she looks so good and happy

how about some hcs of papa Runaan with toddler Rayla??

  • when Runaan started teaching Rayla about more acrobatic moves, she got really into it. a few weeks after he began training her, she raced up to him like Runaan Runaan watch this!! and ran up a fucking tree trunk with the intention of pulling off a backflip. Runaan freaked o u t and was like nO RAYLA STOP YOU AREN’T READY
    • she proceeded to fucking nail the landing and looked up at him with happy, sparkling eyes, waiting for approval. Runaan just cracked a small smile and patted her on the head, telling her she did a great job but to never do something so reckless again
  • there was definitely an incident where Rayla hit Runaan in the crotch sO HARD during a sparring match that he keeled over and couldn’t move for a good ten minutes
    • during those ten minutes, Rayla danced around Runaan’s fallen form and cheered over her apparent victory
  • Runaan only let Rayla practice with wooden swords out of fear she would hurt herself if she used real ones
    • one day, he found her holding one of his swords and he essentially tripped and fell over himself in his haste to get the sharp, pointy object away from her
  • on some nights, Runaan would wake up to hear Rayla sniffling because she missed her parents so much. when this happened, he’d quietly go over to her bed and tell her stories about the magic of Xadia while stroking her hair. he wouldn’t stop talking until he knew she had fallen asleep
    • other nights, Rayla would come to him directly and just climb into his bed with him and hide under the covers, tightly gripping the hem of his shirt in search of comfort from a familiar figure as she quietly cried
  • getting Rayla to take a bath was the hardest. thing. EVER. it was a battle in its own right. he would often spend the better part of his night chasing a screaming, half-naked Rayla who had busted her way out of the bathroom after seeing the tub full of water
    • an hour later, Runaan would emerge from the bathroom, hair a mess, random splotches of water staining his clothes a shade darker, and a small Rayla in his arms, wrapped up in a big, fluffy towel looking as grouchy as can be
  • every time Runana had to go out on a mission, he’d have to let little Rayla know at least three hours in advance because she’d throw a fit and yell and cry, saying she wanted to go too
    • after her tantrum, she’d just latch onto his leg and refuse to let go for about 30 minutes before Runaan would be able to calm her down and pry her away from him
  • honestly sometimes Runaan needed a break from taking care of toddler Rayla, but the minute someone offered their help, he’d refuse because he really did see Rayla as his own child and responsibility, and he knew he needed to be a parental figure who would always be there for her, no matter what

[Image description: A waist-up sketch of Amaya from the Dragon Prince. She has an intense look with a small smile, a scar under her right eye, and her hair is cut in a bob. She’s wearing armour and is doing the American Sign Language sign for “cool”. End description.]

I just met Amaya but she’s my mom now and I love her. I totally freaked out when she started signing and then it’s actual ASL and I can actually read it and !!!!!!! oh it’s so good!!! 

anonymous asked:

I don’t know if you still do requests or not, and it’s fine if you don’t or you’re busy, but I’m absolutely in love with your Villian!Lucy and I was wondering, if it’s not any trouble, you could do another doodle of Villain!Lucy?

“I’ll save you Lucy, I promise” He says confidently, looking her deep in the eyes as if searching for the good that once lived there.

“What makes you think I’d ever want to be saved?” She asks him back with such a sad expression that he can’t think of a reply.  

More villain Lucy doodles! I’m always happy to doodle my own AUs haha. I haven’t done a really quick messy drawing in awhile so I hope you like it! 

whoever he is || t.h.

summary: in which he knows he’ll never be the top of her list. 

word count: 1k

warnings: none

pairings: tom holland x reader

a/n: hello, I’m well aware that Christmas is three months away but I love this song and I needed to write something based on it. The song is called whoever he is and it’s by new hope club. I absolutely love them and if you haven’t listened to them, I highly recommend you do. Hope you guys like this, please leave some feedback, it’s always much appreciated. And yes, Brad because I’m a sucker for Brad Simpson.

not my gif

The day he fell in love with her there was snow falling and cold weather. He saw her standing on the street with her cheeks flushed and her delicate hands covered by a pair of gray gloves. Her hair was sticking to her face, and the scarf that decorated her neck was blowing in the wind.

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I was never really happy with how I drew my girl Nephthys, so I switched up her design a tad and changed her face structure. It looks good rn so I’m okay with it.

Not really sure if you wanted tagged in anything of mine but @serronrising she’s hairless, whiskerless, n proud, do you like her?

EDIT- I forgot to mention that I finally managed to snag her Filigree, changed from Runes, which is what inspired the patterns on her head

“Hey, Roxas!” Xion waved excitedly before running up to him and grabbing his hand. She tugged him back down the hall. “I need to tell you something.” She whispered, wide grin almost splitting her face in two.

Roxas let himself be led away, still processing the sight he was seeing. “You look… happy?” But that wasn’t quite the right word. She was usually in a good mood when they were around eachother, but she was never so… energetic.

She looked back to him and her smiled softened somewhat. Became a little more bearable. “You’ll see.”

Roxas shrugged, but continued to follow even when Xion dropped his hand. He was curios, who could blame him? He felt a small bit of warmth wiggle around inside him at the sight of his friend with a bounce in her step and sparkle in her eyes. He hoped that this mood would last. It was nice. It was something he wouldn’t mind getting used to.

They only stopped when they shoved themselves in a small room far down one of the many side hallways of the castle. It was bare and full of dust - obviously no one stepped a foot inside for a long, long time. No one until now.

“So?” Roxas prompted before Xion could say anything. “What’s got you so…?” He still couldn’t think of the word he was looking for, so he let the silence speak for him.

Xion bounces a little before leaning in and whispering, “I’m not supposed to say this.”

A flash of uneasiness cut through Roxas for a second at the prospect of doing something that went against orders. “Oh?”

“But I couldn’t keep it inside! I needed to tell someone and I trust you, Roxas.”

Roxas felt that warmth again at the idea of him being trustworthy. “What is it?”

Xion leaned in even closer and whispered even lower, “I remembered by name. My true name.”

That… wasn’t what Roxas was expecting. The warmth soured into something he didn’t like. Something that twisted his guts and burned too hot. “Oh.” He tried to mask that feeling as much as he can. He didn’t want it to spread to Xion when she was so… happy. “What is it?”

“Nio.” She said the word with a reverence Roxas didn’t understand. Couldn’t understand.

He wished he understood.

“That’s great, Xion.” Was all he said, with a thin smile.

Xion didn’t notice, though. She was too busy bouncing and smiling and sparkling. Roxas wished he felt the same way. Wished he could bounce or smile or sparkle. Instead he felt small and burnt and twisted into knots.

“You won’t tell anyone.” It wasn’t a question or a request. It was a statement that Roxas confirmed with a bob of his head.

Xion took both his hands and squeezed. “You’re my best friend.”

Roxas nodded.

“I hope you remember your name, too.”

Roxas nodded.

“We’ll be eachother’s name keeper.”

All Roxas knew how to do is nod.

He wished he remembered. He really, really did. But it was too much to hope for. He thinks that Xion knows that too, because her smile wasn’t as big as it was before. She gave his hands one last squeeze before letting go.

They left the old abandoned room without another word.

Telltale: I hope you like the new characters!

Us: Yes! They are great, We love them!

*Telltale taking notes*: Oh, and what about Clem?

Us: Oh she looks so great and grown up, we love her! We really can feel the love and protection that she feels for AJ!

*Telltale nodding*: That’s good! We are happy that you like them! And remember to keep them

“Still not bitten!”

Us: We sure will! Hahaha thanks, Telltale!

Telltale: Hahaha yeah, see you soon!

*Telltale turning around*: We will kill them all.

Skin & Bone

It was always going to turn out this way.

Eira really shouldn’t have expected any different, the devil will always be a gentlemen – To distract from the pretty lies and sharp horns, she supposes. Bailey had lured her to her death without a weapon or a threat; she’s been all too happy to obey and step into her own noose and look what it had brought her.  On the floor of his kitchen, feebly holding her arms up to defend herself, a knife, dull and large, coming down to slash at her flesh. Sakura was a good woman, not a killer, not meant for death and decay, and so Eira could forgive her this. Because she loved him – loved Bailey, just as much as Eira did and wasn’t willing to part with him for anything. She just happened to have the nerve that the younger woman lacked to go any length for her love.

Of course he’s just watching, in the back of the room, someone frightened and fragile trembling at his side. Seiichi – The only exception to Sakura’s no sharing rule. Eira is a little jealous him, the poor thing it’s not his fault. He’s hardly a threat, he’s something Sakura can’t make up for, Bailey’s first love and because he’s such a timid thing, he’s a present for her too – if she wants him, Bailey likes it when his dolls play nicely together. It’s a bitter thought, but she understands what he always meant when he used to tell her she was the jewel in her collection. Bailey collects lovers for what they make him feel, because he can’t do that on his own. He’s hollow right down to his soul, there’s nothing but numb to provide a feeling for being full for him. He needs his dolls to fix him. Seiichi came first, his first taste of love, he’d thought at first, before he released the boy forced jealousy into him. Ray had come next, pure and violent rage, but he was snatched away somewhere Bailey couldn’t reach. That’s when Sakura had come into the picture, the first woman he’d ever loved – Compassion.

Not so compassionate now that she was hunched over Eira, with a knife to her throat. But at least now Eira knew what she was. Power. Not her own but rather the power Bailey could have over her. He’s still got it too, even now, even has he shoots Seiichi a look that makes him lower his head and let go, striding over to still his wife’s hand with his own.

“I thought I told you, not to interfere.” His voice low and rough and Eira takes comfort at that, by the look on Sakura’s face, it’s something she hadn’t heard before. But Eira has. Eira’s seen plenty of Bailey no one else has and she’s got the battle scars to prove it. “Leave her be, my angel. There’s no need for you to be jealous.” Of course Sakura wants to protest, she opens her mouth to do as much – but maybe she sees something that warns her against it because her jaw snaps shut and the kitchen knife clatters to the floor. She’s in trouble and everyone’s seen that in Bailey but rarely anyone sees it twice. For someone who had boredly watched the attack, he’s gentle and loving in the way he carries Eira, he doesn’t even seem to care that her blood is standing his button up shirt a cherry red. Sakura keeps her head low like Seiichi and waits for him to leave, but she doesn’t miss the way he’s allowing Eira to cling to him like a frightened child.

He patches her up without so much as a glance at her face and she’s grateful for that. If he sees her crying now, she’ll be in trouble. Once she’s all bandaged up, she dragged off the edge of the bed, onto the floor, into his chest, leaning back against the bedroom door. She’s shaking now, he’s too kind, and it’s terrifying. He’s too much like her ex right now and she feels sick just thinking of him.

“It’s ok, you’re ok, starlight.” He coos and something in his voice breaks, like he’s not exactly talking to her. And with the way his large hand comes down to rub at the swell of her stomach, she knows he isn’t. He knows – he knows why Sakura was so furious, Eira’s gone dug her own grave again. She’s giving Bailey something Sakura refuses to. She’s pregnant, not very far along but of course he would have found out. He’s too damn attentive and perceptive. He’s been like that for as long as she’s known him. Right now though, she’s caught between screaming at him for just watching and clinging tighter. She’s trapped now, she wants this baby but now he’s got nowhere else to go. But she’s been watching too, waiting in her room. Bailey’s got his eyes on two new boys down in the basement. One’s so sickly pale – Drystan, she thinks his name is, God, he’s so week – Bailey snatched him the hospital and it’s clear what he is; Disgust. The other is a lot stronger but he’s compliant, so willing to be here, just like she was. Jack, he’s kind but so naive, he’s got a jealous streak a mile wide but no conviction, clearly pity.

“Look at me, starlight.” Bailey’s voice breaks through her thoughts and Eira almost jumps, his grip around her is too tight. “You’re special. You know that, right?” She does, but for how long? How long will she be special before she’s in the ground, rotting under the house like the others, like the ones that escaped. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, sir.”

“Good girl.” He grins, she knows he’s grinning, even with that fucking mask in the way. “We’re going to be happy, don’t mind this hiccup. It’ll be ok, I won’t let her hurt you again.” Eira feels so sick at the thought, but she knows he’s right. So long as he keeps coming back to her and telling her she’s special, she’s happy. Bailey isn’t the broken one here – They are.

And he knows that.

I have been waiting for a bandwagon like this FOREVER and I’m so glad I can contribute even if I don’t have time to do a full blown drawing.

I’m so weak for short hair.



Guys I just made a discovery while rewatching Voltron season 6. It’s a very interesting parallel I haven’t seen anybody talk about. (Sorry for the low quality pics, I literally just took pictures of my TV screen in my rush)

Alrighty, so in episode 3, Monsters and Mana, the team defeats the boss at the end of the game and everyone is expressing how much fun it is, and this is when Lance says this to Allura;

“We have a pretty good time together, don’t we?”

To which Allura agrees and smiles. This is clearly a bonding moment for them. Well, right after this exchange between Allura and Lance, Lotor contacts Allura.

You can see how Allura immediately lights up when she realizes it’s Lotor, meanwhile Lance is just looking surprised/startled, then he sulks and pouts because she leaves to go be with Lotor.

Ok, so fast forward to episode 6, All Good Things.

Lance and Allura are having an emotional moment with each other. Lance comforts Allura when she expresses her pain about being betrayed by Lotor and her doubts in herself, then they share a hug.

In the middle of the hug however, they are contacted by Keith.

And now look at Lance’s immediate reaction to seeing Keith.

He’s clearly happy/relieved to see him and even verbally expresses that by saying “Keith! You’re ok!” And Allura looks shocked and surprised by his call.

So we had two bonding moments between Allura and Lance, one interrupted by Allura’s very obvious romantic interest, Lotor, and the second one interrupted by Keith.

Does this mean that Keith is a romantic interest for Allura as well?

No. It means that Keith is Lance’s romantic interest. Just look at Lance’s face when he sees Keith and realizes he’s ok. It looks just like Allura’s face when Lotor contacted her in episode 3.

I think this is an interesting little hint/foreshadowing for possible klance in the future. What do you guys think?