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Last Dance

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: With one week left in both of your theme park employee contracts, you struggle with the clash between your blossoming feelings for Bucky and the impending end of your job.

this one is for @buckyywiththegoodhair​, the loveliest pineapple gem to grace the interwebs. nicole, i don’t think you’ll ever fully comprehend how grateful i am for you and how much i adore you. thanks for everything xx

A/N: this one’s a doozy (3100+ words). i’ve always struggled with writing things that are long enough to have a storyline yet short enough to not frustrate readers. i’m trying this new thing where i try not to sacrifice content in the name of comfort. hopefully y’all enjoy this one, and i’d love to hear your feedback!

ps. i also wrote this after taking sleeping pills [for legitimate medical reasons], so it gets sloppy towards the end. whoops. 

The cool air breezes through your limbs as you step out onto the roof of the staff quarters, providing a much-needed respite from the rising temperatures of the basement party Tony Stark is throwing.  You fan yourself and wait for a nervous Bucky to speak. Why he’s nervous is beyond you, but you’re sure it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Bucky remains silent, his knuckles turning white as he grips his fingers tightly, shifting the weight from one foot to another. His downcast eyes flick upwards, the vulnerability in his blue orbs shining bright and true. You’re about to reach out and ask him if everything is okay when -

“I like you.”

Your tongue darts out to wet your lips before the lower lip gets caught between your teeth. You definitely weren’t expecting that, and a sudden rush of nerves suppresses your ability to eloquently speak. “Wow,” you blankly say.

Something sinks in your heart, and you’re suddenly taken back to the conversation you had with Wanda earlier today.

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- when the waves get too strong

request: I’ve been down lately a lot has been going on but it’s getting better thank God… can I request a one shot where the reader is usually the one all giggly and happy and Jug is the one that’s always down and being himself but it’s vice versa now and he’s trying everything he can to make the reader feel better and trying to make her smile and laugh so he’ll do dumb cute things that he usually wouldn’t do and she can’t explain why she’s down she just hasn’t been herself with everything going on

pairing: jughead jones x reader 

a/n: to the reader who requested this, I hope you find some happiness in the small day to day things and when you wake up; the sun shines a little brighter than the day before. 

The pumping music was too much for her ears, the shouts of the power hungry red head were beginning to become lost to her ears. The simplest of dance moves were almost impossible to conquer with her sleep deprived limbs. She attempted a twirl along with the rest of the girls on the squad but it was halfhearted and pitiful, not elegant or graceful like Cheryl’s.

She now turned with her eyes as cold as ice and as sharp as daggers, turned directly towards the baggy eyed girl at the back. She flipped a long piece of her ginger hair over her shoulder, the undeniable look of Blossom superiority morphing into her once soft features.

“I’m sorry, do you need a break?” Cheryl asked, no hint of actually offering a break in her tone. She strode purposefully up and down the line of now waiting cheerleaders - that included a wide eyed Betty and a curious Veronica.

“It seems that y/n here can’t keep up with the simplest routine!” the Blossom heir snipped, her head whipping in the girls direction.

“I’m sorry Cheryl, I didn’t get much sleep last night” y/n mumbled, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I can tell” the red head snapped “those bags under your eyes clearly aren’t designer”

“Cheryl!” Betty quipped with a gasp, her bright eyes flitting from Cheryl to her best friend that now sported cheeks that were red with irritation.

“Excuse me Elizabeth but I can’t afford to have girls on my cheer squad that are just going to bring the rest of us down” Cheryl’s expression was cold and unyielding, she flashed her eyes back to y/n “you’re excused from practice today. You can leave now”

Cheryl never backed down with her glare and y/n stood there at the back of the line contemplating what to do. She felt like grabbing Cheryl by her long hair and swinging her around the gymnasium a few times to shake the evil out of her, or maybe snap back with an equally insulting comment. But there was a tiredness inside her that she couldn’t explain, and that exhaustion was even causing her to abandon standing up for herself.

With one last look at Betty and Veronica, she threw her pompoms on the ground with a heavy sigh and stalked away from the gym.

“What do you think is up with y/n?” Archie leaned back in the armchair in Betty’s living room “this is the second time this week she’s blown off our studying sessions”

The rest of the group were gathered around the coffee table, Kevin sat with Veronica and Betty sat near a sprawling pile of study notes. Jughead was quite comfortable with his legs crossed on the ground, an elbow resting on his knee.

“She seemed really down at cheer practice, she’s normally one of the most involved cheerleaders” Betty added, looking at Veronica for confirmation of her statement. The dark haired girl gave a nod in return.

“You know she hasn’t come to Pop’s with us in a while either” Kevin said, a frown playing on his lips.

“Hey Jug, she’s your girlfriend” Archie leaned towards the beanie wearing boy “you know her better than anyone, do you know what’s up?”

Jughead sighed a little, turning his eyes towards the glass of the table he sat near instead of the questioning ones of the russet haired boy. He didn’t like the idea of discussing y/ns constant down behaviour before she spoke about it first. It wasn’t his place to say, and besides he didn’t know enough to openly talk about it.

“Look guys, I don’t know what’s wrong. She’s been pretty quiet with me this week so I couldn’t say” he gave a shrug, as if he was nonchalant towards the whole situation. But in truth he wasn’t.

Smiles had faltered to frowns. Warm hugs and wet kisses had become somewhat non existent in their relationship, and long talks beneath the stars had turned to brief texts. At first Jughead had thought that maybe her heart wasn’t in it anymore, that maybe that heart didn’t want his any longer. He could understand that, and accept it no matter how much it hurt. Maybe being with the same person since you were thirteen could become cold after that long.

But then Jughead began to notice that it wasn’t just his jokes she didn’t laugh at, or it wasn’t just him she didn’t have the energy to talk to. It was everyone. Slowly but surely she began giving excuses why she couldn’t go to Pop’s or to their study sessions, and after a while she stopped giving excuses at all. She just wouldn’t turn up.

Her school work was faltering and Jughead could notice how her once sparkling eyes now dulled like the blackest sky. But y/n had never given a reason, never told a tale of how the darkness had gripped her or why she never laughed anymore.

She had always been - since they were kids- the one to hold out a hand or offer a smile when someone was needing it. She needed it now, and Jughead wanted to help. His friends fell back into steady conversation while his head was doing the complete opposite, twirling and pounding with worry but also coming up with ideas to put a smile back on his girlfriends face.

Another day. Another drama.

This time around it came in the form of a teacher and not the usual red haired Blossom witch, which in a way was a sort of relief. Having a break from Cheryl’s snappy comments and cold glares seemed like a weight had lifted from y/ns shoulders.

The relief and gratitude of not being under Blossom scrutiny during cheer practice had been short lived however. It had been replaced by the schools history teacher and a very disappointing C grade. Y/n had stood there while her teacher had told her how her grades were slowly slipping and how he was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to pull herself up. Then the really bad thing had happened- they had the talk. That talk between student and teacher that usually ended with something like “If there’s anything you need to talk about, my door is always open”

Could everyone see how drained she looked? How sad she seemed? Did everyone now notice the heavy bags under her eyes?

Now there was another sort of heaviness on her shoulders; one that was weighed down with unsaid troubles and sobs that wanted to crawl up from her chest. Why was it so hard to just talk?

Maybe it was because she was afraid that she really had no excuse to be this way. Her parents weren’t fighting, there was no pressure at home, she had a group of friends she loved and a boyfriend any girl would be lucky to have. Maybe that was it. Maybe it was because she had no excuse and that just made it all worse; to know that she was living a perfectly happy life but wasn’t happy.

Y/n tried to push the thoughts of heaviness from her already clouded mind. The corridors were full of people as she made her way through them; the bell for lunch ringing proudly around the school. Kevin and Veronica stood gossiping ten lockers down and they both flashed her a smile she was sure she returned dully. The raven haired Lodge just frowned a little around her perfect glossed lips, and that just made y/n feel even worse. Sympathy for being sad was something she repressed.

She turned her eyes towards her locker and in one swift movement opened it up. A picture of Jughead and herself smiling met her like it did everyday; pinned to the grey of the inside of her locker door. It had been taken by Archie last summer when he had become overly enthusiastic about the new camera his dad had bought him. It was a rare photo of Jughead without his hat; instead the grey beanie was placed on y/ns head and her boyfriends smile was the widest she’d ever seen.

Her eyes however, did not stay on the photo for long but instead landed on the very unusual sight of a white box sitting inside. She got that automatic paranoid feeling that someone had been in her locker when she had been in class. Her hand trembled slightly as it picked up the cardboard box, a bright yellow post it note stuck to the top.

Smile more often it read you’re beautiful when you do

Her heart skipped a beat as she looked all around her, trying to see if anyone suspicious was lurking around. No one was however. She turned her attention to the box, and inside was something that made her lips twitch rapidly. Her favourite red velvet cupcakes sat inside, and somehow her bad grade in history didn’t seem so bad anymore with the promise of confectionery comfort.

She slowly closed her locker door and made her way over to Veronica and Kevin who were a few of the only people left in the corridor. Kevin looked up as he heard her light footsteps and quickly nudged Veronica who turned around instantly.

“Hey girl, what’s up?” she asked, her dark lidded eyes suddenly flooding in a warmth y/n felt right in her stomach.

“Were any of you in my locker? Or did you see anyone at it?” y/n asked with a furrowed brow, eyeing her two friends closely.

“No, and I never seen anyone either. Did you Kev?” Veronica asked but the boy just shook his head, leaving y/n feeling as confused as ever.

“It’s just someone left these cupcakes for me, and I’ve no idea who” she let her shoulders drop.

“Hey do you want to come to lunch with us today?” Kevin softly asked. She contemplated it for a moment, knowing how she hadn’t sat with her friends at lunch in forever; always giving the excuse that she was in the library. Her eyes dropped to the yellow note that she held in both hands.

Smile more often, you’re beautiful when you do

“Yeah, I think I will” she told them, matching their smiles just as wide.

The cafeteria was buzzing with loud conversation; mostly coming from the football teams table and loud high pitched laughter from the River Vixens usual spot. Right in the middle however, was a table that hosted a red head, a blonde girl next door and the unmistakable hat of Jughead Jones. All three of them looked as equally surprised to see y/n joining them today for lunch.

“Y/n” Betty smiled that eye twinkling smile “glad you could join us”

“Well I had these cupckaes and didn’t know who to share them with” she smiled back at her, swinging a leg over the bench and sitting beside her boyfriend.

“Hey” Jughead whispered, trying to share a somewhat private moment within the noise of the cafeteria.

“Hey” y/n whispered back, a hand placing itself on the warm skin of Jughead’s neck. He leaned in with a crooked smile, those turned up lips touching hers. She sighed against his mouth, wishing that it was just the two of them and she could kiss him like she used to.

But she broke away with the trace of her happiness etched onto her features. Jughead grabbed her hand under the table and it was almost like he knew; knew exactly that she needed something to hold onto. The note in the back of her pocket burned like it was on fire.

The notes had kept on coming, all day long. They had turned up in the most unexpected places; like the inside of her English folder or on the mirror of her makeup compact, and then at the end of the day there had been more inside her locker.

All were written with positive messages encouraging her in every aspect, and praising the way she looked when she smiled or the way her laugh sounded like music. It lessened a little of the burden of everyday sadness, and was one of the many reasons she was able to face the onslaught of Cheryl and the effort of the River Vixens routine at that nights football game.

The throngs of celebrating Riverdale inhabitants had slowly faded out from the football field while the losing team had trudged back to their school bus. Y/n now sat on the bleachers among the darkness of the night and the twinkling stars. the echos of the crowd still hauntingly ringing in her ears.

The notes that had been left for her now lay scattered on her lap, the inked words staring back at her. Some were longer than others, some more poetic, and all of them had the same resounding echo of a voice she knew. She could hear the shuffle of footsteps behind her, and in a moment she knew who was there.

“You not joining in the celebrating at Pop’s?” it was Jughead, and he now came towards her, his eyes dropping to the expanse of her cheer skirt, the one that held all the notes.

“I’m not really up for being around all those people right now” she told him, meeting his eyes as he knelt right in front of her “I know it was you” she added with a small smile.

“What do you mean?” her boyfriend asked her, the shadow of the field lights bouncing off his features but she could see his mouth was twisting into a grin.

“I know it was you; who left all those notes for me” she told him, her hands coming to clasp the soft skin of his face. He brought one hand up to hers and let his thumb rub circles along the back of it.

“How did you guess?” Jughead asked with a shaky laugh, his light eyes tracing every line of her face.

“I thought it was Veronica at first, it seemed like a very Veronica thing to do” she breathed “but then I remembered you’re the only one with my locker combination”

“I just thought that you…..needed some cheering up, you know? You just seem so down lately and I don’t know why” she dropped her hands from his face but he took them up immediately, holding them close to him “you can talk to me, baby”

“I don’t know what’s wrong” y/n let out in a whisper, her eyes dropping to their clasped hands “I’m just drained and sad all the time and I don’t know why. Nothing is wrong but at the same time everything’s wrong. Forget it I’m not making sense”

“Stop right there” Jughead softly told her, holding her hands tighter “see this is the problem with so many people. You think you’re not making sense or what you have on your mind isn’t important enough for anyone to listen to. But I’m listening y/n. Just talk to me”

She looked at him with tear filled eyes and he looked back just as sad. She knew she could tell him everything, and he’d listen. There was no doubt about that.

“There’s just this sadness inside me and I don’t know why it’s there or why it came on me all of a sudden. My parents love me, and support everything I do. I’ve great friends, I have you Juggy and I normally have good grades but I just feel like everything is slipping away, and that I can’t get a hold on it anymore” the tears escaped down her cheeks but Jughead shushed her with a soothing kiss to her cheek. He sat beside her and let her head fall into his chest.

“Sometimes you don’t have to have a horrible life to be sad all the time. But I don’t want that sadness to turn into a horrible life for you. I don’t want you to feel like this forever” Jughead said. 

“I just feel so selfish for moping around all the time when there’s people at school who have it worse than me and -” 

“Hey, don’t do that. You don’t get to beat yourself up because of that, that’s not fair. This isn’t your fault, this is something inside you that’s making you feel this way. Someone just needs to reach in deep enough to fix it” he told her, rubbing away the black smudges under her eyes. 

“I feel sometimes that you’re going to leave me, and it scares me” she whispered and his heart beat echoed dully in his chest when she spoke those words. 

“I would never leave you, baby” he reassured her, sweeping her hair back from her face to look at her properly “you’re the only thing in this world that means everything to me and I love you” 

“I love you too, Jug” was her response; like it always was when he said it first.

“Look, I’m not naive enough to believe this will be fixed with a few love notes and cupcakes” he said “but if it made you smile for a few moments then that’s the reason why I done it. But you need something more long term. You and I should go tomorrow and make an appointment with the school counselor, you need to talk to someone other than me and I really think that it would help. I understand if you don’t want to, but just think about it” 

“You’ll be there with me, right?” she asked him and he nodded with a smile. 

“Right by your side” 

Maybe Jughead was right, talking to someone else would be a good idea. Someone who was qualified to deal with these sort of things and maybe then she could walk around school with a genuine smile and not with one so forced and empty. Jughead took her hand, and in the other she held the notes he had left her throughout the day, the message of each one resonating deeper than they had earlier. 

That feeling of drowning in a sea of sadness was slowly ebbing as they both walked away from the football field, hand in hand. She knew that the waves weren’t going to subside right away, and that maybe they’d swallow her from time to time like they did to so many others. 

But one comforting thought remained with her; no matter how deep she was dragged under, Jughead would always be there to pull her up. 

Amsterdam 3.0

Prompted by “Amsterdam by Gregory Alan Isakov”.   You live with Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, and Pete Dunne, nothing can go wrong there right?  Recently tensions have been running high. (A lil disclaimer ‘you look so precious with your bloody nose’ is from Kings of Leon, I do not own that)

Part One, Part Two

This chapter involves: Pete Dunne x Reader

Word Count: 1,834

Warnings: NSFW, fighting, blood, whoa man what isn’t in this

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @fandomfreak202 @nickysmum1909 @welshwitch5 @ilovesamizaynn @bbmbabe @laigy2213 @littledeadrottinghood @shadow-of-wonder @iceninekiller-blog-blog @shieldgirl95 @laochbaineann @bettergetusetoit @vexingfelon @bolieve-that 

Panting he looked down at you with a small smile “was that, okay?” He asked with a light blush to his cheeks.  Smiling you gently pulled his face down to yours and placed a soft kiss to his lips “it was amazing” you whispered.  Both of you froze however when you heard the front door open.

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Heather Chandler x Reader
Prompt: N/A
Requested by: N/A
Warnings: Homophobia, gendered slurs
A/N: I interrupt this stream of requests to give you: Gay


Heather Chandler never thought she’d see the day where she found her girlfriend sobbing in a stall in the girls toilet. She’d gone in to reapply her makeup during lunch with Heather Duke and Heather McNamara and had heard sobbing in the third stall. Assuming it was just some nobody she ignored it, going straight to the mirror to check her eyeliner while Duke threw a few insults at the crying girl.

“Don’t even bother, Heather, she isn’t even worth it.” Chandler sneered, noticing McNamara move towards the stall with a concerned look, she rolled her eyes and ignored her. No use in feeling pity for people who won’t give you anything in return. With vague interest at kept an eye on McNamara, running a hand through her hair. Maybe she could try a new style? Or at least a trim of some kind. She heard the telling creak of a door and paid no mind to McNamara, until a gasp filled their ears.

“Y/N?!” Chandlers eyes widened at her exclamation. In a matter of seconds Chandler had dropped her eyeliner, shoving her friends aside and dropping down on her knees in front of her girlfriend. The confusion on Duke’s face spoke volumes for all of the Heathers. This wasn’t right. Losers cried in bathroom stalls. People who aren’t worth the time it takes to speak to them did things like this. Not their friend, Y/N. Definitely not Heather Chandler’s Y/N.

Pushing your hair back from your forehead and tilting your head up with a manicured nail, Heather C saw what had caused McNamara such distress. A large black and blue bruise marred your eye, along with a bleeding cut on your forehead. Eyes that normally gazed at Heather with affection and unconditional love were filled with terror and misery that made her stomach twist in fury.

“Who did this?” Heather asked, fury dropping from her words as she, pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. Your arms moved to wrap around her waist, clinging to her like a shipwrecked man would to a piece of flotsam, and Heather carefully hugged you back. She could hear her friends tittering to each other behind her and blocked out their whispers, concentrating on the growing rage inside her.

“K-Kurt and Ram.” You stuttered, wiping your eyes quickly. “T-They saw us together, before school. They know that we’re… I’m sorry, Heather.” You croaked, knowing how badly she wants to keep the relationship a secret. That didn’t matter anymore. If those mouth-breathers knew then it was only a matter of time until the whole school knew. Heather needed to form a plan, and soon. She was silent a few more moments, thinking the situation over. When her eyes met yours again, they were the same stern and cold ones she used when dealing with business.

“Heather, take her to the infirmary.” She said, standing up and brushing off her desk, snapping her fingers at McNamara who rushed forwards and took your hand, helping you up. You gave your girlfriend a worried look, but she gave you a smile back.
“I’ll meet with you by my car, after school.” She told you, pressing a kiss to your cheek and turning to Heather Duke, who looked just as angry as she was.
“Heather?” She asked, and Duke stood to attention. Chandler rolled her eyes and leaned on one leg, tapping her shoe.

“Yes, Heather?” Duke responded, always willing to please. She reminded Chandler of a lap dog. Always there to bark and nip at the ankles of her enemies at her order. It was useful, to say the least. She crossed her arms and smiled, showing her straight white teeth.
“You’re coming with me.” Her voice was like a sickly sweet poison, talking as if the following words were some innocent church phrase. “We know some boys who need castrating.”

You were fast asleep in your bed at home when you saw Heather again. It’d been hours since you were sent home from the incident. Calls had been made, and after a gruff talk from your parents you were sent upstairs to your room. They reacted better than you thought they would, saying while they didn’t quite understand why you were ‘what you were’ they would do their best to support and love you. And right now, that was all you really needed.

Sleep had come quickly once you lay down in your bed, but seemed to be stripped away in an instant as a knock at your window brought you round to consciousness. Lifting yourself from your bed, the aches and pains of your joints begged you to stop straining yourself, but you pressed on. There was only one person who would come knocking at your window at night. Slipping from your bed you crept over the the windowsill and opened your blinds, eyes meeting with your girlfriends. She looked as perfect as ever, her clothes immaculate, gorgeously styled  blonde hair framing her pretty face. You grinned at her and unlocked your window, wondering how you got so lucky.

She climbed into your room silently, locking the window behind her before turning and pulling you into a tight hug. You pressed your face into her shoulder and breathed perfume in, letting her hold you close. Her touch filled you with a feeling of warmth like no other, and you’d never felt safer than when you were in her arms.
“I’ve dealt with everything.” She whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your temple as you sighed. There was no point in asking for details. You trusted Heather, and if she said it was sorted then it was sorted. Leading her over to your bed the two of you lay down, resting your head on her chest and holding each other tight.

“Parents?” She asked, running a hand through your hair lazily. You gazed up at her, smiling at the view.
“Confused, but supportive. Yours?” She shrugged and nodded.
“The same, really. I was in more trouble for what Heather and I did to Tweedledick and Tweedledumb.” Her grin grew at the thought, as you laughed. Normally you weren’t one that enjoyed others being hurt, but considering the circumstances, Kurt and Ram absolutely deserved what was coming to them
“Jesus. What did you do?” You giggled as she ran a finger along your jaw, happy to see you smile.
“I put my croquet mallet to use,” She said, voice aloof, a smile twitching at the corner of her mouth. “and Heather was more than willing to throw around her limited power as well. Listen, all you need to know is that I’m still at the top, and nobody will ever hurt you again, unless they’ve got some kind of brain damage.” Your heart swelled at her words, and you hugged her tighter. It was so hard for you to believe someone like her would ever even look at someone like you. But here you were, protected and loved by her.

Still smiling, you sat up and cupped her face with your hand, gazing into her eyes, which for once had a soft expression. You sighed happily, and in a quick movement pressed your lips to hers in a gentle kiss which she returned just as eagerly, happy to give and receive such affection. After a few more seconds you pulled away, and she began to gingerly kiss the bruises on your face. You closed you eyes and let her, feeling the pain fade away ever so slightly.

“I love you, Heather.” You mumbled without realizing, feeling her freeze. You thought for a moment you’d done something wrong, when she pulled your body flush against hers, destroying any previous anxiety you had.
“I love you too.” She murmured a little hesitantly. There was a hint of embarrassment in her voice, and you wondered if she’d ever said, or even had those three words spoken to her. You were definitely going to change that. Rubbing her back with your hand you kissed her jaw, whispering sweet nothings to her as she relaxed in your arms. And that was how you stayed throughout the night and into the morning. Loved, warm and safe in each others company. You couldn’t wish for more.


A/N: Thank you for reading! Sorry if this seemed a little OOC. I’m practicing how to write the Heathers characters and rather liked this one. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Hard Eyes: Part 2

AN: There was a huge response to part 1, so I decided to go ahead and post part 2! Also I did a thing … Enjoy. Thanks to my beta’s for plowing through my works it means a ton! 

Words: 721

Part 1 

        You stare at the baby in the carrier. Penelope is fast asleep, oblivious to the world around her. She looks a lot like Bruce, all dark hair and long lashes. You sigh before adjusting the blanket around her a bit more. You don’t take your eyes off of her, even when someone slides into the chair across from you.

          “She’s pretty, like her mother.”

          You smile, and turn to face an old friend, “Hello Floyd.”

          He smiles back, “It’s been a while Y/N. To be honest I never expected to hear from you again. After all you were able to accomplish the dream, you got out. You have that perfect family, perfect husband, perfect life.”

          You smile, “If only you knew.”

          Floyd leans back in his chair, “Someone giving you a hard time?”

          “Bruce has been hurt. He underwent surgery to fix the effect of an attack, it’s been fourteen months and he’s still in physical therapy.”

          Floyd’s face grows serious, “How bad was it?”

          You bite your lip for a moment before saying, “He’s been able to learn to walk again. But it’ll be years before he’s back at full strength, if ever.”

          “I’m sorry to hear that. You need me to kill the guy who did it?” You give him the look, and he just smiles before holding up his hands in surrender, “I don’t know why you’re giving me that look, you’ve been out of the game for over ten years, for all I know you’ve gone soft.”

          You lean forward and whisper, “The day I go soft is the day that you miss a shot.” He just grins and you slide the folder over, “I need information on who could have taken the shot, or who could have made the poison the bullet was coated with. I find those guys I find the antidote.”

          “So it was more than just the bullet?”

          You nod, “The poison is what’s stopping the recovery progress. While the damage from the bullet was bad, and the surgery to remove it was a high risk procedure, technically he should have been able to make a full recovery in ten months, instead he’s very far behind. Deep level testing revealed the poison. We’ve had it for around six months and no progress has been made.”

          Floyd just leans back in his seat and asks, “Who the hell did Richie Rich piss off?”

          You stare at him, “Would I be asking for help if I knew?”

          He shakes his head, “I guess not. Can I ask you one question though?” You nod ,“Have you asked them for help, I mean they like Bruce too, hell even the voice of god is under Wayne’s protection.”

          You shake your head, “Harley and Ivy stay far away from me, just like you do Floyd. I became a traitor when I left, that means I don’t get anyone’s help.”

          He shakes his head, “That’s where you’re wrong, they stay away because they don’t want to mess it up for ya. You got normal, Baby Girl. That’s all any of us wanted, and we’ll be damned if you get it taken away from you. Why do you think every crook in Bludhaven drops their gun at the sight of your oldest boy? We have orders out, anyone who messes with him, earns a one-way ticket to the afterlife. And as for Waller, you were always her favorite, you were the Baby Girl. And we both know that brother of yours would do anything to protect you. Even if it means pretending he’s not your brother.”

          Floyd reaches across the table and grabs your hand, “We’ve been watching your back since you found that happy ending. Let me bring the squad in, let us handle this.”

          You hesitate, it would be so easy to let them take it, to wipe your hands clean of this entire mess, but you’ve never been one to pass your problems off to someone else. You cover his hand with your other one, and look him in the eye, “You forget Floyd, there is no getting out. Once a member of the Suicide Squad, always a member.”

          He just nods his eyes sliding over to the baby carrier, where your daughter is now wide awake. He just smiles and says, “She has your eyes.”


Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1197

A/N: This is really cute (:

You stared into Dean’s eyes, mesmerized by a color green that shouldn’t exist, but does in his eyes. You didn’t want to look away, and you didn’t. The two of you stared at each other, grinning widely as you absentmindedly reached for his hand, him meeting you halfway. You slowly leaned forward, your eyes not once leaving his hypnotizing green eyes, your lips brushing against each other as he leaned forward, too. Finally, you closed your eyes, allowing yourself to look away from his eyes, and-

“What are you doing?” You sighed as you dropped your phone onto the couch and looked up at Jensen, frowning as he sat across from you on the next cushion.

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Miss Right

taetaebears said: Hello~! Just wanted to say that I really like your writhing^-^ And a request, could you do like a fic where Suga is in school, he really likes the reader and the boys do everything to bring him to confess to her but they struggle really hard to do it? Thank you<3

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: The most fluffy thing I have ever written

Warnings: Too much fluff  None

Word Count: 1.6k

A/n: Okay so, I have finally finished it! I hope this is what you were thinking of! If it’s not I’m sorry :(  Also the verse used in this scenario is from Miss Right by Bts, Yoongi’s part!

“Okay, see you later!” She said getting up from the chair next to mine, starting to gather all her stuff.

“See you!” I smiled and closed my notebook. Watch her leave the classroom made me sigh.

“YOONGI!” An annoying and unfortunately familiar voice called.

“What, Tae?” I answered, not bothering to look at him.

He took a seat in her chair and grabbed my shoulders making me look at him.

“Please just kiss already, and love each other, and marry, and have kids, and die together.”

Jungkook came behind him and hit Tae’s head.

“Shut your mouth!” He whispered. “what if she heard?”

I sighed and finished closing my bag.

“See you around guys.” I told them getting up and in some seconds I was outside the class.

I finally got to my locker. I saw her some meters away taking her headphones and books from inside her locker. Suddenly, all the books fell from her hands and I noticed a girl behind her, who just pushed her, making her head hit the lockers as her hands eventually let go of the books.

Quickly I closed my locker door and run up to the beautiful girl bleeding from the head on the floor.

“Are you stupid?” I asked the girl, who was standing next to her friends. I didn’t know what they had expected me to say, but they all looked surprised. “Are you ok?” I asked, changing my attention to y/n. “No, you’re not. Here, let me take you to the infirmary.” I helped her up, one arm on her waist and the other taking her hand.

“I can walk Yoongi, don’t worry.” She let go of my hand.

I took her bag and still with my arm around her I stood in front of 5 girls. Any boy would love to be with them, but I didn’t. I never understood why a boy could hook up with someone so… egocentric and bitchy.

“Touch her again and you’re done. And I honestly wouldn’t give a shit of the fact that you’re a girl.”

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All That I Am — Part 2

a/n: i’m so glad people have liked this so far! i wasn’t planning on posting this until i was halfway through with part three, but i’m super excited about this part and i really just wanted people to read. the other parts will probably take a while before they get written/posted because i have rehearsals coming up this week. comments welcome!

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,638

Part 1 / Part 3

Elain’s first day with Lucien in the gardens was nothing like she had expected it would be. He didn’t force her to say anything and he hadn’t spoken much either. Elain had scrounged up a more comfortable outfit, loose trousers and a top that flowed off her dainty form. She’d realized begrudgingly that she’d picked something more akin to what she had worn during her time in the Night Court and less like what she would have worn at home.

She didn’t work up the courage to ask him about anything of importance, and she didn’t think he trusted her enough to tell her anything yet, anyway. Mate or not, they still had no relationship at all.

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nistrids  asked:

supercat!teenage au: kara sneaks out to visit cat grant, she can fly and taps on cat's window hehe

“Oh Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?”

Kara’s voice carries slightly in the quiet night air but the worry of getting caught has long left her. The tricky part about this intricate escape is already done. Sneaking away from the Danvers watchful eyes isn’t as easy for Kara as it is for other human teens, but with some good timing and utilization of her abilities, she manages. The short, familiar trip away from her house has led her here, calling out in a playful tone to the second-story window just above.

The light in the bedroom is like a beacon as it flips on in response. A shadow glides across the room and casts against the pane of the window until the figure steps into view. Kara’s smile grows wide as the window slides open and she’s greeted with the sight of Cat Grant; arms tightly crossing her chest and an amused, yet slightly stiff, expression gracing her face.

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snapstreak - two

Originally posted by jjks

genre: fluff
pairing: jungkook x reader
summary: in which your snapstreak with hoseok is in danger because he decided to go without internet access for ten days but he hires someone to maintain his streak
words: 1.4k

read on ao3

day three

Jungkook has been staring at your name for the past five minutes now, wondering whether he should watch your story or not. It was last updated twenty four— nope, now twenty five minutes ago, and Jungkook’s urge to just click on it to see what your day’s been like is simply overwhelming.

Well, he shouldn’t be stalking your profile, especially since he barely knew you, not to mention this was on Hoseok’s account, no less. What if you start to get creeped out by him? You didn’t even respond to the snap he had sent you the previous day. Jungkook sighs, flicking over to look at the empty arrow that was beside your name along with the number indicating that Hoseok is now approaching a streak of three hundred and thirty days with you.

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Silver Spoon Pt.6

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Seokjin

Genre: Angst/ Romance

A/N: This part is a little shorter than the previous ones, but still enjoy! :)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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A Second Chance - chapter 5

Summary: Max and the reader spend some time out in New York and he finally lets her know how he feels about her.

Characters: Max, Reader (OC)

Warnings: Not much really. 

AO3 Link:

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Clumsy Little Thing

Sumary:  It was Valentine’s Day, and yet, you would have to stay inside the Avenger’s Tower. But would you be alone, though?

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff X Reader

Word Count: 1,139

Warning: Fluff! Broken leg, Mentions of pain, cursing. 

(A/N): Yeah, you read it right. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO OUT ON VALENTINE’S DAY. BUT MY LAZY ASS NEVER FINISHED IT. Therefore, the idea came out with the help and for @fangirlandnerd, she was with a breaked leg and it was supposed to be a gif, but guess what? It never appeared to the sun when she still had the plaster on the leg. But oh well. (btw, this is my first Nat x Reader)


Originally posted by perksofbeinganavengers

It was Valentine’s Day and you were able to break your leg as soon as you stepped out of your room.

“You are one clumsy little thing, Y/N.” Doctor Banner said, making your cheeks heat in shame for having to keep him there when he was all dressed up to a date

“I’m sorry, Doc.” You mumbled with your jaw locked, trying to ignore the pain and what pain. He smiled after patching you up, grabbing some pain relief pills from the shelf

“Take them at every 6 hours and get some rest, yes? It won’t take long for your body to heal, since you have the serum and stuff.” As you nodded, a redhead busted through the door, looking as pale as she has ever been

“What happened? Steve told me you were on the nursery?” Natasha got next to the bed you were, looking at your leg and frowning her brows like she was in pain, that made you giggle and feel a warm wave be send through all your body with the thought of Nat being worried about you. Her hand found its way to yours and you almost purred when she started to make gentle circles on the back of your hand with her thumb.

“I just broke my leg.” You took your time to study Nat; she was looking gorgeous – like always –, and as soon as you realized that she was also dressed to go on a date, your smile died, the feeling of your heart sinking made you gently slid your hand out of hers

“She can’t get out of here for the next hours.” Bruce said as she frowned her brows with your action, nodding with her head while you sighed, thinking how you would be easily bored as soon as they get out.

And, you being bored wasn’t something safe, your broken leg was a prove of it.

“I’ll stay with her; you can go to your date, Doctor.” He snapped his head from his clipboard to look at Natasha and back to you

You maintained in silence, it’s not like you wanted her to go on a date, anyways.

“She needs to take those pills at every six hours and try to make her stand still the best you can.”

“Hey! I’m not that hyperactive!” They sarcastically hummed in agreement and you rolled your eyes, trying to reach to the pills and to the cup, before you could stretch yourself even more, Natasha grabbed them and handed to you, flashing you with a smile that made you forget the pain for a second

Bruce left after smiling at the sweet scene, everyone knew you both loved each other and they were okay with that, but they were getting tired of asking to one of you told the other how you felt, since you two would always deny.

They just wanted to see you two together ASAP.

“Do you want to go to your room? So you can stay more comfortable?” She used her hands to brush your hair with kindness, looking at you with a lovingly stare.

“I thought Bruce said for you to keep me quiet?” You couldn’t help the chuckle to come out before you sighed and leaned your cheek more into her hand, almost as an involuntary act, that didn’t stop Natasha from almost falling on her knees with the sight of you

“He did, but we’ll use a wheelchair. I want you to stay comfortable and I’m pretty sure that at this hour you would like to be watching a stupid romance, crawled under your cushions, wouldn’t you?” It was ridiculous how good she knew you, the only thing you were able to do was nod with your head and grin sweetly at her.

Minutes later, you were laying on your bed with Natasha awkwardly standing and checking her wristwatch, as if she had something to do and expected you to sleep soon, sighing in disappointment, you mumbled

“Hey, if you have a date… You can go… I’ll just lay down and watch something”

Her head snapped at you, confusion and something else trespassing her eyes

“Are you trying to get rid of me, love?” Your cheeks heated with the petname “I don’t have a date, so you don’t have to worry… I’ll be here with you. That is, if you want to.”

That was the first time you saw Natasha asking for something without actually doing it, since she was the kind of woman that would just Say it.

You felt the wave of relief pass your whole body, not being able to control the smile as you patted the place next to you on the bed, calling her to sit next to you.

“Come here, if you are staying with me, at least get comfortable.” Natasha smiled, taking off her high heels and laying by your side, snuggling you under her arm.

“You know you’ll probably sleep because of the pain relief, right?” You nodded, throwing your good leg over hers and hugging her waist while watching the movie start. Her hand caressing your hair while you kept backing your eyes at her cherry lips, when you looked sleepy, Natasha turned off your TV and started to sing a lullaby in Russian. Her sweet voice filling the air as you stroked her hip, feeling her lips on your hair.

“You scared me, my heart almost stopped when I heard you were in the infirmary.” You chuckled at her mumble, hugging her tighter and closing your eyes ready to sleep, after a couple minutes, you heard her soft whisper: “And you just had to break your leg right when I was about to call you on a date, didn’t you?”

Your face snapped so quickly at her that it made her lose the air out of the longs, surprised that you were still awake.

“Say that again?” Natasha looked around the room, searching for any excuse, starting to get out of the bed when you made extra-effort to get up, sitting on her lap with your legs at the sides of her thighs.

“You’re going to hurt your leg even more, moya lyubov’!” Grinning, your cupped her face, leaning down and kissing her like you wanted for a long time.

Natasha, a trained assassin, one of the black widows, trained by the red room/KGB, with amazing reflexes, was frozen.

You took her by surprise, but she was quick to recover and kiss you back, her hands caressing yours and feeling that same bubbly sensation on her stomach.

She backed away slightly, giving time to breathe while resting her forehead on yours.

“I would love to go on a date with you.” Natasha smiled at your whisper, leaning in to kiss you again and she knew.

It was the second kiss of many to come.

Condemn to a forever tagging: @fangirlandnerd @tommys-girl1980

sakura is cute when she’s sleepy.

her face is so much calmer, not brightened with her smile. but nozaki thinks there’s something just as ethereal about the peace on her face and her breathing heavy with sleep. her bright hair splays around her face and tickles his neck, and he quietly shifts closer to her. she’s warm and small, like a tiny mini-heater. nozaki loves it.

he spends a good time just watching, studying, admiring the way the soft late morning sunlight curves against her face and the way her eyelashes cast pretty shadows across her cheeks. he aligns his breathing with hers and it’s steady and warm and he finds himself smiling softly as her eyes eventually flutter, the rich purple of her eyes peeking through her eyelashes.

“good morning, sleeping beauty,” he says quietly, and her eyes open all the way and then her face is taken up by her brilliant smile that’s so contagious, nozaki can’t help but smile back. something about sakura just always wants to make him smile.

“good morning, my prince charming,” she hums back happily. “what time is it?”

“almost ten,” he admits. “but it’s saturday, so it’s okay. i didn’t wake you because you looked really pretty while you were sleeping.”

“you’re so romantic,” sakura sighs sweetly, and there’s a moment when she turns to press a kiss to a spot just below his jawline and nozaki’s heart feels slow and sweet like honey.

“i even found the way you drool slightly very pretty.”

“wh— nozaki!” and then his chest is rumbling because he’s laughing except sakura’s burying her face in his shoulder and he tangles his fingers in the ends of her bright hair; he’s not used to seeing her without her patterned bows tucked in her hair, but he still finds her very cute.

“i’ll forgive you for that comment if you cuddle with me for just a little longer before we have to get up,” sakura says, pouting.

“you have a deal.”

and with sakura’s head underneath his chin and his arms wrapped around her frame, nozaki drifts to slumbering peace.

harryxmac  asked:

harry and you keep getting up in the night with your newborn and then you both bring her into big bed with your silk sheets for a cuddle!!!

💕 💕  @harryxmac

Harry might not be able to tell his right foot from his left if you asked him. He’s that tired. And his wife might not be able to tell you what day it is either.

When their daughter was first born she slept with them in the same room. In a crib much too big for her small body beside their bed. She was so small. Everything looked so big compared to her.

After, they realized that the entire nursery they decorated for months wasn’t getting a second of use. The paint colors they fought over and the pieces of furniture they put together that tested both of their patience were left untouched and pointless. (Plus peach and coral look the fucking same now. So that one big argument was definitely not worth it.)

But Harry didn’t want their baby that far away. And yes, down the hallway was much too far. He had just met her. They had just met. And he had waited far too long to see her. Nine months of waiting. Far too long to have her away from him.

But they had to move her to her nursery. Not because they necessarily wanted to but because she and Harry just weren’t sleeping. At all. Not because she cried so much but because they both worried so much. They both would just sit and peer into her crib as she slept, waiting for her to need them. (They both take turns to make sure she’s breathing.)  

It was weeks of dark under eye circles and scattered ten minute naps whenever their bodies would give out. She decided they couldn’t go on like this.

Down the hall wasn’t so far away and she’d leave both doors open wide just in case she was worried about not hearing the cries. And she knew they had to get used to the idea. Harry would go back to work soon or so would she and they’ll need sleep. They all need sleep.

It’s night one. Night one of separate rooms and the situation is only growing worse.

She’s worried that if she’ll fall asleep she won’t hear the baby crying (which is impossible) and she oddly feels guilty for sleeping. And Harry needs their baby as close as possible to them in case something happens. (Harry never thought much of worst case scenarios or emergencies but those as well as his daughter, keep him awake at night.)

So he couldn’t sleep, kept tossing and turning and wanting to peer over and see her in her crib. But there was nothing there, just the floor. And she just keeps looking up at the ceiling for what feels like hours, aware that something is missing. And when their baby does start crying an hour later they both are oddly relieved. A reason to go get her.

‘Bring her.’ Harry mumbles as she untangles herself from the sheets. ‘Bring her here to sleep.’

‘Harry.’ She starts. They’re never going to get them all used to this if they cave on night one.

‘She helps me sleep.’ He whines. 

Harry doesn’t like this new arrangement, not at all. It was a stupid idea and he hates it. He has to see her, to look at her and know she’s right here.

‘Hi.’ She greets the uncomfortable baby in her crib that’s too far away from her parents. ‘I know, I know. M’here. This was a bad idea I know. You’re mad at me I know. Is it the coral? I know, I told your dad the peach was better.’

When she walks back into their bedroom with the baby Harry is already sitting against the headboard holding out his arms. ‘Missed you.’ He whispers when the baby is placed in his arms and she probably missed him as well. And her cries die off soon enough, she exchanges them for sniffles instead. 

Harry places her on his chest softly, ‘We help each other sleep.’ He grins stroking her small cheek. ‘’s’silly for her to be there in that big room all by herself. She’s so tiny.’ He whispers. ‘You’re so tiny.’  

He knows that he can’t move, not even a little bit because if he does she will wake up. She’s pretty fussy lately. But Harry isn’t allowed to complain because his wife has told him that he acts the same sometimes. When he’s tired and she’s stopped stroking through his hair or when he’s sick and she’s stopped running her fingers down his back. He groans and whines until she starts again.

‘She’s like me isn’t she? Just like her dad.’ He smiles. ‘A bit dramatic and can’t be left alone.’

‘She already looks like you.’ She sighs as if that isn’t what she always imagined and dreamed about. ‘Looks a lot like you.’

‘Not my fault,’ he shrugs softly. ‘Wanted her to look exactly like you. You’re much prettier than me.’

‘Mmm.’ She hums settling into his side where she can lay right beside the both of them. ‘She’s even got your head.’

’S’not that big.’ He whines.

“S’abit big.’ She smiles into his shoulder.

‘A bit.’ He admits.

‘A bit.’ She agrees.

Harry might not be able to tell his right foot from his left if you asked him, what his phone number is, what he ate last or when was the last time he slept for more than three hours straight. But that all seems incredibly unimportant. Because the small thing he helped create is breathing against his chest, her own rising and falling with every inhale and exhale whilst her mum does the same. 


“God, am I glad this job is over. I can’t wait to get the blonde dye out of my hair.”

“Really, Nat? I think it makes you look sexy. Kind of like-”

“If you say Marilyn Monroe, you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”

“What I was going to say is you look like an actress from Hollywood’s golden age.”

“Really? Such as?”

“Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Ingrid Bergman, you know. The really classy ones.”

“Well, aren’t you the sweet talker?”

The redhead smirked in spite of herself. Of course, Steve was right in his assessment of her appearance - although, she suspected that he was also really turned on by her temporary new look. Not that she could blame him for that.

They had been assigned to a SHIELD mission in Zurich, posing as a rich billionaire and his wife on the lookout to purchase diamonds. The diamonds they were looking for in particular were black market goods which were being used as a weapons fund for a terrorist cell in Switzerland.

The mission had gone down without a hitch and Steve and Nat had the op wrapped up neatly in a pretty package - as Natasha liked to call it - for SHIELD, only to learn that their talents were needed on another job asap in Vienna, Austria.

Natasha ran her fingers through her flouncy curls and sighed as she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. “I miss my red hair.”

“Well, I miss it, too, but change isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, it makes you appreciate what you had more so than when you first had it.” Steve rubbed his beard thoughtfully.

“Oh, yeah? Are you saying that you didn’t appreciate my amazing scarlet hair until we started this mission?”

A hearty chuckle came from Steve’s lips and he turned to Natasha with a grin on his face. “No way. I’ve always had a strong appreciation for your red hair. Believe me, I look forward to seeing it again.”

“I’m glad we agree on that.” Natasha ran her fingers over the growth on Steve’s chin and wrinkled her nose. “And I’ll be as equally happy to see you clean shaven sans tattoos. You look so…scruffy.”

Steve chuckled and slid his arm around his girlfriend and pulled her body close to his. He’d just taken a shower and Natasha squealed lightly because he was getting her shirt damp. “Well, don’t worry, babe. I’m shaving the the beard off for our next mission. I miss being fresh faced.”

Natasha smiled and linked her arms around Steve’s neck. “Steve,” she pouted in a mockingly whiny voice, “you’ve gotten me all wet. I’m going to have to dry this outfit, now.”

“That’s fine with me, seeing as how I was planning on taking it off anyway.” The blond smirked and scooped her up in his arms, carrying her to the bed.

“Come on, you just got cleaned up and we have to be in Vienna tomorrow afternoon at the latest!” Natasha furrowed her brow at him and tried to sound stern, but the truth was, it had been a full thirty-six hours, twenty-two minutes and fourteen seconds -not that she was counting - since they’d last made love.

Needless to say, she was in the mood.

He just plopped her on the bed and tossed the towel from his waist before covering her body with his. Gently, he placed his palm on her stomach and slid it underneath her black top, massaging the soft, turgid bosom that lie in wait. “We’re always on time for these undercover ops. I think it’s only fair that we take a little personal time before jetting off on another mission, don’t you?”

Steve kissed Natasha softly, his hand going behind her neck to rub the special sensitive spot that he knew was one of her e zones.

She moaned in response and flipped their positions, adjusting herself so that she was sitting on top of him. She tickled her fingers up and down his chest, damn near purring in excitement. “I can’t argue with that. There’s just something kinky about the two of us together like this, not looking as ourselves.”

“I think so, too. Maybe we should invest in roleplay.”

“Noted for future reference, but less talking, more loving.”

“Yes, ma'am.”


I love these two.❤️🇺🇸🕷
From Enemies to Lovers

Member: I.M || MONSTA X

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Angst

Short Summary: Him having enough and just confessing to her after one of their show, backstage, but then having to hurry back to his van as they have something else on on that evening.

Words: 1.1k

| Part 1 || Part 2 |

He found her soon after he ran out of his group’s changing room. She was sitting on the stairs that led to the second floor of the huge auditorium where their concert was held an hour ago. Her mascara was smudged as she aggressively rubbed at her eyes to get rid of any tears that threatened to fall.

Seeing her like this, all curled up and angry at him, he felt his heart crack for a second, before the guilt had consumed all of him. While looking for her, he prayed that the damage that he had done was a small one, and with a quick talk- everything would be resolved. Right now, it seemed far from that hope.

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It’s On The House

Anon asked: Obi-Wan x Reader, if you still want to do them! I was thinking a coffeeshop AU where the reader is a barista and Obi-Wan always comes in and sets up shop there to work on grading, because he’s a school teacher, and they start inadvertently flirting, like messages on the coffee cup and napkins, until one day they finally talk to eachother!

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Ahh, this was so adorable and such a good prompt! Hope you like it, Anon!)

Plot Summary: You work at a small, start-up cafe as a barista, and you genuinely love your job. It was nearby, you were friends with both coworkers and customers alike, not to mention a good pay. When a local high school teacher comes in to work on grading his papers, rather stressed out, you give him a free coffee and cake, hoping it would somehow ease his stress. Should you add ‘meeting a handsome man’ to that list of reasons to love your job?

You walked into the cafe, rubbing your eyes and grabbing your apron, tying it on as you walked behind the counter with a small yawn.

It was a small, humble, start-up cafe, and you worked there with a smile on your face. It was a nice little getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Padme and Anakin were about to get married, and hellbent on setting you up with someone, and the small little cafe was the perfect distraction from the romantic pressure. You’d much rather let fate take it’s course, and you’d meet someone nice when the time comes.

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Characters: Jin x Reader
Genre: Fluff!

idk, i was having jin feels.

“[Y/N],” Jun said, pulling me to the side. She took the drinks from my hand and placed them on the counter. “You realize he’s been staring at you all night right?” 

“Who?” I asked feigning confusion however I knew exactly whom she was talking about. 

Him.” She said, turning me around to face the general dining area, confirming my suspicion of the individual. 

From the seven men at the table I had been serving, there was one whose eyes had been following me all night. The group had booked the entire restaurant on a Friday night for a private business meeting. It seemed like he, the one that was staring at me, was their boss. They all referred to him casually as Jin, but the way they spoke to him indicated he had their respect. 

I had chosen to purposely ignore his stares because it was completely illogical for a successful businessman to be fascinated by a sleep deprived university student like me. Presently, he sat facing the direction of one of his employees sipping a glass of wine but over the rim, his eyes were on me. The blood rushed to my cheeks.

“Oh boy, I am so jealous.” She said turning me back around, “He’s the prettiest man I’ve ever seen.” He really was. His face was delicate, his lips plump, his hair the perfect shade of brown that complimented his overall appearance. My favorite part of him however was his eyes. They were a shade of deep brown and seemed to have a hypnotizing ability.

“I thought pretty wasn’t your type?” I scoffed in memory of her previous strong-featured rebellious boyfriends.

“Pretty isn’t, but he looks like the type that knows how to treat his woman right,” she sighed dreamily, staring obliviously at him. For some unknown reason, it bothered me to have her staring at him. I flicked her ear with my forefinger.

“Alright, enough drooling over the guests, I’m gonna go serve these drinks to them.” I said, tilting my head in the direction of the table.

“Fine, I’ll help you out!” she said, a mischievous smile on her face, I raised my eyebrows in question but followed nevertheless.

As we approached their table, the man seemed to have sat up straighter, staring at me expectantly. My cheeks flushed again, I looked down at my hands to see I had his order. He was staring at me because I had his glass of wine. He’s not expecting anything, calm down [y/n]!

“Red wine for you,” I said placing the wine, in front of him. Suddenly I felt a push on my back causing me to trip forward spilling not one but three drinks on the man in front of me.

A hush fell all around us as everyone observed Jin’s reaction. I held my breath ready for the explosion. However, it didn’t come. His eyes settled on mine, a small smile gracing his lips.

“Well, I usually prefer my drinks in my hand and not on my clothes.” He chuckled, getting up from his seat. His chuckle seemed to dismiss the tension in the air.

“I’m so sorry,” I spluttered, covering my face with my hands in embarrassment.

“It’s alright, but do you mind just showing me to the restroom, so I can clean myself up?” Jin said, standing at his full height he was almost a head taller than me. I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Oh yes, yes of course!” I said, as we reached the back of the restaurant where the restroom was located, I gestured the door to him. He entered giving me one last smile. How could the man be so perfectly calm while I had ruined his expensive jacket?

“Do you need any help?” I asked, through the closed door.

“No, but I wouldn’t mind the company,” Jin replied, the amusement clear in his voice.

As I opened the door to enter, he was currently wiping down the front of his jacket with toilet paper. I rushed to his side.

 “No! don’t do that, the toilet paper will stick to the material of your jacket.” I took the toilet paper from his hands and threw it in the garbage.  I took out a clean cloth from my apron and dabbed it lightly on the front of his chest, letting it absorb the wine. 

“You seem to be more experienced at this, then you let on. Is it a habit of yours? Spilling wine on your customers?” Jin chuckled, his sweet breath washing over my face. I looked up at him ready to defend myself, but as soon as my eyes met his, my voice was lost. I hadn’t realize how close we were until that moment. There absolutely no hint of lust in his eyes, just pure amusement. Maybe, Jun had misread the signals after all.

“I swear, this is the first time, this has ever happened,” I looked down, continuing to work on his jacket, rubbing a bit harder.

“Ow, you know, I could always take off the jacket?” he said.

“Oh, that sounds like a good idea.” I said, stepping away from him shyly. I turned to rinse the cloth in the sink. I looked up at his reflection in the mirror to see he had taken off the jacket and unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt. Currently, he was slowly almost sensually rolling up his sleeves with precision. I gulped, my throat had suddenly become dry and it felt like not even all the water in the world would be enough to quench my thirst.

He looked up at my reflection in the mirror and smiled almost bashfully. He turned around and handed me his jacket. I took the jacket from his hands and continued to soak the wine up. As I looked at his reflection in the mirror, I saw he was leaning against the wall watching me. One had resting casually stroking his jaw.

“There,” I lifted his jacket admiring my handiwork. “I mean, that’s the best that I can get gone right now, with just this cloth.”

“Hmm..” he took the jacket in his hands and observed it, “You didn’t have to work that hard, I have a million other suit jackets.”

“But this is a perfectly good jacket,” I said, stroking the material of the suit jacket, “it looks brand new.”

 “That’s because it is brand new,” he chuckled, shrugging into the jacket. 

“Oh God, I feel even worse now.” I said covering my face with my hands. Suddenly I felt his hands on mine, pulling them away from my face.

“You should feel bad, you made me feel embarrassed in front of my employees.” He said, amusement in his eyes, his hands still held mine tightly. His hands were so much bigger than mine, they engulfed them completely. 

“Oh, I really do.” I replied gazing at him with a small smile playing on my lips.

“Do you feel bad enough to go on a date with me yet?”

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