she looks so young in this movie right


Happy belated birthday, @ravnesque!! Hope you’ve had an amazing day yesterday! Sorry that this is late, and also that it’s also probably such a mess with grammar and all, but I just wanted to give you something for your b-day ahh!! I’ll probably have to read it through later aka. when it’s not late at night haha, but yeah, hope you like this!! <3 <3

(Also just general disclaimer: I have no idea how much a manga costs in Euros/in France, but according to my quick research, I think 18-20 Euros is correct for two manga? Idk please correct me if anyone knows x3)

The bell chimed as a customer arrived, and, looking up from her book with a friendly smile, Marinette greeted the new customer. “Hello! Is there anything you’re looking for?”

The customer seemed startled at having been noticed so fast, and mumbled something akin to “I’m just looking” as he continued further into the shop. He was clad in a hoodie and wore large sunglasses. The typical celebrity disguise from movies and anime. Marinette resisted the urge to raise an eyebrow, but instead continued with her book.

After a minute or two, the stranger was back. “You wouldn’t happen to have any comics, would you?” The timid mumble from earlier was completely gone. Now his voice, while quite dark and suave, sounded somewhat fake. Yet at the same time, it also sounded strangely familiar.

“Sure! They’re in the back, there’s an entire wall covered in comics and manga there, shouldn’t be hard to find,” Marinette grinned, pointing between some shelves to the back of the store.

The stranger seemed a bit taken aback, and blushed. “Thank you, kind lady,” he said in the same suave, voice, doing a small bow in thanks as he disappeared into the back again.

Now that Marinette thought about it, something about the stranger in general seemed familiar. Was it maybe someone she knew? No, nobody she knew went around dressed like that. Or talked in such a way for that matter. Maybe someone from TV then? Despite the size of their store, there were actually several celebrities who came to there quite regularly. Then again, they all tended to act naturally, unlike this young man.

She heard a small gasp, and leaned to the left to see between the bookshelves at her newest customer. It seemed he had finally found the back row of comics and manga, which he seemed quite ecstatic about. She heard something that sounded akin to hushed gushing coming from the stranger and couldn’t help but smile. There was a reason why their book store was one of the favorites in Paris.

“You have the newest volumes of Yona of the dawn!!” The stranger was suddenly in front of her again, fake voice forgotten in his excitement. Marinette was almost certain that if this stranger had had a tail, he’d have wagged it back and forth in excitement.

Marinette giggled. “Yes, we get all the manga faster than the other book stores because of my family.”

“Woah, and yet I never knew about this place until today,” the stranger said, astonished. Then, it seemed as if he remembered something, and he coughed rather awkwardly. “Uh… I’ll take these then,” the fake voice was back, to Marinette’s continued amusement.

“Alright then, that’ll be 18 euros, please,” Marinette said, not able to hide her smile at the changing behavior of her customer. He blushed again as he paid, staring intently down at the bank terminal. Putting his two books into a plastic bag, Marinette held it out for him to take.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, awkwardly putting away his wallet before taking the bag. He was about to walk over to the door, but seemed hesitant. The fake act seemed to have disappeared once again. “Do you.. mind if I stay a little longer? Someone was following me, which is why I came in here in the first place…”

“Sure, this is a book store after all, look around for as long as you want,” Marinette smiled gently. She knew that that was how the celebrities that were now regulars had found their store as well. “Oh, there’s also a small reading room with some couches out that door,” Marinette pointed to a door to her left. “If you want, you can read your manga there, then leave later.”

“Really?” Marinette nodded. “Wow, that’s really nice. Thank you! A book store with a reading room…A bit weird but at the same time really fitting,” he mumbled the last part to himself as he walked over to the door and disappeared inside.

Marinette couldn’t help but look after him as her weird, but cute, customer walked away. There was this familiar feeling hanging over it all, but Marinette still couldn’t quite figure out just where she knew him from.

Several customers came and left; some of them were new faces to Marinette, other were old regulars which she happily chatted away with as they looked over what new books had arrived or which book they wanted to read. After an hour had passed, Marinette finally decided that she had to go and check up on the customer from earlier. Walking into the small reading room, she found him splayed on one of the couches, face resting on top of one of the new manga he’d bought earlier. The hoodie had slid halfway off his head to reveal messy blonde locks and a young face with dark circles underneath his eyes.

Marinette instantly recognized him, almost giving a little squeal as she did so, but stopped herself. He seemed worn out, so instead she left the room again and said to any customer who asked about it that the reading room was closed for the day. This was nothing new as they had let people use it several times before, both celebrities and regular people who needed a nap or some peace. Her father called it their safe haven, and had said that it was just as important for them to use as it was for them to share it with other people. Marinette had used it once herself, but usually just used her room instead as that was just as quiet and secluded.

Half an hour later, the new customer came outside again, yawning as pulled the hoodie over his head again. The sunglasses were already in place, hiding whatever grogginess his eyes might have displayed.

“Sleep well?” Marinette couldn’t help but ask when she saw him, which once again made him blush.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to fall asleep in your reading room,” he shuffled his feet, looking away from her gaze.

“Don’t worry about it, you’re not the first one,” Marinette smiled, hoping that he might feel a little more at ease knowing that. “Also, if you want to, you can come back here again and have a nap. We don’t mind.”

The stranger turned his head towards her again. “But you don’t know me. Why would you let a stranger sleep on one of your couches like that? I could steal something!”

“No, you couldn’t,” Marinette found herself saying, somehow knowing that this stranger wouldn’t do anything to harm her. Well, except maybe accidentally knocking a bookshelf over in his excitement. “And excuse me for saying this, but it really looked like you needed that nap, so feel free to come again at any time, Mr. Agreste.”

The stranger, Adrien Agreste, already a famous music artist despite his young age, looked astonished at her. “I’m sorry, when I went to check on you, your sun glasses had slid off, so I recognized you,” Marinette quickly apologized, a smile playing on her lips. “Though if I might say so, I don’t think the ‘movie celebrity disguise’ works, at least not for sleeping on couches.”

Adrien Agreste was quiet for a moment, and Marinette wondered if she might have gone too far, but then he chuckled. “I guess you’re right, maybe I should use swimming goggles next time.”

“Please don’t,” Marinette laughed as well. “Then the disguise definitely wouldn’t work.” They both laughed. “But, as I said, feel free to come by if you need a breather or a nap. We always have some room to spare if you need it.”

Adrien removed his sunglasses. “What’s your name?”


“Thank you, Marinette, that is really kind of you. I really appreciate it,” Adrien said and smiled, which in turn made Marinette blush.

“N-no problem!” Marinette stuttered.

“We’ll meet again then, my lady,” Adrien said, still smiling, as he put on his sunglasses and turned to the door.

“Have a n-nice day,” Marinette said automatically, still blushing. When he was out the door, Marinette sat down on the chair behind the counter. Weirdly enough, she was used to deal with celebrities, just not celebrities at her own age. And it seemed Alya was right about him, for once, he actually was even cuter up close.

I don’t think you guys understand. When I was a little girl Hermione Granger and Belle were my heroes. That was who I was, that was who I looked up to. And then I grew older and Emma Watson became my hero. She’s an activist, and she went to university, and she’s such a good actor. So literally message me whenever you see Beauty and the Beast because I’ll never ever stop talking about it. I cried the WHOLE movie because it was Belle and Emma and Hermione. Right along with the little girl I used to be and the young woman that I am now. Right now, right after finishing the movie, I now know that this movie will forever be a favorite for me. Simply because that movie is me, and God did it make me feel special.

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Adopted Chat

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Directly follows “You’re Hot

Marinette looked out at the lightning arcing across the sky and sighed.  Chat was supposed to come by for movies tonight.  His schedule was free now that the Chronologer was no longer at large and everyone was restored to their proper ages.  She’d looked forward to it, not just because she wanted to tease him for being so distracted by her during their earlier surprise visit.

She heard footfalls on the stairs and looked up to see her mother peeking into her room.  "I thought Chat was coming over tonight,“ she said holding out a bowl of popcorn.  "Is the weather too bad?”

Trying to hide her disappointment, Marinette nodded.  "I… don’t think it’s safe for him to run around on roof tops in the rain.  It’s probably slippery.“  There was another flash of lightning.  "And I don’t think I want him getting hit by lightning.”

“I suppose that’s true,” her mother agreed, crossing the room to wrap one arm around her shoulders, sliding the bowl onto the desk.  "And it’s better to have him safe at home than…"

Marinette shook her head.  

“You don’t want him safe?” her mother asked, uncertainty coloring her voice.

“Of course I want him safe,” Marinette said with a snort.  "But his home life… it’s not healthy, Maman.  And I know that if he’s home right now, he’s all alone, in a big emotionally cold house, with no one who cares about him.“

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Do the guys have any father daughter/son traditions or hobbies? I can see Jacin and June collecting some trinket from around the world since they travel so much, Kai takes Ember to get dumplings when he's stressed etc.

Oh, definitely! They’re all wonderful fathers and all good fathers have traditions with their kiddos.


  • When Ari’s young, he and Wolf always collect the eggs together. Wolf carries the bucket while Ari sweet-talks the chickens and collects the eggs from the harder-to-reach places (because there’s always that one stupid chicken who likes to lay underneath the roost rather than in her nest and it’s much easier for Ari to reach those than it is for Wolf).
    • Afterwards, they take the eggs home for Scarlet to fry some of them up for breakfast. When Ari’s a bit older, there may or may not be an unspoken competition over who can eat more of them.
  • Missy’s favorite father/daughter tradition is movie day. Once a month, they’ll trek to Rieux’s single theater—just the two of them—for a father/daughter outing. Missy gets to pick the movie, and Wolf buys the biggest popcorn available for them to share. It’s like being away from Rieux for an afternoon, which is why it makes Missy, our aspiring adventurer so happy.
    • When she’s young and the movie turns out to have more scary moments than anticipated, she just buries her face against Wolf’s side until it’s safe to look again.


  • As mentioned in a previous headcanon, Thorne and Dmitri play Royals together often. Nearly all of their father/son heart-to-hearts have taken place in the cockpit of the Rampion, over a deck of worn-out cards.
  • Thorne and Lil’ Cress like to walk around the docks whenever the Rampion is parked somewhere and “admire” (”That’s the new Firefly, isn’t it? It’s got nice lines.” “But not as nice as the Rampion, right?” “Right.”) all the other ships. 
    • The tradition began because she was a particularly fussy baby and—at least when they were on the ground—Thorne would often walk her around outside to soothe her to sleep on the especially rough nights, cooing whatever popped into his head—often the names of the ships parked around them—in a soft voice to calm her cries.
  • Thorne and Cassiopeia are always a team when the family has game nights. Always. Dmitri and Lil’ Cress are a pretty lethal team and Mama Cress is a major threat all by herself, but Thorne and Cass think so much alike that they can be pretty hard to beat when it comes to certain strategy games.


  • With Rento’s great love of music, one of his and Kai’s favorite father/son traditions is sneaking away from the palace for concerts. Sure, they have a private box at every concert hall and opera house in the city, but sometimes it’s nice to sneak into a coffeehouse performance or catch a musical from the cheap seats without being hounded by reporters.
  • Ember’s favorite tradition, however, dates back from the days when she was tiny and Kai would read her bedtime story after bedtime story. Her favorites were the ones about princesses and queens and their daring adventures (for obvious reasons).


  • Wherever they go, no matter how busy they are, Jacin and June manage to steal away long enough to find the best candy shop in the area. They explore new neighborhoods, hand-in-hand, until they find someplace with chocolates that meet June’s high standards and something apple-flavored to take back to Winter.

The media for the past few years: Marvel needs to make a superhero female led film. Marvel has no excuse. We need to see female representation after all the flak Whedon’s Black Widow got along with Marvel’s noticeable lack of female leads.

DC: okay, since no one else is doing it and the media and comics fans alike are demanding a superhero lead film, let’s make the first female lead superhero movie with the most iconic female superhero in history- Wonder Woman! Here you go, it has an Israeli Jew playing Wonder Woman, a female director Patty Jenkins (that Marvel mistreated and dropped from Thor because they’re idiots and the jokes on them now), a diverse cast of Amazons, and it’s coming out next year :D

The media: … . .

Marvel: finally we’re announcing a currently popular white fav and super young Brie Larson to play Captain Marvel in 2019. also let’s push this back for our yellowface and other white movies. we don’t have a director yet but we are looking for a “female” to direct a lady movie ;). We’re so close….to making this movie….3 years from now…and 2 years after Wonder Woman’s movie…. :)

The media: Wow, Marvel was right to make us wait all these years for the first female led superhero film!


David x reader: like real people do part 3

So sorry about the wait. I’ve been so incredibly sick and still am but finally decided to sit my butt down and write. Basically all I’ve been doing is sleeping and watching the Harry Potter movies again for the hundredth time. I hope you enjoy. There might be more parts. Hopefully. I just need to figure out where to go next, but I always do.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to watch over the camp by yourself?” David began to straighten out his grey shirt before trying to tuck it in neatly.
“Oh yeah. All we’re doing is campfire stories and snacks, then off to bed. I’ll have quartermaster scare them into submission if needed” Gwen clenched her fist tightly and a glimmer of hope began to shine through her eyes.
David didn’t look so sure however and he began to wring out his hands.
“In all seriousness, you deserve a night out. Have some fun and get away for once. Here” Gwen through the keys at her camping friend before heading out.
“ALRIGHT BITCHES WHO’S READY FOR CAMPFIRE STORIES???” A collective groan could be heard after David’s co counselor gathered the kids up for what she was hoping would be a sort of relaxed night watching over the whole group.

(Name) was growing anxious as she looked at her old worn watch. It was fifteen minutes ‘til. She had a tendency to be early to things that caused her anxiety. Her parents had installed a strict regimen where if one was one time, they were considered late. This increased her anxiety on several levels.
(Name) took her coffee dark with two artificial sweeteners. She liked bitter things and the way it left a strong taste in her mouth.
Seven on the dot a young man with dark auburn hair calmly walked into the small all night coffee place. It had a sort of calm atmosphere like most coffee places, but also had its own uniqueness than any other David had ever seen before. It was rather perfect for the type of person he remembered (name) to be. As he continued to venture deeper into the shop, he spotted (name) with (hair length and hair color) hair. His cheeks began to flush red and the tips of his ears grew hot.
“Hi” was all David could mutter out before becoming a pile of mush and red fevered smiles.
“Hello. Here” (Name) waved and stood up to offer him a seat. Although she was nervous, seeing her companion flustered made her build up confidence and take some sort of control over the situation.
“Do you want any coffee or tea perhaps?” (Name’s) eyes sparkled with content at the thought of having a nice warm cup in her hands.
“Oh tea would be wonderful!” David smiled wider than before. His favorite was chamomile with a dash of sugar and a squeeze of lemon. Even though it was a relatively warm summer night, the place was colder than expected.
After ordering and paying, the two got to talking about what they’ve missed and how they’ve come to be who they are now.
“Have you been doing much with your singing anymore? I remember you used to sing at any chance you had. It was my favorite thing” David tried to look into (name’s) eyes but he kept finding himself lost and young again.
(Name) looked down at her coffee, “no. Not anymore. I tried the singing thing for a while but I figured it couldn’t pay the bills. I’m actually in business now. I’m decently good at it and it pays good money. So yeah” (name) tucked a loose strand behind her ear. She could see a small light fade from David’s eyes. She felt guilt rise in her chest and knew she had disappointed him.
“I mean. I still do sing and stuff for fun. Don’t worry about that”
David looked at his mug and lightly smiled. He had a feeling business wasn’t what you truly wanted to do, but he felt it wasn’t in his place to say anything.

It had been four hours before David checked his watch.
“Oh gosh it’s already 11!”
“Wow it really has been four hours huh?” (Name) began to collect her belongings and David followed suit.
“I’m really sorry for keeping you this late!” (Name) grabbed David by the arm which sent tingles down both person’s spine.
“No. Really the fault is all mine. I just really like talking to you I guess. It was fun to see an old friend again. Even if we weren’t friends too much at a young age”
(Name) giggled a little at the last part. It was true they didn’t get along too much as kids, but that didn’t stop them from getting along now. Both people began to make their way outside in the nice summer weather. A breeze ruffled through their hair and David found himself reaching to help fix (name’s) few misplaced strands. This is what he saw happened in movies, but not only that, it felt right and intimate. (Name) began to move forward. Is this what people did? She wondered how her friends made it look so easy to fall in love while her chest felt like it was going to burst and ruin everything.
(Name) leaned forward and placed a quick peck on David’s cheek. Nerves got the best of her and before she knew it, the moment was over.
“Maybe we could do this sometime again soon?” David gave a slight worried but hopeful expression as he looked down into (name’s) eyes.
“Of course! Any time you’d like!”
For now this was fine and everything felt alright, if not for that small moment they shared between the two of them.

Kidnapped Three (Rami Malek x Reader)

Requests: Can I get a part 3 of Kidnapped please and thanks and Omg can you write a part 3 of Kidnapped?

A/N: I hope you enjoy this part. :) Sorry for grammar mistakes <3

Word count: 1,325

You ran upstairs to your bedroom with tears streaming down your face. Your cheek was still aching from Rami’s slap. How could he raise his hand against you for something so stupid? You didn’t understand and you would never understand him. As you entered your room, you slammed the door behind you intentionally, so Rami could hear how mad you were with him. Unfortunately, you couldn’t lock the door, because Rami kept the key for himself so he was the only one who had access to your room. You went to the mirror next to your bed and were shocked as you saw the marks of his fingers on your cheek. He didn’t even hesitate any minute to hear you out completely. Yeah, you were sorry. You were sorry that you couldn’t keep your promise to come home at the agreed time, but that was definitely no reason to freak out. Especially in front of his daughter.  As I said, you would never understand him.

You climbed onto your bed and tried to calm down. Trying to ignore the burning pain in your heart. You would give anything to be at home right now. To sit on your couch in your pajamas, watching your favorite movies over and over again, having sleep over nights with your friends, laughing and smiling. The only friend you had now was Jessamine and she was too young to understand your problems. But she was also your only support during those hard times. Of course there was Sami too, but you weren’t so close to him than you were with the little girl.

You hadn’t even bothered to look after her, she was really shocked of her father’s actions. Jessamine never saw her father being violent. But you knew that Sami cared for her now, since he noticed the argument between you and Rami. She was in safe hands. Besides, you were exhausted and needed time for yourself. To think about everything that happened from the first day until now. The whole night you cried your eyes out and when no more tear was left, you drifted to sleep.

A few weeks had passed and you hadn’t still talked to Rami. It didn’t also seem that he cared too much about you because he hadn’t tried to apologize once again. You avoided each other’s presence as much as possible. You wouldn’t even eat at the same room so Sami was obliged to bring your meal to your bedroom. You were also relieved that Rami left for work while you were asleep and came back very late so that you didn’t have to see his face. Thank god!

Now, you were sitting on your bed and reading some magazines Sami had bought for you since you weren’t able to use modern media. The only thing that was used in this house was a laptop that belonged to Rami himself and that was only used by him, so you didn’t even dare to sneak into his study to contact anyone. Hell, you had no idea where you had been, so how could you even tell your location to anyone?

Someone was knocking on your door slightly and two heads appeared as you allowed them to enter your room. “Hey, (Y/N)!” Jessamine called and climbed on your lap as Sami closed the door and joined you two on your bed. “Hey.” He greeted. “Hello guys.” You smiled at them and pressed the little girl close to your body, hugging her tightly. “What are you doing, (Y/N)?” Jessamine asked curiously, trying to examine the magazine in your hand. “Nothing, Love. I was looking  at this magazine.”

“(Y/N), we want to play with you.” The little girl said, pointing at herself and her uncle who was smiling friendly. “Do you want to play with us?” You put the magazine aside and responded. “Of course, sweetie. What are we playing?”  “UNO!” she shouted excitingly and pulled out the cards from its box that she was hiding behind her back. While she was mixing the cards, Sami looked at you worriedly. He had noticed that you still avoided his brother and that neither of you were determined to break the walls between the two of you. He was confused why you acted so stubborn to ignore each other instead of talking and clear things up.

“Are you okay?” He mouthed to you. You answered his question by nodding your head. After a few minutes, the play began and you had a wonderful evening with lots of laughing. It felt good to laugh after a long time.

Meanwhile, Rami sat in his study, trying to work but he couldn’t concentrate on anything. He heard the joys of laughter that came from the floor above him. Especially when he heard you laughing, his heart began to beat heavily against his chest and butterflies fluttered in his stomach. He liked your laughter. He liked it a lot.

Groaning, he put his glasses off and threw them on his desk, leaning his forehead against his hands. He also thought about a lot of things that happened since your arrival. He knew he was very cold hearted, stubborn and complicated and he hadn’t really treated you the way he should have. Your last words to him pierced holes through his entire body and his heart hurt at the sight of you before you left. “You once promised to make me happy. I’m anything but happy.”

He sighed to get rid of the heavy burden in his chest. He admitted that he was acting like an idiot. All he wanted to do was to free you from the miserable life you had. He knew that you cancelled contact to your parents since you had been abused by them as a child. You lived in a small apartment and drudged a lot to pay your rent. He felt bad for you. But maybe you were still satisfied with your life after all you went through. You seemed to be like a very strong woman with so much patience. Oh, what an idiot he was!

It was in his nature that he let out his anger on other people, especially the ones he loved the most. Work was freaking him out and he had to deal with so many idiots from other companies who did everything to ruin his reputation. He run one of the most successful companies in the state, of course there were some competitors who wanted to drag his name into the dirt.

He wished, he could relax only for one day without being stressed. He kneaded his temple in slow motions, trying to calm down at least a bit.

The reason why he didn’t talk to you was because he knew it was his fault and that you needed your time to forgive and forget about what happened. He wanted to give you space that was necessary. But during those weeks, he didn’t spend any minute without thinking of you. So many times he thought about buying flowers for you but was afraid of your reaction. What if you would throw it against his face? He made many negative experiences in life, so the only way to keep himself unharmed was to act like the man that he was today. Stubborn, cold-hearted and merciless.

He leaned back on his chair and closed his eyes. He could still hear you laughing. God, he thought, please don’t make her stop laughing. Please.

Rami grabbed the drawer of his wooden writing desk and opened it. He pulled out a self made box, filled with old childhood memories. When he opened it, the first thing he saw and something it made him smile every time when pulled the box out was a little bracelet with colorful beads.

Curly” was the first thing he thought about. His nickname when he was a child. The name you gave him when you met him for the first time.


Sorry i have to do this, i can’t stand Reading comments like i tought Belle was beautifull? Could they just pick a better Belle?

For me Emma Watson is a perfect and beautifull Belle, i always hoped that she would play Belle, she is a beautifull young woman, and does tell beauty and the beast that beauty lies within? Well Emma Watson is beautifull on the outside but also from the inside i am sure if that, all that hate towards her, you didnt even saw her as Belle right? So why don’t give her a change? Stop seeing her as Hermione see her as Emma and as Belle

From what i saw it looks absolutly amazing and she does a great job, and i am a very big beauty and the beast fan, i am not saying the biggest because that doesnt excist everyone who loves the movie do it with their own special way.

EXO Reaction when their mate is a high schooler

Requested by @chenchenismagurl . So I decided to do this a little different, more like what they would be like, what kind of boyfriend they would be like. 

Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Would be that kind of boyfriend who pretends to know what he’s doing but doesn’t but he is just there to protect his jagi from other high school wolves*


*Waits for you at the entrance every day* “I’ve been here all morning baobei. What do you mean? My first priority is checking you are safe… in this jungle of teens”


“You ready guys? Time to watch my girl, let’s go. I’m sure they’ll think we are from the football team”


*Doesn’t care he isn’t enrolled. He walks through the halls as if he owned the school* “My babe… look who’s here”


“Don’t you ever feel likes this is like that TV show you watch… Teen wolf? I should start playing Lacrosse” 


*Is the hot guy everyone wants to date but is not even in school* “I’ll pick you up today jagi, winter is coming. I’ll lend you my fur”


*Thinking* “I wonder if she is having fun… because I’m clearly not.. I want to see her, maybe I’ll break in” *Such a bad boy*


*Looks so young that decides to get in high school again and have his own movie-like high school life with you* “This is fun, all for my baobei”


“Hello I’m Kim Jongdae and I just transferred. Do not touch my girl” *If someone knows how to do things right, that’s ChenChen*


*Brings you flowers everyday* “I know it’s hard, I know it’s stressful so I hope my flowers bring you a little bit of joy, my darling”


*Confused* “I don’t understand it… why can’t I get in? What do you mean i already graduated… but my baobei is in there!”


“Of course I can be here, my family owns this school. So what do you say jagi, shall we go eat something before you go back to class? I actually made you lunch”

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she probably would have been a few years too old at the time, but i can't helping thinking Madeline Kahn woulda been a great Maris. She was so good at getting those little movements and much like DHP, she was a pro at physical comedic reactions. I think they could have had a lot of fun playing off of each other.

Oh my god… perfect! You’re right, maybe a bit too old, but I love her so much. I’m imagining a little bit of her in Clue, a little bit of Young Frankenstein…

Oh, and she died while Frasier was still on . :( Which I knew, but looking it up just now I’m realizing she was born the same year as my mom.

Fun fact, she and DHP were actually in two movies together.

Kylo and Rey’s dynamic is that of villain and hero and the entire reason people ship it is because Rey challenges his preconceived notions, takes him completely by surprise and bests him in every one of their interactions together. She completely and totally kicks his ass. That’s where the excitement comes in with this ship. That’s where the thrill is. 

And instead of hating her for it he seems both awed and intrigued. In their final interaction he looks at her not with rage and disgust but with a kind of pleading hope. Kylo has spent the entire movie being drawn to the light in spite of himself and fighting it with every fiber of his being and here he meets someone who not only embodies that but who also destroys some of his (false) preconceived ideas of what light and goodness really look like. 

She is strong and savage where he expected weakness and mildness. She isn’t timid- she is fierce. So far Kylo only has one idea of what power looks like-  Vader - and here, right before him, is Vader’s complete antithesis. Young, human, female, untrained but strong, beautiful and burning. He bears the marks of her power on his broken body. He knows what she can do because she’s done it to him and he knows, by first hand (first-scar, if you will) experience that it is not the power of the dark side. It is a power he neither knows nor understands. 

And the most exciting thing about this dynamic is the possibility that Rey will slowly destroy all his confusion and misunderstanding about the light and the dark, all the boundaries and walls he has established in his heart and mind, his entire flawed moral code as thoroughly as she defeated him in battle. Rey’s capable of shattering his entire outlook and his entire world. And she doesn’t have to do anything to him to accomplish that. Really. She doesn’t have to do a damn thing or treat him any differently. (I’ve said that, like, 8 times before but I really mean it!) She really doesn’t have to do anything to save him. 

Because through her, through being broken by her, there’s the possibility that Kylo will able to see a new path. One where he is able to shake off the chains of his oppressor. One where he stops destroying himself and others in his rabid attempts to quench the light inside of him. One where eventually he can know peace and light. And yes, love and acceptance and belonging.The possibility is definitely there. And honestly that is so beautiful.

Owen Grady x Reader -Your Fault-

Owen Grady x Reader
Request: Owen/reader angst? Maybe reader works at the park as well and when she visits Owen with the raptors she is the cause of a dangerous accident and Owen is not happy about it????
A/N: So it’s kinda short and I totally copied the movie for half of it. I’m sorry I just don’t like making owen mean D; Hes such a cutie. Anyways please request more if you like my writing. Thanks for the ideas so far <3

“I’m too busy right now.” You flipped through more papers looking for the right one.
“But- Uh, You’re supposed to train me today.” A young man who looked like he was in his early twenties stood before you. He was in a clean work uniform which you found hilarious since you worked with raptors. He looked so lost. You almost felt bad for him. But you had no time. Your boss Owen had you backed up on paper work for weeks and the park was getting a lot more attention ever since it released a statement saying it’ll have a new exhibit soon.
“Just don’t touch anything and don’t get yourself killed.” You looked up from your papers and gave a smile. He looked terrified. But what did he expect? He worked with dinosaurs.
“(Y/N)”! We need you over here!“ A man yelled from across the  enclosure.
"Coming! Don’t touch anything.” You repeated before running off.
The day was going smoothly. You were flying through paper work. You could hear Owen in the back ground training his babies. And they seemed to be listening for once.
Hours seemed to slip past like minutes and the sun was finally setting.
“AGH!” You heard a scream from the inside the enclosure.
“Oh no.” You whispered to yourself. You rushed to the holding cell to see the new kid sitting there petrified. All four raptors surrounding him. All the other workers were frozen, watching what could have been their fate.
“Owen, No!” Barry shouted behind you. Suddenly you were pushed aside as the door opened and Owen ran into the habitat between the kid the raptors.
“Owen!” You yelled. You stood at the door way watching, heart pounding.
“Blue, eye’s on me. Echo, back up.” Owen was taking charge. The raptors snapped and hissed at him as Barry rushed in and pulled the kid to safety.
“Barry close the door.” Owen demanded.
“Just do it!” The door started closing and in an instant Owen managed to get himself through the door and away from harm.
“Oh thank god.” You breathed. You were smiling but Owen was not.
“Come with me. Now.” Owen walked passed you, bumping your shoulder. You stepped back to catch yourself. Barry stared at you with disbelief. Owen had never treated you like that.

“What the Hell was that for?” You questioned as you walked up to him at the tree line away from everyone.
“What the Hell was that for? Why the Hell didn’t you do your job? That kid almost died. He wasn’t following any of the safety rules.” Owen yelled. His forehead was creased and dripping with sweat. His face was red and his eye were stabbing into you like daggers.
“Safety rules? You’re the one who ran in there between them!”
“To save a life. Something you obviously can’t do. You just stood there.”
“That’s what any sane person would do Owen!”
He paused. You could tell he was thinking and getting angrier as he was. He looked at the ground.
“You had one god damn job. Teach the kid. And you couldn’t do that. You need to leave.” He was calmer now.But you sure as hell weren’t. Was her really trying to fire you?
“One job? Excuse me but I do EVERYTHING around here” You spat. “I do your paper work, I make sure everyone is safe, I train people, I make sure we have enough food for the raptors, I shut everything down, I’m the last one to leave at night because you’re too busy getting drunk and fucking everything that moves.” You were fuming. You had never talked to Owen like this. You both had been really good friends for so long. Until a few weeks ago you had a one night stand with him and everything changed and you knew he has just been waiting for an excuse to get rid of you.
“Go!” He yelled. He stepped towards you which made you step back in fear. He was almost a foot taller then you and when covered in dirt, extremely intimidating.
“Fine.” You said quietly. If this is what he wanted, fine with you.

Movie Night

I went to see Age of Ultron today and a young couple had picked a seat in front of us and I couldn’t help but think of Sonic Boom: The Meteor where Sonic/Eggman said he had plans to see a chick-flick with Amy at 9. It’s been in my head all afternoon so I had to write this. XD

it’s normal to think of your otp when seeing couples in public right??


It wasn’t a fancy date but Amy wasn’t about to go out looking like a slob, that was for certain! She took a refreshing shower, fixed her quills, bangs and even put on some makeup. Picking out her casual red dress, she twirled in front of her mirror to make sure she looked appealing. Amy bit her bottom lip nervously after taking notice of something, “maybe I went too heavy with the blush…” she hurried back to the sink, and cleaned it off. A sudden knock on the door startled her. She huffed angrily, stomping towards her door. “Sticks! I swear if you-” Amy felt silent when she saw the blue hedgehog standing there. Wait, it was 9 already?! 

“If you what?” Sonic grinned, not oblivious at all that he had surprised her by showing up earlier than they had planned.

Part of her wanted to snap at Sonic for not informing her, but at the same time… it was nice to see that he had made an effort to show up early instead of leaving her waiting to worry that he’d never show. “You do know we’re going tomorrow night, right?“ Yes, this was false but Amy wanted to have a little fun with him; just to see his priceless reaction.

“…What.” Sonic’s eyes grew wide, clearly not catching on to her little fib. “I could’ve sworn that we …” He tugged at his scarf, nervously. However, it didn’t take long for him to notice the makeup she was wearing. “But why are ya’ wearing makeup, huh?”

Amy did her best to hold back from laughing, and spilling out the truth right then and there. She wasn’t finished though. “Perhaps I’m going on a date~” She stepped out of her home, walking past him. She glanced over her shoulder to witness his expression. He looked shocked, his mouth agape as he stared at her. Or perhaps he was… horrified that she was “dating”?

“A… d-date?! I mean… it’s c-cool that you found someone, Amy.”  Sonic’s foot started tapping anxiously, “but why didn’t you announce it before?” His emerald gaze shot up to meet hers, and crossed his arms. Looking awfully… displeased. “So, when are we gonna meet this guy?”

Bingo. He was indeed jealous.

It was time to end this little charade and be truthful, no matter how much she was enjoying this. Amy shook her head, and then walked towards him, poking him in the chest. “It’s you, silly.” She erupted in giggles as he allowed this to sink in.

“Wait… me…?” He pointed at himself, brows furrowed in confusion.

“Of course! You did ask me to go to the movies tonight didn’t you?”

Sonic blinked, Amy’s fibbing now catching on to him. “So, all of that was a lie…” Suddenly Amy feared that maybe she had went too far and their movie night was officially ruined. “HA! I knew it!”

Suuuure he did, but Amy wasn’t gonna mess with him any further about it.


The theater wasn’t very fancy like most of the village, but it was cozy nonetheless. At this time of the night, not many were here to see the romantic film with their special someone so Sonic and Amy had plenty of choices as to where they should be seated. As the two reached the ticket stand a few villagers were waiting in line in front of them, in the next line there was a display of candy, drinks, and fresh popcorn being prepared by the staff. After getting their tickets, they purchased a big bucket of popcorn to share and two sodas.

It was drawing near to 9pm so they soon found themselves a seat. Both talked quietly amongst themselves, until the previews begun to play. Sonic fidgeted impatiently as the previews of upcoming movies, t.v shows, a little teaser to a new episode to Comedy Chimp appeared was the last to appear before the intro to the movie begun to play.


As expected, the movie was a common love story. Girl meets boy, they develop a friendship and then somehow they get separated until they reach adulthood. Instead of a joyous reunion between the pair, however, the boy had been diagnosed with a disease that was slowly killing him. By then, Sonic vaguely paid much attention to what happened afterwards.

Minutes passed by and the movie became even more emotional - from what Sonic could distinguish, anyway. Next to him, Amy was wiping away her tears stubbornly. Why did she enjoy movies like this again? If it only leads to her crying…? Sonic didn’t understand it. Although part of him thought it was silly to cry over a fictional story, he despised seeing her upset, nonetheless. He scooted closer, their shoulders now brushing against the other. Amy was so focused on the movie, that she barely noticed Sonic had moved closer.

With a little hesitation, Sonic reached over and wrapped an arm around Amy; stroking her shoulder in comfort. This gentle touch caught her attention, and she looked at him with teary eyes. He didn’t look back at her, but she could see his cheeks were flustered from being so close. Amy smiled and moved closer as well, wasting no time to rest her head on Sonic’s shoulder. Sonic’s cheeks grew hotter, to hide this he brought his scarf up to his blushing face and coughed.


Still wondering why she digs chick-flicks, Sonic?

TL;DR: this came out shorter than I had intended oops


DC Comics’ Wonder Woman Fan-Cast Part 1

The reality of my life is that Abraham Lincoln has been depicted as a vampire hunter on film and Wonder Woman won’t grace the silver screen for at least another year, and even then as an also-ran behind Superman and Batman.  Any excuse Warner Bros. can generate for not standing behind a WW movie is crap.

Wonder Woman and Friends

Wonder Woman is not Superman with different reproductive parts, nor is she Thor–a stranger in a strange land, thirsting constantly for the glory of battle.  Wonder Woman is one of the greatest physical combatants on Earth who believes violence is a last resort.  Her greatest power is not her strength and speed; it’s not her Lasso of Submission or her bulletproof bling.  Her greatest power is her mercy, compassion and love.  She’s fierce and she’s maternal.  It would be hard to find someone who embodies all those conflicting attributes if Bridget Regan hadn’t already played essentially the same part in the show Legend of the Seeker.

For Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, there really was never any option other than Xena herself, Lucy Lawless.

Colonel Steve Trevor needs to represent masculinity; he is saddled with the responsibility of embodying everything the Amazons would dismiss about men, as well as everything that Diana would find attractive.  He’s an alpha male, and in any other context he would be the action hero star of the movie.  But this isn’t his story.  He plays backup to Wonder Woman.  Daniel Sunjata plays a great man’s man who isn’t over the top stupid.  He doesn’t have the star power that would overshadow Wonder Woman, but his style and personality makes him watchable so he won’t seem like a wallflower.

Finding a woman in Hollywood who doesn’t look like an anorexic underwear model isn’t easy.  There were really only two quality options for Wonder Woman’s fiend, Etta Candy, and of the two, Rebel Wilson was the right age.

As I’ve said before, it’s tough to cast younger characters when you don’t watch a lot of TV or movies starring younger actors.  So when it came to find the Wonder Girls Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark, I was looking more for girls of an appropriate age, look and what I could sense of their attitude.  Anna Popplewell from the Narnia movies seemed to have the right elegance and airiness for a young Donna Troy on the cusp of her New Teen Titans era.  Skyler Samuels is younger, wilder, and more American, which strikes me as more fitting for the Young Justice group of teen heroes.

Next: Wonder Woman’s villains.  Yeah, she has ‘em.

Second Family // Shawn Mendes

Hey y’all! Sorry I haven’t posted recently, I’ve been really busy since it is finally summer woohoo!! Anyways, I hope you like this imagine <3

“Let’s go, Shawn!” I said as I slid my shoes on.

“I’m coming,” he sang as he came and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I’m so excited,” I smiled.

“Me too, I’m sure they are very excited to see you,” he winked.

“Come on, they want you more,” I smirked.

“They’re in love with you,” he laughed.

“Shut up and get in the car,” I laughed as I playfully slapped his arm and we walked to the car and got in. Once we arrived to his parents’ house I rang the doorbell and waited eagerly for someone to open it. His mom opened it and her face lit up as she pulled me into a hug,

“Hi Karen,” I smiled widely.

“Hello darling, I’ve missed you,” she smiled.

“I’ve missed you too, it’s so good to see you,” I smiled as I pulled away.

“It seems as if you look even more beautiful than the last time,” she smiled.

“Oh please, if anyone’s the beautiful one it’s you,” I smiled.

“Hello? I am your son!” Shawn said from behind us. I turned around and smiled at him.

“Of course,” Karen smiled as she pulled him into a hug and they rocked back and forth for a little bit, also making small talk like she and I were doing just earlier. 

“Where’s Aaliyah?” I smiled.

“She should be in her room,” Karen smiled. I thanked her as I jogged up the stairs and down the hallway to her room. I opened the door and her head shot up from the book she was reading on her bed.

“Y/N!” she exclaimed as she put the book down and ran to me, hugging me tightly.

“Hey princess,” I said as I hugged her back just as tight.

“What are you up to?” I smiled as I motioned for her to sit down. I sat down next to her and smoothed out my dress.

“Oh, I’m just reading this book,” she smiled as she picked it up and began explaining to me what it was about.

“What else have you been up to?” I asked her.

“Well, school’s finished so now I have time to just do fun things alone and with friends,” she smiled.

“That’s awesome,” I smiled. 

“Wanna see a new vine I made?” she asked.

“Most definitely,” I smiled as I saw her scramble around and pull out her laptop where she opened the vine and played it for me. We laughed together and continued talking and I saw Shawn standing in the doorway.

“Am I interrupting?” he asked.

“Nope, just hanging out with my favourite Mendes child,” I smiled.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“You heard me,” I grinned widely and Aaliyah laughed along beside me.

“It’s time for dinner,” he stated.

“Okay,” I smiled as Aaliyah and I stood up and walked with Shawn back down to the dining room where we took our spots at the table. We began talking as we usually do.

“Y/N, did you see the hockey game last night?” his dad asked my from across the table, knowing I liked hockey.

“Yes! Toronto was such a joke,” I said as I face palmed myself.

“I know, totally crap,” he said and I laughed. 

“What have you two been up to lately?” Karen asked as she rested her chin in her hand. I turned to Shawn to let him answer since I was doing a lot of the talking and felt bad.

“Yesterday we went to that new ice cream place like 10 minutes away, we’ve really just been fooling around and spending time together,” he said and I nodded in agreement as I smiled.

“You two are just beautiful,” she smiled. I blushed as I looked down and played with my food a little bit, still smiling.

“I agree, you two are very very good for each other,” his dad smiled. Aaliyah nodded along.

“I’m very happy,” I smiled as Shawn placed his hand on my thigh, rubbing his thumb up and down softly and I smiled over at him.

“What about you guys?” I smiled.

“Nothing really, just been cleaning the house, working, the usual,” his dad laughed and we all laughed along.

“That’s the dream isn’t it?” I asked, winking.

“Why of course,” his mom chuckled.

“Y/N, I saw on twitter some story about running into a pole?” Aaliyah asked.

“Oh yeah, tell them about that,” Shawn laughed.

“I was walking with Shawn, and I decided to look down at my phone because I was quickly answering someone, and I ended up walking straight into a pole, and Shawn didn’t even warn me,” I laughed.

“You’ve always been clumsy and it amuses me,” Shawn giggled. I shook my head as I ate more of my food.

“Karen was always like that too, she stepped on my feet at our wedding,” he explained and we all laughed. After finishing dinner we all placed our plates in the sink.

“Do you want help with the dishes?” I asked from behind Shawn’s mom.

“No, it’s okay sweetie, go have fun,” she smiled.

“Alright,” I smiled.

“And there’s desert after,” she smiled.

“Is it by chance your very famous and delicious apple pie?” I asked.

“I don’t know of any other,” she smiled. I laughed as I turned and walked into the living room with Shawn and Aaliyah.

“Y/N, wanna watch Frozen?” she asked as she began to jump up and down on the couch.

“Yes of course,” I grinned. She clapped as she launched herself onto the floor and in front of the TV as she grabbed the DVD and started getting the movie ready. 

“I’m gonna grab something to drink,” Shawn smiled.

“I’ll come,” I said as I stood up with him. Right before we walked into the kitchen he stopped me.

“What are you doing?” I asked curiously.

“Wait, listen,” he said as he grabbed my hand to stop me from walking in the kitchen. We stood against the wall and I heard his parents talking.

“They remind me of us when we were young,” his mom said.

“I know, how they’re so innocent and carefree,” his dad chimed in.

“I mean he looks at her like she’s an angel for crying out loud, and the way they smile at each other, it just warms my heart,” his mom gushed. I blushed as I continued to listen to the extremely sweet conversation going on.

“She’s a keeper, I can tell he really loves her and she loves him,” his dad said.

“Of course, she’s absolutely beautiful and has such a great personality I consider her part of the family,” his mom said. I looked up at Shawn and he smiled at me, which I returned. After a short while, Shawn opened the door and we walked in.

“What are you two up to?” his mom asked.

“Just getting a drink,” he smiled as he skipped over to the fridge and pulled out the water jug and poured it into two glasses.

“And we’re watching a movie with Aaliyah,” I smiled.

“Awesome, I’ll bring the pie out to you when it’s ready,” she said sweetly.

“Thank you,” I smiled as we walked back out and sat on the couch as we began to watch Frozen.

The movie finished and we talked for a little longer and eventually it was late and time for Shawn and I to go back to our hotel for the night. We stood up and his parents and sister walked us to the door.

“Bye Manny,” I smiled as his dad pulled me into a hug.

“It was so good to see you,” he smiled.

“You too, I’ll see you soon,” I smiled. I walked to his mom and pulled her into a hug too. We did the thing where you kiss both cheeks, you know that whole thing.

“I’ll see you soon,” I smiled. Finally I pulled Aaliyah into a hug and squeezed her.

“it was so good to see you. Keep smiling and keep having fun, I love you,” I smiled as I squeezed her.

“Bye Y/N, I’ll miss you,” she said.

“I’ll miss you too but it won’t be long,” I smiled. After we said our final goodbyes we were out the door and in the car.

“That was fun,” I smiled. He nodded as he glanced over at me.

“You’re like one of the family now,” he smiled.

“That makes me happy, I really like them,” I smiled.

“And they like you,” he smiled.

“What they were saying about us was the sweetest thing ever,” I cooed as I placed my hand over my heart.

“I know, but they’re right, I do love you a lot,” he said.

“And I love you,” I said.

“More than Aaliyah?” he asked.

“Well what did I say in the house?” I asked.

“Hey!” he exclaimed as I began giggling.

“You will always be my favourite,” I smiled as I reached over and grabbed his hand that wasn’t on the wheel.

“Yeah, better be,” he winked. We got back to the hotel and I took off my shoes and jumped face first onto the bed. he laughed as he climbed in next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I didn’t get to kiss you all night,” I smiled as I lifted my head and pressed my lips against his. I pulled apart and kissed his forehead before lying down on my pillow again.

“Your cousin is gonna pick up his car at the airport tomorrow right?” I asked.

“Yep he’s gonna be there at the same time as us,” he nodded.

“Okay, it was very sweet of him,” I said.

“I’m exhausted, I don’t wanna take off my makeup or change my clothes,” I groaned as I rolled off the bed. After doing everything I needed to do, I crawled into the bed next to Shawn and cuddled into his side.

“Goodnight Shawn,” I mumbled.

“Goodnight beautiful,” he said as he kissed my forehead.


Fic Request: Fic where Lydia finds Stiles instead of Theo after he has his recurring memory of Claudia. Do with it what you please.


Genre: Angst, Comfort, Romance, Canon Divergence 

Author: @yoncebanshee

A/N: I’m glad you added that “do with that what you please”, because that’s literally what I did. Hope you enjoy this one :)

Keep reading
Kristen Stewart on Diversity in Hollywood: 'Do Something' Instead of Complaining
Kristen Stewart has added her voice to the mix of those speaking about diversity in Hollywood, telling those who are concerned about the issue to "go do something." "Instead of sitting around and c...
By Variety Staff

“Instead of sitting around and complaining about that, do something,” she said. “Go write something, go do something.”

“And that’s easy to say,” she continued. “Like, f–k, it’s hard to get movies made. It’s a huge luxury. Who gets to just make movies? But that subject is just so prevalently everywhere right now, and it’s boring.”

So are we going to talk about this bland butterball heffa today or what? Love what she had to say about systematic racism and diversity in Hollywood. Barf. Oh, wait, we can’t. She’s a white feminist, she’s had it hard, her ex is going to marry a black girl, she’s had to fight in Hollywood, girl power, rah, rah, rah. Not like she didn’t land a mega blockbuster hit at a young age just because she looked like the writer’s description of a white girl. She is the epitome of white mediocrity but she says

“Instead of sitting around and complaining, DO something.”

Girl, I would drag you by that strangly ass hair towards intersectionality and some common damn sense, but I won’t. I got shit to do. 

“It’s boring.“


White people come get ya’ll other white people. 

Julie Deply

Michael Caine

Jimmy Kimmel

Clint Eastwood

Charlotte Rampling

The power of Ghostbusters - ads and all

I went to see Ghostbusters in London. Loved it. Loved the company. I went to see it again in Vancouver with three small boys. I go and see a lot of movies - mostly based on comic characters and the ads are car advert after car advert all focussing on masculinity and manliness. I have never experienced what I did in that Vancouver cinema, not ever.

The adverts were all targeted to women (pretty much) except they weren’t underwear ads, or perfume ads, or even athletic apparel ads. They weren’t children’s ads, or ads about what good moms buy their kids. They were ads about clever, inspirational, adventurous women who will change the world. There was the “be proud you’re a Canadian” ad following the beautiful Asian Canadian girl as she grew, an ad about encouraging girls in sport, the #whatiReallyReallywant equality ad, and a car ad with a female adventurer. The 8 year old next to me kept mouthing in my ear, “good ad.” Too right kid!

We left and three boys argued over which ghostbusters they wanted to be for several hours - Holtzmann was most popular, followed by Patty. The kid with the hand cast wanted to be Abby because his cast looks like the proton hand to hand device thing Holtsmann created. They all thought Holtzmann was the coolest person they’d ever seen, that she was brilliant.

This experience was great for me - it must be the kind of movie going experience men have all the time. It was so nice to see how good this experience is for young boys. I am utterly overjoyed that girls have this amazing representation (about time), but I’m also thrilled that boys growing up today experience admiring and idolizing amazing women like these for the right reasons. All around them are stereotypes, casual sexism and male privilege, and this is something so positive in the face of that. Now bring on Wonder Woman, bring on more movies like Ghostbusters. We want subsequent generations to be different - media has power, media has sway. And lastly, end the absence of LGBTQ characters in movies, tv shows and cartoons for kids. Kids accept everyone until the world teaches them not to.

Little Family - Calum Imagine

Requested: nop

Content Warning: non

Word Count: 1315 (yeah that’s right)

Author: Emi :3

Note: i had to add some few extra characters, if you guys don’t mind :)

Calum finds out your pregnant.

I stared at the sticks.

“Oh God.” I groaned as I threw them in the trash. This is going to change everything. My relationship with Calum will be tested like it never has been before. This is big. This is… I have to get some air.

I opened the door to my bathroom and saw Y/F/N sitting impatiently at the foot of our bed.

“So?” she asked me, anxiety showing at her face as she walked slowly over to me.

I shrugged nervously. “They’re all positive.”

Y/F/N smiled so big and gave a small cheer.

“Yes! This is awesome, Y/N! You are going to b–” she stopped. “What’s wrong? Is this not happy news?”

I shook my head and my lips trembled. Y/F/N quickly pulled me into a tight embrace as I sobbed on her shoulder, feeling her caressing my back once in a while. My heart was thumping so loud against my chest as I shivered with tears. My bestfriend trying her hardest to shush me and calm me down.

“Whatever the reason for your tears right now, I’m sure it’s all going to be fine. You’ve got a little person inside of you and you’re going to have a little family. No matter what I’ll be here to help, okay?” she cooed, making me smile a bit. When we broke away, she smiled.

I nodded and wiped my tears away. “I just don’t know what Cal would say. He’s at the prime of his career and…a child would be…”

“Now, stop that! You don’t know what he’s going to say. So I suggest you tell him soon.” my bestfriend told me. “It’s his child, Y/N. He deserves to know.”

I nodded again, “Okay. I’ll tell him tomorrow.” I said feeling a tinge of courage despite my bravery running low today.

What would Calum say?


“This is fantastic!”

I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“You mean, you’re not mad?” I asked, putting down my fork and forgetting all about our dinner in front of us. “You actually like the idea?”

Calum grinned. “I mean, there will be parts that suck but this is a big opportunity for us. Plus, you’ll be with me the whole time so don’t worry about a thing.”

He saw my anxious expression and sighed. Calum stood up from his chair and pulled me up so he can embrace me.

“It’s just a small trip to Australia and a few days in New Zealand. We’ll be back home before you know it.” he told me.

His band has to go on a trip to promote their new album and it’s really important. They can’t cancel it and Calum wants me there with him. But that’s not really why I’m anxious.

I haven’t told him about the child growing inside of me yet. And I get really stressed when I travel. Isn’t stress bad for the fetus? Oh God. I don’t know what to do. Should I tell him now?

“Uhmm…” I said, breaking away from his hug. “Cal? I have something to tell you.”

He looked at me and gestured for me to go on. His eyes travel down my lips and stayed there. I know that look.

“I’m listening.” His voice low, knowing full well he is not, as he pulled me closer to him, his lips placing small kisses on my temples.

“Cal…” I whispered. I can’t help it. His hands were on my back, lifting up the hem of my shirt.

“Hmm?” He was leaning down now, trailing the kisses towards my neck.

“Oh Calum.” I wanted him to stop and listen to me but he took my response as an urge to keep going. This man knows my body too well. My mind isn’t functioning anymore and my body is acting on its own. I hate it.


…maybe I’ll tell him after we’re done.

Because right now, my body is being dominated by Calum.

And I don’t want to deprive myself with that. Don’t you agree?



I was in such a good mood this morning. Probably because of the great night I had with Y/N. God. I love that woman so much. I intend to show her how much I do in every way possible.

“Oh look. Calum’s cheerful today.” Michael said, sitting next to me in one of the bar stools as he rolled his eyes. “Shocker.”

I ignored this remark and smiled at my friend anyway. “Why? What happened with you and your girlfriend?”

He shrugged. “We’re fine. It’s just that she’s spending too much time at the day care lately. I don’t know why she even goes there. We don’t even have a kid in that place.”

“Maybe that’s a hint for you that she wants to have kids. And soon.” I told him. Honestly, I’m only guessing over here.

“Kids? I’m only 23, Calum. I can’t have kids yet.” He said, taking a gulp of his beer with an obvious panicked look on his face. I almost felt sorry and regretted what I told him. He’s right. We are way too young to be fathers.

We were so young and reckless. That’s actually one of my fears. Losing my fun life and living boring domestic and empty lives. I like my life as it is now. I how we stay like this for a while. I’m happy with Y/N and I don’t like to change it.

That night when I was home, watching movies on the couch beside Y/N, I noticed how she’s not focusing on the movie like she always does. Whenever we watch movies together, she always ignore my attempts to cuddle because she’s always so invested in whatever we’re watching. But now, it seems like every move I make, she turns her head to look at me. Then shakes her head and sigh as she looks away.

For the 12th time she did it, I finally gave in.

“Okay. I’ve had enough.” I said, reaching over to grab the remote and turn off the TV.

“W-what?” She looked at me wide eyed.

I turned to look at her straight in the eyes. It always bothers me when Y/N is out of sorts. But it seems like tonight it’s extra bad.

“Are you feeling okay? Is something bothering you?” I asked her.

She looked at me and her eyes started to water. Shit. What’s happening?

“Oh no. No, Y/N. Please don’t cry.” I said, pulling her into my lap and eembracing her. I can feel her shake as she held me close ad sobbed into my shoulder. “I hate seeing you cry. Please tell me what’s wrong so I can kiss it away.”

I felt her shake her head. “It’s not gonna go away just like that, Cal.”

She pulled away and looked at me again. Her eyes glistening with unshed tears. I softened at the sight of them.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” I asked her again. I smiled encouragingly. “It probably isn’t that bad. It’s not like you’re carrying a baby right?” I chuckled.

But she looked at me as if I found out her secret. Which I did. Apparently.

“Oh god.” I said as I saw her stiffen and her lips tremble. “You’re pregnant?”

Slowly, she nodded and I did the stupidest thing known to man. I pushed her away from me and stood up, towering in front of her.

“How could you let this happen, Y/N? How could you be so dumb to let this happen?” I yelled out, each time pointing unconsiously to her stomach. “We’re way too young and I do not want to have kids with you.”

I blamed her.

As soon as it came out, I regretted every single thing I said. I looked at Y/N with panicked eyes compared to her obviously hurt ones. She was shivering and she looked so helpless.

Small whimpers escape her mouth as she jumped out of the couch and walked quickly into our room, locking the door behind her.

Oh no. I fucked up.

I was pissed at myself. Anger flooded through me and I couldn’t control myself. The vase of flowers was now on the floor, in pieces.

I hate myself.

-well there we go. you’re pregnant and calum is being a dick. check out our blog and request for stuff to read part 2 which will be posted asap. we appreciate our readers and we hope you like this one -Emi :3

Maximoff twins in AOU [Spoilers]
  • I really loved Marvel's Quicksilver (though I was one of the few people who defended Evan Peters' Quicksilver before DOFP). I adored the dynamic between him and Clint, like they're kinda hating on each other and making fun of each other but in the end...The scenes they shared didn't fail to make me smile.
  • Now, Wanda.I felt like there weren't enough scenes that gave us a bigger insight on their relationship.
  • We find out about the twins' past:
  • Their parents were killed (well, if their dad is who he is supposed to be I highly doubt that, but anyway) by one of Stark's weapons and Pietro managed to save Wanda last minute. That's why the two of them hate on Stark and volunteered for Strucker's program.
  • During the movie we have Pietro always looking out for his little sister (which is adorable).
  • Wanda. Well, I love this character so much,I guess that's why I felt like we could have seen a little more of her. Again, there are a couple of amazing scenes with her and Barton towards the end of the film (I guess every scene with Barton in this movie was amazing).
  • And she also had a few moments with Vision which make me hope that we probably are going to get a Young Avengers movie. 10-20 years 😅
  • Though she is younger she is more serious, while her brother jokes every now and then.
  • Now [MAJOR SPOILER]: Pietro's death scene had me crying. Firstly, cause I waited to see this chatacter for so long and you just go and kill him. Secondly, it reminded me of the death of a certain speedster in the DC's Young Justice. The way he died sacrificing himself...And finally, because of Wanda. The way the movie showed us their bond, that special connection that only twins have. It was as if both of them died.
  • And when she faced Ultron for the last time...Wanda looked so badass. Could have gone all House of M right there.
  • I believe that we got a good version of the Maximoff twins in the MCU.
  • Could have been better, but could have been so much worse.
  • Now I'm really looking forward to the DVD with all the deleted scenes and stuff.