she looks younger too

Some Cinder in her coronation dress cause I’ve never tried drawing her, and it was so fun honestly!

I’m also addicted to saturated colors so let’s all have in count that the dress is actually silver and it looks purple cause I like messing around lol.

Jerome Valeska x Reader: Daddy’s Little Doctor

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omg i got so excited at it i can’t even….. ugh. not only because i got an another request but also because this is an amazing idea and i’m in love with this, i think i need to change some things that were a little unclear to me but i hope you will like it anyway

sorry if it’s too short to your liking, & please let me know what you think


[Y/N] was a pretty 15 year old girl, who liked spending her free time in her dad’s work. Jim Gordon’s work. She’d go there everyday after school.

She wanted to work at the GCPD in the future, not as a cop, but as a doctor, just like Doctor Leslie Thompkins. [Y/N] was a very smart girl, so everybody believed she would accomplish her goal.

[Y/N] enjoyed being with Doctor Lee, and as you may wonder, Doctor Lee enjoyed being with [Y/N]. She reminded her of herself when she was younger, so she was happy to answer any questions this sweet girl had.

“Harvey! Do you know where Doctor Thompkins is?" 

[Y/N]’s been looking for her, she wanted to watch her work, as always. At first she wasn’t sure if that’s okay with her but she said she enjoys her company, much to [Y/N]’s joy.

"I don’t know, kiddo, check the morgue.” Answered busy Harvey Dent petting her on the head and walking away.

[Y/N] was walking to the morgue as she heard two cops talking about Jerome Valeska. They didn’t have a chance to meet but she saw him, that day when they found his dead mother. Dead because of him.  

His cult was trying to bring him back from the dead…

“Can you believe he’s lying in the morgue right now with no face on?!”

“Shut up, this is disgusting.”

[Y/N] could agree on that. It seriously gave her chills.

But still, it didn’t change the fact she wanted to see how he looked now. She would never admit it to anyone, but she thought he was kinda cute. When he had a face and was still breathing, though.

[Y/N] entered the room humming a song she always does.  

“Doctor Le–” she stopped dead in her tracks.

Before her, Lee Thompkins sitting on a table, tied up, looking over her should to see who just came in, worry filled her eyes as she noticed it’s [Y/N]. And there it was Jerome Valeska, standing across from Doctor Lee, his face all bloody and bandaged smiling widely at [Y/N]. He was wearing something very skin-tight…

“Hi there. Care to join us, Sweetheart?” Jerome walked towards her.

Now as he took a better look at her, he noticed she looked younger than him.

“Don’t cha a little too young to work here?”

[Y/N] only shrugged and gulped as he started to tie her up and told her to sit beside Lee.

They looked at each other, Lee’s gaze looked like it was asking her “Why did you have to come here exactly right now?!”

Jerome not interested in Lee anymore, moved to kneel before the pretty girl and looked into her eyes.

“Do you know where is my face, Precious?”

She stared at him. “Yeah… I heard Dwight took it and that he wears it like a mask..” She made a disgusted face.

Jerome exhaled deeply. “At least he’s a handsome fella now.”

[Y/N] cracked a small smile trying not to giggle. She didn’t want Doctor Lee to think she’s stupid.

Jerome glanced back at Lee and then back to [Y/N] and cupped her cheek. 

“Now tell me, what exactly are you doing here?  You can’t possibly be working here, you look young. How old are you anyway, Sweet Cheeks?”

“Umm..” She was unsure if she should tell him but he had something in his eyes that screamed “tell me all about you!”

“I don’t work here, I’m 15 years old. My dad is working here.”

“Don’t tell him that [Y/N]!”

“[Y/N]? Pretty name for a pretty girl.” He smirked and reached for something to gag Doctor Lee. “Who’s your dad? I’m dying to know.”

“James Gordon.”

He started laughing like crazy. “James Gordon! I can’t believe it! And Doctor here is still talking to you after what your father has done to her poor husband?” He burst in another laugh.

[Y/N] wanted to defend her dad but she knew there was no point.

“Ohhh you’re coming with me, Gorgeous! You’re too fun to be left here!” He started to untie her.

And she left with him. Just like that.

Doctor Lee waited for someone to rescue her, they needed to find [Y/N]. They needed to find Jerome.

But she could’t stop thinking about that one thing  that was still disturbing her.

The adoration in young girl’s eyes when she looked at the Ginger.

A little drawing done on the train…. Holidays are way too short T_T
hope you enjoy ! I’m gonna go straight to bed, I’m exhausted.

PS : If you’re wondering, hermione is head girl, that’s why she has this arm band on her sweat-shirt (I find it more suitable than a pins). That’s why she looks younger too, she is about 17 - 18 here against 20 - 22 on the other drawings.

i wanted to practice kids cause idk how to draw them so here are 2 of my inquisitors (laimeira and inarasyl) at 3 and 10 respectively!

Inhumans Part Eleven

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 3.1K

AN: Bit shorter than normal because I’m house sitting my neighbors house and their dog is a handful. Sorry :(

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Resistance (m)

Word count: 4,973

Warning: Hoseok smut

“Three, two, one… go!”

Your feet push into the soft ground, making your body move forward.

“Until the milestone, girls!” Someone already catches up to you, which you can’t make up for anymore by quickening your pace. You stay behind, with burning lungs, exhaustion cutting through your legs - it’s only been mere seconds and you’re already giving up physically.

The only thing that keeps you going is the fact that everyone else is still far behind you, huffing just as loudly as you - everyone except for one person. This loss gets you furious, despite him having to be in front.

He just wants to bring you down.

“Faster, number two!” Hoseok shouts, turning around at a steady pace, simply to give you an unsatisfied glare. Not even running backwards holds him back from creating a bigger distance between you two.

That nickname he just loves to bring up.

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A huge part about South is her amorality, that being said just imagine if one night maybe her insomnia came back. North was already up anyway w/ Theta, and dead tired as he was he wasn’t about to leave Theta awake solo … So maybe South just volunteers for the night to watch Theta, at least for a few hours. 

tl;dr: more feel good art with the Dakotas + Theta. I don’t feel 100% still after going to the doctors, so I decided to wait a little bit on commissions, so have another quickie fanart.


The 10th Kingdom Character Aesthetics (x)::: The Gypsy Witch

Hold me Down - Part 2


You met the Winchester family in an unusual situation. Your father had been killed in a hunt and John saved you, taking you with him.
When he got missing and the thing that killed Mary did the same with Sam’s girlfriend, the younger Winchester couldn’t help, but call you, hoping you would help him and Dean finding out what happened.
But he still didn’t know why you left.

Word counting: 1200+
Pairing: Dean X Reader
Chapter: 2/23
Chapter name: Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary… Bloody… Mary…

(Part 1Series’ Masterlist

Y/N shifted her weight from one leg to another. She hadn’t seen the Winchester in more than 2 years, and they could have changed completely.

“Have a nice stay, miss Flowers.” The woman gave the fake ID back to the hunter’s fingers.

Gabrielle Flowers. That was the name she was using to enter the motel, taking the room in front of the Winchester’s.


She couldn’t see the Impala, so reached for her phone as she left the room, calling Sammy. She couldn’t wait to see him, if he looked older or how his hair was. Ever since they were kids, she loved to play with his soft hair.

“Hey Sammy.” She looked around before crossing the street. “Where are you guys?”

“There’s a place north, less than five minutes in the car. They have a good pie. Should we order something for you?”

“Burger and fries.” She smiled. “And don’t touch it. I’m walking, I must be there in 10 minutes.”

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I. Little Helper

Hey could I please get a Brett Talbot imagine Something like he’s a single parent or something like that? Anything you want to do.
Could you do an imagine where Brett has a baby sister and you run into him at the grocery store or something and offer to hold her while he’s paying and stuff and lots of fluff. Thank you

(A/n: So it’s not going to be so much that Brett is a single parent, but more that his parents are (gone, useless?) and he’s taking care of his little sister basically on his own.)

Brett x reader


The boy in front of you in line couldn’t have been much older than you, in fact he looked young enough to be in your grade. He’s definitely attractive; tall, well built, striking eyes, and apparently also good with kids. He’s holding a little girl that looks maybe four or five years old, wild curls sticking every which way and the biggest grin on her face.

You try not to giggle as she continuously pulls on the boy’s hair and makes faces. He takes it in stride though, gently taking her hands away each time, and making faces back at her that send her into fits of laughter.

It must be his younger sister, you decide, because she looks too old to be his kid.

They’re very sweet, and you begin to wonder if you’d ever seen the boy at school with you.

You hadn’t meant to stare, but you could see the boy struggling to hold his sister while attempting to also pull out his wallet.

So you set down your own basket on the floor and reach out to tap the boy’s shoulder.

“Do you want me to hold her while you pay?” You hold your arms half way out. And then it clicks. You do have a class together; he sits in the back of the room in your English class.

The boy seems to have realized it at the same time as you. “You’re in my English class, right?”

You remember his name now; Brett.

You nod, gesturing that you can take the little girl still. “Is this your sister?”

“Yeah my mom was busy so I had to take her to the store with me.”

You could tell that he hadn’t told you an entire truth, his eyes skittered away from yours when he spoke, but you don’t call him out on it.

You offer him a half smile. “So do you want me to hold her, or an I just going to stand here with my arms out like an idiot?”

“If you don’t mind, yeah, thanks.”

The little girl doesn’t seem to mind at all that you’re now holding her, smiling widely at you.

“What’s your name?” you ask her as her brother pays for the groceries.

“I’m Macie.” she says, her grin even wider now, if that’s possible. “Who are you?”

“I’m (y/n), I go to school with your brother.”

“Oh I know who you are! (Y/n)! You’re da girl my bruver never stops talking about!” she says excitedly.

Your eyes widen and you laugh. “Oh really? What does he say about me?”

“That you’re reeeeeally pretty. And smart too. He says you never raise your hand though. He always says he wants to ask you out but then he never does it. Oh and that you like horses! I love horses, especially-”

Suddenly, Macie is being lifted back out of your arms by a rather flustered Brett.

“And that is enough from you, thank you Macie.”

Brett looks mortified, and you can’t help but laugh.

“So do you really think I’m pretty?”

He blushes.

Macie punches his arm. “Ask her out!” she whispers rather loudly, and you smile, biting your lip.

He looks back at you from his sister. “Would you want to go out?”

“You know that pizza place at the edge of town?” you ask.

He nods.

“Meet you there at seven?”

He nods again, “Yeah, uh, definitely.”

“Alright then, it’s a date. I’ll see you then.”

Help || Shay and Astra


A teenager sat quietly in the chairs outside the leader of the charity she had fled to’s office. Frankly the teen looked like hell. She had a fresh looking black eye with other bruises, some fresh, some half-healed, peppering her face and jaw bone. She wore a threadbare jacket that she was holding tightly around herself, but bruises could be seen around the collar and cuffs of the jacket. She was also far too thin, which made her look younger than she was, closer to 12 or 13 rather than the 16 that she was. She sat quietly, staring at the wall in front of her until the case worker she’d been assigned to finally arrived, new sheaf of papers in hand. She snapped for Shay to stand up and steered the young woman into the sub-directors office to explain the circumstance.

The teen had come into the charity looking like this and said she needed help. When they asked what had happened, the girl had said that her sister had heard that she had kissed a girl and done this to her before throwing her out of the house. The teen had also given a few other details, her blood type, her age, how long this had been going on and most importantly, her name. Shay. No last name given. When the initial social worker talked about going to CPS or the police though, Shay had clammed up. She hadn’t spoken since. Shay was obviously in need of medical attention, but when they tried to have the doctor take a look at her, Shay had fought hard against him. She hadn’t attacked the doctor or anything, but she had fought and kicked to keep him away. She had ended up curled up in a corner of their little medical office, tucked into a ball until the doctor gave up and left. She still hadn’t spoken, but other than the doctor incident she had behaved fine. The case worker declared that the girl was a lost cause for them and asked Astra what to do next. 

As the case worker carried on about Shay, the teenager stared up at Astra, blue eyes wary and terrified. As the woman started to talk about how Shay had acted with the doctor, Shay looked down at the floor, lower lip trembling as she curled her hands into fists, letting the nails dig into her palm. Finally as the woman declared her a lost cause, a single tear slid down Shay’s face as she looked up to meet the director’s eyes once more.

She had no where else to go.


Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)

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No other female can rock a high bun and baby hair combo like Kae can

Honestly it makes no sense how good she looks with that bun, it makes her look ten times younger too 


2.7k words

I know it’s long, especially for an original work piece, but I would still appreciate it if anyone read it and left feedback. Thank you. It has a happy end.

TW: mentions of physical and emotional abuse.

“You can love someone and still hurt them.”

I didn’t want to hear that.

I didn’t want to hear that with crusting blood marring my back and tears streaking my face. With bruises ringing my neck like black and blue garlands.

“…After all, it makes sense that the people you love the most would be capable of hurting you the most.”

Not like this. They shouldn’t hurt like this. Hurtful words shouted in the heat of the moment. Old insults hurled out of spite. That was something else. That was normal.

“He loves you very much, can’t you see? I’ve never seen him so captivated by anyone before. He just has such a temper…”

The medic spoke with a smile on her face. Like I was some heroine from a romance story who’d bewitched the dark and brooding prince. Like His brand of love was a prize because it was one rarely given, even if it was broken and twisted. Like I was one to be envied.

Her cool fingers smoothed salves on the bruises blossoming across my shoulders. She could feel my terrified, panicked pulse rabbiting under my skin and she laughed.

“Listen to your heart. Oh, young love…”


My abused throat constricted. I let out a groan.

It hurts.”

The words rasped like barbed wire. Tears pricked my eyes, but God, it was like she couldn’t see a thing. It was like I was the only one who saw this situation as it was: bizarre, unacceptable, revolting. Was I going mad?

“It’s hard, I know. He struggles too. You know the work he does, all the burdens and responsibilities he carries. That’s what you are for, to help share the burden. Be strong for him. You’ll get used to it.”

That was what I was afraid of.

I was stronger than Him. I could kill Him. I could slice open His throat, pry open His ribcage, gut Him like the pig He was. I could, theoretically, do all these things, even with my broken fingers and shredded skin.

But I think He’d broken something in my head too.

Because when He lay hands on me now, I didn’t feel that old, cold outrage. I didn’t burn with indignation at the treatment I knew I didn’t deserve. That no one deserved.

I just stepped out of my head. My expression blanked, my muscles unclenched, and I vacated my mind and drifted. When I came back once it was over, I’d mutely catalogue the fresh marks on my skin. Take inventory of the worst of them, assess how much of a hindrance they may be, and calculate how to hide them.

There were always bruises up my arms from His fierce grip. I don’t know why He did that; it’s not like I resisted anymore. Why did He hold down a body that was limp in his hands? I’d have to cover them. It was hot, but I’d have to wear long sleeves. My men would stare, but they wouldn’t ask questions. I had a feeling some of them had their suspicions. In my line of work, bruises were not uncommon, but you were meant to get them honestly. For every bruise you had, the other guy had to have three. 

I wondered at what point I had lost my anger. Where had it gone?

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Pairings: NicoMaki, NozoEli, RinPana, and KotoUmi
Words: 4900+
Summary: The three stooges of μ’s causing some trouble.
A/N: Had to write something funny to make up for breaking my Under the Cherry Blossom readers’ hearts with my latest chapter. (Sorry)
21 Jump Street inspired, but also note that no drugs were consumed by our precious babies.

“Just admit it; we’re lost,” Nico stated, looking out the window of the van to a vast space of nothing.

“We’re not lost,” Eli replied, her hands gripped onto the steering wheel. “We just took a different route.”

“Yeah, we’re definitely lost.”

“We’re lost, nya!” Rin shouted beside Nico.

“We are not lost!” Eli assured her, using the rear-view mirror to look at the first-year. “We’ll get there. Don’t worry about it.”

“We’ll get there when we’re dead,” Honoka muttered, pressing her face against the window glass as her eyebrows scrunched up in annoyance.

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fix prompt in response to the video you posted with clarke seeing alicia clark and she jumps into the water - somehow clarke is looking for lexa in another world and she finds her as alicia clark but she doesn't believe her but clarke keeps on trying and eventually she does , sorry i just had this idea and i thought you're such an amazing writer you would be able to do it justice

ok yes i wrote a thing it’s long-ish but it’s got a happy ending

The first thought that crosses your mind when you wake up is regret.

She was right.

You’re in a new body, a new world, your mind is new as well, but your soul – your soul is the same. The air tastes different, the ground beneath you feels different. Everything is different, save for you, the you inside.

You open your eyes and for a moment, you’re blinded by the blaring sunlight shining in your face. You’re lying in rubble, a rock is pressing hard into your spine, and you dart up.

Too fast.

You stumble down a little hill of rocks and only barely catch yourself before you fall face-first into the concrete.

That’s when you first see them.

Walkers, you later learn.

You don’t really care. All you care for is surviving.

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ah, can I request a nicopana au where pana is the number one fan of super popular idol nico and they meet eachother by chance?

why yes u can

Working as a cashier in a convenience store is nothing glamorous or exciting. Sometimes Hanayo wishes she could quit, but unfortunately, it was the only job she could get as a young college student with no prior work experience.

The store’s hours extend late into the night when customers number in the single digits and there’s nothing to do. Hanayo is reading a textbook at the counter when someone clears their throat.

She looks up and just about shrieks.

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