she looks so pretty in this video :')

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Hi ! About "Transit", when was that filmed ? She's blonde so i'm confused as hell. Thanks.

Hello. I don’t know the real time when this was filmed but it’s pretty old. The videos were posted 4 years ago, and this short was supposed to be out in 2014. There are no news on this project still, but fingers crossed, because it looks amazing.


Taylor Swift on the media | January 2016 | Grammy Museum 

“it got pretty out of control there for a couple of years. Every article was like ‘taylor swift standing next to some guy– watch out guy!’. Every single article had these descriptions of my personality that were very different from my actual personality. My first reaction was ‘man that’s a bummer, this isn’t fun for me’. But my second reaction ended up being ‘hey, that’s actually an interesting character they’re writing about… like she jets sets around the world, collecting men and she can get any of them but she’s so clingy that they leave and then she cries in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls’”. X

silly chloe headcanons
  • “whatever happened to that old medieval brand chivalry? you know where knights laid themselves facedown in the mud and let you walk across their backs so your dress wouldn’t get dirty.” 
    • “that’s….not how that goes, chloe.” 
    • “oh thank god, patent the idea for me, and do you think kim would be interested?”
  • she holds the record for most online purchases made while procrastinating during a single class period (five Lancôme palettes, four Louis Vuitton handbags, three Chanel dresses, and seventeen Louboutin heels). thank you unlimited platinum credit cards. 
  • “wait…you only have one bathroom in your whole house!?”
  • chloe forgot about a history exam one day and straight up slipped mme. bustier an envelope of €500 so that she could “overlook this whole test thing.”
    • she got sent to the principal’s office, all the while complaining that “daddy bribes his staff to overlook things all the time!”
  • whenever chloe insults someone, adrien blackmails her by saying he’ll reveal her crunchyroll premium account and all of her fandom blogs if she doesn’t apologize that same day. it’s his most effective method of keeping her in check, and she highly resents it
  • she’s super instagram famous and likes to post a lot of makeup videos, fashion hauls, and nail tutorials when she’s bored
    • no one will admit to it, but everyone in the class watches her instagram videos all the time because holy shit her highlight is immaculate and how on earth does she get her nail gradients to look so neat?
  • she’s scarily good at the knife game??? one day she was bored in class and was fiddling around with her metal nail file and pretty soon she was an expert. it’s great for scaring away stupid boys who try to bother her during study hall. 
  • one time marinette was complaining in the hallway that she forgot her eyeliner at home and didn’t have anything to touch up her makeup with, and on instinct chloe pulls out her emergency makeup kit and asks “pencil, gel, or liquid?”
    • she may hate the girl but forgetting your touch up bag at home is about the most tragic thing chloe’s ever heard in her life
  • “im a very charitable person! just this morning i told a woman leaving her hotel room that her dress looked like a burlap sack that a drunk, colorblind, has-been artist just finished throwing up all over. a lesser person would’ve let her walk outside in that monstrosity.” 
Yugyeom as your boyfriend

The way he acts shy after you did something cute.

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His smile when you two make silly faces and he realizes you’re filming him.

Your holding your phone up, making the ugliest double chin you could produce and saw Yugyeom smiling at you brightly, before you flipped the camera, so it would focus on him.

“Is it a video?”


“I’m out!”


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His face when he gets a little jealous.

He was just about to say something, when one of his hyungs said something about you, which didn’t appeal to him very much.

“Did you see Y/N today?”

“Yeah, she looked great. Especially with that skirt.”

“She’s pretty.”

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When you to have your own inside jokes, but the hyungs are around.

You two are always fooling around and have a bunch of dumb inside jokes you guys made up or are based on funny past experiences you had together. Some of them more embarrassing then others. When something reminded you of one of your jokes, you would sneakily cast knowing glances at each other, so the other memebers won’t follow.

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When he invites you to one of the award shows and you sit with GOT7.

Someone is currently performing, but still you have Yugyeoms undivided attention for the evening, poking your cheeks playfully, dancing to the music or just commenting on the perfomances.

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Snapchat streaks.

God forbid that there is a day without yoiu guys snapchatting. Your flamestreaks are at an ultimate highscore.

“Hey babe.”

“What are you up to?”


“Come play with me.”

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Low-key skinship and teasing in public.

Yugyeom is shy and sweet, but will eventually fade and as soon as he gets more comfortable he is a sneaky little piece of shit. He will put is hands in your back pocket and rest it there, occasionally giving your ass a smack or squeeze.

Or because of the hight difference, he would throw an arm over your shoulder and gently let it graze over your chest from time to time, maybe some sqeezing.

“Yugyeom, what are you doing?”


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Phone calls all the time, especially when he’s on tour.

He would make sure to call as often as possible and ask about your wellbeing.

“Have you eaten?”

“It’s late, baby, go sleep.”

“I miss you!”

“You look tired, but you’re still pretty.”

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When you’re hanging out with him backstage.

“Hey, Brownie, look at the camera.”

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WELL! The amazingly talented @outlandishchridhe saw a quilt pattern and decided to make me a wee giftie. She made me pick out a few different options of sets of colors, and wouldn’t even tell me what she picked! Rude, right!? (I LOVE YOU ISH!)

Anyway, she teased me endlessly about what it looked like and all sorts of torture. But. IT’S CATS!!! AND ISN’T IT PRETTY!?

I put it on my bed and Wes was the first one to jump up there. And he laid down just like that. (I think he was posing for you @widchadidcha) Ish even made me record a video of myself opening the box so she could get my super squeaky voice. I’m so blown away that she would take the time and make me something so beautiful. I’m glad we’re friends, Ish! My life would be much duller without you in it!!

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Pleeeease tell me requests are still open, plleeeeeeeeeease. Alien companions of ME:A reacting to a squishy human baby for the first time? Pls? And the mom being completely fine with them holding the little bundle of squish?

YES! I loved writing this one! Thanks for the request and hope you enjoy!

“You were on the team that saved the arks!! Hold my baby!!!” The human mother of one particularly squishy and flubby baby yelled.

Eyes bugging out of her skull, freaking out internally as the human baby ball of squish is shoved into her arms. Peebee looked over to Ryder, “Help!” written all over her face as the rest of the crew members laughed at her expense.
Peebee awkwardly held the baby in her arms, the child drooling and squeaking out baby laughs. One particularly loud giggle cause her to laugh though. Peebee smiled at the ball of cuteness, a glint of happiness evident in her eyes for a moment. One, short lived moment. Rocking the baby slightly she look the cute baby in the eyes, “Fat.”.

The baby was thrust into his arms. All he could think of while looking at the baby was how squishy the ball of flub was. The baby grabbed hold of his horn goatee and yanked on it, causing him to grin. “Pretty bold for something so squishy. Don’t you realise you’re mostly made of water?” Drack laughed.

She was careful, almost too careful, trying her best to manoeuvre the baby into her arms the way the woman was showing her. The baby gurgled and giggled, tiny chubby hands patting her mandibles. Vetra’s heart immediately melted at the sight.
“I see why funny human baby videos are watched more than cats.”

He was in love with the tiny human instantaneously. Cooing in Shelesh and rocking the baby. Ryder teased him for his immediate love of human children, “Careful Jaal, she might think you will steal her baby.”
“Do they all come out like this?” “Pretty much.” “So when can we have one?” The comment may have caused Ryder to pass out.

His reaction was similar to Peebee’s except with a more intense freak out. “Am I holding it right? Is it still breathing? Is liquid supposed to come out from there!?! Why is it biting me?! Ryder help!?!”

Probably the only one to graciously take the child, coddle it for a moment and return the child in due time like a normal person. “Was that so hard?” Lexi asked. “Yes” was the resounding response from the non-human crew.



I feel like Life of Kylie is really intended to be a pity party for Kylie. But the only thing I pity about her while watching the episodes is how fucking botched she looks without makeup on. It’s actually insane how different she looks on the show versus on instagram. Of course she uses filters and god knows what else but like she shouldn’t look thaaat different. Her no makeup selfies are so pretty but actual Kylie in motion with no makeup is scary

Caught on Tape

Title: Caught on Tape

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Ethan Nestor x fem!reader, fem!reader x best friend!Amy and best friend!Kathryn

Word Count: 1570

Summary: Requested. I adore your blog. Can I request an Ethan x reader where the reader is a YouTuber and won’t do the smash or pass challenge bc she has a crush on Ethan so Kathryn and Amy and the reader are having like a sleepover and they do that to the reader and when they mention Ethan she gets all embarrassed and says smash and admits she has a crush on him and Ethan overhears and then fluff happens. Sorry if this is too specific but I love your fics!!

Warnings: Swearing! A little inappropriate! Please watch out, innocent eyes!

A/N: For @all-i-have-is-my-honor ! I hope you like it!

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        If there was one place that was a more accepting environment than anything, it was the youtube community. Despite some hate, there was always people who created a loving place where everyone was invited and could be themselves. This was especially true for small channels, such as your own. And especially when you collaborated with other small channels. 

        This week, yourself and Ethan, from Crankgameplays, were doing a small play through of Would You Rather. It was a silly thing, sitting across from each other reading the questions which prompted more specific thoughts than you imagined. The twist, however, was if you were in the majority of votes, you got to draw whatever you wanted on the other persons face without lifting the pen; and vice versa. However, right at the begging, you had to establish some rules. 

        “Ethan!” You yelped, pulling far away as you smacked his arm. He was practically red in the face as he laughed, the jumbo liner in his hand shaking. “You cannot draw a dick on my face!”

        “This is what you wanted! You practically forced me!”

        “By what? Putting the pen in your hand?!”

        In the end, you forced Ethan to turn the two circles into a heart, one that took up the top half of your face, straight down the middle. As the game continued, the drawings went from goofy to more and more detailed, yourself and Ethan turning into walking canvases. In a particularly detailed drawing, you were drawing gears that looked like they were coming out of his face, you grabbed his face, practically pulling him against your chest so you could get a better angle. Standing over him, concentrating so hard you didn’t notice Ethan’s face progressively getting redder by the second, completely eye level with your throat and collar bones. Or, more importantly, the dip of your shirt. 

        “There!” You sat with a huff, falling back into your chair with a smile. You couldn’t help the fur between your brows as you finally took notice of Ethan’s red face. “Hey, you okay?” Ethan gave you a big smile, nodding slightly.

        “Yeah, just a little warm. Mind turning on that fan for me.” A light blush filled your cheeks as he gave you a genuine smile, stirring the feelings inside your heart. Once the fan was on, the video resumed without a hitch. Turning to the camera, tears practically streaming out of your eyes as you observed the detailed mustache you drew on Ethan, you began to do your outro. 

        “Thank you all so much for being here! I’ll see you in the video. Aaaaaaand….Signing off!” With a single salute, you were about to finish the recording, but Ethan was quick to throw his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. You began laughing as he shook you around, tickling your sides, trying to add another drawing to your face that you just knew would get your flagged. You always loved recording with Ethan; not just because the feeling he gave you deep in the pit of your stomach, but because he could easily distract that feeling with the side splitting laughter that always left you clutching your sides.


        You spent most of the rest of the day editing the video. It wasn’t originally supposed to go up until the following day, but you just couldn’t help it. Filming with Ethan always gave you the best content. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face as your picked pieces of the footage to put in the final edit, watching as you goofed around, playfully nudging and joking around. Yet, there was this one part that you couldn’t take your eyes off of. It was when Ethan has suddenly got very warm within your room, his face going red. On the screen, you were out of camera, only your body in the frame. Ethan’s eyes were completely forced forwards, glancing between the curve of your neck, and the dip in your shirt. You felt you cheeks heat up, doubt swirling in your mind. Yet, nothing could hide the truth from playing right in front of you.

        He’s still a young adult, you thought, he’s attracted to every woman in a low cut shirt.

        These thoughts, however, didn’t stop you from watching the clip over and over, analysing every detail of it. In fact, you were so engrossed in it, that you didn’t notice Kathryn sneaking up behind you. With a small jump, she placed both of her hands on your shoulders, nearly making you jump out of your skin.

        “Eep! Kathryn!” You quickly minimized your screen, spinning in your chair so fast you forgot about the huge headphones covering your ears, which caused them to rip right off your head. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Kathryn, however, didn’t notice, as she was practically hunched over with laughter. “Jerk.”

        “Come on, don’t be like that. I was just coming to ask if you wanted to watch a movie with Amy and I.” She didn’t have to ask you twice. You needed a break, something to take your mind off the blue haired boy that constantly invaded your thoughts. Nearly sprinting to the living room, Amy was already there, warm sweater wrapped around her, and a blanket draped over her legs. She had a cup of tea in her hands, which she daintily blew on before taking a sip. You swear, you’ve never seen such a soft, swan-like human before meeting Amy. However, her quiet and gentle moment was destroyed by yourself and Kathryn barreling into the room, jumping onto the nearest couches with bowls of popcorn and your own assorted beverages. 

        It wasn’t until half way before the movie before Kathryn spoke of the video she had spotted you studying.

        “So, you and Ethan made a video, huh. Looked pretty interesting.” She lightly snickered to herself, taking another sip of her drink. You blushed bright red, angrily glaring at her. Amy, of course, immediately caught the tone in her friends voice. 

        “Ooooh. What video would this be, hmm? Something for your fandom to latch onto?”

        “It’s nothing like that. Ethan was just watching me draw on his face.” You tried to be nonchalant, you really did. But around your best friends, you couldn’t hold together the lie. “Okay, I caught Ethan on video checking me out. But, before you say anything, I’m a hundred percent sure it’s because he had nowhere else to look. Really, its my fault. I didn’t even give the poor fella a chance.” Amy hit you with her skeptical look, while Kathryn scoffed next to you. “Look, it doesn’t even matter anyway. Even if he did, there’s no way he would ever return my feelings.” Amy and Kathryn were immediately at full attention, both turning their bodies so they could look at you directly. Amy opened her house, ready for questioning, but the voice that came out was not hers.

        “You like me?” All three of you whipped your head around, a very surprised blue boy standing at the archway, a single cup of ice water clinking in his hand. You immediately stood, blanket falling from your lap to a puddle around your feet. “You actually like me?”

        “Ethan! Oh my god. No, wait, you got it all wrong. When I said return my feelings, I meant like feelings of friendship and trust!” With each rushed word you stepped closer, trying so hard to fix your mistake and salvage your beloved friendship. However, Ethan just continued to stare, his eyes trailing your every move. 

        “So, you don’t like me?” Your mouth opened and closed, trying desperately, but you couldn’t make him unhear everything that you had said as he walked past your girls night to the kitchen. With a defeated sigh, you simply hung your head and nodded. There was three beats in the next second. One, a footstep. Two, a clink of glass on glass. Three, your gasp as Ethan forced your head up to place his lips upon yours. You had no hesitation before kissing back, wrapping your arms around him, pulling him closer, closer, closer. By his arms, his shoulders, his hair. He pulled as close to him as possible, kissing the breath right out of your lungs. The shock on your friends faces were completely ignored as you continued to kiss. Finally. Finally, he was yours. 

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Can you write a Jason Todd one where somewhere hurts the reader (like a jealous ex boyfriend) and Jason sees the bruises

(Ex/n)= Ex’s name~

You sighed as you dreaded going inside your apartment. You had run into an ex-boyfriend and he didn’t like hearing that you had a boyfriend. You tried to move your hair in front of the bruise on your face to cover the bruise but it was no use. You took a deep breath and walked inside to see Jason sitting on the couch.

“Babe you have-” He started and froze when he saw you.

You rubbed the back of your neck as he looked at the giant bruise on your face. He jumped over the back of the couch and cupped his hands over your cheeks. You could see that he was trying to stay calm, but he was failing to do so.

“What the hell happened.” He growled out and you flinched a bit

“I ran into an ex.” You mumble and let out a long sigh

“Are you hurt anywhere else?” He asked you and you looked away from him not wanting to answer him

“(Y/n)” He slightly whispered and you let out a shaky breath

“He kicked my side.” You chocked out and he carefully lifted your shirt up and looked at the bruising on your waist.

Jason glared as he placed your shirt back into place and pulled you into a hug. You gripped his shirt and buried your face into his neck wanting to forget what happened. But little did you know, Jason had some very evil plans in mind for your shitty ex.

~Later that night~

You had fallen asleep a few hours ago and Jason had called Bruce and told him what had happened. Bruce considered you his daughter and by god, if anything happened to you not even God could save the poor bastard. Jason leaned against the table as he stared at the man blinded, and bound to the chair. (Ex/n) (L/n), the bastard that beat you earlier that day.

“Let me go!! I’ll kick your ass I swear!!” (Ex/n) yelled and Jason said nothing

Bruce walked up next to Jason and walked straight up to the man taking the blindfold off of him.

“Showing your face now cow-” He stopped talking after he realized he was staring right at Batman

“The only coward in this room is you.” Jason growled at the man and stood next to Bruce

“I didn’t do anything I swear!” He screamed out in fear and tried to back away from them

Bruce was silent as he reached into his utility belt making (Ex/n) flinch. He pulled out a small video device and played it. As (Ex/n) watched the video his eyes widen as he realized what it was. It was a video that showed him hitting you. As the video ended Jason kicked his chair making him crash onto the ground.

“Why do you care?! She’s just a soulless bitch!! SHE HAD IT COMING!!” (Ex/n) screamed gaining some bravery.

“Because I’m dating her.” Jason told him as he picked him up from the collar of his shirt.

“GCPD has been sent the video, you’re going to be locked away.” Bruce glared at him

“So Batman what shall we do with this sack of worthless shit?” Jason smirked from under his mask

“I have a pretty good idea.” Bruce smirked

~With the GCPD~

“Well, how do we get him up?” Jim asked as he looked over the bridge to see a very beaten up (Ex/n) dangling over the water.

“Call Batman?” One of the officers asked

Jim stared at the office with a ‘really? Did you just ask that?’ look for what seemed like forever. Getting uncomfortable the officer shifted in their place and cleared their throat.

“Is something wrong sir?”

“He’s the one who put him there. I’m sure he doesn’t want to help get him down.” Jim deadpanned

FAQ for the V5 Weiss Character Short

(Based on the YouTube comments section for the video)

Q: Where did Weiss’ scar go?

A: The fight scene in this Character Short is a flashback, to before she got it. It also appears to take place right outside the Schnee manor, considering the fountain has a giant ice sculpture of the Schnee snowflake and Winter said “if you want to leave this place”. There’s also the fact that Weiss’ ponytail is centered. Monty said that Weiss’ ponytail being off-center is a symbol of her rebellion, so this flashback may even take place before she began rebelling against her father.

Q: Okay, so how did she get her scar?

A: Fighting the giant suit of armor in the White Trailer.

Don’t be fooled by the animation errors where you can see her scar. There was no scar on her face throughout the first half of the fight. Here are the three best shots where you can see she didn’t have her scar, along with timestamps so you can check the video if you want (I suggest lowering the play speed to 0.25):

Also, Chapters 3 and 4 of the official manga explain what’s going on in the White Trailer.

To sum it up: Weiss had to fight the giant armor because Jacques made a bet with her where, if she defeated it, he would give her permission to attend Beacon. However, the odds were stacked against her, which isn’t surprising, as it’s made clear that Jacques wanted her to attend Atlas Academy. His secretary told Weiss that it had multiple specimens of possession-type Grimm (V4 director’s commentary reveals them to be Geists, specifically) placed inside of it by the SDC and it was 3 times stronger than the original model. Weiss’ response to this is “So you’re basically telling me that I don’t stand a chance.”

Bonus info: While fighting the armor, Weiss has a “voiceover” where she says that she used to carry a distorted view of family pride and did not have a sense of self, so she decided to create a sense of self that she can be proud of, just like Winter did. Some of the lyrics in the Weiss Character Short’s song seem to line up with this pretty well.

Also, the armor is called an Arma Gigas, due to the Geist Grimm possessing it, according to the Volume 4 Director’s Commentary. And the manga reveals Weiss has a talent for piano, which explains the piano room we saw her pass in volume 4.

Q: What’s the song?

A: It’s apparently called The Path to Isolation. It’ll be in the Volume 5 Original Soundtrack, which will come out after volume 5 is over.

Q: Why is her ponytail centered?

A: Monty once said that Weiss’ ponytail being off-center is a symbol of her rebellion. The fact that her ponytail is centered in the short seems to imply that it takes place before she began rebelling against Jacques.

Q: What kind of Grimm are those?

A: They’re Beowolves that Winter summoned, like the one she summoned in volume 3.

Q: Since when can/does Weiss use fire?

A: Since volume 1. It’s the red Dust in her rapier.

Q: The beginning of the song talks about Weiss losing someone dear. Did her mother die?

A: No, her mother is alive. Recall the conversation between Weiss and Whitley in V4E2: Remembrance.

Whitley: I heard Father shouting with someone in his study earlier.
Weiss: Mother?
Whitley: No, she’s already drinking in the garden. I think it was a man.

Not only does this show that her mother is alive, it also implies that it is not uncommon for Weiss’ parents to shout at each other. And Whitley’s use of “already” implies that their mother either takes daily tea breaks in the garden or drinks a lot of alcohol.

Q: Why does Weiss slash with her rapier, a weapon meant for stabbing?

A: Because her rapier has sharp edges on it. Besides, there are apparently some old styles of rapiers that were used for both cutting and stabbing.

Either way, a weapon that is only useful for stabbing isn’t very useful on the battlefield.

(Not really a question, but) Ugh, the part I hate about the animation here is the stupid poses she was doing

Honestly, I think that was the entire point, considering it’s the early days of Weiss’ training, when she was less experienced. It seemed like she was showing off and trying way too hard to look cool instead of focusing on the fight, and that’s why Winter got so harsh with the Beowolf summons ganging up on her at the end of the fight.

Q: Oh my God, is that a panty shot at 0:40?? I cannot believe they–

A: Calm down. That is not a panty shot. It only looks like one because of the angle, but I’m pretty certain it was unintentional. Throughout the rest of the video, whenever we see up her skirt, her legs disappear into a white void, with no sign of “panties” anywhere. This is how it has always been with RWBY. The “anti-upskirt technology” that Monty talked about is literally “The characters’ legs vanish into an empty void under their skirt”. We have had plenty of upskirt moments that show this. So, no, they’re not going against Monty’s wishes to have no panty shots.

Q: So, does this mean we’re gonna get a Blake short before volume 6 and a Yang short before volume 7?

A: No, actually. At RTX, they said we’re getting Weiss, Blake, and Yang’s character shorts this year, before volume 5′s premiere. Though, as of today (July 20th), they have not yet stated when exactly Blake and Yang’s will come out.

Ikea vs Overwatch

~I woke up from a nap to write this. Overwatch characters trying to put together Ikea furniture is single handedly the funniest thing I’ve ever dreamt of.


  • Is trying to read the instructions but can’t figure out the Swedish side and the English is unreadable. 
  • He doesn’t need help. Everyone stop asking. He’s got instructions.
  • He’s stressed af. Frizzy hair, hunched over the instructions like a conspiracist looking for clues in the diagrams. Don’t talk to him right now or he might release his ult on you. Either this table is getting put together or he’ll die trying. 


  • She can’t hack a table. She’s out of her element. Did you hand her paper instructions? What is this? The Stone Age?
  • She’s looked up several videos and step by step instructions to put together this monstrosity but she’s still lost. The pieces aren’t fitting together right. She’s pretty sure she’s missing one of the table legs but she can’t tell anymore.
  • She manages to get the table together and all of the talon members eat on it that night whether they like it or not. She put her blood, sweat, and tears (emphasis on tears) into that table. They’re using it.


  • Thought it was going to be a piece of cake. Nine hours later, he’s drank so much coffee to stay focused that he’s transcended time and space and gazed into The Iris.
  • He made a chair. It was supposed to be a table but now it’s a chair. It’s a damn good chair in his opinion.
  • You better believe that chair is going in his house. He’ll burn the rest of the wood. No one needs to know his shame. 


  • Lost four screws after opening the box. 
  • Even with Roadhog’s help, this is impossible. Neither of them have the patience for it. Junkrat accidentally broke a few of the wood legs. When they managed to get it together, it’s being held together by duct tape and prayers. The table immediately collapses in on itself . 
  • The table pieces turn out to be really good firewood when he finally gives up.


  • The only person to put all of the tools and equipment needed into an organized place before she started. 
  • When she couldn’t understand the English side, she asked Torbjörn to translate the Swedish for her.
  • The table only took her an hour. She’s even refurbishing it to fit with the decor in her house. Everyone get on her level.

(Requests are Open!!!)

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stydia youtube au?

I probably need to watch more youtubers and i need someone to write a better fic

  • Lydia started as a fashion and makeup blogger. It’ll look good on college applications and she’s worked out a formula for maximum success and minimal effort. 
  • She doesn’t calculate for how much she enjoys it. And certainly not for just how popular her channel is.
  • Stiles starts making youtube videos for no real reason. He like’s being the comedian and he likes the outlet for his energy. He’s not that focused on the follower count till he wakes up one morning and notices he’s passed the 500K mark. 
  • Lydia goes to vidcon. She and Kira go and they spend the day wondering around the convention (videoing like everyone else) and just enjoying the day. At the end Lydia take’s the most impeccable selfie of Kira and her in front of the vidcon sign and posts it. 
  • it’s only later when she’s checking her comments that there’s hundreds of comments saying “😂 😂 😂  @PointlessStiles and @Scott_11 in the backgroundso she checks back on her photo and sure enough there’s two boys around her age pulling stupid faces in the background of her photo. 
  • She obviously check out the accounts and quickly realises he’s already following her and Kira already. He’s a youtuber too. And a good one judging by the number of followers he has. 
  • When Stiles get’s the notification he has to sit down. “@Lyds_Martin started following you”. Stiles doesn’t encourage internet stalking but he’s been mildly stalking this girl for a while. When he’s seen her taking a selfie in the main entrance hall with Kira(Scott’s gaming partner) he couldn’t help himself. 
  • But vidcon is over for another year so there’s no chance to see her again. Instead he does what any normal Millennium would do. He starts building an online friendship with her.  
  • Lydia notices Stiles likes across her social media platforms. She’s followed both him and Scott across all social media and realised that they have a lot of friends in common she’s just…never noticed before. So she starts liking his things back. 
  • It just escalates from there. Liking each other posts. Retweeting each other. Eventually leaving comments and emojis on each others posts.

 @PointlessStiles Fierce af 🔥”
@Lyds_Martin 😂 how many times did you film this “
@PointlessStiles Brains and Beauty 👓📚 “
@Lyds_Martin you look good in plaid”

  • Stiles does his next youtube video with a cast on his arm and Lydia watches with concern. She moves over to twitter and sends him a message. He replies pretty quickly and tells her he’s fine. Not even a break. And they just….keep talking. 
  • Lydia finds out he’s planning to go to Boston U, right next door to her. He’s friends with Allison through Scott and thats how he knew who she was. She tell’s him about MIT and the riemann hypothesis. They talk about everything and anything. Eventually they exchange phone numbers and keep talking on there.
  • Her comments on his posts always get a fair few likes but suddenly they’re getting replies by the hundreds all with the same word “STDYIA 😱 ❤️” In some format. She searches it on tumblr and realises it’s people shipping her and stiles together. 
  • It’s kind of creepy but mostly harmless. Lydia tries to push it to the back of her mind but she’s starting to realises how much she thinks about Stiles and how much she likes him. It’s kind of hard to ignore other people noticing their chemistry too. 
  • And then suddenly it’s time for vidcon again. It seems natural with all of them being friends to meet up. Lydia’s stomach is flipping. It’s ridiculous. She meets plenty of new people all the time and never feels like this. 
  • Stiles waits with Scott and Allison in the entrance lobby. He’s full of nervous energy and Allison keeps smiling at him knowingly. When he see’s the glint of strawberry Blonde hair making her way across the room he smiles brightly. 
  • Lydia hugs Allison first but then moves straight to Stiles. He holds out his arms and she moves into them quickly. She breathes a hey into his neck. 
  • They spend the rest of the day wandering around. Kira’s on a “women online” panel and they go to support her. Lydia finds herself sticking by Stiles. She like’s his insight into the vlogging world and the fact that between his laidback attitude is a smart, well planned business plan. 
  • They both get stopped more then once for a selfie and it’s the first time Lydia’s ever felt like her channel actually reaches real life people. Stiles seems to sense her slightly forced smile and puts a hand on her back to help her relax. 
  • When they’re walking back to their hotel, behind the rest of the group Lydia takes a breath and grabs Stiles hand in her own. He looks down at her and smiles gently. 
  • He kisses her before they all leave. It’s soft and gently and Lydia wants to do it again. In just a few months they’ll both be in Boston and she’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that.  
  • Later that day Allison DM’s her a photo. She blushes at it and sends a message to stiles for his approval. 
  • She get’s a record number of likes and comments when she drops the photo of her and Stiles kissing on instagram, with the caption “Stydia💕 “