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WARNING: Imagine might contain mature material so read with your own risk! No need to come say to me that I didn’t warned you

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I looked myself on the mirror and still put some hair spray even my hair looked pretty good already. “Are you ready yet, Y/N? We’re late already” I heard groan in the hallway. “Yes, just a second” I said and grabbed my purse on the bed.

“Why do girls always takes so long to get ready?” he rolled his eyes when we walked to his car. “I don’t need to maybe even start list those things for you because you couldn’t ever understand” I giggled and he chuckled back: “Yeah, you’re right baby”

He pulled his car on drive way and pressed a gas a bit. We were already 20 minutes late from his parents’ place where we supposed to have a dinner tonight. Hopefully the car drive didn’t last more than 10 minutes before Justin parked his car in front of a big white house. “You ready, Y/N?” he asked and toon me by hand. He knocked on the front door and Pattie, his mom came to open it and smiled for us.

“Sorry that we’re late mom, Y/N had just those makeup and dress problems again and we-” “I understand” she said quickly and pointed us to move in the living room where others was. Jeremy, Justin’s father and his step siblings Jaxon and Jazmyn were waiting for us there and right away when we entered in the room, Jazmyn and Jaxon ran to hug Justin. “Hey, buddies. Did you missed me?” Justin asked them and mixed their hair playfully.

While Justin was asking how everything was going to Jaxon and Jazmyn, I sat down on the chair. Pattie admired my dress and said that black suits me. I thanked her and smiled. That dress was one which Justin had bought me once when we were visiting in Paris few months ago.

“I hope that I could find something like that good-looking at least ones so I could look a bit younger” she told and made me gasp: “What are you talking about? Puff, you look as young and fresh as always” She shook her hand dismissively. “Seriously, I hope that I could look a like as good as you when I’ll be in your age” I continued. “Don’t think something like that yet, Y/N. Enjoy your life with my son when you have still many years left. By the way is there anything you would have to tell us? she winked for me and Justin.

Justin chuckled and sat finally next to me on the other chair. “No, we want first just create a good base of our relationship before we’ll start think about getting married and kids” he said and moved his hand on my shoulder. Pattie looked us disappointed because she probably thought that she could start organize weddings for us right away but no, those things will happen just then when time is right. “You two should start hurry up then. We won’t wait forever with your mom” Jeremy joked.

Pattie called us to the table. “I made fish, potatoes and mini carrots and I hope that you also can eat it Justin even I know that you don’t like fish so much” Pattie told. “No, actually I have started like it, mom” Justin told and took a big piece of salmon which her mom had made for us. “Y/N wasn’t seemly the worst choice as your girlfriend” Jeremy said and took some food on his fork. “You have made a good job” he looked at me and I lightly smiled for him.

I took a one mini carrot in my fork and took a bite of it. I noticed how Justin looked me with corner of his eye. “What?” I mumbled and he shook his head mouthing that nothing. I took another carrot and eat it whole in one time. I heard a low groan next to me and noticed Justin looking at me again. I looked him asking. He pulled me closer and whispered: “Stop making me horny, Y/N. It’s not a good moment, wait that we get back home”

It was hard to hold that laugh inside me when he whispered it. “Well, sorry if I did something inappropriate but I think that I was just eating and that’s all so it might not be my problem then” I whispered back and continued eating like nothing has happened.

It couldn’t last long when his hand moved on my thigh and I had to push it away. However he was too fast and grabbed it on his and moved it over his crotch and boner which he told he had got because of me. He didn’t let me to remove it here so I decided to play a bit and squeeze it. He groaned but got quiet quickly when he realized that there was also others than just me and him on the table.

His mom looked her son asking and kind of shocked. “I just meant that is sooo good mom that I might have to ask you a recipe so Y/N could do this at home too” he said to her and looked me too but I was able to see his eyes that he wasn’t happy of that what I just did. “Well, I can give it to you before you’ll leave” Pattie said and we all continued eating. I removed my hand over his crotch while he was too busy talking with his dad. I think that was enough for him this time.

We thanked for food and I suggested that I could make dishes for Pattie. “No, Y/N darling, you don’t have to I can make those by myself” she told but I still moved in the kitchen with her because Justin looked me with those eyes he could have stroke against me in any second. “It’s fine, Pattie. You made an amazing meal for us already so now it’s your time to get some rest and go talk with your son” I told.

She touched my shoulder lightly and thanked before she disappeared in the living room with others. I heard laughing coming out the and smiled myself while I put my hands in warm water and started wash dishes. I took fright when I suddenly felt strong arms wrab around my waist and hot breathing against my neck.

“It wasn’t nice at all what you did earlier” Justin mumbled and moved his nose against my shoulder and neck. “I’m sorry, baby” I giggled and put the last plate in the shelf to dry. “No, you’re not. You’re a bad girl and nothing can change that fact” he mumbled dangerous close to my ear and bit it gently.

“Mom told that dessert will be served after half hour but I don’t think so that I can last that long” he groaned and I noticed that bulge his pants which was now bigger than ever. “Well, we can’t just leave. That could be so rude, Justin” I hissed and started walk to the living room but he took me by arm and started drag me upstairs. “Where hell are you bringing to me?” I hissed again. “To my room, I need that dessert now or I’ll blow off”

I blushed of his words and followed him in his old room. He closed and locked the door behind him and turned smirking look at me. “So what we have today on list?” he teased and pushed me on his bed. His hands moved under my dress and pulled it up. “I don’t know sir but maybe you should find out it by yourself” I bit my lower lip and felt how his wet lips kissed me over my black panties.

“Someone is ready for me already I see” he looked me in the eyes smirking and pulled my panties off before his mouth moved back between my legs and started suck slowly my nub. His tongue teased my entrance and he dip it there just because he knews it makes me go crazy. I moaned softly but soon he pushed his hand over my mouth. “Shh.. you don’t want that they hear you, right?” he whispered and I nodded agreeing.

He went again back there and added two of his fingers inside me. “Hmm.. you’re so wet, Y/N. Who made you this wet for me?” he groaned in my ear and bit my earlobe. “You” I panted to his ear and made him smirk. “That’s right answer, baby” he murmed and kissed me.

Later I noticed that one kiss had drove us make outing and that my orgasm was closer than ever. “Justin..” I whimpered quietly. “I-I’m comin-” I couldn’t finish my sentence before I already came over his long thick fingers. He took them out and licked pleased. “Mmm.. it was a good dessert, maybe one of my favorites so far” he sighed.

“But now I would have something for you too, don’t you think that I forgot” he continued and nodded me to come closer. I crawled sexily over him and squeezed his bulge roughly which made him almost groan again. “Stop doing that, Y/N, seriously” he warned me. “But I thought that you wanted it” I played innocent while I still continued stroking him through his pants. “Don’t start that game again. You know what to do so don’t waste time when it’s limited”

I took his member out off his pants and took him in my mouth. Justin moved my hair off my face and stroked them when he watched how my mouth bob back and forth against his hard cock. “Keep going, baby. Yes, just like that” he mumbled under his breath.

For our suprise and also fear Pattie’s tender voice called us to come on the table and make me stop and look at Justin scared. “Fast, Y/N. I can’t go downstairs with boner like this” he hissed and I went back to suck him. I took my hand to help and massaged his balls slowly. That has always been the trick which sent him over the edge no matter when or where I had done it. So did it now too.

He came in my mouth and I swallowed his load without thinking about it. “Justin! Y/N! Where are you?” Pattie’s voice was now closer to his room. She was upstairs. “Shit, shit!” Justin cursed and pulled his pants quickly back and threw my panties on the floor for me. “Coming, mom!” he yelled back and pulled me with him just after I got my panties back and dress down. My hair were still a bit messy.

“I showed my old room to Y/N” Justin told quickly and smiled to his mom who was standing behind his room door. “Oh, that’s okay. Now come to table with us. There’s your favorite strawberry cake, Justin” Pattie told but Justin shook his head. “I’m sorry but I think that we’ll let that for you. I’m still full of that salmon” Justin rubbed his stomach. “Me too” I said quickly. “And I think that we should go. Justin has an early morning tomorrow” I added.

“Oh, okay. Well, I can’t maybe force you then to eat but it was nice to see you two after long time” Pattie said and hugged us. “Yes, it was mom” Justin said and gave a light kiss on his mom’s cheek. “I hope that next time you could have news for me with you” she winked for me and made me giggle. “Well, let’s see then” I looked Justin who was smiling too.

Jeremy came to shook hands with us too and greeted everything best. Also Jaxon and Jazmyn came to hug Justin and then also me which was a little suprise because they haven’t done ot ever before yet. Before we left Jeremy however asked Justin in his office and when he came out his face were kind of shocked. We still said byes before we closed the door behind us.

When we sat in the car I had to ask what his dad wanted to tell him and why he looked so shocked when he came out there. “I knows..” I mumbled and made my eyes bigger of shock too. “Did he..” “Yes, he did heard us when we…” he coughed. I covered my face of embarrasment. “This is so awkward” I yelled against my hands.

“You don’t know anything about awkward, dad gave me two packs of condoms, Y/N” he said and showed them on his pocket. “Oh my gosh!” I whined. “I can’t step in that house anymore without thinking about it that your dad knows that we had sex when they were downstairs”

Justin stayed quiet but started laugh soon. “C'mon, it’s not funny at all, Justin” I looked him reproachfully. “It’s not that bad, Y/N. At least he knew now how good I’m to you” he winked. “Oh my god, stop it and start this car so we can leave” I groaned frustrated.

He chuckled and started it and pulled off his parent’s yard. “You own me a blowjob when we get back home” he mumbled. He seemly wanted reminds of it all night. “I don’t own you anything” I said shortly. “You won’t get sex for weeks, mister” He breath out shocked. “Where does that came from? I told you to be quiet if you don’t remember so it’s not my fault”

I shook my head and looked out of the window. “It’s because you can handle your perverse thoughts even one minute” He smirked himself and stopped car in front of our house. “Stop being always so sexy then and I’ll stop” he said and slapped my ass when we walked inside the house

I slapped his hand and raised my index finger: “You earned yourself just one more week” I smirked and let him stood in the kitchen speechless. “Y/N, c'mon! I’m sorry. Don’t do this to me, don’t do this to your best friend.. c'mon!” he groaned and ran after me in our bedroom

Pairing: Jon/Sansa

Rating: Teen/Mature

Prompt: Jon and Sansa take back Winterfell and, after discovering Jon is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar, marry in an effort to unite the North.

 (This is a bit of a long one! >,<)


“Jon,” Sansa said primly, setting her empty wine glass aside. “I want you to bed me.”

Whatever he had expected her to say, whatever awkward encounter he had envisioned this night might hold, it hadn’t been that. He choked on his sweet wine, nearly dribbling it all down the front of his fine new tunic, and only barely manged to save himself from total disgrace by way of a hastily snatched cloth. She frowned at him, pursing her lips, as a pretty flush bloomed high on her cheeks. 

“This is, after all, our wedding night,” she said, lifting her chin in a clear challenge.

Jon continued to cough and sputter, reeling a bit, and when he spoke at last his voice was a hoarse croak, “Sansa, we talked about this.”

“No,” she insisted with a hint of steel in her voice. “You talked, refused to look at me, and then left the room before I might respond.”

She paced toward him in her thin dressing gown and fine white and silver robe, her stocking clad feet all but silent across the stone. Her hair had been let down from its intricate coils and it was haloed in the firelight, framing her in burnished tendrils of flame and copper. She looked young and fresh and lovely and pure and entirely removed from him, here in the sanctity of the chamber thei- her parents had shared.  

“Sansa,” he tried again, forcing himself not to bolt for the door as she took yet another step toward him. He could smell her. Lemons and lavender. “W-we, I’m your-“

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Adriana's Skincare routine


Adriana has said one of her favorite things to do is put Coconut Water on her face. She soaks a cotton pad in Coconut Water, then puts in all over her face. It helps make her skin glow and also keeps it healthy. She also likes to pop her Coconut Water in the fridge to cool it down so she can drink it and she also soaks cotton balls in it and she puts them on her eyes to help get rid of under eye bags.

Adriana said the most important thing about maintaining healthy skin is to drink lots and lots of water. Water is the most natural way of cleansing not only your skin but your entire body. Adriana drinks one galleon of water a day. She said you can tell by someone’s skin how well they are hydrated on the inside. In addition to using Coconut water on her face, Adriana also likes to drink it, it’s a healthy change up from drinking loads and loads of just plain water.

Adriana has said: “I think something that is very important for your skin is to remember that everything that goes in to your body is going to show up on the outside, believe it or not. You’re going to see it in your skin and your hair and your nails, so its important to watch out”

Based on the above statement, in order to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing she recommends eating lots of greens. Broccoli, asparagus, spinach, anything green. They help keep her skin looking fresh and young. She has also said that if you like to snack, blackberries and blueberries are the way to go. They not only help maintain healthy skin, but they can also help you burn fat cells, so it’s an all around win!

For skincare products, not only Adriana but so many other models live by Doctor Colbert's Illumino Face Oil. The product is a combination of passion fruit and marula oil from Africa. It both soothes the skin, and helps makeup go on flawlessly, while also enhancing the radiance of the skin. The models are able to take better photographs when the entire skin surface is lightly covered in Illumino.

Healthcare tips outlining her diet and fitness routines can be found here

Additional little random tips Adriana lives by:

- Avocado’s give her hair super moisture and keep it healthy and shiny.

- “If you want your hair to grow faster, you can take flaxseed oil or flaxseed pills, just ask your doctor. Its great! It will make your hair super shiny and it’s going to grow fast.”

  • Billboard: What were you drawing from when you designed this look?
  • Versace: I was thinking about color blocking, which seems like a very simple idea. But this is pure couture. The complexity is in choosing the right colors, and then cut and fit to create the power and drama.
  • B: How did you and Taylor collaborate on it?
  • V: She wanted a look that was young, sexy and fresh, as she is, totally reflecting her character. It was a pleasure to create this look for her. Taylor’s gown is the perfect example of how bold color can create such an incredible effect.
  • B: What's your philosophy about color on the red carpet?
  • V: I love playing with color on the red carpet. For me, color is so important to capture a woman’s character and her power. How boring would the world be if we all dressed in dull colors? I'm Italian, I love passion and energy.
  • B: What kind of liberties can you take on Grammy red carpet that you can't for the Oscars?
  • V: My name is Versace, when did I ever play by the rules? Every time we create an Atelier Versace red carpet gown, it is a unique reflection of the woman wearing it. I’m not thinking about the rules, but about the woman who is wearing the gown. I want them to look their absolute best, shining brighter than they’ve ever shone before. The red carpet is such an important moment for any star, when all the eyes of the world are on them.
  • B: Still, there must be a difference, even ever so slight?
  • V: On the Grammy’s red carpet I’m able to push for particular styles, a more “rock 'n' roll” mood and for the Oscars I tend to design for the character the actors play in the movie as well as for the actors themselves. It’s my responsibility to give them perfection, and it is something I take very seriously. That is why when the icons of the world walk the red carpet, they wear Atelier Versace.
  • B: What is it like having Taylor wear your design?
  • V: I'm very proud of this dress.Taylor is such an inspiration. She has become one of the biggest icons in the world in such a short time by being totally herself.
Taylor is such an inspiration. She has become one of the biggest icons in the world in such a short time by being totally herself.“ “Taylor wanted a look that was young, sexy and fresh, as she is, totally reflecting her character; It was a pleasure to make this look for her. Taylor’s gown is the perfect example of how bold color can create such an incredible effect.
—  Donatella Versace on Taylor Swift and designing her 2016 Grammy gown

arialis  asked:

Prompt: soma, prohibition era. That is all, go forth kitten! (please no angst)


This took me forever, sorry! Anyway, here is this weird little jazz club thing that probably isn’t entirely historically accurate, but hopefully pretty close. Also you didn’t ask for genderbent!Kilik BUT YOU GOT HER ANYWAY.

P.S. - This gets a *tiny bit* risque toward the end, but it’s like PG-13 risque. Read at your discretion. Also I apologize for typos and such, this is a little less edited than my usual fare.


The Green Mill spun lazily overhead, casting its harlequin light over the building and recalling the streets of Paris. It shone brighter than Maka’s eyes and she sheathed her sneer, careful to keep her face doe-sweet and smiling. Kili Rung nudged her with an elbow, cocking a brow above her black specs.

“You ready? We don’t have all day to wait. The audition’s calling.” Kili ran a hand over her close-cut braids, her dark skin shifting with every turn of the infamous windmill atop the jazz club.

Maka pulled out her pocket mirror and checked her hair and lips for the fifth time in the last hour. She had to look the part.

“Hold tight,” she said, snapping the compact shut. “We’re not really angling for the job, anyhow.”

“We still gotta sell it,” Kili said with a shake of her head. “You know who else sings here? Billie Holy Pipes Holiday, that’s who. She’s the bar we’re aiming for, and being late isn’t gonna help. Come on, slowpoke.”

Maka took a breath. “Now or never, I guess.”

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I know some will disagree but Emma looks so frickin’ beautiful in that sneak peek.

The way the light hits her face, she looks so fresh-faced and young - she looks so smooth and like she’s glowing. Although she’s troubled, her skin looks carefree (I know that sounds weird)

And of course Killian is looking gorgeous as usual with his primped and pristine appearance.

They just look so so good in that sneak peek

janetthetrigger  asked:

"Don’t trust me." - Kristanna (Did you say angst? All the angst. Please. I live for angst.)

Okay so I toyed with this scenario a lot and most versions of it were much, much angstier, but also they were more elaborate and it would have taken a full length fic to make them work so ANYWAY I’m sorry this is not really very angsty, it’s mostly just a random AU scenario.

But on the plus side, cowboy/gunslinger Kristoff! I didn’t realize how much I wanted that until I started writing it but um yes I am into it. 

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anonymous asked:

do you have any headcanons for bisky? :)

Bisky’s motto is “be a strong queen, the world is lucky to have you as its pearl”. She came in contact with jewels from a young age, always attracted to shiny objects and to beauty in general, Bisky vowed to follow her passions and live life her way.

Her love for beauty and strength made peace when she started to learn nen. Bisky developed her muscles and insane power while keeping her nen technique as useful as possible for her ideals. Cookie-chan, the masseuse that works wonders, made sure Bisky looks as fresh and young as she wishes.

Bisky never hid her love for men. She had a lot of adventures all over the world where she scored more than jewels. Even now her naughty side remains a top characteristic. Her love for teaching started with Wing. She then realized jewels can come as people too. Bisky loved to polish Wing and never held back for a second. She never does. Bisky goes all out no matter what. Training, love, hunting, she gives it her best shot.

Fashion wise her lolita outfits are a phase. Bisky realized they suit her well so she stuck with them, but she had many other outfits. When she traveled, she accepted cultural gratitude when offered and never denied the local traditional clothing.

While Bisky is honest with herself, she is quite the little liar with others. This is thanks to her encounters with pirates. Looking for jewels often made her set sail and she’s no amateur when it comes to manipulating the sneakiest of pirates.

Her “cute helpless girl” persona is something she did at first to seem harmless to dangerous people so she could get as much information out of them as possible. Now she does it to asses the power of others and also because she often wants stay out until she absolutely has to interfere.

Bisky’s the type of teacher who always comes when called. Class is never over with her.

necroponyprince  asked:


Our characters can only see black and white but when meet their soulmate the world suddenly gains color. Send ♡ for my characters reaction to having the world gain color when they bump into your muse.

{I guess it was this one?}

Funny, how one can get used to the lack of colours… Never had Mei-Rin seen them, so she did not even know what she was missing. Well, of course, she was curious about what it was like to see them, but she did not pay much attention to that, busy with her own life.

That one day, though, something changed. As she was in the market, looking for fresh vegetables for her young Master’s dinner, her vision changed. Her eyes widened and she began to look around, feeling strange… it could be anyone, there were so many people around…

In Time || Parts 1 & 2: Christmas Past || rated G

Written for: Jakie (queenoflocksley)

Written by: ???


Part 1

It had been seven weeks.

Although the Snow Queen’s curse had lifted the snow and ice from town, it eventually began to fall again, ever-so gently on Christmas Eve, as the natural winter set in.

Around her, the house was silent and peaceful. Regina lay awake in her bed, clutching her stomach. 


This was becoming a regular pattern, one that she was not necessarily proud of: Emma insisted at least once or twice a week that Regina leave her house and join her for drinks. Last night, she and Emma had decided to follow up Christmas Eve afternoon at the Charmings’ apartment decorating and baking cookies for the holiday with Christmas Eve drinks at Granny’s so that, once again, she could try to forgot Robin and the seemingly unsurmountable challenge of figuring out the mystery behind that Author. That damn author of her fate, preventing her from reaching a happy ending.

But that evening, a festive Ruby had crashed their table at the diner, and the liquor had flowed even more freely than usual. Before long, the diner was spinning around her, and Regina found herself in a place in which she had overindulged more than she’d ever recalled doing before.

And now it was 3 a.m., and Regina had been tossing and turning throughout the darkest part of the night, only managing to drift in and out of consciousness rather than falling fast asleep. Henry had stayed with Emma and the Charmings so they could open presents the next morning together (she promised she’d join them bright and early), and now she was glad that Henry wouldn’t have to see a hungover mom first thing on Christmas.

As often happens when one is lingering in that foggy state somewhere between consciousness and sleep, her mind drifted on its own, voices and images filling her mind, everything from visions of her past - her mother, Snow, Daniel, Emma, Henry as a young boy - to the terrible images of a future of loneliness and unhappiness that undoubtedly awaited her unless she could figure out how to rewrite her destiny.

“Trouble sleepin’, sister?” A voice cut through the darkness in her room.

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