she looks so pretty but this lighting kills me


You guys remember what I said about Polymerization being nothing but pure madness in the form of a trading card? Now here’s another statement for you guys in the form of a question… 


Seriously, Yubel was Yandere crazy all throughout season 3 of GX to the point of injuring students to the point of death, turning people into zombies, killing, possession, manipulation, and even going as far as to fuse 12 different dimension together just so she and Judai could never be apart. Okay, sure, the Light of Destruction had a major part to play in her madness but she was still pretty possessive even before that psycho light got ahold of her. And don’t even get me started on what she created by possessing Johan (no one should be allowed to look that hot in leather!)

Aki on the other hand had some…um…major trust issues to put it nicely….she got better sure….but not before beating the crap out of Yusei for like what? Two to three times? And that was just Yusei. Do we even need to talk about all the other people she went Black Rose Witch on? 

And as for Yuri….who the hell knows what this kids’s problem is at the currently moment. I just thought his craziness was because of the Fusion Madness but nope, he also has Plant Insanity as well. It also doesn’t help that he’s pretty much Yubel’s son (tell me this isn’t true) along with the fact that Starve Venom looks like a Fusion between Yubel’s forms and Black Rose Dragon. And I swear to god, if he turns out to be sadomasochistic as well, I’m dead and done. 

So yeah…Plant Users….don’t f*ck with them. They can and will kill you….with vines…that can electrocute you, pick you up and slam you into the ground, and be used as a whip on you….

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fmk nadia teddy phoenix

FUCK: Nadia, I doubt she’d ever even look my way that way, I think she may be tragically hetero, but even then.
MARRY: Teddy, we’d be pretty content with our respective superpowers, me thinks. It’d be rather chill, lots of jokes, it’d be fine. He’s family, but I’m not fucking or killing him, so, I’ve got to settle with this option. 
KILL: Phoenix. He’s beyond creepy or at least he’s given me creepy like vibes?? Plus, in the right light, he looks like Red Skull from Captain America & I’ve learned that killing Nazi’s isn’t really a crime, when you think about it. 

‘ i swear to every damn god in the
sky and elsewhere, i’m going go
kill josephine. ’ the dwarf glanced
over her shoulder in the mirror,
looking at rim with a frown. ‘ she
wants me to wear this to the wint-
er palace. ’ she turned around and
stepped more into the light, letting
the qunari see the dress.

not just any dress. a ball gown, ea-
sily engulfing nohemi, full of frills
and lace. ‘ i don’t even know how
i’m supposed to move in this thing,
much less dance. ’

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