she looks so flawless in this pic


A Masterpost of Patsy Mount’s Iconic Looks™: Series 3

Miss Patience Mount is one of the most stylish ladies on Call the Midwife, and she has such a look™. Everything she wears is just iconic, and I felt compelled to make a masterpost of her looks, starting with season 3. If you click on the pictures, there’s captions 

*please excuse the bad quality of the pics, I am horrible at screenshotting*

I love this pic so much

Pieter is watching the Bella’s performance like ugh hell no they better noT while Kommissar is like oh look the tiny maus is actually pretty good huh

Anyways becommissar is real and that is a fact


Dreams are born. Hopes fly high. We love this country with a passion,  You can see the pride in our eyes, read the joy in our faces. Hear the love in our lips. We create products that deliver an effortless beauty look. Genuine and glowing with confidence.- Carrie Underwood For Almay. 



I bought this absolutely GORGEOUS set of Clow cards from @idragonhawk and they arrived today!

She also included a set of Sakura cards, which are so adorable that I am DYING! LOOK AT THEM!

I obviously had to take pics of them with my full size cards, and as you can see the detail and scaling are impeccable, just absolutely brilliant work! FLAWLESS!

Seriously, I am completely in love with these, and I highly recommend patroning Dragons Delight Studio! ❤️

EXO Reaction when their girlfriend is complaining about her chest

Like.. almost all girls do this xD Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying to hide he’s turned on* “Oh they are good good jagi… on the point!”


“Hmm… come closer… let me have a better look…” *Naughty naughty*


“Yeah jagi.. you should try another bra… yes…”


“Aish… this girl.. she seriously thinks they aren’t perfect… how?” *stares at the pic you sent him, every five minutes*


“You know… they say they grow if you eat chicken…” *His solution to everything*


“I don’t know jagi… for me they…you are perfect” *So lovely*


*Can’t stop staring at you* “Babe… what’s your worry. For me you are beautiful, flawless… now let’s get going. We have a date remember?”


*You start doing weird things on the mirror while he watches* “Baobei… I don’t know about you… but I like those two!” *Such a perv*


*A little bit nervous* “Are we… really talking about boobs?I just… I like them jagi… I don’t see a problem… yeah”


*Really embarrassed* “Oh no jagi… don’t grab them like that.. I just…please” *Maybe he’s imagining things too…*


“I don’t want to hear you say those things! Not until you accept you are perfect!”


“Maybe… I can make you change your mind…” *Oh so daddy-like…*

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You want cute stories? I'm dating (happily) but I saw a girl so pretty I lost the ability to function the other day. She was shopping in the store I work at and I had to make an excuse to go into the next aisle to tell my colleague to look a out for her. She was tall and thin and kinda soft butch(?), and she was wearing a purple flannel shirt, black jeans and a pair of tan ankle boots with lil fuzzy bits. She had the most flawless skin and god my heart stopped when I saw her

That’s a major mood. I was helping my friend look at pics for hair today and this pic of a girl with super curly hair and the smile of an angel came up and I almost died.
-mod Aphrodite

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Camila looks freaking amazing in the KJ Apa ig pic in the cafeteria like she legit looks so flawless

she does indeed!! she looks beautiful in red. 😍❤️

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Love your blog so much! I always stop to check in every day for my daily laugh/sin. I was hoping I could get some selfie headcanons for the Naruto characters? Like, who takes the best, the worst, Los always flawless, manages to cover the camera, etc.

Omg yassssss and thank you <3

Okay so really you can’t get a fucking bad picture of Sasuke he always looks so perfect. That brooding face just leaves no room for flaws? He looks like he’s constantly posing, even though he hates pictures, so this is only when other people are taking pics of him/with him

Ino only take selfies from her “good side”. She’s convinced she has one but literally anyone else will tell her there’s no difference

Kiba’s always flexing in his selfies but he doesn’t have as much gains as he thinks he does

Rock Lee doesn’t always take selfies himself but he’s that dude in the background of everyone’s pictures with a blurred face because he’s always in motion

Hanabi takes the cutest selfies like she’s the girl everyone looks at like “SHE’S ONLY 12 AND SHE’S PRETTIER THAN ME”

Deidara spends too long trying to make his selfies look aesthetic that he doesn’t realize they just look weird

Also take note that Itachi and Sasuke would take the smoothest selfies together. #Uchihabrothersslay. And Shisui comes in so it’s like 3x as fine

Hinata takes really cute pictures, but they’re mirror pics and her camera accidentally covers her face. But it just looks purposely aesthetic, so it would kinda become her trademark. Lookin all shy but mysterious and what not. Could take the award for best selfies?

Naruto takes pretty good selfies. He looks so energetic and happy and they’re always action shots. Like not just taking selfies, he’s got his own go pro and records himself bungee jumping and shit, like I know that’s specific but I can totally imagine him doing that

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i just found a whole page dedicated to hating on camille on insta like please... they would post a pic of her saying shit like "i dont even have to try" yet camille looks beautiful and flawless and im like ???? i didn't realise how many stupid petty harry fans there are out there

I’ve seen some pages that Slut shames her, calls her ugly, make fun of her makeup-free face and so on. I’ve got 0 problem with people hating on her for what they consider to be problematic things she’s done in the past cause I feel like that’s justified, everyone is triggered by different things and everyone have things they cannot accept. Using misogyny to bully her or reduce her to some “porn actress wannabe model” (just an example) on the other hand is against everything Harry stands for (from what I’ve seen so far anyway). I understand that not all fans are the same and don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen a handful of fans show support for this relationship/Camille but majority of the people making accounts to spread hate are undeniably a 1D/Harry/Larries fans.

Sorry for the rant but it’s so frustrating that some people think that by hating on her or bashing her on social media can change the fact that Harry is most likely dating her. And even if they’re not dating, that’s someone he is friends with. I doubt he’d see the hate and rethink their relationship/friendship. If anything he’d be upset as anyone would be if the person they care for is getting treated like shit because of them.

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what kind of foundation and powder does Ariana use? it looks so clean and flawless in the Santa tell me video. I neeedd it

I believe she still uses RCMA! Her makeup artist posted a pic of makeup, and I’m 99 percent sure it was what he uses on Ari bc it showed RCMA

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Could you recommend me some booklr blogs?

Hey Nonnie!

I sure can :) With bonus about the people running them, because we need positivity:

@readaroundtherosie - Alison is the best human in the world. best best friend in the world. She’s amazing.

@thebookhangover - Bec is a fierce lady, she’s funny and awesome and a literal actual cinnamon roll.

@docsandleatherjackets - Megan is one of the strongest people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and I look up to hear every day.

@magic-in-every-book - Dakota is sweet, kind, caring and beautiful. And she writes amazing reviews.

@ladybookmad - Manda is goals. She’s smart and level headed and with some of the best taste in books I’ve ever known someone to have. I look up to her so much.

@introvertedbookworm24 - Luana is probably one of the sweetest, most amazing and caring people I’ve met. She brightens up my days. And her photography. SO PRETTY.

@tea-books-lover - Alina is a lovely, adorable, beautiful person. And so so kind.

@duckduckbooks - Beth is wonderful. She’s sassy and sarcastic and smart and so beautiful.

@buttermybooks - Summer is flawless, basically. She takes gorgeous pics and is a generally beautiful human being.

@bluestockingbookworm - Erin is fantastic. She runs a kick-ass book blog and she’s a wonderful person. So open and caring.

@b00kstorebabe - Shauna = kick-ass personality, so much kindness, beautiful books. And her hair is goals.

@pollyandbooks - Polly’s smile can light up rooms. She’s absolutely wonderful. And HER PHOTOGRAPHY. Gosh.

@antstepsbooks - Nels is an actual cinnamon roll. And an angel.

@queenofbabble - Kristy is sass and quirkiness and loveliness, all put together and the result is a wonderful human being.

@tilly-and-her-books - Tilly is an actual queen. That is all. She’s perfect. I love her and stalk her blog daily #noregrets #ipromisei’mnotacreeptilly

@thebooker - Becki is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She’s absolutely amazing and I admire her so much, for the kind of person she is and the dedication she shows.

@mariethelibrarian - Marie is books and ballet and sweetness and adorableness all in one. And she’s wonderful.

@freshface-blankpage - Shelby. Perfection. And SUCH A LOVELY VOICE.

@ifreakinlovebooks - Carol is so amazing. She’s a wonderful friend. And she takes amazing photography. And she has the most amazing things in her bookish store. And she’s flawless.

I’m forgetting a lot of people. But you’re all amazing :) <3

lauren’s eyes (aka its likely you’ll have heart palpitations reading this)

so as we all know, lauren has some god damn killer eyes and i thought id make this masterpost bc quite honestly i wanted something to scroll through to see some pics of my girlfriends eyes and i wanted to share it w/ the world! here we go:

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Thank you so much for 1k! Here’s a list of my top favorite blogs & their blog descriptions ☺💕
alien-glitter-fiend - Lovee omg she has awesome grunge & vintage posts!
axdorable -She does the best job of mixing kawaii, luxury, & pink posts & she’s beautiful!
banging-dickens -I’ve learned so much from following her blog she’s so awesome
barbie-squad - Fab pink & fashion posts
bbygirl-l - In love with her colorful & fun cyber ghetto posts
britneybaybe - Also in love with her colorful & fun cyber ghetto posts! I get so happy when i see her posts on my dash!
bugattigal -Adorable Kawaii posts!
chill-princesss -Pretty pink posts
chillprincesa -Also pretty pink posts!
choking-on-fiji -Super cool pink cyber ghetto blog!
clementine-peach -Gorgeous nature blog!
cocaine–goddess -Amazing cyber ghetto blog!
cybrg0ddess -One of my top favorites & she’s also so pretty! She does an amazing job of mixing cute gifs w/ soft ghetto & grunge
dixmndis -Her blog is honestly a perfect pink cyber ghetto blog i wish she would post more!
drakes-shawty - Dope cyber ghetto & luxury posts
drugstoredietcoke -Really cool grunge posts!
eggyscout -Love her pink blog!
geneva-diva -Another of my top favorites! She has a perfect blog with early 2000s fashion & celeb pics & she looks like Pamela Anderson!
golden-xtasy -Cool ass cyber ghetto posts!
hellaa-pink -Adorable pink blog
jealouswhore -Pink luxury posts be slayinggg
lil-cleopatra -Love her cyber ghetto grunge posts
meanplastic -His blog is one of the best on tumblr enough said. & I live for his comebacks lmao he is truly undraggable!
nicolewato -Another perf pink blog!
oreo-baby -Super cute pink kawaii & cyber ghetto posts
platinumputa -Omg another perfect blog! She’s also really pretty & does a flawless job of mixing luxury, pink, kawaii, & cyber ghetto posts!
princess-kleopatra -Her blog is so fab & cyber ghetto
princessalienglitter -Best pink blog on tumblr!
sanstitre-cesttropchic -Lovee her fashion blog!
y2kbae -One of my faves for sure! Her blog is like cyber ghetto candy!
yung-chulita -Badass cyber ghetto blog & she’s stunning!
yung-honey -Another of my top faves! perf cyber ghetto candy posts as well & shes hella pretty!
yvng-yoshi -Idk what you call this blog style but it’s dope af!
yvngputa -Gorgeous girl w/ a gorgeous blog! Lovely cyber ghetto & luxury posts

Thanks for keeping my dash poppin’ babes 💖💎

Meeting Halsey

Halsey is flawless & amazing & a beautiful soul

She was throwing up and feeling like shit after the set so instead of standing and taking pics like she normally does, she sat at a table and signed posters and took a selfie with each fan.

I was towards the end of the the line. I told her I hoped she would feel better and thanked for for still meeting us. She said I looked really cute and that she liked my necklace. Then I told her I was a nurse and that I’m glad she wasn’t kissing people anymore cause I was worried she’d get mono (lol). Then ofc I told her I run a Halsey fashion blog and asked her where her shirt was from, and she said some place on Melrose with an M I don’t remember. She was literally so nice and not even in a fake way. Even though she felt like shit she took the time to sign everyone’s poster in a personal way with doodles and everything.

I am so proud to support Halsey and watch her career continue to grow. She truly cares about her fans and makes amazing music. We got to hear the studio versions of “Drive” and “Colors” and I am soooo excited for Badlands to come out & for her to headline her own tour!!!