she looks so cute in the first and fourth

There are so much things I love in this page.

First off, a relieved Yachi. OUR PRECIOUS LIL MANAGER IS PROBABLY FEELING THE TENSION EVEN IF SHE ISN’T IN THE COURT. Seeing her somewhat calm makes me happy cause she’s always nervous.

Second, the Miya Twins are bickering!!!! This is real life ya’ll. THEYRE SO CUTE. THANK YOU FURUDATE.

Third, we finally saw Kita! Look at my baby being calm in the bench. @ Furudate pls let him play. He looks elegant af. I thought he put his cape(jacket) in the rack or something but he’s wearing it again!! A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT.

Fourth and last, HINATA CASUALLY TALKING TO OSAMU. I’m on the floor, I’m in tears. I love this interaction so much!!! I LOVE THOSE SHOCKED EXPRESSION FROM BOTH OF THEM HONESTLY.

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Maybe you can write a fic/prompt with Styx finding, befriending and eating a human person they ended up likeing?

Jules sat down with a sigh, folding her legs and shrugging off her backpack. She gazed out over the lake in front of her, brows furrowed. This wasn’t a familiar place. How long had she been walking? She checked her watch, and frowned. 10 o'clock. Had no time passed? That was the time she’d left at. But it felt like she had been walking for hours.
With a sigh, Jules unzipped her backpack, pulling out her lunchbag. Might as well eat something before trying to find a way home. She lifted a sandwich to her lips, then froze suddenly. A pair of eyes watched her from the water.

Slowly, Jules put her sandwich down.
“Are…. you okay…?”
The creature in the water stared at her, then slowly lifted its head out of the water. Pointed ears, slit pupils, fin-like hair and blue skin.
“What are you…?”
The creature grinned, sharp teeth glinting.
“I’m a mer. And you…. are a human.”
The mer swam closer slowly, and Jules watched in wide-eyed silence.
“Humans are rare here. It’s so nice to meet you. You humans shake hands to greet, don’t you?” The mer offered a slender, webbed hand, leaning on the bank of the lake.
Jules, still not fully recovered, slowly reached out her hand- then froze as the mer’s grin twitched with a cruel glint. Slowly, she retracted her hand, and inched back slightly.
“Uh… I don’t know your name yet,” she said, forcing a smile.
The mer’s grin was replaced with a scowl, but only for a brief second, soon replaced by a cheerful beam.
“Oh, of course. My name is Ssytxssisntyxss.”
Jules hesitated. “Setexin…..”
The mer frowned. “Styx. Styx is fine.”
Jules offered an embarrassed smile. “Styx. My name is Jules.” She paused, and glanced at her sandwich. “Would you like to share my lunch with me?”
Styx turned their attention to the food, and their eyes widened in curiosity.
“I…. yes. I’d like that a lot.”

Jules took half the sandwich and passed it gingerly to Styx, who took it carefully, examining it thoroughly before putting the entire half into their mouth. Their eyes lit up, and their tail began to wiggle from side to side. They chewed and swallowed, then pushed themselves further up on the bank, staring intently at Jules. “Do you have more.”
It was less of a question, and more of a demand. Jules smiled weakly and handed the other half over. Styx devoured it in bites this time, savouring it, tail wriggling happily as they chewed.
Jules began inching away slowly, scooting backwards while the mer was distracted. However, Styx quickly was focused on her once again.
“Do you have anything else?”
Jules shook her head slowly, and Styx deflated a little. “Oh.”
The human stood, and Styx narrowed their eyes. “What are you doing?”
“Oh, I- I thought I should really be on my way-” she stammered, glancing away.
Styx stared at her, and she stared back, trying to hold her ground.
After what felt like an eternity, Styx nodded. “Well, okay. But…. do you think you could bring me some more of that food again tomorrow?”
Jules hesitated, then gave a small shrug. “I’ll see what I can do?” she offered, before shouldering her bag and almost sprinting away.

Day 2
Jules stared at the sandwich on the counter. Should she try to find that mer again? Part of her wanted to, while another part of her was terrified. The way Styx had looked at her in that one second… Cruel, and triumphant. She didn’t know what would have happened if she had taken their hand. But, they seemed to really like her sandwiches. Maybe she could befriend them?
Jules grabbed the sandwich.

Day 5
Styx purred as they downed the fourth sandwich of the day, tail wriggling in delight. Jules couldn’t help but smile. The mer had seemed so terrifying at first, but now they were almost cute.
Styx, having finished the sandwich, now lifted themselves up onto the bank and crawled over to Jules’ backpack, sticking their nose into it. Jules blinked. Styx was able to move on land this whole time? Maybe they really were trustworthy. Surely if they had wanted to hurt her, they would have by now.
Jules extended a hand to them. “Hey, so…. we never shook hands.”
Styx looked up, startled. “….. Oh.”
There was a silence, then they extended their own hand, taking hers in a wet, cold grip. Jules flinched, but didn’t pull away.
Styx watched her, their thoughts impossible to read.
“Humans are very… warm.” They commented eventually.
“You’re pretty cold.” Jules offered in return, and slowly withdrew her hand. Styx let her go, but then inched over closer. Jules tensed as Styx scrutinised her closely, then lay a cold hand on her shoulder.
“I like how warm you are. It’s energising.”
“Uhh… I’m glad?” Jules tried to scoot back a little, but Styx only moved closer. They met her eyes, a seriousness in their gaze that she wasn’t familiar with.
“I like you. You’re a good human.”
Jules smiled, relaxing slightly. “I like you too.”

Day 7
Jules dipped her toes in the water as Styx happily munched on sandwiches. Coming here had become a daily occurrence, and she always brought food for her mer friend. She did consider Styx her friend now, despite her previous distrust.
Styx swam over to her, having finished eating. “Do you have more sandwiches?”
Jules shook her head. “You’ve eaten all five. Why don’t you catch a fish or something if you’re still hungry?”
Styx contemplated it for a moment, then nodded, and dove underwater.
Jules looked up to the sky, barely visible through the leaves, and sighed. It was peaceful here. She was glad she’d found this place.

Styx leapt from the water, tackling Jules, causing the girl to shriek in surprise. Styx laughed, and shook their head, water droplets going everywhere.
“What was that for?” Jules asked, half amused, half exasperated.
Styx flashed a toothy grin. “You told me to catch something to eat. I caught something.”
Jules’ smile faded as their words set in. “You…. wait– no-”
She began to struggle, but Styx’s tail had wrapped around her arms, binding her. Styx grinned wider. “Oh yes.”
The sharp teeth parted, revealing a wet tongue and a dark throat.
“No, no, n–mph!!!” Jules thrashed as her head was engulfed by the mer’s jaws, but Styx wasn’t deterred. They swallowed, purring loudly as they took in more of the human, steadily gulping her down as she squirmed and fought.
Jules shoved and pushed as she entered a slightly more spacious area, still protesting with all her might even as Styx slurped up her legs and feet.
“Let me out!! I trusted you!!! I thought we were friends!!” Jules banged on the stomach walls with her fists as the last of her slid into the fleshy space.
Styx burped loudly, the sound reverberating around Jules, then patted their huge gut affectionately.
“We are friends.” Styx replied, undaunted. “I trust you too. That’s why you’re still alive.”
Jules stopped her struggles, confused and still afraid.
“What do you mean..?”
Styx muffled a burp, and massaged their strained belly. “If I wanted to kill you, I’d have torn you apart. But I like you. You’re a good human. So I swallowed you, instead. And let me tell you, you’re delicious.”
Jules was silent for a moment.
“You’re… not gonna hurt me? You’re gonna let me out?”
Styx pressed against her from outside, patting her gently. “You’re safe, and I’ll let you out soon. Just think of this as a big hug, yeah?”
Jules took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, then nodded to herself. “…. Yeah. Okay.”

Sorry it took me ages to answer this one! I really enjoyed writing it though~ And maybe Jules will show up in other art or writing later!

Taylor is sick so she coulsnt talk in order to perform her show. Usually they would cancel the meet and greets but Taylor insisted they do them so we weren’t supposed to talk to Taylor otherwise she would want to talk to us. But we were walking back underneath the stadium and Andrea came out and told us about Tay waking up with a sore throat and everything I just said above. And then we had to leave all our stuff out on these tables and then we walked down to this area and it was the entrance to LOFT 89 and we waited in the loft room and it was so cool. Then it was our turn and I walked in and she was so gorgeous and tall. Like oh my gosh. And she hugged me first then my mom and then turned back to me and I started crying and she hugged me again and did her cute little laugh and said I love you even though she wasn’t supposed to and then she said I looked beautiful and then we took a picture and got an autograph picture. And even though we couldn’t really talk back and fourth just hugging her and seeing her in person was enough. I’ve been waiting 8 years for this and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you Taylor Alison swift. Thank you so much for everything you do. You are amazing and I love you. I love you. I love you. taylorswift tree-paine

My full coming out story.

So I’ve never really been able to talk about this because it’s kind of a touchy subject with me but I finally feel like I can share this story and the whole process.

So it all started in preschool. I knew I was gay in preschool and I was absolutely terrified. I remember when I was little I would see straight couples walking down the street holding hands and I would always think to myself “Why is nobody like me out there” I honestly felt so alone and I was literally in preschool. I didn’t even know what to do so I just kept to myself and didn’t share anything with anybody (unless a few stuffed animals count) 

Fast forward to second grade. My best friend just got her first ‘boyfriend’ and she told me that this boy liked me, so I went along with it. I remember saying to myself later that night “Maybe this will make me normal” So I ‘dated’ that boy until fourth grade but still didn’t any type of connection with any boys. At all. Yes there were a few cute guys but I never felt anything other than looks. So I ‘broke up’ with that boy two years later and moved onto another boy five minutes later and thinking to myself “Maybe this boy will work” A year later, still nothing.

All throughout elementary school I heard people using the word ‘faggot’ and using gay as an insult and that hurt like hell (I mean it still does) so those two words also had an effect on keeping quiet.

In 6th grade I think I dated like four different boys to try new things just to see if anything would change. Nothing changed. 7th grade was the big year for me. I told myself “One more try” and dated another boy, ended up breaking up with him two months later. This is when reality really hit me. I wasn’t going to grow up and have a husband. I fell into a deep depression for a few months until April 15th 2014 things started to get better.

My mom walked past my bedroom door and noticed that something was wrong. She came into my room and we talked about things and I ended up coming out to her as bisexual just because I knew I wasn’t ready to come out as a flaming homosexual at the time. Later that night after I went to bed, my mom called my dad and told him what I told her. He then told my step-mom. All three of them were accepting. 

Later in April I told my mom that I wanted to get my hair cut. She said “ok we can get it trimmed this weekend” she didn’t understand what I meant by ‘cut’ “No mom, like cut” I told her and showed her the picture of the hair style I wanted. It took her a few weeks to let me get it cut. At the end of May was the big day where I got about a foot of hair chopped off. (You may wonder why I’m including this in my coming out story) I’m including it because when I got my hair cut I felt like my world was coming together again. I felt almost complete.

Sometime in May I told my mom that I was gay. She kind of took it by surprise. I don’t think she was expecting it. She loosened up about two weeks later and that was when I decided to start telling people. We told immediate family first and about 85% of them were accepting (I avoid that 15% because I don’t need to listen to their opinions) I told all of my close friends and I kept the people who accepted me in my life and said goodbye to the ones who didn’t, and I don’t regret dropping them out of my life.

In August I told the world I was gay by uploading a coming out video to my YouTube channel. It was a sucky video with some camera I found in my basement. I remember editing the video with shaky hands. Then uploading it a few days later, I still haven’t watched the video. When I was done editing I kind of just hoped that I got my point across and closed my laptop and slept for about 16 hours. I uploaded to video almost crying because of how nervous I was. A few hours later I have received 100+ messages and tweets from you guys giving me the support and at that moment I felt almost complete. There was just one more thing I needed to share.

A few months later I came out to my mom as genderfluid. I still haven’t told anyone else besides the few posts I made about it, I always hated the girly stuff and was labeled as a ‘tomboy’ when really I was just a human born inside a girl’s body and their gender is confused (I tend to joke around by saying my gender had too much coffee at birth and can never make up it’s mind)

I am finally starting to feel happy again and feel like I am myself. I know I’m so young to have gone through this but I know who I am and it’s not just a ‘phase’

unmasked - jily halloween fic

A/N: This takes place over two years, in James and Lily’s sixth and seventh years. Halloween fun times, yes? Yes. Written by me and the lovely deathofastag for Jily October.

Summary: Lily finds a note outside her door Halloween day, inviting her to a masquerade party that night with a note and a mask. Things happen, involving Prague, closets, and a lot of firewhiskey.

Lily woke to a knock on the  door. “It is still dark outside,” she groaned, half-asleep. “Why in the name of Merlin’s bleeding arsehole is someone knocking on the door?! Mary! Go check who it is.”

“Why is it always ‘Mary this, Mary that?’ There’s two perfectly able girls here capable of following your every command,” Mary complained. “But I’m always stuck doing the dirty work.” She opened the door to find a small, flat box with a note attached to it. “It’s for you, Your Highness.”

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Summer Lovin' (final chapter!!!)

I arrived at Hannah’s house at 7:00 on the dot with Olivia, Avery, Eden, Rachel, and Jenna. The warm summer air blew my light pink dress around at my knees and lifted my loosely curled hair. All of my friends looked gorgeous, all in dresses. We walked together to the backyard, which was decorated beautifully. A few tables were scattered about the patio, a large white tent filled with people straight ahead. Lights bulbs were strung all around, in the tent, connecting the trees, and all across the patio. The simplicity of it all was almost breathtaking. Then my wandering eyes caught hold of a real sight. It was Hayes. This was the first time I had seen him since the fourth of July. He was wearing a blue and white polo shirt and khaki shorts, oh he looked so cute, I thought. A pair of  hands pulled me in for a hug. “Oh, hey Hannah.” I laughed hugging her back. Her blonde hair was pulled into a bun and she wore a dress similar to mine, it was a light shade of blue. “Nice dress.” she winked. She proceeded to hugging the rest of my friends. “Ok well if you guys need to sit, we have a few tables and if you get hungry or thirsty, we’ve got snacks in the kitchen! Alright well got to go ladies, see you on the dance floor!” she turned and ran into the tent and I lost her in the sea of people. “Wanna grab a bite to eat?” Rachel asked. We all agreed and headed into the kitchen. Hannah’s house was a little nicer then mine. I grabbed a small cup of punch and a handful of strawberries.

I followed Jenna to the door to see Hayes chatting with Gabby on the patio. My heart sunk at the sight and I could already tell that tonight would include very much of him. “Aw it’s ok.” said Eden stroking my back. “It’s fine, I knew it was going to happen.” We all continued out the door when Hayes eyes locked with mine. He gave me a faint, sad looking grin but all I could manage to pull out was a tight lip smile. “Let’s sit here!” said Olivia pulling out a chair for herself. I obediently sat and pulled out my phone and started scrolling through my twitter feed. My friends all chatted about something I could care less about. Truthfully I didn’t want to be here. More then anything I wanted to go home and go to bed, anywhere but here. “Hey come on!” shouted Jenna. “Wait what?” I turned to her. “Put your phone away and come dance with me!” she squealed. It was hard but I parted from my phone and joined Jenna and the girls on the dance floor. The song All Night by Iccona Pop was currently playing. “This song is old. And cliché.” I shouted to all of my friends. “Oh lighten up a bit! Have fun!” Avery smiled at me. Alright. Just have fun with your friends. Soon enough I was dancing and I actually began to enjoy myself. we all decided to go back to the table and sit for a while. We were laughing wildly at the stupidest things. I even laughed at one of Rachel’s smart people jokes.

I look up briefly from my laughing fit and saw him standing there. He looked so nice tonight. He looked at me but I turned away as fast as humanly possible. I suddenly felt weird on the inside. The sun was setting right before my eyes. Quivering as it dipped beneath the landscape. The laughing of my friends slowly started to die down and then stopped  completely. I shot a look at them but they weren’t looking at me, but slightly above my head. Eden was the only one making eye contact with me. She nodded her head slightly and I turned slowly to see Hayes standing before me with his large hand fairly close to mice. I looked into his eyes and he planted that same goofy grin on his face and in that moment I knew that he only had that grin for me. “Can I have this dance?” he asked. I looked at my friends, then at Hayes, who was getting impatient. I look at my friends one last time who were giving me the go dance with him, stupid look. I just let myself go. I slowly placed my hand on top of his. When he tangled his fingers in mine, they painfully fit perfectly.

I had so many butterflies in my stomach I thought I was going to float away. I stood at his side and released my hand from his grasp. He gently put his hand on my lower back guiding me to the dance floor. Sam Smith’s stay with me came on, the perfect song to dance to. Once we reached the floor, Hayes put his hands around my neck, but I stopped him. I laughed to my self as I took his hands and rested them around my waist, where they belonged. I draped my arms around his neck. He stood there, smiling at me. “Why did you ask me to dance, anyway?” I asked. “Maybe I just really wanted to get you to myself. I had to get you to talk to me, even if that mean tmaking a fool of myself on the dance floor.” I laughed nervously


“Don’t say anything. Just listen. You have every reason in the world to be mad at me, to hate me even. But I am asking you to let me mak up for everyone of those reasons. I am so sorry y/n. But one thing I do want you to know is that when I told you I loved you, I meant it. I meant it with every piece of me.”

“I really wish I could hate you, but I couldn’t hate you even if I tried.” we both smiled at the memory of the pool, which seemed like forever ago.

“That’s good to know.” he smiled crookedly

I nodded my head and looked at my friends were were watching me with excited eyes. “You look really good tonight.” Hayes broke the silence. “So do you. I like your shirt.” I smoothed out his shirt collar. “It’s cute on you.” He blushed and rested his chin on the top of my head. I couldn’t breath. This was all to perfect. It was too good to be true. I slowly slid my hand away from his neck and grabbed one of his hands from my waste. We healed our hands out to the side, my head rested against his chest. I could hear his rapidly beating heart. The song ended followed by some kind of up beat top 40 crap. I felt myself smiling at him as he did some stupid dance move as he lip slinked along with the music. Then I saw Gabby, sitting at a table with Farrah. They both appeared to be sucked deep into social media but I saw her occasional glances at Hayes. I stopped him mid dance and said, “You should go dance with Gabby.” He shook his head.

“Why would I do that?” he continued to dance like an idiot.

“No really, look at her.” Hayes peered over a Gabby who was looking miserable.

“Your right.” he sighed. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“Positive.” he healed me at arms length. “Thanks! I mean, not that I want to- It’s just that, she’s, oh God, I-" 

"Just go already!” I said giving him a playful shove in her direction. “You’re the best!” he said, running to her. I shuffled my feet and stared at my shoes. I glanced over at my friends. Eden stuck out her bottom lip. “It’s ok” Rachel mouthed. All I got from the others were apologetic looks. Suddenly I felt something crash into my lips, another pair of lips, Hayes’s lips to be exact. When I looked up in shock he was already walking away to fetch Gabby. I brought my hands to my lips and brushed them slightly with my fingertips. I turned to walk over to the table with wide eyes. They were all running to my side and “ohmygoshing”, but I was “ohmygoshing” the most, still trying to sort together what had just happened. I took a seat at where I was before. I was being bombarded with questions. “I told you that you two were the cutest couple on the face of the earth!” Olivia teased. I stuck out my tounge at her and we laughed. I looked at my phone. It was already 8:54. “What time does this get over?” I asked. “10:30.” they all said at the same time. “Still like an hour and a half.” I whined. “Why in the world would you want to leave?” Jenna practically yelled at me. “Yea, especially after that kiss!” Avery yelled back. “Never mind.” I shrugged. Hannah ran over to me and bent down at my side. “I heard about your kiss!” she said. “HOW?” I wondered. “Never mind that! How was it?” she urged. “Good, I guess.” I grinned. “Ooo you two are soo getting married!” she said before running off somewhere. I stole a look at Hayes who was talking with his friends and then I saw Gabby who was back at her seat, looking half satisfied. He stole the look right back from me and motioned for me to come over. I excused my self from the table (again) and went over to Hayes. “So I danced with Gabby.” He nodded. “And?” I healed my hands out to the said. “I like you more. Like, a lot more. Theres not enough words in the world o describe how much more I like you” he gulped me up into a big hug, which was perfect, smothering, but perfect.. “Hayes!” I giggled. “What?” he laughed. “Not here!” I half whispered. “Then where?” He smirked. I cocked my head to the side as he gave me a puppy dog face. I put my hands on my hips. “I’ll have you back in 5 minuets.” he pleaded I gave in as he drug me to a more secluded spot. We went through the gate and to the very back corner of the garden. I was expecting him to make out with me, but he just gave me a few light kisses and the rest of the time we just looked at the night sky. The light hum of secedes filled my ears and the sweet smell of flowers filled my lungs. “You know that I like you right? Hayes asked. "Yes, obviously.” I laughed. “Ok good. Because I like you a lot, and for a long time.” I bit my lip. “me too.” He pulled me into a big hug. I felt secure, like I was meant to be here. Like I didn’t have to worry, ever again. “Why do you always do this?” I sighed

“Do what?” he asked with concern

“Make me fall in love with you.”

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”


That night we all went back to Rachel’s house and convinced all of them that we should camp outside. We didn’t even bother to put up a tent, just a few old blankets layed out across the grass. Once everyone was asleep around me, I was the only one awake. I looked up at the sky like Hayes and I did many times before, but what happened tonight was by far my favorite. I’m not a hopeless romantic, although this last part is really going to make me seem like one.I looked deep into the vast sky, knowing that wherever he was, he was looking into it too.

And there you have it! I really wanted it to have a happy ending:) I hope you liked it and I already have another one in progress! This has been so fun! Anyway ilygsm and thank you💘