she looks younger than 10 years ago

Basorexia Part 2 - Forbidden Fruit

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: T for language

A/N: Part two of my drabble Basorexia. This part takes place immediately following the first part, and while it’s not necessary to have read part one, this will probably make a lot more sense if you have.

She can’t believe she kissed Peeta Mellark.

Mr. Mellark.

Her twelfth grade English teacher.

He’s not in class the next day. Nor the day after.

Rumours abound, as they’re wont to do in high school hallways.  Did you hear about Mr. Mellark? He’s on indefinite stress leave. I heard he punched principal Abernathy in the face. I heard he tried to jump off the Arena St bridge!

She’s terrified. Horrified. Heartsick. Has she destroyed his career? Has her impetuousness, her stupid school-girl crush, cost this kind and gentle man not only his job, but his sanity?

He must hate her.

Panem is a big place, but she’s been paying attention. She’s seen him at the ravine multiple times with his canvasses and paints, almost every Saturday morning when she jogs the wooded trails just after sunrise.

Today is no different.

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this is my woof! she is 10 years old if you can believe it, and I got her almost 5 months ago now! she is a mix of corgi and american eskimo dog <3 she’s a bit smaller than your woofs. she has lost a lot of weight since coming to me, she used to be just over 31 pounds, and now she is 25 pounds and she acts much younger than she did, sprinting around after toys like a maniac!

Oh bless you for getting an older dog! She looks so young, you can see it in her eyes, I bet she’s SO happy with you and that’s making her younger all over again. She’s adorable thank you for sharing her!

Anon Requested: hey.. I really like your reactions... Can you please do an exo's reaction in which their schoolmate who confessed to them back then to which they had rejected, turned out to be really pretty and beautiful.


Xiumin: *looking at a picture of her* Woah. She looks… different


Luhan: I figured this would happen, and now look at her


Kris: Are you sure you’re who you say you are? Because no more than 10 years ago you looked nothing like you do now


D.O: People said she’d changed but I didn’t expect this!


Suho: Hi Y/N, you probably remember from school? 


Lay: Guys, who is this?



Chen: I never turned you down when we were younger. Where did you hear such a ridiculous thing?


Chanyeol: Well, Y/N, isn’t this a surprise?


Tao: Honestly, why did I reject her?


Sehun: That’s not the same girl from back then. It can’t be.


Kai: *Speechless*