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It’s been awhile. have a new fic rec post. 

New Year’s Eve by @667darkave

So, do you like Alynette? I bet you do because I do to. Honestly, I just love how sweet and cute Alya is in her relationship with Mari–despite that her girlfriend is late for dinner….

From That Moment by @the-hidden-eye

This is a baby fic, but I just felt that they way they came together again was very real. Also, it was written in a moment style that I really enjoyed!

Unexcept the Excepted by @primrose-path-of-dalliance

This was just a goodbye fic and it was sad and messed me up. It has a good ending, I promise!

Christmas Miracles by @chatnoirslady

THIS IS PURE FLUFF GUYS. AND IT’S ADORABLE. AND I LOVED THE MARICHAT. So all you need to know is that it’s fluff and marichat. 

I Don’t Know You by @panda013

A foreign prince comes to town and thinks he’s in love with Marinette. She’s not impressed. It’s totally a self indulgent fic. 

Mission Forgotten by @sarahcada

A reflection about the Dark Cupid episode and Marinette comes to an interesting realization. 

adrien the (not) so terrible boyfriend by @chatnoirrs

Adrien is a troll of a boyfriend and it’s wonderful. 

Rippling Dreams by @dalollipopgal

So, this is pure sadness. Something bad happens and Adrien can’t remember exactly who this girl in red is, but he knows that she’s special.

 In A Dream I Had Last Night by @chat-nip

This hurt me. It was a roller coaster that started way up at the top, but the drop was far too much. It’s cute but then angst. 

Beyond the Mask by @chat-log

Ladrien fun where Ladybug saves  distressed Adrien. 

Anyway, these are some great fics I’ve read in the last month or so! Check them! 


“Shes the one woman, the only woman I ever really loved. It’s different from the way i feel about Meg. It’s hard to explain. I don’t know what to do.”
Seeing the glow in his eyes when he talked about Stephanie, I could envision the heartbreak ahead for Meg. I urged him not to make promises to Meg he couldn’t keep.
“At some point, you’re going to have to choose. Meg loves you. She’s stood by you when the going is rough, when you don’t have any money. You say that Stephanie’s family makes you feel poor, as if you don’t fit in. It might be that Meg’s real, and Stephanie’s a dream. I guess the real test is-how would you feel if you didn’t had Meg? What would you do if you knew she had someone else, if you found her with another man?”
“I did once. It’s funny you should bring it up, because it made me wild. We’d had a fight, and I saw some guy’s car parked outsight her apartment. I raced about the alley and stood up on a garbage can to look in the window. The sweat was just pouring off me and I was like a crazy man. I couldn’t stand to think of Meg with another man. I couldn’t believe the effect it had on me… .” - Ann Rule, The Stranger Beside Me

On the left picture: Ted Bundy with Diana Edwards aka Stephanie Brooks.
On the right picture: Ted Bundy with Elizabeth Kendall aka Meg Anders.

“Yes, mom, I know.  I’ll go to the bookstore first thing, I promise.  No, that’s alright, really.  Yes, I remember.  Okay, Mom, I’ve gotta go, I’ve gotta….  Yes, love you, too.  Bye now!” Mara pulled the phone away from her ear with an exasperated sigh and roll of her pale blue eyes.  She shoved the phone carelessly into the pocket of her jeans and took another drag off of her freshly lit cigarette.  “Parents.  Can’t live with ‘em.”

Can’t Erase Me (2/?)

so like, i know we broke up and stuff but funny story, i haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me for [insert family celebration] and i really don’t know how to tell them and i know this is really selfish but i can’t break my great grandma’s heart like that, she’ll probably have a heart attack and– wait what? you’d do that for me? holy shit, i love you… wait–

I’m blown away by the response the first chapter got so thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged! And special thank you and hugs to everyone who left reviews in their reblogs and tags <3 I hope I stood up to your expectations!

Title credits to @deadherokillianjones

Catch up: Chapter 1 and ff net

Rated M (eventually)

Oh and it’s unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine!

Emma’s breath hitched and she cleared her throat before whispering, “Hi”

“Hello” he replied back, his own voice sounding strained much like hers.

She couldn’t decide whether she wanted to cry or smile - hearing his voice after so many hopeless nights were she laid on her bed all alone after crying her eyes out, just wishing that if she turned in her bed he’d still be there beside her so she could snuggle up to him and feel his strong arms holding her.

He cleared his throat, “Love, you still there?”

“Oh yeah!” she replied quickly, the wheels in her head turning, trying to figure out what to say next. She never thought she’d have the guts to actually call him, so never planned on what to say to him. She couldn’t just come out and say “Oh hey! Funny story I never actually told my family we broke up and now they are expecting for us to show up at my parents anniversary celebration! Yay!”

“I was wondering if we could talk?” she squeaked, hating that her voice sounded so low and weak.

There was a pause, followed by a deep sigh, and a grunted “bloody hell.”

She was about to blurt the entire thing out once it hit her that he probably assumed she wanted to get back together or wanted a second chance (But you do! The voice inside her head snapped which Emma ignored, just as she has all these months).

“Killian its not what you think” she clarified, not wanting for him to start yelling at her on the phone, or worse, get his hopes up. (He should have moved on by now, definitely)

After a long pause where Emma was almost certain he had hung up, he suggested, “The Hood at 8 tonight?”

“Yes! See you there” she murmured, trying to sound nonchalant.

“See you, love”

Emma could hear his breathing on the other side of the line, neither one of them willing to hang up first. There was more she wanted to say, so much more but she couldn’t. He didn’t deserve it after he’d been nothing but nice to her. She was the idiot who ran away.

Finally after hearing a grumble on his end, the call cut.


As 7:30 approached, Emma changed into a clean pair of jeans and a v-neck white top which did wonders for her cleavage. She was fixing her hair and makeup when she remembered that the top was one of his favourites – he always appreciated the deep v-neck and told her that the colour brought out the gold in her eyes.

Shaking her head at her subconscious who decided to don on his favourite, and not wanting to give him false ideas, she changed into another much modest blue choice.

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singing-sam-winchester asked:

(bitterness aside because really that episode was awesome besides a few things) Can we talk about Sam and Eileen because omg Sam making friends makes me happy.

YES, LET’S. Eileen is such a fantastic character, and I really hope this isn’t the only time she’s going to show up. She was portrayed as a complex, funny, fantastic, and flawed character whose deafness was just one, small part of her. She’s badass and capable and kind, and I loved the way she and Sam interacted. They have a lot in common, and I can totally see then texting each other about hunts or law school or whatever. What if she came to the bunker to look into the files so she could learn more about her parents? Or what if she and Sam met Sully sometime?

This season has been a real blessing for Sam fans in some ways. Despite the handful of really unsettling things, the way s11 has given Sam friends (two of them!) has been amazing. Also, we’ve gotten truckloads of happy and sassy and assertive and nerdy Sam. The show has also placed special emphasis on his selflessness and strength of character, and I absolutely loved that.

In short: Bitterness about certain things aside, s11 has done some great things for Sam, and Eileen Leahy is freakin’ awesome; I hope we see a lot more of her in the future. 

Numa Child and Elathuria

“Finally she said to him: “Don’t leave me, love. Promise me you’ll never leave. Find me again, wherever you go. Find me.”

Of course, Numa didn’t understand what she was telling him. “What do you mean?” he asked her.

“Look for me wherever the wind comes,” she said, her voice getting more and more hushed. “I will grow again from the seed that is carried away from this place.”

“Will it really be you?” he said to her.

“Yes,” she told him. “It will be me in every particularity. Except one.”

“And what’s that?” Numa asked her.

“I won’t remember you,” she replied.

-Clive Barker, Abarat

A little piece for week two of the Month of Love, “Lost in Translation.” I’ve always been compelled by this story in Clive Barker’s Abarat, a romance between a man of flesh and blood and a woman of leaves and flowers. Each time that Elathuria wilts and scatters her seeds to the wind, Numa Child must pursue them and search the island of the Nonce to find and fall in love with her again.

Emily Poole,

anonymous asked:

I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years and have been engaged for 1 year. We have a a dog, a cat and a house together. We have a life together and I love her dearly. However, she gets really mad easily. It's gotten so bad lately. She'll call me horrible names like a bitch, cunt, loser, ect. She'll act like she's in control of everything. And she'll hit me. I had an important interview today and I missed it because she was fighting with me and gave me a black eye. I dont know what to do anymore.

its abuse… please go find help.. dont stay in this . I know you love her but this is not okay !!! please talk about this with someone ! promise me ! 

She’ll love you

Originally posted by borderlineharry

Requested: No.

Word count: 1,007

Pairings: Fred x Reader

Warning: None, today.

“Do we have to?” His question came out shaky and nervous as his fingers fiddled with his tie. I just let out a small laugh moving my hands towards his own, pushing them lightly out of the way, before doing his tie up myself.

“Freddie, stop worrying. You promised you’d meet her and she is really looking forward to it.” I explain placing my hands lightly on his shoulders. “I know its nerve wracking but I promise it’ll all be fine, she will love you even if you are a child sometimes.” I continue, moving my hands from his shoulders to his cheeks giving them both a slight tap before moving back to the suitcases.

“But what if she doesn’t  like me? What if they tell you I’m not good enough for you.” His voice becomes uneven and I just turn my head to smile at him, “Fred, stop it. Every thing will be just fine.”


“We’re here.” I mumble looking outside the car up at the cottage. Fred was first out of the car, running around to my side opening the door. “Why thank you kind sir.” I say and he gives a tight nod before opening the boot and pulling out the two suitcases and hanging my hand bag over his shoulder.

Walking up to the front door, I knock three times and listen to the loud thumping of footsteps down the staircase.

“You’re here!” She yells throwing open the door. I smile and wrap my arms tightly around her. “It’s nice to see you too, mum.” I coo as we both let out little chuckles before turning our attention to the awkward ginger standing besides me.

“Mum, this is Fred Weasley, my…well my fiancee.” I say waiting for the angry rant awaiting me about not tell her that I had a boyfriend or that I got engaged. Her face lightens as tears well in her eyes, “My little baby is growing up so fast. Well, Fred welcome to the family.” She says throwing her arms around his shoulder giving him a tight hug.

“Fred, this is my mum, Angela.” I say and he finally frees himself from her grasp and looks at her with his famous grin. “It’s nice to meet you, Y / N has told me so much about you and it seems she was very truthful about how friendly you are. You and my mother would get along really well.” He stumbles slightly with his words causing my mum giving him an encouraging smile.

“Come in, Come in. I’ll show you both to your room. That is if you wanted to share?” She says winking at me before walking up the stairs turning around every now and then to make sure we are still following behind her.

“I haven’t changes a thing in here, thought you would want all your weird stuff to stay here, and I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it.” She says opening the door of my bedroom moving out of the way so Fred and I could poke our heads inside.

“Thank you, mum. It means a lot.” I say and she just nods before looking at the two of us with a smile.  “I’ll let you two get settled in and we can order some pizza for dinner.” She says and I nod in silent thanks as she walks down the stairs.

“You’re room is very…”

“Blue.” I finish and he nods taking a seat on the bed with the blue canopy and the blue comforter. “It was always my favourite colour but I think I was a bit hardcore back then.” I explain giving an awkward laugh before sitting besides him lacing his fingers with mine.

“The bed is only a double but I don’t think your legs should hang off too much.” I continue and he cracks a big smile. “It’s great. Very cosy.” He says and I just smile looking down at our hands.

“Fred, are you okay?” I question looking at the pale boy. He gulps slightly before turning to face me. “How do you know that I’m the one you are meant to be marrying?” He questions and I just let out a deep sigh before pushing him to lean against the head board.

“I know you are the one because I could never imagine myself with someone else. I’ve never dreamed of being with anyone but you.” I say, moving to the seat next to him. “Fred, you are the love of my life, and I couldn’t imagine being happy without you.” I continues before leaning over and placing a chaste kiss on his lips, which he was not satisfied with.

Rolling onto of me, his lips found mine again, forearms sitting comfortably beside me as his hands cup my cheeks.  The kiss almost instantly becomes heated as we find out rhythm my hands going to the hem of his shirt.

Pulling away from the kiss he tugs his shirt over his head, before leaning down and pressing tender kissed down my jaw to my collarbones before coming back up and connecting our lips once more, slowly undoing to buttons on my blouse. His hands slowly move from my cheeks down my arm, pausing at my hips before sliding to the back of my thighs, pulling them around his waist as he rolls onto his back, leaving me to sit on top of his lap.

“Kids, I know you are probably up to something, but I just thought I’d warn you that the pizza will be here in five minutes.” My mum’s voice fills the room as she lightly knocks on the door before her footsteps fade away slowly. Looking down at Fred I smile pressing a kiss to his forehead, nose, both cheeks and the last on his lips before pushing off him and beginning to do my shirt back up.

“Well at least that’s going to break the ice.” He mumbles sliding onto the bed next to me with his trademark grin.

“It certainly will.”

A / N

I used my mum’s name in this, I hope you don’t mind. And I hope you all like it. There will be one out tomorrow with the roles reversed. So I also hope you enjoy that. Request are open as always, and I will post again soon.

“This is my love child, Mildred. She was born with a pretty evil face and a poor fashion sense but I promise she got that from the father Alberto. She got all of his genes. Mildred likes school disco songs, fried chicken and haunting people but she’s a really nice person I swear.” She grins. “Nah, some drama student dumped this on me thinking I was a classmate and I don’t know what to do with her.”

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AYYY! about the scenario between Oikawa and his s/o about how they met is so cute!! what about one for Kuroo? :)


Kuroo: I rescued you from what looked like the worst date ever

You: That you did, my mom set me up with her co-workers son and he was not as pleasant as she promised.

Kuroo: Definitely, total slob and incredibly rude

you: how did you see me again?

Kuroo: I was celebrating with the team, we just won. Kenma actually pointed out how miserable you looked.

you: yeah, he chewed with his mouth open and sprayed me with fleck of chewed hamburger

Kuroo: It was also sickening how he was holding into your hand and not letting go, he was creepy

You: Then my knight in shining armour showed up

Kuroo: That being me. I politely told the guy to let go of your hand because you looked really uncomfortable

You: You pissed him off, he stood up like he was gonna attack. I think he saw the rest of the team though and figured it wasn’t worth the fight

Kuroo: I think he was just scared of me but what ever

You: Then he left, and I didn’t have anyone to walk me home so you offered. And we started talking you old me about the team and I told you why I was on that awful date.

Kuroo: your mother was totally shocked when I showed up at the door rather than your original date

You: She agreed you were much cuter though, you gave me you number then and told me to look for you at school

Kuroo: The rest is history

‘same goes for you’ (part iv, scott mccall one-shot)

Prompt: Kira goes a little crazy when Isaac and Saga don’t say anything. Scott comes to the rescue and the lovebirds decide to take the night off, willingly at first.

Requested: Yes

Pairing(s): Isaac Lahey x Saga, Derek Hale x Saga, Scott McCall x Saga, Scott McCall x Kira Yukimura, Stiles Stilinski x Lydia Martin

Warnings: possible cursing at this point, angry!kira, nothing else really, oh also maybe boring sorry

A/N: so this is another filler part of the series, so please forgive me. I do hope you guys like this, and I promise the next part will be more action-packed. I’m either gonna make this five parts or seven parts. I’m unsure. Thank you for your support loves. and pls remember to read PART I, PART II, & PART III.

Isaac and I stare at Kira, dumbfounded and silent as she stares between the two of us.

“What hasn’t Scott told me, Isaac?” Her voice demands attention as her gaze zeroes in on Isaac. Isaac gulps and look away, causing Kira to growl and look at me. “Saga please. You’re my friend. Tell me what–”

“Kira, I can’t say anything,” I bite down on my bottom lip and look away, unable to meet her stare. “Please don’t make me.”

“What the hell is going on?!” Kira growls and her eyes glow golden. My eyes snap up as Isaac stands directly in front of me, scared that Kira would snap and I would get hurt in the process.

“Isaac stop. She won’t hurt me,” I try to move him away, but he won’t budge. Kira growls louder and Scott runs into the kitchen.

“What the hell is going on?!” He glares at me over Isaac’s shoulder and I return the glare right back.

“Nothing is going on he–”

“I almost walked into the kitchen and heard these two lovebirds bickering. I decided to wait outside until they were done and then I heard them say your name, so I listened closely,” Kira stands guarded as she explains the situation to Scott. “They said you were holding something back from me, and when I asked them what it was, they stared at me. Both of them looked like deer stuck in headlights.”

“Kira, it’s nothing. I promise it was just a surprise that I planned for you for our one-month anniversary,” he sighs and gives Kira a heart-wrenching smile. “I was hoping no one would mention it, but these two blabbermouths couldn’t keep their mouths shut.”

I clench my jaw but give a soft nod. Scott smiles our way as Isaac tries to maintain his calm.

“Isaac and I will leave you two lovebirds alone,” I slowly intertwine my fingers with Isaac’s and begin to pull out of the kitchen. I pause before the doorstep and look at Kira over my shoulder. “Next time you pull out your claws towards Isaac or myself, I will skin you alive. You know damn well I can, too. Consider this time your free trial.”

I give her a sick smile and walk out of the kitchen. My grip on Isaac’s hand tightens as we walk into the living room, everyone eyeing us fearfully.

“You didn’t hurt Kira, did you?” Malia walks over to me, her bottom lip between her teeth as she tries not to lash out.

“Malia, doll, I’d really appreciate it if you talked to me about anything other than the two demons in the kitchen,” I give her a tight-lipped smile and sit down in my spot next to Derek and Isaac sits on the other side of me, the same as before.
I sigh and rub my temples, Derek smirking as he sees Isaac watching my every move. Isaac softly rubs my back and I shake my head, causing him to huff and stand.

“I’m gonna head to the bathroom really quickly,” he breathes out and nearly runs out of the living room.

I lean back and scour the room: Stiles was holding Lydia, both of them only ever worried about their friends’ wellbeing. Malia rubs Liam’s head in an attempt to comfort him, he smiles and thanks her. Derek was watching me, his eyes burning marks across every inch of my skin as he inspects me physically and tries to do so mentally.

“What is it, Derek?” I move my hair out of my face and watch him, my brown eyes finally meeting his blue-green ones.

“Nothing, just wondering what happened between you and loverboy in the kitchen,” he shrugs and sits closer, paying as close attention as he could to my heartbeat.

“Nothing happened, Derek. We just rehashed our past and talked about things. Kira heard Scott’s name and walked in, lashing out at both of us.”

“And what did Scott do?” Derek raises his brow, confused.

“He told Kira that he had planned an anniversary surprise for her and that shut her up,” I give him a fake smile and nod at Derek as the happy couple just walked into the room.

“Alright, guys,” Scott gave us all a smile as Isaac stood behind the couple. “We’re gonna have to cut the meeting short. Kira and I have some plans tonight.”

Kira blushed as Scott pulled her flush against him. I scoff under my breath and shake my head, all supernatural heads turning to look at me as Lydia and Scott looked around, confused.

“Saga,” Isaac whispers and I look up only to meet Kira’s furious features.

“Yes, Isaac?”

“Well,” he walks past the couple and makes his way next to me, all eyes on us. “Why don’t we catch a movie tonight? I know you’ve been waiting for The Revenant to come out–”

“She’s already seen the Revenant,” Scott interrupted, his jaw clenching as he watched Isaac and I. His words fall on deaf ears, however. Neither Isaac nor I pay him much attention.

“We can watch a horror movie, if you want. I know how much you love those,” I crinkle my nose as he chuckles. “We can watch it right here, have a pack movie night if that’s okay?”

“A pack movie night?” Isaac raises his brow and makes a wierd face, knowing that it’d make me smile. He was right.

“Yes, Isaac. It’ll be fun! We can watch The Ring or something!” I nudge his shoulder and he shakes his head.

“Fine, fine! Pack movie night at Lyd’s?” Isaac looks up at Lydia and she nods excitedly.

“Yes! I’m definitely down for this. But only if we can watch Chucky! Please!” She laughs as we all groan. Her obsession with that odd red-haired doll freaked us all out.

“Alright. Chucky it is!” I hold my hands up in defeat and Lydia blows me a kiss. “Derek, Lydia, and I will make snacks while you guys set up the sound and the seats.”

Derek groans but makes his way to the kitchen, right behind Lydia. I follow them and realize Scott is still stuck to where he was standing moments earlier.

Originally posted by stilesederek

“Oh, have a good night, lovebirds. Want me to walk you to the door?” I give them a sweet smile and they both roll their eyes, making their way out of the apartment.

I shrug and make my way inside the kitchen, immediately getting sacked in the shoulder by a bag of marshmallows.

“OW!” I let out a string of curses and turn to look at the culprit: the one and only Lydia Martin. “What the hell?!”

“Stop egging on Scott and Kira!” She quickly walks past me and starts making hot chocolate.

“Okay, but it’s not her fault that Scott played Kira and used her,” Derek shrugs as I roll my eyes and rub my shoulder.

“I know it’s not her fault, I just don’t want her to get hurt in the process,” she shrugs and I give her ‘really?’ look.

“You just whacked me with a bag of marshmallows, Lyd!”

Fairy Tail CH.471 Reaction.

This chapter looks promising, let’s get started!

Erza owes Gray a huge apology for her bullshit belief in Natsu.

This is something I would do when I stretch my back, not sit straight; seriously her spine is all curved up.

Juvia’s care for her friends makes me look like a bad friend! She really loves people other than Gray!

If i get a dollar for every time anyone from Fairy Tail said this about their villains and ended up beating the shit out of them, I would be filthy rich.

This is definitely going to give Chellia a major development in her character!

The fact that Mashima thought the scene that had Dimiria stripping Kagura in the middle of war was so brilliant her had to reuse it is laughable and a pitiful excuse to have fanservice.


(Excuse me if I overreacted, but I really liked her character and now I’m very disappointed with what became of her)

A ship moment that isn’t any of the big four!!! Chendy is really adorable and heartwarming, I’m starting to ship it.

I think Mashima has two moods when he designs Erza’s armors, he either:

1-takes inspiration from very cute feminine clothes, and adds the touch of a protective metal.


2-he takes inspiration from Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

this chapter gets 5/10.

-mod Taco

            &&. ok so um this is a small psa about something i’m a little uncomfortable with in my life right now and i just need to share it quickly so maybe people are a little aware. a few people already know and have sent sweet messages ( which i will reply to or publish i promise and i really REALLY appreciate them tbh they make me smile to see him being recognised and loved by you all ) but it’s just a difficult time for me. my little brother died at the age of four when i was seven years old. it’s nearing the anniversary of his death and i’m the one remaining family member who still recognises this day and i try to celebrate his life, no matter how short, and remember him. my parent’s solution was to act as if it never happened, which, although understandably is their way, is something i can’t do. but it does mean that this is a huge time of sadness and grief for me. he was so young and it’s so unfair. i love to talk about my brother and to think about him, but i also find some of the musings and things about grief and loss, or anger and religion that i see on my dash triggering and upsetting. i know i can’t really ask people to tag them, and there’s nothing i can do or say – and they’re not terrible things or anything, just upsetting to me. so my activity may be very patchy. i’ll probably come on to do some drafts and to distract myself and talk to people. but i hope you can all understand that this is a very upsetting time for me and i try to stay as positive as possible and just love him a lot, like i always do, but sometimes it is difficult. if you would like to me tag anything about this in a certain way, or anything i post over the next week or so, please let me know. i appreciate all of your kindness and THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND LOVE.

veryvisuallyappealing asked:

[text]: So Fame found out about the hickey but I covered for you or well, I covered for us. Don't try to play hero by admitting that it was you, okay? It'll fuck things up for you with Tracy and me with Fame for lying to her. I'll fix things with Fame somehow but right now you should worry about getting Barbie back.

[text]: I know. Usually, I ask her to promise she’s going to marry me and she says something romantic and then complains it’s gross and teases that she hates me for making her love me… I really fucked up this time Violet… She won’t even promise me that she still wants to marry me…

10 Songs Challenge

I was tagged by @bagginhsield​ aka my precious potato :3

rules: write the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle with no skipping and quote your favourite lyric, then tag 10 people! (PSA i really love lyrics a lot ok this is my fave tag i will do it every single time i’m tagged)

Ben Howard - Promise

And meet me there, with bundles of flowers // We’ll wade through the hours of cold winter // She’ll howl at the walls // Tearing down doors of time // Shelter as we go

Edwin Raphael - Queen Of Coasts

The Queen of Coasts, I’ve waited a while // With broken wrists, I stayed for you // and the king of hearts, I, darling couldn’t fight

Ray LaMontagne - Be Here Now

Don’t look for love in faces, places // It’s in you, that’s where you’ll find kindness

Borrow My Heart  - Taylor Henderson

I won’t let you go when your worlds in the dark // You can keep borrowing my heart // Even your fear won’t keep us apart // You can keep borrowing my heart

The Lumineers - Stubborn Love

It’s better to feel pain than nothing at all // The opposite of love’s indifference //
So pay attention now i’m standing on your porch screamin out // And i won’t leave until you come downstairs

Lightweight - Demi Lovato

Light on my heart, light on my feet // Light in your eyes I can’t even speak // Do you even know how you make me weak

No end No beginning - Poets of the fall

It feels like forsaking the dawn, // We awaken and still we don’t see // I’m still secretly grateful you’re living this moment with me // Secretly grateful you’re sharing this moment with me.

Photograph // Ed Sheeran

When I’m going, I will remember how you kissed me // Under the lamppost back on Sixth street // Hearing you whisper through the phone // Wait for me to come home

Right here // Ashes Remain

I will show you the way back home // Never leave you all alone // I will stay until the morning comes // I’ll show you how to live again // And heal the brokenness within // Let me love you when you come undone

Your soul // Rhodes

Oh you know when you’re alone // I am holding on and on and on and on //
To your soul, your soul

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Just a small announcement...

I hope this doesn’t upset anyone, but I might be taking a little break from writing scenarios. I know I have to finish exposure, falling for jeon, and conflicted, but I’m really starting to fall behind on my school work. Like today, I realized that because I’ve missed two homework assignments and a quiz online in my calc class because I haven’t been checking the website like I’m supposed to. Like, when I get on the computer, I get this insane urge to finish writing scenarios instead of what I’m actually supposed to be doing (aka homework) because I don’t want to let any of you down by taking too long to update. But my grades are reflecting this neglect on school work and I think I need a reality check. So, I will still be WORKING on the scenarios in the spare time, but I don’t want to feel the weighing pressure that I have to update constantly. I’m going to step back from tumblr for a bit. I will still be reblogging and talking to you guys when you message me or ask me something, and I will try to work on scenarios as much as possible, okay?

-Lecora 💕

New mommy looking for a little cutie

Name: Lera
Blog: Littlepastlepukemotherfcker
Age: 15
Gender/pronoun: She/Her
Orientation: Pansexual
CGL type: Mommy
About me: I’m a nice loving person. I get attached easily. I like clingy people. I need attachment. I can be very shy at first but I’m really sweet. I’m am new to this but learn quick. So please be patient with me. I’m promise I will be a lovely mommy.
Looking for Age: between 14 to 17 / Gender: Any / CGL type: Little / Relationship type: Mommy/Little cutie

whatever you do, dont imagine bellamy and clarke arguing about who will be the inside man going against ALIE. and bellamy yelling “i wont let you.” and clarke yelling back, “i cant let you either. everyone ive ever loved dies. ive done everything i can to make sure you arent next. please let me do this too.” and the realization hits bellamy of exactly what shes saying. so he just hugs her and makes her promise to come back to him, to which she agrees.

and definitely dont imagine after they defeat ALIE and clarke and bellamy reunite again, running into each others arms whispering “youre okay” to reassure themselves that the other is really there. and they hold hands, clarke saying “lets go home.” and bellamy grinning and saying “together.”

annndd dont think about them getting back to arkadia and having a moment alone. and bellamy leaning down to kiss clarke and her inching closer to him when the rest of the gang (raven, monty, miller, etc…) burst in, and bellamy and clarke jumping apart. but clarke glances up and smiles at bellamy and then looks away just as bellamy does the same to her. and the two enjoy the temporary peace they finally have with their friends, waiting for another moment alone to actually kiss and give in to their feelings.