she looks so fluffy and fresh faced :(

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hi i'm in a really bad place right now, can i request some fluffy hcs with jubilee please?

hi baby, i’m so sorry you’re feeling down, i hope these’ll help 💛

• Jubilee is, as I’m sure I once stated (because it’s my #1 headcanon for her), the Queen Of Couple Matching Outfits™

• literally…she’ll make even your underwear match hers just because “we’re meant to be together, y/n/n, and everybody needs to know!”

• she also purposefully applies a fresh coat of lipgloss before kissing you, because she thinks you look adorable with pink marks all over your face and lips

• Jubilation Lee literally gives the best hugs. No one will ever outmatch her embraces; they’re always so warm and full of love - plus her scent is really comforting (a mix of bubblegum and sunshine that only her can pull off)

• gushes about you to Kurt 24/7 - he’s your number two stan (because Jubes is the #1, of course)

• her laughter is, without a doubt, the prettiest sound in the whole universe. it’s clear and smooth with a special edge to it, and you cannot get enough of it

• Jubilee is really into hand holding. She loves to entwine her fingers with yours and bring your hand up to her lips to kiss your knuckles - only to giggle and gush about how cute you look with pink marks on your skin again


• she adores it whenever you read to her - because she loves your voice and the little twinkle that appears in your eyes when you’re engrossed in a good book

• she has so many cute nicknames for you it’s ridiculous; little bee, ruler of my heart, my darling, my sweet, beautiful sunshine baby - and many more that always make Warren smile because he (even though he won’t admit it) is a sucker for lovey dovey stuff

• if you’re sitting on the couch next to her, expect her to stretch her little legs out in your lap - and sometimes, she’ll pull yours into her lap and rub your feet

• ugly face contests while the two of you are sitting on completely opposite sides of the classroom

• Jubilee covering her mouth with her hand to muffle her giggles when you make a particularly impressive grimace because she loves you so much and can’t believe how lucky she is to have you