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Love Yourself, Love

Requested Prompt: Can you do an imagine where tom has a gf who has really low self esteem and is really struggling with her confidence, and tom is there to help her realize that self-love is important? (@dropdeadrxses)

           Thanks so much for this request! This is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time and have only recently overcome emotionally, but am still battling physically. If anyone ever needs support in any aspect of life, please know you can talk to me.

Warnings: reader struggling with self-esteem, self-loathing, self-depreciation, fluff


The Hollywood Reporter had just leaked photos from the photo shoot Tom did with his Homecoming co-star, Zendaya, and (Y/N) was curled up on Tom’s couch, eyes lingering over how stunning Tom’s new friend looked and mind running with scenarios of things that could have happened ‘behind the scenes.’ (Y/N) hated how easy it was for her to completely discredit herself, but in reality, what did she have to offer Tom or anyone for that matter?

She couldn’t help but notice how Tom’s shirt seemed to have a different number of buttons opened in various photos. Instantly, her mind went to thoughts of him cheating on her. Her chest tightened as she thought about what could have happened between the two of them. She knew that Tom was raised to be a gentleman and certainly distinguished himself from other guys their age, but the thought wouldn’t leave her mind. She was a no body and always would be. her disdain had nothing to do with the fact that Tom was a celebrity and she was a regular Joe, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Zendaya was a celebrity, she just didn’t know how anyone could see anything worth their time in her.

The soft pattering of Tom’s feet sounded as he made his way down the stairs and toward his girlfriend. “Hey, love,” he called out to her, “I was thinking we could go out to dinner tonight with everyone and I can show you off.” (Y/N) rolled onto her back, feeling the tension in her shoulder subside immediately. She clicked the screen of her phone off and dropped it onto the coffee table as Tom lifted her legs to sit beneath them. 

“Why?” she asked without intending to.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he asked in return with a smile across his face as he rested his hands on her knee.

“Because you can be with like three models at the same time right now and you’re with me,” she sighed all too quickly.

“Why would you say that?” he asked, his voice ignorant of the emotions running through her head.

“Because it’s true,” she scoffed lightly. “You’re an easy ten and I’m like what, maybe a five on a good day?”

“How could you think you’re a five, (Y/N)?” he asked with a laugh in his voice, still not picking up on the fact that she was growing even more upset.

“Just forget about it,” she sighed while slipping her legs out from under his and making her way toward Tom’s room, which she occasionally stayed in. She dropped onto the bed, pulled the sheets up to her neck, and curled into a ball while lying on her side. it didn’t take long for Tom to make his way back toward his room and close the door behind him.

“What’s the matter, (Y/N)?” he asked while sliding into the bed beside her.

“Can you please just leave me alone?” she muttered.

“Only if you tell me what’s making you so sad,” Tom stated while rubbing his thumb across her shoulder.

“Why are you with me?” she mumbled through the sheets as a small tear slid out of the side of her eye.

“Because I love you,” he said as he moved his fingers through her hair.

“But why do you love me?” she pestered as another tear slid across her nose from the other eye. “What do you see in me that makes you think I’m worth anything? There’s nothing special about me,” her voice started to shake slightly as she continued to admit to him everything that stood between them. “In fact, there are a lot of things about me that you didn’t know about when we first got together. I know my baggage is something that you didn’t sign up for when you met me. Why do you continue to deal with me? How can you be so nice to me when all I’ve been is a burden to you? Here you are, asking to go out and have a great time and all I can think of is why you haven’t dumped me or cheated on me yet.”

Tom’s chest tightened at her words and he flopped onto his left side. He slid his left arm underneath (Y/N)’s head, draped his right over her waist and laced their fingers together. His words were lodged in his throat but he couldn’t bring himself to say them without having his voice crack from sorrow. Tom cleared his throat and traced his thumb along her hand before speaking. “You may not see anything special in yourself, (Y/N), but you’re wrong,” he said softly as the wind created from the ceiling fan brushed her hair across his cheek. “I love that you can make me laugh when I’m having the worst day ever, I love that when you’re scared I feel compelled to make you feel safe in my arms, I love the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. When you walk into a room, I can’t help but ignore everything else and focus on you because there’s a pounding in my heart that makes concentrating on anything else so incredibly difficult.” Slowly, (Y/N) rolled over to face Tom. He pushed away the tears rolling along her face with his thumb and smiled at her. “I love the way you look when you wake up in the morning with a weird mix of bed head and sex hair,” he said while ruffling her hair lightly. “I love how smart you are and how you’re constantly pushing me to be a better person so that I can be a better boyfriend, because I want to be the man that you deserve.” She couldn’t help the tears that overcame her at his words. “And when I asked you to be my girlfriend, I asked that of every part of you, even the one’s I didn’t know about yet.”

The tears streaking (Y/N)’s face were a blend of joy and sadness as Tom pressed his forehead against hers. “You deserve more than I can offer you,” she said with an empty tone in her voice.

“Believe me when I say that you are more than I deserve, (Y/N),” he said as he took her hands in his. “All you need to do is love yourself, love,” he said while pressing his lips against her head. “I will help you through this,” he promised and then placed his lips gently and passionately against hers, “because you don’t deserve to go another day without seeing and apppreciating all of the things about you that make me love you.”

Friendship Is Nice. Friendship and Lingerie Is Nicer.

Summary: CS Modern AU. Friends to Lovers. Emma gets some new lingerie and, intending to get approval from her friends, accidentally sends some revealing pictures to the wrong group chat. Smut ensues.

tagging @emmasbutt who has put up w/ my incessant chatter while writing this fic ♥

Rated M. 6.6k words ~ also on ao3

Emma Swan has not owned a decent set of lingerie in far too long. It’s not as if she’s had anyone to wear it around, has had any need for it. The thought of needing an upgrade to her sexy wardrobe isn’t something her friends have needled her about in a while and therefore, hasn’t crossed her mind.

She’s just gotten her income tax money and seeing as she’s finally in a financially stable enough place in her life to not need to spend the money on bills, she takes a slightly reluctant but much-needed trip to the nearest mall. Too many unstylishly ripped jeans and torn t-shirts have been piling up in her wardrobe and, really, her lack of anything that ranges outside the bounds of leather and simple cotton is kind of sad.

She’s made a decent dent in her wallet—a couple of sheer shirts (who knew sheer was so in), a floral dress, a little black dress Ruby will whole-heartedly approve of, a nice green jacket that is decidedly not leather, and even a pencil skirt—when she passes the Victoria’s Secret.

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BTS' Reaction To: Their S/O Being A Plus Sized Model & Never Wearing Pants to To Bed!

Can I have a seventeen reaction to their girlfriend (a plus size model) like never wearing pants to bed, like just underwear. So like you have a full show of her thighs. Thank you!

Honestly I don’t think any of them would mind that you prefer not to wear pants; In fact, a few of them would REALLY enjoy that. But let’s see how each of the members feel about that… 

EDIT: I realized i did this for bts and not for seventeen and i’m hella sorry…


  • He’d be ok with it, but not if other members were around to see you. 
  • I feel like he’s lowkey possessive, but it would rarely show on his face. 
  • If it’s just the two of you though, he would be so down with you not wearing pants. 
  • He’d also like how confident you are with your body. He’d be very proud of you and your modeling career. Would root for you while you were in the middle of a photo shoot.

Originally posted by fawnave


  • He’d also love it, but wouldn’t try to show it. 
  • It’d be a simple nod of approval, but on the inside he’s probably screaming. 
  • Because wow? I’m so lucky?? 
  • Unlike Jin, he’d let you know that he doesn’t want any of the members to see you like this.
  • But of course, you’re a model and it’s kinda your job for people to see you! He’d want to be at the photo shoots and be your silent cheerleader. 

Originally posted by imonaworldtour


  • Would actually scream on the inside and maybe a lil bit on the outside, because holy hell you look amazing? 
  • Would also just say that he doesn’t want the other members to see you like this. 
  • Would honestly think that he’s the luckiest guy ever. 
  • He’d also be very supportive of your career and wouldn’t be afraid to mention you in an interview or two.

Originally posted by jjeonguk


  • Would be extra af. 
  • Screeching about how you literally took his breath away.
  •  He’d be the type to shower you in compliments just to see you all flustered. 
  • I honestly feel as if he’d brag about you to the other members. Like, “Isn’t she gorgeous?”
  • Would mention at any chance that he got. 
  • In an Interview? “Have you seen Y/N’s new photo spread?” On a variety show? “Y/N would look stunning right now!” 

Originally posted by syubto


  • Is also the type to shower you in compliments just to see you flustered. 
  • Wouldn’t explicitly tell you that the members can’t see you like this, but you already know the consequences of making him jealous. 
  • Honestly loves your confidence. 
  • Would get excited with you whenever you got another gig. “Like of course you want her!!”

Originally posted by chimcheroo


  • Is 100% supportive of your modeling gig. 
  • The amount of confidence you have for your body made him so happy. 
  • He’s also the type to brag to the members about how amazing you looked in your last photo shoot. 
  • He wouldn’t stop there though. Whenever an MC would ask about you, he’d immediately promote you and talk about how amazing you looked in every photo. 

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty


  • Would be SHOOK over how confident you were with your body. 
  • Wouldn’t want any of the other members to see you like that. Not even all of South Korea could see you like that. 
  • “Honey, it’s my job. I’m a model…Please let me go, I need to be at the photo shoot in 10 minutes.” 
  • “NO! No one can see your beauty!!” 
  • Would praise you after every issue came out, because you deserve it. 

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Keep sending in your wonderful requests! 

~ Admin Ryn

Best Birthday Ever

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve, Natasha, Thor. Tony and Bruce (mentioned)

Summary: The Reader recalls her best birthday ever.

Prompt:  “I bet this isn’t what you thought you’d be doing on your birthday when you woke up this morning.”

Word Count: 1,868

Warnings: A little bit of angst that ends in fluffy goodness.

Tags: @oneshot-shit, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (My beta)

A/N: #Kinza’s 17th Writing Challenge using the above prompt.

*GIFs used are not mine*

June 1st, 2017

“Natasha, it’s fine. I know that you and Steve have been planning this date for months. No, go ahead and we’ll do something tomorrow afternoon okay? Now go before Cap has a fit that you aren’t there on time, like usual. Love you too sweets.” Y/N hangs up her phone with a sigh and takes a moment to gather her thoughts together.  She felt bad for lying to Natasha but she didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was cancelling on her birthday dinner.  She hates to make a big deal about it but this is the first time in years that she hasn’t had someone to celebrate with, be it family, friends, or a special someone.  

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August 17

Fifth Harmony’s feature with the LA Times was released today.

The girls talked about how this era – 2017 – is about them bouncing back from a rough 2016.

INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS! Our girls look  s t u n n i n g.

Some highlights.

2016′s lowest points:

Ally, we now know, is responsible for reaching out to Dina, their lawyer now, back in 2015.

On getting creative control:

The album, y’all!

And they sure will this era.

Our girls enjoyed the interview very much.

Nice subtle shade, Dinah ;)


Lauren posted this stunning makeup free picture of herself wearing a shirt with a powerful message:

Well, our girls are flying private now!

Of course, her tweets today.

She’s agreeing very well with John Mayer:

and excited for the new AHS season:

and lol’ed at this tweet:

She was freaking out over the news Angel was very much talked about on Twitter when it dropped:

Dinah is teasing us again!

Ally’s (35 minute!!!) interview with Zach Sang, recorded last month, was uploaded today.

She talked everything from life, her career so far, her solo endeavor, the girls, and the upcoming era of 5H.

Normani, stop playing humble. You’re pretty in virtually all imaginable angles lol

Down is discounted.

NZ VIP Packages are now on sale:

Today was the last day to vote for the VMA’s. I hope everyone put in the work for our girls!

Insta/Snap today. The girls were again, at rehearsals.

A Calzona Meet Cute

Author’s Note: A short AU story that’s nothing but fluff. I was inspired after reading an insanely sappy post on Facebook which actually had me asking, “this actually happens?! And why doesn’t this happen to me?”

I’m hoping this will kick start my interest in writing again but in all honesty, my muse comes and goes so suddenly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last thing I write for months.

In the meantime, enjoy! Also, I apologize if this doesn’t show up properly on mobile and comes out as an insanely long post, instead of having a “read more” cut.

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Mixed-breed puppy, 2 months old, Tbilisi City Hall’s Shelter for Animals 

This stunning puppy was soaking the sun rays when we entered the shelter. She wasn’t shy at all during the photo shoot. We guess that confidence and good looks must have impressed someone. We just found out, as we were preparing this post, that this lovely girl was adopted! Best of luck to her in her new family!

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Under the Microscope: @pondlife_pondlife Takes a Close Look at New York City’s Waters

To see more of Sally’s photos and videos, follow @pondlife_pondlife on Instagram.

Her videos look like lava lamps. Her stills look like abstract art. But the stunning subjects Sally Warring (@pondlife_pondlife) captures are residents of New York City’s pond waters. Hooking up her smartphone to a microscope, Sally, who’s a Ph.D. candidate at New York University, documents microorganisms that she’s collected in water samples from Central Park and other urban bodies of water at 100 or higher magnitude. Sally’s Pondlife project aims to educate nonscientists about single cellular life, and she captions her samples in layman’s terms, while slipping in details, like the difference between green algae and cyanobacteria: “Green algae … has a distinctive cell wall, and inside each cell there’s a whole bunch of stuff. Little round balls they look like to me,” she writes. Sally hopes to show people that these organisms have behaviors that we usually associate with more complex life forms, like animals and plants. “We’re living amongst them, and they’re living amongst us,” she says. for @kawaii-kittenexo.

Being a college student had its perks, since living on campus provides parties, celebrations, conventions, events, and any other kind of distraction. But none of that happened during summer vacation, so you’re stuck in your dorm room laying on your bed, wasting away.

Until your roommate comes in and asks if you’re up for a game of truth or dare. You sit up, pleasantly surprised at the random encounter and agree, making space on your bed so she can sit down next to you.

She immediately asks you which option you want, and out of curiosity and restlessness, you choose “dare”.

“I dare you to try out this program I found.” She says, opening up your laptop and typing something in the search bar. You squint your eyes at her skeptically for a moment.

“Did you come in here knowing I’d choose dare?” You ask slowly. She simply grins in reply and then shoves the laptop in your lap for you to see.

“It’s a hook-up site! But completely safe and legit! It’s government approved and it’s been going on for years now. A lot of the couples who met each other there got a job there to encourage people like you - alone and bored with life - to try it out because it work.” She reassures before you can point out the flaws, and you’re rendered speechless.

Without a good excuse to deny her, you shoot her a dissatisfied look before looking at the screen. Big sparkly bubble letters greet you first, forming the words “Be My Honey!” You look at your friend in dismay, really not wanting to go any further when the URL is “”.

She scrolls down for you, and you’re met with a picture of a happy couple, smiling while holding hands. The text underneath states:

Welcome to Be My Honey! This site was created for your convenience and love life, all you have to do is take our 20 minute survey and get your match!

“See? It’s legit. The survey is so long because they want to pair you up with someone like you.” You friend says excitedly.

“Or maybe it’s because they want to have information on me so they can find and kidnap me. Because they’re actually creepy people.” She looks at you in exasperation and you apologize, because she genuinely wanted you to try this out. After staring at the happy couple a few moments longer, you sigh. “Fine, I’ll try it out, okay?”

“Yay!” She claps her hands and directs the mouse to the survey link, then leaves it to you to fill in your personal information. The survey asked general get-to-know-you questions like “What is your favorite drink?” and “Do you go out often?”.

It was after the first 20 questions that it started getting personal. “Have you lived in a two-parent household most of your life?” “Do you prefer the female or male sex as a romantic partner?”

It’s not until the last question do you finally have an enthusiastic  answer. “How well do you tolerate boredom?”

“That’s an easy answer.” You say as you type in your response. “I’d rather be dead than bored.” The last thing they ask for is a picture of yourself, and your friend goes through all of your photos until she finds one she thinks you’re absolutely stunning in.

“There’s no way any guy who sees this will object.” She tells you, uploading it herself. “If I was a guy, I’d be jealous of this dude.” She winks.

The site doesn’t send you a response letter until a week later. Though you weren’t exactly looking forward to it, it’s a new experience and you’re excited about it. The moment you see the e-mail in your inbox, you run into your friend’s room and leap onto her bed, waking her up.

“Get up! They sent me an e-mail!” You shake her until she groans in annoyance, then sits up as your words register into her head.


“Yeah, look.” You say, pulling it up. Like the original site, it greets you with large sparkly bubble letters that say, “Be My Honey!” and right below that says, “Meet your destined beloved!”.

“Wow. This is less informative than I was hoping.” Your friend voices your thoughts, and you both physically sag, the excitement draining away. “At least they provide a picture of who you’re getting paired with.” She says, pointing at the photo of a guy.

“He’s hot.” You admit, leaning in to get a better look. To be honest, you’re surprised that someone your age who is this handsome would actually take a site like this seriously. (But then, you did, too, and you aren’t ugly in the least.)

“It says your rendezvous point is the Grabill Ski Lodge.” She points out, pulling it up on Google Maps. “That’s only a 15 minute drive away from here.” You look at each other in surprise.

“That means this guy lives close to us, or he’s going to have to come a looong way to meet me.” Your friend giggles and nudges your arm.

“If he does come a long way, that means the photo I picked out worked.”

You should have guessed that there was a ski resort on this mountain, but you’ve never seen or heard of it, so it never crossed your mind. Now that you’re up here, dressed in your gear (which you bought today), it all feels even more surreal.

“There’s no way he’s real. It must have been a fake account.” You tell your friend, who wanted to tag along and see this guy for herself.

“Don’t be so pessimistic.” She berates you, stepping on your boot. “This can be your true love, like in a fairy tale.”

“You realize fairy tales are fake, right?” She steps on your boot again, then stills as she sees something over your shoulder.

“Holy crap it’s him.” She says in a rush, and before you can even turn and see for yourself she hugs you and says, “Good luck! Call me if he tries something!” And then she’s running off.

“Well, eff me.” You mumble quietly, turning around to find your “destined beloved”.

Seeing him in the flesh makes this whole situation feel even less real, and you find yourself gawking at him. Pale, alabaster skin and jet black hair ingrain in your mind, and even if this whole thing ends up being a giant mess, you know he’ll be visiting your daydreams for a long time.

When he sees you, he makes the smallest of double takes before smiling (oh God bless his beautiful smile) at you and sauntering over. “Hey,” He greets you casually, and you nearly melt when you hear his surprisingly deep voice.

Under all of his skiing apparel, you can tell he has a thin physique, and even his thick snow pants can’t hide the underlying muscles in his legs. “Hi.” You reply, returning his smile as prettily as you can.

It seems to affect him the way you wanted it to, because his cheeks turn a little pinker in the cold and he clears his throat. “I’m Oh Sehun.” He introduces himself, bowing respectively.

“I’m Sandrine.” You two are so silly. It tells you your names in the e-mail. “So you like skiing?” You ask him, motioning to the ski lodge.

“Yeah, I’m glad they made us meet here.” He beams, and for some reason, his love for skiing makes it seem all the more thrilling.

“Let’s get started then.” You grin, walking past him, but he grabs your arm, stopping you.

“Wait.” He says suddenly, and for some reason you’re afraid he’s backing out, because you’re not what he was hoping for. “Is this your first time here?” He asks.

“Yeah.” You say disappointedly, figuring he didn’t want a handicap while skiing. That wouldn’t be any fun.

“I thought so.” He sighs, shaking his head. You couldn’t see his expression at all from your position, so when he faces you and you see him smirking, you’re caught off guard. “The track is this way.” He says smugly, cocking his head in the other direction.

“O-Oh.” You stutter, embarrassed by your blunder. You make up for it though by staying enthusiastic and walking in the correct direction. “Let’s get started then!” You try again, and he chuckles, keeping his hand on your elbow as you walk.

Since you didn’t know how, Sehun was patient with you as he walked you through the steps and safety precautions. Skiing sounded a lot more terrifying than it looked, but once he got you started down the hill, you couldn’t get enough of it.

The danger of it only made it more exciting, and it’s everything you crave in a fun outing - risk, adrenaline, and quick thinking. It’s not long before Sehun’s taking you on the harder tracks, where you constantly trip and fall, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Even if everything goes wrong today, you’ll be going skiing for the rest of your life.

“Sandrine,” Sehun says, coming up next to you and following you over the next slope. “You’re going off track.” He warns.

“I know.” You say, confused. The snow if thicker where you’re headed, and it’s only getting higher than farther down you go. Your skis can’t turn in it, and you’re stuck in a straight line down. “I can’t turn.” You say, excitement quickly turning into fear.

“Make a sharp left.” He says instructs, moving out of your way to do it.

“Didn’t you say sharp turns are for adepts?” You ask anxiously.

“You can do it. You’re a natural. It took me weeks before I could even ski for more than 10 seconds.” With his encouragement, you jerk to the left.

But it’s not just snow you’re plowing through now - there’s also ice.

“Ahh!” You yelp as your ski catches and you fall over, rolling downhill faster than you were skiing. Everything is a blur, and you’re grateful for your layers of coats and jackets because each thud against the hardening snow hurts.

Eventually, you start seeing the dark shapes of pine trees, and you wonder just how far you’ve fallen before you hit something hard, your body bending in half as the trunk of a tree hits your straight in the gut.

“Oh, God–” You cough, your entire body wracking with each huff of air. Your ribcage burns, and your stomach feels like it’s been played with by a surgeon.

You force yourself to roll over, away from the tree, and you groan as your body starts feeling the full effects of the roll down. The adrenaline is leaving your body in waves, and is being replaced with pulsating pains on your arms and legs.

“Sandrine!” Sehun’s voice clears your head and you struggle to sit upright. He skids to a stop and falls to his knees, helping you the rest of the way up. “What happened? Are you hurt?” He asks.

“I got caught on ice.” You mumble, face turning red with shame.

“You’re not hurt?” He asks worriedly.

“No.” You say, avoiding his eye. “I’m sorry, Sehun.” You sigh, hanging your head. “I ruined our first date.”

“Yeah, you really did.” He says bitterly.

“What?” You look up at him and see his upset expression.

“Don’t get mad at me, you said it yourself.” You blink at him for a second, then scoff.

“I’m not mad at you, I’m just shocked.” You admit, dropping your hands into the snow. “Again, I’m sorry.”

If Sehun’s being honest, he’s really not that mad about it, and seeing you so defeated only lessens his negative feelings. He sighs, taking your hands and standing up. “Come on,” He beckons, tugging on them. “Let’s try to get somewhere where help can come.”

With some struggle, you’re finally on your two feet again and Sehun detaches each of your skis off, along with his, before tossing them in the snow. “I payed for those.” You mumble weakly, but Sehun waves it off and promises he’ll get you another pair.

“I see a building up ahead, let’s go see if someone’s there.” Sehun points, and you can just see a glimpse of brown when it starts to snow. “The sooner the better.” He comments, helping you walk through the knee-high snowflakes.

“This place is abandoned.” You say, taking note of the obvious decay and boarded up windows. The building looks more like an inn from an old video game, made of wooden logs and pillars, though crafted expertly.

“What’s it doing near a tourist attraction?” Sehun asks the air, and you enlighten him as you walk closer to the door.

“It’s the old ski lodge. They must have relocated at the top of the mountain a while ago.” Your gloved fingers skim across the window panes, which collected more snow than dust over its years of vacancy.

“Let’s try to go inside.” Sehun suggests, turning the doorknob and giving it a rough shake.

“Isn’t that trespassing?” You startle, gaping at him hesitantly.

“No, it’s survival.” He jokes as he gets it open. It makes a nasty scratching noise, the rust forcing the hinges to squeal. “Besides, this is just as exciting as skiing, don’t you think?” He shoots you a grin over his shoulder, and though you want to protest against his wrong-doings, you can only agree.

The two of you step in quietly, as if afraid of waking up a monster who is in the same room. Sehun makes a move at the light switch, but the electricity’s not working. “It’s abandoned.” You remind him.

“I know, shut it.” He says, embarrassed.

After a minute of being in silence, Sehun straightens and turns to you. “Do you want to explore upstairs? Or stay in the lobby?” The correct answer for being in this situation with (practically) a stranger is the lobby, but you’d rather be dead than bored, so you reply with, “Let’s go upstairs.”

He cocks his head to the front door. “Can you close it? It’s starting to snow hard.” You turn around and, indeed, the snow was falling significantly thicker. You can barely see the path you came from while you stand in the doorway. With a grunt, you force the door shut again and lock it, so it doesn’t open on its own.

He waves encouragingly for you to follow him, and you two take your time walking up the creaking steps, not wanting to fall right through them. “I’m pretty sure all we’ll find is the bedrooms.” You point out, thinking about it logically.

“Beats doing nothing.” Sehun says, and you look at him strangely for a second before continuing down the dark hall. Without any windows, the only source of light you have is from the window light downstairs in the lobby, which dimmed notably since it’s snowing harder.

All of the rooms are locked, which doesn’t surprise you, except for the two at the end of the hall, which does surprise you. Sehun leads the way, barging in first to the one on the left. It’s empty, save for a bed, dresser, and bathroom.  "Check the other one.“ He says, and you oblige, only to find the same thing as the room on the left, but mirrored.

"There is literally nothing here.” You state, and Sehun sighs in disappointment. “But I guess we can sleep here until someone finds us. What are the odds of a search team coming to check on this building?” You ask sarcastically, but Sehun shrugs seriously.

“We signed in when we came here. Maybe they’ll notice we never signed out.”

“Or they’ll think we’re cheating for more time.” You reply.

“Be positive.”

“Is that what you chose on the survey?” Sehun looks at you with a confused expression for a moment, then it clicks and he says “oh”.

“For the ‘are you a positive or negative person?’” You nod. “No, I put negative.”

“Oh.” You say, genuinely surprised. “I chose positive.”

“Even though you just said something negative.” He retorts.

“It was a joke.” You laugh. Then, you ask, “What about the favorite drink question?”

“Bubble tea.” By this time the two of you have taken a seat on opposites sides of the bed, winter coats removed and tossed to the side.

“Really?” Your face scrunches up with distaste. “I don’t like bubble tea that much… I like herbal tea.” Sehun’s face then mirrors your own.

“Ew.” He pauses, then glances at you. “What about 'do you go out often?’”

“Yeah, I go out all the time.” You reply, and Sehun frowns slightly.

“I put no. I usually only go out when I buy groceries or if my friends drag me along.” Your brow furrows. Why do you feel like this is going where you think it’s going..?

“And preferred gender?” You ask.

“Obviously I chose female.” He says, making an are-you-dumb face. “What the heck? We have nothing in common. Why did they pair us up together?” He asks, genuinely bewildered.

“Maybe they saw our pictures and thought we just looked nice together.” You shrug.

“Because we’re good looking?”

You blink at him. “You think I’m good looking?” And Sehun’s cheeks turn red, but it’s not because of the cold this time.

“Well, yeah. Don’t you think I’m good looking?”

“I do.” There’s an awkward silence for a moment, then you ask, “What did you put for the last question? 'How well do you tolerate boredom?’” You repeat.

“I said I’d rather die than be bored.” He answers.

“Ah.” You point at him, and he looks startled. “That’s why they paired up us.” He still looks completely puzzled at your reaction, so you explain. “Even though we’re totally different, we put the same answer for that last question.”

“Word for word?” He asks skeptically.

“Yeah.” He hums in thought before saying, “That explains a lot about you. Though we just met today, I pegged you as an adrenaline junky.”

“Hey,” You say defensively, but laugh because he’s kind of right. It’s why you’re in a bedroom with a stranger, right? Then an idea comes to your head. “Don’t you have your phone?” You ask him.

“Yeah.” He says, bending over to grab his coat from the floor. “Why?”

“Can’t we just call for help, then?” After a long stare, you both face palm. “Apparently, the need for adrenaline doesn’t come with intellect.” You comment as he scrolls through his contacts.

“I don’t have the lodge’s phone number, though.” He says disheartedly.

“I can call my friend,” You remember. “She came here with me and left before I met up with you.”

“Really? Will she still be here?” He asks, surprised.

“She told me to call her if you did anything to me.” You laugh, and he smiles.

“Good friend.” He comments as he hands you his phone. You punch in her number and it doesn’t even fully ring before she picks up.

“Are you okay?” Is the first thing she asks and you laugh.

“Not really.” You reply. “Can you get us some help? We went off-track and we’re stuck at their old ski lodge.”

“Oh my gosh!!” You pull the phone away from your ear at her outburst. “Did that Oh guy do anything to you?! I swear if he lays one hand on you I’m going to throttle him–”

“He’s right here, girl!” You exclaim, laughing at Sehun’s slightly intimidated expression. “And he won’t do anything to me, I promise.” You glance at Sehun bashfully before saying, “He’s a gentleman. He won’t hurt me.”

“…Okay, if you say so.” She replies. “I’ll be there as fast as I can with help!” And then she hangs up. When you look at Sehun, he’s smirking slightly.

“Who says I’m a gentleman?” You squint your eyes at him.

“That’s not something you want to joke about, Sehun.” And he chuckles, shaking his head.

“Don’t worry.” Then, “I’m glad you think I am. I wouldn’t settle for anything but that.”

“Well, you did teach me how to ski.” You say.

“Any date would have.”

“But you were patient with me, I appreciate that. And you also chased after me when I fell.”

“Any normal person would have done that, too.”

“Don’t belittle your efforts like that.” You pout. “I’m glad it’s you they paired me up with and not someone else.” Oops. You hadn’t meant to confess that.

But you also hadn’t meant to wound up in this situation.

After a pregnant pause, he replies softly. “Me too.” Then, “Are you hot? It’s strangely warm in this place.” Sehun takes off his jacket and sets it on top of his coat. Underneath that is a pink pull over, and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

It’s also the hottest thing you’ve ever seen, because under all that coat, you couldn’t see Sehun’s defined neck and broad shoulders, and seeing that only made his jaw look even sharper. His legs seemed even more toned when they’re crossed, too. You can’t hold back your giggle.

“You have a problem with pink?” He asks, misunderstanding your joy.

You shake your head. “Nope. No, it’s perfect. You look good.” You smirk.

“Uh-huh.” He replies, smiling back.

“So, next Friday at 12?” He asks, slipping his phone number into your pocket.

“12 AM sharp.” You smirk, patting his chest.

“AM?” Your friend asks in shock. “Why so late? What are you two doing?”

You wink at her. “We’re going to wake up the neighborhood during karaoke.” She rolls her eyes, thinking she should have expected it.

“You two are crazy.” She says.

“I’ll see you then, Sandrine.” Sehun says, leaning down and pecking your lips. Your friend nearly flips until you stop her by holding up your hand. Then you grab the back of his neck and pull him down, giving him an actual kiss. When you pull away, he says breathlessly, “I’ll definitely see you then.” with a smirk.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed it! I’m sorry you had to wait so long, but I tried my best after losing my USB. If you’re not satisfied with it or find mistakes, please tell me so I can fix/rewrite it until you are satisfied. Thank you for talking to me when my blog first started, and for staying my friend up to now. <3 You’re the best!

Also, Grabill Ski Lodge is not a real place. It’s completely fictional and made by me, so don’t go looking for it! (There may be a real place called that, but I am not claiming it as mine.) is also a fictional site I created, so I don’t suggest typing it in the URL. :/

Shelter from Your Storm (Part 8)

Blindspot fanfic.

(Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 |  Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7)

The party broke up shortly after the cake ran out, and the team headed back toward the locker room.

Kurt glanced at his watch. “I think the rest of today is a lost cause,” he said quietly to Jane. “How about we go to your place so you can pack up your stuff, then pick up takeout on the way home?”

Jane hugged Tasha’s coat tight against her chest and tried valiantly not to look as unnerved as she felt. Of course they would have to live together in order to convince INS that they were truly married. She’d considered it, quite logically, when he’d made his proposal. But something about the matter-of-fact way he’d said it had caught her off guard.

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ok first let me establish that Vancouver is absolutely incredible and that I literally ran into Caity Lotz after lunch on Thursday


Yesterday I sat in the hot tub with @cla-rke and @hehmionee and we had no idea what was awaiting us

So the line to register was long and took forever but I was standing with good people and that made it better

I checked out the Cancer Gets Lost Auction and then went quickly to the meta panel where I laughed and cried

I liveblogged that and you can find that on my twitter @arrowsanddemons

My favorite part of the panel though was Jo saying that she’s excited to see Bellarke leading in the season 4 because everything is better when they lead together
After the panel I said hi to Erin and Claire. Claire agrees with me that Pike is Agamemnon and they are both very good huggers

After that was the party and let me tell the Bellarke fam looked absolutely stunning

and we went inside where they were playing very loud EDM music but they had really delicious food and free drinks - I had a rasperry peach Bellini and @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 can attest to the fact that I found it absolutely disgusting

They started playing Radioactive and I met a lot of really nice people

Then Sachin showed up and everybody flipped out

When I introduced myself he said “I know how to say your name better then I know how to say anything else” - in reference to how much Jackson says Abby and on that note he said his contract this season requires that the only words he says are Abby - he lamented (jokingly) that he said to much in season 3

Then I went outside and looked more fully at the CGL stuff and bid on gorgeous Bellarke postcard


As many of you know my favorite teacher went to SDCC last year and got a video of her saying hi to me and I showed her the video and she said “I remember that, I was really hungover.” I then told her how I was with my best friends when I got the video and I screamed really loudly she was really touched and she gave me a hug - it felt so warm and cosy and it was just so nice
she said that season 4 is killer and that Nilyah is in it a lot. She picked up the gorgeous CGL print of Richard and commented “wow he’s almost attractive in this” it was hilarious
she saw Sachin and guys it’s so clear the cast absolutely adores each other - she ran up to and literally jumped into his arms and it was so cute. He was also shouting Jess at her and it sounded like he was yelling Jessu - they also had a little dance off and took selfies
I got a selfie with her as well and she’s really excited to see my poetry - she adores fan stuff

And then I bid on custom Raven art for a lot of money but it’s absolutely stunning and I’ll post a photo when Lindsey signs it
I won that and the Bellarke postcard and at some point during the night I had a convo with Jo about how “I am one of the nice bellarkers  and how twitter is a cesspool” and also about our beloved SF Giants
I went and saw Chelsey and holy shit she’s gorgeous like wow
her and Katie were taking pictures and talking and Katie looked so cool - she went upstairs though but not before basically offering one of the girls who I met today - so sweet ships CL but so nice - a job on her new gig that she’s working on
Her and Jess have known each other since they were like 12 and they are so cute

we then watched Chelsey take selfies and nearly start crying over someone’s absolutely wonderful artwork - she made a video for people
Sachin used someone’s phone to wish them a happy birthday and had us all shout happy birthday and the two to them sent a video message to someone’s friend and Sachin introduced himself as Chelsey - he also sang the little mermaid during that same convo - and Chelsey then said “I’m Sachin and I love puns” and Sachin said  “I’m Chelsey and I’m fit as all hell” which Chelsey then quoted and they cracked up
we then took a giant group self and I went up to bed

@blyedeeks @wellsjahasghost @wellamyblake @rosymamacita @hiddenpolkadots @rashaka @raincityruckus @dropshipbellarke @mego42 @nataliecrown @marauders-groupie @bellarke-stydia @magicath @bcrevolution @missemarissa @spacexualkids @thelovelylights @sassamyblake @bellarkestrut @bellarketm @kateyfuller @jontyaxefive @caramelkru @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @abazethe100 @kindclaws @merdok1993 @simplyslc @junebugninja @bobsfluffyhair


Chanel Iman for Violet Grey

Remember the good ole days of Hollywood glamour? Chanel Iman serving it to us in her latest photo shoot!

The 23-year-old model flawlessly channels Josephine Baker, Linda Evangelista and Bianca Jagger in a new photo spread for Violet Grey’s Violet Files. For the theme, titled “Lost Glamour,” Chanel finds inspiration in all three style icons while serving face in a number of stunning looks.

The shoot was good practice for the gorgeous model who revealed plans of transitioning from model to actress.

“I definitely want to do some film and television,” she explains, with her signature self-assurance. “That’s my next journey — to be a great actress.”

Crushes: Luke/Ashton Imagine

[Requested by Anonymous]

Pairing: Luke/Ashton


Word Count: 623

Rating: PG-13

Crushes: Luke/Ashton Imagine


“So, who is your current celebrity crushes?” the interviewer asked curiously.

Calum grinned “Will Smith and Katy Perry.”

“It’d have to be Jack Barakat and Ariana Grande for me.” Michael said honestly.

The interviewer turned to Luke “What about you?”

A cheeky grin formed onto his face “Definitely Y/N.”

Ashton agreed with Luke “Y/N is definitely a stunner; she’d have to be my crush too.”

The interviewer laughed “Have you guys met her yet?”

Luke shook his head, pouting “No unfortunately, it’d be pretty rad if we met her.”

The interviewer nodded “We recently interviewed Y/N, she’s a lovely person. I’m sure you’ll cross paths with her one day.”

Ashton scratched the back of his head “I hope so, on one of the records we have on our album tracklist we were hoping we could have guest female vocals on it. Y/N’s voice would definitely compliment Luke and Cal’s voices in the song.”

Calum asked “Isn’t she taken by that British singer, the one that sings ‘Do It All Over Again’?”

Ashton shook his head “Elyar Fox? Nah, they’re best friends man.”

Michael raised his eyebrows “Do you like stalk her or something?”

“No, I follow one of her update accounts on twitter.”

Calum shook his head at his friend “You know sometimes those accounts put up false information right?”

Luke smirked “They post daily pictures of her, who doesn’t want that on their newsfeed?”


It was the night of the BRIT awards; it was a new environment for the four boys as they’ve never been to an award show especially one with A-List celebrities attending.

Rumour has it; Y/N was going to make an appearance.

Michael, Calum, Ashton and Luke stood on the red carpet nervously and posed for a photo.

Afterwards they were interviewed by a few interviewers; several people began to scream when they noticed their idol exiting the car.

The four boys looked back, it was Y/N accompanied by Elyar Fox.

Luke and Ashton’s eyes scanned Y/N; they were stunned from how beautiful she actually is in person.

Michael and Calum shook their heads at their friends.

Ashton was taken away by her natural beautiful “Holy shit, Y/N is even more beautiful in real life.”

“She’s so beautiful; I think I’m going into fan boy mode.” Luke sighed as he watched Y/N talk to fans at the barricades.

Calum laughed at Luke “How about we go meet her, yeah?”

Michael added, teasing Ashton and Luke “You both can tell her how much you love her and how you want to marry her.”

Ashton rolled his eyes at Michael “You’d react like this if Ariana Grande was here.”

Michael sighed “True.”

Luke laughed “Wait till Cal sees Katy Perry. He can actually see her in real life rather than drooling over his twitter background.”

Calum muttered “Shut up.”

“You know it’s the sad truth Calum.” Luke grinned.

Ashton rolled his eyes “Shut up guys, look who’s walking over!”

Y/N approached the four boys with Elyar by her side “Hi guys! I just wanted to congratulate you guys on your new single.”

Ashton and Luke were too overwhelmed at the sight of their crush, Michael smiled “Thank you. Good luck with the awards you’re nominated for.”

Y/N grinned “Thank you, this is your first award show right?”

Luke nodded, biting his lip ring nervously “Yeah, any tips?”

“Just enjoys yourselves and have fun, you guys don’t need to be nervous at all.”

Elyar added “And it gives you the chance to meet your celebrity crushes, just treat them normally and keep your cool.”

Y/N laughed at her friend “Says the one who nearly peed his pants when he met Ellie Goulding. But you guys will certainly enjoy the awards show.”

[I don’t own the gif - only added the text x]