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Hi Cassie! I just finished tid and wow these are probably my fav book characters ever this series was so good!! I have 2 questions. I know Tessa is immortal but did she physically age and look older with Will some way maybe through the Change whether it was subconscious or not? And could you tell us anything about the other characters deaths ( Gabriel, Cecily, Sophie, Charlotte, Gideon, Henry ) or when they died? Thanks!

Tessa doesn’t physically age. Sometimes, because she has her unique shapechanging power, she will make herself look the same age as Will as he ages if they’re both out and unglamoured. She doesn’t bother around family and friends, or even the Enclave in general. She expects them to accept her as she is and if they don’t, that’s their problem!

i feel like ppl think of carolina and tex both as just these cold horrible bitches who don’t know how to have fun but

tex was fucked up by omega, and was otherwise so compassionate that york, ct, north, and theta all liked and trusted her, and even when carolina got hurt with the two ais she demanded that someone come and help her and knocked her out for her own good

and carolina was the victim of the director’s impossible standards, but york loved her and maine took a bullet to the throat for her without a thought, and even after york and tex and eta/iota and everything else, look how she laughed and joked with epsilon (”you can tell your friends you picked me up”)

like. be nice to mine girls. it has been a hard time

“Mummy No. 30007, currently residing at the American Museum of Natural History, is a showstopper. She’s known as the Gilded Lady, for good reason: Her coffin, intricately decorated with linen, a golden headdress and facial features, has an air of divinity. She’s so well preserved that she looks exactly how the people of her time hoped she would appear for eternity. To contemporary scientists, however, it’s what they don’t see that is equally fascinating: Who was this ancient woman, and what did she look like when she was alive?” Read more about Mummies via The New York Times.

I had my first Aggressively Feminist Moment today when I was walking from work and saw this teenage couple bickering and it looked like the girl was in trouble, and as I got closer it turned out she indeed WAS in trouble

and I am a woman of substantial size and strength lmao so idk I just approached them and ended up shoving a teenage fuckboi (much harder than I’d thought possible mind you I didn’t know I had that kind of strength) when he wouldn’t leave her alone, and then sat the poor shaking thing on a bus home and idk I guess it feels good not to be just one of the crowd walking past and pretending they don’t see a guy being violent to his girlfriend

Honestly that pause before Emori told Murphy the truth and how deliberately she chose to do so and look ice-cold in his eyes and make zero apologies for it. Like. I’m not here for “even Murphy can’t trust her”, y’all, he’s the one person she DIDN’T lie to. She took the chance he’d look at her differently if she was as balls-out ruthless as humanly possible and he just respected and loved her extra.

God, this episode stressed me out because I saw the twist coming the whole time (pats self on back) and I knew it would make a lot of the audience turn on them and Emori especially, and I already kinda hated it for that. But just so you know where I stand – John Murphy doesn’t want, nor does he deserve, a love interest who is a cinnamon roll and makes him a Better Person with her goodness and light. I think there is something *so much more interesting* about the fact that Memori bring out something sweet and real and caring in each other, while also being pretty terrible people who would manipulate and throw people under the bus to save themselves and each other. Murphy is a more sincere, gentler person because of Emori and still they SQUASHED THAT LOVE = REDEMPTION ARC like a bug and I’m into it.

Fiction needs conflict; we’ve been really overdue for a reminder that both Murphy and Emori are Chaotic Neutrals at best, and the fact it came in the same episode as Murphy dancing around adorably and Emori raving about his cooking skills is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

Up All Night

Title: Up All Night

Characters: AU!Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You’re not exactly what your officemates think of you.

Warnings: NSFW

Note: Not entirely happy with how this came out but meh whatever. Might take a while for me to update DDHTK so have this one first lol. Hope you guys enjoy!

Italicized paragraphs are flashbacks. ;)

“Good mor— damn, girl! Did you work on your presentation all night?!”

You shook your head as you chuckled at Sherry’s comment when you settled down in your cubicle beside hers. She stared you down with a look of worry and you simply couldn’t blame her for reacting that way. The dark circles under your eyes were well, darker than usual— you did look like you haven’t slept in days. Your hair was still slightly damp and was unruly since your alarm failed to wake you up and cut your preparation time about twenty minutes short.

“You could say that.” You told her with a shrug, taking out your laptop and switching it on.

Sherry let out a sigh, “Such an overachiever. Well, I think you should prepare before the big boss arrives. You’ve got…” she trailed, looking at her watch to check the time. “Exactly fifteen minutes to fix yourself.”

You silently cursed and hurriedly brought out your mirror and make-up bag. Your big pitch was today and you didn’t want to show up in the conference room looking like complete shit. Plus, showing up unprepared would only cause you a lot of negative feedback from your boss, Negan. And being the good employee that you were, that was the last thing you wanted to happen.

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what I really don’t understand is why the fuck we’re trusting the robot built by Lucas? Like, if he was smart enough to build failsafes into their suits, why wouldn’t he build them into his robots, even the ones (evidentially) animated by human souls?

Captare, (eruri, nsfw)

this is the only thing basements are good for in regards to snk.

“Levi…wait. Your mother—

“She asleep.” Levi replied to Erwin’s concerns, his voice breathless from the way they’d been kissing. “And she never comes down here.”

Straddling Erwin, Levi looked down at where he was seated against the couch. A few seconds ago he’d backed him up to the front of it so that he could sit in his lap, after they’d spent the past two hours playing a videogame in front of the television. They’d been on the floor and were in his basement — a veritable private cave for 17 year old Levi, who practically lived down there except to sleep and where his mother rarely ventured like he’d said — and had started making out after turning the electronics off. Levi had initiated it because he couldn’t get enough of his cute, tall, and charming boyfriend, and Erwin, who was running on the same teenaged hormones as Levi, had not protested until it had become apparent that their kissing was going to turn into something else.

It wasn’t like he didn’t want to though, Levi was sure, because he could feel his boner pressing up against the bottom of his ass through Erwin’s jeans, and it wasn’t like they hadn’t done this plenty of other times elsewhere. The difference was they were usually in a bedroom or a car or somewhere else private that didn’t come with the chance of getting caught rather than an open basement, but Levi wasn’t worried about it. His mother was home, sure, and her room was right above where they were, but it was past midnight on a Friday and he knew she’d gone to sleep long ago, and he was pretty confident that even if they woke her up — which he didn’t think would happen, because they would be quiet — she wouldn’t bother to investigate and would just go back to sleep.

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office parties and painful memories

pairing: yoongi x reader
word count: 2.4k

    → listen i don’t know what this is. i can’t defend it. i have no idea. this is a shitpost. this is a circus of a fic. the worst. the absolute worst. i don’t know what this is. it’s specks. yeah, specks.

The first time Yoongi sees you, you’re standing by the piano with his mother in your navy blue dress and red shoes that sparkled so brightly that it always looked like you were walking on stars. He didn’t know yet, but he’d grow to love the bouncy pigtails that rested on your shoulders and your big eyes, which were filled to the brim with wanderlust and a childlike curiosity.

“Yoongi plays the piano?” you asked his mother, shyly tracing the bars of white and black.

“He’s very good, too.” she confirms, smiling empathetically before turning her head to the doorframe, meeting the deep, shy eyes behind raven locks. “Yoongi, you’ve come downstairs. This is Y/N, her family just moved in next door.”

His eyes only meet yours briefly before panic bleeds into his dark eyes.

All girls had cooties.

But not you.

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Good Vibes! A few months ago I was trying on clothes for a formal event at a thrift store. I poke my head outta the changing room to get my mom's opinion and she's long gone in this massive store. So my tiny behind is standing on a chair looking for her. One of the workers sees me and flags her down, saying "Ma'am, I think your son is looking for you!" It's so rare I get read as a guy cause I'm tiny and skinny, but I nearly exploded from joy.

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Boys seeing their daughter going to their prom looking extravagant? How proud would he be?


He’s feeling a little overwhelmed, not only because he’s proud and happy for her but she’s moving on, growing up, and going out until late with a boy he hardly knows.  He knows she’s responsible and will make good choices, but she’s still his little girl; Leo smiles and takes in a deep breath before he gives her a hug and a kiss on the head before watching her walk out the door.


He’s puffing and pouting a lot.  “You look great hun, really.  It’s just hard seeing you grow up so fast.”  He’s proud, but eventually he relaxes and gives her a big hug before sending her through the door.  He goes to hug mom because he knows she’s feeling the same.


“Be home by 10- Don’t drink!- Don’t smoke!- NO DRUGS- AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DRIVE SAFELY!!”

He’s more worried than he is proud.  And he is proud, don’t get me wrong; it’s just that father instinct to go over those rules of what to do and what not to do. Once it’s over he calms himself and sends her out the door.  “Be safe, baby girl.”


He wants pictures, he wants confetti from the dance, he wants streamers to keep as memories BECAUSE HIS LITTLE GIRL IS GOING TO HER FIRST BIG DANCE.  He’s so happy for her!  Being taught to dance from the one and only Michelangelo, she’s gonna have a great time no doubt; she learned quite a few dance moves growing up.  He gives her so many hugs and kisses, and gets scolded from both mom and daughter that he’s messing up her makeup and hair.  “Go have fun sweetheart!  And please don’t do anything illegal!”


“Mama, look! I can blow bubbles in the water, watch!” Little Erik cried happily, forgetting his mother’s indifference in a moment of blissful discovery. Bending down so just his mouth was below the surface of the water, he blew. Bubbles roiled to the surface, and he pulled away, giggling.

She nodded weakly, her lips twitching into a strained smile for just a moment. “Yes, Erik.” Closing the book that rested on her lap, she stared intently at the wall behind her son. “Oh god, why have you given me this for a child?” She murmured to herself, face contorting into an ugly grimace.

“Mama, mama, look what I can do!” Little Erik (for that’s what she called him once in one of her rare good moods) was standing up, straining to draw pictures in the steamy mirror that hung above the tub. “Mama -” There was a loud splash, and the harsh, wet sound of skin against porcelain.

Annoyed, she snapped her glance away from the tiled wall and down towards where her son had been standing. “Stupid boy, what are - Erik?” For once there was a hint of concern in her voice. “Stop it, stop that!” She yelled, going straight from alarm to anger.

But Erik wasn’t playing now. He thrashed in the water, unable to gain a grip on the slippery surface of the tub. Water. Water over his head, holding him down. Water seeping into his ears, his nose, his mouth. He screamed for help, calling out the name of the only person that loved him (because this must be normal, this must be how everyone else’s mother’s were?). “MAMA, MAMA!” But there was no sound. Instead, he choked on water, the bubbles that had just a moment ago been a fun game now spelling death. Tiny, chubby hands groping the air, being sucked below the surface.

And she stared at him there in the tub, watching his life slip away second by second. She could just let him drown, she realized, and then she’d be rid of him forever. No more abomination in her house, no more disgrace of a son. Watching his movements grow weaker, she heard him try and call out. He was probably calling for her, she realized with a stab of guilt. He WAS still her son… Stepping towards the tub, she reached out towards him - and hesitated. She could be rid of him forever… The temptation was so strong, the thought so sweet.

Water filled his lungs, and his eyes burned. His limbs felt like lead, and he found himself unable to move. Where’s Mama? Why hasn’t Mama helped me?

Watching the movements of her child still, something deep inside her forced her into action. Lifting him out of the water, she dropped him onto the towel that was laid out on the floor to collect any spilled water. “You idiot boy!” Slapping his good cheek, she glared down at him. Why hadn’t she just let him drown? “Disgusting.” Storming out of the room, she slammed the door behind her.

Staring out at the lake before him, the now grown Erik felt hate and anger bubble up inside him. His first memory of life, his first memory of his mother. And his first memory of death.

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Forgive me but I'm from the south and have only ever seen one kind of bagel in my entire life so what are they like elsewhere? I've seen of bagels I guess but are they that different in real life?? Seems like a bagel should be a bagel lmao

this is an atlanta “bagel:”

lets unpack this. look… thin???? the complete lack of any TEXTURE??????? also the bacon like…… how goyishe

NOW, a good bagel, typically of the new york variety (but can rly be anywhere northern enough tbh):

LOOK AT HER…. she thique…….. u can tell already how fluffy yet chewy…. pure decadence….. that perfect browned sesame seed finish……. the beautiful slather of cream cheese…….. I’ve been in atl for the last 3 years and I’m mcfucking suffering


Don’t Help - Ten | Part 1

can you write something where ten is a rich guy at your high school and you’re poor, and he helps you out? but like you dont like his help at first. thank yuuuuu

Sure! I’m going to make this a multi-part thing, so here’s part one!


Part 1

“Look at her hair,” Minji says. “Does she cut it herself?”

“And her uniform is falling apart at the edges.  She should buy a new one,” Eunjin responds.

The girls titter amongst themselves and you look away, pretending not to hear them. It’s okay, you think.  I don’t need money or friends, I’m only here to get good grades so I can get a scholarship…

The lunch bell rings and everyone in your class leaves, calling out to friends to sit with.  You watch them go. I wonder what it would be like to have someone like that? Someone who you know really well, someone who takes care of you all the time, someone who protects you and eats with you… You sigh. Well, I guess not everyone has someone like that.

You stand up and walk out of the classroom, carrying the lunch that your mother made for you.  

“Just eat this,” your mom would always say.  “It’s nutritious and it’s much less expensive than the lunches you buy at school.  Think of all the art supplies that I could buy you with that money!”

You sigh.  Mom never buys me new art supplies.  She always uses the money to get clothes and supplies for Dongjin, my little brother…

—————-(Ten’s POV)————

Ten stands in the hallway and watches you walk out of the classroom, alone like you are everyday. You turn the corner to go to the lunchroom, not looking up.

Ten sighs.  She’s always like this.  When’s the last time she and I talked? Maybe middle school, before her father lost his job? [y/n] was bright and happy back then.  She talked to me all the time, even though I was just the shy kid at the back of the class.  

He walks closer to your classroom and looks inside.  What should I do for her? I have money, but that’s all I can give her.  How would I do it anyways? Ten approaches your desk, sitting your seat and looking around.  I bet she doesn’t have any friends…

Ten glances down at your notebook.  He peers closer, reading a list that you wrote titled:’art supplies”.

“This would be perfect,” he says out loud. Quickly, Ten covers his mouth and looks around worriedly, although no one is around. He grabs his phone from his picture and snaps a picture, then walks out of the room, whistling to himself.

——— (Your POV) ————

You slump into your seat, laying your head onto your desk.  You slide your backpack from your shoulders and sit up, stretching your arms above your head.  School starts so early… you muse to yourself as you stand up and walk to the back of your classroom.  You take the lock off of your locker, then gasp in surprise, stepping back quickly.  

Inside of your locker is a mountain of art supplies, with a card on the top of the pile reading: ‘We haven’t talked in a long time.  Maybe you remember me? But no hints~”

You pick up the card and stare at the writing.  I don’t recognize this handwriting, so I don’t think this is another prank.  You reach your hand into your locker, just about to pick up the beautiful colored pencils on top of the pile when someone behind you begins talking.

“Hey, [y/n].  What’s in your locker? Is it something cool?”

You shut your locker quickly and turn around, putting your back on your locker.  Minji and Eunjin stand in front of you,  looking at you suspiciously.  

“Got something good, [y/n]?”

Minji laughs.  “She doesn’t have anything.  She’s poor, remember?”

Eunjin laughs along with Minji, but steps forward.  “Let us see, huh?”

You open your mouth to respond to Eunjin when the school bell rings, ending your conversation.  Einjin and Minji smirk at you and return to their seats.  You sigh, then sit down.

At least Ill have a little bit of time to pretend that those supplies are mine.  Once they get inside of my locker, they are going to take them for sure…

Time passes quickly, and soon enough the bell for lunch rings.  You get up quickly and stand by your locker, trying not to draw attention to yourself.

Minji and Eunjin stand together with a girl from another classroom, talking animatedly.

“Yeah,” the other girl was saying. “There’s a new male student in my class and he’s really good looking.  As good looking as an idol! And his clothes are new and expensive looking.  Everything about him is perfect! He doesn’t talk much though…”

Eunjin and Minji smile at each other. “Let’s go see him.” Minji says.

“Of course,” Eunjin says happily. “But what about [y/n]?”

Minji turns to you, and you turn away quickly.  “Oh right, I almost forgot. Lets look in her locker first.”

You step in front of your locker and shake your head. Einjin laughs and Minji steps forward.

“Are you saying no to us right now?”  Minji laughs and tosses her hair. “Seems like you aren’t afraid of us anymore.  Aren’t we scary? Wanna get hit?”

Minji raises her hand and you flinch, closing your eyes in anticipation for the hit.  But for some reason, the blow never comes.  

You open your eyes and are surprised by the fact that there is someone standing in front of you, holding Minji’s raised wrist in their hand.

“Don’t hit her,” the boy says.  “Did something happen?”

Minji’s mouth forms an ‘o’ and her cheeks turn pink. “N-no…” she stammers.  Eunjin raises her hand to her mouth and stares at the boy standing in front of you in amazement.

You gasp as the boy turns around and touches your shoulder gently.  “Are you okay?” he asks.

He is handsome… The boy is tall with dark hair and pale skin.  His angular nose compliments his beautiful brown eyes, his eyes that vaguely seemed familiar…

“[y/n]?” The boy leaned closer to you. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

You shake your head slowly, dazed and confused. “No….” He knows my name…

You glance to your side and gasp again.  Female students are piled around the windows and are leaning into the doorframe of your classroom, probably trying to get a glance of the boy standing in front of you.

He looks in the same way that you are looking and looks on in surprise. He turns back to you and laughs. “Seems like you are pretty popular.  Do you get in fights often?”

You almost laugh out loud, but notice the innocent and open look in his eyes.  He’s not kidding around, he actually doesn’t know that they are here because of him…

“Ah… not really,” you say quietly.

The boy takes your hand and grins again.  “Let’s go then.”

As he pulls you away through the crowd of girls, all looking at him, you realize it.  The same beautiful eyes, the same radiant smile, the same open face, it all makes sense now.  Its him.

“Ten?” you ask.

Ten turns back to you and smiles. “Hi, [y/n]. I’m glad you remember me.”


Part 2



A Home for the Shadows

So Arrow broke me, and then to fix me I broke myself some more. So enjoy the result of that. Also it takes place right after the episode so like don’t read if you don’t want spoilers.

He knew what he had to do. John wanted to talk, he wanted him to open up and explain his reasoning. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t be down there anymore. Not when the hood and the bow called to him to continue. He barely looked at any of them as he went to change. Only Felicity’s eyes followed him, her silence a comfort that he didn’t deserve. He didn’t deserve anyone or anything. Not anymore.

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Oh my Goodness!!! My heart can’t take this!! This photo is beyond precious! I have been having such a rough week and I seen this and fall in love with it.

Honestly how precious is the little girl! I can’t she so cute!

Then we have val and Sharna looking absolutely handsome and beautiful in background! Sharna’s expression is just to cute for words. And Val is just as so adorable with his smile!

My heart is just so happy!❤

Someone give them kids please… pretty please.
I mean I think they would make they best parents!

[I have no clue who owns this photo but you can have all the credit because I didn’t take nor do I own it.]