she looks so young in this movie right


Ok, guys, time for something that is bothering me for a while now:

See this?That’s the Darling family. All cute and happy. But listen to me:

First we have Daniel. He’s pratically Michael, and we can see something of his father, like his green eyes.

BUT now let’s look to Jane:

They have absolutely no similarity! You can say that’s because she’s too young, but please! She’s exactly like Wendy! So I started to see the movies again and wonder who she looks like. I mean, maybe she looks like her uncles or grandparents or…

And then I stopped. And looked at her hair.

Just bear with me now. Jane’s hair look a lot like her mother’s, just a little more… messy. And  more reddish.








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I don’t know you guys, but I’m starting to think Disney DOES ship Peter and Wendy, just not in the way we thought.

Owen Grady x Reader -Your Fault-

Owen Grady x Reader
Request: Owen/reader angst? Maybe reader works at the park as well and when she visits Owen with the raptors she is the cause of a dangerous accident and Owen is not happy about it????
A/N: So it’s kinda short and I totally copied the movie for half of it. I’m sorry I just don’t like making owen mean D; Hes such a cutie. Anyways please request more if you like my writing. Thanks for the ideas so far <3

“I’m too busy right now.” You flipped through more papers looking for the right one.
“But- Uh, You’re supposed to train me today.” A young man who looked like he was in his early twenties stood before you. He was in a clean work uniform which you found hilarious since you worked with raptors. He looked so lost. You almost felt bad for him. But you had no time. Your boss Owen had you backed up on paper work for weeks and the park was getting a lot more attention ever since it released a statement saying it’ll have a new exhibit soon.
“Just don’t touch anything and don’t get yourself killed.” You looked up from your papers and gave a smile. He looked terrified. But what did he expect? He worked with dinosaurs.
“(Y/N)”! We need you over here!“ A man yelled from across the  enclosure.
"Coming! Don’t touch anything.” You repeated before running off.
The day was going smoothly. You were flying through paper work. You could hear Owen in the back ground training his babies. And they seemed to be listening for once.
Hours seemed to slip past like minutes and the sun was finally setting.
“AGH!” You heard a scream from the inside the enclosure.
“Oh no.” You whispered to yourself. You rushed to the holding cell to see the new kid sitting there petrified. All four raptors surrounding him. All the other workers were frozen, watching what could have been their fate.
“Owen, No!” Barry shouted behind you. Suddenly you were pushed aside as the door opened and Owen ran into the habitat between the kid the raptors.
“Owen!” You yelled. You stood at the door way watching, heart pounding.
“Blue, eye’s on me. Echo, back up.” Owen was taking charge. The raptors snapped and hissed at him as Barry rushed in and pulled the kid to safety.
“Barry close the door.” Owen demanded.
“Just do it!” The door started closing and in an instant Owen managed to get himself through the door and away from harm.
“Oh thank god.” You breathed. You were smiling but Owen was not.
“Come with me. Now.” Owen walked passed you, bumping your shoulder. You stepped back to catch yourself. Barry stared at you with disbelief. Owen had never treated you like that.

“What the Hell was that for?” You questioned as you walked up to him at the tree line away from everyone.
“What the Hell was that for? Why the Hell didn’t you do your job? That kid almost died. He wasn’t following any of the safety rules.” Owen yelled. His forehead was creased and dripping with sweat. His face was red and his eye were stabbing into you like daggers.
“Safety rules? You’re the one who ran in there between them!”
“To save a life. Something you obviously can’t do. You just stood there.”
“That’s what any sane person would do Owen!”
He paused. You could tell he was thinking and getting angrier as he was. He looked at the ground.
“You had one god damn job. Teach the kid. And you couldn’t do that. You need to leave.” He was calmer now.But you sure as hell weren’t. Was her really trying to fire you?
“One job? Excuse me but I do EVERYTHING around here” You spat. “I do your paper work, I make sure everyone is safe, I train people, I make sure we have enough food for the raptors, I shut everything down, I’m the last one to leave at night because you’re too busy getting drunk and fucking everything that moves.” You were fuming. You had never talked to Owen like this. You both had been really good friends for so long. Until a few weeks ago you had a one night stand with him and everything changed and you knew he has just been waiting for an excuse to get rid of you.
“Go!” He yelled. He stepped towards you which made you step back in fear. He was almost a foot taller then you and when covered in dirt, extremely intimidating.
“Fine.” You said quietly. If this is what he wanted, fine with you.

A little note on Captain Phasma:

So I was waiting in line with friends for Star Wars in NYC last night and this one little kid was dressed up as Captain Phasma and having a great time and one of the news reporters walked by and told us, “I asked this kid if he knows Captain Phasma’s a woman and he said he doesn’t care, he just wants to dress up like her.” And I just said out really loud “AS IT SHOULD BE” because I was so happy that there’s this new female character who isn’t sexualized and whom young boys can look up to and want to emulate without freaking out that “she’s a girl” and that their male-ness is somehow compromised because they dress up like her. Like, no, she doesn’t have the biggest role in the movie or anything, but hey, it’s a big step in the right direction.

“You know I made the mistake of letting your brother watch that old movie Niagara, and he became obsessed with it. After that, everything had to be vintage.”

“I don’t remember Jason being in to old stuff.”

*changes the subject* “God, I look so young there…”

“Jason was with us, right?”

“The whole family went. It was the last trip that we all…”

Jessica never mentions Jason’s name and at the mention of him she changes the subject. Alison’s brother who loved vintage, was Charles. 

Niagara, the 1953 film that Charles was obsessed with as a child. (Its all on Wiki and you can probably watch it somewhere but heres the basic plot in bullet points): 

  • Ray and Polly are on a honeymoon, their cabin is occupied by another couple George and Rose. 
  • Rose tells them George has recently been let out of an Army mental hospital. The two couples become acquainted. George and Rose have a troubled marriage, she is younger and prettier; he is jealous, depressed and irritable. 
  • Polly sees Rose kiss another man, Patrick. George doesn’t know Rose and Patrick are planning to murder him.
  • Rose lures George into following her to a tunnel, where Patrick is waiting. Patrick will play Rose’s song to let him know that George is dead. The tune is played and Rose believes he is dead. 
  • However it is George that killed Patrick, swapping their shoes and throwing his body into the falls, in order for the police to believe George is the victim. Rose identifies his body and is admitted to hospital as she collapses at the sight.
  •  George goes to the cabin to kill Rose and instead finds Polly and he runs away, she tells the police who launch a search. Rose leaves hospital intending to go back home, she finds George waiting for her at the border where she runs and hides in a bell tower. George catches her and strangles her. George steals a boat with Polly on board, something goes wrong and he helps save Polly where he falls to his death.

There are clearly plenty of allusions to this movie throughout the show, lets see:

The boat scene with Lucas and Hanna:

The bell tower with Spencer and Ian:

I think Charles loves reading and perhaps wants to write his own story. He as A, has made plenty of references to novels and is named after a famous author - Charles Dickens. Not to forget the whole A is Varjak thing, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which was a novel and in fact Varjak was a novelist. 

Charles though of his mother as Rose as he watched her cheat and lie. This is probably why he hated Alison, she was going to be just like Rose and he had to stop that. I don’t quite believe if he’s dead or not, but I do think if he didn’t die and this is him, why create like a shrine for himself? And a child like one, if he is alive he grew up and so that childish room would not represent him. I believe someone is avenging his death, someone who knew a lot about him and his thoughts. 

It’s far fetched but its even possible someone had a child and called them Charles after him… wanting them to live the life he should of had. 

“In Rome a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where secret or confidential matters were discussed. The phrase sub rosa, or “under the rose”, means to keep a secret — derived from this ancient Roman practice.” 

ROSE. ROSES IN BETHANYS DRAWINGS. JESSICA DILAURENTIS LOVED ROSES. ROSEWOOD. There is definitely a theme here and I don’t quite understand it.  What do you think?