she looks so happy (':


This is the longest amount of ‘time off’ Camila has had since she was 15! And you can visibly see how much she needed it. She’s put on weight, she doesn’t look as tired and the light is back in her eyes and I’m talking beyond the make up. She looks so much…lighter and no one deserves happiness more than this little butterfly queen (number 1) ✨✨

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I think that RDMA means a lot. Not bc of the award itself but bc when she left 5H she thought she would lose many of us but this award showed her that we will always have her back to support and defend her every step of the way. It showed we truly love and admire the person and the artist. I'm so happy for her, she was looking healthier, relaxed, beautiful and most importantly, happy being all dorky again. Can't wait for CC1!

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Oh my god I can't believe I just found out about your AU, It's incredible! Could you please draw more of Isabella? She looks so beautiful!

Hey hey! :D
Thanks, I’m happy you are enjoying ^w^
Glad you like how Isabella looks :D
But, I probably won’t draw her much, but she’ll appear a few times in the AU ^^

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4 and 8 with Jinyoungie from Got7, please? Thank you 😄😄

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Propmt: 4 ~ “Hold on, you aren’t jealous, are you?” + “I swear to god you’re such a child sometimes”

Words: 757

Genre: Fluff

A/N: I actually really loved the way this turned out. Jinyoung is such a cutie and I really love writing about him.

Jinyoung’s jaw clenched tightly together as he held onto his drink tightly, watching as his girlfriend danced with one of this best friends, Jackson, on the dance floor of the club that they were at. One might ask why he didn’t go up there and pull her away like a normal boyfriend would have, but she was sober and he knew [y/n] wouldn’t try anything on Jackson, also, she looked so happy as she danced with him, the two of them having so much fun.

Jinyoung felt his chest tighten and his blood beginning to boil as he continued to watch the pair. He wished it was him out there on the floor with her instead of Jackson. Why wasn’t he out there with her? Only God knows why Jinyoung wasn’t there with her, even Jinyoung doesn’t know why he refused [y/n]’s offer to dance. She had tried to persuade him and he declined saying that he much rather just sit and have a drink. He didn’t really expect her to ask Jackson instead, but then again, it really is his own fault.

Jackson reached his arm out and wrapped it tightly around [y/n]’s middle, pulling her closer as they danced. [y/n] gave him a small smile as she unraveled herself from the tipsy man. Jinyoung let out the breath he was holding in relief that his girlfriend denied the skinship with the older hyung. Jinyoung was done sitting around and acting like a jealous boyfriend. He quickly stood up from his seat, gulping down the last of his drink and walked out to the dance floor to pick up his lady. Once he got there, [y/n] greeted him with a happy smile.

“Did you change your mind?” She asked as she looked up at him with happy eyes.

Jinyoung kept a straight face and looked at Jackson (more like glared) and then back to his girlfriend, shaking his head as he grabbed her arm. [y/n] looked at him confused and cocked her head to the side. She reached her free hand out to touch Jinyoung’s face. Jinyoung pushed her hand away and began to pull [y/n] out of the club, not a words spoken between the two of them. It wasn’t until they got outside the venue when [y/n] stopped walking and spoke up breaking the silence between the two of them.

“Jinyoung,” She said as she struggled to stand still as Jinyoung tried to pull her along with him, “Please stop, you’re hurting my arm.”

Jinyoung stopped trying to pull [y/n] and turned his head slightly to look back at her. The girl looked up at him with concern in her eyes. [y/n] took a step closer so she was now standing directly behind her boyfriend.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, “You’ve never acted like this.”

“I don’t want you dancing with anyone that’s not me,” He spoke as his body became tense, “I didn’t like seeing you dancing with him. I don’t want Jackson touching you like that ever again, you’re my girlfriend, no one else’s. I should be the only one touching you like that, it should have been me out there with you instead of Jackson. I’m such a dumbass for denying your reqest-”

[y/n] winced as Jinyoung continued to ramble on, his grip tightening around her wrist as he grew more and more angry with both Jackson and himself. Jinyoung heard her wince of pain and stopped talking to look at [y/n]. He muttered out a sorry and let go of her arm.

“Jinyoungie,” She spoke softly.

“I’m sorry [y/n], but I just don’t like it when guys who aren’t me are touching you like that. It’s so heartbreaking and it makes me-”

“Hold on,” [y/n] cut him off, “You aren’t jealous, are you?”

Jinyoung’s eyes widened in shock as he quickly shook his head, his face flushing a light pink color.

“I am not,” He scoffed as he crossed his arms over his chest.

[y/n] giggled and rolled her eyes.

“Sure you aren’t,” She spoke teasingly.

Jinyoung pouted and resembled a small toddler when they didn’t get the toy they wanted from the store. [y/n] laughed at the image and stood up on her tip toes to kiss her boyfriend’s cheek gently.

“I swear to god you’re such a child sometimes,” She said.

Jinyoung pulled [y/n] close to him by the waist and leaned his forehead against her own.

“Yeah, but I’m your child,” He said as he closed the gap between them, both of them smiling against each other’s lips.

em’s tip of the day

go out of your way to compliment strangers!!!!!

Like, I’m generally an awkward and anxious bundle of nerves and I Do Not Like interacting with strangers, so usually I just go about my life trying to avoid it. But today was just a GORGEOUS day and I was in a good mood and I decided I needed to get an iced coffee beverage so I stopped in at my friendly neighborhood coffee shop. 

And the woman in front of me was in this SUPER cute dress!!! It was just SUMMER and LOVELY and the cut was FABULOUS on her. So usually I’d just keep it to myself and make a casual note to try to find something similar, but today I decided, NOPE. This lady looks lovely and she deserves to hear she looks lovely. So after she ordered I forced myself out of my awkbubble and said “your dress is really pretty!” And she just looked so startled and happy and said thank you and that made ME happy. Then I got my drink and was about to leave and as I turned she told ME to have a great day!!! And I was just like…..damn! I come to this coffee shop pretty regularly and I generally just don’t engage with anyone other than the employees, and now I’m leaving feeling extra happy bc a) I have a delicious caffeinated beverage and b) I just had this great interaction with some random lady who looked really lovely today. 

And THEN I’m walking back home, in a great mood bc a & b, and as I’m crossing the street there’s this woman who’s just outright SINGING as she goes on her way. And again, usually being the awkward turtle I am, I’d just try to avoid eye contact and go about my business, but damn it, her joy was infectious and it made me smile so I DID. And then she looked at me and said “you look GREAT today!” And I said “thanks, so do you!!” and she smiled again and kept on singing.

Anyway all this is to say I’m in a really spectacular mood because of some complete strangers I’ll prob never see again and honestly I highly recommend it. Everybody deserves to receive some compliments and smiles and love so go on and don’t be shy. <33333

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I am so proud if Camila. She looks happy, and sad at the same time though. But she looks healthy. I'm still jot used to her being alone on red carpets. So I felt very nostalgic. I miss the four girls with her. But I guess I should move on. It is like a break up. 😌

*singin* ‘Wish I could turn back time to the good ‘ol days.. now we’re stressed out.’

This is a step up fam, they are leveling up their craft. This should happen in order for them to grow, and break free.

She looks like she sleeps now. I’m glad. 🙃


Let’s just say he had some help.

A loved one not lost but remembered. 


went to the beach & discovered my inner Lorde