she looks so cute in the second photo

I just had the most random thought that I now really want to happen.

let me set the scene. the squad is at school, as usual, and marinette, for some reason, has alya’s phone. (wouldn’t put it past her to take someone’s phone considering her track record ayy lmao) she’s taking selfies on it, some super cute but most just pulling incredibly dumb faces. 

then, on the cusp of one hella gorgeous photo where she looks like an actual angel, sunshine boy™ adrien agreste comes over from behind with a friendly and slightly awed* “hey marinette!”
(*he’s a one woman man, of course, but dang. she looked real cute in that almost selfie. can ya really blame him?)

she sees him in the phone screen and she’s shook. her expression transforms into one of pure unadulterated joy and somewhere in the seconds that pass instantaneously and yet feel like hours, she captures a photo right then. he’s in the background, looking incredible as always, and her eyes have just shifted toward him, and her expression is lovestruck. like, undeniably so. but something happens in the moment that prevents her from even noticing or looking back on the photo, and she gives alya her phone back later without having even seen said glorious selfie.

then alya. oh, alya. being the wonderful friend and impeccable wingman she is, she spams the squad group chat (bc don’t even try to tell me they don’t have one) with several of marinette’s selfies, pretending to be mad about mari taking her phone. but they’re all stunning photos, of course. and (, of course, ) the one is included. adrien sees the photo and.. oh dang. has this always been a thing? has this always been her beautiful reaction to simply seeing him? is there a reason she’s so happy? and how has he literally never noticed such elation on her face before?

he messages nino immediately. ‘dude. this photo. marinette looks really happy to see me?? I mean, it looks like she does anyway- maybe I’m reading into it. does this mean anything? is she normally this excited to see her friends?’

nino’s reply is instantaneous.

‘dude. DUDE.’


'are you actually that blind? pay attention to her expressions and mannerisms the next time u see her. hopefully you’ll understand. we’ll see.’

he follows nino’s instruction and after surprisingly very little time at all, it hits him like a ton of bricks.

she does not, in fact, act this way around all her friends.

that spark of light in her eyes, that elated smile; those are marinette specials reserved for very few things. raspberry macarons, fashion, and apparently:

“plagg, I think.. I think marinette dupain-cheng likes me.”

  • BTS play some game while waiting for the boat to sail (Of course they were extra)
  • Jhope, Jin and Rapmon start the “Who do you miss the most game”. Jin says Jhope (Trying to be smooth) Rapmon his passport (He lost it in the last season of BV - the trauma is real) and finally JHope" says “I miss our fans” (THE smoothest), Rapmon quickly tell him “They’re not just our fans” and Jin adds “Yeah! Be more specific” (Namjin attack mode) Finally Jhope says “Our ARMY? ARMY”
  • The youngest and eldest members: Jin & JK play Titanic. First Jin will hold Jungkook then the roles will change and Jungkook will tell Seokjin “Trust me” as he holds him. The two dorks will keep screaming “I am flying” and the other “You are flying" 
  • Jimin’s phone got soaked and he kept trying his best to dry it (cutely) before showing proudly the pictures he took underwater
  • Maknae line trying to figure out what to get for dinner. V who was trying to ask for a sweet plate told the waitress "Honey menu?” The woman looked so confused for a second but she was very nice and smart and recommended to the guys to take a big pizza with half-half of the two most popular ones.
  • Jin saying ALOHA to everyone in the street before asking Namjoon to take a photo with a statue. Namjin will then go for dinner and Jin will give great advice to Rapmon: A positive attitude always helps.
  • Suga films Jhope dancing to Boy meet Evil then they take photos with their 50$ (that almost flew because of the wind). Yoonseok also tries to speak in English or what they call “English talked”. JH: English talk? S: Start English Talk. JH: How you feel? S: Good. JH: Good? S: Because … we … in… Hawaii. JH: *cutely* Me too, Ok bye. S: I’m hungry. END LOL. 
  • Vminkook visiting the beach and praying. Jimin will ask JK when they finish to pose. He will take his photos then say “so cute” (about jk). It is time to go and Jungkook will turn to Jimin to tell him “Let’s go … Let’s go, baby" 
the losers club go to the snow ball

i literally wrote this because @elisebazinga made the cutest gif edit of richie and eddie at a dance and now im crying over the thought of the losers going to the snow ball

- mike, richie, stan, lucas and bill all get ready together in mike’s basement and they’re all trying to tie each other’s ties and do their hair in one tiny mirror

- richie is freaking out because he can’t find the right blazer to wear and when stan asks why he just yells “BECAUSE EDDIE LIKES COLOUR COORDINATION, STANLEY”

- bill straightens stan’s bowtie for him just before they leave and they both kind of stare at each other in awe

- “you l-luh-look great, stan”

- “come on lover boys, we’re gonna be late!” lucas most likely

- loser mike and ben get ready together at dustin’s house and they help dustin style his hair just like steve instructed

- “you look great dude, max is gonna love it”

- ben wears a cute little maroon suit and mike is so proud of his best bud because he’s gonna ask bev to dance with him

- steve picks the three of them up and just grins at their outfits because they all look so good and he’s so proud of his sons

- at will’s house, bev, max, eleven and eddie are all getting ready and eddie is sitting with eleven helping her with her hair and she’s so nervous

- “you look amazing, el, trust me, mike’s gonna be blown away”

- “so will richie when he sees you” eddie blushes like a mad man

- beverly does max and eleven’s make up and both girls are so grossed out by the lipstick and blush but they let her work her magic anyway

- will is nervous about going to school with loads of people he doesn’t like but eddie promises to stay by his side the entire night

- joyce takes about a thousand photos of all of them because they all look so cute

- and she drives them all and waves them off with tears in her eyes because she’s so proud of them all

- the three groups take goofy photos together with jonothan laughing at them

- the losers and stranger kids all gather in a big group and are just staring at each other because damn, they clean up good

- richie stares at eddie as he walks across the room and it all goes slow motion and stan has to hit him to make him stop

- “eddie…you look amazing”

- “yeah, you too trashmouth”

- the second ‘time after time’ plays over the speakers everyone goes red because shit, this is a slow song, what do we do??

- when dustin can’t find anyone to dance beverly dances with him for a short while and ben is more than happy to let her because dustin is his best friend and deserves all the love

- he and mike dance together and everyone loves it

- will awkwardly accepts dancing with a girl but he keeps glancing at the boys like ‘help me’ 

- eddie encourages lucas to ask max to dance and nearly squeals when they do because he ships them so hard

- mike obvs asks eleven to dance, leaving eddie, richie, stan and bill alone

- “oh for fucks sake bill just ask him to dance already”

- bill awkwardly pulls stan to the dance floor but they eventually end up hugging and swaying to the beat and it’s so damn cute

- “so…what do you wanna do now, eds?”

- “i wanna dance”

- “o-oh, okay?”

- eddie grins and drags richie by the hand to the middle of the dance floor and he shows two left feet tozier how to slow dance

- richie is concentrating so hard not to step on eddie’s toes and eddie is just slowly falling in love with every second

- when max and lucas kiss eddie and bev just tearfully smile at each other

- when mike and eleven kiss richie cheers and high fives mike when eleven isn’t looking

- and when eddie pulls richie down by the collar to finally kiss him, mostly because he’s rambling and needs him to shut up, lucas and dustin cheer and everyone in their group wolf whistle

- “finally” stan would mutter with a grin as he and bill dance together

- “maybe i should t-tuh-take richie’s advice after all” bill says and stan blushes before kissing bill because fuck it

- at the end of the night jonothan gets them all to take one big group photo together in their outfits and he prints like 100 copies so everyone and their parents can have one

Brave Benjamin

The day before yesterday, we had quite a scare. Benjamin was exploring and ripped his toenail on something sharp, I believe the metal part of a file folder holder that I had sitting on a shelf near the ground. The next thing I knew, there was bright red blood all over… we’ve had broken blood feathers and small amounts of blood in the past, but never like this. It was all my fault for not watching him carefully and making sure the area he was playing at was bird-proofed.

I was so scared and literally quite useless for a little while, but luckily, after we put some pressure on the wound and drowned the injured area with starch to slow the flow, the bleeding from his toe gradually stopped. Benjamin was very brave, and with the help of some green cabbage leaves nearby to keep him calm, he didn’t even complain and only rested a while before starting on preening his feathers and feet clean. This is a photo of Benjamin all tired out after the whole ordeal (the bit of blood on his head feathers is from when he scratched his head with a bloody foot; I cleaned it off for him with some water on my fingers afterward):

Benjamin is already doing much better and mostly back to his normal self today. What a strong and brave bird he is.

I thought about whether I should share this experience since it was stressful and scary for us… but I wanted to show this as an example of what taking care of a bird really entails (not just all cute photos and videos), and to urge all of you with birds (or any animals really) in your family - PLEASE be careful and keep an eye on your feathered friend when he or she is out and about playing.

You never know what little, innocent-looking household items may end up causing injury to your bird when you least expect it. They don’t know what might hurt them, so WE, who chose to take them into our homes, are completely responsible for their safety. I took my eye off Benjamin for just a few seconds, and he ended up getting hurt - it could have been much worse.

And he doesn’t even blame me. He asked me for head scritches that same evening.

In case your bird does get injured one day in the future (you never know), please do some research into what you can do in order to be prepared. Have some emergency items such as styptic powder or corn starch on hand to help stop bleeding, and be well acquainted with your bird’s behavior so that you know what would best help her or him calm down in a stressful situation (greens in Benjamin’s case), since struggling or flapping about may worsen the injury. Find out where your nearest bird vet is (look for one who specializes in and has extensive experience with birds) and find out if they accept emergency cases, in advance. 

Thank you for reading, and please be the best friend and guardian possible to your animal family members!

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I don't know if you've already done this (feel free to ignore it if you have!) But could I maybe ask for the rfa members (+ v and saeran maybe?) reacting to mc stealing and walking around in an item of their clothing? I love your blog btw!

Thank youuuu!

~This is a cute ask, here ya go! 


  • After much waiting, this kid FINALLY asks you to stay overnight
  • You were sitting and watching him play LOLOL with his guild, getting close to leaving for the night
  • He noticed you looking at your phone which meant it was time to go
    • “MC, w-why don’t you just sleep here? I can make you an omelette in the morning!”
  • You could hear the ‘hallelujah’ chorus in the distance as you agreed
  • He promised to be off soon, they were going to fight this rare monster
  •  But you didn’t exactly prepare for this
  • You had no PJs!
  • While he was glued to the screen you decided to raid his closet
  • He wouldn’t mind, right?
  • You found a green LOLOL shirt that seemed just big enough for you to sleep comfortably in
    • “This nerd…god I love him,” you laughed to yourself as you held it up to inspect it
  • You could still hear him screaming into the chat mic from the other room as you changed into it
  • Walked back into the living room to see how the game was going
    • “Superman Yoosung! How are you doing?!”
    • “MC! I’m sorry I can’t talk right now, we are right in the middle of-”
  • He had to double take
    • “ImsorryguysimloggingoutBYE”
  • Throws his headset, ignoring the screaming on the other end
  • His cheeks were so flush!
  • You’ve never seen him move so fast
  • Snatched you up and kissed you super hard


  • Does this guy own anything other than striped freaking shirts
  • You were thumbing through his closet for something to wear
  • Bored of your own clothes, you wanted to wear something of his
  • Hidden in the very back of his closet
  • A black shirt with Elizabeth 3rd’s photo printed on it
  • O M G !!!
  • Could anyone blame you for snatching it off of the hanger and throwing it on?
  • You looked so cute wearing nothing but the Elizabeth shirt
  • When you greeted Jumin at the door…
  • Holding Elizabeth (who was super content) in your arms
  • It was the first time you had seen him flustered
  • Literally couldn’t speak??
    • Oh no she found the shirt!
      • OH NO she’s wearing it and looks so cute!!!!!…
  • In a split second is telling the body guards to give you privacy, ordering everyone out of the penthouse for 3 hours
    • “MC…I’m going to punish you for snooping through my things…”


  • One of your favorite things in the world was teasing this guy
  • Poor Zen
  • So when you found this tight leather shirt in his closet of course the first thing you did was put it on to greet him when he came back from the gym
  • It must have been from one of his musicals or something, lost and forgotten in his closet
  • You were giddy as you waited for him to arrive 
  • When he finally walked through the door, sweaty, towel around his neck…
    • “MC, I’m hoooome!” He called before noticing you in the kitchen entryway
    • “Zen! I’ve been waiting…” you  smirked.
  • //Dead
  • K.O.
  • Can I type this any more?? ((((no))))
  • You’ve unleashed
  • T H E  B E A S T
  • He throws his water bottle and towel to the side
  • You’re not going to sleep much tonight


  • It was a super hard day at the coffee shop for her
  • Poor girl was drained
  • She found herself walking into a dark apartment 
  • You bumped into her while getting a glass of water
    • “Oh Jaehee…you’re home”
    • “Yes. I’m so exh- MC? Is this my shirt?”
  • When her eyes adjusted to the dark she noticed it
  • You put it on to go to bed
    • “Um yeah. You work so late sometimes…and it smells like you”
  • All of her stress washed away and she blushed
  • She kissed the top of your head
    • “Let’s get some rest, MC.”


  • You were cooking a late night meal for you both
  • Wearing nothing but his big sweater
  • He had been glued to his desk all day and you knew the best way to get him to eat was if you cooked it for him
  • The smell of the food drew him out to the kitchen
  • Critical hit ! to his heart when he saw you
  • You were so focused you hadn’t even noticed him until he was tugging at the sweater
    • “Heyyy, this is mine,” he pointed out
    • “So?”
    • “So give it back,” he pulled at it.
    • “No! Get outta here you’re bothering me,” you smacked his hands away.
    • “Not without my sweater!”
  • Was tickling you and pulling it up, trying to get to the zipper
  • You hit him with a spatula several times
  • Ended up running from him and he chased you throughout the apartment
  • Tackles you on the couch
  • He gets his sweater >.>
  • You were interrupted by the smell of burning food
    • “Oh shit, dinner!” You jumped up.
    • “Eh, don’t worry about it MC. I’ll order some takeout. Now, where were we…”


  • You were wearing one of his V necks as a nightie
  • This boy had the most comfy clothes omg the quality
  • He was waiting on the couch as you brewed tea
  • Snuggled up next to him after bringing a cup for you both
    • “Thank you, darling,” he smiled.
  • Immediately spits out his tea when he feels what you’re wearing
    • “I hope it’s okay, V. Your clothes are just so comfy!”
  • He was speechless for a moment but let his hands do the talking for him
    • “It’s more than okay, MC”
  • He pulled you in for a kiss then showed you just how much he liked it


  • It was dinner and movie night!
  • Saeran was groaning at you from the living room, telling you to hurry up or you’d be late for your reservation
  • But all of your clothes were dirtyyyy T_T
  • Damn you had both really been slacking on the chores lately
  • Frantic, you grabbed one of his red shirts
  • He won’t mind, right?
  • It went okay with your jeans anyway
  • You shrugged, rushing to meet him by the door
    • “Ready to go?” You panted.
  • He was stiff still staring at you
    • “Umm…earth to Saeran? HellooOOO-!”
  • He tossed you over his shoulder without warning and was carrying you back down the hallway
    • “What are you doing?! We’re going to be late!” you yelled.
  • He closed the bedroom door behind you with his foot and tossed you on the bed
Pretty Lies - Part Eight

Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven // Part Eight

Word Count: 1,734

Summary: You knew the truth, but still clung onto the pretty lies he told you.

“Delivery! One order of fried chicken for Y/N!” Namjoon called out in a sing-song voice, one hand holding onto the takeout while his other hand pushed open your front door. He kicked the door shut behind him, dropping the key you had given to him a while ago back into his coat pocket. 

You slowly made your way into the living room, offering Namjoon a weak smile before taking the takeout bag out of his hands and setting it on the table. He rose his eyebrow at your behavior- he had finally gotten you to laugh not too long ago but now you were back to the depressed state he had tried so hard to get you out of. “Hey, are you alright? You don’t look too good.”

“Jungkook came over a while ago,” you murmured, busying yourself with taking out the food. Namjoon’s eyebrows rose at your statement, still concerned with your neutral attitude. 

“Oh, what happened?” Namjoon carefully inquired, taking a seat at the table. His mouth opened but he hesitated, unsure if he really wanted to ask the question on his mind. “Did… Did he ask you to take him back?”

His eyes were trained on yours as you dipped your head slightly to confirm his suspicions. “What did you say?”

“I told him I’d give him one last chance,” you confessed, unsure as to why your heart was clenching at having to tell Namjoon this. He was your best friend, practically an older brother from how much he had to look after you. Maybe you felt guilty for causing such a big scene only to take Jungkook back? “A part of me isn’t sure if this is right but he said it was truly just a mistake. He said he wouldn’t do it anymore so I guess I just have to trust him.”

“What do you mean you’re just going to trust him? Don’t you remember the lies he told you? He cheated on you, Y/N! It doesn’t get more black and white than that, I don’t understand why you would just take him back. Do you have no respect for yourself?” Namjoon blew up, surprised at how riled up he had gotten from your words. In all honestly a part of Namjoon had expected this to happen and was prepared to silently let it happen and stay in the background, but the moment you confirmed his worst fears he couldn’t just stay silent and continue to support your decision.

“Think what you want but I want to trust in him,” you retorted calmly. “If I want him to trust me, I have to trust him. It’s a two way street.”

Namjoon looked helplessly at you, wanting to yell at you more to convince you of how bad things would turn out but he knew you were stubborn. You tried to hold your ground and Namjoon noticed the gleam of uncertainty in your eyes. 

“I hope you know what you’re walking into ‘cause I can’t just sit here and watch this happen.” Rising from his seat, Namjoon marched towards the door. 

“Wait, where are you going?” you cried out, catching his arm before he could go further. He slowed, turning his head slightly towards you. 

“I can’t just watch silently in the background as you get together with someone who has already hurt you so much. Jungkook might be like a younger brother to me but I won’t stand for this.” Namjoon grimaced, almost not wanting to finish what he had started but he knew it had to be said. “I just can’t stay as your supportive best friend when you’re gonna go back to him. I’m done, Y/N.”

Your face fell and the color drained from your face. Namjoon brushed your hand off him, shooting you another pained expression before stepping through the door, slamming it shut. 

Seokjin was known as the mother of BTS so it wasn’t surprising at all that he was the first person to approach Namjoon after he had stormed back into the dorm. 

“Namjoon, I’m coming in,” Seokjin announced before stepping into the room, concern clearly written all over his face. “What happened? I thought you were supposed to have dinner with Y/N.”

Namjoon stayed silent, face still deep in his pillow. Seokjin paused, waiting for a reply. Silence filled the room and just as Seokjin was sure Namjoon would not open up about his problem he turned his head slightly to mumble, “She chose him again, hyung.”

Confused, Seokjin took a seat at Namjoon’s desk. “What do you mean ‘she chose him again’?”

“I’m in love with Y/N.” Taking a moment to pause after the bomb he had dropped, Namjoon continued hesitantly, unsure how Seokjin would react. “Have been for a long time actually. But the only guy she’s ever looked at is Jungkook and I finally thought she would properly acknowledge me as a possible love interest but in the end she always goes back to him.”

“Namjoon,” Seokjin started, stunned by Namjoon’s confession. “I had no idea you felt this way. I’m so sorry, all along I’ve been cheering for Jungkook and I never realized you were also after Y/N’s heart.”

“The thing is I don’t stand a chance against him. No matter how I much I’m there for her or try to impress her, the only guy she’ll ever see is him. It hurts so much to know I’ll only ever be second best, hyung,” Namjoon declared, trying to brush the tears away. Seokjin was shocked, he almost never saw Namjoon cry and to see his leader break down like this was heartbreaking.

“Perhaps the time to move on has come,” Seokjin offered weakly, not sure what he could say to lift his leader’s spirits. Namjoon let out a sigh, shifting around on his back so he was on his back. 

“That’s what I’ve been telling myself ever since I knew she would never be mine.”

Everything had been going so well for Jungkook until he noticed the text Areum had sent him. Suddenly everything he had done to patch things up with you crashed to the ground when Jungkook saw the photo. 

If the photo got out, there would be no way of convincing you to stay with him. His second chance would be ruined and the media would have a field day at the thought of the maknae of such a successful group dating a trainee. 

Without hesitation, Jungkook dialed Areum’s number, praying that she wasn’t practicing. 

“Hi Kookie! What’s up?” Areum’s voice chirped through the line and Jungkook’s hold tightened on the phone. 

“What is the meaning of this photo?” Jungkook grounded out, desperately trying to keep his control. 

“You don’t like it?” Areum whined. “I thought you looked so cute in it though.”

“Cut the bullshit, Areum! You know I love Y/N and what we had was a mistake. Don’t even think of spreading that photo around, delete it immediately or you’ll regret it,” Jungkook threatened, hoping the anger in his voice would be enough to intimidate Areum into leaving him alone. 

There was a pause on Areum’s line and for a second Jungkook wondered if she was shocked by his behavior. Until he heard her laughter float through. His eyebrows scrunched together as her laughter continued. 

“Oh that’s just rich, Jungkook. What can you do to me? I’m the one with the photo, I have the upper-hand here. It’s so cute how frustrated you get when you’re cornered,” Areum giggled. “No, you should be asking me what you should do in order for this photo to stay hidden.”

Jungkook gritted his teeth, wondering why he had ever been attracted to Areum. Her true nature was coming out and Jungkook was helpless against her blackmail. “… What do you want me to do? I’m not going to break up with, Y/N.”

“Oh, I don’t want you to break up with Y/N! I’m not a monster, Jungkook, I can tell she makes you happy,” Areum hummed, deep in thought. “I have a very simple wish, I just want you to take me out on a date.”

“A date? You just want me to take you out on a date?” Jungkook repeated, confused at the simple request. With Areum’s manipulative nature, he had expected her to demand he break up with you immediately.

“Of course. She makes you happy and you make me happy. As long as I stay happy, the photo won’t be leaked. Simple as that,” Areum purred, already knowing Jungkook was helpless to refuse. 

“Fine, I’ll agree to your terms but it has to be done in disguise. I don’t want Y/N to know of this at all,” Jungkook requested, praying Areum would agree to his terms. 

“Although I don’t think you’re in a position to be bartering with me, I’ll accept your terms. Be ready to go out this Saturday, I’ll send you the details later. I have to go to practice now. Talk to you later, babe!” The line was cut and Jungkook slumped against his wall. 

‘As long as I keep Areum happy, Y/N will never find out,’ Jungkook mused, conflicted with wanting Y/N to trust him again but knowing he would have to continue to betray her trust to keep Areum from exposing him. 

Areum was practically glowing throughout her practice which unsettled her group members. Although they were quite accustomed to Areum’s strange mood changes, it was still eerie to them how quickly her mood would turn from good to worse and vise versa. 

She hummed a tune as she went through the motions of her group’s debut dance, a bright smile dancing on her lips. She had Jungkook right where she wanted him. 

He thought that all she wanted was dates to keep her happy but she had a whole plan set out. Having him break up with Y/N would be too easy and there would be a chance the two could get back together. No, Areum knew she would have to completely shatter the trust Y/N had with Jungkook in order to ensure he stayed hers. 

Nailing her mini dance solo in the song, Areum continued to muse about her plan. Once Y/N was out of the way, Jungkook would only have her. As long as she had the photo, he was powerless to resist her. 

‘The fun part is just about to begin. Better be prepared, Jungkook.’

a/n: finally updated after being dead for so long. i’m officially back for the summer and am hoping to post a lot more now that i have more time!

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OH you’re doing those things again!! #blessedbylock if you don’t mind 39, Toshinko or 23 Kacchako

23. meeting on a train ride au for kacchako (i mostly chose this one because I haven’t done any Kacchako yet this time around. also that hashtag I’m screaming omg)

Ochako turns on her front facing camera and lifts her phone into the air. She centers herself in frame and puts up a peace sign, smiling. When she feels like the angle is flattering she snaps the picture and it’s only as it’s taking that she realizes that the guy standing right behind her looks like he’s going to kill her.

She brings her phone back down so quickly she nearly drops it to the train floor, her fingers slipping and sliding on the case. She fumbles for a moment but she’s almost managed to get a good grip again right as the guy says, “Were you fucking taking a picture of me?”

Ochako drops her phone with a clatter. “Shoot,” she complains, crouching to retrieve it.

“Are you ignoring me?” the guy asks, sounding two parts incredulous and one part pissed.

“No,” Ochako says, scooping her phone up. “Sorry.” When she stands and turns to face him he’s scowling. “I didn’t mean to take a picture of you either.”

“Why the hell are you even taking a picture somewhere as crowded as a train anyway?” he grumbles.

Ochako feels her cheeks color. “I’m on my way to visit a friend. I was going to let him know how it’s going, I thought a picture would be fun.”

The guy scowls harder. “Fucking stupid,” he says but he seems less tense somehow. He’s an odd person.

Ochako checks her phone to see that the picture ended up blurry from the movement of her arm. Her face is alarmed and obviously her eyes are on the guy in the background. He, somehow, looks amazing. Even with his angry expression he looks beautiful. She supposes that he must be one of those extremely photogenic people, like Todoroki who somehow always looks cool and suave in every picture they take of him.

“Shoot, it didn’t turn out.”

The guy leans her direction curiously, obviously trying to get a peek without actually asking to see her phone. Ochako is a nice person, or at least she tries to be, so she turns her phone screen to show him. “You somehow look great though.”

He bristles. “I didn’t care, Round Face.”

She eyes him and wonders why he’s trying so hard. “I’m Uraraka. Uraraka Ochako.”

He scowls. “Did I ask?”

“You’re really rude for such a pretty guy,” she comments.

For the first time since she’s met him, if you could call this meeting him, he flounders. “Pretty? I’m not pretty. I’m, like… I’m fucking cool, okay. I’m a cool guy, and you know what Round Face I didn’t ask you and I don’t fucking care.”

She laughs. “Okay, Pretty Guy.”

“Hey, it’s Bakugou Katsuki,” he snaps, “and don’t you forget it Round Face.”

“Whatever you say, Pretty Guy.”

He scowls at her and seems to think for a minute. “You’re a fucking asshole under that cute girl image, aren’t you Uraraka.”

She smiles, charmed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bakugou-kun.”

Bakugou eyes her. “Whatever.”

Ochako brightens. “Hey, since we’re friends now do you want to be in my selfie?”

“What?” he asks. 

She laughs and turns on her camera, leaning towards him a bit but not too far. After a second of him blinking at her phone screen he leans towards her too and she takes a chance to get right into his space. When their cheeks squish together he gets a cute, stunned expression on his face and she takes the opportunity to snap a picture of him without the scowl that seems to be permanently programmed into his facial muscles.

“Aw, that looks cute,” she says. He blinks at it, looking embarrassed, but he doesn’t yell at her to delete it so she takes that as permission to type up a quick message to Izuku and send it.

[photo attatched] omw and making friends on the train as i go!!!

She turns back to Bakugou. “If you give me your number I’ll send it to you too?”

He frowns. “Fucking stupid,” he says but then he holds out a hand for her phone and she gives it to him. 

After he enters in his number she changes his contact name to Pretty Guy Bakugou just to annoy him since he’s watching over her shoulder. He makes an inarticulate sound of irritation but before she can send the picture, and along with it give him her number, Izuku texts her back.


She blinks at her phone. “Who’s Kacchan?”

Bakugou jumps. “Where the motherfuck-”

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Remember…. part 4

You can read part 1 here & part 2 here & part 3 here

You look up towards the man in front of you when you heard your name. He puts his hands on your face stroking your cheek

“Don’t dare hurt her.” You hear Dean scream.

The man switches now the attention from you to Dean. He walks towards Dean.

“Or what?” He asks Dean.

“Or I will kill you with my bare hands” Dean responds.

Another man enters the room. He walks towards the man that was in front of me.

“Klaus who are they?” He asks

“There the hunters brother.” Klaus responds. “Take a look Elijah.”

You looked towards the two man. The man who just walked in had a suit on. He walked towards Sam first looking at him, then to Dean and then he started walking towards you. You looked towards the ground. You saw his feet appear on the ground. You looked up. Seeing the man in front of you. He was staring at you like he just saw a ghost.

He walks away without saying anything. He walks to the man he just called Klaus. You saw him whisper something in his ear.

“See this as a warning. You can stay in my town but don’t get in my way. otherwise it’s going to be more worse than today.” Klaus spoke to the 3 of us.

“Thake them back.” Elijah said to the man holding us.

The man put the sacks on our heads again and drag us away.

“Klaus…” Elijah said. He put his hand on his shoulder. “She’s here. What are we going to do?”  

“I don’t know” Klaus said. He walks towards the door and leaves the compound.

We were dropped on a field next to the river.

“Who the hell was that?” Dean asks angry. “He has the balls to scare us.” He screams angry.

“Dean calm down.” Sam says. “Y/n do you know those guy’s?” He asks you. You look towards him confused. “both of the men looked at you like they saw a ghost.” Sam continued.

“I don’t know them.” You said towards them.

“Sam leave her for a moment. Let’s go back to the hotel.” Dean says. “Where are we?” He says looking around.

The next day we were all at the hotel. Sam was doing research on the internet about those guys. And you were going a little bit crazy. That man’s face just keeps popping up on your mind. Like you knew him.

“Guys I’m going to look around in the city.” You say to them.

“It’s not safe.” Dean says to you.

“I’m just going to look around like a tourist not as a hunter.” You say to Dean

“I’m going with you.” Dean says. He takes his jacket and puts it on.

“Dean please i don’t need a babysitter” You say to him.  “I will check in every hour okay?”

He nods his head. You look towards Sam and he just gives you a smile.

You walk towards the door and you left both of the men behind.

The streets of New Orleans were crowded. There were people everywhere. Everybody was smiling. You walked around and you felt at home for more than a year you never felt so home in a city has now. You spot a cute cafe. You enter the cafe and you took a seat at a table near the window.

“Can I get you something?” You looked away from the window and you looked towards the waitress.

“Yes, can I have a coffee, please.” You say to her. She nods her head and walks away.

You look towards the window again, You see kids running around tourist taking photos. Everybody was happy.

In a few seconds you felt a presence next to you.

“You don’t mind do you love?” You look towards the man in front of you. Klaus the man from yesterday is in front of you. He has his hands on the chair.

“No I don’t mind.” You say to him. He sits in front of you.

“Thank you.” He says with a smile.

The waitress comes around and brings you the coffee.

“Do you want something?” She asks Klaus.

“No thank you.” he says friendly to the waitress.

She walks away and he’s staring at you with pain in his eyes. You don’t understand why.

“Can I ask you something love?” He says to you. His voice is friendly and sweet.

“Sure.” You say to him not sure why.

“Why are you with the hunters? You’re not a hunter.” He says to you

“Who do you think you are?.” You say to him calmly as possible. “You don’t know me.” You continued. He turns his face from you and you see him clench his jaw.

“You’re right.” He’s says not looking at you. He looks back at you, he smiles and just stays quite looking at you. You look out of the window, the people outside just makes you smile.

“I’m happy that you like New Orleans.” Klaus says. You look back at him again. “I can show you the town if you want.” He says with a smile.

You gave him a fake smile, take the last sip of your coffee and you stand from the table. “Maybe some other day.” You say to him and you walk away from the table. You walk to the register to pay for your coffee and ask for 2 pieces of cherry pie. Before you leave you look towards Klaus he’s still sitting on the table with his eyes on you. You walked out and made your way towards the hotel.

2. cats

characters: kang daniel, reader

summary: continuation of 1. beer (part 2 of 10 kang daniel things series, part 3 here)

word count: 1.3k+

It might be her favorite day of the week but it definitely isn’t her favorite time of the day. It is early afternoon on a Saturday and the sun is too bright. She commends herself for her choice of outfit - a mere pair of shorts beneath an oversized tee and her decision to put on a minimal amount of makeup today because surely the sun is out to melt.

Spotting the cat cafe that she is due at, she makes her way quickly towards it, eager to be welcomed by the air conditioning inside. She pushes open the glass door of the cafe and the bell above the doorway tinkles softly, signaling her entrance.

The cafe is peaceful, the quietness only interrupted by occasional soft mews from the felines which each is in a cozy spot they have found for themselves. She orders herself a drink before choosing the smallest wooden table by the glass door. 

She takes the seat with her back facing the entrance and checks the time on her phone; it is thirty minutes past the time they were supposed to meet, but it’s no surprise that her bestfriend is still later than she already is.

She wonders if her friend is even awake and contemplates calling her before she sees a cat with greyish brown fur approaching her. The feline surveys her momentarily with its large eyes before deeming her bare ankles worthy enough for it to rub its body against. She smiles and leans down to stroke the cat. It then flops over, rolling on its back. She decides that it is too cute a sight to not take a photo of so she picks up her phone and at the same time she hears the bell tinkle, meaning someone has entered the cafe.

The cat opens its eyes and sits up abruptly, looking at the new visitor. And as if recognizing whoever it is, it leaves her without a second glance and pads over to greet him.

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I also love these, that girl bought him a bouquet of roses and a lot of them had broken off and she was super upset and almost started crying and you can see the lil look of concern on his face in the first photo, but that cute little smile in the second one makes it so worth it! Wish I knew the girl that gave him the roses so I could send her the photos! 🥀🥀

Fireworks and Dizzyland (Part 2 of A Week in LA)

so yes pt 2 of a week in la; the part after la la land “pilgrimage”! ok so i’m glad you guys liked part one i think? hahahaha ANYWAYS the next part will be set in california adventure so watch out for it!


Part 1:

pairing: sam holland x reader

warnings: none! i don’t write smut or anything like that!

summary: for the first day of your trip to disney, you visit the happiest place on earth and it’s the happiest day of your life thus far

Originally posted by baldrs-draumar

* okay so you’re so hyped for two days of disney with sam like HYPED is an understatement
* on the drive from la to anaheim you’re so giddy and sam is so happy to see you that way and it makes his heart so full
* he keeps taking videos of you singing disney songs and he chuckles so intensely and he sings along too
* you finally arrive at disney OH MY GOSH YOU’RE LIKE ON THE VERGE OF CRYING
* which is actually kinda funny because you’ve already gone multiple times
* you go to the disney hotel and check in
* you’re so excited you keep bugging him to move faster so you could go in
* he finishes up and you make your way to the park

Originally posted by california-problems

* you get minnie ears and they’re little mermaid themed because lord knows how much you love that film
* he puts a video of you finding those on his story and it’s so cute
* ‘SAM SAM SAM LOOK’ ‘what is it haha’ 'mINNIE EARS THAT ARE LITTLE MERMAID THEMED’ 'you’re so cute you know’
* he proceeds to hug you so tight
* he gets a cap that has a small silhouette of mickey in front
* did i mention you were both wearing disney sweaters? well you were. well actually tom gave you both spider-man/marvel sweaters to wear so yeah
* it was hella cute tho
* first actual stop was space mountain because ICONIC
* you keep screaming and you lean your head on his shoulder and he hugs you super tight
* your picture from the end of the ride is one of you and sam doing the spider-man pose because you two dorks found it so funny
* you two pretend you have legit lightsabers, complete with sound effects
* because the two of you are actual children you go to the teacups
* you wanted to go on the pink one but he wanted to go on the blue one so you compromised and went on the blue one
* you two kept giggling and he takes a picture of you whilst you laugh and he finds it so cute dang
* you two get off the ride and YOU’RE SO DIZZY
* 'why’d we do that again’ 'this was a bad idea sam’
* you meet up with harry who came from montreal to visit la for the rest of the week with you guys
* the three of you made your way to it’s a small world
* you actually were so tired of the song but you really wanted to go on it with sam
* you two were hugging the entire time in line
* harry takes photos then goes 'you two are gross, get a room’
* sam kisses your cheek
* 'i hate you both why did i even come’
* he doesn’t actually hate you guys, but he does start laughing and you two follow and are laughing so hard
* you go on the ride and sam has his arm over your shoulder whilst you hug his waist and lean your head on his shoulder
* you hear a few 12-year olds go 'why can’t i have that’ 'i know right it’s so unfair’
* you two have a laugh about it
* after the ride harry decides to go elsewhere because he feels like too much of a third wheel whoops
* but before you seperate you three have lunch
* main street cafe is where it’s at yo
* harry talks to you two about canada and chaos walking and it makes you a little too excited
* sam records a video of you and your dorkiness
* “hi guys i’m here too”

Originally posted by atclovels

* before you and sam seperate from harry you two beg him to take pics of you two in front of the castle
* harry’s heart is secretly melting because you two look way too cute together
* you two are looking into each other’s eyes holding each other’s waists, with your leg bent back (think princess diaries when she turned on the lights and stuff by accident)
* one of you being carried by sam on his back !!!
* you post the first picture with the caption: 'the eric to my ariel💙’
* he posts the second with the caption 'always gonna have your back, ariel💙’
* good lord you two define #couplegoals
* y'all’s followers aRE LIVING
* “goodbye i have died” “these are so cute i can’t” “sTOP IT GUYS”
* harry comments “ehem where are my credits”
* tom comments “when you brother leaves you alone in montreal to take photos for your other brother and his girl”
* zendaya comments “my fave couple of all time”
* harry leaves you two alone
* you two wander some more
* you watch the shows and WOW THE ACTORS ARE INCREDIBLE
* you and sam singing the entire time
* you go and get dole whips and your story is literally just boomerangs of him because he’s that cute
* he secretly takes one of you laughing and posts it on his story
* “sAM NO”
* you go and do astro blasters because you are actual children as if it wasn’t already obvious
* you are so competitive, competitive is an understatement
* in the middle of the ride you look at your points and he’s winning and you’re like 'nOPE IM NOT LETTING YOU WIN SAM’
* spoiler alert he wins
* you feel kinda sad about it but he’s kinda happy but he sees you and he’s like… OOPS
* he buys you another churro and you’re happy again
* “sorrrryyyyy i got too competitive” he says while kissing your forehead and hugging you super tight
* it’s getting quite dark so you meet up with harry at main street

Originally posted by tomorrowlandqueen

* pretty light parades
* just admiring all the pretty lights and costumes and everything
* he’s not even paying attention to the parade he’s just staring at you in bewilderment

Originally posted by blackpipecleaner

* you lean on his shoulder and he has his arm over yours while you hold his hand
* he times it perfectly and he takes one of you and sam kissing right as the biggest firework shines above the castle
* all you two feel are fireworks
* “love you” “love you too you dork”

OK I DIED WRITING THIS I DON’T KNOW IF MY SAM HOLLAND LOVING HEART CAN TAKE IT. also tell me if you wanna be added to the tag list!


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Cute vegan strawberry - chia pudding parfaits topped with fresh strawberries and a bit of chocolate granola: super creamy, filling and so pretty to look at! When my mom woke me up last week, she actually gave me one of those cuties (which she made herself, I’m the reason she is addicted to chia seeds right now…) the second I opened my eyes and seriously, that was a nice sight to wake up to, so I jumped out of bed to get my camera and take a photo. Hope you all had a great weekend, lovelies! xx Amber :)

Obsessed - Part 6

Vanessa wakes up to a strange sound in the morning, and it takes her several seconds to realize its the sound of Shannon’s alarm. She’s even more startled when she feels him reach across her to turn it off, pulling her close and kissing her shoulder. “Good morning.” Vanessa is stunned into silence. Shannon runs his hand up and down her arm soothingly when he feels how tense she is. “You sleep okay?”

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Very Romeo and Juliet-ish

Requested by @justamultifandomfreak


The tension in the room felt suffocating to say the least. The usually upbeat and loud house was abnormally quiet, with the exception of forks and spoons clattering against dishes. Y/n sat next to Rafinha at the table, who had been looking down at his plate for the last ten minutes. Poor thing was trying his hardest to avoid the death glares her dad was sending his way. Her sister Clara found the entire ordeal amusing but she knew better than to make a stupid comment when the situation was so tense. Y/n gave her mother a pleading look, if anyone was going to save the night it was her.

“So, Rafa, do you mind if I call you that?” she asked politely, earning a shy smile and “no” from Rafinha, and a side-eye from her husband. At least Rafinha wasn’t the only one receiving death glares now. “How’s your family? How’s Thiago? I’ve heard wonderful things about him! Apparently he’s been having an amazing season in Munich? Oh my goodness, and the baby! How’s the baby?”

For once Y/n was grateful for her mother’s chit-chatting ways. She could feel Rafinha relax a little, with his usual big smile back in place and that alto astral of his making the three women in the room smile as well.

“His name is Gabriel,” he looked for a picture of the baby on his phone, he loved bragging about his nephew, “I try to facetime Thiago as much as I can so I don’t miss anything. Thankfully I was there when he was born so I got to spend a couple of quality days with him. I helped Thiago set up the nursery as well…..”

Rafinha got carried away every time he talked about his nephew and Y/n knew that all too well, having to listen to her boyfriend repeatedly tell her about all the toys and clothes he bought for little Gabriel. Sometimes she’d eavesdrop whenever he’d facetime his brother and nephew, and that baby voice he used with Gabriel made her heart skip a beat.

Her mother was looking at her with a little smirk plastered on her face. To any outsider that didn’t mean much, but Y/n knew she was screaming “hurry up and give me grandchildren with this man!” with her eyes. She could read her mom really well.

The mood had brightened up and everyone had forgotten about bitter Lucho, who seemed to be a bit more relaxed himself. Lucho who had been giving Rafinha absolute hell during training ever since he found out about their relationship. Lucho, who had been strictly against his daughter dating his player. Lucho, her father and his coach.

Y/n was relieved to see her two favorite men in the same room for once without some sort of soap opera developing. It seemed like every time she tried to arrange a get-together her dad would end up pissed and her boyfriend upset. She even had to assure Rafinha once that she would never leave his side even if her father didn’t approve. Very Romeo and Juliet-ish.

The situation didn’t get any better considering those two had to see each other on a daily basis at work. And even though they tried to keep it professional the tension was always palpable whenever those two were together. The staff could tell, the team knew it, and even if they didn’t Neymar made sure to make things extra awkward during training. That little shit.

But for the first time since the couple first announced their relationship Rafinha and Lucho both seemed to at least tolerate each other’s presence. At least Lucho wasn’t shooting daggers with his eyes and Rafinha wasn’t running away like a sad puppy.

But of course no family get-together is complete without a little blast from the past. I mean, what was the point of inviting Rafinha over if her mother didn’t get to embarrass her with that ridiculously big photo album.

“No way!” Rafinha’s eyes widened as he looked at one picture in particular. Y/n’s mother looked over his shoulder from behind the sofa and let out a loud obnoxious laugh. Y/n leaned in to see what the commotion was about and winced when she saw the picture her boyfriend had stumbled upon.

“Oh dear,” her mom carefully wiped her laughing tears, “we were potty training her. Everything was going great, she was a smart baby she knew what she had to do.  But this one day I notice that she’s taking a whole awful lot of time in there so I go check on her and I find this sobbing child sitting completely naked in her little toilet. So at first I’m a bit alarmed you know, maybe she injured herself and it was hard to understand what she’s saying with all that sobbing! And then, in the most exasperated voice a two year old could muster she says “mommy! My poop won’t come out!” crying at the top of her lungs with a river of tears running down her face! I obviously had to take a picture!”

To have Rafinha look at that monstrosity of a picture was one thing, but for him to know the backstory was a new low. Her entire family, Rafa included, was close to tears. Y/n couldn’t help but laugh a little herself. This was a fight she couldn’t win. And so the night continued, wine glasses were refilled, playful comments went back and forth and a second photo album was out.

“Wow, look how skinny mom was!”

“I still am!”

“Yeah… sure.”

“You were so cute what happened to you?”

“Hey, remember when you pushed me down the stairs and I hit my head with a brick wall?”

“Yeah, my murder plan clearly didn’t work.”

“Hey, who’s the little girl running around naked outside in this picture?”




“Well it’s certainly burned in my memory, alright.”

“Wait, is that Y/M/N pole dancing?”


“Wow mom, I didn’t know that side of you.”

“Hahaha! Welcome to the family bro… Rafinha…. Brofinha.”

“Please never call my boyfriend that again.”

Lucho just watched the chaos of laughter and screams that had formed in his living room. With the sisters on each side and mom leaning from behind, Rafinha seemed to fit right in. Lucho knew then that he would only make him run two extra laps instead of the usual five.

Pansy x Luna: Modern Day AU

by @cauldrones

For the @sapphichogwartsgirlsnet “Get to Know the Members” event

Basically just a bunch of headcanons I wrote at 3am because the event ends today which I feel really reflects my personality. 

(Longgggggg, I got a bit carried away)

ok so I know this won’t be anything close to cannon but just hear me out

  • Starbucks Dates
  • Pansy goes everyday to Starbucks for her morning coffee
  • She has the whole drinks list memorized and has tried all the drinks twice
  • Luna rarely ever goes
  • She has no fucking idea what any of it means
  • “What size?” Medium. “Do you mean grande?” No..?
  • Luna actually met Pansy at a Starbucks
  • Luna is a sleep deprived art student who depends on coffee whose coffee machine broke and is ready to fight everyone in this line
  • She sees the girl in front of her and immediately forgets all about coffee
  • She has the barista put Luna’s number on Pansy’s cup
  • Now they meet at Starbucks every friday afternoon because Luna doesn’t have any classes then
  • Pansy actually is the one who loves the sweet drinks. Chocolate, Caramel, bright pink, she is all for it.
  • Luna absolutely hates them. Just a Venti Black iced Coffee for her please. 
  • WHen Luna had Pansy try her coffee, her face scrunched up really tight
  • “How could you drink that? It tastes so bitter!”
  • “Maybe it reminds me of someone.”
  • Pansy is kinda ashamed of her girly drinks so when they go out in public she makes Luna hold whatever god awful sweet thing she ordered and she carries Luna’s coffee. 
  • They trade quickly so they both can take a sip of their drinks without anyone noticing.
  • Luna has this denim jacket she got from a thrift shop three years ago
  • She has tons of enamel pins and patches she collected over the years that she puts on this jacket
  • Seriously, if you ever need to get Luna a present, get her pins.
  • She is always on Etsy???
  • Pansy steals it from her all the time
  • “It’s the one jacket you own that doesn’t make me want to vomit a fucking rainbow.”
  • Luna made one for Pansy and gave it to her for their one year anniversary
  • It’s Pansy’s most prized possession
  • She still steals Luna’s
  • Taking pictures of each other for their Instagrams
  • Luna’s Instagram is really artistic? Like she really doesn’t have a theme, but everything looks deliberate and goes together, but they are all independent pieces, each photo gives a different feeling. 
  • She has a lot of cute selfies of the two of them on dates and candids of her friends.
  • She also takes picture of her plants and every cat and dog she sees on the street.
  • She also has a second account for art that has like 15k followers
  • Pansy is dedicated to a theme. 
  • It’s basically dark green and black
  • Luna breaks Pansy’s theme all the time by just being so god damn colourful
  • Her photos are stunning?
  • Luna and Pansy both run tumblrs and are fandom trash together
  • Luna is a digital artist who makes absolutely beautiful fanart? 
  • She works like non-stop? Always answering asks,messaging people constantly, and is always open to requests.
  • Pansy’s blog is just a Luna fan blog, reblogging mostly just cute things Luna made and lesbian stuff
  • When Pansy was younger she had a lot of internalized lesphobia and was very ashamed of her sexuality.
  • When she went online she found a safe space
  • She finally felt wanted
  • It gave her courage to call the number on her Starbucks cup 
  • Pansy and Luna live happily ever after


Second round is done! By a two to one margin, Amber’s homicidal maniac photo is eliminated.

The next round of voting starts NOW and will last until Thursday, November 2.

Come into my ask box and tell me your least favorite photo of the seven remaining here:

  1. huggable sweater selfie
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  4. mustache Amber
  5. kitty Amber
  6. ‘looking almost naked while driving a car’ Amber
  7. innocent or plotting murder?
  8. homicidal maniac
  9. Justin Bieber’s biggest fan

Remember to vote by Thursday, November 2 for your least favorite photo.


Alright so guys I went to the com as you could see with my past updates and I will tell you what happened to me, Alright so let’s begin shall we?

First I bought 2 meets with Eliza, 2 photos and one autograph, alright so tomorrow I still have one meet left and the autograph, and today I took the two photos and one meet.

First at the meet: 

SHE WAS SO FUCKING SWEET OMFG AND on the first minute of the meet, someone asked her : which accent do you like to do more?

and she aswered: “Oh american accent is fun.” and so I just said out loud: “was it hard to do?” and I didnt except her to look at me and give me a little giggle and answer me looking right into my eyes, we had a chat about accents , and then we said she couldn’t say withdraw in the american accent and she laughed. alright so that was the first time we talked, and it took like 3 minutes OF ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR STARING AND TALKING TO ME.

So I raised my hand and said: “ Eliza first I want to thank you for everything, it really helped a lot , I  have a really bad time with my mom and dad, specially my mom. “ AND THEN SHE SAID BEFORE I COULD EVEN ASK MY FIRST QUESTION. “ awww im really sorry to hear that , im sorry babe” AND I WAS LIKE OHSAUHEOUSHESOUAHEUSAHEUOASHUESUAEHSA KILL ME…. So I gasped and I couln’t even continue my question, and she saw that and giggle and I tried to keep up, and I said: “ Sorry Eliza I’m really nervous…. “ AND SHE SAID: *giggles* “Don’t worry Im nervous as well hahaha, its fine really.”  HER GIGGLE IN PERSON OH MY GOD. Anyways, I laughed and said: “ Thanks to this fandom I could meet my Girlfriend , she’s from California and…” AND SHE SPOKE AGAIN “ AWWWWWW gongratulations! Im really happy for you!!! That’s amazing!” And I was like UEHSAOEUHSAEHSOAUEHOSAUHEUSHA I CANT OMFG I CANT DO THIS. So I tried to recompose myself “ Thanks hahha so Id like to thank you for that , for your acting as well you are so good! But anyways my question is : do you recall any deleted clexa scene that we didn’t see on the show?”  And she said : “ Oh, no I think you’ve seen it all,  I mean there were sometimes that we had to reshoot some scenes but yeah” And I said : “ Oh and what about bloopers? we dont really have any Bloopers with Alycia.” And she laughed and said: “ Well there weren’t a lot of bloopers hahaha, but we had some but I guess they didn’t put it because they didn’t find it funny enough” And I said: Ohh hahaha alright and she said : “ But my favorite bloopers is from season 1 , but I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!” and so me and two other girls said: “its on the dvd Eliza hahahaha” and she looked at us “ It is? o.o oh my god! “ and I said: “ Yea it is, and also you should check youtube, it’s also on youtube.” and then she said: “ Alright I will thanks!!” 

So after I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT FANFIC HAHAHAHA BECAUSE I JUST HAD TO. so I said:“ So Eliza did you ever read any fanfics? “ and she laughed and said: “ No not really , but should I read them? I mean there are sex scenes in there right?” And I said: “ Well there are some fics with sex scenes but there are a lot that doesn’t, and they are really good too.” and she said : “ Oh realy? alright will you send me some after please?” AND I WAS ONCE AGAIN LIKE OAEHSIEHSAUHESAEA OMG and I laughed and said: “ SURE”  

So she was trying to say somethings in portuguese, and she looked at me when she tried to say: “ Churrasco” and I helped her and she tried again and I nodded she did that thing with her arm like: YES ACHIEVIMENT UNLOCKED while SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME SO FUCKING CUTE OMFG IM SO GAY I CANT–

Anyways . HAHAHAH so she tried to say “Eu te amo” which is I love you in portuguese, and she looked at me again hahahah, man omfg Im so…. and she said it IJSAIJEA *dead*

ANYWAYS. We talked about a lot of things, we talked about Clexacon, and she was always looking at me, and I’d always say something to her complementing things and she’d always chat back with me. IM STILL LIKE SEAIEHSAUHES SO I WILL ASK MY FRIEND WHAT WERE MY OTHER QUESTIONS BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I CATN REMEMBER SORRY GUYS. 

Anyways when we went to take the photo I WAS LIKE REALLY CLOSE TO HER , and she was trying to stay with one foot on the ground and the other on the stairs, and she was like off balance for a second and I said : “ Are you ok Eliza? “ and she looked into my eyes, and she was like 5 inches away from my face, “ Yes im ok hahaha thanks “ OH GOD IM SO DONE EISAHSUHUSEAAHUSE

Anyways so I had the two pics with her: I was holding this shirt that you are going to see on the photo, and I drew that and it was a gift for her. So I had two photos to take with her, so I came closer and said: Heeeeey she said : “HEEEEY” , OMFG SHES SO CUTE hahahahhaha and I asked if I could hug her, and she said: “ YES OF COURSE” and opened her arms really wide , I hugged her and GOD HER HAIR, THE SMELL HOESAHEOHAEHSA DYING, AND HER HUG ESHAOUSA, alright so I handed the shirt to her and said: “its a gift for you hahahaha I drew that” and she read it and said: “ Oh my god Clexakru captain YEEEEEI * while shaking the shirt* IM YOUR CAPTAIN “ AND I FUCKING CHEERED WITH HER : YESSSSSS OUR CAPTAIN! anyways she asked if I wanted her to hold the shirt on the photo and I said YES. SO GUYS HERE COMES THE BEST PART….. SHE HELD THE SHIRT AND TOLD ME TO HUG HER FROM BEHIND AND SO I DID, MY FRIENDS THAT WERE WAITING TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH HER, SAID WE LOOKED LIKE A COUPLE GOD I CATN WAIT TO SEE THAT PHOTO OMFG OSOEAHESUHUSEAHUSEA BECAUSE IM TALLER THAN HER SO FUCK I HAD AND HELD ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR IN MY ARMS SEIJASIJISJAISJPAPSJAPIJSAPIJESPIJESAIJESAIJPESAIEJASEIJSAESIJAESJAIESJEAIJESAIJ WE TOOK THE PHOTO AND SHE SAID THANKS, AND ASKED WHAT I WANTED ON THE SECOND PHOTO BUT SERIOUSLY I WAS SO HIGH WITH THAT SAOHIESAHUSA THAT I JUST SAID: “ LETS JUST HUG OURSELVES” and she saw that I was still like OMFG and she giggled and said alright, so she hugged me tight hahahaha SO CUTE . so before I left she gave me two more hugs, SO 5 FUCKING HUGS, ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR HUGGED ME 5 TIMES. and said thanks about the shirt OUSEAHUESOUAEHSA IMI SO… ANYWAYS I HOPE TOMORROW I HAVE MORE EXCITING THINGS TO TELL YOU IM SO UHSAHOSEAHUESA