she loves to make bad decisions

Dolly wrote “I Will Always Love You” in 1973 and big old bad Elvis loved the song so much (duh) he wanted to record a version of it. BUT part of that agreement included Dolly having to sign over her publishing rights on the song which she refused to do, so he never recorded it and she was told by many this was a very poor business decision. Well the song went on the make millions for her over the decades through royalties and when Whitney Houston wanted to cover it for The Bodyguard, Dolly gladly gifted the song over to her, because she knew Whitney would do it justice. It’s the only song in country music that has hit #1 two times by the same artist (1974, 1982) and then covered by a pop singer to hit #1 again twenty years later.

I really think Dolly is exemplary in trusting her gut and creative senses, which is something all artists can admire and hope to be as steadfast in doing. She rose to the top of an industry that was not friendly towards women, and was unapologetically the best version of herself. The song, though billed as a romantic love song, is actually about her decision to leave her performing and business partner, Porter Wagoner and pursue her own career. So the greatest love song of all time is actually about a woman deciding to chase her own dreams. It’s a love song to herself. Okay thank you goodnight, long live the Queen of Country Music!

i want you to be afraid of losing me.

i want the thought of losing me to be engraved in every decision you make.

i want you to think: what if she doesn’t come back? what will i do then? maybe i shouldn’t make this decision that risks that.

because i’m tired of being on the losing end of the bad decisions people make. i’m tired of being hurt, of my feelings not being put into consideration, of being someone who always comes back and loves through the wreckage.

i refuse to come back anymore. i refuse to give out second chances, third chances, chances you never deserved in the first place. because if you make a decision that will destroy me, you are running the risk of losing me. and if you make it anyway, you don’t want me bad enough to keep me. and i’m done being the back-up character in your sad attempt of figuring out what you want.

i want someone who knows they love me. i want someone who screams they love me. i want someone who would be devastated if i left.

because i deserve that. i deserve someone who never puts our relationship at risk.

—  i want you to be afraid of losing me
Rules for my daddy

I has rules for my daddy too!

  1. Daddy can never feel like a bad daddy and if he does, he needs to talk to Princess about it. He’s the best and needs to know it. 
  2. Daddy must always be fair with punishments and let Princess know what she did wrong before punishing. 
  3. Daddy must never yell at Princess because yelling is scary. 
  4. Daddy must be as patient and understanding as possible. 
  5. Daddy must never force princess into anything she’s not comfortable with. 
  6. Daddy must eat three meals a day and let Princess help him be productive. Just because I’m little doesn’t mean I can’t help Daddy with life stuffs. 
  7. Daddy must always be honest with Princess even if he thinks the truth will hurt her feelings.
  8. Don’t make Princess make too many decisions. She’s not very good at it and Daddy should pick stuff.
  9. Daddy must always provide aftercare after an intense punishment or play session. Even when I’ve been bad, I need to be reassured that I’m loved. 
  10. Daddy has to love me and hug me and squeeze me and cuddle me and take care of me and hold my hand and kiss me and all sorts of the best stuff <3


  1. Loves and kisses and a happy bouncey little girl.
  2. Suckies
  3. Presents
  4. Mini-adventure: walk, explore, etc.


  1. Sad/bratty little
  2. Princess can tease Daddy with no touching allowed
  3. No cartoon time! Yes, that means no Gumball!
  4. Limited time with Princess/longer time apart.

“He has no idea how unforgiving your people can be…”

–Queen Rhea to Kara Zor-El

I love this because she tells Kara “Forgiveness isn’t in your DNA”.

Kara has spent significant time both this season and last trying to escape the mistakes her loved ones made.  Her father’s creation of the Medusa virus. Non and Alura’s conspiracy to take over Earth.  Even her own mother’s mistakes.    Are we to believe that her family were the only Kryptonians arrogant enough to think they had everything handled?  Or that they could make unilateral decisions on behalf of others.  This is one, in particular, is Kara’s own brush with hubris.

She has openly expressed remorse for her parents’ actions, and has been lucky enough to receive understanding from the people who love her.  It’s too bad she’s incapable of providing the same.  But it’s possible that Rhea’s words will strike a cord with her somewhere down the line and from that we might see some growth.  Kara’s been mired down by her own tendency to dig in her heels this season, here’s to hoping that we might see some growth from her soon.  Giving in to love was a strong, powerful step for her, but rejecting it every chance just because things aren’t going the way she wants them to, creates dangerous emotional patterns that in real life would be a black hole that’s impossible to escape.

me: Man-Ew is abusive because he fits more than half of this university’s women’s center’s signs of abuse. He gets possessively jealous, his behavior is unpredictable, he belittles and humiliates the woman he claims to love in public where her co-workers can both see and hear, he refuses to respect Kara’s decisions in a situation where she has more experience making decisions than he does, he refuses to listen to Kara and actively chooses to break promises he makes to her, then when things go wrong because he does what he wants anyway and Kara has to get very firm and harsh with him to get him to hear her she ends up being the one portrayed as the bad guy and has to apologize to him instead. Also he calls her his “kryptonite” and pushed her to make a decision about her job that could get her fired when he had no right to make that decision for her and proceeds to not look or sound sorry at all when she does inevitably lose her job. No little girl watching this, or older girls and women for that matter, should have to watch this and be told through the narrative that it’s what romance looks like.


me: Replacing James Olsen, a Black love interest, with Man-Ew, a white male slave-owning love interest, is racist. It’s part of a larger pattern of interracial couples in film and television getting sidelined because fans and creators didn’t “see chemistry” between the characters. Usually it’s the Black character who gets written/killed off and the white character gets paired off with another white character of the opposite gender. And if the writers did just genuinely feel that James and Kara had no chemistry and wanted to introduce a new love interest, they could have made that character also a character of color so as to avoid the critique that the decision was actually based on race. At the very least, they could have let Kara have a female love interest, even if she was white, so that the relationship was still breaking boundaries and not just replacing an interracial relationship with your standard, generic, white hetero relationship that is actually abusive.


me: nvm, y’all voted for Lord Dampnut anyway, so there’s no point to this


Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus, I don’t even know where to start with her anymore.. she’s grown so damn much since being Hannah Montana, she’s been crazy, she’s been provocative, she’s been kind, she’s been loving but through all these God damn years she has been true, true to us and true to herself! She has NEVER let anyone tell her what to do or what to say and yes she’s made a couple wrong turns and some bad decisions but she has turned all the negativity she has received into nothing but positivity, sure she’s not perfect but she’s a really good fucking person and you don’t have to like her or her music or what she wears but just respect her for who she is, she’s just a human being trying to truly make the world a better place and for that I love you Ms Cyrus and I thank you for everything you’ve done for us (your fans) and the LGBT community. ❤️💛💚💙💜

Stop saying Logan is the person Rory makes bad decisions with, her person to carry out little fantasies with. Did they make bad decisions together (which I’m still pissed at ASP for)? Yes. But that’s not what they do. When Rory was upset, she called Logan. That’s what she does when she needs someone: she calls Logan. He’s her rock, the person she loves. Jess is the person who would be perfect for Rory on paper, but Logan is the one who would be perfect for her for real. They have the best relationship and no one can change my mind about that.


This is my “James and Sharna making bad decisions” fic and I love it! I got the idea when I heard this song, so if you don’t like it, blame Dierks Bentley! I could have done even more voting if this damn thing hadn’t distracted me! Important note: So much of what I write is intended to be realistic and plausible. This was not. Fiction with a capital F. I wish I could have done even more with it, but it’s so long already… 

Sharna should have known it was a bad idea. She should have known it was a mistake. But that wasn’t about to stop her. She was starting to feel reckless and a little desperate. Maybe it was because she knew their time together was coming to an end. Maybe because she knew any chance she had was almost lost. And several hours of rehearsing their Argentine tango had made everything much worse. Though it wasn’t until the very end of the rehearsal, when they were alone in the room and getting ready to leave, that things started to go wrong.

Sharna gasped loudly, causing James to spin around and drop his phone.

“Sorry!” Sharna said quickly, trying not to laugh as James muttered under his breath and reached for his phone. “But I think I finally figured out an idea for the part we were stuck on. It just… came to me. Do you want to try it really quick?”

“You’re the boss,” James told her, reaching for her hand.

They had spent half an hour of their limited rehearsal time today on one small section of the Argentine tango. Sharna was frustrated because she just couldn’t get a clear picture in her head of how she wanted it to be. James finally suggested they move on and come back to it later. She agreed reluctantly. But now she had an idea.

They moved together to the middle of the floor.

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“Wow sweet cheeks I didn’t know you made killing so attractive!” I say whilst watching in awe as she killed a person in front of me for the first time. So far she had killed 4 people. But I had never actually seen her in action. But now that I had, I was loving it. “This is just as good as killing people myself!” I said with a psychotic glint in my eyes, slowly stepping over her victims body she made her way over to me. I intertwined her hands with mine and pulled her closer to me. “You’re so bad and I love it” she smiled at me kissed my cheek. “So, do you want to see me kill another person. Or do you want to make out with your girlfriend now?”
I let go of her hands and put one hand on my chin whilst the other was on my hip, making it look like I was thinking. “Hmm, tough decision gorgeous, but I’m going to have to say make out with my girlfriend” I said with a cheeky smile.
She laughed at me as I pulled her close. Unexpectedly I pulled out a gun and shot twice to the left of us. I thought we only had to deal with one guard. “Nice kill sugar lips~” she said as two guys fell dead on the rooftop. “Now where were we?” I said as I leant in to kiss her.

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What if the Espada's s/o had just learned about how foreign casual touch was to them, apologised, and promised to try not to do it anymore? Would they be disappointed? Would they even try and subtly /ask/ their s/o for affection 😙? Ty mun!!

(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)


-Foreign doesn’t mean bad! Your attention is honestly the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and it almost feels like he’d die if you took it away. There’s no reason to apologize, and you can practically see him panicking at the idea that you’re going to stop loving him. 


-She’s likely to assume you mean that you don’t want to touch her anymore, that you’ve somehow decided that it’s a bad idea to get too close to a Hollow. While it physically pains her to think about going without your touch, it’s very clearly your decision to make. 


-Good. You must finally be learning some sense. Needless affection is nothing but irritating, and he’ll surely be much better off without it. At least, he thinks that until you actually do stop. Then he’s just furious with himself for needing you attention so badly he can hardly think. 


-You obviously must have figured out how bad an idea it is to get close to him. It’s probably a good thing that you won’t try to touch him again, but he can’t help but long for the attention to return. It’s pathetic, but it’s impossible not to miss the closest thing to real affection he’s ever had. 


-Admittedly, it’s more than a little distressing to think that you’ll be taking your attention away. He might very loudly protest for a moment, before pride catches up to him and forces him to pretend like he doesn’t care. It’s very, very easy to tell how miserable he is at the idea. 


-It’s not the best idea to entirely abandon physical attention. There’s many things that can be learned about Hollow physiology from studying his own reactions, so it’s wise to continue studying it! This is rather obviously a panicked plea not to take away your affection. 


-While it should be a good thing that you won’t be getting so close anymore, there’s a strange, aching feeling that says distinctly otherwise. He never thought that he’d long for touch, of all things, but you are absolutely not going to be allowed to stop paying attention to him. 

I Do Not Excuse Hook’s Villainy

Look… this is the reality, for me. 

Killian had an extremely traumatic childhood. 

We can see that he lost his mother when he was young 

His father sold him and his brother into servitude and left them 

He spent his formative years working as a servant 

He lost his brother in service of a bad king.

The woman that he loved was killed because she loved him and not Rumple 

This sent him on his path to becoming a villain. However let me say this…nothing that he experienced justifies any lives he took. When he chose to commit a crime he was making a decision. It was a decision influenced by his past but that past doesn’t determine his future. Anything that he did as a villain was a choice he made. It was conscious and a sad story doesn’t excuse it. Sorry. It doesn’t. 

What makes the difference for me is that I don’t ever here him brush off that choice. He’s haunted by the things he did as a villain as evidenced by the fact that the meaning of those rings changed from being trophies to reminders. 

When he assisted in getting the fairies out of the hat he didn’t feel like he did anything beyond what he should have done because “they wouldn’t have been in there if it weren’t for me.” 

When he came back to assist in finding Henry he stated that maybe he just needed a reminder that he could do something for someone but himself. 

I believe that the reason that he told Emma about Neal, over and above being a man of honor, was that he had handed Neal over to Pan once before. He wasn’t going to do it again. Not for a girl, not for anything. He wanted to right a wrong he’d made in the past. 

When he sacrificed himself as the dark one he said, “If anyone deserves to go to the Underworld it’s me.” 

At no point has he ever decided that now he’s made up for his past. He doesn’t say, “I was a pirate.” He says I AM a pirate. Because he knows that the choices he’s made will forever determine who he is. He’s not Killian Jones and Captain Hook. He is both. 

I say all this because I don’t want people going “You excuse his past because he’s a pretty face and you like him.” I don’t excuse his past. There’s no justification for it and I don’t care what got him there. I can acknowledge that he had a bad childhood that influenced his choices as an adult and still not absolve him of the responsibility for those choices that he made. If one of his victims were to make an appearance I would have no issue with them confronting him, or even wanting justice. And as a fan of his I can say I don’t think he would either. Why? 

When he was faced with the sorcerer after he was released from the hat he couldn’t look him in the eye. He was ashamed of himself. When he was faced with Ursula he acknowledged that he had done worse than broken her heart. No, he didn’t own up to their past right away but again he was embarrassed and he tried to divert. And at the end of the episode he said, “You have no idea how hard it is not to give in to the darkness. I almost didn’t help her get her happy ending.” He acknowledges that he still struggles with villainy. Not in a way that he feels like “Oh pity me. I have to deal with darkness.” But in a way where you could see that he LOATHES that his first instinct wasn’t to help. That the disgust he felt wasn’t because it was causing a disturbance in him getting his way to do good but because he hates that he didn’t immediately jump to action for the other person. 

I see his reaction to being a villain as being intensely personal. “I hate who I am because this is not who I want to be.” As opposed to “I hate who I am because I am not getting the results in life that I want.” 

He has never asked not to be called/considered a villain. For that reason I can forgive him. Because there’s awareness there and a concentrated effort to do good, whether it benefits him at all or not 

She’s good at laughing like sunshine and making me believe in the word “maybe;”
She’s good at cutting my hair.
She’s good at frothing my dreams into clouds and letting me steal the blankets at night;
She’s good at being still.
She’s good at dicing the onions when we cook and carrying the towels when we go to the beach;
She’s good at keeping me awake long enough to see the sunrise.
But she’s bad at making decisions and bad at crying and bad at sharing her burdens,
Bad at all the things I know how to do;
Bad at all the things I will be there to do for her,
And somehow, we’ll even it all out.

Reading the commentary for this week’s Black Sails and I think there’s one big, glaring, fact many fans are forgetting this season: every character on this show is a huge piece of shit.

I love Billy. I am ride or die for Billy Bones. I love Anne, and Max, and Jack, and Flint, I even love Eleanor as complicated and dynamic and unbearably human as she is. 

But like, all of these people are huge pieces of shit. All of them, to some degree or another. No one in this show has pure motives and/or pure methods. 

I think Billy’s characterization this season has suffered tremendously and I can only venture theories as to why it is so incongruous from the development we’ve seen through season 3. 


The overall characterizations on this show are so well written: they’re complicated, messy, layered. They make bad decisions. They don’t own up and place blame for bad decisions. They interpret situations and outcomes differently. 

Black Sails is compared a lot to GoT as a *better* GoT and in this area that’s absolutely correct: GoT features characters who are overtly “bad” or complicated in a way that’s easy to digest. These characters aren’t easy to digest. I have watched seasons 1-3 at least 3 times and I still find new layers to Max and her decision making. 

So if you find yourself boiling these characters down to “good” vs. “bad,” whether or not their motives and actions support your character of choice in an overt, consistent manner, you’re probably going to be frustrated and angry about this show.


“So Hailey, how did you get into the whole YouTube thing?” Judy asked me.

“Well, it was kind of unintentional, but I made the decision to just go with it. I was 16. My best friend Linda, who’s still my friends after all these years, was going through a really bad break up, and she didn’t want to talk to me or any of her friends for a month. I finally decided to make a video and send it to her. The video was me talking about how high school love is bullshit and how not to let it ruin your life. It made her feel way better, and apparently, it made a lot of strangers who were also going through high school break ups feel better as well. I got comments telling me to keep giving advice and sharing my thoughts, so I did.”

“My my. You’re not only a great videographer, you’re a fantastic friend!”

“Thank you!” I was still surrpised at how human this network president seemed. I mean, I’ve been ripping silent smelly farts ever since we met, and she hasn’t batted an eye at the smell once! Not sure what’s wrong with her nose, but I won’t question a good thing.

“I do hope you stick by your friends, even after you make it big, which you might say you already have.”

“Are you kidding? If it weren’t for my friend, I wouldn’t be here talking to a network president about to get my own TV show! You’re damn right I’m sticking by them! In fact, I’m gonna tell them all about this once we have our weekly hang out. And I just know they’re gonna lose their shit.”

“Speaking of which… do you smell anything?” Judy asked, making me feel nervous.

“Uhhh… what do you mean?” I asked pretending I didn’t smell the same thing.

“You don’t think it’s kinda funky in here?”

“Uh… no not at all!” I said as a bead of sweat made it’s way down my temple.

Judy’s POV

Oh thank god! She doesn’t notice that I’ve been passing incredibly stinky gas this whole time. It’s a good thing I watched that instructional video on proper butt control. My farts are usually insanely loud and wet. Like a fire hose and a fog horn had a baby.

“Well that’s good. It must all be in my head. At my age, my senses just go crazy.” I said trying to play it off.

“You don’t look that old! In fact you look pretty hot. I bet your assistant over there stares at that nice ass of yours all the time.”

“Oh I highly doubt Phil pays much attention to it. And if he does pay attention to it, I doubt he really wants to.” Phil really is a trooper. He’s with me through thick and thin at every conference, every seminar… Even when we’re on the escalator, he’s right behind me… reluctantly smelling my rancid rump.

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Rereading Wheel of Time. Everyone says that Jordan made Nynaeve this awful bitch, but really I feel like he made her the person she had to be. She has to be strong and decisive to make people take her seriously. Everyone rolls their eyes at her until they need her and then they’re saying what a good Wisdom she is. It’s our own fault (and maybe a touch of Jordan’s sexism) that makes us see that as a bad thing.

Shameless season seven thoughts

Fiona: FINALLY. I’m so happy Fiona is taking care of herself she needs to sort through her shit and get it in order. She needs to stop holding her siblings hand and let them fall. ( I’m sure she’s still taking care of Liam though)

Ian: I think it’s good that Ian is learning a bit more about the LGBTQIA+ community, mostly because he’s kinda isolated from that aspect of his life. In the promo video cam mentions that Ian’s going to like questioning his sexuality and I think it’s mostly just going to be a teaching moment that says trans men are men gay or otherwise which is cool.
The idea of a new love interest though doesn’t make sense to me like his character needs to chill from relationships and focus on himself like Fiona now.

Debbie: Literally I don’t feel bad about any of her problems. She made the conscious decision to have a baby even though she can’t support even herself without help. $390 dollars isn’t hard to come by either she can get a part time job and figure it out have Svet babysit or something.

Carl: I already know I’m going to like his story line. He’s lowkey the most emotional Gallagher and his situation with this new girl is going to effect him pretty hard.

Lip: he’s turning into Frank and I have no interest in characters intentionally fucking up their lives. Also stop being a pretentious twat.

Frank: literally don’t care.

Elliot Fletcher’s character Trevor maybe?: I hope hope hope they don’t make him a love interest, NOT BECAUSE HES TRANS but because 1. It’s a waste of his talent to be just a love interest and 2. Ian needs to learn to fill the whole in his life with out a relationship. I am excited that he could possibly teach Ian a few things about being an LGBTQIA+ youth. Because he’s lacking due to living in the ghetto.

Kev,V,Svet- idk what they’re doing but I never do all I know is I’m going to enjoy it.

The illusive episode 709/ Mickey:
absolute worst case: Mickey dies in prison either he’s shanked or he kills himself (I feel like Mickey suffers from depression and anxiety but doesn’t know)
Absolute best case: he’s released from prison and the judge or prison guard says his name.
Ideal scenario: Mickey and Ian are getting married and they have to say his full name.

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I feel like I'm always at a crossroads with the whole Floriana thing. On one hand I don't particularly agree with her actions and casting decisions but on the other hand she makes a great Maggie and I really love Sanvers! I know that Maggie and Flo is two different people but it stills dilutes my enjoyment. I also can't bring myself to cast Flo aside because I still wanna believe she's a good person that makes bad decisions. Sorry about unloading this on you. I just need to vent it out

honestly it’s hard seeing someone so nice when you know they’re super ugly but as a white person i feel like i have the obligation to not post anything positive about her tbh. and, like, she’s not comparable to, say, johnny depp or woody allen but she’s still problematic and saying she could be worse just ignores her problems imo. i like her portrayal as maggie and i’m not one of those to act like she needs to die or be recast (because the casual viewers of supergirl don’t know what flo did, they just see a healthy lesbian relationship, and that’s the start of something important), and, duh, i fucking love sanvers, but what flo did/does is wrong. like you said, it’s separating the character and the actor. that’s okay to do.

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Hey me again. (I've posted quite a lot around here, Anonymous me.) I've been thinking of something for a loooong time. Well, every time Mercy is kidnapped or has to fight bad guys, she isn't taking regularly her birth control pill. And we know as it goes when she and Adam meet again.... So come on, she's got to be pregnant in the next book!!!

No worries! I love getting asks!

Ok, so fair point and I’ve never thought of it (the birth control thing).  I think Patricia Briggs has to be seriously committed to ending the series in order to make that decision.  It wouldn’t be out of character for Adam to maybe want a kid, but (even though I write it) I don’t think he’d actually push her for one.  I think he’d be worried she’d dip out a little.  Mercy, I have no doubt, would rather bring a kid into the world than have an abortion simply because of her own background–BUT that can go both ways.  I’m making the assumption that because her childhood was relatively stable up until she was a teenager she wouldn’t mind bringing someone in.  I also think that knowing Sam will and female wolves who desperately want children and can’t have their own puts that in perspective for her.  

We don’t know how her aging works, (I keep saying Patricia Briggs like she’s our lord and saviour and I’m starting to make myself laugh) Briggs has only dropped hints that she might live to see a few centuries if she can keep her nose out of trouble.  If we’re pretending she’s an average mid-thirties then it would be relatively dangerous for her to be pregnant even forgetting the trouble she gets into.  

She’s not my character, I don’t know her as well at Briggs does, but I don’t think she’s down for risking that.


She is obviously still in a position where she genuinely thinks she can reproduce–thus the birth control.

As miraculous as some “oops-babies” are (I say that lovingly because I’m one of them and my mother lives to remind me of it) it is actually pretty difficult to get pregnant generally speaking.  Timing is everything, but sometimes even that isn’t accurate.  I know people who have absolutely done stupid things and theoretically almost gotten pregnant who haven’t.  It really is a one-in-a-million chance.  Then we don’t know if the baby would make it because God (…so Patricia Briggs) knows how the wolf-Coyote thing works.  We suspect it does, because Sam thinks it does.  We have no idea.  We have no clue how this works.  


If she was to become pregnant in the next book, I wouldn’t be surprised (because you’re still right, this is now a very questionable scenario and seriously how lucky can they keep being).  I would be surprised if she was able to carry close enough to term and I would also be surprised if the stories kept going. 

Idk.  IDK.  I want little babies running around but I’m also like “could that even really happen?”