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Just saying that mentally ill ppl can still be abusive !! Mental illness does not excuse abuse. Saying this because ppl S T I L L think that mental illness justifies abuse

Jo and Jolex fans: we don’t want Jo and Deluca together!
Shonda: what did you just say? You want More?
Jo and Jolex fans: NO!! WE DON’T WANT IT! Give us Jolex and a good storyline for Jo!!
Shonda: okay, let’s explore a possible relationship between Jo and Deluca and let’s throw Alex in there to make a love triangle when we could make a powerful and interesting domestic violence storyline instead, love triangles are so much more interesting!!
Jo and Jolex fans:


Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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I cannot begin to explain what that entire segment with Lucretia did to my heart. There was never a fallout, there was never this big, dividing argument that split the group apart. They loved each other to the end.

They never stopped loving each other. They never stopped being each other’s family.

And Lucretia couldn’t bear their pain. She saw the way they hurt - saw them becoming colder, or sadder, or quieter - and she couldn’t take it. She chose to be alone for the chance to make them happy again. She tried so hard to make them happy again.

I don’t know if she’s aware that their individual happiness was limited - I don’t know if she knows how much pain they all faced eventually - but she must have seen them happy at the Bureau. Making friends, doing things they loved that maybe they’d stopped doing shortly before their memories were gone, making jokes like they used to - that must have been like coming home for Lucretia.

Lucretia loves her family so much.

Next time you feel down, always remember this scene… You’ll probably still feeling blue but at least you’ll be turned on.