she looks so much like my sister here

Tumblr, I need your help

This post is different from my normal content, but I’m desperate here.

When my little sister was five and I was nine, we each bought a stuffed animal, a puppy dog. Mine is brown, and hers was cream-colored, and they were great comforts through moving, and growing up in an abusive household, and everything else that comes with that.

My sister lost hers at camp several years ago, and she’s been sad about it ever since. I’ve looked everywhere: ebay, amazon, thrift stores, rummage sales, talked to people on facebook, contacted the camp and the people that went there, tried to find the toy manufacturer (out of business), I attempted to contact the local store where we bought it…nothing.

I really want to help my sister here, and find her stuffed animal, or at least, one just like it. Again, this was a huge comfort to her through so much stuff that happened. It was always by her side, and it made her feel so happy, and since it’s been gone, I know she feels like something’s missing. She loved it so much.

I know that my only tool left to find it at this point is word-of-mouth. So if you would, could you spread this to as many people as you can? Put it on facebook if you want, screenshot it and send it to your friends, I don’t mind. I just want to help my little sister get her comfort animal back.

It’s a 12″-ish stuffed puppy dog, and the brand is Caltoy. Here are some pictures of mine, so you can see what hers is supposed to look like:

The only differences are that hers was a light yellow-cream color, and I think the ribbon on hers was blue (though I could be wrong about that).

More specifics:

It was sitting up, and had no tail. It was all the same color like this one, no dark ears/paws/etc, just the dark nose. It was made by Caltoy in or around 2003.

I would really like to find this for my sister, so that she can have that comfort again, and she definitely needs it right now. 

Please share it as much as you can, to friends or followers, whoever you can. I will be so grateful to all of you who help. <3

My contact info: starshipme (at), Askbox, and feel free to use tumblr messenger as well!


Hey, remember when I told you I had an idea for a KobaTohru child, but couldn’t show you because her sis was still being designed?

Here they are! Kobayashi Miho (美火 meaning: Beautiful Fire) and her sister Kobayashi Midori (翠 meaning: Green (designed by @askmisskobayashi))

Miho looks a lot like her working-mom, not just appearance-wise, but also personality-wise. So much that people often joke about if she’s even related to her maid-mom. Whenever they do, she casually shows off her fangs and tells them “I got these from her”.
Unlike her sister, she’s a human but can secretly use magic. She often pranks Midori by setting the curtains on fire and blaming her because “I’m a human. I can’t use magic.” She’s very laid back and often prefers playing indoors to doing anything active. Not very fond of physical contact, which is not so much fun when you have Tohru as a mom. 
Kobayashi once bought clothes for her and after getting scolded by her wife because these are not cute or fashionable, she was finally able to admit that Miho was the one who wanted to buy these. 

Midori is a happy-go-lucky dragon child. Her wings and tail are still non-existent, but she’s really proud that her horns are already growing. She’s the youngest sibling, but also the tallest which bothers Miho just a tiny bit. 
As sweet and loving as her mythical mother, Midori is a ball of sunshine and joy. Honest, but a bit of an airhead, she enjoys spending time with her mom and tries not to mess with her sister because she hasn’t forgotten all the pranks Miho pulled on her. 

Still they love the other a lot and often use each other’s laps during nap time, a habit that auntie Kanna taught them. 

lieutenant-sapphic​ said to leifor: art suggestion? Saavik with Amanda Grayson, since I believe she was sort of adopted by her at the start of Voyage Home? 

@lieutenant-sapphic you’re reading my mind!! saavik is spock’s adoptive sister/amanda’s daughter and no one will convince me otherwise

so here they are at amanda’s garden - also i think they would dress in a similar style?

ANYWAY WOAH. i love your art so much and it’s absolutely amazing!!

thank you! <3

Kiss Me

Requested by @mikimiska113 - Dany and Jon get drunk while on Dragonstone and stuff happens. 

I guess this is kind of like a sequel to How much of that did you hear? (here) if you’re interested in reading that. Because I did kind of wonder what actually happened in the study. 

Maybe a little nsfw and a little smutty…not even full smut or anything but this is just what I wrote lol because I haven’t written a passionate makeout session in a few days (or maybe I have and I just don’t remember). 

Um…not really spoilers for Episode 5? I’ve managed to stay away from the spoilers, it’s just general plot stuff from last episode. 

The wine is sweet on her tongue and the rush of intoxication that warms the pit of her stomach helps ward off the cold of the winter chill. 

“More wine, Lord Snow?” She doesn’t know exactly how this came about; he’d had to talk with her about the Dragonglass and they were both still slightly embarrassed about what had happened while she was in the bath, but she’d poured glasses for them to be polite…and somehow she’d ended up pouring more. 

He nods, nudging his glass forward so she can top it off. “It’s good. What is it?”

“Dornish red, fresh from the vineyards. A gift from Lady Ellaria and her daughters.” Thinking about the Dornish makes her chest twinge unpleasantly, remembering where they most likely are now-in the merciless hands of the Mad Queen. Westerosi wines are different from those in Essos.”

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The Diplomat.

//Jerome x Reader.

Requested: Yes.

Summary: Y/n is Oswald Cobblepot’s younger sister; she is the definition of innocence. She helps him with the social stance to negotiating, and is with him while he is trying to negotiate with one of the newest, most hyped criminal. Jerome Valeska.

Rating: Mid-fluff.

Warnings: Threats, language, slightly flirtatious Jerome.

Need to know: Set after Jerome’s revival, as he has more power, etc. (Also, I don’t have many revived Jerome fics.)

Title: The Diplomat. //

“Now, listen y/n,” Oswald says as he hobbles towards the gigantic garage door. “I don’t want you to have to do this, but if you do, I’d feel more comfortable if you had this.” He turns to her, pressing a gun to her palm, urging her to take it. Y/n sighs softly, staring down at the sleek black gun.

“I’d rather not, Oz, I think I’ll be fine…I’ve never needed one before.” Y/n says tentatively. Oswald’s head tilts as he stares down at her, and his head shakes, his mouth open slightly.

“Y/n, please do this for me.” Oswald’s eyes searches y/n’s. “These are bad people, y/n. If shit hits the fan, they won’t care who is armed and who isn’t. They’ll shoot you, y/n. So, take the damn gun.” He hated being harsh towards y/n but sometimes he didn’t have a choice. A small, irritated sigh slips past y/n’s lips as she grabs the gun from him, instantly flicking the safety on. Although Oswald knew y/n wasn’t really upset with him, he still felt guilty. He knew she could take care of herself, but it was always more a question of would she. Oswald dusts of his jacket, stands slightly straighter, and knocks his umbrella -which he uses as a cane- against the door five times, then four, and finally one. The door creaks and groans, and then lurches upwards slowly, the whole way squeaking as it rolls up. Oswald motions with his head for everyone else to enter first. They move forward as Oswald does, followed lastly by y/n.

Once she’s in the storage unit, the door closes- much quicker than it had opened. The slightly pale ginger stands up with a flair, his permanent smile widening as he moves forward to greet them.

“Hello, Oswald.” He says, his voice gruff as he stretches out his hand. Y/n moves forward, holding out her hand to shake his too, but his gaze merely stops on her for a second. His eyes light up slightly, and he withdraws his hand.

“Yes, hello.” Oswald says hastily. Jerome’s gaze flicks down to the gun in y/ns hands, and his eyebrows shoot up as he turns over to Oswald, his eyes sparkling as he tilts his head.

“You shouldn’t give toys to little kids; not toys like that,”

“I’m not a kid.” Y/n mumbles, not looking over at him. His eyebrows shoot up even higher as he whirls around to face her.

“Ah, she speaks!” He claps his hands together once, and moves in front of her, staring down at her. “Oswald, what is it that you wanted?” He continues, moving too fast for y/n too keep up. He turns around, spinning in a circle, stopping when he stands in front of him. “Because as you kn-ackaugh.” He pauses, his whole body wrenching as a look of pain crosses his scarred face, his eyes closing tightly. Jerome clears his throat roughly, his body again spasming. He cranes his neck up, arching his back slightly as he stretches his neck, his head rolling from side to side. When his eyes finally do open, they roll over to peer at y/n before he laughs roughly. “Sorry about that- being stabbed in the neck will do that to you.” He taps his wrist, staring down at y/n still. “Why did you take her here?” He moves forward quickly, and a look of panic crosses Oswald’s face. Jerome reaches out, grabbing her chin gently and moving her head up and down, side to side, examining her face. “This isn’t exactly what I was expecting in payment, but…”

“I am not trading you my sister!” Oswald hisses, moving forward violently. One of Jerome’s lackeys moves forward quickly, restraining Oswald as Jerome hops away from y/n, a shrill, loud laugh erupting from him.

“It was a joke,” he wheezes, grasping his sides as he bursts into another fit of rough, high pitched laughter. “Can’tcha take a joke, Oswald?” He grins at him, and holds his hands up quickly. “Look, I’m not here to make enemies.” A short, bubbly laugh flies past his lips once more before all expression leaves his face. His eyes burn as he looks at Oswald and y/n. “Unless you want to make enemies.” He casts his gaze over to y/n once more, smiling brightly. “Hey there, sweet cheeks. Be a doll and give me your gun?”

“Don’t talk to her like that Jerome!” Oswald explodes, staring at Jerome, murder written in his eyes.

“Oswald, stop.” Y/n says, holding her arm out in front of him. She steps forward, locking gazes with Jerome as she holds up her gun. His eyes only leave hers every few seconds to look at the gun. “This?” Y/n asks, trying to keep her voice from shaking.

“Yes, that gun. Is there another damn gun would I be talking about?” He growls. Y/n pulls her other arm away from Oswald and holds the gun out to Jerome.

“Just calm down, okay?” She meets his gaze once again. “We don’t want any trouble.”

“Ha! Hard to believe, with your brother over there.” Jerome barks out a laugh, eyeing the gun but not taking it.

“Jerome.” Y/n says firmly. Something about the way she speaks compels Jerome to meet her gaze. “I don’t want any trouble, Jerome.” She moves forward, grabbing Jerome’s hands. At this point, all of his followers are tense, fingers on their triggers. Y/n nudges Jerome’s hands open gently, placing the gun in them. He stares down at her, his eyes darkening as he grips on to one of her wrists tight, tossing the gun across the room with his other.

“You’re brave for someone so quiet.” Despite all the angry noises coming from Oswald, Jerome reaches out and strokes y/n’s cheek. “So, gentle,” he murmurs, every feature on his face softening. As y/n feels herself getting lost in Jerome’s eyes, her heart pounds quickly.

“And you don’t seem very dangerous for the most infamous criminal in Gotham.” She comments, tilting her head so his hand is cupping her face more, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. “But, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Right?”

Jerome pulls away from her, his whole-body stiffening. “That’s exactly right, doll.” He waves his hand in the air. “Just, do whatever you’d like, Oswald. We can team up whenever, you need a favor, I’m your guy, you need supplies; I’m your guy. Take whatever you want now, we can just get more.” Oswald’s jaw drops open, and one of Jerome’s followers turn to him.

“Bu- but Jerome, are you-” His voice is silenced by the bang of a bullet as it sinks through his skull. Jerome stares at his gun in shock, as if he hadn’t known it was loaded, and then tosses it aside carelessly. He turns back to y/n one more time.

“Do me a favor,” he says softly. “Don’t trust anyone but your brother. He’ll take care of you, he’ll keep you safe.”

“Well, can’t I trust you?”

“No. Come to think of it, I don’t want you coming around here again.”

“Well, why not? Maybe I want to come down here some more.” Jerome swallows roughly.

“I can’t have you around me. You’re going to stay away from me.”

“I don’t have to do what you say.” Y/n says, easily getting fed up with his sudden coldness towards her. “You barely even know me, what’s your deal?”

“I know that I’ll like you, y/n. I know that I’ll love you, in fact. That can’t happen, y/n. It can’t.

“Maybe I want it to happen,” she calls out, shocking Jerome and Oswald. They both turn to look at her, jaws slack.

It can’t! When people like me, like your brother, when we care about people, they get used as leverage. Your brother let you out of the house much?”


“My point exactly. If people knew he cared for you, knew he was your sister…you’d be dead in an instant, doll.” Jerome laughs, and turns around. “So, I’ll say it again; you aren’t coming back around here. Oswald, get her out of here.”

As y/n leaves, she makes a silent promise to herself.

She will visit him again.

She wants to see him again, and they’ve only just met. She’s already infatuated.


So yesterday I was at work, and a guy came in to drop off lunch for his wife, who is one of the mechanical engineers in the plant.

And for the whole 10 or so minutes it took to get in touch with her and let her know he was there he kept going on about how great she was. 

“Hi I have lunch for my wife. You know my wife, right? She’s an engineer. She’s so smart, and is the most beautiful woman in the world, and she’s hilarious, and did I mention she’s smart? She’s an engineer. She makes so much money that I can stay home with our son. He’s a year and a half old and he is a genius like his mother, here are 200 pictures of him. He looks like his mother, my wife. She’s an engineer because she’s brilliant. I love her so much. I brought her risotto I made from scratch. I love to cook and I get to because my wife is a genius engineer with a great career. Here are 200 more pictures of our son, my sister is watching him right now. I make all his baby food from scratch.”

And he was just so proud of her, and their son, and how he can stay home and cook gourmet dinners and watch their son while his wife pursues her career in engineering and honestly it was so wholesome A+++++++++ sis you found yourself a keeper. 

an-siog-beag  asked:

Yo, i love ur blog and i heard u like sad altean lance, so i thought id contribute with this: Allura can shapeshift. We all know this. But if she can hide her altean features, maybe Lance could too? And perhaps hes been hiding his heritage the whole time he's been doing the Voltron thing? And somebody (Hunk probably? Or Keith, bc he Notices Things™) notices that Lance does the same gesture Allura does when she shapeshifts... and he does it a lot. So they eventually corner Lance and ask him (1/2)

2/2 whats going on, and after bugging him for ages about it, Lance finally reveals that he is, in fact, Allura’s little brother. And they’re so confused as to why Lance would cover this up! Like, why on earth would he pretend to not know Coran and Allura and pretend to be ignorant of Altea (Lance is a damn good actor tbh), and he just looks straight at them and says, “i am a paladin of Voltron. I could die any day here. I am willing to pretend to have no ties to my sister no matter how much it

3/3 hurts.” And they ask why. And he replies, “because allura lost her little brother once and it nearly killed her. If she found out who i was and then i died?… i dont even want to think about it.” He then looks straight at them and says “i will not lose my sister again. I will do the right thing. Even if it hurts me.” (Basically Altean!Lance is too selfless, cares too much and is willing to give up his ties to his sister to keep her safe)

I both love this and wonder what he was doing on earth then- either way, One of the Mice hears it. Just, Imagine Allura dropping a glass because the mice just told her, her brother is alive and well, and piloting the blue lion. 

Though why does lance flirt with her if they're siblings is my real question

In Trials of Apollo, we need to see Artemis and Apollo reunite.

There are no exceptions. I want to see her saving Apollo and just seeing him in this puny mortal body, covered in blood, sweat, pain, and wounds, his face pure agony after all the shit he has gone through. I want to see her march over to him, punch him in the face and beat the shit out of him. Then she says “Look how low the “mighty” Apollo has fallen. You look like shit.“ And he’s like, "Thanks sis love you too.” She’s so pissed off and angry and relieved that he’s okay and not dead that she pulls him into the most bone-crushing hug, partially to hurt him partially because she was genuinely worried. “You are such an idiot, who gets turned mortal 3 times? Oh my gods you are so stupid! Father is beyond angry. Do you know how much trouble I had to go through to save your sorry ass all those times?! Look at you, you look like literal shit you’re so weak and defenseless is that acne oh my gods.” And Apollo is fighting back the tears because here’s his sister. Every other god has completely abandoned him but she’s still here. She sent help and support even if it broke Zeus’s rules and now here she is, saving his ass like old times. It feels good to be around someone familiar after all the shock and new experiences of being mortal, it just makes him feel better, at home.   And the people around them are like “Are you both…crying??” And they’re are like “WHAT. NO. OF COURSE NOT I HATE HIM/HER.” But they continue hugging and grossly sobbing because gods damnit the twins missed each other and you can’t tell me other wise.

Night Moves (Part 2)

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Summary: The reader hooks up with a guy she meets at a bar one night after she gets to the town where her childhood friend Jess is getting married in a few days time, leading to some unintended consequences…

Part 1

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,300ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Part 2, enjoy!…

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In Tragedy//Reggie Mantle x Jughead Jones x Reader

Request: i was wondering if you could do an imagine where reader a jughead are dating or he’s in love with them and something happens (suicide car accident etc) where they pass away and it’s how angry he is after and how the gang try to cheer him up but he just goes further down. maybe the reader is reggies sister and the pain bonds them or at least something like that?

Words: 1032


A/n: ‼️‼️ i think I’m going to do a second part of this, that takes place at the funeral. I have a few things I need to cover. And plus, we all know that I just can’t make one shots for some reason lmao

The students of Riverdale High pushed one another through the crowded hallways as they made their way to the auditorium for the assembly. They were called down at the very beginning of class.

They were confused, to say the least. It wasn’t Spirit Week, and it wasn’t that time of the year where they had their annual Cuber Bullying/Sexting assembly. What could this assembly possibly be for?

Only two students knew. One of them had lost a sister. Another, a lover.

These two students were Reggie Mantle and Jughead Jones. However, neither of them had been at school that day, to many people’s confusion.

After all of the students were sat down, chatting in the seats of the auditorium did the feedback of the mic pick up, making them grimace and go silent.

Principal Weatherbee stood in front of the mic and the mayor stood off to the side of the stage and the students stared in anticipation.

“Yesterday,” the principal cleared his throat,“We lost yet another one of our beloved students. However, the circumstances are not the same as the last. It is an important subject we have yet to talk about as a whole school body.”

The crowd murmured in anticipation , wondering who the principal could possibly be talking about.

“Yesterday Y/n Mantle passed away. She took her own life. We have been given permission by the family to bring this up to bring light to this situation. Mayor, I believe you wanted to say a few words,” the Principal switches spots with the mayor.

Riverdale High couldn’t believe it. The students gasped at the reveal, tears leaving the eyes of some. They were all so confused. How could they have not noticed?

Jughead, contrary to what you might think, is still in his booth at Pops. He’s still typing away on his laptop. Maybe pretending nothing happened was the best way to go, was his current train of thought.

Though, as soon as he heard the door to Pops open and the sound of footsteps, he knew his plan was about to fall through.

Suddenly there’s three people standing outside his booth in silence until it is broken.

“Juggie? Why didn’t you tell us?” Betty says softly. Her eyes are glazed over as she stares down at her solemn friend.

“We would’ve been there for you,” Archie suggests, stepping closer.

Jughead closes his laptop, breathing in,“I love you guys, I do. But you will never understand how I feel. No one will.”

Jughead gets up to leave, and unbeknownst to him, the gears in Veronica’s head start to turn.

“Uh, Jughead. I think there is someone who understands perfectly. Who knew y/n even better than you did.” Veronica crosses her arms. “Reggie Mantle.”


The next day, Jughead decided to swallow his pride and found himself standing outside of Reggie Mantle’s doorway. They were both going to miss school again.

Jughead knocks, and Reggie’s mother answers.

She instantly pulls him into a hug,“Oh Jughead, honey.” She pulls back,“She loved you so much. She talked about you constantly.”

Jughead just nods,“I’m here to see Reggie.”

“Oh, of course. He’s in his room. It’s up the stairs and to the left,” she replies.

Jughead thought about what he could possibly say to Reggie when he reached the top of the stairs.

Hey, we have a dead person in common, let’s talk?

Jughead shook his head. Even sarcastic in a time like this.

He reached the door, knocking three times,“Hey Reggie, its Jughead. Jughead Jones.”

The door opens after a thump and some shuffling, revealing a very disheveled Reggie.

As soon as Jughead’s eyes land on him, tears start to stream down his face.

“I’m sorry, you just look so much like her,” Jughead says and wipes it away.

“She is my sister,” Reggie says with a small smile and then frowns,“Was my sister. What are you doing here Jughead?”

“I didn’t think that anyone else would understand how this feels. But a friend of mine said that you probably do. More than me, even,” Jughead rambles on, and the most unexpected thing happens.

Reggie pulls him in for a hug. They don’t say anything, and they pull away after the shock fades.

When Jughead looks at Reggie again, he’s crying.

“She was the most amazing person I knew,” Reggie says, crossing his arms.

Jughead nods,“No one can ever replace her.”

Reggie goes quiet, and then speaks up,“Cmon. I bet we have loads to talk about.”

Jughead follows Reggie into his room, and they take a seat on the bed. Next to Reggie is a bunch of pictures of Y/n laid out.

“My mom doesn’t really have any recent pictures of N/n, just baby pictures. She asked me to get all of my favorite ones. For the funeral. Truth is, they’re all my favorite,” Jughead smiles at the spread. She was so beautiful. Reggie sniffles,“I didn’t know, Jug. How couldn’t I have known? She’s been living across the hall from me for my entire life.”

He puts a hand on his shoulder,“None of us did. She seemed so happy.”

“I just wish I had the chance to talk to her again. She had so many people who loved her. Who still do,” Reggie wipes his tears away.

“When is the funeral?” Jughead questions.

“In two days. Mom doesn’t want us to wait too long. Y/n always said that when she died she wanted-”

“To be turned into a tree,” Jughead and Reggie speak at the same time, and they almost laugh.

“Even in death she wanted to be giving something to the world,” Jughead says with a teary smile.

“Will- will you help me pick out the pictures? I can’t choose- and I have to pick the one for the portrait. I’m too indecisive,” Reggie says wth a small chuckle.

“So was Y/n. Of course I’ll help, Reggie.”

For the rest of the night, Jughead Jones and Reggie Mantle bonded over a lost one, sharing memories and looking through them.

It’s sad, when you think about it- that only in tragedy do people come together.

Saudade (7)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 2k+


Warnings: swearing, angst, violence



Originally posted by cherry-midnightmoonlight

Tony didn’t expect anyone at the Avengers doorstep anytime soon. So, when an elderly woman sat in one of the empty conference rooms, it stunned him.

“You’re Howard Stark’s kid, right?” she asks as he steps inside the conference room.

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Coke Can (nessian version)

It was going to snow. There was no doubt about it, it was too cold to do anything but snow. I blew out a breath as the gas pumped into my jeep. I tried to keep my hands in my pockets so they don’t fall off as I let it go itself. I feel my phone vibrate, but I don’t pull it out. I still haven’t gotten to where I’m going.

Then again I wasn’t even sure where I was going. The dark clouds seemed to be following me though. Ever since I left I couldn’t shake them. But I couldn’t stay there, I needed space. There were too many ghosts; too much pain.

My phone buzzed once, telling me I had a message. I knew who it was, one of my brothers checking up on me. They were probably worried sick. I never left for this long without a note or a reason. I’m sure they knew why, they had to know why I needed time. I fought back the tears as I stood there letting the cold bite my face.

Life was unfair, I have always known that. I watched my mom die before she was even forty years old. I never even met my father. Life would never be easy, but I never thought it would be this hard.

The pump clicked off, snapping me back into reality. I closed the cap and then head inside to pay for my gas. It feels good to get inside and out of the cold. But when I step behind the guy paying my heart stops. There’s a Coke bottle in his hand, one of the glass ones. He stuck a straw in the hole, shattering my attempt at shutting down that part of my brain. My mind starts to race, the memories I tried so hard to forget come back all at once.

She was beautiful, I knew it before she even turned around. Her blonde curls were swinging in the wind as she threw her head back laughing. The lights of the fair illuminated her green jacket. She looked like she loved life and from what I could tell everyone in her life loved her just as much.

Rhysand pushed me towards her, my feet were frozen as she smiled at me. Her bright steel blue eyes drew me in. They were beautiful and yet she had an air of mystery around her. She giggled again as the brown haired girl beside her whispered something in her ear.

I offered her my hand, “Cassian Moten. Ferris wheel solo rider looking for a partner.”

She laughed again, then shook her head, "oh no. I don’t do the Ferris wheel Mr. Moten.”

I raised an eyebrow, feeling more confident as her friends watched, "and why not? I thought a pretty girl like you wouldn’t be afraid of anything.”

"I’m not afraid,” she defended herself, my hand falling back down beside me, “I just don’t like it, that’s all.”

I nodded, biting my lip as I stood there, "okay well let me get you a drink. A funnel cake? Let me win you a stuffed animal with my ability to knock down glass milk bottles.”

She shook her head slowly, still giving me that half smirk half smile that was driving me insane. I had never been so taken by a girl let alone a stranger before. I was the guy who played the field, but I knew the moment she laughed she was it for me.

Sometimes you just know these things. It was the spark that changed your life.

"Come on Nesta,” the girl beside her nudged her shoulder, “he clearly wants to get to know you. Stop being a big scaredy cat.”

She glared at her friend and then sighed as she looked back in my direction, “fine. Let’s get something to drink.”

We walked to a stand together and I ordered two cokes. She giggled, shaking her head as I handed her the soda, "so does Nesta have a last name?”

"Acheron. Why do you want to know me so badly?” She put a straw in the hole and took a sip. Her friends were watching, Rhysand was chatting with one off to the side. I smiled at our situation.

I shrugged, “you seem like a mystery. I like a good mystery.”
We sat down on a bench and she sighed, "I’m not a mystery you want to figure out, Cassian.”

"I don’t think that’s true,” I finished my drink and then smiled, “I bet I can get this can into that trash can. If I don’t I’ll leave you alone.”

She raised an eyebrow, "and if you do?”

"You go on the Ferris wheel with me.”

I didn’t wait for her answer. I put my hands up and looked at the can waiting for the crowd to thin out. Once the coast was clear I flicked my wrist and let the can fly through the air. It hit the rim of the trash can and then slid around like it was going to fall in. But before it did it hit the wall and fell onto the ground.

"Damn,” Nesta clicked her tongue as I blushed at my failure, “I changed my mind. I’ll go on with you.”

She threw her empty can into the trash can without trying and laughed when it landed in without a challenge. I shook my head, grabbing her hand before she could change her mind. I felt her grip tighten as we got closer to the ride and I smiled as she leaned into me.

Once we were sitting at the top, the lights were beautiful. Everyone was small and the town looked even more beautiful in the fall weather. My heart was beating faster than it ever had before as Nesta slid in close to my side.

She let out a slow breath, her grip on the bar loosened as she relaxed, "you don’t want to get to know me,” she whispered as the stars sparkled above us.

“Sir? Are you going to pay?” I shook my head, the attendant at the gas station called my attention as the memory faded away.
I stepped up to the counter, “sorry,” I whispered as I paid for my gas and then took my receipt. I was still reeling from the memory that I walked away from the door and through an aisle. My hands were shaking. I should be mad at her. I should be mad at the memory, but I wasn’t.

I kept walking, unsure of where I was going in this small store. My heart hurt as I tried to collect my thoughts and my emotions. This trip was supposed to bring me peace, help me heal. But in this gas station only a few hours from home it was doing the total opposite.

I sighed, turning the corner of the last aisle. I thought I’d go to the bathroom and pull myself together, but I stopped short once more.

There beside the beer cooler was a set of those big camping lanterns. This time I smiled as the memory came flashing back.

The cabin had been huge, it was their vacation house and it was bigger than the home I grew up in. She promised it didn’t matter, she wanted me to meet her parents. They were so excited to have me come along they went all out. The first night they cooked a big fancy dinner. Nesta barely ate a thing, but it was delicious.

Better than anything I had ever tried to cook for the boys and me.

Her mom seemed distant, she would glare at me and I could tell she was judging me. She didn’t think I was good enough to be with her daughter. That didn’t stop me, I picked up Nesta’s hand while we ate and held it tightly in mine.

The entire time we ate mother and daughter would glare at each other. I knew they both had a secret they weren’t sharing. Something that they knew and didn’t want anyone else to know. I could only hope it didn’t have to do with me.

Her dad was the opposite. He was so warm and welcoming I felt like I had known him forever once dinner was done. We talked about everything, he didn’t look at me like I was a scholarship kid. He asked my opinion and listened to what I was studying. I could see where Nesta got her personality from as I sat there with him.

Once dinner was over the storm started. It was late and her parents turned in for bed early. Her parents had set up the guest room for me. Nesta yawned and seemed tired, so I told her to go on up I’d follow. She shook her head and sat down beside me. She settled into my arms as we watched the dying fire.

“So do you think they like me?” I whispered as she leaned her head back against my shoulder. I wanted them to like me, after all their daughter was very important to me.

“Yeah they like you. I just wish they realized I’m not five and you don’t need to stay in the guest room,” she huffed as she sat up straighter, “we’re adults.”

I tickled her sides and she giggled, "you’re barely an adult, Nesta. And I will sleep wherever you or they want me to. Although your mom didn’t seem to like me much.”

She sighed, choosing her words carefully, "she’s protective.”

Nesta hesitated when she explained her moms behavior. I didn’t think too hard about it, I just held her closer and kissed her neck. It didn’t matter, her mother could flat out tell me she didn’t like me and I wouldn’t care. Because I was here for her daughter and no one else.

That’s the thing about Nesta, she never looked at me like I was trash. She never cared about my small house or my sister tagging along on our movie dates. She loved the way we included her in our little family with ease. She seemed to understand that we needed her as much as she wanted to need us.

"So did you ever think a ride on the Ferris wheel would turn into this?” I whispered as the thunder boomed outside and Nesta shivered in my arms.

She laughed, “no. But I sure am glad I got on it with you.”

She turned to face me, kissing my lips softly. I loved kissing her. I loved everything about her. We hadn’t known each other long but hell I knew it was fate. There was nothing that could drag me away from her. Nothing.

Halfway through our evening of joking and laughing Nesta yawned again. I told her to go on up I would make sure the fire died completely. She didn’t fight me this time, she stood up and stretched. Her shirt pulled up as she stood on her toes and smiled at my eyes wandering to her stomach.

She giggled making me smile, "I love your laugh.”

Her blue eyes lit up as she stood there staring at me. She looked like she wanted to tell me something, but instead she just smiled, "your laugh is better. You and your deep voice. That’s the only reason I’m still around.”

Nesta leaned down and kissed my cheek and thanked me for being so kind to her parents, before heading off to bed. I watched the empty fireplace for a little while longer, wondering how a guy like me had found someone like her.

I settled into my bed a few hours later. I was about to turn my lamp off when the power cut out. I sighed, sitting up and letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. I didn’t want to sleep alone anyways and I remembered Nesta telling me about her nightmares. I got up and found the camping lamp her dad told me was in the closet. Apparently they lost power a lot when the storms rolled through here.

I wandered down the hallway slowly, hoping her parents room was in the opposite direction. There were more rooms than people on this floor and I hesitate between the last two doors at the end of the hallway. I couldn’t remember which one was hers.

The door opened before I could figure out which room belonged to Nesta. Her face was lit up by the lamp and she laughed softly as she pulled me into her room.

"I was hoping you’d come,” she whispered setting the lamp down on her nightstand and kissing me. I wrapped my arms around her small body and held her close. She relaxed in my embrace, her skin cold against mine.

Thinking back now her hands were always cold.

She pulled at my shirt, her eyes hungry. Ever since we met we could barely get enough of each other. I kissed her that first night after the Ferris wheel and that was it. There was no going back. She never hesitated to tell me to slow down, so this was new.

Before she told me she wasn’t ready. Now she seemed more experienced than I was. I pulled at her lip gently, “are you sure Nesta?”

She nodded as she ran her cold hands up my stomach, "I want it to be you Cassian.”

I didn’t need anything more to convince me. I laid her down on the mattress and pulled her shirt up over her head. I laid a trail of kisses down her stomach as her fingers ran through my hair. I couldn’t get enough of her. I would never get tired of feeling her body against mine.

I pressed a kiss to her temple as she curled up in my arms. I knew it was wrong to be so happy after finally sleeping with her in her parents house. But I was more than happy as she sighed contently in my arms. She drew a heart on my chest and then she looked up at me.

"You don’t want to fall in love with me,” she whispered, her voice breaking as her blue eyes held mine.

I pushed open the door and walked out of the gas station, my heart still shattered in pieces. She had been right both times, but that didn’t stop me. I got to know her and I fell in love with the blonde haired girl with the beautiful smile. I sighed as I climbed into the jeep and slammed my door shut.

My breathing was heavy as I tried to stop the panic attack that was coming on. I closed my eyes, squeezing my hands on the wheel as I saw her face. Her laughter played on loop in my head and it hurt to breathe whenever that happened. That stupid Coke bottle. That stupid memory. I had been doing so well.

My breath still came out in puffs, I didn’t bother turning on the heat. It wouldn’t help with the pain inside my chest. I hit the radio dial hoping it would help ease the pain. But it only made it worse as I pulled back onto the dirt road. The song that started to play was the old country song she loved to sing along to. She used to sit right there in the passenger seat and sing loudly off key with Faith Hill.

I looked over at the empty seat, that ache in my chest getting tighter. I didn’t get far from the gas station, not even a mile away when I had to pull over. The tears made it too hard to see, the knot in my chest even tighter than before.

Another tear fell as I leaned my head against the wheel.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” She laughed as she tugged my arm and pulled me into the field. Her hair was covered by her red hat, her cheeks pink from the cold. I smiled as she led me out where the other couples were.

I wasn’t big on school spirit, but for some reason Nesta wanted to go to this football game. She was mesmerized by the homecoming court, her eyes glue to the girls wearing prom dresses in the freezing cold. She leaned in close when they waved and walked the track with their dates. I wrapped my arms around her tightly, my jacket swallowing her tiny frame. I loved her wearing my jacket, that’s the only reason I agreed to come to this game.

She knew it too, that’s why she always wore it when I was around. I was a sucker for that smile and her wearing my clothes. I shook my head, I didn’t want to dance in front of people. That didn’t stop her from dragging me into the middle of the football field with everyone else. Nesta didn’t care, she was already dancing on her own.

I smiled as her favorite song played and everyone grabbed a person to dance with. She pressed her fingers against my lips, “is that a smile Mr. Moten? Are you actually having fun?”

I laughed and pulled her in close as the snow started to fall, "not at all. But you, you look like you’re having the time of your life.”

She shivered as a flake landed on her nose and leaned in to kiss me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in close. She held me tightly, as if she could keep this moment and hold onto it forever. Her eyes were closed when she pulled away. She leaned her forehead against mine and sighed.

Looking back now I realize we were so young. I thought we could take on the world together. We were high on big dreams and caffeine. We were the lucky ones, we had found each other before our lives truly started. I knew there wasn’t anyone else for me. Not since I stepped into that fair and heard her laugh.

I would’ve given her my life and spent all the years I had spread out in front of me with her.

I opened my eyes and looked at the girl I never knew actually existed. I smiled at her, not realizing how little time we had left. I would’ve appreciated every second, I would’ve memorized her face. I would’ve held her tighter, tried to freeze the moment and never let it go.

But I was young. I didn’t think I’d have to let go so fast.

"I love you,” I whispered as the song ended and we stood there for a moment more.

There were tears in her eyes as she pushed my chest hard letting her hands fall away from me, “I told you not to fall in love with me.”

She was actually angry, she wasn’t kidding. She walked off the field as the game got ready to go into the second half. I followed behind her, grabbing her hand before she could get far.

"What the hell Nesta? You aren’t serious?” My voice was hard as she shook her head.

She blew out a breath as the snow fell, her lips were almost blue, “you can’t love me. I’m a grenade.”

She looked pale, I assumed it was the cold. Her cheeks weren’t red from the wind anymore and before I could ask her what that meant she closed her eyes. I was still holding her wrist as it happened. Time seemed to slow down as she fell, my arms wrapping around her before she landed on the ground.

"Someone call nine one one,” I yelled as I forgot all about the game happening around us.

I wasn’t sure how I made it back home in one piece. One minute I was sitting on the side of the highway and the next my jeep pulled back into the town I never thought I wanted to see again. The song opened the damn and all my tears were pouring out now as I pulled into a parking spot outside the black iron gates. I hadn’t stepped inside since it all happened.

Saying goodbye once had been hard, I wasn’t sure I could do it again.

The sky was gray as I stood there at her grave. It was white marble, her mom had taken care of every detail. Nesta Acheron; daughter, friend. Two words summed up the life of the girl I barely got to know. She was more than that, she was the one I thought I’d never lose.

The dash between her birth and her death was too short. There was so much more she was supposed to do. There was so much love we were supposed to share. My heart was still beating inside my chest, but the truth was it was buried there with her. I would never love anyone the way I loved her.

I placed the flowers on top of her grave. The stone was cold against my fingers. I sighed, not even trying to stop the tears as they gathered in my eyes. Then I leaned down and placed the Coke bottle in front of the marker, in the corner where it couldn’t hurt the precious stone that cost more than my car.

“I miss you every damn day, Nesta Acheron. But I’d do it all over again, just to hold you one more time.”

She warned me, time and time again she told me not to fall for her. Her kisses weren’t a promise she could keep, she knew it the night we met. She was already dying the day we met, the day I felt alive for the first time in my life.

It was cancer, stage five. It had gotten to her bones. There was nothing she could do, she had accepted that long before she ever met me. The chemo had stopped working so she stopped letting it destroy her body. She didn’t look sick, but then again I didn’t know what sick looked like. She embraced life and never once felt sorry for herself. She thought she was scared, but she was the bravest person I knew.

Nesta held on when the ambulance showed up. I held her hand as they drove to the hospital. She would squeeze my fingers every once and a while to let me know she was still there. Her blue eyes weren’t as bright, I could see the life fading from her. She was fighting so hard to stay with me.

Her hand tightened in mine as I sat there watching them attach lines and try to save her. She pulled the breathing mask off and smiled at me. It wasn’t her usual smile, there was less spark behind it. Tears were in her eyes, but she was more than calm as she looked at me.

"I didn’t want to let myself fall in love with you,” she whispered as I leaned in closer to hear her soft voice, “I didn’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to leave you.”

A tear slipped down my cheek as I kissed her cold skin. My heart was breaking into a million pieces as I realized the truth, "I know, it’s okay. I love you Nesta.”

She smiled slightly, before wincing at the pain she was in, "promise me you won’t hold onto me. Let me go and find someone else to share your smile with. Let another girl fall in love with your attitude and your laugh.”

I nodded, "I promise I’ll try,” I whispered as the paramedics pushed the oxygen mask back on her face.

She pulled it off once more, “I love you too Cassian Moten. Thank you for giving me the best gift I never thought I would get to have.”

They forced the mask back over her mouth. That moment I knew I was lucky to have found her at all. I smiled, I put on a brave face for her. I didn’t want her to know I was about ready to fall apart. I wasn’t ready to lose her, but I knew that I didn’t have a say in how this ended.

I brought our hands up to my chin and kissed her fingers as the machines beeped and all hell broke loose.

"I will always love you,” I whispered as the wind picked up. I closed my eyes and for a moment I thought I could hear her laughter.

Before I turned to leave the snow started to fall. I shivered as I looked back at the Coke bottle one last time. I would never forget that day, when I felt my life begin.

I knew I couldn’t out run her ghost. She would always be with me, I’d carry her in my heart and never let her go. She taught me to love and what it’s like to be loved. She gave me the greatest gift in the world. I only realized it after it was too late. I never got to truly thank her for finding her way into my life.

Life is unfair, there’s no denying that. But knowing what I know now, I’d still buy her that Coke. I would still find a way to make her laugh. Even if I knew the way it would all end, I’d do it all over again. If that was the only way I ever got to know her, I’d hold her in my arms and never ever let her go.

Nesta Acheron was my first love and even though I promised her I would love again, I lied. I would never love another person the way I loved her. She took my heart with her in the short time we had together. And even though I knew I’d never get it back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Wanna One reaction to your brother being a Nu'est member

I won’t add Aron since the Wanna One members are more familiar with the ones who participated in Produce 101.


He’d be really happy that he finally gets to meet your brother.He’ll prepare himself mentally and physically and get ready to go out.You’d take him by the hands and bring him to the next room at their dorm.

Jisung“Uh?Why did you bring me here?Why is Minhyun here?!?“

Y/N“I wanted to tell you sooner,I’m really sorry that I didn’t.Minhyun is my brother.”*shocked Jisung*

Jisung“What?Are you sure?“

Y/N"Yes.The last time I checked he was my brother.”

Jisung"I’m sorry Minhyun for annoying you.I’m sorry for stealing your socks.I really do love your sister.“

Minhyun"No problem.No problem.”

Originally posted by donghans


He’d be happy to meet your brother.You’d go to a nice restaurant and wait for your brother,but the only one who comes is Jonghyun.



Y/N"Surprise.My brother,Kim Jonghyun aka onibugi aka the leader of Nu'est.“*not that surprised Sungwoon*

Sungwoon"You do resemble each other.I’ve missed you,Jonghyun.”

Jonghyun"I’ve missed you too.“

Originally posted by 116fanxyzihoes

Minhyun(let’s say he doesn’t know all his members siblings)

He’d be happy to meet your brother.He wants to make a good impression to him as your boyfriend,but when you point at Minki he gets extra confused.

Minhyun"What?When are we going out?”

Y/N"Not now.Minki is my brother,say hi.“

Minhyun"Why didn’t I knew it?Why didn’t you told me?”

Minki"She told me not to.“

Minhyun"I didn’t thought that I’ll be dating the diva’s sister,but I like it.”

Originally posted by onibngi


He would be excited to meet your brother.

Y/N"I present you my one and only brother,Kim Jonghyun.“

Seongwoo"Really?Woah,you don’t look alike at all.”

Jonghyun"Ah yes.“

Seongwoo"Do I date her because she reminds me of you?Oh my god.”

Originally posted by danikvocals


He’d be really happy that he finally gets to meet your brother.He’d get ready to go out,but when you tell him that your brother will go to their dorm he’ll get nervous because the other guys might make him feel bad in front of your brother.

Minhyun"Surprise.“ *confused Jaehwan*

Jaehwan"Minhyun?Why?Why you?”

Minhyun"That was what I was asking her all this time.Why you as her boyfriend?“

Jaehwan"Ah really.I’m a good one,yeah?”

Minhyun"Yesterday she was crying because she had a nightmare with your laugh.You’re not the best.“

Originally posted by jaehwan-0527


He’d get ready to meet you brother.He’d be really glad that he meets him.

Y/N"Daniel,Dongho is my brother.”

Dongho"Nice to meet you,Mr. Kang.“

Daniel"Mr.Kang,it’s an honor.”

Dongho"I’m not surprised that my little thing right here is your girlfriend.“

Daniel"I’m not surprised either that my girlfriend is your sister.I can see that she has a thing for manly men.”

Dongho"What manly man?You’re a fluff ball.“

Originally posted by kngniel


Just like the other he’ll be really happy tomeet your brother.He’d be so surprised when in front of him is no other than Minki.

Jihoon"Minki hyung?”


Jihoon"You do look like your sister.”

Minki"She looks like me.I’m still much better than her.“

Jihoon"Sure hyung.Sure.”

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He’d be happy and nervous.When Jonghyun will come closer to you two he’ll get more nervous and confused.

Woojin"Jonghyun hyung is your brother?“


Woojin“Woah,amazing.You have a nice brother.“

Jonghyun"She also has a nice boyfriend.”*overly exited Woojin*

Woojin"Thank you ,hyung.Thank you.“

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He’d be excited to meet your brother.

Jinyoung"Why is Minhyun coming closer to us?”

Y/N"Because he’s my brother.“

Jinyoung"Yes good.I’m gonna die." 


Jinyoung"I was chasing Daehwi yesterday and I accidentally shove Minhyun into the door.He yelled at me all day.“

Y/N"It was nice to meet you,Jinyoung.See you in the next world.”

Originally posted by rosybaejin


He’d be really excited to meet your brother.You’d go to an nice restaurant with an refreshing atmosphere.After some minutes,your brother,Dongho would appear making Daehwi going through a crisis.

Daehwi"Ah..Dongho hyung?“*trembling eyes* *nervous sweating*

Dongho"Daehwi-ya,long time no see.”

Daehwi"A-are you her brother?“*trembling voice*

Dongho"Yep.”*smiley Dongho*


Dongho"I need to have the talk with you.”

Daehwi"The talk..sure.“

Dongho"If you hurt my sister I’ll punch you.I don’t care if you’re small and young.”


Dongho"I was only joking.Just treat her nicely.I like you Daehwi.You’re like a son to me.”

Originally posted by brandnew-ldh


He’d be nervous,but happy too.

Guanlin"Hi Jonghyun.I’m waiting to meet my girlfriend’s brother.“

Jonghyun"What a coincidence.I’m waiting to meet my sister’s boyfriend.”

Y/N"What a coincidence.I came here to meet Jonghyun,my brother with my boyfriend,Guanlin.“

Gualin"Oh my god.”

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I’m sorry

Originally posted by jacexclaryxshadowhunters

Request from Anon hey i was wondering if you could write a jace x reader where the reader has been living in the institute and grew up with the lightwoods but she begins to get feelings for jace and no one notices. then clary comes along and izzy, the reader’s best friend, catches on and the reader doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with jace and doesn’t want to tell him, but somehow it comes out and jace is completely shocked. you can choose the outcome as you see fit :) thanks so much!❤️

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Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part Eight)

Warnings: fighting with your significant other.  mild cursing.

Summary: Kai comes back from the dead to find he has a daughter.

A/n: So much fighting oh my oh my @geminioriginalsimagines


Originally posted by televisiongifs


“What? Kai, that’s crazy. We go back and Damon will kill you!” Your voice was low, so that Anna wouldn’t hear you.

“I know, I know, but something’s happening. Something that concerns not just me but Anna, you, and our babies.” Kai was arguing with you now, you could feel him starting to get angry in defense of his decision.

“It’s the Gemini coven, isn’t it? You want to get close to Ric’s twins.” You knew what he wanted, he tried to kill them once already, and when at first you don’t succeed, try again right?

“I want to help them, not everyone needs to end up like me! They don’t know how to control their magic, and I can help them. I can feel them, Anna can feel them, hell I’m pretty sure you’d be able to feel every little tendril of their magic each time they do something!” Your anger was rising, you promised Caroline after Anna was born that you wouldn’t bring your kid close to her kids if you could help it.

“No! I’m not going to put Anna through that, god Kai do you have any understanding of what she’s going through right now? Her father just came back from the dead! She’s currently known by all of the magical community as Kai Parker the Murderous Sociopath’s daughter! Everyone thinks she’s an abomination, a freak, an insane little girl who murders other children FOR FUN! And I made a promise, I made a promise after Anna was born that she wouldn’t even get close to Josey and Lizzie! And I swear to god Kai Parker if you make me break my promise then I will KILL YOU MYSELF!” A window smashes to your left, a few papers on the kitchen table light on fire, the door slams shut.

“Oh my god.” Kai lets out a chuckle as he talks, turning around to look at the door, swinging half off it’s hinges.


Kai looked stunned, he stared down at you wide eyed and you stared back up at him, anger boiling in your blood. Everything you wanted to say to him since the first day came flying out, you wanted to hit him, you wanted him to feel your pain, you wanted him to feel every second of your grief.

“I-” His voice breaks, you take a deep breath, still seething with anger.

“We are not going back to Mystic Falls and that is final, understand?” Kai nods, speechless as you stare up at him.

“Good.” You walk around him and open the kitchen door, trying not to look so angry as you walk towards the front door.

“Where are you going?” Kai walks after you.

“Out.” The door slams behind you and you walk down the stairs, rolling your shoulders with a heavy sigh as you get to the pavement.

An hour later and you find yourself in the French quarter, you weren’t lost, you had your phone, you just needed to calm down. You were so pissed, you weren’t going to return to Mystic Falls and put Anna’s life and the life of your unborn children in danger just so he could get to those kids. They were better off with Caroline and Ric, you couldn’t raise them any better. You were raising Anna as best as you could, you weren’t turning her into a sociopath.

It took you a year to get him to talk about his childhood, once you convinced him that you weren’t going to leave him and that you weren’t going to tell anyone- ever. That’s a serious breach of privacy and trust, you wouldn’t hurt him like that. He told you, about everything, about being a siphon, being seen as the family abomination. His mother was ashamed of him, his father locked him away, he wasn’t allowed to touch anyone, ever. Anna was not treated like that. You weren’t ashamed of her, you were proud of her. She stood up to everyone, she’s always so incredibly brave, and she’s not afraid to show people how powerful siphons can be with a little bit of magic and a lot of emotion. She held your hand while you crossed the street, she hugged you daily, you aren’t ashamed or afraid of your baby. You love her, and she loves you right back.

As you made your way back to the house you passed an old building, condemned, by the looks of it. But you remembered it, after you had Anna you came down to see your old friend Rebekah. She loved Anna, coddled her and showered her in kisses. You were there for a week. Now the place was covered in weeds and falling apart. You stared through the gates, hands at your sides.

“Everything’s going to hell, isn’t it?” You ask yourself quietly, your hand lingering over your stomach.

“I wouldn’t say that,” you spin around, looking right up at Marcel Girard, also an old friend, “I’d say this city is much better off without the Mikaelson’s.”

“Marcel.” You smile at him and he smiles back, letting you hug him. “It’s so good to see you.”

“You too, Y/n.” You back out of the hug still smiling.

“So what happened to the Mikaelsons?” You gesture to the building.

“I sent them packing.” You smile even wider, you never did like Klaus.

“Good on you.” He nods, a small smile directed to you.

“How’s your little one? Anna, is it?” You nod.

“She’s great, great, adjusting to New Orleans life very well. She’s five now, and she still drives me up the wall, but I love her for it.” You were still smiling, ignoring the lurking voice in the back of your head that said something was definitely off about Marcel.

“That’s really good, I’m glad to hear it.” You hug him again.

“I’ll see you around.” You walk away from him. Finally, after being several blocks away and out of the French Quarter, you have into the nagging voice in your head.

You turn into your house, walking up the stairs and opening the doors. Anna was sitting on the floor playing with Legos with the TV on and Kai was in the kitchen. You take your shoes off and then head towards the kitchen. You felt bad for yelling at Kai but you’d be lying if you said you thought he didn’t deserve it. After everything he put you through, and what he put Anna through, he definitely deserved it. Or at least you thought he did.

“I’m uh,” You stood in the kitchen’s doorway, Kai turned around from the stove when you talked, “I’m going to talk to Caroline and Ric this week. They’re probably struggling with the twins and I can give them some advice.”

“Okay.” Kai turns his back to you again, mixing noodles in water.

“I’m sorry Kai, but you know where I’m coming from right? I made a promise, I can’t break it.” Kai nods. You both had time to think, a few hours to calm down and assess the situation.

“Yeah, I get it, we need to think of Anna now. And the twins.” Kai’s eyes flicked down to your stomach.

“We do.” The tension in the air is high and you find it unbearable. You walk away, into the living room with Anna.

“Are you and daddy going to break up?” Anna asks, her eyes staring right into yours.

“No, no of course not baby. Mommies and daddies just, fight sometimes…it’s normal. We aren’t going to break up.” Anna’s eyes tear up, you slide off the couch and onto the floor beside her, recognizing quickly the signs of when your child is about to cry.

“I don’t want you and daddy to leave me.” You lift Anna into your lap as she cries.

“Hey, hey, hey…me and daddy aren’t ever going to leave you, no one can take us away from you.” Anna’s hands curls part of your shirt into a fist, her tears staining your shirt at the shoulder as you cradle her. You rock slowly, trying to calm her down.

“Not even the bad heretic?” Anna’s voice is small, she’s scared.

“Not even him, baby, no one can take us away from you.” Anna slowly starts to calm down as you rock, she was tired, she was always tired after she cried.

“It’s okay, baby, we’re all going to be okay.” You run your hand over her hair, smoothing it out as she calms down, sniffling.

“I don’t want you to go.” Anna’s voice drawls slightly, she was going to fall asleep.

“I won’t leave you, I promise.” Her eyes close and you wipe the tears off of her cheeks, she didn’t need to be afraid, she’s just a little girl.

You continue to rock, still holding her, your baby. She’d always be your little girl, you knew that. You pressed your lips to her forehead before standing and laying her on the couch. You pull a blanket over her shoulders, she didn’t deserve to be afraid of heretics and monsters. She was a little kid, she should be afraid of the bogeyman man in her closet, not of a heretic coming into her home and taking her family away. With that final thought you go back into the kitchen, thinking and thinking of a way to make Malum disappear forever.

A Thousand Lives (All Lived For You)

Pairing: Jon x Sansa
Rating: T
For: @myrish-lace-love​, @jonsaexchange
Also available on AO3.

Jon is reborn, but never in the world where he is meant to be, and never as the same person he had been.

A/N: One or two of the lifetimes mentioned here are other fics that I’ve read and did not write. Heads up. I hope you enjoy! :)

When Melisandre works her magic, Jon stays dead in one world but is reborn again in a different one. Each time, small differences exist but slowly across lifetimes he falls in love with a reoccurring constant: Sansa.

Sometimes being reborn is not just about coming back, or even coming back different. It’s about the subtleties that appear in each of the lifetimes lived.

Each life is different for Jon, yet there are some things that never change. He is always Jon, even if Jon is not the same. And there is always Sansa, a beautiful beacon of unfading hope and idealistic joy. As he hurtles from life to death and life again, Jon holds on to this, and holds on to her.

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Not All Monsters Are Bad

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Length: Short

I’m currently interrogating my sister about the monster in my closet. 

When I was ten, I had moved into her old room. I could remember the thing being in my closet ever since I’d moved into her room.  

Now, the thing isn’t bad. George (what I call it that, although I’m not sure of the gender) may be an asshole, but at least he doesn’t kill me. He likes to wreck my shit, though, and occasionally he scares me for, what I assume to be, fun. Let’s look back.

When I first moved into my sisters room, I was ten and literally had no fear. She had just moved out on her own, and her old room is much bigger than my old room, so here I am! I painted it blue, put up silly drawings and pictures and called it my own. The one thing we never replaced, though I really wanted to, was the closet doors. They’re sliding doors that are muddy pink color and are always super stiff. They constantly break, and were either not willing to move or was falling off completely. 

Anyhow, I wanted them replaced but we never found the time or money. The thing that always creeped me out about them is that the closet opens on its own in the middle of the night. Everyone tells me it’s the wind, but they literally will not open unless you throw your entire strength and then some into the effort. 

After a few weeks of living in this room, I noticed that things would go missing, become broken or moved without me touching them. For example, my favorite shirt went missing for three months. When I found it, it was 1) shoved into a dusty box (with a bunch of other shit that I don’t use) and 2) not at all dusty, just really worn (moreso than I had left it). There was also the time we found my mini makeup mirror from the bathroom smashed to bits. It was my favorite mirror and I always kept it in the bathroom so I wouldn’t lose it. And the time one of my journals came back with almost every page ripped out. 

The most prominent thing, however, is the doors move by themselves. I always shut them before I go to bed. I wake up every morning and they’ll be cracked open on the right side. At first I thought it was a breeze, but I sleep with the windows closed and fan off as it’s cold in my house all the time. Then I thought that it was my parents instead. So I locked my main door every night for a week and the doors were still open every morning.

Aside from breaking stuff, George is the biggest baby you’ll ever meet. Whenever I clean the closet, I would wake up the next morning with bruises on my legs. Once, I had woken up, taken a shower, and hissed in pain. When I got out, I asked my mom to look at my back. There was a big scratch running from my left shoulder to my right hip and three tiny scratches on my mid back. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but it stung like hell. I also covered the mirror once a woke up with lil cuts on my cheeks. 

I’m not sure what George is. I don’t think he’s a demon, because I have rosaries, holy water, and bibles all over my room (I’m Catholic). 

I had cleaned the closet today, so I’m expecting to find some kind of injury. I also put up coloring pages in there, and a poster to brighten up the space. 

So there it is. The weird story about the monster in my closet.  

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Jughead & Reader: A Lack of Luck

Summary: As a klutz, you find yourself in compromising situations all the time. Jughead notices and tries to protect you when you and the gang go out together.

Requested by: sunshine51879

Listen to: All That We Needed - Plain White T’s

“Did you finish that paper for Ms. Barry?” You asked Jughead while the two of you walked to school together.

A fresh, new blanket of snow covered the streets and sidewalks that had barely been salted the night before. It was a challenge walking in the snow so you kept your eyes on ground, hoping you wouldn’t slip on some ice in front of Jughead. It wouldn’t be the first time you embarrassed yourself in front of him but you wanted to keep your embarrassment to a minimum.

“I stayed up all night finishing it.” He laughed. “She’s so picky about format and it drives me crazy.”

You laughed. “I know what you mean. At the beginning of the year I turned in a paper expecting to get an A+ cause I thought it was really good but she gave me a B cause I didn’t do more than the minimum.” You rolled your eyes.

Jughead laughed. “That’s shitty.”

You looked at him and laughed. “To say the least.” The second you took your eyes off the ground, you were doomed. You somehow slipped on some ice and you fell to the ground with a loud thump.

Jughead couldn’t help but laugh as he held out his hand to help you to your feet. “Are you okay?” He asked while you dusted snow off your backside.

Your cheeks were a new shade of red as you avoided looking at him. “Yeah, I’m okay. Believe it or not, I’m used to it.” You took another step and slipped but you caught your balance just in time. It also helped that Jughead grabbed your arm so you wouldn’t fall onto your ass again.

“Thanks.” You blushed, looking at him.

“Going out with you is dangerous.” He joked while he kept his hand on your arm while you made your way to school.

“You have no idea.” You laughed while kicking the snow off your shoes before walking into school.

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You know, I’m always going back to this place, you know I’m always going to look for your face

Another oldie, hope you enjoy! It’s about Shawn’s childhood friend Balir from Pickering! Created this character way back last year! xx

„Are you happy to go back home?“ my dad asks, turning his head to switch lanes, as he is pressing the gas pedal of his Mercedes further down.

The raindrops were crashing down on the car and I lean back in the passenger’s seat, stretching my legs out.
„Of course I am!“ I reply with a smile, “I’ve been craving mom’s homemade food for weeks!“

My dad smiles, eyes locked on the road. „We are all so happy to have you back home for the next weeks and we are so proud of you, Blair. You’re doing so well at college“

“Aw, thanks dad“

“How’s med school treating you? I haven’t talked to you lately,“ he says, switching lanes again.
“It’s hard but you must know,“ I glance at my dad who nods.
“Yeah, but it’s worth it“

My dad did not only go to Harvard and graduated from med school with summa cum laude, he also holds a psychology degree and I sometimes feel the pressure to do as excellent as he did in college, even though he doesn’t pressure me at all.

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