she looks younger too

Some Cinder in her coronation dress cause I’ve never tried drawing her, and it was so fun honestly!

I’m also addicted to saturated colors so let’s all have in count that the dress is actually silver and it looks purple cause I like messing around lol.

Jerome Valeska x Reader: Daddy’s Little Doctor

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omg i got so excited at it i can’t even….. ugh. not only because i got an another request but also because this is an amazing idea and i’m in love with this, i think i need to change some things that were a little unclear to me but i hope you will like it anyway

sorry if it’s too short to your liking, & please let me know what you think


[Y/N] was a pretty 15 year old girl, who liked spending her free time in her dad’s work. Jim Gordon’s work. She’d go there everyday after school.

She wanted to work at the GCPD in the future, not as a cop, but as a doctor, just like Doctor Leslie Thompkins. [Y/N] was a very smart girl, so everybody believed she would accomplish her goal.

[Y/N] enjoyed being with Doctor Lee, and as you may wonder, Doctor Lee enjoyed being with [Y/N]. She reminded her of herself when she was younger, so she was happy to answer any questions this sweet girl had.

“Harvey! Do you know where Doctor Thompkins is?" 

[Y/N]’s been looking for her, she wanted to watch her work, as always. At first she wasn’t sure if that’s okay with her but she said she enjoys her company, much to [Y/N]’s joy.

"I don’t know, kiddo, check the morgue.” Answered busy Harvey Dent petting her on the head and walking away.

[Y/N] was walking to the morgue as she heard two cops talking about Jerome Valeska. They didn’t have a chance to meet but she saw him, that day when they found his dead mother. Dead because of him.  

His cult was trying to bring him back from the dead…

“Can you believe he’s lying in the morgue right now with no face on?!”

“Shut up, this is disgusting.”

[Y/N] could agree on that. It seriously gave her chills.

But still, it didn’t change the fact she wanted to see how he looked now. She would never admit it to anyone, but she thought he was kinda cute. When he had a face and was still breathing, though.

[Y/N] entered the room humming a song she always does.  

“Doctor Le–” she stopped dead in her tracks.

Before her, Lee Thompkins sitting on a table, tied up, looking over her should to see who just came in, worry filled her eyes as she noticed it’s [Y/N]. And there it was Jerome Valeska, standing across from Doctor Lee, his face all bloody and bandaged smiling widely at [Y/N]. He was wearing something very skin-tight…

“Hi there. Care to join us, Sweetheart?” Jerome walked towards her.

Now as he took a better look at her, he noticed she looked younger than him.

“Don’t cha a little too young to work here?”

[Y/N] only shrugged and gulped as he started to tie her up and told her to sit beside Lee.

They looked at each other, Lee’s gaze looked like it was asking her “Why did you have to come here exactly right now?!”

Jerome not interested in Lee anymore, moved to kneel before the pretty girl and looked into her eyes.

“Do you know where is my face, Precious?”

She stared at him. “Yeah… I heard Dwight took it and that he wears it like a mask..” She made a disgusted face.

Jerome exhaled deeply. “At least he’s a handsome fella now.”

[Y/N] cracked a small smile trying not to giggle. She didn’t want Doctor Lee to think she’s stupid.

Jerome glanced back at Lee and then back to [Y/N] and cupped her cheek. 

“Now tell me, what exactly are you doing here?  You can’t possibly be working here, you look young. How old are you anyway, Sweet Cheeks?”

“Umm..” She was unsure if she should tell him but he had something in his eyes that screamed “tell me all about you!”

“I don’t work here, I’m 15 years old. My dad is working here.”

“Don’t tell him that [Y/N]!”

“[Y/N]? Pretty name for a pretty girl.” He smirked and reached for something to gag Doctor Lee. “Who’s your dad? I’m dying to know.”

“James Gordon.”

He started laughing like crazy. “James Gordon! I can’t believe it! And Doctor here is still talking to you after what your father has done to her poor husband?” He burst in another laugh.

[Y/N] wanted to defend her dad but she knew there was no point.

“Ohhh you’re coming with me, Gorgeous! You’re too fun to be left here!” He started to untie her.

And she left with him. Just like that.

Doctor Lee waited for someone to rescue her, they needed to find [Y/N]. They needed to find Jerome.

But she could’t stop thinking about that one thing  that was still disturbing her.

The adoration in young girl’s eyes when she looked at the Ginger.

anonymous asked:

Idk y but I want an MC that always gets id'd whenever her and her s/o goes to a bar since she looks so young, but in reality shes like 18-21, cause I feel like alot of people can connect this, specially ppl w/ ASIAN GENESSSSSS (LIKE USSSSSSSSS)


*trying to get into a club with MC*
Bouncer: I’m sorry these are so obviously fake
Yoosung: N-No sir, that’s definitely me…
Bouncer: This doesn’t even look like you- look your hair is all brown and dorky in this picture…
Yoosung: Please! I dyed my hair and besides- look at my girlfriend’s ID! She looks completely different in it too-
Bouncer: You’re right. She looks even younger in real life than in this photo- and she looks like she’s 12 on here… she also appears to have eyes… 
MC: HEY! I LOOK AT LEAST 14 BUDDY!… wait, what was that about my eyes?! 

*reading a magazine article about himself*
… the popular actor waves off to the side where his manager and ‘girlfriend’ is waiting patiently. At first we thought it was a joke, our Zen, getting himself a girlfriend when he’s been so loyal to us fans…and after seeing the teenager passing off as an adult to try to fool us- we remain wholly unconvinced of his relationship status… 
MC: But- you are a cradle robber. 
Zen: Woman! I’m like three months older than you!           

Random customer winks and gives a finger gun to Jaehee after being served a coffee by MC.
Jaehee: Um… thank you? I’m not quite sure what that’s for-
Customer: Just giving you props for being an out and proud-
Jaehee: bisexual? thank you-
Customer- -Cougar
Jaehee: ???
Customer: ????
Jaehee: She’s older than me? 
Customer:…. ahhhh- like the older women then?? *another wink and finger gun*
Jaehee: …Alright. No more coffee for you today. 

MC: Excuse me, Waiter? I would like to order a glass of wine-
Waiter: I’m sorry little lady, we don’t serve people under the legal age-
MC: Oh- hahaha, I’m legal!
Waiter: Please sir- control your little sister-
Jumin: *chokes on his wine. He reaches for her purse and takes out her ID and smacks it against the waiters face*
Waiter: I… Oh… I’m so sorry- you are indeed legal-
MC: *sweat drops* thats… that’s what matters to you right now??? 

*trying to get into a R18+ movie* 
MC: They won’t sell me a ticket! 
Saeyoung: Why not?! 
MC: I forgot my ID and they won’t believe that I’m over 18! 
Saeyoung: What?- well- you do look young. I’ll buy them. *goes to the counter, comes back instantly with two tickets* 
MC: Oh yes! …wait… these are tickets for Moana… 
MC:… You didn’t even try did you? 
Saeyoung:…. the reviews said it was really good… 

MC: *reading a racy manga in public* 
Offended Old Passerby: Sir! Your young friend is reading material that isn’t-
MC: *gives them the finger*
OOP: WHY I NEVER! As the older party here aren’t you going to tell her off?!
Saeran: *gives them both fingers*
Saeran: *turns to MC and points to a picture* We should try that position when we get home. 
MC: … why wait until we get home? 
Saeran: I love you. So much, 

MC trying to enter V’s exhibition 
Guard: Honey- listen, you can’t come in OK- this exhibition is for adults only. 
MC: You don’t understand-
Guard: Look there’s some pretty intense nudity in there and it wouldn’t be right for me to allow you in without some form of ID
MC: I forgot it in my other purse- oh! V! V, over here! 
V: Hey MC! What’s wrong?
Guard: Sir, she has no ID and I can’t allow someone into the exhibit when they could be exposed to such-
V: She was the model for the entire series
Guard: *nosebleeds*
MC: So I guess I can go in and look at my own naked ass right? Thanks buddy! 

Accidents Happen (Part 2/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: I wrote this while I was supposed to be working on my assignment due, tonight. LOL. Also, I hope you like this series, because luckily I am finding it easy to write! I have no idea how many parts this will be, yet!

Warnings: Swearing, teen pregnancy, talk about pregnancy options, etc.

Accidents Happen Masterlist // Masterlist 

Originally posted by sddonald22

I’m Pregnant.”

The silence that followed that miniscule sentence was deafening.

You knew he had heard you. He had immediately stiffened, and you could hear that he had stopped breathing. His hand was shaking in shock.

Oh fuck. What is wrong with him? He hasn’t said anything for a few minutes, now. Is he alright? Why hasn’t he moved? “Peter? Are you okay?”

“How do you know?” He asked, voice strained. He let go of the hand he was still holding and put his head in his hands.

You turned to your purse, taking out the folder, “I kept getting sick. I knew something was wrong – I just hoped it wouldn’t be this, of all things. I saw the doctor.”


You handed him the folder, “Spotting but no period, dizziness, headaches, vomiting… I had all the signs. I went to Planned Parenthood. They confirmed it, had me do an ultrasound, and handed me a folder of pamphlets on options and do’s and don’ts.”

He opened the folder and stared at it for a few minutes, looking through all of the pamphlets. Then, he slowly picked up the ultrasound pictures. He immediately put the pictures back in the folder and dropped the folder onto the bench. After a long, but shaky breath, he turned to you, “What options do we have?”

You shook your head, “Abortion, adoption, or keeping it.” You stood up, biting your thumbnail and starting to pace, “I don’t know what option to take.”

“We’re sixteen.” He breathed out, rubbing his face with his hands, “We aren’t ready for a baby. We haven’t even been dating that long.” He stopped, standing up, “I thought you were on the pill?”

Ah crap. “I-I was.” You turned away, wrapping your arms around yourself, “I missed a pill. From camp. I forgot them at home.”

“What the hell, Y/n!” He carded his hands through his hair in frustration, “Isn’t that something you should have probably told me before we had sex?”

“I didn’t know until later! I thought if I took two, I would be fine!” You said defensively, “Don’t act like this is all my fault! You didn’t use any forms of contraception, either!”

“Because I knew you were on the pill!” He shouted, standing up and letting out a frustrated groan, “Whatever! We both fucked up. Takes two to tango. What do we do, now?”

“I don’t know!” You sobbed out, sitting back down on the bench, “I can’t be a mom! I don’t even know what it’s like to have a mom – let alone be one!” You put your face in your hands and let the anxiety and panic take over. Sobs wracked your whole body, and you didn’t know what the hell to do.

Peter crouched in front of you, pulling you into his arms. “Babe, calm down.” His hands ran up and down your back in a soothing motion, much like he did any other times you cried in front of him – which was not often. “We’ll figure it out.”

“I don’t know what to do.” You whispered, pressing your face into his neck and hiccupping, “I’m not ready for this.”

“So that scratches out one option, then.” He pulled back a little, “Can I say something, without you getting upset?” You nodded. “I think we should pick abortion.”

“Can I ask why?” You sniffed, wiping your face with your sleeve.

“We both aren’t ready to be parents, for one thing.” He said, getting up to sit next to you, “And I don’t think it would be wise to do adoption, because… I don’t know if it will be affected by… me. Do you get what I’m saying?”

You nodded, clearing your throat. “I wondered about that.”

“What do you think?” He grabbed your hands, “This isn’t just my decision. What do you think about all of this?”

“I don’t know.” You shook your head, tired from all the crying and anxiety, “I’m not ready to be a mom, but I feel bad.” You sighed, defeated. “I think you’re right. I think we should pick abortion.”

He nodded, “Okay. We can go tomorrow, after school.”


You went home, after that. You needed time to yourself. You needed to think. Could you do this? Could you really have an abortion? Is it murder? Is it the best option? You seemed to think so, at the time, but the longer you sat on your old bed in your crap apartment, you felt even more confused than before.

“Y/n!” Your mom yelled from the bathroom, “Get the fuck out, tonight, I have another man-friend coming over for some business.”

You grimaced, “Yeah, alright. I’ll go to Peter’s.”

“I don’t give a fuck where you go, just don’t be here!” She yelled, coming to your door. She looked like a mess. Her hair may have been healthy and clean when she was younger, but it just looked ratty and dirty, now. She was too skinny, her wrinkles more pronounced than when you had been younger, and she just looked… sick.

“Mom, have you been eating?” You asked, noting the dress she was wearing had been yours. “You look like you’ve lost more weight.”

“Well, thank you, baby girl.” She smiled, wobbling a little on her heels, “Mikey has me on a new diet.”

Oh, Jesus. Mikey. Her ‘boyfriend’.

“Well, it must be working.” You said with fake enthusiasm. “Anyways, let me pack, quick, and I’ll leave.”


It was cold, but you had managed to make it to Peter’s in half the time it usually took. You figured that Peter wouldn’t be home, yet. He had stayed at the tower for extra training with Natasha and Bucky. What you weren’t expecting, was for Aunt May to be home. She usually worked later on week days.

“Y/n?” May called from the kitchen, “That you, sweetheart?”

“Yeah, May! It’s me! Mom has a gentleman over, tonight, so I’m crashing here.” You called out, leaving your coat on a hanger by the door.

“I made dinner.” She said when you walked into the kitchen, “Come eat with m-… are you alright?”

What the actual fuck is that smell? Is that smell supposed to be spaghetti? Oh my god. A wave of nausea washed over you. You usually loved May’s spaghetti. You pushed your lips together, willing yourself not to puke. Nope. You ran to the bathroom, not making it to the toilet and throwing up in the sink.

“Y/n, sweetheart, are you sick?” She came over and felt your forehead as you spit in the sink.

You burst into tears. Not the tears that you had with Peter, previously. Straight up hysterical, soul crushing tears. Sobs were the only sound coming from the bathroom. You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t think. You couldn’t keep yourself up, anymore.

“Oh, my goodness.” May caught you as you slid to the floor, sitting down with you and pulling you close, “Oh, honey, what’s wrong? What’s happening?”

“I-I-I’m…” You couldn’t breathe. You were gasping for breath, arms wrapped protectively around yourself. You couldn’t do it. You couldn’t go through with this. You didn’t want the abortion. You didn’t know how to say this aloud, though.

“Honey, are you pregnant?” She whispered, arms tightening around you.

All you could do was nod. You leaned your head back against the bathroom cupboards, wiping your eyes.

“Does Peter know?”

“I told him a few hours ago.” You sniffed, staring up at the ceiling. “W-we settled on a decision, but I don’t think I want to follow through with it.”

“Abortion, you mean?” She rubbed her hand up and down your back, like Peter did when you cried. That must be who he got it from. “You settled on abortion?”

“Yeah.” You croaked out, “But I don’t want to do it. I’m not ready to be a mom, but I can’t help but feel this ache in my chest when I think about anything happening to my baby.” You turned to look at May, who had a look of sympathy on her face, “I just don’t know how to tell Peter.”

“Do you want me to tell him?” She asked, moving so she was gripping your hand, “He called before you got here and said he was on his way home. I could tell him.”

“No, I should tell him. I just…need a minute, first.” You leaned over to hug her, “Are you mad?”

“Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that you two weren’t more careful,” She squeezed you harder, “But I could never be mad at you. Accidents happen. You’re smart kids, you’ll figure it out.”

“Thanks, May.”

She left the bathroom, after another long hug. Hopefully, she was ridding the apartment of that putrid smell.

After a long sigh, you pushed yourself up from the floor and set about cleaning the sink. You didn’t want to look too closely at your vomit, and held your breath until it was all cleaned and the smell was gone. You caught sight of yourself in the mirror and gasped. You looked like shit. You looked stressed. Your eyes had circles around them, were red rimmed, and looked like they had been rubbed many times – which they had. Your face was paler than normal, but you looked like you had gained a little weight.

Which, you had.

You turned, pulling up your shirt and staring at your stomach. There was a small bump, there was no doubt about it. How had you been so stupid? How did you think that it was ‘just a little weight gain’? That was a baby bump, right there. You felt so stupid and naive. You had been taught at a young age about sex. Your mother had made sure of it, after she had you at nineteen. You had been through health classes, talked about it with your mom and May, and had read all the safe-sex articles when you went on birth control.

You ran your fingers over the small bump residing between your hips. A wave of protectiveness washed through you. You weren’t going to let anything happen to this baby. You were going to be a parent to this child, and this child was going to have a better fucking life than you ever had.

You were going to make sure of it.

“Y/n? Babe?” Peter knocked on the door to the bathroom, “Can I come in?”

You pushed your shirt back down, reaching over to unlock the door and let him in. He kissed you quickly, pulling you into his chest, “What’s going on? May said something was up with you?”

You pulled back and leaned against the opposite wall, strangely confident, “I’ve decided not to go through with an abortion. I can’t.”

“What? What do you mean, ‘you can’t’?” He huffed, sitting down on the bathroom counter and leaning his head back against the mirror, “What the hell? I thought we talked about this, and had an agreement.”

“I can’t go through with it, Peter.” You put a hand on your stomach, “I’m sorry, but I won’t.”

“We’re sixteen, Y/n!” He gestured between the two of you, “We can’t just have a baby! We haven’t even graduated high school!” He lowered his voice, “My ‘internship’ is dangerous! You know that! What about the safety of this child, huh? We can’t even guarantee our own!”

“We can figure something out.” You defended, “Nothing you can say will make me change my mind. I’m not having an abortion.”

“I can’t – and wont – make you have an abortion,” He hopped down from the sink, “But you can’t just make major decisions that affect both of us – without me! This is my life, too! We’re both not ready for this!”

You shrugged, unable to say anything else. You’d said what you needed to say. You’d made your decision. It was up to him, now, to see where he fit in this decision. Was he going to stay, or was he going to go?

“I need some fucking air.” He huffed, ripping open the bathroom door. “I need time to think. I’m going to Ned’s.”

You followed him to the front door. “Are you fucking serious? You can’t just walk out! We need to talk about this.” You threw your hands up, tears streaming down your face.

“You seem like you have everything figured out.” He scoffed, throwing his sweatshirt on, “You clearly don’t need my input for major life decisions.” His eyes looked watery.

You flinched as he slammed the front door closed.

Well… That went well…

Part 3

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My dad shaved off his moustache he’s had for 40 years, as a sign of solidarity towards mum who’s battling with breast cancer and lost all her hair to chemo therapy.

I’ve never seen dad without a moustache! I love you, dad. ♥

A little drawing done on the train…. Holidays are way too short T_T
hope you enjoy ! I’m gonna go straight to bed, I’m exhausted.

PS : If you’re wondering, hermione is head girl, that’s why she has this arm band on her sweat-shirt (I find it more suitable than a pins). That’s why she looks younger too, she is about 17 - 18 here against 20 - 22 on the other drawings.

Boruto Episode 12 thoughts

OMG today’s episode was adorable!

Have I ever mentioned that if BoruSara wouldn’t have been the almost canon romantic ship of this series, I would have seriously shipped BoruMitsu?! I just found the real brotp for this series!!

I was like “Hay marjaawaan” throughout the entire episode.

The dinner scene OMG!!! Himawari cutiepie !!! Boruto’s room scene!!! Hinata’s cooking!!! Denki!!! Iwabe being terrible at arithmetic!!! Shikamaru!!! Inojin!!! Shikadai!!! Konohamaru being Naruto fanboy!!! Moegi!!!

The entire episode honestly!!

Alright today’s episode 90% confirmed Sumire has an intentional role in these attacks and that Mitsuki figured it out later.

Damn that conversation between her and Mitsuki. This girl really needs therapy while the boy needs to learn social skills.

So Mitsuki is learning both empathy as well as developing a personality of his own. Good thing because when Boruto goes off the rails, it should be Mitsuki who brings him back and not blindly follow him. Sarada would to be busy for this nonsense since Hokage training is hard enough.

Flashbacks to Orochimama and possibly Suigetsu. Lol Mitsuki going around and asking everyone why he’s changing. Lmao when he says that Boruto actually gets decent meals at home. So possibly Boruto has a huge appetite.

The entire Uzumaki family + Mitsuki was so heartwarming.

Loved Naruto today. He was adorable.

Honestly I loved today’s animation. So bright and cheerful. I just realised that the Academy is really picturesque.

But where is Sarada? I hope she’s Ok. She wasn’t even in the class.

Lastly, Boruto is perhaps my most beloved character of this show. I was feeling so bad for both him and Naruto. I loved how he differentiated between his father and the office of Hokage. He hates his father being the Hokage, not the office of Hokage or his own father by themselves. But this also leads to him resenting both his father and the position of Hokage at the same time. He just wants his father back, for things to go back to how they were before Naruto became Hokage.

Honestly all someone needs to do is to treat Boruto in mature way and show him what Naruto really does and sacrifices. That’s what Sasuke did why taking him to fight Momshiki and Kinshiki. Showing him the reality from which Naruto protects Boruto from. It’s the same with Sarada. Her frustration and suspicions arose because she was receiving childish and incoherent answers. If Sakura and Sasuke would have treated her with little more maturity especially at the tower, it would have done a lot to assauge her feelings.

But the thing remains that Boruto is too old for tantrums. Look at Himawari. She is younger but still is more mature than Boruto. And that’s where the idiot part comes in. Boruto may be talented beyond his age but he’s also really immature in some ways. He really needs to understand that he won’t remain a child either. On one hand, he tells everyone to treat him like an adult. On the other hand, he doesn’t want to grow up. The irony. Also, Boruto is very charismatic. That’s something Naruto earned through sheer determination. Boruto is a total natural in that area.

Honestly Boruto loves his family. What Boruto perhaps means by surpassing his father is not strength and political position. It’s perhaps something else. What it is will be shown only down his journey.

OMG the precap. Kakashi!!! Things got really real. It really gave the Naruto Konoha crush or war arc feels.

Resistance (m)

Word count: 4,973

Warning: Hoseok smut

“Three, two, one… go!”

Your feet push into the soft ground, making your body move forward.

“Until the milestone, girls!” Someone already catches up to you, which you can’t make up for anymore by quickening your pace. You stay behind, with burning lungs, exhaustion cutting through your legs - it’s only been mere seconds and you’re already giving up physically.

The only thing that keeps you going is the fact that everyone else is still far behind you, huffing just as loudly as you - everyone except for one person. This loss gets you furious, despite him having to be in front.

He just wants to bring you down.

“Faster, number two!” Hoseok shouts, turning around at a steady pace, simply to give you an unsatisfied glare. Not even running backwards holds him back from creating a bigger distance between you two.

That nickname he just loves to bring up.

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A huge part about South is her amorality, that being said just imagine if one night maybe her insomnia came back. North was already up anyway w/ Theta, and dead tired as he was he wasn’t about to leave Theta awake solo … So maybe South just volunteers for the night to watch Theta, at least for a few hours. 

tl;dr: more feel good art with the Dakotas + Theta. I don’t feel 100% still after going to the doctors, so I decided to wait a little bit on commissions, so have another quickie fanart.


The 10th Kingdom Character Aesthetics (x)::: The Gypsy Witch

anonymous asked:

if naruto just became hokage when boruto was 6 years old..... how come sarada doesn't remember sasuke if sasuke's mission was when naruto was hokage?

As I said before, the Hokage One Shot created inconsistencies with the timeline.

In Gaiden, not only was Naruto already Hokage as Sasuke agreed to take on the mission, but it was also shown that Sasuke took the mission when Sarada was very young, before she began wearing glasses:

Some people have tried explaining this by claiming that Sasuke had already been conducting research on Kaguya prior to his departure. But the fact is, in this flashback, Sakura had referred to what Sasuke was doing as a “mission”. And he only took on the “mission” after the 5 Kage Summit, because that was when it actually became a “mission”:

And this was all after Naruto had already become the Hokage.

But then what does the Hokage One Shot do? It shows Naruto becoming Hokage when Sarada is much older and is wearing glasses; she doesn’t look too much younger than her Gaiden self in that image:

Which makes no sense, considering that Gaiden explicitly demonstrates that when Naruto was already the Hokage, Sarada was much younger than that and wasn’t wearing glasses yet. So… Yeah.

Inhumans Part Eleven

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 3.1K

AN: Bit shorter than normal because I’m house sitting my neighbors house and their dog is a handful. Sorry :(

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Hold me Down - Part 2


You met the Winchester family in an unusual situation. Your father had been killed in a hunt and John saved you, taking you with him.
When he got missing and the thing that killed Mary did the same with Sam’s girlfriend, the younger Winchester couldn’t help, but call you, hoping you would help him and Dean finding out what happened.
But he still didn’t know why you left.

Word counting: 1200+
Pairing: Dean X Reader
Chapter: 2/23
Chapter name: Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary… Bloody… Mary…

(Part 1Series’ Masterlist

Y/N shifted her weight from one leg to another. She hadn’t seen the Winchester in more than 2 years, and they could have changed completely.

“Have a nice stay, miss Flowers.” The woman gave the fake ID back to the hunter’s fingers.

Gabrielle Flowers. That was the name she was using to enter the motel, taking the room in front of the Winchester’s.


She couldn’t see the Impala, so reached for her phone as she left the room, calling Sammy. She couldn’t wait to see him, if he looked older or how his hair was. Ever since they were kids, she loved to play with his soft hair.

“Hey Sammy.” She looked around before crossing the street. “Where are you guys?”

“There’s a place north, less than five minutes in the car. They have a good pie. Should we order something for you?”

“Burger and fries.” She smiled. “And don’t touch it. I’m walking, I must be there in 10 minutes.”

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Home Part. V


Word Count: 1775

Warnings: None?

(A/N): Hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.

дорогая : darling

Part. I , Part. II , Part. III , Part. IV

Originally posted by journey-illusions

Both the hollering sirens and the violent dog barking turn to but white noise as she reaches the sanctuary of the forest, the redhead close by, running just a couple of feet in front of her.

Her heart is hammering in her chest, the pounding painfully loud and awfully distracting as she dodges both trees and fallen branches alike.

She sees the redhead trip, watches her fall and land in the freezing snow beneath.

The fall makes her halt, her ears now picking up a sound other than the crunching of the snow beneath and the dull sound of the sirens in the distance.


Clamoring, confident footsteps that seem neither hurried nor quick, yet still keep closing in frighteningly fast.

How long they could have been heard, she doesn’t know, yet when she finally manages to pull the redheaded girl to her feet she finds herself no longer caring, for a shadow overlaps her own and the sound of the footsteps fades into tense silence instead.

She sets the younger girl into motion with a gentle shove and turns, willing her wild blue eyes to meet her predator and her body to prepare itself for battle.

She is met with a still figure in black, cold [E/C] eyes boring holes into her own frightened pair, black rings smeared sloppily underneath, and freezes in a mixture of disbelief and surrender.

You found her.

You always found her.

“Game over, дорогая.”

The sudden jolt to your immediate left both wakes you from your dream and startles you.

She’s sitting up and shaking, hands fisted into the sheets that pool on her lap, while her eyes scan the room for signs of intrusion.

She finds none and you can almost feel the relief that floods her upon the realization.

“Another nightmare?”

You know that attempting to start a conversation now is as tactless as it will be futile, but she had those since the day she came back with you and right now, almost four weeks in, you want to do something about them- anything really.

You know what it’s like, waking up and being too afraid to go back to sleep, but you don’t tell her that.


Her raspy voice breaks the silence and for a short-lived moment you allow the surprise to show on your face.

She never responded, not until now.

“They’re getting worse”

You tell her idly, taking in her rigid frame from the corner of your eye.

“I don’t know what to do about them.”

She admits quietly and you sigh, easing your hold on her wrist to sit up on the bed next to her.

“Talking might help.”

You state and at the same time she looks up and sends you a deep frown.

“Do you talk about yours?”

A huff, that’s all you can muster, surprised that she picked up on it so quick. Surprised that she seemed both doubtful and genuinely interested all of a sudden.

Surprised because you weren’t a screamer, nor did you trash around in your sleep. You simply froze, relaxing only when it was time to wake up and your demons crawled back to where they came from to gather their strength for the next, inevitable nightmare.


Your eyes find hers and they soften, insignificantly perhaps, but she notices and stays silent.

“I mostly drive around though.”

A look at the clock tells you that it’s hardly past midnight and a further, quicker, look at her stoic face gives you a, perhaps foolish, idea.

“So, what will it be? Aimless driving or talking?”

Her green eyes bore holes into yours for a moment that is short on record, yet feels not unlike a cruel eternity to you, before she takes a long breath and avoids her gaze to the bedsheets in her fisted hands.

“I take option number three.”

You agree with a nod, standing and pulling her to her feet. She looks startled, eyes wide and body poised.

“What are-”

“Option number three: Listening to music, while driving around aimlessly.”

And not missing a beat, you add a “Smart choice” for good measure.

Dismissing her glare, you throw your thick, grey hoodie in her face, while you grasp at your black leather jacket and open the door. Despite the frown on her face, she follows you outside and settles into the passenger seat of your car, watching you as you start the engine.

The drive is long and silent, but neither of you seem to mind. New York is beautiful, even more so by night, and the soft music from the playlist that you picked for sleepless nights like these does nothing but add to the comfortable atmosphere that set between the two of you.

“It’s gonna rain”

You mumble idly, watching the clouds roll in as you round a corner, stopping at a red light and watching a few cars speed by.

The joys of living at the outskirts.

She doesn’t even acknowledge your statement, the lack of reaction bringing forth some sort of curiosity, that you sate by casting a glance her way.

And sure enough you see her fast sleep next to you, head leaning against the window, lips slightly pursed, while the sleeves of your hoodie are caught in her clutches.

You smile at the sight laid out before you.

She looks younger in her sleep.

Less troubled too, now that she is no longer plagued by nightmares.

The green light comes on and you speed up again, raising the volume slightly as your favorite song comes on, while your fingers drum a familiar beat against the black steering wheel.

She doesn’t remain sleeping for long, although now it isn’t a nightmare that disturbs her slumber, but the sudden roar of thunder outside.

And maybe it’s her tired mind that gives voice to the question that’s been stuck on her mind for weeks now, or perhaps it’s her genuine curiosity that decided to peek through when her guard is at its weakest and neither her thoughts nor her mouth seem to have a filter.

She doesn’t know, and if she’s honest, doesn’t care enough to ponder.

“Why were you in the Arena?”

She notices your lips twitch, yet right now, in the dull light that the street lamps provide her with, she has trouble making out the blur of emotions behind that small gesture.

She’s lying.

Even if you were standing in the spot light right now, surrounded by nothing but the brightest of lights, even if she had all the time in the world, she’d never be able to truly tell what you’re thinking.

Much less what you’re feeling.

It terrifies her.

She doesn’t want to think about it.

Not now at least, maybe later.

Maybe, when she’s more awake and the red light of the traffic lights doesn’t look as beautiful to her as it does when it’s dancing in the strands of your hair.

Maybe when she can be annoyed with you again.

With that overly calm, yet somehow still caring and understanding attitude and the air of tranquility that you seem to not only carry but also radiate.

Maybe in the morning, when she can glare at you again and pretend to be annoyed at yet another kind gesture of yours, halfheartedly perhaps, but glare none the less, at you and the breakfast that she’ll never admit to genuinely enjoying​ out loud.

Maybe then, but most certainly not right now.

“I failed a mission”

She stays silent, eyes lit up with questions that she’s hesitant to ask.

“I’m a fossil, ginger

The nickname comes back, yet it does little in easing the sudden buzzing that fills her mind at your sudden statement.

It´s torn out of context, unexpected and completely confusing to her, yet the look you send her, when you round yet another corner, tells her that those five words have been stuck in the back of your mind for quite some time now.

“Older than you, actually.”

You chuckle lightly at the look that crosses her face, although the situation is hardly anything but gravely in this one instant.

“Worth good money still, though.”

A shadow passes over your eyes, it’s quick, almost unreadable too, but she's​ seen it many times before.

She’s seen it on the face of the soldier that trained her, the look of regret and guilt and complete and utter powerlessness.

A look that told the story of every choice that was torn out of your grasp.

A look so utterly broken, that for a second she saw the soldier, Sad Eyes, sitting in your place instead, staring at and right through her with his distant pair of eyes.

The look is enough to sate her curiosity, maybe not entirely, most surely not completely, yet for this night your answers are more than just enough.

You keep your eyes carefully trained on Natasha, watching her own glowing pair trace the ballerina´s every single move with fascination and admiration.

She´s graceful, perfectly beautiful and passionate, you have to admit so much, but so is the redhead to your immediate right.

Maria and Clint, much to your genuine surprise, have long since lost themselves completely in the display of dazzling elegance, while your own pair of eyes remained glued on Natasha ever since the dancers have made their first appearances.

You know that she used to dance, it was part of her training, the main reason for her incredible agility and the biggest portion of what she can remember from her time as but an innocent child.

You are aware that the Red Room ensured so much.

You´ve seen the aspiring Widow´s perform, seen them move along the stage with unmatched poise and effortless gracefulness that had Russia´s richest staring in awe.

And now, as you watch her hold her breath as the prima twirls and spins in the arms of her partner, you wonder whether she had been the only one to ever truly enjoy it, all of the dancing.

The grand performances, the adrenaline rush and the roaring applause surely must have at the very least dulled the pain and misery that followed the dreaded Red Room in its wake. Not entirely, most surely not completely, but you are certain that if there was something enjoyable about the training, then it surely was the ballet.

The dance comes to an end all too soon, and Natasha almost springs to her feet, clapping wildly and, dare you think, almost proudly and excitedly for such an amazing dance, while you suddenly discover more shades in the red curls of hair that you´ve taken to staring at for the past hour.

There´s a twinkle in her eyes, a spark that lit them up and made them glow bright enough for you to momentary get distracted by their beauty.

And for the entire ride back home you are left wondering, whether at some point her worst nightmare had once been her most sacred dream.

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wait but if buzz is from february he is one month younger** than freddie who was born in january, right?

yes dhjshdkjs i’m messing up again because i was looking at all the mcfly kids birth dates and my brain got into a mess. he’s younger yes, sorry again 

I. Little Helper

Hey could I please get a Brett Talbot imagine Something like he’s a single parent or something like that? Anything you want to do.
Could you do an imagine where Brett has a baby sister and you run into him at the grocery store or something and offer to hold her while he’s paying and stuff and lots of fluff. Thank you

(A/n: So it’s not going to be so much that Brett is a single parent, but more that his parents are (gone, useless?) and he’s taking care of his little sister basically on his own.)

Brett x reader


The boy in front of you in line couldn’t have been much older than you, in fact he looked young enough to be in your grade. He’s definitely attractive; tall, well built, striking eyes, and apparently also good with kids. He’s holding a little girl that looks maybe four or five years old, wild curls sticking every which way and the biggest grin on her face.

You try not to giggle as she continuously pulls on the boy’s hair and makes faces. He takes it in stride though, gently taking her hands away each time, and making faces back at her that send her into fits of laughter.

It must be his younger sister, you decide, because she looks too old to be his kid.

They’re very sweet, and you begin to wonder if you’d ever seen the boy at school with you.

You hadn’t meant to stare, but you could see the boy struggling to hold his sister while attempting to also pull out his wallet.

So you set down your own basket on the floor and reach out to tap the boy’s shoulder.

“Do you want me to hold her while you pay?” You hold your arms half way out. And then it clicks. You do have a class together; he sits in the back of the room in your English class.

The boy seems to have realized it at the same time as you. “You’re in my English class, right?”

You remember his name now; Brett.

You nod, gesturing that you can take the little girl still. “Is this your sister?”

“Yeah my mom was busy so I had to take her to the store with me.”

You could tell that he hadn’t told you an entire truth, his eyes skittered away from yours when he spoke, but you don’t call him out on it.

You offer him a half smile. “So do you want me to hold her, or an I just going to stand here with my arms out like an idiot?”

“If you don’t mind, yeah, thanks.”

The little girl doesn’t seem to mind at all that you’re now holding her, smiling widely at you.

“What’s your name?” you ask her as her brother pays for the groceries.

“I’m Macie.” she says, her grin even wider now, if that’s possible. “Who are you?”

“I’m (y/n), I go to school with your brother.”

“Oh I know who you are! (Y/n)! You’re da girl my bruver never stops talking about!” she says excitedly.

Your eyes widen and you laugh. “Oh really? What does he say about me?”

“That you’re reeeeeally pretty. And smart too. He says you never raise your hand though. He always says he wants to ask you out but then he never does it. Oh and that you like horses! I love horses, especially-”

Suddenly, Macie is being lifted back out of your arms by a rather flustered Brett.

“And that is enough from you, thank you Macie.”

Brett looks mortified, and you can’t help but laugh.

“So do you really think I’m pretty?”

He blushes.

Macie punches his arm. “Ask her out!” she whispers rather loudly, and you smile, biting your lip.

He looks back at you from his sister. “Would you want to go out?”

“You know that pizza place at the edge of town?” you ask.

He nods.

“Meet you there at seven?”

He nods again, “Yeah, uh, definitely.”

“Alright then, it’s a date. I’ll see you then.”

Help || Shay and Astra


A teenager sat quietly in the chairs outside the leader of the charity she had fled to’s office. Frankly the teen looked like hell. She had a fresh looking black eye with other bruises, some fresh, some half-healed, peppering her face and jaw bone. She wore a threadbare jacket that she was holding tightly around herself, but bruises could be seen around the collar and cuffs of the jacket. She was also far too thin, which made her look younger than she was, closer to 12 or 13 rather than the 16 that she was. She sat quietly, staring at the wall in front of her until the case worker she’d been assigned to finally arrived, new sheaf of papers in hand. She snapped for Shay to stand up and steered the young woman into the sub-directors office to explain the circumstance.

The teen had come into the charity looking like this and said she needed help. When they asked what had happened, the girl had said that her sister had heard that she had kissed a girl and done this to her before throwing her out of the house. The teen had also given a few other details, her blood type, her age, how long this had been going on and most importantly, her name. Shay. No last name given. When the initial social worker talked about going to CPS or the police though, Shay had clammed up. She hadn’t spoken since. Shay was obviously in need of medical attention, but when they tried to have the doctor take a look at her, Shay had fought hard against him. She hadn’t attacked the doctor or anything, but she had fought and kicked to keep him away. She had ended up curled up in a corner of their little medical office, tucked into a ball until the doctor gave up and left. She still hadn’t spoken, but other than the doctor incident she had behaved fine. The case worker declared that the girl was a lost cause for them and asked Astra what to do next. 

As the case worker carried on about Shay, the teenager stared up at Astra, blue eyes wary and terrified. As the woman started to talk about how Shay had acted with the doctor, Shay looked down at the floor, lower lip trembling as she curled her hands into fists, letting the nails dig into her palm. Finally as the woman declared her a lost cause, a single tear slid down Shay’s face as she looked up to meet the director’s eyes once more.

She had no where else to go.