she looks so defeated

AU - Yachi and Kindaichi had met in cram school. Neither one knew about each other’s involvement with their own high school’s volleyball team. Needless to say it was a shock for both of them when they crossed paths at the Spring Tournament semi final. Yachi was torn after the outcome, she was happy but at the same time it broke her heart to see Kindaichi cry. 

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Bad Girl | 2NE1

anonymous: Can I get a reaction of 2ne1/ snsd (both or one of them, which ever you want) seeing a badass girl ( lol what I mean by this is a girl with tattoos and piercings) that they like.
a/n: i’m going to do both, this one is for you cutie.❣


She would finally pluck up the courage to just say hi to you, but even she couldn’t do that because she got just so shy looking at you. So Chae would admit defeat and leave. She was so intrigued with the art that adored your skin. She longed to discover more of your piercings that weren’t visible to the human eye.

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This girl would come at you from a different angle, through dancing. She would stare at you trying to get your attention when the choreography was sexy. And when she knew you were looking at her, she would go full out everything. After the performance she’d ask you how was it.

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She would pretend she didn’t notice you. “Oh! Hello, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Dara!” Dara would be the sweetheart she is and just talk to you casually as if you’ve known each other for years and it’s like a little reunion.

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Even if Bom was fully aware who you were, she’d act cool too. And when you finally began talking to her she would be like, “Oh, who’s this? A new face I see.” And she would continue speaking to you cooly just like Dara would.

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can always tell when summer vacation has started because it smells like sunscreen and aloe vera in the house

so like u know in the second toby maguire spiderman movie that scene on the train where he got his mask taken off and he’s unconscious and the people on the train all go like “hes just a kid…” and crowd around him to defend him from doc oc? okay u probably dont but that description is literally all u need 2 know about it lets go

Basically imagine that but like. Either marinette’s miraculous gets taken away completely or her transformation wears off and shes too weak to hide while she’s changing back (maybe the villain of the week is actually *surprise!* competent, maybe its hawkmoth idk) but anyway so she changes back at her school in the process of defending the kids? and the kids are like “holy,,, shit shes. i know her. shes in my english class. thats marinette. holy. holy cannoli. jesus christ.”

and the baddie is demanding that they hand her over but theyre like …no. They crowd around her and protect her and even somehow manage to fend them off until chat noir shows up. 

imagine even chloe standing up for her. 

imagine like, one scenario where shes not the biggest bitch possible.


The Portrait Excerpt

Former Professor Severus Snape was slumped forward in an emerald green chair, letting his dark locks cover his features. His slender fingers were entwined between the end of his knees, hardly hanging together. His usual black robes fit tightly against his form, and the only spot of white peeked out from the edge of his sleeve near the lengthy row of buttons.

All together, he looked like a heap of black inside one of the most exquisite paintings Hogwarts presently had on their walls.

Hermione’s face fell to see the once tall and stout man looking so defeated. Biting her lip hard, she felt her nerves beginning to spike, yet came to the conclusion that she was standing there far too long to simply walk away without saying something…

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Random bees

this is based off of a story I had in rough draft form from a few months ago but abandoned like half way through. I do not know if this story will ever see the light of day but at least have this. 


Blake and Yang met as kids but neither remembers it. What happened was Yang and Ruby were with Qrow, just outside the kingdom of Vale. When Qrow had his back turned, Yang noticed that a faunus child her age was sitting all by her lonesome and looked hungry and defeated. So she went over and gave, unknown to her, Blake an apple to eat and was trying to make small talk. Blake took the food and didn’t really talk.

Not like it mattered much since Qrow started to called and Yang went back to her Uncle. When he asked where she went, Yang told him about the girl she saw but Blake was already gone. 

Jump forward years later. One day when Yang and Blake are alone, as they are talking, Blake mentions how she almost gave up once after her parents died; how she was all alone, hungry, and scared and just wanted to give up. That was until some blonde haired girl came up to her with a huge smile on her face and gave her an apple–food that she has not have in forever. The girl didn’t stay long because someone caught her attention and she had to go but it was thanks to her kindness that Blake was able to get up again and start walking around. She forgot about that day and only just remembered it.

Yang realized right away that girl was her and the girl she too forgot all about years ago that she helped was Blake. Both also realize that their paths have intertwined many years before Beacon and that they were always destined to meet.  


You’re thinking of doing something, aren’t you?


Old pics of Fenix letting the fire breathing dragon side get the best of her and Granger being over it.

BUT THAT’S WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR PAL.. smh, deal with it.

Solavellan: The Task at Hand

Cassandra, Dorian and Solas have a talk about Lavellan’s stress levels leading up to the final battle. Naturally, with the world on her shoulders and recent breakup on her mind, she’s not doing too well. Written from Cassandra’s perspective.

“Inquisitor,” spoke Cassandra, with an unfamiliar softness, “You need to get some sleep.”

The skin beneath the inquisitor’s eyes had turned the color of storm clouds. Her mouth was set into a firm line, the edges of her lips slanted downward. She did not look at Cassandra, only off into the distance at something only she could see.  How can such defeated eyes look so determined?

After a moment, Lavellan tilted her head down, looking away from her unknown horizon. She responded.

“The task at hand is more important than sleep.”

It was mechanical. It was tired. It was a voice that struggled to push through a thousand thick curtains before being heard. Still, it was a response.

 “The task at hand requires all of us to be at our most alert, Inquisitor. You are not at your best right now. The lack of sleep has slowed you. Do not fool yourself into thinking that I haven’t seen this before.”

Cass chewed the inside of her lip for a moment, hoping that what she had said would sink in.

“It won’t,” whispered a soft, melodic voice. “Her vision is a tunnel now.”

Cole sat cross legged on a thick branch above her. The inquisitor—Lavellan—did not seem to hear him or notice.

“I’m going to patrol the camp perimeter, Cass,” she muttered as if to no one. “I’ll be back soon.”

The seeker sighed, watching the small woman walk into the woods. How long had it been? Three, four nights? Lavellan has not slept, not a wink, and her dosing off while in the saddle did not count. Something would need to be done, she thought, as she lifted her helmet off a rock and headed towards the fire.

Dorian and Solas sat in silence. Only one of them looked up to greet her as she closed in and sat down.

“Would it be possible for you to concoct a sleeping draft, Dorian?”

His dark brows raised. “Do you think that’s wise?”

Clearly, he knew what she was talking about. She frequently underestimated his attention to detail. “Something needs to be done. How long has this been going on?”

Was it her imagination, or did Solas tense up? She quickly looked him over out of the corner of her eye. Stoic and calm as ever. She looked away before he could notice.

The Inquisitor hadn’t slept for the duration of their trip. Cassandra had not been brought along on any of the recent missions. Dorian had.

“The girl has a great deal on her shoulders. She needs to think this out for herself, even if it does mean lacking sleep. Slipping her a potion without her knowledge will only stress her out further.”

“How long, Dorian?”

The tevinter mage sighed and looked towards the ground, his elbows pressing into his knees as he sat, holding his weight up.  

“Two or three weeks. It started with a few simple restless nights and escalated from there.”

Her mouth opened partially, then closed again, tension grinding in her jaw. Too long.

“Have you tried nothing?” her voice was firm, tinted with anger. “She’s our only chance at defeating Corypheus. He could attack at any moment, and if she isn’t at her top level of strength, we could—“

“She’s not the only part of the Inquisition that matters, Seeker. We will all pull our weight. We have put enough on her shoulders already. She might have ripped her way out of the fade to come to you, but she’s not a god.”

A muted laugh escaped the elf’s lips. She looked to Solas, confused. “I don’t see what’s very funny about this.”

“My apologies, Seeker. Dorian is right, of course. The Inquisitor has a lot to absorb at the moment and requires time.”

The Inquisitor.

So formal.

“What happened between you two?”

Cassandra expected him to look away, to evade the question. He did not.

“A time of war has no room for relationships. We must all stay focused on defeating Corypheus, and anything that distracts from that must be put on hold.”

He spoke clearly with confidence, looking her in the eye. She did not know what to say to that.

“You are correct, however. Extreme sleep deprivation  will endanger more than just herself. Her focus on the task at hand might be strong, but her physiological functions are suffering. As Dorian said,” he paused, gazing into the fire once more, “she is not a god.”

She looked between the two of them. Dorian’s lips were parted, slightly, his brows raised in a hint of surprise. Solas remained pensive, folding his hand around his staff.

‘I will talk to her.”