she looks so cute in the second photo

I just had the most random thought that I now really want to happen.

let me set the scene. the squad is at school, as usual, and marinette, for some reason, has alya’s phone. (wouldn’t put it past her to take someone’s phone considering her track record ayy lmao) she’s taking selfies on it, some super cute but most just pulling incredibly dumb faces. 

then, on the cusp of one hella gorgeous photo where she looks like an actual angel, sunshine boy™ adrien agreste comes over from behind with a friendly and slightly awed* “hey marinette!”
(*he’s a one woman man, of course, but dang. she looked real cute in that almost selfie. can ya really blame him?)

she sees him in the phone screen and she’s shook. her expression transforms into one of pure unadulterated joy and somewhere in the seconds that pass instantaneously and yet feel like hours, she captures a photo right then. he’s in the background, looking incredible as always, and her eyes have just shifted toward him, and her expression is lovestruck. like, undeniably so. but something happens in the moment that prevents her from even noticing or looking back on the photo, and she gives alya her phone back later without having even seen said glorious selfie.

then alya. oh, alya. being the wonderful friend and impeccable wingman she is, she spams the squad group chat (bc don’t even try to tell me they don’t have one) with several of marinette’s selfies, pretending to be mad about mari taking her phone. but they’re all stunning photos, of course. and (, of course, ) the one is included. adrien sees the photo and.. oh dang. has this always been a thing? has this always been her beautiful reaction to simply seeing him? is there a reason she’s so happy? and how has he literally never noticed such elation on her face before?

he messages nino immediately. ‘dude. this photo. marinette looks really happy to see me?? I mean, it looks like she does anyway- maybe I’m reading into it. does this mean anything? is she normally this excited to see her friends?’

nino’s reply is instantaneous.

‘dude. DUDE.’


'are you actually that blind? pay attention to her expressions and mannerisms the next time u see her. hopefully you’ll understand. we’ll see.’

he follows nino’s instruction and after surprisingly very little time at all, it hits him like a ton of bricks.

she does not, in fact, act this way around all her friends.

that spark of light in her eyes, that elated smile; those are marinette specials reserved for very few things. raspberry macarons, fashion, and apparently:

“plagg, I think.. I think marinette dupain-cheng likes me.”


*request —> komihannie said: So can I request for Yuta scenario? :) y/n n Yuta are an arrange marriage couple, but lately Yuta actually falling for her n he got jealous whe seeing her with her boy bestfri, then they fight n he confessed to her >< Thz u n I luv ur blog so much ❤

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author’s note: 1,362 words. I was initially expecting more angst but this ended up having more softness to it. 

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I don't know if you've already done this (feel free to ignore it if you have!) But could I maybe ask for the rfa members (+ v and saeran maybe?) reacting to mc stealing and walking around in an item of their clothing? I love your blog btw!

Thank youuuu!

~This is a cute ask, here ya go! 


  • After much waiting, this kid FINALLY asks you to stay overnight
  • You were sitting and watching him play LOLOL with his guild, getting close to leaving for the night
  • He noticed you looking at your phone which meant it was time to go
    • “MC, w-why don’t you just sleep here? I can make you an omelette in the morning!”
  • You could hear the ‘hallelujah’ chorus in the distance as you agreed
  • He promised to be off soon, they were going to fight this rare monster
  •  But you didn’t exactly prepare for this
  • You had no PJs!
  • While he was glued to the screen you decided to raid his closet
  • He wouldn’t mind, right?
  • You found a green LOLOL shirt that seemed just big enough for you to sleep comfortably in
    • “This nerd…god I love him,” you laughed to yourself as you held it up to inspect it
  • You could still hear him screaming into the chat mic from the other room as you changed into it
  • Walked back into the living room to see how the game was going
    • “Superman Yoosung! How are you doing?!”
    • “MC! I’m sorry I can’t talk right now, we are right in the middle of-”
  • He had to double take
    • “ImsorryguysimloggingoutBYE”
  • Throws his headset, ignoring the screaming on the other end
  • His cheeks were so flush!
  • You’ve never seen him move so fast
  • Snatched you up and kissed you super hard


  • Does this guy own anything other than striped freaking shirts
  • You were thumbing through his closet for something to wear
  • Bored of your own clothes, you wanted to wear something of his
  • Hidden in the very back of his closet
  • A black shirt with Elizabeth 3rd’s photo printed on it
  • O M G !!!
  • Could anyone blame you for snatching it off of the hanger and throwing it on?
  • You looked so cute wearing nothing but the Elizabeth shirt
  • When you greeted Jumin at the door…
  • Holding Elizabeth (who was super content) in your arms
  • It was the first time you had seen him flustered
  • Literally couldn’t speak??
    • Oh no she found the shirt!
      • OH NO she’s wearing it and looks so cute!!!!!…
  • In a split second is telling the body guards to give you privacy, ordering everyone out of the penthouse for 3 hours
    • “MC…I’m going to punish you for snooping through my things…”


  • One of your favorite things in the world was teasing this guy
  • Poor Zen
  • So when you found this tight leather shirt in his closet of course the first thing you did was put it on to greet him when he came back from the gym
  • It must have been from one of his musicals or something, lost and forgotten in his closet
  • You were giddy as you waited for him to arrive 
  • When he finally walked through the door, sweaty, towel around his neck…
    • “MC, I’m hoooome!” He called before noticing you in the kitchen entryway
    • “Zen! I’ve been waiting…” you  smirked.
  • //Dead
  • K.O.
  • Can I type this any more?? ((((no))))
  • You’ve unleashed
  • T H E  B E A S T
  • He throws his water bottle and towel to the side
  • You’re not going to sleep much tonight


  • It was a super hard day at the coffee shop for her
  • Poor girl was drained
  • She found herself walking into a dark apartment 
  • You bumped into her while getting a glass of water
    • “Oh Jaehee…you’re home”
    • “Yes. I’m so exh- MC? Is this my shirt?”
  • When her eyes adjusted to the dark she noticed it
  • You put it on to go to bed
    • “Um yeah. You work so late sometimes…and it smells like you”
  • All of her stress washed away and she blushed
  • She kissed the top of your head
    • “Let’s get some rest, MC.”


  • You were cooking a late night meal for you both
  • Wearing nothing but his big sweater
  • He had been glued to his desk all day and you knew the best way to get him to eat was if you cooked it for him
  • The smell of the food drew him out to the kitchen
  • Critical hit ! to his heart when he saw you
  • You were so focused you hadn’t even noticed him until he was tugging at the sweater
    • “Heyyy, this is mine,” he pointed out
    • “So?”
    • “So give it back,” he pulled at it.
    • “No! Get outta here you’re bothering me,” you smacked his hands away.
    • “Not without my sweater!”
  • Was tickling you and pulling it up, trying to get to the zipper
  • You hit him with a spatula several times
  • Ended up running from him and he chased you throughout the apartment
  • Tackles you on the couch
  • He gets his sweater >.>
  • You were interrupted by the smell of burning food
    • “Oh shit, dinner!” You jumped up.
    • “Eh, don’t worry about it MC. I’ll order some takeout. Now, where were we…”


  • You were wearing one of his V necks as a nightie
  • This boy had the most comfy clothes omg the quality
  • He was waiting on the couch as you brewed tea
  • Snuggled up next to him after bringing a cup for you both
    • “Thank you, darling,” he smiled.
  • Immediately spits out his tea when he feels what you’re wearing
    • “I hope it’s okay, V. Your clothes are just so comfy!”
  • He was speechless for a moment but let his hands do the talking for him
    • “It’s more than okay, MC”
  • He pulled you in for a kiss then showed you just how much he liked it


  • It was dinner and movie night!
  • Saeran was groaning at you from the living room, telling you to hurry up or you’d be late for your reservation
  • But all of your clothes were dirtyyyy T_T
  • Damn you had both really been slacking on the chores lately
  • Frantic, you grabbed one of his red shirts
  • He won’t mind, right?
  • It went okay with your jeans anyway
  • You shrugged, rushing to meet him by the door
    • “Ready to go?” You panted.
  • He was stiff still staring at you
    • “Umm…earth to Saeran? HellooOOO-!”
  • He tossed you over his shoulder without warning and was carrying you back down the hallway
    • “What are you doing?! We’re going to be late!” you yelled.
  • He closed the bedroom door behind you with his foot and tossed you on the bed

Remember…. part 4

You can read part 1 here & part 2 here & part 3 here

You look up towards the man in front of you when you heard your name. He puts his hands on your face stroking your cheek

“Don’t dare hurt her.” You hear Dean scream.

The man switches now the attention from you to Dean. He walks towards Dean.

“Or what?” He asks Dean.

“Or I will kill you with my bare hands” Dean responds.

Another man enters the room. He walks towards the man that was in front of me.

“Klaus who are they?” He asks

“There the hunters brother.” Klaus responds. “Take a look Elijah.”

You looked towards the two man. The man who just walked in had a suit on. He walked towards Sam first looking at him, then to Dean and then he started walking towards you. You looked towards the ground. You saw his feet appear on the ground. You looked up. Seeing the man in front of you. He was staring at you like he just saw a ghost.

He walks away without saying anything. He walks to the man he just called Klaus. You saw him whisper something in his ear.

“See this as a warning. You can stay in my town but don’t get in my way. otherwise it’s going to be more worse than today.” Klaus spoke to the 3 of us.

“Thake them back.” Elijah said to the man holding us.

The man put the sacks on our heads again and drag us away.

“Klaus…” Elijah said. He put his hand on his shoulder. “She’s here. What are we going to do?”  

“I don’t know” Klaus said. He walks towards the door and leaves the compound.

We were dropped on a field next to the river.

“Who the hell was that?” Dean asks angry. “He has the balls to scare us.” He screams angry.

“Dean calm down.” Sam says. “Y/n do you know those guy’s?” He asks you. You look towards him confused. “both of the men looked at you like they saw a ghost.” Sam continued.

“I don’t know them.” You said towards them.

“Sam leave her for a moment. Let’s go back to the hotel.” Dean says. “Where are we?” He says looking around.

The next day we were all at the hotel. Sam was doing research on the internet about those guys. And you were going a little bit crazy. That man’s face just keeps popping up on your mind. Like you knew him.

“Guys I’m going to look around in the city.” You say to them.

“It’s not safe.” Dean says to you.

“I’m just going to look around like a tourist not as a hunter.” You say to Dean

“I’m going with you.” Dean says. He takes his jacket and puts it on.

“Dean please i don’t need a babysitter” You say to him.  “I will check in every hour okay?”

He nods his head. You look towards Sam and he just gives you a smile.

You walk towards the door and you left both of the men behind.

The streets of New Orleans were crowded. There were people everywhere. Everybody was smiling. You walked around and you felt at home for more than a year you never felt so home in a city has now. You spot a cute cafe. You enter the cafe and you took a seat at a table near the window.

“Can I get you something?” You looked away from the window and you looked towards the waitress.

“Yes, can I have a coffee, please.” You say to her. She nods her head and walks away.

You look towards the window again, You see kids running around tourist taking photos. Everybody was happy.

In a few seconds you felt a presence next to you.

“You don’t mind do you love?” You look towards the man in front of you. Klaus the man from yesterday is in front of you. He has his hands on the chair.

“No I don’t mind.” You say to him. He sits in front of you.

“Thank you.” He says with a smile.

The waitress comes around and brings you the coffee.

“Do you want something?” She asks Klaus.

“No thank you.” he says friendly to the waitress.

She walks away and he’s staring at you with pain in his eyes. You don’t understand why.

“Can I ask you something love?” He says to you. His voice is friendly and sweet.

“Sure.” You say to him not sure why.

“Why are you with the hunters? You’re not a hunter.” He says to you

“Who do you think you are?.” You say to him calmly as possible. “You don’t know me.” You continued. He turns his face from you and you see him clench his jaw.

“You’re right.” He’s says not looking at you. He looks back at you, he smiles and just stays quite looking at you. You look out of the window, the people outside just makes you smile.

“I’m happy that you like New Orleans.” Klaus says. You look back at him again. “I can show you the town if you want.” He says with a smile.

You gave him a fake smile, take the last sip of your coffee and you stand from the table. “Maybe some other day.” You say to him and you walk away from the table. You walk to the register to pay for your coffee and ask for 2 pieces of cherry pie. Before you leave you look towards Klaus he’s still sitting on the table with his eyes on you. You walked out and made your way towards the hotel.

Cute vegan strawberry - chia pudding parfaits topped with fresh strawberries and a bit of chocolate granola: super creamy, filling and so pretty to look at! When my mom woke me up last week, she actually gave me one of those cuties (which she made herself, I’m the reason she is addicted to chia seeds right now…) the second I opened my eyes and seriously, that was a nice sight to wake up to, so I jumped out of bed to get my camera and take a photo. Hope you all had a great weekend, lovelies! xx Amber :)

Very Romeo and Juliet-ish

Requested by @justamultifandomfreak


The tension in the room felt suffocating to say the least. The usually upbeat and loud house was abnormally quiet, with the exception of forks and spoons clattering against dishes. Y/n sat next to Rafinha at the table, who had been looking down at his plate for the last ten minutes. Poor thing was trying his hardest to avoid the death glares her dad was sending his way. Her sister Clara found the entire ordeal amusing but she knew better than to make a stupid comment when the situation was so tense. Y/n gave her mother a pleading look, if anyone was going to save the night it was her.

“So, Rafa, do you mind if I call you that?” she asked politely, earning a shy smile and “no” from Rafinha, and a side-eye from her husband. At least Rafinha wasn’t the only one receiving death glares now. “How’s your family? How’s Thiago? I’ve heard wonderful things about him! Apparently he’s been having an amazing season in Munich? Oh my goodness, and the baby! How’s the baby?”

For once Y/n was grateful for her mother’s chit-chatting ways. She could feel Rafinha relax a little, with his usual big smile back in place and that alto astral of his making the three women in the room smile as well.

“His name is Gabriel,” he looked for a picture of the baby on his phone, he loved bragging about his nephew, “I try to facetime Thiago as much as I can so I don’t miss anything. Thankfully I was there when he was born so I got to spend a couple of quality days with him. I helped Thiago set up the nursery as well…..”

Rafinha got carried away every time he talked about his nephew and Y/n knew that all too well, having to listen to her boyfriend repeatedly tell her about all the toys and clothes he bought for little Gabriel. Sometimes she’d eavesdrop whenever he’d facetime his brother and nephew, and that baby voice he used with Gabriel made her heart skip a beat.

Her mother was looking at her with a little smirk plastered on her face. To any outsider that didn’t mean much, but Y/n knew she was screaming “hurry up and give me grandchildren with this man!” with her eyes. She could read her mom really well.

The mood had brightened up and everyone had forgotten about bitter Lucho, who seemed to be a bit more relaxed himself. Lucho who had been giving Rafinha absolute hell during training ever since he found out about their relationship. Lucho, who had been strictly against his daughter dating his player. Lucho, her father and his coach.

Y/n was relieved to see her two favorite men in the same room for once without some sort of soap opera developing. It seemed like every time she tried to arrange a get-together her dad would end up pissed and her boyfriend upset. She even had to assure Rafinha once that she would never leave his side even if her father didn’t approve. Very Romeo and Juliet-ish.

The situation didn’t get any better considering those two had to see each other on a daily basis at work. And even though they tried to keep it professional the tension was always palpable whenever those two were together. The staff could tell, the team knew it, and even if they didn’t Neymar made sure to make things extra awkward during training. That little shit.

But for the first time since the couple first announced their relationship Rafinha and Lucho both seemed to at least tolerate each other’s presence. At least Lucho wasn’t shooting daggers with his eyes and Rafinha wasn’t running away like a sad puppy.

But of course no family get-together is complete without a little blast from the past. I mean, what was the point of inviting Rafinha over if her mother didn’t get to embarrass her with that ridiculously big photo album.

“No way!” Rafinha’s eyes widened as he looked at one picture in particular. Y/n’s mother looked over his shoulder from behind the sofa and let out a loud obnoxious laugh. Y/n leaned in to see what the commotion was about and winced when she saw the picture her boyfriend had stumbled upon.

“Oh dear,” her mom carefully wiped her laughing tears, “we were potty training her. Everything was going great, she was a smart baby she knew what she had to do.  But this one day I notice that she’s taking a whole awful lot of time in there so I go check on her and I find this sobbing child sitting completely naked in her little toilet. So at first I’m a bit alarmed you know, maybe she injured herself and it was hard to understand what she’s saying with all that sobbing! And then, in the most exasperated voice a two year old could muster she says “mommy! My poop won’t come out!” crying at the top of her lungs with a river of tears running down her face! I obviously had to take a picture!”

To have Rafinha look at that monstrosity of a picture was one thing, but for him to know the backstory was a new low. Her entire family, Rafa included, was close to tears. Y/n couldn’t help but laugh a little herself. This was a fight she couldn’t win. And so the night continued, wine glasses were refilled, playful comments went back and forth and a second photo album was out.

“Wow, look how skinny mom was!”

“I still am!”

“Yeah… sure.”

“You were so cute what happened to you?”

“Hey, remember when you pushed me down the stairs and I hit my head with a brick wall?”

“Yeah, my murder plan clearly didn’t work.”

“Hey, who’s the little girl running around naked outside in this picture?”




“Well it’s certainly burned in my memory, alright.”

“Wait, is that Y/M/N pole dancing?”


“Wow mom, I didn’t know that side of you.”

“Hahaha! Welcome to the family bro… Rafinha…. Brofinha.”

“Please never call my boyfriend that again.”

Lucho just watched the chaos of laughter and screams that had formed in his living room. With the sisters on each side and mom leaning from behind, Rafinha seemed to fit right in. Lucho knew then that he would only make him run two extra laps instead of the usual five.


Alright so guys I went to the com as you could see with my past updates and I will tell you what happened to me, Alright so let’s begin shall we?

First I bought 2 meets with Eliza, 2 photos and one autograph, alright so tomorrow I still have one meet left and the autograph, and today I took the two photos and one meet.

First at the meet: 

SHE WAS SO FUCKING SWEET OMFG AND on the first minute of the meet, someone asked her : which accent do you like to do more?

and she aswered: “Oh american accent is fun.” and so I just said out loud: “was it hard to do?” and I didnt except her to look at me and give me a little giggle and answer me looking right into my eyes, we had a chat about accents , and then we said she couldn’t say withdraw in the american accent and she laughed. alright so that was the first time we talked, and it took like 3 minutes OF ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR STARING AND TALKING TO ME.

So I raised my hand and said: “ Eliza first I want to thank you for everything, it really helped a lot , I  have a really bad time with my mom and dad, specially my mom. “ AND THEN SHE SAID BEFORE I COULD EVEN ASK MY FIRST QUESTION. “ awww im really sorry to hear that , im sorry babe” AND I WAS LIKE OHSAUHEOUSHESOUAHEUSAHEUOASHUESUAEHSA KILL ME…. So I gasped and I couln’t even continue my question, and she saw that and giggle and I tried to keep up, and I said: “ Sorry Eliza I’m really nervous…. “ AND SHE SAID: *giggles* “Don’t worry Im nervous as well hahaha, its fine really.”  HER GIGGLE IN PERSON OH MY GOD. Anyways, I laughed and said: “ Thanks to this fandom I could meet my Girlfriend , she’s from California and…” AND SHE SPOKE AGAIN “ AWWWWWW gongratulations! Im really happy for you!!! That’s amazing!” And I was like UEHSAOEUHSAEHSOAUEHOSAUHEUSHA I CANT OMFG I CANT DO THIS. So I tried to recompose myself “ Thanks hahha so Id like to thank you for that , for your acting as well you are so good! But anyways my question is : do you recall any deleted clexa scene that we didn’t see on the show?”  And she said : “ Oh, no I think you’ve seen it all,  I mean there were sometimes that we had to reshoot some scenes but yeah” And I said : “ Oh and what about bloopers? we dont really have any Bloopers with Alycia.” And she laughed and said: “ Well there weren’t a lot of bloopers hahaha, but we had some but I guess they didn’t put it because they didn’t find it funny enough” And I said: Ohh hahaha alright and she said : “ But my favorite bloopers is from season 1 , but I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!” and so me and two other girls said: “its on the dvd Eliza hahahaha” and she looked at us “ It is? o.o oh my god! “ and I said: “ Yea it is, and also you should check youtube, it’s also on youtube.” and then she said: “ Alright I will thanks!!” 

So after I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT FANFIC HAHAHAHA BECAUSE I JUST HAD TO. so I said:“ So Eliza did you ever read any fanfics? “ and she laughed and said: “ No not really , but should I read them? I mean there are sex scenes in there right?” And I said: “ Well there are some fics with sex scenes but there are a lot that doesn’t, and they are really good too.” and she said : “ Oh realy? alright will you send me some after please?” AND I WAS ONCE AGAIN LIKE OAEHSIEHSAUHESAEA OMG and I laughed and said: “ SURE”  

So she was trying to say somethings in portuguese, and she looked at me when she tried to say: “ Churrasco” and I helped her and she tried again and I nodded she did that thing with her arm like: YES ACHIEVIMENT UNLOCKED while SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME SO FUCKING CUTE OMFG IM SO GAY I CANT–

Anyways . HAHAHAH so she tried to say “Eu te amo” which is I love you in portuguese, and she looked at me again hahahah, man omfg Im so…. and she said it IJSAIJEA *dead*

ANYWAYS. We talked about a lot of things, we talked about Clexacon, and she was always looking at me, and I’d always say something to her complementing things and she’d always chat back with me. IM STILL LIKE SEAIEHSAUHES SO I WILL ASK MY FRIEND WHAT WERE MY OTHER QUESTIONS BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I CATN REMEMBER SORRY GUYS. 

Anyways when we went to take the photo I WAS LIKE REALLY CLOSE TO HER , and she was trying to stay with one foot on the ground and the other on the stairs, and she was like off balance for a second and I said : “ Are you ok Eliza? “ and she looked into my eyes, and she was like 5 inches away from my face, “ Yes im ok hahaha thanks “ OH GOD IM SO DONE EISAHSUHUSEAAHUSE

Anyways so I had the two pics with her: I was holding this shirt that you are going to see on the photo, and I drew that and it was a gift for her. So I had two photos to take with her, so I came closer and said: Heeeeey she said : “HEEEEY” , OMFG SHES SO CUTE hahahahhaha and I asked if I could hug her, and she said: “ YES OF COURSE” and opened her arms really wide , I hugged her and GOD HER HAIR, THE SMELL HOESAHEOHAEHSA DYING, AND HER HUG ESHAOUSA, alright so I handed the shirt to her and said: “its a gift for you hahahaha I drew that” and she read it and said: “ Oh my god Clexakru captain YEEEEEI * while shaking the shirt* IM YOUR CAPTAIN “ AND I FUCKING CHEERED WITH HER : YESSSSSS OUR CAPTAIN! anyways she asked if I wanted her to hold the shirt on the photo and I said YES. SO GUYS HERE COMES THE BEST PART….. SHE HELD THE SHIRT AND TOLD ME TO HUG HER FROM BEHIND AND SO I DID, MY FRIENDS THAT WERE WAITING TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH HER, SAID WE LOOKED LIKE A COUPLE GOD I CATN WAIT TO SEE THAT PHOTO OMFG OSOEAHESUHUSEAHUSEA BECAUSE IM TALLER THAN HER SO FUCK I HAD AND HELD ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR IN MY ARMS SEIJASIJISJAISJPAPSJAPIJSAPIJESPIJESAIJESAIJPESAIEJASEIJSAESIJAESJAIESJEAIJESAIJ WE TOOK THE PHOTO AND SHE SAID THANKS, AND ASKED WHAT I WANTED ON THE SECOND PHOTO BUT SERIOUSLY I WAS SO HIGH WITH THAT SAOHIESAHUSA THAT I JUST SAID: “ LETS JUST HUG OURSELVES” and she saw that I was still like OMFG and she giggled and said alright, so she hugged me tight hahahaha SO CUTE . so before I left she gave me two more hugs, SO 5 FUCKING HUGS, ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR HUGGED ME 5 TIMES. and said thanks about the shirt OUSEAHUESOUAEHSA IMI SO… ANYWAYS I HOPE TOMORROW I HAVE MORE EXCITING THINGS TO TELL YOU IM SO UHSAHOSEAHUESA 


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“Mommy and me airport style, ft. daddy”

Where’re they going?? and this ft. daddy LOL

*spoilers* They’re going to Italy! I redownloaded Monte Vista last week for some reason and I got really inspired. I also had some spaghetti so that probably had something to do with it lmao and yeah, thought i’d better include daddy in the whole airport fashion trend LOL he’s a guest model

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“Mommy and me airport style, ft. daddy”

Evie is so adorable! &lt;3

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She’s my little bunny rabbit 

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*Spoilers* TO ITALY!!!! Where are these toddler making skills lmao when I first introduced her on here she was hideous, her second version is just Katy aged down to toddler LOL

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I expect your ghost to continue posting if Miami kills you ok

My ghost and my husband will continue posting! 

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omg im excited you always have such wonderfull phototoosss

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omggg i’m excited too, Monte Vista is so much prettier now with reshade LOL and thaaaannk you <3

sims3hasstoppedworking replied to your photo “Mommy and me airport style, ft. daddy”

Evie is such a fashionist ;-;

Girl picks out her own clothes basically ;_; she’s also a little diva 

sims3hasstoppedworking replied to your photo “Mommy and me airport style, ft. daddy”

Ft. daddy lol!

Thought i’d better make him feel included lmaoo

Dating Sam would include:

  • “So babe, what do you think?”
  • “Of course its vegan, I’m trying out my new cookbook your Mom got me!”
  • “I have to try and convert at least one person to vegan!”
  • Early morning hikes
  • Having to stop every two seconds so Sam can take a photo of the view
  • Laughing when she gets pouty because you keep photobombing her pictures
  • “Oh my god, look at this video of a dancing dog! It’s so cute!”
  • “No, I haven’t spent an hour watching dog videos”
  • “I’ve spent two hours watching dog videos”
  • Sam constantly begging for you both to get a pet together
  • Having Netflix binge days
  • Always find little notes around the house that she’s left you to remind you that she loves you
  • Catching her dancing around the kitchen in her underwear to 90s music
  • “And girls just wanna have fun!”
  • Being the groups ‘Agony Aunt’
  • “Jess … Jess, listen to me. Just because Mike liked Emily’s Instagram photo does not mean that he’s cheating on you”
  • “It was a good photo, you have to admit. She’s definitely been doing those squats I taught her”
  • Claiming to not be a fan of PDA but holding your hand wherever you both go
  • Sam knowing that you’ve had a rough day and ordering your favourite takeout
  • Blindfolding Sam and telling her you have a surprise for her
  • “Okay, you can take your blindfold off now”
  • Sam bursting into tears as she’s surrounded by dogs at an animal shelter
  • “The one at the end is the one we’re taking home”
  • “Oh my goodness, is this real life? I love you, you crazy person!”
  • "But I think I love our new dog more”
  • “What do you think of the name Wolfie?”
How the boys would be as girls
  • Luke: WOO GIRL LETS GO. Even though Luke is the defintion of a sex god, we all know he's insecure especially about his body *cries bc no shirtless pudge of Luke* so Fem! Luke would be the same way. Luke is that one girl whose photo roll is full of selfies cuddling his penguin, or trying to be sUPEr GruNGE!!!11!1 with black and white filters with his guitar. He would still be the same awkward goofy little fuck as we know, she would go natural probably. Which is just fine bc gorgeousness.
  • Calum: Godd this fuckgirl though. Always looking on point wherever she goes. Probably wearing crop tops and shorts to show off that hella awesome bod and tattoos. THAT ASS THOUGH. She would be a cocky little tease, firing guys up and then pulling away all innocently mhm. Also sooo shady to all the haters, god so fabulous <3
  • Ashton: Oh my gosh cutie. Cute little drummer that's fit af. When shes filming videos always constantly fixing her hair, insecure wondering if shes sounding annoying or if she looks okay. Probably second guessing when posting a video or photo. Her giggles would be the cutest thing, wearing a little flower crown giggling as boys flirt with her. Having the widest smile that goes viral on tumblr for "having that perfect smile" just girly things kinda shit.
  • Michael: MICHAEL WOULD BE SO HOT. Probably have the half the head barely shaved thing going on, and she would work it. Hair always changing colors. She would be that girl calling her band mates bitches and whores *especially Luke* but never mean it of course. She would still game, but constantly having the need to challenge boys at games just to prove she can kick their ass at it.

underthepinkgalaxies-deactivate  asked:

hiii ^~^ if MC is a kpop fan, how would the RFA members including Saeran and V deal with her constant fangirling over kpop groups (I've been wondering for a while 🤔😂)

hey u guys probably didnt know this but im a big idiot Kpop stan so lets dive right in

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • MC had just woken up to see Yoosung sleeping quietly next to them
  • they didn’t want to wake him yet, so they just take out their phone and scroll through twitter for a bit
  • and that’s when they see the news
  • MC bolts upright, sitting up in bed and shoving their phone close to their face
  • “OH MY GOD!”
  • Yoosungs eyes fly open at the sudden awakening
  • “what?? what is it?? is everything okay? whats going on?!”
  • MC shoves their phone in Yoosungs face
  • “got7 is coming back, Yoosung”
  • he rubs his eyes in sleepy confusion, talking in a quiet voice
  • “got7? isnt is that the boy group you listen to sometimes?”
  • “sometimes?!”
  • MC is practically yelling
  • “try all the time!! and they’re coming back with ANOTHER FLIGHT LOG ALBUM JYP IS SO GOOD TO ME”
  • Yoosung stares at MC, confused as they continue to yell about the comeback
  • he starts to get a little jealous
  • “heeeyy…why dont you get this excited about meeeee”
  • Yoosung whines and traps the excited MC in a hug
  • “Yoosung you know i love you but LOOK AT THIS”
  • MC shows off the album preview pictures
  • he pushes their phone away from his face
  • “im too tired to fangirl with you right nooow. cant we cuddle instead?
  • MC snuggles up to Yoosung
  • ill just force him to look at them later, they think


  • MC visits Zen on the set of a mini drama he’s acting in
  • they’re talking with Zen and giving him some snacks they brought during his break
  • “what on earth would i do without you, baby?”
  • “starve, probably”
  • Zen starts to tell a story about something that happened earlier while they were filming
  • when someone on set catches MC’s eye
  • without any kind of warning, they grab Zen and pull him away from the set
  • “hey, what are you doing?”
  • “why did you tell me you were filming with Cha EunWoo?!”
  • Zen tilts his head a little
  • “oh! you mean Dongmin? why, is he important?”
  • MC smacks their forehead with their palm in disbelief
  • “yes, he’s important!!! he’s super freaking important! he’s in my favorite boy group ASTRO”
  • MC talks in a furious whisper
  • “ASTRO?”
  • “you’ve never heard me listening to them? breathless? hide and seek? AM I RINGING ANY BELLS, HERE?!”
  • “oh, yea. i think i do remember.”
  • Zen turns around to look at Dongmin
  • MC squats down on the ground
  • “so what if he sees us? you dont have a crush on him or anything, right?”
  • “not a crush, just an obsession”
  • Zen’s face heats up with jealously
  • he pulls MC back onto the set where everyone can see him and kisses them
  • “thanks for visiting today, baby.”
  • he was talking loud so everyone could hear
  • “want to meet one of my fellow cast members?”
  • MC wants to scream but just nods furiously instead, not wanting to burst into flames in from of everyone
  • they were gonna meet Cha Eun freaking Woo


  • Jaehee and MC fangirl together
  • they stay up for the comeback releases
  • *after one second*
  • *in unison*
  • “Jaehee, we have to learn this dance”
  • when Jaehee comes home after work
  • “Jaehee, EXO released the dance practice for their new song”
  • they start to laugh
  • “have you watched it yet?!”
  • “no, Jaehee, i was waiting for you”
  • Jaehee and MC also use the messenger to freak out together
  • *Yoosung has entered the chat room*
  • *Yoosung has left the chat room*


  • Jumin was watching TV while MC made some breakfast
  • “MC, do you know anyting about kpop? they’re talking about some group right now on the TV”
  • MC practically sprinted into the room, leaping on the couch next to Jumin
  • “WHO?”
  • Jumin stayed calm despite MC’s excitement
  • “some group called SHINee. i think they’re having a ‘comeback’ soon”
  • MC lets out a scream
  • Jumin makes a face and covers his ears
  • “why are you screaming??”
  • MC jumps off the couch and gestures to the TV
  • “what’s so great about SHINee?”
  • “please, calm down”
  • “MC, do you want to go see them?”
  • MC starts coughing as if they were choking on Jumin’s words
  • they speaking quietly
  • “are you…serious…”
  • Jumin stands up and laughs, amused by how dramatic MC is acting
  • “of course. we can even meet them if you want”
  • MC falls over and Jumin catches them
  • “i am the luckiest human being on the planet”
  • Jumin laughs again and kisses MC’s nose
  • “no, i am”


  • Seven listens to kpop all the time while he’s working
  • but since he always has headphones on, MC never knew
  • until MC’s favorite girl group, Red Velvet, announced their comeback
  • MC was cooking in the kitchen, humming happily as they listened to Red Velvet in preparation for the comeback of the century
  • suddenly they feel Seven’s arms wrap around them from behind, and they take out a headphone
  • “you seem to be in a good mood, MC. what’s got you humming?”
  • “Red Velvets’s comeback”
  • suddenly Seven’s arms squeeze MC so tightly that they drop the spoon they were using to cook with
  • “gah! Seven-”
  • MC whips around, still pressed up against Seven
  • they didn’t know Seven liked kpop
  • especially not the queens of kpop, Red Velvet
  • “hell yea! havent you seen any of the promo pics?!”
  • “NO?!”
  • “honey, you’ve got a big storm coming. Wendy looks amazing”
  • “MINE TOO”
  • Seven kisses MC suddenly, still squeezing them
  • “have i ever told you how much i love you?”
  • “i love you too, Seven”
  • “you know what else i love?”
  • “what’s that?”
  • “Red Velvet. Specifically: Wendy”
  • MC starts to laugh and Seven breaks away from them
  • he starts singing Dumb Dumb, one of Red Velvets most popular songs
  • and doing the dace
  • MC joins in, dancing and singing as well
  • Seven hugs MC again
  • MC is laughing too hard to even breathe


  • V was sleeping when MC practically busted his bedroom door down
  • he sits up, still sleepy
  • “whats the news, sweetheart?”
  • V stretches, yawning
  • “twice? what are you talking about?”
  • MC jumps onto the bed, sitting beside him and shoving their phone in his face
  • V grabs his glasses from the bedside table and squints at the picture of the girls dressed in matching pastel outfits
  • “is this a kpop group?”
  • he smiles
  • “they’re so cute”
  • “I KNOW, RIGHT?!”
  • MC points to one of the girls
  • “oh, she is? i can see why. i really like her hair”
  • MC pulls up a different picture of the girls
  • V thinks MC’s excitement is absolutely adorable
  • he looks at the picture for a few seconds and then zooms the photo in on one of the girls
  • “i think she’s my favorite”
  • “oh my gosh, V! you’re twice bias is Tzuyu! i totally love her!”
  • V giggles a little
  • “i still think you’re cuter, thought”
  • “V i’m flattered, but no one is cuter than Twice”
  • V pulls MC close to him, tickling them a little
  • “well i guess i should start calling you ‘no one’ then?”
  • MC giggles uncontrollably
  • “V let go of me! i cant show you every music video Twice has ever made if you’re ticking me!”
  • V immediately releases them
  • “sounds like fun, sweety!”
  • dang, V really took a liking to Twice


  • “MC, are you watching those Kpop music videos again?”
  • MC turns away from their computer and sticks their tongue out at Saeran
  • “so what if i am?”
  • he rolls his eyes and scoffs
  • “kpop is so lame! it’s just a bunch of dudes dancing around”
  • MC turns all the way around to face Saeran
  • “have you ever even seen a kpop MV? or watched a live performance, or literally anything? ever?”
  • Saerans face gets red and he clenches his fists
  • “i dont need to see that stuff to know it’s lame!”
  • “come here, i wanna show you something”
  • Saeran reluctantly leans down next to MC as they restart the video they were watching
  • it was the music video for a song called Voodoo doll by the kpop boy group VIXX
  • Saeran tries to say something when it starts but MC shushes him
  • “dont talk, just watch”
  • Saeran watches the video closely
  • the video had a really creepy, dark theme. it was even a little twisted
  • and the song was really…cool
  • when the video is over MC turns to Saeran, arms crossed
  • “well, what did you think? was that lame enough for you?”
  • Saeran looks down, blushing
  • “it…wasn’t lame”
  • MC puts a hand up to their ear
  • “hmm? what’s that? i couldnt quite hear you”
  • “i liked it, okay?”
  • MC grabs Saerans hand and pulls him close, kissing him on the cheek
  • “I knew you would! VIXX is one of my favorite groups”
  • “what are some other groups you like?”
  • “whats this? Saeran is suddenly taking an interest in MC’s lame kpop obsession?! am i dreaming?”
  • MC’s voice was dripping with sarcasm
  • Saeran takes MC’s hands
  • “if this is something you like, i want to support you. no matter what i might think about it”
  • “nice try, dork. i know you totally love kpop now”
  • MC kisses him again
  • “but hey i aint complaining”


Change of Plans

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 1,262
Warnings: None
Request: (From Anon) Could you do a Bucky imagine where Natasha sets the reader on a date and Bucky gets jealous and tells the reader that their in love with them

Your name: submit What is this?

“You know, I hear Josh from statistics has a thing for you,” Natasha tells you. There’s a mischievous sparkle in her green eyes, alerting you that you are definitely not going to get out of this even if you two are currently en route to a mercenary’s hideout.

You raise a brow at her. “Oh? I didn’t know we had such a bland adolescent-esque rumour patrol,” you reply, adjusting the straps on your parachute and gloves.

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I’M BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH ANOTHER FAN ACCOUNT! After surviving what was the 2015 Amoeba Culture Tour in Atlanta, I knew I had to go and see Crush once again for his Crush on you US Tour! Interesting parts will be in bold for those who need me to get to the point. Fancams are coming up..I just need to upload them…

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Mirachai:[Chapter 56]

――How did everybody think about the noren?

Other cast members also asked me “That’s great! What’s happened?”. Akimoto Sayaka who came to watch my musical opening day also said “That’s a great noren!”, she said with her typical Sayaka tone (lol)

――Your best friend Akimoto Sayaka-chan also came  to watch.

 That day I was really surprised. Because she came dressing in a style that almost exactly like me! That was total coincidence. Glasses, hats, shirts, sweaters. Moreover, her bag was also white like mine. Lately Sayaka always has the image of beautiful style, so that day I purposefully dressed more casually.

Because I thought when we stood next to each other, I would look more childish. I know there are fans who love to see us like that, so I wanted to show them the two of us in such way. That’s why I went for the clothes I bought at the second-hand clothes shop. Even so, Sayaka came dressing just like me (lol)

Sayaka really enjoyed the show. She even queued with the audiences to buy pamphlet. She’s so cute.

――Sae-chan already uploaded those photos on your SNS, right.

Sayaka is also performing in “Kokumin no Eiga”, a stage play by Mitani Koki-san now, so it was really hard for her to find time to go watch my musical.

Actually, I started to have interest in stage plays since I came to watch Sazyaka’s stage plays. In the past, when I was in AKB48 group, the two musicals I performed was also with Sayaka. That’s why after all, Sayaka is still the one I hope that can come to see my musical the most.

“You have to come!”, “I will! I will!” we talked about that before. But since Sayaka is also quite a sloppy person (lol) so even when she said that she would come, there are many times when she just let it passed by “Ah, the last day already ended.” But only this time, since she couldn’t make it in Tokyo, I heard that she asked her manager to adjust the schedule for her.

And then, after her stage performances in Osaka finished, she even went out of her way to extend her stay in Osaka for more few days, just to watch my musical.

“I’m glad I could watch it! Because I definitely want to watch my best friend’s first musical!” she said. I said “Sayaka, you have become more honest. You have grown up.” When we talked, I suddenly sounded more like a big sister, it’s felt really weird (lol) I was really happy.

――Sae-chan you also came to watch her stage play, didn’t you? Both of you are having stage plays at the same time now, you two must have positively motivated each other. I think so, how is it?

That’s true. I also went to watch her stage. What Sayaka is performing right now is a straight play. It’s a different genre with what I’m performing right now. That’s why I was really motivated. 

If I have chances to be in more entertainment stage plays from now, where I can sing and dance and do a lot, then I really wanted to take part in. That’s my dream. But I still don’t have enough courage and confidence to take part in a stage play with only acting…

 Sayaka is now performing in such a play. Moreover, she’s performing with only big names. Of course I also work with real talents people in my musical, but I can’t help but think “Sayaka is so amazing.”

And more, I think a lot of people want to watch Mitani Koki’s productions, whether it’s a stage play, drama or movie. He has so many famous works. That’s why I think being able to be in one of his production is such an amazing thing. It’s really impressive.


*A/N: Mirachai is Sae’s weekly column on Urepia, where she’s learning Chinese with readers…

…Chinese, what Chinese? I only saw “Sayaka is cute”, “Sayaka loves me, she came to see me”, “Sayaka is amazing”…

What Chinese? (・∀・)

[Ereri 365 Project] Day 283 : Album (High School AU)

When the boyfriends get to Levi’s house that afternoon, they find Levi’s mom sitting with two boxes on the floor in the living room. “What’re you doing?” Levi asks, going to the kitchen for a water bottle.

Eren sits on the couch while Celia looks up from the book she’s holding. “I was cleaning out the attic and I found the boxes with our old photo albums.”

Eren’s eyes light up and he gets on the floor with Levi’s mom. “Can I see?”

“Sure,” she replies and leans the book toward Eren. She points to the picture on the top left. “Levi was in preschool there.”

“Mom~” Levi says warningly, standing behind Eren.

Eren grins at the photo. “Oh my god,” he says. “You look so cute with long hair.”

Levi frowns while his mother grins. “He hated getting it cut,” she says. “He would scream every time I tried to take him to the barber until he was in second grade.”

“Aww,” Eren coos, turning the pages.

Levi grumbles to himself as he sits down as well, cleaning his glasses with the edge of his t-shirt. “Which of these books has the pictures from when you were pregnant?” he asks his mom.

“The purple one that has “Baby Levi” in rhinestones on the cover,” she replies.

Eren hands the book back to Celia and picks up a different one. He breathes an extended gasp and grins conspiratorially. Levi looks up and grimaces. “No,” he says.

“You had an emo phase?” Eren asks.

The first picture on the first page on the album is Levi with crazy long bangs hanging over his left eye, thick eyeliner, a black My Chemical Romance t-shirt, tight black jeans, and a crazy number of multicolor jelly bracelets on his wrists. Levi shakes his head looking disgusted with himself. “Middle School was embarrassing.”

“How old were you here, twelve?”


Eren keeps flipping through the pages, unable to stop grinning. Levi finds the album he was looking for and pulls it out of the box. This particular book is more of a scrapbook than an album, the first picture is from his very first ultrasound, after that are some progress pictures of his mom, the pictures from the baby shower, more ultrasound pictures, and finally the picture he was looking for. He shows it to Eren, a picture of his mom, his tiny, skinny mom with her stomach sticking out almost disturbingly far. “See that? I was bigger than average once.”

Eren laughs. “No, you were probably normal size, she’s just really small.”

Celia leans over to look at the picture. “Oh yeah, I was really tiny then.”

Levi frowns. “Can you let me believe I haven’t always been undersized?”

Celia pets her son’s hair. “Sorry, sweetheart.”

Levi frowns. “You’re so mean.”

Celia cocks an eyebrow and holds up the album Eren was looking at. “I let you have this ridiculous haircut, I am not mean.”

Levi blushes and gets up. “Bye.”

Eren chuckles and follows Levi.