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Backstabbing (Hayden Romero Imagine ft. Liam)

Request: Can I have an imagine where you and Hayden used to be best friends and then she left you to be popular. She knows you like Liam, so she purposely makes him fall for her. 

A/n: I changed it a little bit, i hope you don’t mind. And this is more of a Hayden x reader (ft Liam) imagine. Sorry if it sucked. I hope you like it!

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They told you that even your best friend will backstab you one day. That they will turn their back on you. And that they’ll even change. You never believed those people, best friends are supposed to be loyal and nice and they’ll never hurt you right? Well, you’re wrong. Even the closest friends you have will grab a knife and stab you right in the back. And that’s exactly what you’re so called best friend did. 

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Goes to School after BBMAs

Girls at school be like: omg 5 es oh es are my fave boyband, like lewk hemmings is soo hot so much better then 1d, she looks so perfect is like my fave song omg 

5SOS Fam be like: