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We are always stronger together 

Can you believe there is only a few day left before Voltron season 2 ???

My Great Comet Experience

•as soon as I sat down I started hardcore shaking (like my mom was very concerned)
•Ingrid did pierogis for my section and she got to my row, we looked each other dead in the eyes (!!!) and she tossed one at me (they taste really good btw)
•also during pierogis I CAUGHT LUCAS’ EYE AND HE GAVE ME A LOOK LIKE “hey wassup” and I was SO HAPPY (more on Eye Contact With Lucas later)

Act 1
•PROLOGUE HAD ME SHOOK OMG IT WAS AMAZING (also I think it was here that I witnessed a moment where someone took someone else’s violin bow and it was adorable
•Pierre was adorable and the vocals were absolutely incredible oak is just WOW
•Paul Pinto is literally everywhere??? I saw him hobbling on and it was hilarious
•Natasha and Bolkonskys was hilarious I loved it
•oh my god THE OPERA the first half was hilarious and beautiful and then ANATOLE OH MY GOD he walked down my aisle and I saw the kiss, it didn’t even look like a kiss it was more like a whisper??? Like full cheek to cheek contact and that’s somehow even better
•then he patted the knee of the guy sitting next to her (her husband I think) and gave him a look like “good job man”
•also the ensemble’s little opera glasses are adorable
•Natasha and Anatole makes me want to kill myself even more in person than on recording I was freaking out the whole time
•D U S T. A N D. A S H E S. let me tell you about this sit down kiddies. OAK DID SUCH AN INCREDIBLE JOB!!! HE BASICALLY TAKES YOUR HEART STOMPS ON IT AND THROWS IT OUT OF A WINDOW!!! I started sobbing on literally the first chord
•Sunday morning oh my god Ingrid’s acting was so hilarious (especially “everyone sees a man”) also shoutout to T I M E F O R C H U R C H
•THE BALL OMG Okay at this point I was in Full Freakout Mode and thought I couldn’t get any more hyped,,,, I was wrong

Act 2
•OH GOD LETTERS okay so I was kinda bummed that I didn’t get one but more on that later
•Sonya and Natasha was so jam packed with tension I LOVED IT the acting was so good!!!
•Sonya Alone made me start sobbing as soon as Ingrid opened her mouth she was so amazing!
•PREPARATIONS!!! Nick was yelling and it was adorable and Lucas was shaving and I loved it so much!! That’s one of my favorite songs
•also Anatole and I were twinsies during balaga so there’s that
•I didn’t have a drink with me to raise but I had a bottle of makeup remover so I used that and I don’t think anyone noticed lol
•Grace’s In My House was a spiritual experience and made me SO HAPPY!!! SHES SO AMAZING!!! I mean??? Even through the anger you can still hear the compassion!!!
•CALL TO PIERRE You can hear how exasperated and concerned Marya is!!! Also the WHATs were AMAZING AND HILARIOUS
•FIND ANATOLE Oak was running up and down the stage Amber was in her underwear Lucas was sobbing it was glorious
•PIERRE AND ANATOLE!!!!!! The acting!!! I HAVE TOO MANY EMOTIONS!!! I think I actually felt pity and a bit of concern for Anatole which is something I’ve literally never felt before
•also when denee comes on and poisons herself is so amazing???
•Natasha very ill oh my god the acting and INGRID
•At this point I pretty much didn’t have any tears left
•Pierre and Andrey! Their greeting is adorable! It didn’t make me cry, it just left kind of a,,, cold feeling in my heart
•when Nick pushes Courtney aside broke my heart
•I thought I had no more tears left,,, I was wrong
•I started sobbing at the first notes of Pierre and Natasha
•Denee just sort of hobbled down my staircase and looked so defeated… and then hope!!! They were so sweet! It was so sad!!!!
•I continued sobbing through Great Comet of 1812
•it was so beautiful!!! The lights!! Oak!!! The aria!!! AHHHHHH
•I immediately gave them a standing ovation lol

Stage door
•So after bows I just got up and SPRINTED to the door, I got there before the barricades got set up
•I met some people who liked my jacket (more on that in a bit)
I brought my copy of war and peace for everyone to sign (and mostly everyone had a conversation with me about it!!! If you want convos at the door bring a copy)
•Everyone was so adorable I love them
•Also Grace confirmed that we had a Moment of “OH MY GOD!!!” And it was amazing
•so even after they took the barricades down the people I met wanted to stay behind and wait later to see if we could get me to meet Lucas
•so we waited for a while and eventually Courtney and Cathryn came out and they were such beautiful people I love them
•Lucas wasn’t feeling that well so he didn’t come out
•but!!! Bob the Door Guy to the rescue!!!

So yeah!!! It was amazing and I loved it so so much and now I love bob the door guy and me and my friends are making plans to come back again!

Colton Ryan/Olivia Puckett DEH Review

Major Plot Spoilers ahead.

Wow. Honestly, just wow. I’m staring at the screen trying to write this and am still at a complete loss. For what it’s worth, this was my first time seeing the show. I’m seeing it four times while I’m in New York, but this was my first. I’ve been watching the video for as long as I can remember and haven’t gone a day without listening to the soundtrack. I’ve heard Colton’s audio as well as Michael Lee Brown’s and had no idea what to expect going in to this performance. With that being said, nothing could have prepared me for this. I have heard so many reviews regarding the two understudies the past few days and wasn’t sure what to expect out of Colton, but he stole my heart, crushed it to pieces, squeezed it into a mess, only to put it back together again in the finale. This boy is not getting enough credit for his talent. After seeing all of the MLB reviews and Colton reviews, I was left in awe of his performance. This guy deserves all the things, and I wish I could give them to him. He definitely deserves consideration for when November roles around. When he did Evan’s opening monologue, it was fast. Very fast. Almost faster than Ben’s and to the point where if you weren’t paying attention, you probably missed something. I felt right at home. This of course leads into AHAM and this is the first chance we have at seeing Olivia’s Zoe. (HOLY COW!!!!!) Her portrayal of Zoe was SO different from Laura’s. Mike Faist seemed to have more of a joking tone with her and their opening interaction seemed less hostile and more of a normal sibling dynamic.
This then leads into Evan asking Alana to sign his cast as she tells him about her summer. I thought that Colton looked very anxious and uncomfortable and you could see him fighting with himself as to what the right thing to say to her was. Will of course stole the show immediately when he came on stage and continued to do so throughout. His performance wow’d me and is so much stronger in person than any video could do justice.
Cutting to WTAW - and just wow. I was left speechless. I believe Colton was losing his voice (he seemed hoarse at the beginning of the show but once his vocals warmed up - he nailed it) but this just made the performance even better for me. You could hear the desperation in his voice as he sang and especially when asking “Is anybody waving, back at me?”. His interaction with Olivia was textbook perfect. He was so nervous even I was uncomfortable for him but Olivia was genuinely apologetic that Connor had shoved Evan and seemed upset at the fact Connor was like this. At one point in the song, Colton chased after her waving and she paid him no attention and his face was absolutely heartbroken (I started crying here and never stopped). Heading in to the WTAW reprise in the computer lab, Colton looked devastated when Heidi calls and says she can’t come pick him up and so pained when she asks how his day was. Even he was crying during the reprise and this is something I wasn’t expecting.
Olivia in For Forever showed a side of Zoe I had never seen. She looked so sad as Evan sang and I felt terrible that these happy memories of her brother were ones she didn’t have. (JLT’s performance and breakdown during this song - OMG!) Colton’s chemistry with the Murphy’s seemed natural and only grew as the show went on.
Sincerely, Me is one of my favorite numbers and seeing it in person was AMAZING. Because of Mike and Colton’s off stage friendship, this on stage performance was incredible. Colton mouthed the words he was typing in the emails as he was doing it and this just made the whole thing more realistic to me.
OLIVIA CAN FLAT SING. Requiem is not normally a song to leave me in tears, but the emotion in that song did me in. Zoe was so heartbroken and couldn’t even bring herself to read through all of the emails. I thought at one point she was going to break down trying to sing it but you could see the tears in her eyes. I loved how it seemed more painful and heartfelt.
Colton’s If I Could Tell Her normally gives me goosebumps but with Olivia on stage? I was speechless. They have natural chemistry and it looked so natural every time they were together. When Evan kisses her at the end, she didn’t seem angry, just shocked.
Disappear was wonderful as well and I felt like I got to see so much more of Jared’s character development when he tries to make an input to the Murphy’s and Evan shuts him down. This is something that doesn’t translate in the boot or audio versions for me.
You Will Be Found was where I lost it and didn’t recover. There was something so raw during the speech and watching him crumble on the floor. As Nic mentioned, Colton held on to Connor’s tie for dear life and was audibly crying before he could manage to look out at the crowd again and continue. Hearing Colton cry and look so broken made me want to jump the stage and give him a hug. Michael Park’s breakdown made my dad cry and I had to look away to control my sobs. He fell to his knees and JLT had to come help him up as he pulled her into a hug. When Zoe saw this, you could see her eyes tear up and when she sang and spoke to Evan at the end, she was crying about having her brother back. Once again, Colton and Olivia’s chemistry was off the charts. When they kissed, she wrapped both her arms tight around him and he her and they were both holding on for dear life.
Break in a Glove is a song I find necessary for the show but haven’t died to listen to on repeat. However, the dynamic between Evan and Larry here is SO good. They were both glad to have someone to share this with since they missed out on it when they were younger. Evan looks so hopeful and Larry looks so excited to share this and it was beautiful.
Only us - UGH!!! Olivia nailed this. She was so gentle with him and looked at him so lovingly and Evan looked so enthralled by her. She did indeed kiss him more than one time throughout the song and whenever they were close enough, she was touching him. In the end, Colton pushed her down onto the bed and it looked like the most natural thing in the world.
Good for you was just SO good. Jared’s heartbreak, Alana’s hurt, RBJ WAS CRYING and everyone else was too. Colton looked traumatized that he was going through this and the emotions on his face were painful.
Everyone talks about Colton singing words fail well and they aren’t wrong. This performance left me shaking with sobs and the girl beside me who had no idea about the performance going in, clutching on to my arm and crying. There was so much emotion on the stage at one time I didn’t even know how to handle it. Zoe was crying, Cynthia was sobbing, and Colton was just so so so broken. He kept pulling at his hands and at his chest like he was hurting and he would mouth i’m so sorry in between lines. I made eye contact with him during this song and felt sorry for him because I was sobbing harder than he was.
I didn’t even have time to recover before So Big/ So Small. Rachel Bay Jones was crying so hard and at the end of it, Colton threw himself into her lap and buried his face. He was completely off the couch and into the floor with his arms wrapped so tightly around her I don’t know how she could move. She held him so close and held his face in between her hands. When Evan finally pulls away, he looked like it was the last thing in the world he wanted to be doing.
And of course, I cried through the finale because it was over and it was the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen.
Overall, I would say, after hearing so much of the OBC and the audios, Olivia blew me away. Completely. She was absolutely incredible and gave me so much more to Zoe that I never knew I needed. Colton stunned me and stole the show. His vocals were wonderful and in the parts where he struggled made it all the more real to me. It was these times where he seemed so desperate and broken the most. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this and I’m so thankful. If you get the chance to see Olivia, TAKE IT and enjoy every second. If you get the chance to see Colton, please do not sell your tickets because Ben isn’t there. It is still worth it and I didn’t feel like I missed any part of the performance by having Colton. (He’s also beautiful and one of the sweetest people in the whole world. I love him to pieces) ❤️

Soulmates AU / Jughead Jones

Prompt: Hey could you do maybe a Jughead X Reader Soulmate AU? One where Jughead and the reader have a tattoo of a crown on their wrist, and they are best friends but neither of them had ever seen the tattoo on each other. (They were blind, but so where the others) But one day Jughead sees it and knows that they are soulmates, so they meet at pops and he kisses her and after it is really cute. They tell the group and it is really fluffy. In the story the other ships could be Beronica and well the Jughead X Reader. If you do this please send me the link and tell me you did it! Please?

A/N: I’m sorry if at the end it isn’t how you wanted it to be and if it’s REALLY REALLY short.
This is my first imagine in another language so yeah I’m a little excited and terrified. English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if it sucks and there are any mistakes.

Originally posted by nessa007

You stared at the engraving of ink on the pale skin of your wrist: a little crown. This tattoo was supposed to be the same your soulmate had on his wrist too. You had always thought about him, how he would be.
-How did you know she was your soulmate?- you suddenly asked to Veronica who was laying on her bed, a pen on her hand and her history book on her lap. She has already found her soulmate Betty, and everyone could see how perfect they were for each other.
-I felt it. The moment I saw her, I knew she was the only one for me and then I’ve seen her tattoo and, well, it was obvious we were meant to be. One day you’ll feel like this too.- she smiled, probably thinking about the moment she met her girlfriend.
-I hope so.- you sighed.
-Have you ever thought that maybe your soulmate is next to you and you don’t even know it?- she asked curiously.
-What do you mean?-
-Nothing at all. It’s just that sometimes things are way easier than what you think.- she smirked, probably hiding something.
-I just want to find him.-
-What about your enormous crush on Juggie?- she asked.
-I’ll always like him but it would be different with my soulmate, you know.-

The next day you were at school, stood by your locker as you kept watching the faces who crowned the hallway. Maybe your soulmate was one of them.
-Hey, Y/N.- You turned around and face Jughead, your bestfriend and big crush since forever. You have never really thought about him in that way cause of all the soulmates thing but you like him anyway.
He smiled at you, waiting for a reply.
-Hi, Jug.- You smiled back and looked at him. He was wearing his usual beanie but something was different. You didn’t know exactly what it was but you felt it.
-What are you thinking about? You seem really concentrated.-
-Oh you know, the usual.-
-Your soulmate?- he asked laughing.
-Yes.- you replied. -I just want to meet him. What if he isn’t what I’m looking for? What if he isn’t…?-
-Hot?- he said and smirked.
-Oh, shut up! It’s not what I’m thinking about.-
-Sorry, I know you’re not that type of girl.- when you heard his words your smile got bigger than it was before. Then he spoke again: -Why don’t you let me see your tattoo?-
-Well, I could ask the same to you.-
-I asked it first.-
-I just want my soulmate to see it first.- you said.
-But if you don’t let other people to see it, then how would he be supposed to know the person he’s looking for is you?- he stared at you intensely and for a moment when you met his eyes you felt like your own world collide. You liked him even if ut was wrong.
-I just think I’ll recognize him.- you whispered. You placed your books on your locker and then you closed it. Cause of your action, your sleeve raised and your tattoo showed for a moment. You quickly covered it, than you turned to face Jughead who had a shocked expression on his face.
-Jug, are you okay?-
-Yeah.- he whispered, keep looking at your now covered wrist. -I have to go.-
-Wait, Jughead…- But he was already down the hallway, direct to the exit.
What was his problem? You thought.
During the morning you tried to text your bestfriend but you never got an answer. Then before the bell rang you received a notification from him.
Meet me at Pop’s after school.
You walked down the street thinking about what he would say to you. At the diner you pushed the door and enter in the building. You looked for Jughead when you saw him in your usual booth. You walked up to him and you sat in the cough in front of him.
-Could you explain me why you left school today? Oh, and maybe why you didn’t text me back?- I said angrily.
-Well, hello to you too.- he laughed then turned serious. -I just needed time to think about something.-
-What?- you asked.
-I could tell you but maybe it’s easier if I show you.-
-Show me what?-
-My tatto.- he said simply.
-No Jug, you don’t have to.-
-I want.- he said raising his sleeve. Then you saw it, that little black crown. For a moment your breath caught.
You looked at him and saw how worried he was. But his face was different, it seemed like it was the first time you actually saw him, how his eyes brightened and how handsome he really was. He was your soulmate, the person you would spend your life with.
-How did you know…?-
-Today at school I saw your wrist, that’s why I left. I needed time to elaborate it.-
-You’re my soulmate.- You whispered. -My best friend is my soulmate.-
-Are you sad?-
-Not at all, I just didn’t expect you to be him.- then you added: -I always wished it would be you.-
-Really?- he smiled softly and my heart skipped a beat.
-I know it sounds like a cliché but I’ve always had a crush on my best friend.- you blushed.
-That’s good cause I think I’m in love with you.- you smiled at his words. -There you are. I’ve been looking for you.-
He stoop up from his seat and he sat next to you, just a few steps between us.
-I was so blind before.-
He didn’t reply, he just cupped your face and pressed his lips on yours. You didn’t expect them to be so soft and taste so good. He intensified the kiss and you gasped against him, forgetting about the fact that you two were in a public place and everyone could see you.
-Woah, what is happening here?- you heard the voice of Betty and you two split, both blushing.
-Why were you two making out at Pop’s?- Archie joked.
-We have just discovered we’re meant to be.- Jughead said.
-Are you soulmates?- Veronica asked with a shocked expression.
-Actually, yes.-
-Omg, that’s great! We’re so happy for you guys. I’ve always shipped you two together and I knew you were perfect for each other.- she yelled happily.
Your face turned even redder at her words while Jughead took your hand under the table. You looked at him without saying anything.
-Look at them, they’re so in love.- Betty commented sitting on the other cough.
-I really am.- added the boy next to you kissing your nose. -I finally feel complete with her.-

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Omg so happy that you got to meet her!! She looks so beautiful at the event! I knew she would love your art! Who wouldn't? Anything else you can tell us?

Goodness! Sarah J. Maas is so gorgeous and so sweet! I really hope I get the chance to meet her again.

I wish I would have taken more notes during the Q&A portion of the event, but here are some of the bits I remember:

She is a Hufflepuff and has been slowly coming to terms with it. Her husband (who has never read Harry Potter) is the Gryffindor. (It’s ok, Sarah, I’m a Hufflepuff, too *high five*)
She hates the sun and burns easily (*high five* again), so would probably be a member of the Night Court.
She sorted the Night Court crew into Hogwarts houses, but all I can remember is that Feyre was “Slytherpuff”. <3
Her husband was NOT the inspiration for Rhys, as many fans have theorized. However, the relationship Sarah has with her husband was inspiration for the dynamic between Feyre and Rhys.
Sarah says she doesn’t identify too closely with Feyre or Aelin (depends on her mood), but thinks she is the most similar to Fleetfoot.
There will be three more books in the ACOTAR universe and two “novellas”. The books will each follow a different romantic pairing and there will probably be some common thread to tie the books together. She said she is planning on two novellas, but they may or may not grow into something more than that. Some may take place before the events of ACOTAR, some after the events of ACOWAR, she didn’t give any specific details.
Tower of Dawn runs parallel to Empire of Storms and she HIGHLY recommends reading it before the last TOG book because there is some significant stuff in ToD that you need to know. For the Chaol haters out there, she said her editor went into the book hating Chaol and loved him by the end.
Her advice about writing was inspiring as hell. Whether you are a writer or other creative type, I think the advice applies. Some of her points:
     - Make time to write, take it seriously
     - Write everyday, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.
     - Don’t listen to the haters who tell you you can’t do it, or what you are writing isn’t a “real book.”
     - It’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
     - Find and use critique partners. You will learn a lot more about your writing and how to improve.
     - Never give up. She never considered failure as an option. If TOG wasn’t the book that got published, it would have been ACOTAR. If ACOTAR hadn’t been published it would have been the next thing, and the next thing and so on.

EXO Reaction when a fan they met at a fan meeting becomes a new idol year later

Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Composes something for you* “She supported me so much, I should do the same. I hope she likes this song… would be nice to hear her sing it”


*Always shows his support and admiration* “You did it man! You made it so far, I’m proud of you!”


*Enjoys the music so much* “Woah~ So good… that face looks familiar tho… wasn’t she.. an EXO-L? Woah… our fans are so talented.. this is amazing”


*Hugs him every time he sees him at events* “Look at you! I still remember when you were a baby. Now let me hug you my friend!” 


*Become friends real fast* “Hey! Are you practicing? Do you want to practice together” *And he always helps*


*Has been there since she told him she wanted to become a star* “Wow! Look at you! You look like an idol now! No… you are an idol now!”


*Gets ready for his fan and meet* “I wonder if this is okay… will he recognize me? I hope he does, it’s my turn to support him now.”


*Gives him advice from man to man* “And this is how manly man look even manlier”


*Who’s the fangirl now* “Ahhh she’ so pretty! I want to talk to her more… her music is everything!”


*Even though they aren’t that close, he knows it’s hard the way to become a star. He he is always silently supporting and slowly becomes like a mentor*


*Really excited* “Omg it’s you!!! We met remember?! I’m so happy that you are here, we’ll be best friends!”


*Everytime they ask him about you in interviews he says how proud he is of you* “We met a while ago but she never told me she was auditioning. Now that I see her here I’m so proud that she made it so far…..”

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Genderbender anon here, and I just wanna throw this out here buut I know she's not the exact same age as Misha, however I'd like to make an argument for Krysten Ritter got female!Castiel?

I know this ask has been sitting in my inbox for weeks now and for that I am so sorry but I am also so happy that I get to say that as awesome as Krysten Ritter is I actually think that canonically we got a great female!castiel don’t you nonny?


I also really hope they can bring her back some how?? Like a trip to the past maybe or an alternate universe where Castiel never got rid of this gorgeous vessel and some how she ends up in this universe and we have a crazy episode where both Cas and fem!cas exist at the same time and give Dean an aneurysm… 

The fact that this remains within the realms of possibility is too much for my poor fangirl heart to handle. 

we started this blog on july 17th, 2016 and today marks nakamotens’ one year anniversary!! time flies and we feel like we’ve both come so far ;; honestly, when we both started this blog we didn’t think we’d stan nct this much!! the only reason we made a blog together was because we didn’t think we’d be able to commit to running a blog on our own… and look where we are one year later :^)

so we just wanted to thank you guys!! to our mutuals, our followers and people who reblog our stuff, we’re just really grateful for everything ;; within just one year we’ve gained 16.7k and while we don’t want to focus on numbers too much, we want to thank each and every one of you for welcoming us into the fandom and for making our experience a fun and memorable one!

we did want to do something special for you guys but couldn’t really think of anything rip… but our requests are always open!! and under the cut we’ve included messages to some of our friends + blogs that we really admire ; _ ;

again, thank you guys so much!! we’ve had an incredible year and maybe we’ll even last for another one~ we hope you’re all doing well too, remember to drink lots of water and get lots of rest!!! we love you guys ♡

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The Double Standard

Zayn is in the Weedgate Video.

Fandom: Ugh druggie trash.

Louis is in the Weedgate Video.

Fandom: Oh he’s just stressed out with everything.

Zayn is spotted out partying in mixed company.

Fandom: Man whore! I can’t believe he’d cheat on Perrie!

Louis is spotted out partying in mixed company.

Fandom: Aw bless, he’s just having a few drinks with friends. He deserves to relax, I dont know why the press makes this such a big deal.

Zayn becomes official Ambassador of the British Asian Trust & donates money & resources to various charities.

Fandom:    ….

Louis donates money & resources to various charities.

Fandom: Oh our darling boy, he’s so generous. We’re so proud!

Zayn leaves the band out of nowhere with zero press release, under shady circumstances and we never get a full explanation.

Fandom: Traitor!! We hate you. The boys are better off without you. 

Louis impregnates a complete random with zero press release, under shady circumstances and we never get a full explanation.

Fandom: This is clearly a stunt haha. No way this is real. Louis would never do that. That ho is obviously looking for attention. #Larry4Ever

Zayn defends his friend on Twitter.

Fandom: Traitor! *insert racist remark here*

Louis defends his friend on Twitter.

Fandom: Haha King of Sass. I love it. 

Zayn breaks up with long-term PR Relationship Girlfriend. Says nothing about it publicly.

Fandom: OMG he broke up with her in a text message? What a jerk. Shes better off, he was a cheater anyway.

Louis  breaks up with long-term PR Relationship Girlfriend. Says nothing about it publicly.

Fandom: Finally he can be with Harry without all that bullshit. I llike Eleanor and all but Im so happy they are both free.

Zayn faves a pic of Kylie on Twitter

Fandom: Ugh he so gross, he just ended his relationship, what a creep.

Louis faves pic of Rihanna on Twitter.

Fandom: Haha cute, I love Ri Ri.

Zayn retweets a couple things regarding the music industry & a song he likes. Only responding when he is personally attacked by an uninvolved third party.

Fandom: What a child. I can’t believe he would shade Taylor & Little Mix. He’s a misogynistic asshole. Fuck him I’m glad he left. 

Louis intentionally drags someone on Twitter, going directly for them.

Fandom: Haha! #tomlinsonslaysagain


in which you don't mess w/ a member of fifth harmony bc the whole group, their families and pets will come for you

ok so 5h are feminists and always preaching about supporting other girls (and all girls, not just cis or straight girls but that’s for another masterpost) and it’s not just talk for them

one of my favorite things about them is how much they support each other and how happy they get when one of them is happy

ok this one is really important to me bc it shows you how nice these girls really are like seriously all of them are such kind-hearted people oh god why am i so emotional?*sam smith voice*

ok here normani’s getting excited for dinah when they call her name, mind you this was before they called normani’s name so this girl’s dreams are crushed and she still finds it in her to be genuinely happy for this stranger she just met look how her face lights up she’s a gift

look at lauren being so happy for her gf (and congrats on picking up their idiosyncrasies)

this was on the xf after ally found out that her grandppa passed away

i know what you’re thinking “omg they’re so cute and sweet and all” true true. but fuck with one of them and it’ll be the last thing you do bc you’ll be dragged so far back you’ll be able to go back as a baby and dissolve your umbilical cord with your tears

exhibit a:

exhibit b aka none of your boyfriends are good enough you should date each other:

arin you should know better…

ok so if you don’t know yet, lauren was dating brad from the vamps and after they broke up, his bandmates implied in an interview that they all had a go at her (their words not mine), this is the the girls’ reactions:

btw that’s normani’s dad yesss papa h drag them @ them

(btw ally reblogging a song with fuck in the title is what i live for)

conclusion: don’t mess with fifth harmony, these girls are so loyal to each other you’re just gonna get hurt and everybody knows ot5: these girls are my girls is the real otp

Rafaela's BFF - Neymar Jr.

*I have no affiliation with any of the players or teams. This is all pure fiction. This is in no way trying to offend anyone. I do not make any money off of this. Please do not sue me.*

Rafaela and I had been friends for 6 years now, we were best friends. BFFs as she liked to say so often. It was her 21st birthday and we were celebrating in LA while her brother, Neymar Jr.’s team (FC Barcelona) were training there.

Rafaela and I were staying in our own room at this fancy hotel next door to the room Neymar and Gil had. I woke up earlier than Rafaela so I could order a special birthday breakfast for her and set up all the balloons and candles to surprise her when she woke up.

After setting up all the food and balloons I went next door to get Neymar so he would be there for her birthday.

I knocked on the door and Gil answered.

“Bom dia (Y/N)” Gil welcomed me with a hug.

“Hey Gil, are you and Neymar ready?” I asked.

“Almost!! I’m fixing my hair” Neymar called from the bathroom

“Hurry up, Ney! She will be awake any minute” I shouted back.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. Relax (Y/N). Look how handsome I am” he said while gesturing to his styled hair.

“Yes Ney you are the most handsome man ever” I winked.

“Come lets go, she might be up by now”

The boys and I went back to our room where I heard Rafaela moving around in the bedroom. We waited patiently for her to emerge from her bedroom.

Once she exited her room we all shouted “FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO RAFA” 🎊🎊

“Oh meu Deus!! Thank you guys” she replied and gave us all hugs.

We sat together eating breakfast while Rafaela opened all her birthday gifts.

“So how are we going to celebrate tonight?” Rafaela asked us.

“There’s this cool club we could go to?” Gil offered.

“Too bad Neymar can’t dance” I teased.

“(Y/N) don’t be jealous because I dance better than you” he said winking at me.

“You two are too much for me” Rafaela laughed.

“Okay so it’s settled we are going to the club tonight?” Gil asked

“Yes that sounds perfect. (Y/N) and I have some BFF prepping to do so we look hot tonight” Rafaela replied.

“(Y/N) doesn’t need to do anything to look hot, however you Rafaela could use some help” Neymar teased.

I blushed while Rafaela threw a piece of bread at her brother.

“Okay so we will meet at 10, see you guys later” Gil said

“Bye ladies” Neymar said and gave us each a kiss on the cheek.
(In Neymar’s Room)

“So Ney, do you still have feelings for (Y/N)? Don’t think I didn’t notice your comment about her being hot earlier” Gil said

“Of course I do, man. I’ve been in love with her since Rafa introduced us. She’s so beautiful and funny and caring. She’s just amazing.”

“But dude, you’re with Bruna? If you still love (Y/N) why don’t you tell her?”

“I can’t. She’s Rafa’s best friend, she would kill me if I messed things up for the two of them. She’s like her sister. She probably loves her more than me.”

“Don’t you think you should at least tell Bruna? It’s not fair to her if you love someone else.”

“You’re right. I will talk to her when we return to Brazil next week.”

*someone knocks on the door*

“Did you order room service?” Gil asked


Neymar walked over to answer to the door, where his girlfriend Bruna was waiting on the other side.

“MY LOVE” she exclaimed wrapping her arms around Neymar.

“Bruna, what are you doing here?” Neymar asked.

“I couldn’t miss Rafa’s 21st birthday. It’s way too big, and I missed you. So two birds I guess. How are you guys?”

“Great, love. Gil is in the bathroom getting ready to go out tonight for Rafa’s birthday.”

“Sounds great. Where are we going? I need to get ready too.”

“Some club she heard about she wants to check out”

“Perfect, I brought a dress that would be perfect for tonight,” she winked at Ney.
(In Rafaela’s Room)

“Rafa, you look so beautiful!” I said admiring how amazing my best friend looked for her birthday.

“Girl, you look so hot too. Neymar will go crazy” she winked at me.

“Rafa stop it, he’s with Bruna.”

“So? You’re still in love with him and I’m pretty sure he feels the same.”

“No he doesn’t. He would have said something all these years if he did.”

“Probably not, let’s face it. You’re way out of his league. He may be a famous footballer, but you’re way smarter and better looking. It probably scares him”

“I don’t know Rafa, I don’t think so”

“Trust me babe, I think he does. You’re way better for him than Bruna. He just settled for her because he thinks he can’t get you,”

“That’s terrible though. She loves him. That’s so hurtful to her.”

“I agree, I should talk to him about this. But not today! It’s my birthday and we are going to have fun.”

“Sounds perfect” I agree

“Or maybe Neymar will get drunk and tell you he loves you and you both live happily ever after,” she winked

“Rafaaaa” I groaned

*someone knocks at the door*

I open the door to reveal Gil all ready to go the club.

“Well don’t you look handsome” I say

“Oh thanks, (Y/N). You look amazing yourself” Neymar winked

“Thanks Ney, but I was actually talking to Gil” I replied

“That hurts, (Y/N)” Neymar says dramatically holding his hand over his heart.

“Oh you poor baby” I said giving him a hug. “There you’re all better now”

“Omg! (Y/N) you look amazing!! I haven’t seen you in so long, how are you?!!!” Bruna exclaimed.

“Bruna, I didn’t know you were here.” I said surprised to see her. I was kinda hoping Rafa was right so I was a little disappointed.

“Yeah I got here like an hour ago. I wanted to see Rafa for her birthday”

“That’s so sweet of you, I’m sure she will be excited to see you,”

“Bruna?!” Rafaela questioned

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFA!!” Bruna screamed running to give Rafaela a hug.

“Thank you my love! I can’t believe you came,”

*do we want a part 2??? let me know*

So the Lapidot Anniversary week finally began 8D !! I’m so glaaaad.

I’m sorry in advance  this post will be really long

Probably no one knows this, but I’ve been in this fandom for about 2 years, despite the fact I started watching last december -or last october if I count the firsts episodes before stopping-.

Before watching, I was just looking at fanart in my FB feed, and saw a lot of Lapidot fnarts. I was like “Oh damn they’re cute !!” and was randomly saving pictures. I was sometimes reading comments, looking at memes…To a point where I was like “But, wait. They’re together right ?”. I seriously thought they were a couple before watching.

When I was  finally watching, after Peridot’s arc I wanted her to live with everyone and was sad she decided to stay in the barn because it meant we would see her less often.

But then there was this beautiful episode called Barn Mates .

I was like “Oh wait so Lapis is gonna live here too ?! YES OMG YEEES”

Even if we wouldn’t be able to see them often, well they’d still be living together so that’s cool ?!

But then I saw how Lapis was in this episode and…kinda fet sad for Peri ? I could understant Lapis but well

I spent the episode internally yelling “PLEASE LAPIS LOOK HOW SHE’S TRYING DON’T YOU SEE SHE LIKES YOU” and kinda almost cried and melted when Peridot left because she wanted so bad to make her happy she gave up her own home (that, remember, she found first)

Then Lapis saved her and my heart almost exploded.

You see, even if it started kinda bad, well, look at how it is now. This is one of the most precious ships I’ve even been interested too.

And tbh this is not the only one that started like this, actually some ships I like/used to like sometimes started even worse and still became canon…

I could make you a list of ships I love and are a little like Lapidot and they’re all canon come on make the list complete lmao

…Now. Let me explain” what the actual fuck is going on with this drawing ?”

For the first day, I didn’t really want to do some ship material, I have the whole week for this, I just wanted to…start slow y’know ? I also didn’t want to do something like a screencap redraw. So I basically made a “what happened when they finally started to live together” or something like an alternate end
This may look a little off topic BUT there’s a stupid rommate story story behind this - beside the pun on the title-

For some reason one day, I don’t remember why, I thought “I’m sure Peri would play as Megaman in Smash Bros. Lapis could be Zelda and-” something then came into my mind.

One of my best friends -and ex-roommate- is a huge fan of Smash Bros (actually he’s just a Nintendo fanboy, say hi dude :3), and we spent a lot of time playing this game. A while ago my main was Zelda and one of his most used characters was Megaman.And there was 2 things that this little bastard loves to do as Megaman : either discreetly putting a bomb on me and then saying “Hey, hey, guess what ?! BOOM 8D” while I’m on fire or constantly throwing lemons because why not.

Aaaand when this memory came back just after this I felt the need to draw this

Also what makes this even funnier, is that ou respectives colors are the same :v I love blue to a point where most of my stuff is blue and, well, same for him but green.

-And yes now Peri and Lapis own a wii U fite me-

(oh yes and i forgot - boop @lapidot-anniversary-week )

No End in Sight part. 1

This is part one of the second installment to my ‘This Ends Tonight’ series. Like the first original story that was six parts, this will also be around six parts and be in order, not in the form of snapshots or vignettes. This second part takes place nine years after part one and will see Aisling and Ivar finally becoming parents and explore some of the details of their struggles and heartaches through backstory and flashbacks. It is going to be pretty angsty. I didn’t plan on doing a part two, but I fell so in love with my OC that I just couldn’t let the story go. I have a lot of this already down in rough drafts and have been working on for a while, so hopefully I won’t be leaving you guys hanging this time. I hope you guys enjoy it.

This Ends Tonight

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6

Aisling sat staring absently into the fire, worrying the corner of a handkerchief over and over in her hands. It was well beyond 2 a.m. and as had become the norm, she couldn’t sleep. It had been so ever since Ivar had left out for that summer’s raid. One would think that after eight summers apart, that she would have gotten used to being separated from her husband by now, but it never got easier…and this time was different.

“Have you thought of any names yet, my queen?” Eira asked, breaking Aisling from her daze. Aisling turned and gazed thoughtfully out the window, pondered the question over in her head. Had she really not thought of any names yet? Not even one? 

 “No…not really.” she finally answered, turning her gaze back to the hearth, “I guess I am just waiting for Ivar to get home before I…” 

Her voice trailed off and she lost her train of thought at the reminder of her husband’s absence. Eira placed another log on to the fire before looked back over her shoulder, “You miss him very much, don’t you? I know it must be hard for you, what with your condition and everything.” she smiled, gesturing towards the Queen’s stomach, heavy with child. Aisling sucked in a shaky breath and felt her throat begin to tighten as hot tears welled behind her eyes and threatened to spill out and burn her cheeks. She was an emotional wreck lately, anything and everything had her crying at the drop of a hat. A great sob escaped her and she covered her face with her hands.

Eira’s smiling face faded fast into a frown, “Oh, please don’t cry, I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” she fretted, hopping up from the fire to embrace her Queen. The servant girl held her and comforted her with cooing words, rubbing small circles into her back, seeing her through yet another onslaught of tears, just as she had done on so many nights before.

Aisling often thought that her slave was far too good to her and she hated to refer to her as such. Over the years they had developed a strong bond, deeper than a friendship even. The girl was more like the sister that she had never had growing up. Eira had only been sixteen when they had torn her away from her family, it was during the last trip to England, the one on which Aisling had accompanied Ivar. The entire experience had taken a great toll on Aisling, she hadn’t wanted to go and she hadn’t been back since. Going into it, she had thought she’d already seen her fair share of violence and death, but she had been wrong. She’d brought a new found fear of her husband home with her like a souvenir. Her love for him had not changed, but the fear had rooted itself deep and it festered. It was still there deep down inside. Seeing him so filled with rage, seeing him fight in such a trance, charging into battle with a psychotic like frenzy, tearing people to shreds, all the while with a smile on his face. Nothing could have prepared her for that.

Feeling herself calm down and her sobs easing into small sniffles, Aisling gently pushed at Eira’s shoulders and gave her a weak smile. “You look exhausted dear, I feel awful keeping you up all hours of the night like this all the time. It isn’t fair, I’m sorry. she sniffled, wiping her eyes with the backs of her hands.

Eira lifted a hand to Aisling’s cheek and wiped away a few stray tears, “There is no need to apologize,” she smiled, “and besides, the king will be returning any day now and he will have you all to himself again. I shall quite miss our evenings together, I always do.”

“Why are you so good to me Eira? I have done nothing to deserve your friendship.”

Eira knelt before Aisling and took her hands in her own,“Look at me.You have done nothing to deserve anything less than my friendship, My queen.” 

“Now, I’m not quite so sure about that.” Aisling shifted uncomfortably in her chair and looked away. It wasn’t true. It was nice of her to say, but it wasn’t true. Not at all.


Aisling awoke with a start and nearly went tumbling out of the bed in a tangle of sheets, firs, and pillows. 

“What? Huh?” she mumbled incoherently, she hadn’t felt like she had slept at all. Her eyes darted around the room several times before they focused and landed on Eira.  

“I said there are boats arriving in the harbor my queen!” the girl squealed, jumping up and down, hardly able to contain her excitement. In her sleepy stupor, it took moment before Aisling registered the words and by the time she had, Eira was ripping the covers back and off and pulling Aisling from the bed. 

Come on, we must find you something lovely…that fits!” she giggled as she opened the wardrobe and started fingering through the garments. 

Aisling sat down and laid back on the bed with a huff, “Must I really? Nothing will fit anyways, just grab me a coat.” she whined painfully.

Eira snapped her head around and gave Aisling an incredulous look, “Do forgive me my Queen, but he hasn’t seen you in months and quite honestly…”

“Quit honestly what?!” Aisling snapped, narrowing her eyes at the girl. Eira looked her up and down before opening her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

“Well go on now, say it.” Aisling pressed, leaning back on the pillows and crossing her arms and legs expectantly, “You have already started, so you might as well finish.”

The words rushed out so fast that they were barely understandable in the girl’s broken Norse, “You look like hel.” 

She ducked just in time to miss the pillow Aisling sent sailing towards her head.


He was barely exiting the boat when she tackled him and she couldn’t hold back the sobs that wracked her as she threw her arms around her husband, the impact nearly knocking him to the ground. Holding onto his shoulders and pulling herself up on her tip toes, she pressed a flurry of frantic little kisses up his neck and across his throat. Ivar raised his hands to her hair and tangled his fingers in it. They pressed their foreheads together and gazed into each other’s eyes like a couple of love sick teenagers, each cupping the other’s face in their hands. Her eyes were wet with tears and his threatening the same. He wiped the tears from her cheeks and pressed his lips to each of her eyelids, showering her flushed face with kisses, shushing her softly and reminding her that she hadn’t lost him. He hadn’t been called to Odin’s hall just yet. When he kissed her she trembled and held onto him for dear life, like he was the only thing grounding her to the Earth. Reality faded and time seemed to slow to a stop as it always did when they were reunited.

Freyja has finally blessed us, husband. ” she mumbled breathlessly against his lips.

Ivar pulled back and disconnecting the kiss, giving her a questioning look. When she moved his hands from her hips and placed them on her stomach, his gaze fell south and his eyes widened. He splayed his hands out over her swollen belly and just stared silently. Studying her husband’s face, Aisling wasn’t quit sure what she saw there. Fear, joy, apprehension, worry, pride? Ivar could be hard to read, even for her, even after all these years and for a moment she felt worried.

Ivar had only been gone raiding for three months, but from the size of his wife’s stomach, she had to have been carrying at least twice that long. Her belly had never swollen to anywhere close to this size, seeing as none of their previous pregnancies had lasted much longer than one or two moon cycles. They had stopped counting and stopped trying after three or four, but there had been a few more pregnancies over the years, even though they had been careful. He couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. His entire world was about to change. Mixed in with all the joy, excitement and anticipation for the future, there was uncertainty, fear, and questions in the back of his mind. What if the they still lost the baby? Even worse, what if it turned out like him? Cursed. Deformed. Boneless. The previous losses had taken such an emotional toll on both himself and his wife, and not to mention, on their relationship, that Ivar feared they simply could not withstand yet another. His liver surely couldn’t, he had just started to get his little problem under control. 

“Aren’t you happy my love?” she asked, begging his attention with the plead in her voice. He blinked a few times before finally looked up and meeting her eyes again.

“Y-yes of course I am happy, wife” he assured her with a smile, taking her face in his hands again and kissing her softly, “Of course I am.” Aisling wasn’t so convinced but she wasn’t going to press him, that could wait. Right now she just relieved that the God’s had returned him to her in one piece. 


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Happy Flight Log

Request: Omg I love your Turn This Car Around fic so much! Do you think you could do something similar like dad JB and mom Jinyoung taking the “kids” to a fancy restaurant? They’d probably cause so much chaos xD

If you’re interested, you can click HERE to read Turn This Car Around

Member: ALL of the Got7 boys

Type: Fluff/comedy

“Hello, reservation for Park,” Jinyoung nodded, giving the hostess a kind smile. 

The hostess looked up, furrowing her brows as she focused on his face. She looked directly over his shoulder to scrutinize the group of men idling around behind him. “I’m sorry, you’ll have to clarify. We have several Parks on our reservation list.”

“Park Jinyoung,” he said patiently. 

The hostess scanned down the list of names she had situated on her small clipboard. “Party of seven?”

“Yes,” Jackson grinned, answering for Jinyoung before he had the chance to speak. “I guess you could say we’ve…got7?”

The hostess looked at Jackson with lifted brows and pursed lips. “Cool, follow me.”

“Yah, that was funny, wasn’t I funny?” Jackson whined, looking around to his members. 

“I thought it was funny,” BamBam nodded with a small shrug. The other members exchanged glances, making a silent pact to avoid hurting Jackson’s feelings. 

The boys followed Jinyoung and the hostess in single file, navigating past couples and families, dressed in formal attire. 

“Do they have dessert?” Youngjae asked, plopping into the seat the hostess had pulled out for Jinyoung.

“Worry about your dinner before you start searching for dessert,” Jinyoung sighed, sitting in the seat beside him instead.

“But I’ll worry all through dinner, wondering if they have dessert,” Youngjae gasped with wide eyes. “How can you expect me to enjoy my meal?”

“He has a point hyung,” Yugyeom nodded with a grim smile. 

“I want fries,” Mark sighed, closing his menu as soon as it was handed to him and allowing it to plop onto the table.

“This isn’t that type of restaurant,” Jaebum sighed, eying over his own menu. 

“It’s not that type of restaurant?” Mark asked, lifting a brow. “But it is the type of restaurant to hand out children’s menus with crayons?”

“There’s fries on my menu.” Youngjae muttered, looking up briefly from his small pack of crayons. 

Mark lifted his brows as he looked at Jaebum, challenging the leader. Jaebum’s lips formed a straight line as he cut Mark with an icy glare.

“Why does Youngjae get a menu he can color?” Jackson grumbled, flipping through his. “I wasn’t given that option.”

“You can ask,” Yugyeom nodded. “I wouldn’t mind one myself to be honest…”

“No one is asking for a children’s menu,” Jinyoung hissed. “Youngjae, how did you get that in the first place?” 

“She just gave it to me,” Youngjae shrugged, coloring what appeared to be a talking meatball. 

“Hello gentleman,” a young woman cooed, appearing from seemingly no where. “I’m-”

“Gentleman, I see no gentleman here,” Jackson interrupted with an awkward giggle. 

The waitress exchanged an empathetic glance with Jinyoung before continuing. “I’m Jisoo and I’ll be your server for the evening.”

“Sorry,” Jackson groaned beneath his breath. “Aren’t I funny?”

Yugyeom sighed and placed a comforting hand on Jackson’s shoulder. He gave it a gentle pat before directing his attention to the server again. 

“What can I get you all to drink?” she asked, looking up expectantly. 

“I’ll have a glass of wine,” Jinyoung nodded. “Preferably a Sherry if you have it. It’s been a long week.”

“I’ll have a somaek,” JB nodded. “As I’d prefer not to remember this week at all.”

Jinyoung furrowed his brows before looking to the leader of the group. “Well who’ll drive home if you also plan to drink?”

“I can drive!” BamBam gasped, looking carefully to his hyungs. “I’ve been practicing and-”

“I’ll have a coca cola,” JB sighed, rubbing his temples. 

BamBam who was already mid sentence shut his mouth and sunk down in his seat, crossing his arms with a pout. 

“The rest of them will have colas as well,” Jinyoung nodded, scrutinizing the menu before him. 

“Why do I have to have a cola?” Jackson asked, placing a hand on his chest. “Maybe I wanted a tea, or a water?”

“Fine Jackson, what do you want to drink?” Jinyoung hissed through barred teeth. 

“I’ll have a cola,” Jackson nodded promptly, looking down to his menu. Jinyoung closed his eyes and lifted his fingers to aggressively rub his temples. 

“Actually, if it’s not too much trouble, I would prefer an apple juice if you have it,” Youngjae nodded. 

The waitress smiled, sending a gentle look toward Youngjae as she scribbled into her notepad. “I’ll be right out with those.”

As soon as the server had turned and wandered far enough out of earshot, Jinyoung slapped his menu on the table loud enough to make both BamBam and Jackson jump. “Look, do you all realize why we’re here today?”

Each member looked around at each other expectantly, but none of them could seem to find the reason. 

“To celebrate our new album,” Mark muttered, his voice completely in monotone. 

“Yes, thank you Mark,” Jinyoung nodded, eying the other members with a frustrated expression. “We’re here to celebrate the final part of our Flight Log series. I know we haven’t been out to a meal together in some time, but surely you all remember how to act like adults.”

“Not to point out the obvious, but-” BamBam began, but was promptly cut off. 

“You leave Youngjae and his menu alone,” Jaebum grumbled, giving Youngjae a soft hair ruffle. The younger man looked up, lost in his own thoughts as he surveyed the members. He smiled warmly as JB’s hand fluffed his hair and looked back down to his coloring. 

BamBam rolled his eyes before looking back to Jinyoung. 

“Hey, look,” Yugyeom hiccuped, smacking BamBam on the arm. He had taken out the chopsticks from his folded napkin and inserted them into his mouth, wielding them as if they were large tusks. “I’m a walrus.” 

BamBam giggled, immediately turning to his utensils folded in the fabric of his napkin. 

“No, stop it,” Jinyoung hissed, giving his best death glare from across the table. Both Yugyeom and BamBam froze, chopsticks in midair. “This is exactly what I was talking about!”

“I don’t think they gave me chopsticks…” Jackson grumbled, poking around in the folds of his napkin. “I deserve chopsticks, don’t I? What’s with this place?”

“They’re right-” Mark began, pointing toward Jackson’s wrist. 

“Oh, they’re right here!” Jackson interrupted proudly. “I’ve found them.”

“Yes, very good Jackson,” JB nodded, his eyes still firmly planted on his menu. “Hmm…I wonder if I can get extra noodles with that…”

“I beg of you all, could you please try to be on your best behavior. I just want to have a nice group dinner for once. Can you do that for me?” Jinyoung sighed. 

“Alright, we have five colas,” the server hummed, reappearing again. She floated around the table, tray in hand, and placed the sodas accordingly. “We have one glass of sherry, and an apple juice.”

“Ah, thank you,” Youngjae nodded, sipping from his cup as soon as it was passed to him. The cup sported a lid and the same meatball character he had been coloring earlier. BamBam looked on with his mouth slightly ajar, and shook his head. 

“Alright, do you all know what you would like to eat this evening?” the waitress smiled. 

“I believe I’ll have the Australian filet mignon with the grilled scallops and baked potato,” Jaebum smiled with a grin. 

“Same,” BamBam nodded, handing off his menu. 

“Same?” Jinyoung gasped. “Do you have any idea how much that is?”

“Well why does Jaebum hyung get to have it and not me?” BamBam whined. JB clicked his teeth and turned to look toward the younger boy with a penetrating gaze. 

“Oh no,” Yugyeom whispered with wide eyes. “Just leave it alone man, it’s not worth it.”

BamBam stuck out his lower lip and dropped his brows. “The grilled chicken breast with swiss cheese then…”

“Now this chicken breast,” Jackson began, cutting Yugyeom off as soon as his mouth opened. “It says that there is melted swiss cheese, now is there any way to add more cheese?”

“It’s quite an adequate amount of cheese sir,” the waitress nodded. “Is that what you would like as well?”

“But what if I wanted more cheese?” Jackson asked again, eying her carefully. 

“Jackson, she’s saying it’s a lot of damn cheese,” Jinyoung hissed. “Is that what you want?”

“No, I’ll have the Chinese vegetables,” Jackson nodded. “If you could just put a little bit of that melty cheese in it, that would be perfect. Thank you.”

Jinyoung let out an audible groan as he stared at Jackson. 

“Hyung,” Yugyeom whispered. ‘Hyung, did you mean to do that out loud?”

Jinyoung shifted his stare from Jackson to Yugyeom, unblinking as he spoke. “I’ll have the New York sirloin with broccoli please. Mark?”

“Wait, but I haven’t order-” Yugyeom stuttered, looking around with wide eyes. 

“Mark,” Jinyoung repeated louder. 

“French fried potatoes,” Mark nodded. 

“Do you have dessert here?” Youngjae asked, looking up inquisitively at the waitress. 

“Oh yes,” she nodded. “Cheese cake, tiramisu, and fresh fruit.”

“Funny,” Youngjae laughed breathily as he pointed up at her. “I thought you just said fruit was featured as a dessert. Lady with a sense of humor.”

“Well, it is on the-” she began, but Youngjae had looked down at his menu again. 

“I’ll have the macaroni and cheese,” Youngjae nodded firmly. “We’ll talk tiramisu upon your return.”

“Is that everything then?” she smiled. 

“Well, I would like the-” Yugyeom began, glancing carefully to Jinyoung. 

“He’ll have whatever the daily fish is in basil sauce,” JInyoung smiled. Yugyeom’s face scrunched as he searched his menu. 

“Alright gentleman, I’ll put in your ticket and bring you out some bread. Can I get you anything else?” the server cooed, the smile never leaving her face. 

“Unless you have six other personalities back there that are much more agreeable than the ones here, yes,” Jinyoung smiled. “We’re fine.”

“I feel like I was just insulted?” BamBam whispered, lifting a brow. “But to be honest, I’m nooot entirely sure.”

“Happy flight log,” Jaebum muttered, lifting his glass into the air. 

Each boy looked around, slowly lifting their glasses as well. “Happy flight log!” 

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Can I just say how gorgeous Sansa was in the episode? She's always been pretty but being back at Winterfell, the snow, wearing Stark-like clothes really agrees with her. That scene where she was talking to Jon, her eyes were so soft, yet held an intensive and expressive gaze that was both loving and genuine. Whether that scene had platonic or romantic undertones, I don't mind, because Sansa has never look more beautiful than in this episode! I'm so saddened by the amount of haters she gets!


I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not the biggest fan of her wig, but she looks so beautiful now fully decked out as a Stark. What I think as well is how much more comfortable she is in her skin back at Winterfell surrounded by people who are willing to lay their lives on the line for her. Yes, LF is still here, but she also has Jon and Brienne and even Podrick would I imagine. Davos and Tormund too by extension of Jon’s love for her. 

I think a woman is most beautiful when she’s happy in who she is and I think Sansa is finally starting to understand who that person is, and I can’t be more proud of her. 

Bless my red wolf queen <3

Okay, so I’m assuming these are the three gemstone-based beings Steven lives with. Looks like they all have gem stones somewhere on their bodies, including Steven. Is Steven a human or one of them? None of the others really look human… Maybe that pointy one on the end.

Is one of these ladies his mom also? Are they related at all? The two on the end look a little apprehensive, while the purple one looks pretty happy to have him there. Not really sure what it means. Guess I’ll find out lol

(Also, I see that fifth position you’re standing in, pointy lady. You can’t fool a professionally trained dancer)

Okay, so now we get to see the setting of the show… The water tower thing says “Beach City.” Pretty generic name, but cool! A beach town! And here we see a few towns people, I’m assuming we’ll get to know them later. I notice the side of that van says “Mr. Universe”… Steven’s dad? Is that really Steven’s last name? If so, that’s pretty damn cool tbh

That’s definitely his dad. Look how happy Steven is to see him! Aw! Or maybe he’s giving that look to the grill… Also aw.

Relaxed, cool, and booty-licious. Nice to meet you, Garnet.

Ahhh that hair flip animation was so smooth! Hello, Amethyst!

Omg that was so cute. Idk what else to say about it. All she did was sit, and it was still adorable. I will not call you pointy lady anymore, I promise.

“And Steven!”

Goofy, immature, hot dog munchin’ Steven. So it appears he’s included in these “Crystal Gems.” It also looks like he doesn’t really have a handle on his powers/abilities like the other gems do. That will probably be the premise of the show… Don’t tell me if I’m right or wrong. I like to speculate lol