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The 10th Kingdom Character Aesthetics (x)::: The Gypsy Witch

Plus Size. -Liam Dunbar Fluff.-

Y/N bit her lower lip as she stared at herself in the mirror of Lydia’s bathroom.”Lydia!”She yelled to her friend before she watched the redhead pop in the room.”What’s wrong Y/N?”She asked the younger girl. “I look too big in this dress.”The younger girl mumbled as she stared at her friend before moving her attention her body in the mirror.Lydia shook her head and let out a groan.”You do not look too big in the dress.You look gorgeous and I know that Liam is gonna be drooling all over you.”Lydia said to Y/N and she bit her lip,raising an eyebrow. "You think?”Y/N asked and Lydia nodded,taking her friends hand before she could reject.She dragged her out to the car,grabbing her heels on the way. -At the party.- Y/N had lost Lydia the first five minutes of being at the party and she was currently looking around the crowd for someone she knew.She smiled to herself as she saw Mason.She walked over to him and his eyes grew wide at her dress. "Holy shit Y/N! You look hot!”He yelled and she laughed,shaking her head at what he had said.”I just wish that Liam would think the same.”She mumbled and Mason raised an eyebrow at her. “What do you mean?”He asked and Y/N sighed a little bit. "He wouldn’t ever like me like that because I’m not skinny like all the other girls.I know he likes Hayden especially cause she’s small and perfect.”Y/N mumbled and he shook his head at what she said.”Liam is in love with you!”He says,laughing a bit before Y/N rolled her eyes.” "That’s a lie,listen I think I’m gonna head out.”She said as her eyes flickered around the party once more,her eyes finally landing on Liam before she saw Hayden talking to him but he seemed distant.She grabbed her clutch off the table and headed out the front door.Her head turned as she heard the door opening. "Hi Liam.”She mumbled and he smiled a bit,rubbing the back of his neck lightly.”Y/N you look amazing tonight.”He murmured and she rolled her eyes.”Stop lying Liam.I know I don’t.”She mumbled and he furrowed his eyebrows,walking to stand next to her.”Y/N what are you talking about?”He asked and she kept her eyes straight forward before beginning to speak. "I know I don’t look good in this dress because I’m too big.”She whispered and he shook his head at what she said to him.”You look drop dead gorgeous in that dress.You don’t look too big at all Y/N.You look sexy and I can’t help but stare.You’re curves are stunning.”He murmured to her and she raised an eyebrow at what he said. "Liam,you like girls like Hayden who doesn’t have to worry about what she wears.You like skinny girls and well I’m not skinny like she is.”She whispered to him and he shook his head.”Y/N,no sweetheart.”He whispered and she was about to turn to him but he was already behind her. "You’re who I like.I don’t care about Hayden or other girls.I care about you.”He whispered and Y/N raised her eyebrow at what she said before she shook her head.”No Y/N,I’m not lying before you ask.I have been in love with you ever since I moved to Beacon Hills and met you.I don’t care that you’re not like other girls.I love you just as you are and I don’t want you to ever think that you need to change.”He whispered and her eyes watered before he grabbed a hold of her face and pressed his lips to hers. "Will you be my girlfriend?”He asked as he slowly pulled away from her lips with a small smile.”Of course I will Li.”

Help || Shay and Astra


A teenager sat quietly in the chairs outside the leader of the charity she had fled to’s office. Frankly the teen looked like hell. She had a fresh looking black eye with other bruises, some fresh, some half-healed, peppering her face and jaw bone. She wore a threadbare jacket that she was holding tightly around herself, but bruises could be seen around the collar and cuffs of the jacket. She was also far too thin, which made her look younger than she was, closer to 12 or 13 rather than the 16 that she was. She sat quietly, staring at the wall in front of her until the case worker she’d been assigned to finally arrived, new sheaf of papers in hand. She snapped for Shay to stand up and steered the young woman into the sub-directors office to explain the circumstance.

The teen had come into the charity looking like this and said she needed help. When they asked what had happened, the girl had said that her sister had heard that she had kissed a girl and done this to her before throwing her out of the house. The teen had also given a few other details, her blood type, her age, how long this had been going on and most importantly, her name. Shay. No last name given. When the initial social worker talked about going to CPS or the police though, Shay had clammed up. She hadn’t spoken since. Shay was obviously in need of medical attention, but when they tried to have the doctor take a look at her, Shay had fought hard against him. She hadn’t attacked the doctor or anything, but she had fought and kicked to keep him away. She had ended up curled up in a corner of their little medical office, tucked into a ball until the doctor gave up and left. She still hadn’t spoken, but other than the doctor incident she had behaved fine. The case worker declared that the girl was a lost cause for them and asked Astra what to do next. 

As the case worker carried on about Shay, the teenager stared up at Astra, blue eyes wary and terrified. As the woman started to talk about how Shay had acted with the doctor, Shay looked down at the floor, lower lip trembling as she curled her hands into fists, letting the nails dig into her palm. Finally as the woman declared her a lost cause, a single tear slid down Shay’s face as she looked up to meet the director’s eyes once more.

She had no where else to go.

Don’t think about the Diner’s presence in “The Impossible Astronaut”

Don’t think about Clara seeing still-alive River, not-yet-an-author Amy, and the two Elevens… One looking absurdly young, younger than she’s ever seen him, one not too far away from when she first encountered him in person (though those 300 years he was Eleven pre-Trenzalore were basically like the minute difference between your early 20s and 30s)… 

Don’t think about Clara marvelling at how innocent he looks compared to later. 

Don’t think about Ashildr reminding her that she can’t interfere too much. 

Don’t think of him inexplicably finding a pile of dry clothes after unshrinking himself from the remains of the Tessalecta. 

Don’t think about this perhaps being Clara’s way of taking one last good look at him before going to Gallifrey. 

Don’t think of Clara picking up on Amy’s accent and realizing, “Oh, that’s why.”, and going to the control room with a sad but content smile on her face as she remembers Twelve. 

10 minute warm up sketch

sans seems like the kind of skeleman to show up at his own wedding with a suit shirt and a clip on bowtie.

not pictured: my 2,000 other husbands