
Sagittarius: Hi, I’m Todd La Rue
Capricorn: I can see the statue of liberty from here
Aquarius: The waves part and they engulf me and the water is warm
Pisces: I feel like a deer in the headlights of love

fluff friday “angel” [indrasakuashu] {wind, light, & dust}

pseudo-religion here we come! I’m not sure what religion this is comparable to, but I feel like kaguya is similar as a goddess to isis (ancient egyptian goddess of magic and nature) and ishtar (ancient babylonian goddess of love and war).

Sakura climbs into her car, squinting against the sand that blows across the desert. The sun is red and full in the sky, pregnant with the unfulfilled opportunities of the day. She coughs, mouth dry as bone as she scrabbles around her dashboard for her water bottle.

“It is not safe for you out here,” a voice says.

“Leave me be, Ashura,” Sakura says, leaning her forehead against her wheel. Between her sweat and the sweltering heat, it sticks there. “Can’t you see I’m brooding?”

“You are not a bird; you have no eggs to hatch.”

Sakura rolls her eyes, still refusing to look his way. “Cut the shit, Ashura. You know what I meant.”

“I care not for your ever-changing human definitions. Naught but a few centuries ago, brood meant to breed and nothing more.”

“Well, we’re an ever-changing species,” Sakura says. “You get used to it.”

“I’d rather not.”

Sakura exhales deeply, squeezing her eyes shut and pulling away from the steering wheel, leaving it tacky with sweat.

She glances over to passenger seat, taking in her unwelcome guest. It…he…Sakura still isn’t sure but she considers him male, is large and foreboding. His awe-inspiring presence is slightly negated by the way he is squeezed into her car. He has six feathered wings, all covered by eyes of varying shapes and sizes. She cannot really make out a discernable face of any sort and she idly wonders how exactly he fits into her car. Maybe it is one of his divine qualities.

“Ashura, why don’t you take your human form,” she coaxes. “It’d be a bit more comfortable and hella less creepy.”

He bends in what she thinks is a nod before being enveloped in a blindingly bright light. Sakura turns her gaze back to the darkening landscape.

“Sakura, you are HER Angel,” Ashura says. “You must stay in safety as you receive your training.”

“I don’t want this,” she replies, still staring out the window. “I don’t know this ‘her’ and I am certainly no angel.”

“SHE is not ‘her’ but ‘HER,’” Ashura explains as if it truly clarifies anything. “You are HER Angel, HER messenger, HER prophetess. You will be HER advocate, the herald to HER next coming.”

Sakura shakes her head, finally looking back to him. Ashura is now in his human form, tall and dark haired. He still looks out of place with his hairstyle and antiquated clothing. There is something alien about his dark eyes, maybe in the curve or in the way no light is reflected.

“I do not understand,” she says. “How can I be Kaguya-kami’s angel? I thought you were her angel.”

“HER Angel,” Ashura corrects. “And no, it is not the same. Your English word ‘angel’ is derived from the Greek ὰγγελος. It means ‘messenger.’ I am one of HER descendants, a child of the light.” His expression is oddly wistful. “But you…you are a child of the wind and dust; a child of free will.”

Sakura squirms slightly. He has tried to explain this to her on numerous occasions but she still finds herself lost. There is too much history and context that is beyond Sakura’s scope.

“How am I a candidate to be the Rabbit Goddess’s Angel?” Sakura asks. “I’m an ordinary human.”

“No human is ordinary,” Ashura replies firmly. “As I said, you are a child of free will. You are HER chosen; you are extraordinary.”

Sakura flushes but she clears her throat. “Your…I believe he was your brother? He approached me.”

“Indra?” Ashura asks in alarm.

The air around him heats and vibrates with his invisible wings.

“Whoa, calm down!” Sakura says, bracing herself against the heat. She can feel her skin blistering wherever it is bared. “Not all of us are celestial beings with impervious skin.”

Ashura immediately stops, remorse clear as he reaches a hand out gingerly. He takes her arm, fingers gentle and soothing. Sakura finds the texture of his skin odd, somehow feathery. He brings her elbow to his face, blowing cool, wintry air across her skin. His lips touch her skin ever so slightly.

Sakura finds the bracing chill wonderful. It spreads from her elbow, down her arm, through her torso to the burns upon her legs. Sakura sighs softly, slumping into her seat.

“What did Indra want?” Ashura asks, still holding her arm.

Sakura shrugs as best she can. “He asked me to be his…acolyte? Yeah, his acolyte. Said some stuff about his grand destiny, his right to be a god, yada, yada, yada…”

Ashura’s hand tightens on her elbow. “And how did you respond?”

Sakura snorts. “What do you think? I told him to go to hell and punched him in the face.” She is oblivious to his horrified expression. “He was really surprised and tried to threaten me and then he said something ominous along the lines of: ‘I’ll be back.’ Then he left.” She pauses, glancing at him askance. “Why are his wings black?”

Ashura shakes his head, disappearing from the car.

Sakura glances at the spot he left, the scent of ozone and lightning lingering. A few feathers are in the floorboard.

“So he sheds? Never letting him live that down.”

“What were you thinking, you fool? Daring to approach HER Chosen? Have you no sense or shame?” Ashura asks.

“Brother,” Indra greets, sinuous smirk clear on his face. “How nice to see you. It’s been what; three centuries? Time sure flies when you’re exiled.” His jovial expression melts into a scowl, eyes bright red. “Or not at all since, again, I’m exiled.”

“You made your choice,” Ashura says. “You chose to be a Fallen Child.”

“It is the only choice offered us if we ever want to be free,” Indra says, sauntering forward. “You desire free will do you not? The only taste of freedom you’ll ever have is if you Fall.”

Ashura shakes his head. “And what has that given you? Freedom to wallow in isolation and madness? No thank you.”

“At least it was my choice to make,” Indra hisses. “I see you still fulfill grandmother’s Will in all things.”

“Leave HER Angel alone,” Ashura says tightly. “She is not yours to take.”

“You mean Sakura? Quite an interesting choice for a Messenger; very different from previous candidates,” Indra says, smile large. “She has no fear nor respect for things greater than she.”

You are not greater than her. None of us are. She is a child of wind and dust and HER Chosen besides,” Ashura says. “Stay away from her.”

“You care for her,” Indra says, blinking at the revelation. It is such an oddly human gesture that it takes Ashura aback. “This is the first time you’ve interfered in my affairs on behalf of a human, even one who may be HER Champion.” His eyes are bright with contemplation. “I can, of course, understand your interest. She is…riveting. She burns brightly but fleetingly; remember that.”

“You needn’t concern yourself with me, Fallen,” Ashura says stiffly. “Stay away.”

“I shall not. This is one heavenly intervention that I do not want to miss. Be ready for Sakura to turn on you. She is too wild and independent to be bound by divine requests,” Indra says, spreading his black wings, covered as they are by red eyes, and flying away.

Ashura watches him go, a pit of dread boiling within him.

Despite himself, he cannot forget the feeling of Sakura’s skin beneath his lips and the heady scent of human (sweat, dust, and blood) that surrounds her.

For the first time in his existence, Ashura can understand why Indra Fell.

First gen pokemon

OK I watched the season one of pokemon and it was hard not to get nostalgic but I did it . we get ash as a noob ,he doesn’t know what he is doing and he kinda sucks . ash only caught 9 pokemon 30 of the! Were the same ones . so ash finally meets up with his friends and you can say. They were not supportive at all misty always attacked ash every chance she got and if you say that is love then you are stupid , yes misty was his friend but she was never there for him And always bullied him .she wasn’t even that useful she wanted to be a water pokemon master but couldn’t even train a stupid psyduck .
We were kids when this show came out so I can see how people love it but it wasn’t the best an it I’ll never be best ash was weak . misty was a queen bitch who wasn’t there for her friend and we never saw that . as kids we thought it was funny when misty hit ash and abused him but as a person who got bullied a lot I now see how hateful she was.
Ashs pokemon were OK they weren’t the best the fact that his pidgeotto evolved was on big sign .he barley used the damn bird and it evolves OK . it shows this was ment for kids.
Ash only one 3 badges out 8 he got most of them from saving a gym or helping out and the 8th gym was a joke if ash would of went up against the real gym leader he would of lost big time .all in all the first season of pokemon kinda sucks but you have to take off the nostalgia goggles to see it
The only battle I really like was charizard vs magmar and that’s pretty much it .

Now for the nostalgic
Omg pokemon brought back so many memory’s me on a Saturday morning the opening them comes on and you seethe awesome ash com one the scream . then you see misty. Beating on ash I laughed at I as a kid.
I loved every minute of this old TV show happy I can still watch it .

“Someone once told me that loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like being killed painfully slowly and the killer doesn’t even realise they’re doing it.”

He freezes and the muscle in his jaw tenses at her words.

“But I think,” she carries on, “that it’s so much worse.”

“Because unrequited love doesn’t give you the blissful relief of death. Unrequited love never ever stops hurting,” she whispers. “It’s like they stuck a knife in your heart and instead of withdrawing it once the damage was done they twisted it back and forth and back and forth until your heart was shredded in your own chest.”

“It’s like they gave you your scars and then proceeded to pour salt over your wounds before you could even bandage them.”

“It’s like,” her voice finally breaks, “they’re holding your head under water and you can’t see or speak, you can’t breathe and you just want it to be over but you can’t. Fucking. Drown.”

He drops his head and his fingernails dig crescent-shaped scars into his hands.

“So unrequited love isn’t murder,” she says.

“It’s a torture that you just can’t escape.”

—  I’m running in circles and you keep tripping me up, 17/06/2015

This is for the lovely @speedypan ’s birthday. She’s all too amazing and I really appreciate all the stuff she does here, with that said: Hope you enjoy it hun, or at least makes you laugh a little. Sending lots of love and heart emojis your way💕

“Roy I’m all sweaty, whatever it is, can’t it wait until I get a shower?” You complained while taking a sip from your water bottle.

The redhead smiled playfully at you, a mysterious beam on his irises.

“No, it can’t. I need you to see this, now” He walked around you, putting his hands over your eyes.

They felt nice and warm on your skin, and even though you were flustered for the morning jog, they gave you a sensation of comfort like nothing else had before.

“Gosh, you’re so childish sometimes” You said giving up to him and starting to walk towards the direction he was guiding you, curiosity winning over annoyance. Little dots floated around the redness that took over your vision and you smiled at then.

“Just sometimes? Well, I’m flattered” He chuckled.

“Okay, you’re childish all the time. Can I look to where I’m walking now?”

“Why? Feel like you’re gonna trip and fall?… Well, now I’m hurt” You could hear the grin in his voice.

“I swear to God, if this is another one of your crazy arrow experiments I’m going to…” He lifted his hands from your face and the sight in front of you made your breath hitch.

“You were saying you’re going to… what?” He asked, planting a light peck on your cheek, delighted by your expression.

“Goddamn it Roy” you whispered, your eyes still in the figure.

“I know” He said “Goddamn it me”

You laughed, rolling your eyes at him “You’re such a jerk”

“A good kind of jerk, I hope”

“You’re like, the best kind of jerk I’ve ever meet. And I’ve meet a few ones, let me tell you” You admitted hugging him,his scent surrounding you with peace and happiness.

You admired in silence the life sized Pokemon statue with your name on it for a couple minutes. It was the most ridiculous, amazing thing someone had ever done for you, and you totally loved it.

“It was Kori’s Idea” Roy said.

“It’s… It is adorable thank y—”

“The matching sweaters were my idea” He pointed at the pieces of clothing you haven’t noticed before, right beside Eevee.

“Goddamn it Roy! You’re being so sweet” you exclaimed, jumping on your place.

“Happy Birthday babe” He smiled, planting another little kiss on your forehead.

Your only struggle was: Where were you going to put the Eevee without getting it broken?


“i don’t need friends, they disappoint me - aries

“i feel like a deer in the headlights of love” - sagittarius

“honey you’ve got a big storm coming” - leo, scorpio

“can i ask you kind of  weird question?” - taurus

*lady who says nothing else* - libra

“i am the queen of the universe. the waves part and they engulf me and the water is warm” - pisces, capricorn

“i can see the statue of liberty from here” - gemini

“i can’t stand it when she touches me” - cancer, aquarius

“people say that time heals all wounds” - virgo

karikitdemon replied to your post: karikitdemon replied to your post: …

I know that! I love it when people love/relate my characters! It feels good. Like I did a good job. Also, you did a good job. Can we get an interaction between her and her family? I’d love to see canons too!

oh boy you got me going sORRY ABOUT THIS

Due to her having to live apart from her family when they do end up getting together it’s always precious. She wants to hear everything that she missed while so deep below the water and visits always last for several days at a time.

  • she always brings beautiful things she finds at the bottom up as gifts, and the gems you see on Sidon and Mipha’s accessories were all gifts from their mother.

She took Mipha’s passing the hardest out of everyone because she felt as she, not only her mother, but the giant guardian of the Zora, she failed her duty as a mother and queen. In her grief, she slammed herself so hard against the bottom of the ocean she carved out a trench, which is where she now resides.

she was always concerned for Mipha because despite being a royal, she was much smaller than she expected, and was even more worried when Sidon was grew as large as he was.

Megalodonis loves her husband very much and sings underneath the water, so whenever he’s walking around he can feel the vibrations and know that his wife is thinking about him

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jaehee tells them she is in love with MC. MC is (shook) frozen & doesn't know what to say. There is silence. You can only hear water hitting the floor? You both see Zen is crying! (he really did fall for her) zen quick pull you both (4/6)

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I wish you'd write a fic that starts in s2 when the winchesters and the reader first meet the trickster and the reader is reallyshocked and like chokes on her water cause she sees his wings. then in s5 when the winchesters have him stuck in the holy fire and ask who he is the reader says he's Gabriel and everyone's like how'd you know that and the reader is like I can see his wings. Then fluff and reader finds out she's his soulmate I thought this would be cute And i think you'd write it best❤

I love this !!! I’ll add it to my list !

Carol: As Seen Through Heterosexual & Homosexual Lenses

Heterosexual Lens:
- “Nothing’s happening.”

Homosexual Lens:
- “Oh my…”
- “Did you see that pregnant pause? It was so pregnant it could’ve had triplets.”
- “That eye contact was practically rough sex.”
- “She left her gloves…testing the waters…that dame is smooth.”
- “Ok, ‘Would you?…’ means ‘Let’s fall in love, please?’ That’s obvious.”
- “Aw man, I know that look of longing and confusion. I call it 'the 6th grade’.”
- “Oh snap, this isn’t Carol’s first time at the lesbian rodeo.”
- *Sigh* “It’s refreshing to watch a movie about two women falling in love where neither of them is hung up on the “GAY?! I CAN’T BE GAY!!’ thing. That takes up so much time.
- "Whoa. This sex scene. It’s done in a way that isn’t gratuitous… it just… showcases how passionate they are about each other. Lovely.”
- “That was hot.”
- “So was that.”



all the city lights on the water

movie: Big Hero 6
ship: tomadashi
taken from my fanfiction account.
(think ‘mine’ by taylor swift. okay, so maybe it’s not original, but love that song. and, you know, why not? it was fun to write.)

/the moment I could see it – yes, yes; I can see it now/

When they meet for the first time, she’s not very impressed.

He’s one of Wasabi’s friends. She’s not very interested in meeting him – she’s no good with new people, it’s why she only hangs out with Wasabi and Honey Lemon and Fred – but the neatnik insists that Tadashi Hamada is really a great guy.

So, fine. GoGo goes to meet this 'great guy’.

When she pulls up at the kerb with her bike letting out a large roar, she sees them – Wasabi and Fred and Honey Lemon, and a guy staring at her and her bike with a disbelieving face.

Yeah, because she’s small and a girl so she can’t ride a bike. Thanks.

She slides off, takes off her helmet and snaps her bubblegum. He stares at her.

“Um,” he finally says, swallowing nervously. “Hi.”

She raises an eyebrow. “Yeah. Leiko, but call me that and you’ll never have children. Call me GoGo.”

“GoGo,” he says. “GoGo. I can do that. Yeah.”

She rolls her eyes, catches Fred and Wasabi nudging each other, Honey Lemon trying to hide a giggle. What’s wrong with them?

He’s still stammering incoherently. She snaps her bubblegum again with a resounding pop.

“So, what, don’t you have a name?”

It’s strange. She’s never the one dominating a conversation.

“Uh – uh, yeah!” He stands up a little straighter, grins at her sheepishly. The first sign of betrayal – something flips in her stomach, just then, when he smiles. “Uh, I’m – I’m Ta – Tada – Tadashi.” He clears his throat. “Tadashi Hamada.”

“Are you always this articulate, or am I just catching you on a good day?” she deadpans, and Tadashi Hamada gapes at her before she turns to Wasabi and Fred and Honey Lemon: “Are we going to get coffee, or what?”

(She thinks he needs to learn how to woman up.)


/you said I remember how we felt sitting by the water/

“Hey, GoGo.”

“Hamada.” She nods, once, turns her attention back to her work.

“What are you working on?” he wants to know, as he slides into the seat opposite her in the library.

“That – essay – thing.” GoGo glares at the paper in front of her, her words a messy scrawl. “That industrial design class.”

“You mean the one due in two days and was given out last week?”

“That’s the one.”

“Kind of late, don’t you think?”

“Not in the mood, Pretty Boy. Honey Lemon’s already trying to make me use her pink flower-patterned planners so I’ll get my work done early.”

Tadashi laughs at that, but immediately quietens down with a threatening look from the librarian. “I could help you, if you want.”

“Save it. I can handle this.”

She’s vaguely aware of him grinning down at her. “Mind if I sit here?”


“Thanks, GoGo.” He grins at her and he takes out his work, and GoGo can’t help but roll her eyes and smile slightly.

“Hey, GoGo.”

She doesn’t look up from her bike. “Hamada.”

“Working on your bike pretty late, huh?”

It’s then that she puts down the wrench, glances up at him in his stupid baseball cap, grinning sheepishly at her. “Do you need something?”

“I was thinking – ” he reaches a hand up, scratches the back of his head “ – you wanna grab a bite or something?”

“It’s nearly midnight.”

“There are places that sell food twenty-four hours.” Tadashi grins. “I’ll even pay.”

GoGo considers this.


He brings her to a place by the harbour.

“Seriously?” she asks, as she gets off his scooter and gazes out over the water. “Here?”

“Hey. It’s a nice place, and it’s good food.”

He goes in and buys, of all things, two slices of pizza and two sodas. GoGo is wondering if this guy’s just a little knocked up mentally, but hey – pizza. She supposes he has good taste.

“I thought we were eating here,” she says, as he passes her a slice.

“We are. Just not here here.”

Yes, because that makes so much sense. Still, she’s interested as she follows him down a few rocky steps to the beach, and he perches on a large rock and looks over at her inquisitively, raising an eyebrow.

“On the beach. Eating pizza. At midnight.” She sits down onto the rock next to him, crosses her legs.

He grins. “Hey, it’s kind of cool, don’t you think? I bet you’ve never done this before.”

GoGo supposes it is kind of cool. She decides not to tell him that.

It’s not so bad, eating pizza at midnight and sitting by the water with Tadashi Hamada.

He brings her home, that night. He doesn’t let her argue.

(“I can get home fine, Hamada.”

“It’s nearly one am!”

“Still fine.”

“Not a chance. I’m taking you back.”)

When they end up at her door, GoGo doesn’t really know what to say. So she clears her throat and says, “Thanks. For – tonight.”

Tadashi smiles at her. “Hey. No problem.” He hesitates, for a moment, and then asks, “You wanna do it again sometime?”

“Eat pizza by the water at midnight?”

“I like the by the water part,” Tadashi says, unexpectedly. “The pizza and the midnight part – guess we could always be flexible.”

She looks at him for a long moment, and she wonders if he’s messing with her. She decides that he isn’t.

So GoGo shrugs. “Maybe.”

He doesn’t leave until he watches her through the door.

They end up sitting by the water a lot.

(She supposes it’s not so bad.)


/and every time I look at you, it’s like the first time/

He has this annoying habit of staring at her.

“What?” she snaps, for what feels like the forty-third time, as she looks up from the hastily-sketched diagrams for her electromag wheels. He’s looking at her again.

She knows she’s not imagining it. She’s sure she isn’t.

“Nothing,” he says to her, innocently.

She points the pencil in his direction. “Don’t mess with me, Hamada.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he tells her, and he grins again, that sheepish grin which makes him look so annoyingly attractive.


She just glares at him, until he holds his hands up defensively.

“Okay, okay,” Tadashi says. “It’s just that every time I see you, you know, it reminds me of that very first time we met. Remember?”

“I remember you being hopelessly inarticulate.”

“Exactly,” he says. “I’ve worked on that.”

“What do you mean, exactly?” She puts down the pencil. “Worked on what?”

“Being articulate whenever I look at you,” he grins, and before she can process what he’s said he takes a quick bow and he’s out the door.

GoGo grinds her teeth in frustration.

Stupid Hamada.

Sometimes, to her annoyance, she finds herself looking over at him too.

When he catches her, he sends her that half smile, imitates her salute.

She’ll bend her head down again. It totally has nothing to do with Tadashi that her heart’s pounding so fast. Nothing at all.

One night, he gets drunk while they’re all out, the two of them and Fred and Wasabi and Honey Lemon. GoGo doesn’t drink much – contrary to what people think – but she’s amused to see Good Boy Tadashi Hamada stumbling as he tries to get to his feet, blabbering and incoherent.

“Thank God I’m not the only sober one,” Wasabi says as they clamber into his car: “Man, he’s wasted.”

“Yeah, you’re telling me,” GoGo grunts as she shoves Tadashi into the back seat with a drunk Fred and Honey Lemon.

When they reach the Lucky Cat Café, it’s GoGo who drags out the completely-drunk Tadashi and across the pavement.

“Come on, Pretty Boy,” she mutters, hauling him up. “You’re not collapsing here on the pavement.”

“Pretty,” he slurs, ruffling her hair with his hand. She nearly freezes, but she grinds her teeth and drags him to the door. “So pretty.”

“What are you on about, Hamada?”

“You,” he mutters, his head lolling slightly as he blinks at her, grins at her. “Beautiful. Like first time I saw you.”

If it were any other guy, she’d have punched his face in by now. But this is Tadashi. GoGo is grateful it’s dark as she leans again the doorbell, because she’s pretty sure her face is turning red.

“Shut up, Hamada,” she says. “You’re drunk.”

“Can I – ” he slurs, nearly topples over: “Can I kiss you?”

Thank God his little brother opens the door.

GoGo doesn’t mention that night again. Neither does Tadashi.

(No one’s ever called her beautiful before.)


/I fell in love with a careless man’s careful daughter/

If there is one thing that GoGo is, apart from her need for speed and her bubblegum, it is that she’s careful.

Well, apart from the crazy rides where she pushes herself over the limit and cause people to scream. But still, she’s careful. She’s careful, and she’s precise. She makes sure she knows what she’s doing. She doesn’t fall, and nobody gets injured. Ever.

“Why are you always so careful?” Tadashi asks her, one day. It’s another late night in the lab, and even though he’s finished what he’s wanted to do for Baymax for the day, he’s still leaning against a table as she works, occasionally passing her a tool or a wrench.

“What?” she grunts as she glances over her diagrams again.

“You know. You’re always so careful. Never expected it from someone like you.”

“Huh.” She doesn’t really answer, just continues working.


“So what?”

“Why are you always so careful?”

“Family issues,” she says, shortly. She thinks of her parents, of her father, and she attacks the bike with greater ferocity. “Don’t ask.”

“Okay,” he says, quietly. He pauses, looks away hesitantly, and then he says: “If you ever need to talk, I’m here, you know. I’m not going anywhere. Not anytime soon.”

This time, she looks up. He is looking at her so earnestly that she lets herself smile. Just a bit. “Thanks.”

Then he beams at her, with that stupid smile: “You this careful in your relationships too?”

“No, I make out with every guy who bats his eyelashes at me,” GoGo says, dryly.

She snaps her bubblegum. Tadashi just grins.

The next day, they’re by the water again.

“This place isn’t so bad, is it?” he wants to know, still grinning that half smile of his.

GoGo shrugs. “S'okay.”

Tadashi just smiles at her, like he knows that she really likes it but she’ll never say it. After all, if she didn’t like it, she wouldn’t be here half the time with him.

When she finally glances down at her watch, it’s nearly one in the morning. Just like the first night they were out here.

“We should go,” she says, and she gets to her feet, off the rock she’s claimed as her own.

Something flickers across Tadashi’s face as he slides off the rock, but then he smiles. “I guess so.”

For a moment they just stand like that, looking at each other, the silvery moonlight above them, the waves against the beach. Somehow it feels like the world has shrunk – it’s shrunken so it’s just the two of them, GoGo and Tadashi, and it’s silent and it’s quiet and it’s just them and the sandy ground of the beach and the waves lapping the sand.

There’s something in the air she can’t quite explain.

She tries to speak: “Tadashi – ”

It’s the first time she thinks she’s actually said his name.

He doesn’t really give her a chance to continue. He steps forward and kisses her.

In that one second, it feels like everything is whirling around her.

She kisses him back.

(She thinks maybe she should re-think being so careful all the time.)


/she is the best thing that’s ever been mine/

GoGo does not consider herself the property of anyone. She prides herself on her independence and her ability to take care of herself, thank you very much.

But if there’s one thing that she’s sure she is, it’s that she’s Tadashi’s.

(Somehow, in between days in the library and late nights at the lab and hours by the water, she thinks she may have fallen for Tadashi Hamada. Hard.)

They go out for coffee. They go out for food. They go on either his scooter or his bike around town, going faster than they probably should be going. Days together, nights together, a tangled mess of smiles and kisses and sharp retorts and warm hugs.

He tells her he’ll never leave her alone.

She tells him he’d better not.

Yeah. She’s pretty sure she’s Tadashi’s.

And she’s pretty sure he’s hers, too.

No questions asked.

So when she sees him run into the flames, throwing himself inside the burning fire –

A little part of her dies.

(She should’ve known there would be a goodbye.)


/do you believe it? – we’re gonna make it now./

“I came as fast as I could.”

She skids into the hospital, right to a halt in front of Hiro and his Aunt Cass and Baymax, the rest of them behind her, scrambling in their panic to reach the right ward, the right room, the right person.

There is something hammering in her chest, thud-thud-thud.

“He said you would.” Hiro’s lips twist into a smile as he looks up at her, as he glances over her at Fred and Wasabi and Honey Lemon. “He said you’d be the first.”

“He’s – he’s awake?”

Something cracks in her voice.

Hiro nods. “We all talked to him already. Actually – ” he hesitates, and then continues: “He’s asking for you.”

It’s like being caught in a dream, when she walks through the doorway and sees him propped up on the bed.

He’s swathed in bandages, his skin is red and blistering and scarred. GoGo doesn’t know how he’s done it, how he’s just been found miles away from the wreckage that was the burning building. It’s been a month. A month without him, and her heart has broken into so many little pieces she finds it’s near damn impossible to put it back together.

But now she thinks the pieces are picking themselves back together.

“Hamada,” she croaks, and she sinks into the chair next to him.

He manages half a smile. “Hey, GoGo. Long time no see.”

She doesn’t say anything, just: “You’re okay. You’re okay.”

“Are you always this articulate, or am I just catching you on a good day?” he quips, and she sees that half a smile grow even wider, sees the bright light in his eyes that she thought she’d never see again.

“Tadashi,” she whispers, and she doesn’t know what to say because he is here and he is alive. “Tadashi.”

His face softens, and his hand, wrapped in white bandages, find hers. “Told you I’d never leave you alone.”

“You did,” she agrees.

He smiles at her. “I’m holding onto that. I’m not letting you go.”

She thinks that everything will be okay.