she looks young and fresh

Gemini ascending 

The condition of the ascendent in chart illustrates the individual’s social presence and characteristics, our understanding of “I”, and in many cases the  When Gemini is ascending it opens a toy box of multiple costumes for the individual to evoke. This multiplicity becomes apparent in her social conduct. Her face is always changing only subtly but strangely so, sometimes she looks ultra young, sassy, and fresh, at other times she appears older, confident, and cultured. The structures of her face can really change, like a fascinating transitionary play. The Gemini rising is more chameleon and physically changeable than her solar sister, there is even less substance in the Gemini risings physical form. Often Gemini risings are light footed and kind of elevated as they walk. She can be quite pixie-esque, elf-like, and she can certainly evoke a fairy’s mischief with enviable charm. Gemini risings love to learn, and each of their personalities have a unique sect of knowledge and questions ready to be released through satiating conversation. It’s impossible to predict what Gemini rising vibration will appear at any moment, and neither does she, so life can really appear like its a game. Her erratic nature has fleeting meltdowns that can be forgotten in a moment, and it can be impossible for people to tell if she is over excited or simply nervous. Throughout her instability, she has an admirable way of making strangers feel like they could pour their hearts out to her within a moment of meeting her. She lives for the flowing and energetic exchanges of information that give her personalities purpose and play. Gemini rising is the eternal child, so she never has to put her toy box away, she can dress up in any costume she wants any day.

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows

You can’t say you hadn’t see that coming.

You’re not surprised.

You saw the signs maybe even before Kara did. 

Hell, even before Maggie and that's saying something.

She’s your little sister, after all. Your best best friend, your family, your hero.

You know Kara like the back of your hand, she always wore her heart on her sleeve, her emotions easily readable through her facial expressions and body language. 

And she can’t hide the fact that she’s completely in love with Lena Luthor. Not anymore.

But of course, you already knew that.


“Clark’s in National City!”

You look up just in time to see Kara sliding inside your lab, her red cape flowing graciously behind her and you try to stifle a laugh when you notice she’s trying her best to not start jumping up and down in excitement. 

“Yeah, I know, I just saw him outside remember?” You respond with a light chuckle. “And I still think he s-”

“Stop talking about my cousin’s smell!” Kara quickly cuts you. “He asked me to help him, can you believe that? I’ll visit Lena Luthor with him later to see if she had anything to do with the Venture explosion.”

You frown at that because… well, you don’t exactly trust the Luthors. You were there when Lex tried to kill Superman for the last time almost three years ago with the blade made of kryptonite, his war suit making him almost as strong as Clark.

Fortunately, the DEO was there and they managed to get him in jail for the rest of his miserable life. 

But still, your sister was Supergirl and there was a Luthor in the city. Of course you were worried. 

“Just be careful, okay?" 

Kara smiled and kissed your cheek.

"Always.” Then she walked out.

Later that evening she texted you saying that apparently Lena was clear, and she had a feeling the young woman was really just looking for a fresh start for herself and her company. Plus, she was really pretty.

Agent Danvers [18:46]: And how does that make her innocent? 

Lil’ Sis [18:47]: It doesn’t! It was just a comment, Rao…

You only roll your eyes at your sister.


Lena Luthor shot Corben to save your life.

So not a villain. Maybe.

Kara decided to become a reporter and you’re very happy for your sister, because you know she can’t be a superhero 24/7, and the whole gang celebrates her first article about the Luthor alien detection device with a special Game Night.

“She talked about Lex today.” Kara says after you both start to clean her kitchen. 

“What?” You raise your eyebrow at Kara from your spot at the sink.

“Lena. I went to visit her at her office.” You see the way she bites her bottom lip nervously, as if waiting for you to yell at her for going there, but when you don’t, she keeps saying, “She was adopted too. She said Lex was such a good brother and now… she looks so lonely.”

You don’t say anything because you don’t now what to say. Kara has always taken people’s burdens as her own, but this time you realize it hits very close to home.

Then she smiles and suprises you with a tight hug.

“Thank you for being such a incredible big sister!" 


For the next couple of weeks you don’t have too much time to think about Lena Luthor, and about how Kara was right when she said she was very pretty, because you already have too much in your hands trying to get the alien fight club down with another pretty girl. 

Wait. You didn’t mean that. Detective Maggie Sawyer was insufferable! Completely insufferable… and okay maybe a little pretty, but only a little!

You’re surprised when Kara says she asked for Lena’s help to get the next fight club location, because you still don’t know how to feel about Lex’s sister.

You don’t think she’s a threat but she’s still a Luthor. 

But then again, you have all those new feelings inside you and you need to talk with your sister about how lost you are and about how you think you’re in lo-

And Lena Luthor gets in your way.


And… maybe you’re not as straight as you think you were, but did you just spot the gay in Lena’s eyes as she glared at you?

"She’s my sister.” Kara says and Lena visibly relaxes when she looks back at your sister with soft eyes.

You’re so silly. 

Just because you realized you’re a lesbian it doesn’t mean every woman you’ll meet is too. 

After that, you’re very glad to hear from Winn that Lena saved everyone’s asses (including Kara’s) with her field generator.

He and Kara keep gushing on and on about how smart and brave and pretty she was in that black dress and you pretend you didn’t see the way they blushed after agreeing to that. 

You also pretend you’re not heartbroken because you didn’t get the girl, but that’s just life.


You totally get girl.

You’re here and you’re queer and you’ve never felt so happy in your entire life because you have a girlfriend!

A very hot and very badass girlfriend.

You walk in Kara’s apartment without knocking like you usually do to give her the news, but she’s not expecting you like she usually is after hearing your familiar heartbeat from the corner of the street.

She’s distracted as she types away a text on her phone, giggling when she reads the response.


She suddenly looks at you with widen eyes. 

“Alex! I didn’t hear you coming.” She pats the spot beside her and you move to sit there as Kara types something quick in her phone with a small smile, before leaving it on the coffee table.

“Who were you texting?” You ask with a smirk because you know your sister and her silly smiles. 

“Oh! No one!” She replies too quickly and too loudly for you to believe that.

“You’re a horrible liar.” You say with a chuckle and she blushes. “Was that Mon-El?”

You know that not too long ago Kara finally got over James and you’re happy they’re still good friends.

(You’re happy you didn’t have to punch his face.)

You see the way the dexamite keeps staring longingly at your sister and how she sometimes stares back, as if thinking about the possibility that that could be something, that she could have what Clark has.

Maybe Mon-El wouldn’t be your first choice for someone you’d want your sister to fall for, actually you don’t think there's anyone worthy of Kara, your precious innocent baby sister, but you’re in love and you want her to have it too. 

“What?! No! That's not Mon-El!” Kara says, scrunching up her nose.

“Okay…” you bite your lip. “James then?”

“What are yo- no! It’s not James. It’s Lena.”



“Lena Luthor?”

“Yes.” She admits. “We traded numbers after the police sent her mother to jail. I wanted to thank her for saving the entire alien population in National City. I mean… I told her Supergirl told me that, because… you know.”

You nod. You were ready to tell Kara ‘I told you’ when Lena surprised all of you, including J'onn, by betraying her mother. 

She saved hundreds of innocent lives and Kara was the one with a smug smile after everything.

“How is she?”

“She has been better. She sent her mother to jail, so it wasn’t easy, but she told me she’s glad no one died because of a Luthor this time." 

You notice Kara’s very proud of Lena for that, if the smile she’s trying to hold back it’s any indication, and after everything Lena did for the the past few months, you decide to give her a chance from now on, after all, Kara trusts her.

"Anyway, you wanted to talk to me about something?" 

You smile.

"Guess who got the girl?" 

She squeals and wraps you in a hug.


All of the evidences tell Lena’s guilty.

But Kara is having none of that.

You’ve never seen your sister defend someone so much to the point of going against everyone, punching cement blocks all over the training room. 

And that’s how you find her.


She’s breathing heavily and you approach her slowly, looking down at her hands closed in fists. 

“I don’t want to talk right now, Alex.”

You cross your arms over your chest, but you don’t leave. And she’s not pushing you away either, so that’s something. 

“You need to calm down.”

She smiles bitterly, surprising you, because the last time Kara acted like that she was under the influence of Red-K.

“You want me to calm down? Lena is inocent and now she’s stuck in a cell all alone because your girlfriend arrested her without even letting her explain and you want me to calm down?!" Kara yells, pointing a finger a you.

"Hey!” You yell back. “Maggie was only doing her job, she has nothing to do with it!

"She has everything to do with it!”


She shakes her head, moving to sit on a bench, elbows on her knees as she rubs her face with her hands. 

“She’s innocent, I know she is.” Kara whispers.

You sit next to your sister, trying to calm down too, before wrapping an arm around her shoulders. 

“Everything’s gonna be fine.”

But you don’t know that. Not when later Kara flies after Lena without even considering Metallo might explode everything around him. 

Of course she succeeds and carries and injured Lena in for the DEO doctors to check on her.

Through the infirmary’s glass you see the way your sister’s running her hands carefully through Lena’s hair and how she caresses the CEO’s cheek with the tips of her fingers, before walking away with a pained expression, probably so Lena couldn’t see Supergirl if she woke up.

You’re not sure why you feel like you’re intruding in a very intimate moment. 

(In the back of your mind, you know why.)

When you visit Kara the next day after reading the amazing article she wrote about Lena being innocent, it feels like you just stepped inside a flower shop. 

There are so many flowers.

You’re very confused when Kara tells you later she kissed Mon-El.

Game Night was full of tension that week.

Kara still refused to share a full sentence with Maggie since the day she arrested Lena, and both of them were too proud to be the one to say sorry first. 

Mon-El had been all over Kara and yet, somehow, she didn’t seem all that interested anymore.

You remember seeing him move to kiss her mouth and she quickly using her superspeed to turn her head and laughing at something Winn had said, the dexamite planting a kiss on her cheek instead.

When you’re alone in your apartment with Maggie after everyone leaves, you feel your girlfriend poking your ribs to get your attention.

“Babe, I have a theory I want to share with you… but brace yourself because it might come as a shock.”

You frown.


Maggie took a deep breath for the drama effect and you can only smile at your girlfriend’s antics.

“I think little Danvers has the hots for little Luthor!” She says quickly.

You blink.

“Oh. That.”

“What do you mean 'that’? It’s a big deal, right? Wait…” Maggie gasps. “You knew already!”

“I had a feeling.” You confess. “But she’s with Mon-El, so… I’m confused.”

Maggie chuckles. “I'm not. You Danvers girls and the gay panic walk hand in hand apparently.”

“Hey!” You shove her away playfully and Maggie gives one of those laughs that shows off her dimples, making your heart melt deliciously. 

“Seriously, though. She wants nothing to do with that outer space man child and I still feel like she might split me in two with her laser eyes. And I’m pretty sure I managed to see her planning a date with Lena through a text.”

“They’re trying something called kombucha.”

“It’s a lesbian drink, honey.”

You laugh, leaning in against Maggie and letting her wrap her arms around your body.

“I just want her to be happy.”

“I know, baby.”

You’re both not surprised when Kara sends you text not even ten minutes later saying she broke things off with Mon-El.


Your head moves from side to side as you follow Kara pacing around the training room. 

“She has a boyfriend!” Kara grumbles.

“Ex-boyfriend.” You say.

“They were together for five years!” She whines.

“But only dated for two." 

"They made science together!”

“Are we talking about science or se-”

“I don’t like him!” Kara interrupts you. “And I don’t trust him! I know he’s up to something and I’ll find out what it is.” She started to pace again. “He won’t fool me with that beard of that hair or those eyebrows. Lena deserves better… but the way she looks at him…”

You can’t stand it anymore.

“Kara, do you want to tell me something?”

She looks surprised at you, like only now she understands her own words and how she just spilled them out for you.

“I-I… No.”

Then she walks out of the room, bumping against J'onn on her way out. 

You’ve never seen him uncomfortable, not even when he had to pretend to be Kara as Cat’s assistant, but the way blushes all the way to the tips of his ears when he looked in shock at Kara’s back…

You’re just so grateful you’re not psychic. 


Getting kidnapped and almost dying wasn’t in your plans. 

But you can’t help but feel happy when your sister and your girlfriend join forces to save you.

You really have the best family.

It takes a week for you to fully recover and go home, and all of your friends celebrate with Game Night, like always.

Only this time, Lena Luthor is there too.

“Agent Danvers.” She greets you after walking inside your apartment, offering you a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

“Oh, I’ll give Kara those…”

“No, please… these are for you.” She says, cheeks turning pink. “Kara told me you got injured on one of your missions, I’m glad to see you’re okay.”

You can’t say you’re not surprised, but before you open your mouth you feel Maggie’s hand on your waist.

“Trying to steal my girl, little Luthor?” Maggie says and you’re glad Lena smiling, raising her hands in surrender. 

“Wouldn’t think of that.”

“Get a Danvers to yourself.” Maggie winks at her and this time Lena doesn’t say anything.

“Lena!” Kara walks out of the bathroom and quickly wraps her arms around the CEO tightly. “I’m so glad you came!”

“That’s what she says.” Maggie mumbles feigning a cough. 

“Maggie! Behave.” You say, pointing at finger at her.

“Yes, ma'am.”

You observe Lena through the night.

She surprises everyone by paying for the food (the best pizzas from the most expensive Italian restaurant in National City), and you giggle as you watch James and Kara teaching her how to eat her slice with her bare hands and not with a fork and knife.

Maggie loves the vegan flavored ones the CEO bought specially for the two of them, saying they could be best friends forever, and you almost choke when Kara accepts a piece of the spinach pizza Lena offered her.

(Kara and healthy food? Yeah, right.)

You notice your sister’s hand touching Lena’s tentatively as they eat in silence and how they talk in soft whispers, smiling brightly as they look into each other’s eyes.

You’ve never seen Kara this happy. 

“Babe…” Maggie mumbles after you’re both under the covers. 


“I ship it.”

“Go to sleep, Maggie.” You say with a smile. 

“Yes, ma'am.”


“Do you want to get lunch together?” You ask Kara after a training session.

She offers you an apologetic look, already taking off her cape. 

“I’m so sorry, Alex. Lena’s finally free today, since she’s been busy with this new project, so I’m having lunch with her. But we can totally have a sister night, if you’re up to it?" 

You nod.

"Yeah, sure.”

Kara folds her cape slowly and carefully, and you recognize the famous crinkle between your sister’s eyebrows.

You know Kara wants to tell you something but she keeps chickening out in the last moment and changing the topic, and you don’t want to pressure her. You don’t want he to admit something she’s not ready to.

Kara sighs loudly, and you pretend you’re busy checking your gun. 

“Alex.” She finally says.


Kara folds her arms over her chest, approaching you nervously.

“I… I just wanted to… I-I mean, there’s this thing…”

You can’t help but smile and touch your sister’s shoulder, before pulling her into a gentle hug.

She’s such a baby sometimes.

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” You say, holding her tightly. “Relax.”

“I’m scared.” She mumbles against your shoulder.

“Scared of what?” You ask, pulling away to look into her blue eyes.

“I think I’m in love with Lena." 


"You think?” You say with a small smile, and she relaxes, clearly relieved you’re not biting her head off.

“I am in love with Lena.”

“Well, you just won me fifty bucks. Maggie was betting it would take you much longer to admit it.”

She gasps.

“You knew?”

“Kara, when Lena’s around you, you’re not very subtle.” You laugh. “You stare at her boobs like… a lot.”

Kara has the decency to blush brightly at that.

“I do not!”

“You do, and I don’t blame you. Maggie thinks she has amazing boobs too.”

“Hey!” Kara points a finger at you, but she’s smiling. “But they really are amazing…" 

"And she makes you eat kale.”

“It tastes disgusting.”

“She listens N'Sync with you.”

“She’s amazing at lip sync.”

“And she’s in love with you too.”

She blinks. 

“You think so?” She asked, eyes shining with hope.

“I know, Kara. The way she looks at you sometimes…” You smile. “Wanna tell me about her?”

Kara offers you a lovesick smile. 

“She’s so beautiful, Alex! And so smart… when she talks about science it’s so full of passion! But she also loves poetry, classic music, and kids, oh Rao she loves kids! She says they’re curious and honest and have the brightest minds, and I’m so in love with her!”

You laugh when she finishes almost out of breath, because you’re very happy for your sister.

“I think its time for you to get the girl.”


Clark and J'onn are holding Kara back using all of their strength as she screams loudly, trying to get away from them, trying to fly straight to Rhea’s ship consequences be damned. 

Lena is up there.


“Supergirl, you need to calm down!” J'onn screams back.

You see Clark squeezing her arms tightly as he makes her look into his eyes.

“Kara, listen to me! We’re getting Lena back, I promise you!”

She groans loudly, the veins around her eyes making themselves visible before she’s hitting Superman with her laser eyes, throwing him away against the DEO’s wall and managing to get away from J'onn’s grip. 

Clark shakes his head from his spot on the floor, before standing up and superspeeding towards Kara, breaking through the wall to the other side of the bulding.

They’re hitting each other so fast you only see blurs of red and blue, a glimpse of a punch here and there, flashes of quick heat vision, Kara kicking Clark in the chest so hard that the vibrations sends everyone to the ground. 

Including you.

Before you know what’s happening, Clark has Kara on her knees, trapped in his arms as he holds her from behind, and you run to your sister when you realize she’s crying.

“Kara…” You whisper.

Superman finally releases her from his grip and Kara falls with her hands against the ground, tears running down her cheeks.

“Lillian was right… she'll hate me, Alex… she’ll hate me when she finds out…”

And you finally understand.

You understand what she meant when she told you she was scared.

She was scared Lena wouldn’t love her back after realizing Kara was in fact Supergirl. 

“She won’t. You’re her hero, remember? She won’t hate you, sweetheart.”


Clark brings Lena back as promised.

And Lena saves the world with Lillian’s help.

The city is destroyed, but you can’t go another day without making sure Maggie is yours and you’re hers, so you ask her to marry you.

That’s your happy ending. 

But not Kara’s. 

Mon-El was a man child, but he was still their friend and she let him go.

And she’s been avoiding Lena since Clark carried the CEO back safely to the ground.

You’re not sure she should be alone right now, so you pay your sister a visit, but someone’s already there.

“Lena, please…” you hear Kara’s voice through her door.

“So you lied to me?”

Oh shit.

“N-No… I-I’m sorry…”

“You’ve been lying to me since the day we met and now you’re sorry?” Lena spits out, her voice trembling. “You made me feel like I could trust you, like I meant more to you than just my name but you were the one who couldn’t trust a Luthor!”

“Lena, you got it all wrong, of course I trust you, please, believe me!”

“And why would I believe you?”

“Because I love you!”

You gasp.

“Well, now is too late.”

The door opens and suddenly a teary-eyed Lena is standing in front of you, before she briskly walks past you towards the elevator. 

You walk inside Kara’s apartment and she’s sitting in her couch. 


“Just.. don’t.”


Maggie tells you it’s better to wait for them to figure things out on their own, and you agree to wait.

You wait for three months.

And then you’re walking inside Lena’s new office.

She doesn’t take her eyes away from her computer screen until you’re standing right in font of her desk, but apparently she’s not surprised to see you there.

“Agent Danvers.” Lena greets you, sitting up straighter in her chair, one of her eyebrows raised.

“Lena.” You say back.

“I don’t remember seeing you on my schedule.”

“There are some perks of being a federal agent.” You smile smugly.

“Except you’re not a federal agent, right?” Lena asks defiantly.

You sigh and decide to make yourself comfortable on the chair in front of Lena’s desk, before looking right into those green eyes that seemed to have the power to scan her like Kara did.

“I’ll be honest here, Lena.” She scoffs and you ignore her. “Kara lied to you. I lied to you. We all lied to you.”

She looks away but you keep going.

“But we also cared about you. I still care about you.”

“Then why did you lie to me?” She asks in a small voice, vulnerable. 

“To protect you!” You say. “And it is lame, I know, but Kara…”

Lena’s eyes flicker to yours at the mention of your sister’s name. 

“I got kidnapped for being Supergirl’s sister. I was tortured and almost died because of Kara. And to this day she still hates herself for it. And I know she wonders sometimes how my life would’ve been be if she wasn’t here. She wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if something happened to you for the same reason.”

Lena closes her eyes for a moment and you reach over her desk to rest your hand on top of hers, and you’re surprised when she holds your hand back.

“But I’ll tell you how my life would’ve been if Kara wasn’t in it: it would’ve been be miserable.”

A single tear runs down Lena’s cheek.

“I said awful things to her.”

You smile.

“She understands why you were angry. But you still can make things right.”


You reach inside your pocket and offers Lena your first wedding invitation.


Your wedding was amazing.

Your wife is amazing.

The honeymoon… amazing.

You’re almost sad to come back from Italy, but you want to see your sister.

And Lena. 

You remember seeing the CEO finally approaching Kara by the end of the party and both of them slow dancing together, sharing a few whispered words every now and then.

But you were too busy thinking about the honeymoon. 

(And how someone anonymously gave you a full paid honeymoon in Italy as a wedding gift.)

You share a kiss with your wife before walking inside Kara’s apartment only to immediately step back, tripping against Maggie and making her scream in pain.

“ALEX!” Kara screams, quickly sitting up from her spot under Lena and covering their very naked bodies with a blanket. 

“Jesus FUCKING Christ!” You yell, covering your eyes. “Where are your clothes?”

“Oh my God…” Lena mumbles, hiding her red face behind Kara’s back.

“Don’t you know how to knock?”

Maggie looks at them over your shoulder.

“Thank you for the wedding gift, little Luthor.” You want to punch Maggie because now it's so not the time. “And add amazing ass to that list, by the way." 

"Hey!” Kara yells.

“Let’s go home.” You grab Maggie’s hand and drags her out of Kara’s apartment, because your job’s clearly done here.

“Yes, ma'am.”




@tyrellsimsoficeandfire replied to your photoset “Saffron: Why are you still wearing your wedding ring, Mum? Saffron…” 

I’m curious how old Anita, Joel, Roy and Co. are? Still look young and fresh and yet Saffron is an adult

Saffron is not quite an adult- she is Anita and Harry’s daughter and is in her late teens. (Harry would be around 40.)

Anita is 50 this year (she may have already had her birthday, she is a bit evasive about the actual date). If she looks young and fresh it is mainly because of extensive cosmetic procedures.

Joël and Roy are either 29 or 30. 

And Sonia is a couple of years older than Roy.

I hope that helps!

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Jeanne do you ever just lay out in the garden drinking your wine with your tiddies out? And make susan jealous cause her breast are saggy and yours are still perky?

I must admit I do. But also because it’s just the best way to tan. I mean wine, Cosmo, and a body without tan lines plus a scorched enemy? That sounds like a dreamy combo. Especially since it also allows Nick to inspect the goods while he gardens~

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// Remember when I said a couple months ago that my Franzy wasn’t a fan of make-up, extra skin care and the sort? Of course you doesn’t, but anyway, HOW WRONG I WAS.


- Franzy is aaaaaaall about skin care, because when you are famous for being a prodigy you also must look as young and fresh as one. She has a really strict morning and night routine that involves cleaning and a lot, a lot of moisturizing.

- She adores essential oils and natural products in general, specially those that with rose hip on them.

- Some things never change, however. She isn’t really interested in make-up aside from lipstick –just nude colors or light blue– and eye liner. She rathers a ‘fresh and young’ look.

- Yes, she uses clay masks sometimes… Okay, two-three times a week.


- She secretly is a huge fan of War Paint –yes, the musical.

1. India

I am loving how versatile India is in this competition. She has managed to serve something totally different in every photograph so far. And I am loving  what she is doing here. Her body looks insanely gorgoeus and the clothes look amazing on her. I also love her pose. It’s confident and arrogant and it totally works with this brief. She is embodying that luxurious celebrity lifestyle - but she looks young and fresh and fashionable at the same time. I also love her expression. I’m pretty sure that you could find this Close Up in the dictionary, next to the word FIERCE. India killed it this week.

Pairing: Jon/Sansa

Rating: Teen/Mature

Prompt: Jon and Sansa take back Winterfell and, after discovering Jon is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar, marry in an effort to unite the North.

 (This is a bit of a long one! >,<)


“Jon,” Sansa said primly, setting her empty wine glass aside. “I want you to bed me.”

Whatever he had expected her to say, whatever awkward encounter he had envisioned this night might hold, it hadn’t been that. He choked on his sweet wine, nearly dribbling it all down the front of his fine new tunic, and only barely manged to save himself from total disgrace by way of a hastily snatched cloth. She frowned at him, pursing her lips, as a pretty flush bloomed high on her cheeks. 

“This is, after all, our wedding night,” she said, lifting her chin in a clear challenge.

Jon continued to cough and sputter, reeling a bit, and when he spoke at last his voice was a hoarse croak, “Sansa, we talked about this.”

“No,” she insisted with a hint of steel in her voice. “You talked, refused to look at me, and then left the room before I might respond.”

She paced toward him in her thin dressing gown and fine white and silver robe, her stocking clad feet all but silent across the stone. Her hair had been let down from its intricate coils and it was haloed in the firelight, framing her in burnished tendrils of flame and copper. She looked young and fresh and lovely and pure and entirely removed from him, here in the sanctity of the chamber thei- her parents had shared.  

“Sansa,” he tried again, forcing himself not to bolt for the door as she took yet another step toward him. He could smell her. Lemons and lavender. “W-we, I’m your-“

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Adriana's Skincare routine


Adriana has said one of her favorite things to do is put Coconut Water on her face. She soaks a cotton pad in Coconut Water, then puts in all over her face. It helps make her skin glow and also keeps it healthy. She also likes to pop her Coconut Water in the fridge to cool it down so she can drink it and she also soaks cotton balls in it and she puts them on her eyes to help get rid of under eye bags.

Adriana said the most important thing about maintaining healthy skin is to drink lots and lots of water. Water is the most natural way of cleansing not only your skin but your entire body. Adriana drinks one galleon of water a day. She said you can tell by someone’s skin how well they are hydrated on the inside. In addition to using Coconut water on her face, Adriana also likes to drink it, it’s a healthy change up from drinking loads and loads of just plain water.

Adriana has said: “I think something that is very important for your skin is to remember that everything that goes in to your body is going to show up on the outside, believe it or not. You’re going to see it in your skin and your hair and your nails, so its important to watch out”

Based on the above statement, in order to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing she recommends eating lots of greens. Broccoli, asparagus, spinach, anything green. They help keep her skin looking fresh and young. She has also said that if you like to snack, blackberries and blueberries are the way to go. They not only help maintain healthy skin, but they can also help you burn fat cells, so it’s an all around win!

For skincare products, not only Adriana but so many other models live by Doctor Colbert's Illumino Face Oil. The product is a combination of passion fruit and marula oil from Africa. It both soothes the skin, and helps makeup go on flawlessly, while also enhancing the radiance of the skin. The models are able to take better photographs when the entire skin surface is lightly covered in Illumino.

Healthcare tips outlining her diet and fitness routines can be found here

Additional little random tips Adriana lives by:

- Avocado’s give her hair super moisture and keep it healthy and shiny.

- “If you want your hair to grow faster, you can take flaxseed oil or flaxseed pills, just ask your doctor. Its great! It will make your hair super shiny and it’s going to grow fast.”

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do you have any headcanons for bisky? :)

Bisky’s motto is “be a strong queen, the world is lucky to have you as its pearl”. She came in contact with jewels from a young age, always attracted to shiny objects and to beauty in general, Bisky vowed to follow her passions and live life her way.

Her love for beauty and strength made peace when she started to learn nen. Bisky developed her muscles and insane power while keeping her nen technique as useful as possible for her ideals. Cookie-chan, the masseuse that works wonders, made sure Bisky looks as fresh and young as she wishes.

Bisky never hid her love for men. She had a lot of adventures all over the world where she scored more than jewels. Even now her naughty side remains a top characteristic. Her love for teaching started with Wing. She then realized jewels can come as people too. Bisky loved to polish Wing and never held back for a second. She never does. Bisky goes all out no matter what. Training, love, hunting, she gives it her best shot.

Fashion wise her lolita outfits are a phase. Bisky realized they suit her well so she stuck with them, but she had many other outfits. When she traveled, she accepted cultural gratitude when offered and never denied the local traditional clothing.

While Bisky is honest with herself, she is quite the little liar with others. This is thanks to her encounters with pirates. Looking for jewels often made her set sail and she’s no amateur when it comes to manipulating the sneakiest of pirates.

Her “cute helpless girl” persona is something she did at first to seem harmless to dangerous people so she could get as much information out of them as possible. Now she does it to asses the power of others and also because she often wants stay out until she absolutely has to interfere.

Bisky’s the type of teacher who always comes when called. Class is never over with her.

  • Billboard: What were you drawing from when you designed this look?
  • Versace: I was thinking about color blocking, which seems like a very simple idea. But this is pure couture. The complexity is in choosing the right colors, and then cut and fit to create the power and drama.
  • B: How did you and Taylor collaborate on it?
  • V: She wanted a look that was young, sexy and fresh, as she is, totally reflecting her character. It was a pleasure to create this look for her. Taylor’s gown is the perfect example of how bold color can create such an incredible effect.
  • B: What's your philosophy about color on the red carpet?
  • V: I love playing with color on the red carpet. For me, color is so important to capture a woman’s character and her power. How boring would the world be if we all dressed in dull colors? I'm Italian, I love passion and energy.
  • B: What kind of liberties can you take on Grammy red carpet that you can't for the Oscars?
  • V: My name is Versace, when did I ever play by the rules? Every time we create an Atelier Versace red carpet gown, it is a unique reflection of the woman wearing it. I’m not thinking about the rules, but about the woman who is wearing the gown. I want them to look their absolute best, shining brighter than they’ve ever shone before. The red carpet is such an important moment for any star, when all the eyes of the world are on them.
  • B: Still, there must be a difference, even ever so slight?
  • V: On the Grammy’s red carpet I’m able to push for particular styles, a more “rock 'n' roll” mood and for the Oscars I tend to design for the character the actors play in the movie as well as for the actors themselves. It’s my responsibility to give them perfection, and it is something I take very seriously. That is why when the icons of the world walk the red carpet, they wear Atelier Versace.
  • B: What is it like having Taylor wear your design?
  • V: I'm very proud of this dress.Taylor is such an inspiration. She has become one of the biggest icons in the world in such a short time by being totally herself.
Taylor is such an inspiration. She has become one of the biggest icons in the world in such a short time by being totally herself.“ “Taylor wanted a look that was young, sexy and fresh, as she is, totally reflecting her character; It was a pleasure to make this look for her. Taylor’s gown is the perfect example of how bold color can create such an incredible effect.
—  Donatella Versace on Taylor Swift and designing her 2016 Grammy gown

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Prompt: soma, prohibition era. That is all, go forth kitten! (please no angst)


This took me forever, sorry! Anyway, here is this weird little jazz club thing that probably isn’t entirely historically accurate, but hopefully pretty close. Also you didn’t ask for genderbent!Kilik BUT YOU GOT HER ANYWAY.

P.S. - This gets a *tiny bit* risque toward the end, but it’s like PG-13 risque. Read at your discretion. Also I apologize for typos and such, this is a little less edited than my usual fare.


The Green Mill spun lazily overhead, casting its harlequin light over the building and recalling the streets of Paris. It shone brighter than Maka’s eyes and she sheathed her sneer, careful to keep her face doe-sweet and smiling. Kili Rung nudged her with an elbow, cocking a brow above her black specs.

“You ready? We don’t have all day to wait. The audition’s calling.” Kili ran a hand over her close-cut braids, her dark skin shifting with every turn of the infamous windmill atop the jazz club.

Maka pulled out her pocket mirror and checked her hair and lips for the fifth time in the last hour. She had to look the part.

“Hold tight,” she said, snapping the compact shut. “We’re not really angling for the job, anyhow.”

“We still gotta sell it,” Kili said with a shake of her head. “You know who else sings here? Billie Holy Pipes Holiday, that’s who. She’s the bar we’re aiming for, and being late isn’t gonna help. Come on, slowpoke.”

Maka took a breath. “Now or never, I guess.”

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This shot right here - from the 8x06 promo. Just LOOK at her face. She is soooo in love with him. And I love how young and fresh she looks: simple hair, minimal make-up. Nothing but radiating love and tenderness - and hope. Castle: the show that kills you one week at a time.

I know some will disagree but Emma looks so frickin’ beautiful in that sneak peek.

The way the light hits her face, she looks so fresh-faced and young - she looks so smooth and like she’s glowing. Although she’s troubled, her skin looks carefree (I know that sounds weird)

And of course Killian is looking gorgeous as usual with his primped and pristine appearance.

They just look so so good in that sneak peek

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"Don’t trust me." - Kristanna (Did you say angst? All the angst. Please. I live for angst.)

Okay so I toyed with this scenario a lot and most versions of it were much, much angstier, but also they were more elaborate and it would have taken a full length fic to make them work so ANYWAY I’m sorry this is not really very angsty, it’s mostly just a random AU scenario.

But on the plus side, cowboy/gunslinger Kristoff! I didn’t realize how much I wanted that until I started writing it but um yes I am into it. 

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