she loves him so much i'm so upset

Why i feel so bad everytime I remember Shishio

It felt like he was kicked, punched, slapped, and stabbed a thousand times throughout the series.

  • Shishio was hated by Yamamori Mika’s family (from the extra collab chapters of Hirunaka no Ryusei and Heroine Shikkaku) because they favor mamura.
  • It seems that her editor doesn’t like Shishio too
  • Shishio got bashed so much by the fans
  • In the story, he hurt Suzume so that she could get over him quickly which hurt him the most
  • he saw that their relationship is unhealthy, he thinks that he is bad influence for Suzume so he ended things with them but he’s still the evil guy in the eyes of everyone. And it seems the story somewhat changed coz Shishio was painted as nothing but a jerk. Yes, he is coward, and a jerk and he made mistakes but his reasons are not completely selfish coz he was thinking about Suzume’s wellbeing but guess what Yamamori Mika dropped that and made Shishio as only thinking of himself, and deserved to be dumped.
  • Throughout the story he’s always been hurting, up to the last chapter, up to the last extra chapter of HNR. I never saw him truly happy aside from the happy moments with Suzume.
  • He was dumped by Tsubomi and then got rejected by Suzume. And god only knows what will happen between him and Samejima.
  • When chapter 77 and Shishio’s birthday came out, instead of bday greetings or something, Yamamori Mika got bashed so much because of Shishio, that she even made her account private for a mean time.
  • Shishio was stripped off the title as the main male lead in favor of Mamura
  • After 6 years he is still not over Suzume and unhappy. 6 FUCKING YEARS? And Shishio took only 2 years to get over Tsubomi but for Suzume, it has to be 6 year and he is not completely over her yet! Fuck. I can only imagine what kind of torture their last year of high school. Ugh
  • I could really tell Yamamori Mika loved Shishio, she gave him a lot of depth and quirks but because most of the fans didn’t see that. Shishio was the least liked so I think she stopped loving Shishio too, that what makes me so upset. Like Yamamori Mika you’re the last person who Shishio can depend on but you left him too.
  • Shishio deserve so much but he got nothing but a beer.

And my friends are always asking why I am always angry whenever they mention HNR and Shishio.

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V being Jumin's first kiss is so sweet. I'm imagining Rika coming along later down the line and coyly asking V if she was his first kiss, only for V to sort of sheepishly rub the back of his head. He doesn't want to upset her, but you're not the only one with soft lips around here (and Jumin considering V his real first kiss. That's the one he wants to remember). And now I'm off topic; I wanted to ask if you had any headcanons about teenage Jumin and if he wears dorky sweatervests to school.

Sobs brokenly I love JuminV so much. I have so many hcs, so many…orz
But dorky teenage Jumin? Oh my god im crying I love him.
-100000000% yes. He wears full three piece school uniforms, follows the dress code to a T, and its when V teases him does he start dressingdown slightly. Sliiightly. Still following everything in the dress code, but he starts wearing sweater vests and lets V pick out some for him to wear
- Schoolboy juju probably stuided so damn hard, and always aced his tests. If he didnt (even if it was just a 95 mark) he would dedicate even more study time, despite V trying to explain how its fine to miss a question or two.
- Wants to be the best in class if he already isn’t.
- Always helps V out with schoolwork, but never lets him cheat. Cheating is horrible in his eyes, but V appreciates how nice Jumin is tutoring him
- (‘Nice’. He just doesn’t repremand him as harshly as his previous tutors)
- He was probably the type to call out teachers if they spread misinformation or said something wrong.
- (His teachers probably had a love/hate relationship with him)

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I really loved Danielle with Louis because I was an Originals AND 1D fan and I was so happy to see them together. But I am lowkey pissed that Louis is talking about Eleanor so much, like was he cheating on Danielle with Eleanor?? His mom was sick so I don't think so but he is being disrespectful to Danielle when she was there for him AND Freddie through last year. El just got back together THIS year. I don't see anyone upset about this??? I'm just not even excited about BTY if it's about El?

I really like Danielle and think she’s genuinely one of the most adorable women I’ve ever seen, but they broke up. That’s just how life goes.

I think Jay’s passing brought Eleanor back into his life and understandably to me brought them close together again. 

I don’t think it’s a diss to Danielle and I don’t get how people assume he cheated on her, if you hang out or talk on the phone to an ex and realize you still have feelings… that’s just how it is, and if he let Danielle know when he realized, he was just being honest. My assumption isn’t that he cheated on her, it’s that he realized he had feelings and broke up with her when he did.

The pap situation was bad for both Danielle and now again he had a really bad experience with him and Eleanor at LAX, so it makes sense to bring her up. 

And I think it’s so irritating the way this fandom has utterly erased how invasive and frustrating paparazzi are to the lives of celebrities in order to justify their shitty tinhat narratives. Celebrities are stalked by paps, it doesn’t feel great, you can just see Michael Jackson choosing to cover his children up whenever they went out with him in order to protect them from paps to see how invasive they can feel to a celebrity. The fact this fandom chooses to pretty much defend paparazzi really irritates me. Hell, they pretty much defend and protect all low level shitty journalism.

Anyway, I don’t ship anything for these guys… relationships end, and I wouldn’t guarantee Louis and Eleanor being together forever either ‘cause that’s a rarity for anyone, let alone a celeb.

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.

I also have a headcanon that on EAH parents day Duchess’ are the only parents that don’t show up, considering they’re not with us any more, and Duchess spends the day meeting friends parents, and when they ask about hers she just says that they’re busy with teachers or something, and it’s taking every ounce of her being to not cry.

And later on in the day, Sparrow(or one of the girls, preferably Sparrow for me), finds her hiding, sat down in a corner crying, holding a picture frame or something like that. He goes over to her, and she wipes her eyes and fights back more tears as he asks if everything is OK, only to fall into him and just cry, and he sees the picture of her parents and just holds her, and she explains why she wants a happily ever after so badly, and he just rubs her back saying it’ll be OK and that he’s always there for her.

I’m actually crying as I write this, it really upsets me because I love Duchess so so much and her story is actually so sad.

I know this one is pretty stupid and sad, but still, I love this idea and I think it would really show how great of a friendship the two really have, that she trusts him enough to tell him that.

i know jess is supposed to be the Bad Boy Jerk that rory dates and she’s supposed to regret breaking up with Nice Sweet dean but like at the winter carnival when she’s explaining to jess why she wants to be friends with dean he just accepts it no question and tells her that he understands and isn’t mad right away and was only upset bc she didn’t tell him when they started talking again and she looked so surprised bc she was used to dean yelling at her about stuff like that and i love jess mariano so much and im having a lot of feelings

when you put pagan and ishwari meeting and falling in love together, keep in mind they’re both under the age of 25. pagan came to kyrat when he was 21 years old. ishwari was 19. she married mohan at 16, and mohan seems to be closer to sabal’s age [around late 30s based on the picture we have]. she’s not even a fully grown adult, she’s married, she has a child. she wants to go out in the world and use her youth to her advantage and mohan wouldn’t allow it. and then he sends her to pagan as a spy. but it backfired severely.

she’s 19 when she meets him, he’s 21. averagely handsome (probably), closer to her age than her husband, can provide for her in the ways she wants. and he’s absolutely smitten with her. and she’s also infatuated with him.

skip to a year, they’re 20 & 22. they have a child along with ajay. they couldn’t be more in love, it seems like they’ll be together forever with their family unit. they understand each other, each other’s needs, wants, desires, etc. they’re young and in love. and then mohan ruins it all and kills lakshmana. then ishwari flees. she flees in terror, instead of waiting and staying with pagan to see what they can do. she’s young and terrified. she didn’t think anything through before she left, leaving only a note for pagan.

she’s right about kyrat, it changes people, but if she had stayed to help make a change, it could have gone better.

ishwari isn’t at fault for what happened, of course. but she was young and wasn’t as wise as she thought she could have been. pagan wasn’t either. they aren’t even 25 years old at this time, just a reminder. they have no idea what they’re doing, pagan doesn’t know what he wants except absolute power and a queen to rule by him. he has his queen for a short time, giving him suggestions and ideas that he begins to go through with. every step of the way he’s met with resistence either by outside forces or the golden path. it’s frustrating. he doesn’t have the patience someone older would have.

the only thing he knows is that he loves ishwari and she loves him. and itsn’t just a little crush, because in present day he talks about ishwari as if she’s the only woman in the world to him. we don’t know for sure what ishwari has to say, considering she’s ashes next to ajay’s heart, but it could be assumed she still only loved him. she wanted to go back to her daughter, and she knew exactly where she was. lakshmana was with pagan. she wanted ajay to meet pagan, one way or another. it was the only way he’d be able to get to lakshmana.

i’ve lost my original though process with this, but basically it’s just putting it into perspective. pagan and ishwari were together, had a family, and lost it all before they were even 23. with that in mind, their story is so much more sad.

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Hiiii so I'm gonna get my period in couple days, and the usual small cramps, self loathing, and mood swings are kicking in, maybe sirius teases her for being grumpy and she gets mad then upset and down about herself and he's like "Shit m'sorry love"

and he’s just all fluffy and cute “m'sorry babe, what’s wrong?” And shes a lil shy but tells him and he just gets all cute and protective and sooo much fluff and cuddles! Please please please I love you so much ♡ #2 for on ur period wth sirius

Aw, sorry, dear! Hope this helps!


Sirius poked you for what felt like the thousandth time as you attempted to study for your potions exam. He was supposed to be studying too but was far more interested in distracting you. 

“Sirius, stop!” you half-yelled, your irritation evident. You were already exhausted and stressing over the test and he wasn’t helping your situation. 

Sirius looked at you in surprise; you rarely ever raised your voice, much less at him. 

“Love, is everything okay?” he questioned, his worry clearly displayed on his face. 

“I’m fine,” you replied, though your tone was laced with ice.

“Hey,” he coaxed, as he scooted closer to you and gently pulled you into his arms, “you can tell me.”

You sighed and relaxed against his chest, “I’m sorry, I just-”

He waited for you to continue but you hesitated, embarrassed by the prospect of telling him why your mood was swinging all over the place. 

“You just?”

“I’m about to get my period,” you mumbled as your cheeks heated. 

“Come again? I didn’t quite catch that.”

So you told him. About your impending cycle. About how shitty you felt, physically and emotionally. And he listened, not the least bit phased after he got over his initial shock. 

“Right, stand up,” he instructed. 


“Stand up, (Y/N). You trust me right?”

You nodded slowly but did as told. Sirius followed you off the bed. Swiftly, he removed the books and notebooks from the bed and piled them up on the ground. Pulling the covers down, he ushered you back into bed. Then, he moved towards Remus’ trunk and rummaged around for a bit. When he finally found what he was looking for, he made his way back to you. 

You chuckled when he offered you some of Remus’ chocolate stock but shook your head no. He shrugged and set it down beside the bed in case you wanted it later. 

He rejoined you and signaled for you to slide into his arms, which you gladly did, resting your head against his chest. Sirius pulled the covers back over the two of you before settling back in. 

You closed your eyes as he traced patterns up and down your arm, placing tender kisses to your forehead every so often. 

“Alright?” he asked softly.

“Yes, but what about the exam?”

You felt him shift slightly under you, “You’re more important. I just want you to feel better.”

You leaned up and pressed a kiss to his jaw, “Thanks.”

“Anytime, my love,” he smiled as you snuggled back into him. 

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I love how Ezra is effortlessly part of Aria’s life even though they’re not actually together. When she broke up with him in season 3 and started seeing Jake in season 4, she referred to Ezra as her former teacher. Now, he’s not her former teacher. He’s a part of her family. 

I picked up a lot of little things in this episode that gave me a lot of Ezria feels, despite the fact they only had one scene together. When Aria needed help to protect her brother, the only person she felt comfortable going to was Ezra. And it wasn’t even like a big deal to her. She just went to him because that’s what she’s used to doing. She didn’t nervously knock on his door, or contemplate her decision like she may have in past seasons. SHE JUST DID IT BECAUSE HE’S EZRA. 

Remember in season 2B when Aria’s family wanted nothing to do with Ezra? Now, in season 5, not only was he invited to Thanksgiving dinner where he met Aria’s family, but Aria said that her parents trusted Ezra to drive Mike up to his cabin and spend some time there while sharing a frozen pizza. Even AndrEW noticed that Ezra had Aria’s parents on his side. Speaking of his cabin, I love how Aria and Ezra aren’t hiding the fact that they spent a lot of time together there, as if it’s perfectly normal. (IMAGINE ALL THE LONG WEEKEND SEX.)

”It takes about two hours. Your sister usually falls asleep.” NOTICE HOW HE USED PRESENT TENSE.

Ezra argued with Caleb because he wanted to protect Mike, as well as do exactly what Aria asked of him, because she’s practically his wife and if he doesn’t do what she says then he’ll get the death stare.

At first, I was angry after last week’s episode because it seemed as if Aria wasn’t the least bit upset that she broke up with Ezra, but after tonight’s episode, I realize why she wasn’t drowning her pillowcase in tears. It’s because Ezra is still very much a huge part of her life, so she doesn’t have to miss him. Yet. 

here are things that i now want:

  • eiffel telling someone about anne
  • eiffel telling MINKOWSKI about anne
  • minkowski confronting eiffel about anne and saying “you have a daughter?” and eiffel saying “oh, please, like you can talk, you didn’t tell us you were married for two years”
  • eiffel finally getting the guilt of whatever happened off his chest
  • eiffel getting to tell someone about his daughter, who he loves, who he loves so much that he let a shifty smiley guy LAUNCH HIM INTO SPACE because there was a CHANCE she would be taken care of
  • seriously there was so much weight on “medical bills” what’s going on what don’t we yet know is she ok i want to know that she’s ok
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: the past few days have been such an emotional rollercoaster because first Liam insulted Larry shippers and basically erased how people bring rainbow flags to spread pride and love, not just because they're trying to force Larry on people, so we were really upset because he didn't apologize and a lot of people were being really homophobic and defending him so that was a mess so then people wanted to make OTRA Boston as rainbow and prideful as possible and it went so well and there was so much love, even though there were still many homophobes and even some people who said that people don't deserve a safe haven at 1D shows which was just AWFUL, but then Harry saved the world and said "Here at One Direction we like to celebrate love in all forms. Love is love. And uh, we believe that love is something that should be celebrated with open arms." AND IT WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYONE WAS SO HAPPY BECAUSE IT JUST SHOWED US THAT ONE DIRECTION SHOWS ARE A SAFE HAVEN FOR PEOPLE TO BE LOVED AND ACCEPTABLE AND I LOVE HARRY SO MUCH AND I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR HIM AND I'M JUST REALLY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW

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do you think hermione was really in love with ron? i'm not talking about "i like him, he means so much to me, he's great." kind of love. i'm talking about love love.

i really do think so 

if you look in the books, she’s a lot more affectionate towards ron but also a lot more flustered. in the later books there’s a lot of squeezing his hand and kissing his cheek; much more than with her other friends like harry and ginny. she’s a lot more affected by him too; when he does something bad she’s hurt and upset for days and when he does something well she literally swells with pride. i think in a way she had to wait for him to grow up, but once he did she was all his.

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Okay, so I'm a guy, and I love my girlfriend very much. I'm a jealous person, naturally. Is it okay/normal that I get upset because most of the things she reblogs is TØP or Tyler Joseph? I just have a problem feeling like she loves him more than me. It sounds absurd when I say it, but it just makes me jealous that he's all over her blog and I'm not. I dunno. Thoughts? Suggestions? Help please?

HI.. its good that you love your girl so much..getting jealous is okay but here your girl like smthing or having crush there is nothng wrong with it.. u should respect that and give some space  let her do wht she want… at end of the day she is urs. so there is no need to worry or get jealous and my suggestion for you that you also do what makes you happy..entertain yourself… and most impt if you really love her… find your happiness in her happiness. :)

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Um, so I have been dating this guy for a while. And I love him a lot. He loves me back. But, there is one thing that upsets me so much: his ex. She is about 3 years older than him. When they were dating he lost his virginity to her. I'm not upset about that though, I'm upset over the fact that even though he was totally in love with her when they were together, she left him for another guy. But now, over a year later, she posts about missing my boyfriend so much. I don't want to be mad though:(

Just give a fuck about her. She’s history for him, at least I hope this. He is now happy with you! You shouldn’t care about her.