she looks too cute wearing them anyways

Blue Sargent is my Wife and i Love Her

i don’t know why out of all the rare pairings in this fanbase i find myself shipping allura x swirn but listen

first, picture swirn without her jellyfish. i imagine she looks a lot like her fellow mermaids. but with slate blue skin, a cute rounded nose, full lips, and long billowing brown mermaid hair similar to florona’s

i’m assuming too that while the mermaids are all one species, there are different ethnicities among them, and so swirn wears her golden bracelets on her wrists at all times, as a way to remember and represent her culture

anyway. she meets allura when allura and lance (her diplomat in training) return to queen luxia’s underwater kingdom to speak with the queen and invite her to join their growing rebel alliance

and when allura and lance are let in to meet with the queen, plaxum and blumfump are there and they are so happy and excited to see lance again. but swirn is just kinda curious about who the girl is he brought with him

Jinyoung Imagine - Celebrity Crush

You were lounging around at home, mindlessly scrolling through your phone until you saw numerous twitter notifications saying you should watch Got7 on a show called After School Club. You clicked the links people had sent you and skipped to the times they all said to watch from. You were met with a closeup of Jinyoung’s face. He was talking about you! You almost dropped the phone in excitement at the idea that your bias knew who you were.
“Yes, I really like (Y/N). Her music is great and I love her voice,” he said to the MCs.
“He also thinks she’s really pretty!” Jackson said, teasing him and making him blush.
“Ohhh, do you have a little crush?!” One of the MCs, Jimin, joked. The look of embarrassment on his face suggested his protests that he was simply a fan were false. As they continued to watch the show, you found yourself looking at Jinyoung more closely. When your phone rang, it took a moment for the fact to register and you had to shake yourself out of your trance. It was your manager.
“Hi, (Y/N)! So, I’ve got some good news for you,” she said to you.
“Ooh, do tell.”
“I was able to get you on a talk show to promote your new movie and, guess who will be on there with you!”
“Got7! I know how much you like them, especially Jinyoung,” she teased you, knowing you’d be blushing at your crush.
“Yes I do like them, their music is good.”
“Don’t try and pretend that you don’t think he’s cute. I know you too well. Anyway, I’ve got to go now but you’ll be on the show tomorrow night so make sure you’re there in plenty of time. Bye!” You said your goodbyes and hung up. You were going to meet your bias tomorrow and needed as much sleep to look as good as possible.

It was mid-afternoon and you had arrived at the studio where the talk show was being filmed. You were wearing fairly casual clothes since you knew you would be given a nicer outfit by the stylists on the show. There were lots of people bustling about but you managed to find the dressing room quickly enough. As you walked in, Got7 were already there and choosing what clothing they all wanted to wear that tied in nicely with their most recent comeback. Before greeting them, the stylists rushed over to you and got you to pick out an outfit. It only took you a few minutes to find the items you wanted; black skinny jeans, a white top that showed off your bellybutton, a black blazer and some heeled boots to match. A few of the Got7 members were still deciding what to wear, making you giggle at how seriously they took their fashion.

Once you had gotten changed and had finished getting your hair and makeup done, you were able to chat with Got7 before the talk show started. 
“Hi!” You said, waving as you walked over to them all, “I’m (Y/N). It’s so nice to meet you guys.” They all greeted you with big smiles and seemed just as excited to meet you. The only member who wasn’t overly loud or excitable was Jinyoung. You held eye contact with him, smiling at him in an attempt to get him to talk more. After talking with them for a bit they were all called to get their makeup done except Jinyoung, who had been finished long before the others. You took the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with him, knowing it’d be unlikely to happen again anytime soon. 
“Hi, Jinyoung. It’s great to meet you, I’m a big fan.”
“Me too, I loved your last album,” he smiled shyly, seeming nervous to talk to you. 
“Thank you! I’m glad you liked it, I’m excited to do more acting though. Oh, and I loved Got7′s latest comeback too!” He chuckled at your hurried response, sensing your nerves. 
“Thanks, I saw a trailer for your movie and I’m excited to see it. I’ve been doing more acting recently as well.”
“Oh yeah, I heard. I’m also excited to see your movie,” you laughed lightly before continuing, “the premiere for this movie is soon, any chance you’d like to go?”
“Only if we can get dinner beforehand.” He gave you a flirty wink, making your knees go a little weak. Composing yourself, you responded, “Of course. I’ll make sure I’m dressed nicely, even underneath the dress.” You winked at him before walking towards your manager. As you reached her, you looked over your shoulder at Jinyoung and blew him a kiss before biting your lip and watching him swoon.

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How abt ayahina during their small date at aogiri ruins? Forgot the chapter sry lololol dont care of it's fluff or smut but i wud be so so so thankful if it's either thank you so much love love xx

“When you said ‘peaceful’, I was expecting somewhere quiet and overall desolated, not… this!” He points a finger at the playground just below the staircase. ‘This’ actually refers a small playground that currently has three kids playing in it. Pretty peaceful, in Hinami’s opinion.

“My other idea was actually the amusement park. If you are against here, then we can always h-“

“This is fine. Totally fine.” Taking her petite hand into his large one, Ayato leads her down to their newest date place, grumbling a little at why they have to share the place with kids.

As always, Hinami wins.

“Don’t worry about them, Ayato, they’re just about to leave. Their parents always picks them up just before sunset.”

Ayato hears the sadness in her small voice at that, and for some reason, he envies those kids now. He can’t remember the last time he was smiling like that chubby brat who just saw his mum entered the playground premise. Just nice, the playground cleared rather quickly after they arrived, Hinami taking a seat by the swing and turns to him, “give me a push?”

Of course, Ayato doesn’t say “no” to her.

He pushes her a little, then a little more when he sees her smile getting wider.

“Do you think I can level myself with the bar?”

“Unless you want your skirt flying up, be my guest and go ahead and try.”

Hinami quickly drags her feet along the sand to slow down, thanking Ayato mentally for reminding her about her outfit today.

“Thought so,” he smirks at her blushing face. “Why do you always wear skirts? Isn’t it a hassle to fight in them?”

Hinami slows herself to a stop and readjusts her skirt, soothing the folds gently like it is gold that she’s wearing. “I do wear safety shorts inside but I try not to flash myself if I can help it. And skirts are cute.”

He sees her smile too brightly and knocks her on the head lightly. “No matter what you wear, you’d still look cute anyway,” he mumbles softly before walking away.

Too bad for him, she heard him loud and clear.

Nirvana in Fire Episode 5 Reaction

Aaand I’m back! I had hoped to write this and post it before my two-week vacation ended, but while I did manage to write here and there, I was never able to find enough time to actually get this finished. Whenever I had any downtime at all I ended up falling asleep, because I was so busy all the rest of the time! But thank you for your patience, and I am most delighted to be back to watching and writing about Nirvana in Fire. Apologies in advance for any errors/disjointedness in this recap, as it was written over the course of my travel through three separate Hawaiian islands, Tokyo, and Okinawa, including while on eight different plane flights over three time zones, lol. Jetlagged isn’t even a strong enough word.

So: episode five! The opening theme music starts and let me tell you, guys, it sounds even better than usual because I’ve been away from it for almost two weeks now. It’s like that first sip of coffee in the morning when you need that caffeine hit. Glorious.

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Happy Halloween Everybody from Lani & I, today we are going food shopping for tonight’s festivities. & Lani is always sleeping ! lol she looks soo cute, Dominic dressed her today. I love when my baby wears pink.🎀 While her sisters are in school we just gon be chillen until they get out. Lani be missing them when they gone lol. Me too though cause I be feeling emotionally detached from them 😩, I swearrrrr theyyy are my LIFEEEE !!! idk what id do without my Kids & Dom.. Anyways, I hope you guys have a Good Spooky Halloween