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Others React to Sakamaki’s Love Towards Sister! Yui

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Ruki: He would probably just blankly stare at them and just brush it off at first, but it slowly gets weirder to the point where he had to ask.

- “Livestock, are you aware of…Your brothers’ behavior recently?” “Um…” “I’m not surprised…” “I don’t know what to do about it! You think haven’t tried pushing them away!?”

- Legit, he can’t even ask her a simple question without them hounding on him.

- “What the hell were you doing with her!?” “Ayato, I was just asking if she still had a book of mine she borrowed.”

- This gets hella annoying.

- He wouldn’t ask her to live with them because the Sakamakis would come and smash the door in by a second.

Kou: Finds it weird but it’s hilarious to him how much the Sakamakis love their just-now-found-out sister.

- He uses this as either blackmail or pranks he pulls on the brothers.

- “M-neko-chan~!!! Let’s go on a date!” “Kou-” “Hell no! You’re coming with us back home!” “Aw, Subaru-kun is so mean to me! Comfort me!” “Get the hell off of her!” “P-Put that down Subaru-kun!”

- “M-Neko-chan, how does having your first kiss with an idol sound~?” “What are you talking about?-” “Oh, sorry you’re out of luck~! Imouto-chan already had her first kiss with us so you’re gonna have to look somewhere else!” “L-Laito-kun!” “Ew~ How gross! M-neko-chan probably hates you for that!” “No she doesn’t, right?” “U-Um.” “Right~?” “Y-Yes.” “Jesus this guy has a major case of incest crazies…”

- Still hangs around Yui just to piss them off.

- It just gets annoying when they’re having actual conversations.

- “I had a cat at my old church, her name was Cloud because she had a lot of white fur that made her look super fluffy.” “Aw, that’s so cute~! Do you have any pictures~?” “I do, but it’s in a scrap book…I kept a mini-scrapbook for her growing up!” “Oh oh oh, bring it to school so I can look!-” “Hey, go bother someone else you girly idol!” “I swear to god…”

- Like he legit wanted to see pictures of Cloud.

Yuuma: Weirded out, but somehow impressed by the efforts they go by just loving her in that really weird way. He hangs around her so that she could talk about the whole incest thing and he’ll try to give some advice…But at some points he’d find it funny.

- “Hey Sow, would that neet actually run in gym if we put you on the line or something like that?”

- “Pff, look at that little shit treating ya like your his mate or something! Hahahaha, god you gotta move out of that house or something unless if you want fucked up kids!”

- “Why don’t you just move in with us?” “Um…You know they ask questions if I just go to the bathroom.” “Right…”

- “Sow, let me do something.” “Eh?” “I wanna experiment with something” He pulls her into a hug, like it looks really cute from the outside since he’s so tall and she’s small. He lifts his head and sighs. “Yep, he’s definitely glaring at me…”

- Shuu literally went up to him later and told him to stay away but he was just “fuck you neet, you can’t control her life.”

- Both Yuuma and Yui hide in the gardens to hang out like 3 times a week.

- Still bites her and the brothers are livid.

Azusa: This poor cinnamon bun is just like “Oh…That’s how you treat a sister…?” Someone had to explain why it was completely wrong and also against Yui’s religion. But he tries to help out if he can, but he’s just kinda confused on the situation a lot.

- “DON’T YOU EVEN GO AROUND HER!-” “I…Accidentally bumped…Into her…”

- He got yelled at a lot.

- He didn’t mind because sometimes he got hit afterwards.

- Tries to respect wishes of the brothers, hint: tries.

- Bites sometimes = Kanato throwing tantrum.

- “Yui-san…” “Yes, Azusa-kun?” “Why does…Reiji-san look like that…?” “Like what?” “He…Looks down on me a lot…When i’m around you.” “Oh, I’m sorry…They’re like that a lot-” “It’s fine…I like it a lot.”

- Hangs around Yui in hopes to get hit.

- “I’d appreciate it if you would distance yourself from my younger sister, I do not wish for her to be influenced badly.” “But…You hit her with…A flogger…? And…Bite her a lot…Like we do…And-” “I would also appreciate if you didn’t bring up past actions.”


Carla: He wouldn’t be surprised…Like at all.

- “Of course…”

- If he even breathed around her, Ayato would be all up in his case.

- “Don’t go thinking that she’s your territory, she’s mine!” “That’s hilarious, I recalled her being your sister…”

- Legit wouldn’t care…

- Bites with no hesitation.

- “Goodness, how disgusting can those Sakamaki get?”

Shin: Finds it gross, but uses it as a source of teasing.

- “Aw, shouldn’t your brother kiss is better for you~?”

- “Do you still sleep with your brothers~?”

- “God, hope you don’t get pregnant!”

- “They might as well chain you up like a dog with their overprotectiveness!”

- “God, don’t kiss in front of me. I might gag!”

- Bites with the intention to irritate them.

- Finds it funny that they punish her for being around him.

- Of course he mocks the Sakamakis too.


Kino: Highly disgusted.

- “Sister, how about moving with me? I cannot let someone like you be around those animals.”

- “God, those vampires make me sick.”

- Literally tries to take her away, doesn’t work out well.

- “You are welcome to live with me anytime Sister.”

- Got her a smartphone to communicate with her, specifically telling her to hide it from them and only use it if they are far away enough.

- Believes they’re full-siblings.

- “Um…Onii-san?” “Yes, what is it?”

- “I’m not surprised they would do this.”

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